Saturday, March 31, 2012

poison idea - ian mackaye

released 1989

you know who poison idea were/are

and even if you don't...i'm telling you that you accept it

and can't go through life not knowing about a song called "ballad of a post-op"...believe can't...and you don't want to be the person that doesn't when it gets brought up...and could be all like "oh yeah...totally,bro"...but people will know...i mean...why do you think that "accident" happened at three mile island?...people that don't know all about some "ballad of a post-op" have to be sent somewhere

moving on....

this is taken from an interview with poison idea guitarist pig champion:

LongShot: why do you feel you had to use his name?

PigChampion: because he's an asshole!

'nuff said.

DL: ian mackaye

Thursday, March 29, 2012

mare - self-titled

released 2004

you like to describe your favorite kind of music as "sludgy" and "crushing" and "doomy" and "rectal prolapse-y"...yeah?

well...this is all of those things

in the space of 5 songs...these canucks managed to tighten up the intensity of both THROUGH SILVER IN BLOOD and TIMES OF GRACE (those are neurosis albums,man...come on now)

so...if you're a fan of adjectives and neurosis...

DL: mare

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

green river - come on down

released 1985

this band has it's fingers all up inside everything grunge and seattle

there's mudhoney
there's mother love bone
there's pearl jam

they might've bought kurt cobain a sandwich

they might've held a door open for buzz osborne

they might've asked chris cornell what kind of shampoo he uses

but all of that is besides the point

today is guitarist steve turner's birthday

this is the only green river album he played on

and you should celebrate those facts by snagging this up

DL: come on down

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

v/a - suburbia ost

released in 1996

this is the soundtrack to hanging out in the parking lots and saying things like "idealism is guilty middle-class bullshit" and talking about what you're gonna be when you grow up in your hoodie

1 - elastica/stephen malkmus - unheard music
2 - sonic youth - bee-bee's song
3 - girls against boys - bulletproof cupid
4 - beck - feather in your cap
5 - u.n.k.l.e. - berry meditation
6 - boss hog - i'm not like everybody else
7 - skinny puppy - cult
8 - superchunk - does your hometown care?
9 - sonic youth - sunday
10 - butthole surfers - human cannonball
11 - sonic youth - tabla in suburbia
12 - flaming lips - hot day
13 - thurston moore - psychic hearts
14 - gene pitney - town without pity

DL: subUrbia ost

quicksand - 9.9.93 - hilton ballroom - burbank,ca

as followers of this blog...i'm thinking that i don't really need to get all into who this band is/was

and i'd like to think that most of you agree that their album SLIP is one of the best things ever made to go into your earholes

this is a recording of a set they played as part of a convention for the music business types called the foundations forum

1 - intro
2 - omission
3 - how soon is now?*
4 - head to wall
5 - clean slate
6 - dine alone
7 - fazer
8 - lie and wait
9 - freezing process
10 - unfulfilled
11 - baphomet**

*=the smiths cover
**=done with lyrics (from "good girls don't" by the well as others i'm not really sure of)

DL: quicksand @hilton ballroom

v/a - in-flight program: a 1997 revelation records sampler

released 1997

with all the recent revelation records talk and the upcoming 25th anniversary shows...what better time to post a sampling of what the label is all about (circa 1997)

1 - sense field - building
2 - texas is the reason - back and to the left
3 - farside - audience
4 - iceburn collective - sphinx
5 - shades apart - fearless
6 - chain of strength - true till death
7 - whirlpool - wasteland
8 - chinchilla - decoder
9 - bodyjar - glossy books
10 - ignite - embrace
11 - sparkmarker - chrysanthemum
12 - youth of today - bring down the walls
13 - no fun at all - master celebrator
14 - gorilla biscuits - new direction
15 - state of the nation - a piece
16 - beta minus mechanic - sand castles
17 - quicksand - omission
18 - the underdog - say it (to my face)
19 - judge - bringin' it down
20 - supertouch - vendor
21 - inside out - no surrender*
22 - shelter - enough
23 - shall be judged - burn
24 - into another - to be free
25 - bold - looking back
26 - engine kid - windshield

*= featuring a then 18 year old zach de la rocha (rage against the machine) on vocals (but you probably already knew that,huh?)

DL: in-flight program

revelation records 25th anniversary


get your baggy khakis ready
get your size XL t-shirts ready
get your backpacks ready

here be the info: X

into another - poison fingers ep

released 1995

formed by the drummer of new yawk hardcore band bold (drew thomas)...he brought in the vocalist of another new yawk hardcore band underdog (later guitarist for youth of today) richie birkenhead...tony bono (bass player for the new jersey thrash band whiplash)...and a guitar player named peter moses (who had never played in a band before)

not really sounding anything like their other bands...they had more in common with the sounds that bands such as quicksand and orange 9mm were putting out...tight,and dare i say,a little groovy

they were together for only a short time...only putting out 3 albums and a handful of eps during their 5 year existence

bass player tony bono passed away back in may 2002

but...with all of that being said...the band is reforming and playing one of the revelation records 25th anniversary shows on 6.7.12 at the glasshouse in pomona,ca

"buuuuut...didn't you just say that their bass player died back in 2002?

i did...and there are all kinds of rumors going around about who may be taking his place...everyone from the bassist for the band the dillinger escape plan to the bassist of the band iceburn to tony bono's brother

also of note...guitar player pete moses may or may not be involved

and with all of that being said...let's just sit back and listen to the band when they were a cohesive unit

DL: poison fingers ep

Seawhores - Forest

Label: Essay
Year: 2006

This just came out on vinyl from Tizona Records and can be ordered here, which you should do. Order it there.
If you are new to Seawhores, and I can't blame you, they're not exactly burning up the singles charts, then you might find them in your local record store filed under the heading "Weird". Good weird, of course, but weird nonetheless. Lots of strange elements stitched together to make what could ostensibly be called noise rock, but it's far less aggressive (but not, "not" aggressive mind you) and much more...well, weird. Sort of like a Love 666 take on noise rock, you know?
You got a core membership of three guys who anchor the band, then they call in collaborators from all over the place to layer on all types of good times. Contributors to Seawhores have been or are members of: Lightning Bolt, Melvins, Men Of Porn, Cows, Vaz, Hammerhead, and on and on. Hell, maybe you have sat in on one of their sessions, they have over 15 albums, it's pretty good odds that you have.


Monday, March 26, 2012

rollins band - the end of silence (bonus disc)

released 2002

you already know how kick-ass THE END OF SILENCE is

i've got your "low self opinion" and your "blues jam" and your "another life"...

this was a little something that was added on when the album got re-released over in the uk

1 - ghost rider (extended version) (1)
2 - do it (live: 3.2.92)
3 - crazy lover (live: 4.25.92) (2)
4 - low self opinion (live: 4.26.92)
5 - tearing (live: 4.26.92)
6 - another life (live: 4.26.92)
7 - move right in (3)/hollow man jam** (live: 4.25.92)
8 - hollow man/next time jam** (live: 4.24.92)
9 - butthole surfers jam (live: 8.23.91)

1=suicide cover
2=richard berry cover
3=lou reed cover
**=w/living colour guitarist vernon reid

DL: the end of silence bonus disc

melvins - 1.22.09 - the annandale hotel - sydney,australia

it's buzz osborne and dale crover and trevor dunn

it's buzz osborne and dale crover and trevor dunn playing the HOUDINI album live in it's entirety (though not in order...because they're the melvins...and they can do whatever they want)

1 - hag me
2 - pearl bomb
3 - hooch
4 - honey bucket
5 - night goat
6 - lizzy
7 - joan of arc
8 - set me straight/deserted cities of the heart*
9 - sky pup
10 - teet
11 - going blind**
12 - copache
13 - spread eagle beagle

*=cream cover
**=kiss cover

DL: melvins @the annandale hotel

Sunday, March 25, 2012

local h - 10.31.97 - the double door - chicago,il

what were you doing on halloween back in 1997?

leaving some candy under a big box that was held up with a stick that had a rope tied to it out on your porch?

watching some horror movie marathon?

out being "guy with bag"?

local h were being some band called nirvana

and from what i can tell...that trumps anything you were doing

1 - intro/school
2 - aneurysm
3 - breed
4 - about a girl
5 - serve the servants
6 - sliver
7 - been a son
8 - negative creep
9 - rape me
10 - tourette's
11 - lithium
12 - smells like teen spirit
13 - territorial pissings

DL: local h @the double door

Friday, March 23, 2012

replicator - " " ep

released 2002

you may recall seeing another replicator album posted here awhile back

but...they were called the jesus they were being the jesus lizard for halloween (have you ever seen HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH? remember the masks,yeah? something tells me that's what it's like to be the jesus lizard for halloween)

and now you get to hear the boys being themselves

and by being themselves...they sound like jawbox recording a jesus lizard album

or the jesus lizard recording a jawbox album

either makes me think of the band your enemies friends at times...and racebannon...and the butthole surfers...and fugazi...

you know...just get this and listen to it...and the names of bands will come to you too

the band broke up back in 2008

and since then...the band's bass player ben adrian went and started the band guitar vs gravity...vocalist conan neutron and drummer formed a band called mount vicious (which then split up in 2009)...

since then...conan neutron now fronts the band victory and associates...and chris bolig rejoined replicator bandmate ben adrian in a band called cartographer

and to answer your question...yes...guitar vs gravity still exists

DL: " " ep

v/a - black on black: a tribute to black flag

released 2002


i remember buying this on vinyl when it came out

it was pretty sweet

but then my record player got jealous of it because i was showing it too much attention

and then it disappeared least that's what i'm telling myself

i mean...what kind of friend steals a record from you?

and if you take anything away from this...let it be this:

1: the dillinger escape plan shouldn't be allowed to cover anything other than their own music...and even then they shouldn't

2: playing enemy's cover of "six pack" should've been been called "six pack: the hangover edition" (and no...i don't mean the shitty movie)

1 - american nightmare - depression
2 - anodyne - life of pain
3 - burnt by the sun - drinking and driving
4 - coalesce - jealous again
5 - converge - annihilate this week
6 - the dillinger escape plan - damaged I & II
7 - hope conspiracy - nervous breakdown
8 - planes mistaken for stars - police story/wasted
9 - playing enemy - six pack

DL: black on black: a tribute to black flag

v/a - we reach: the music of the melvins

released 2005

maybe you've heard of this band called the melvins

we here at SGM just recently found out about them

and we think they are the bee's knees

and so do these bands

there's a little something on this for everyone

you get your "whygodwhydidtheydothis?!" (yeah...i'm looking at you the dillinger escape plan) to "yeah...this is pretty kick-ass,bro" (yeah...i'm looking at you mastodon) to "this is good...but why didn't they use their other cover" (yeah...i'm looking at you pig destroyer...your cover of "claude" is good...but your cover of "oven" is better) to "deadfuckingon!" (yeah...i'm looking at you meatjack)

as well as everything in between

get those lobster bibs ready

1 - mare - night goat
2 - the dillinger escape plan - honey bucket
3 - mastodon - the bit
4 - strapping young lad - zodiac
5 - pig destroyer - claude
6 - high on fire/keelhaul - oven
7 - meatjack - shevil
8 - strapadon factory - joan or arc*
9 - isis/agoraphobic nosebleed - boris
10 - pitch black forecast - revolve
11 - eyehategod - easy as it was
12 - dog fashion disco - anaconda
13 - disengage - raise a paw
14 - blessing the hogs - hog leg
15 - cky/gnarkill - laughing with lucifer at satan's sideshow
16 - maritime murder - copache
17 - made out of babies - bar-x the rocking m
18 - pincer 2 - echohead/don't piece me

*=members of strapping young lad...mastodon...and fear factory

DL: we reach: the music of the melvins

kiss it goodbye - she loves me,she loves me not

released 1997

i want you to walk over to your music collection

now i want you to pick up black flag's is the day's TEMPLE OF THE MORNING STAR...kittens' BAZOOKA AND THE HUSTLER...korn's SELF-TITLED...deadguy's FIXATION ON A CO-WORKER...and now i want you to walk to an open window...and now i want you to throw them outside and walk away

you see...this single album has taken the veins popping out of the neck...clenched faced anger of all of those albums and poked it with a stick while peeing on it's favorite rug

and i know what you're thinking..."aren't deadguy and kiss it goodbye essentially the same band?"

essentially it had 2 members of the band (singer tim singer and guitarist keith huckins)...but go on ahead and add 2 members of the band rorschach to the mix (bassist thom rusnack and drummer andrew gormley...well...technically 3 members as keith huckins was once a member of the band)

so think deadguy sludged up with some neurosis thrown in (both the band and the disorder)

if you're not already familiar with this should've already seen the words "deadguy" and "rorschach" and gotten all like "fuck yes!" and hit the red DL (assuming that you're familiar with those bands...and if you're may need to re-evaluate your life)

now...go outside and pick those albums up off the lawn...yes...even the korn album (don't judge me)

the band are going to be doing a mini reunion tour of the west coast in june

these be the dates:

6.7 - pamona,ca - the glass house (as part of the revelation records 25th anniversary bash)

6.8 - berkeley,ca - 924 gilman st.

6.9 - portland,or (venue to be announced)

6.10 - seattle,wa - the highline

but...before you go exploding into your should know that guitarist keith huckins and drummer andrew gormley and other guitarist demian johnston aren't going to be involved

so you'll get tim singer and bassist thom rusnak and friends

i guess that's better than nothing...right?


DL: she loves me,she loves me not

pre - epic fits

released 2007

these 4 gentleman and lady come from across the big pond (london)'s melt banana and devo arguing about their favorite episodes of REN & STIMPY while black flag's DAMAGED gets played at the wrong speed



the title of the album is very can almost picture a room full of chubby children wearing helmets running around a room and holding their breaths because no one would give them a cookie

they have ex-todd guitarist john webb in their ranks

if you can tolerate aids age...anything skin graft records puts out...crank this to I DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHO'S IN THE ROOM

DL: epic fits

Thursday, March 22, 2012

McLusky - Live in San Diego - Casbah

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2004

More live McLusky, more evidence that they produced a batch of the best music the turn of this century ever happened to see. More reminders that I am a retard for not going to see them play during their brief, spastic lifespan.
This set from San Diego's most excellent Casbah is a particularly blistering one, and luckily someone had the foresight to capture it in high quality stereophonic sound.

Sorry I haven't been posting much as of late, but the old "life is busy" cliche really has been buttfucking me lately. Not in a good way either. A bad way. Bad buttfucking, indeed.

* Originally posted 10.26.10, but just too fucking good not to repost.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Slug - The Out Sound

Label: PCP
Year: 1994

Originally posted way back when, but long gone to the sands of time. Requested today by Friend-Of-The-Blog Chris Moree, and when he says "jump", we say "you're high".
If you don't remember Slug, or you missed Slug because you're 16 years old or a square or something, then please know that they epitomize the style of music this blog was founded on. It needs to be big, ugly, relentless, and rocking. Slug does this in spades. They barrel out of the speakers and right through the back of your skull, never even bothering to look back. If you're lucky they will pause for a few minutes over your twitching corpse to take in the carnage with a steaming hot cup of peyote tea...but it's doubtful, Slug seems pretty busy.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012


yes...there was once a band named ipecac

and no...that's not me in the i'm not allowed to be that close to children

they were a band from richmond,va

and this is their discography

it's made up of a 7" (1993's TOMATO,TOMATO)...a split 7" (1994's split w/opposition) and a compilation track (from 1994)

music-wise...they're kind of sludgy...a little melvins-y...and their singer sounds like a mocking/aggravated trent reznor

and yes...i realize that the using of both "kind of sludgy" and "a little melvins-y" might be considered redundant

DL: ipecac

bad brains - pay to cum: 1979-1981

most of you may disagree with me on some of the things i'm about to say...but that's what i'm here for...i'm an instigator (and if you'd like sing that last part along to the bad brains "the regulator"...go right on ahead)

the bad brains were trendsetters way back when...they showed everyone that you didn't have to be caucasian to play the punk rock...and they played it faster and more precise (just listen to the beginning of the song "how low can a punk get")

they were known for their live shows (mostly due to the unpredictability of frontman h.r.)

and they pretty much laid the groundwork for forthcoming punk could hear them all over minor threat...listen to the song "I" and not think of the dead kennedy's "police truck"...and though (again) most will disagree with me on can't really listen to black flag's greg ginn and not hear any dr. know (or maybe it's the other way around...who knows)

and then the reggae happened....

so i'm gonna just let all of that soak in

this is a bootleg compilation that was released on vinyl made up of some early versions of bad brains songs

DL: pay to cum: 1979-1981

barkmarket - 1-800-godhouse

released 1988

nothin' to see here

just filling a request

move it along

hey...i said move it along

why are you just standing there?


a write up it is then

but...seeing as how i'm re-posting this as it was originally posted by that grAy fellow...i'll use his words:

"Somewhere between the atavistic grinding of Big Black, and the pulsating drone of Head Of David was Barkmarket, adding a humanistic voice to the mechanical dirge. There's a blues element injected into an otherwise academic musical approach which gave Barkmarket a unique discography.
This record was put to tape on a 4 Track, which is pretty amazing when you hear how full it sounds. There's also a John Cale cover if that floats your boat, and one live track. Final bit of trivia, the 12" featured the always annoying lock groove at the end of the final track, which threw the whole thing into a repetitive skull fuck, which is most likely the desired effect, but most listeners probably enjoy keeping their craniums dick-free for the most part. Maybe I'm being presumptuous, but that's my feeling."

DL: 1-800-godhouse

Monday, March 19, 2012

Craw - The Adventures Of Cancerman 7"

Label: Supermodel
Year: 1996

This is a little curiosity from the Craw discography, a 7"/comic book about, you guessed it, Cancerman. The record is the same song on each side, the only difference being that one side has the audio cues to turn the pages. You know, the "boop" sound that means it's time to read the next page.
The song itself is total tits, no question about it. But, it's Craw, so...
My copy is autographed by Derek Hess (who did the comic as well a most of Craw's artwork, and a shit ton of concert posters for Cleveland shows), so that's pretty cool.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

the united sons of toil - hope is not a strategy

released 2007

you've been coming to SGM long enough to know of the united sons of toil

i was first contacted by vocalist/guitarist/bastard son of steve albini russell hall back in 2009

he was all like "hey,bro...i think your blog wants us inside of keeps giving us the eye"

and of did want them inside of it

and it wants you inside of it as well...but that's another story for another time (and it may or may not have something to do with your meat cologne)

so he sent SGM a copy of their first and second album (this being their first)

and upon the first listen...SGM took off it's panties and threw them onstage (yeah..i wears panties...we were shocked as well)

and then i summed up their sound as:

"during these 8 songs i heard a little bit of everything: the drive in...unwound...shellac...fugazi...jawbox...and even a bit of unsane (which automatically brings in some helmet...aka "unsane lite")"

and i'd like to think that i know what i'm talking about

so take my hand...and we'll re-discover the united sons of toil

fine...i'll wear gloves...have it your way

happy birthday,drummer jason jensen

DL: hope is not a strategy

Friday, March 16, 2012

the melvan


it's back on the ebay.

as of this have: 2d 16h

oh...and you're gonna need at least $50,000.00

the honey bucket

rival schools - united by fate

released 2001

say, you like the band quicksand?

you do?

so we're in agreement with thinking that the album SLIP is some of the best sounds ever put together and recorded,yeah?

well...this band was fronted by quicksand vocalist walter schreifels

are you a fan of "hardcore supergroups"? the band handsome?

what about the band civ?...this had their drummer sammy siegler in it's ranks

and what about the band youth of today?...both walter schreifels and sammy siegler were members

and that one band named iceburn?...bassist cache tolman was also a member

now that i've rambled on and said a bunch of're either going to snag this up...or you're going to slowly back out of the room while shaking your head

choose wisely

DL: united by fate

Thursday, March 15, 2012

john henry west - 7.7.93 - wusb - stony brook,ny

as grAy put it: "that mike kirsh band between fuel and torches to rome"

also...if you like bands with names like: fugazi or born against or econochrist or please inform the captain this is a hijack...


this is the band's discography played live on the radio along with an interview

1 - avoiding
2 - ten thousand words
3 - bullet proof
4 - shut your mouth
5 - sell yourself
6 - holiday
7 - john henry west
8 - the interview

DL: john henry west @wusb

traindodge - on a lake of dead trees

released 2002


you like some quicksand

you like some at the drive-in

you like some hum

you like you some failure

you like you some united sons of toil

well...these fellas from the state that goes by the name of oklahoma know exactly what you like

so you're going to like it

"hold on a minute there,sir...the united sons of toil didn't come into existence until the later part of the how can that comparison be possible?"

you know should never question time traveling wizards

DL: on a lake of dead trees

tar - play to win/solution 8

PLAY TO WIN released 1988
SOLUTION 8 released 1991

what can be said here about tar that hasn't already been said....

oh yeah...

they're reforming and playing the PRF BBQ 2012

that's right

and if'n you'd like to keep up to date on such be the place to do that sort of thing

DL: play to win

DL: solution 8

Monday, March 12, 2012

Teeth - The Strain

Label: Bandcamp
Year: 2012

First, the music: If you are here (here being this spot on the internet), then you can rest assured that you will enjoy this album. Money back guarantee (payable in hugs only). It's the kind of music that hearkens back to a day when Tad Doyle stood astride the Grunge-o-sphere, when pop songs were drug kicking and screaming into the foggy woods, defiled to the point where only their dental records could identify the body, when the hours where counted by the clicking of a thousand Rat pedals in unison. It's got all the hallmarks of the bands you used to love, and the modern fury of all the bands you will love tomorrow (yet claim to have loved since you heard their "first 7""...yeah, right). The Steve Albini engineering and Bob Weston mastering should pretty much tell you what you need to know.

Second, the story: Two brother sort of have a band called Teeth, and one of those brothers is diagnosed with cancer. As the cancer spreads and the prognosis gets worse, he decides he really wants to record an album with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio as a type of sonic legacy. Nothing earth shattering, just a good old fashioned rock record played the way guys with good record collections play. Well, word gets around about his plan, and before he can lay down his first dollar, Albini opens his studio to the brothers for free and lets them have at it. The band quickly pulls together their songs, drives to Chicago, and puts down a scorching record, something more than just a "bucket list" vanity project. It's honestly a great, great album, and the story itself is truly an inspiration to get off your ass and do what's important to you, quit letting bullshit stand in your way and just fucking do it.
There's a short video on the topic here.
John Grabski III passed away recently, but in his own words; "rock versus cancer, rock wins!" Fuck yeah! Rock always wins!

Please go listen to this, and then buy it directly from the band. The proceeds go to cancer related research and care.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

yuck - self-titled

released 2011

30 seconds into're going to find yourself saying "waitaminute...what happened to j mascis' voice?"

so...with that being said...if you dig dinosaur jr. and sonic youth and my bloody valentine....

dig this,y'alls

DL: yuck

janeane garofalo - hbo comedy half-hour

and now for a something a little different...

and before your feathers get all ruffled and the words "commie" and "bitch" and blah blah blah start getting thrown around...let me say this:

she's adorable and you know it

she's the girl you wanted to date back in the 90s

like you didn't watch her in MYSTERY MEN or THE BEN STILLER SHOW or REALITY BITES

so...with all that being said...this was a little something that was aired on hbo back on took place at the fillmore auditorium in san francisco,ca

and for all you may even find yourself chuckling and saying "oh man! that's dead on,m'am!"

DL: janeane garofalo: hbo comedy half-hour

cows - taint pluribus taint unum/cunning stunts

CUNNING STUNTS released 1992

this goes out to SGMer fred

and also to the rest of you

ladies and gentlemen....the cows

DL: taint pluribus taint unum

DL: cunning stunts

v/a - amrep motors: 1995 models

released 1995

it's an amphetamine reptile sampler with bands that are on amphetamine reptile

you can't go wrong with that,kids

1 - love 666 - mdma
2 - party diktator - stand behind me
3 - today is the day - willpower
4 - guzzard - sixed
5 - halo of kittens - i hate porn
6 - chokebore - cursor
7 - cows - the bucket
8 - hammerhead - swallow
9 - supernova - math
10 - helios creed - tele-vision
11 - janitor joe - fragile x
12 - snivlem - larry
13 - gear jammer - he drinks
14 - s.w.a.t. - in the ghetto*

*=a slight elvis cover

DL: amrep motors: 1995 models

snail - self-titled

released 1993

you may recall me posting this back in 2009

but as i was posting the atomic 61 album down got me to thinking about this album

and some of you may recall my story of the connection between me and this album (particularly a song called "deep see fishin'")

and if you don' it is:

are you like me and hate it when you come across a pretty kick-ass song on the radio and you say to yourself "man...i need to find out who this is!"...and then you listen intently as it's followed by another song...and then another...and then another...and then the dj finally comes on and announces the song that was previously played and then goes into a commercial

this happened to me back in 1993...i was living in iowa (just outside of davenport)...and every sunday there was a show i listened to religiously called OFF THE BEATEN TRACK (98.8 from 6:00pm-midnight) see...back then the radio was actually worth listening to as there was no such thing as a nickleback or the like clogging the airwaves with their brand of diarrhea (and you may be asking yourself "how does diarrhea plug?"...oh it does,my friend,it does...just go and turn on the radio to any fm'll see...and be sure to wear a raincoat) there i was with my tape all cued up (yeah...i was one of those people) and a song came on that caught my i hit record and sat there...and then it was over...though i'm pretty sure the dj said who the band was (he always did) i didn't remember the name of the band or the name of the song...and for some reason the song always stuck with me...and i continued to search for it...and somewhere along the line i had convinced myself that it was the band seaweed (you're probably thinking "why didn't you just call the station and ask about it?"....hey man...whose story is this anyway?....that's right)

so fast forward to last week...i was just doing some random browsing through the internets and i came across this i read some stuff about them...sounded pretty i downloaded 2 of their albums and went on about my day

fast forward to a few days ago...i was going through some of the random downloads i'd managed to pile up and i came to i cracked this album open...and within the first 2 seconds of the opening song "deep see fishin'" a smile took over my entire face and i let out the words "holy" and "fuck" along with a few exclamation 16 year search was finally over...and i still don't know why i thought it was the band seaweed (as they don't sound alike...but they do share a home state...that being washington) i listened to the above mentioned song more times than a normal person should probably listen to one song

and here i am sharing the album with you

and i know you just love my stories

now about snail...they come from the bethlehem of the early 1990's music scene (aka "seattle")...and by saying that you should already know what kind of sound the band has...but i'll throw around some names: nirvana...melvins...a little mudhoney...a little bit o' the fluid...some tad...some love battery...(and though not from seattle) some my bloody valentine...

and though i hate mentioning this band's name anywhere...i feel that i must...and don't let it deter you from downloading this...but at times they have a wee bit of a silverchair-like flair

but along the way they helped the whole burgeoning "stoner rock" movement crawl (ie: fu manchu...sleep (whom they played with as part of the HOLY MOUNTAIN tour)...kyuss)

so...if you're still here after reading all of that...i think you should do yourself a favor and give this a spin

as for myself...i'm going to go and take a crying game shower...thank you silverchair

good times

DL: snail

atomic 61 - goodbye blue monday

released 1996

somewhere on SGM...someone had asked about the possible posting of some atomic 61

and look at we have here....

if you're down with most of the dirtier sounding bands that were coming out of the pacific northwest back in the 90s...get down with this the look on your face...i can see that you're going to need some band names:

the melvins

and i know what you're going to say..."hey,man...those are all seattle bands,bro...weren't these guys from portland?"

come on now...isn't it all the same in the long run?

oh...sick burn.

DL: goodbye blue monday

Saturday, March 10, 2012

french toast - in a cave

released 2005

this is a band made up of jerry busher (fugazi's the other guy playing the drums onstage with fugazi) and james canty (brother of fugazi's brendan...he was also a member of the bands the make-up and the nation of ulysses)

jerry plays the bass and the drums and the keyboards and provides vocals

james plays the guitar and the keyboards and the drums and provides vocals as well

they blend in with the latterday dischord bands (ie: black eyes...q and not u...medications)

and if you're a fan of bands like les savy fav or your enemies friends or decahedron and the like...this would go along nicely with all that

also...the band's name and album title are a witty little play on words...i mean...who wouldn't want to do that?

honestly...i had forgotten that i'd had this on my computer...i had originally gotten it for the song "off center"...and gave it a few listens...and then it was buried

but you shouldn't let that dissuade you from giving this a try...i've actually been listening to it a lot as of late

and you should too

i do want to be like me...if even just a little,yeah?

DL: in a cave

pegboy - fore ep

released 1993

before you do need to go and watch the movie YOU WEREN'T THERE: A HISTORY OF CHICAGO PUNK 1977-1984

even if you've already seen it...go and do it again

make the mentioning of steve albini a drinking game (something tells me that he'd enjoy that)

"but waitaminute...what does that have to do with this?" see...for one...pegboy are from chicago (i'd say "were from chicago"...but after reportedly splitting up back in 1999...they've reformed and are touring...but you probably already know about that)

and for two...the band's guitarist was in the band naked raygun (john haggerty)

and for three...the band's vocalist/other guitarist (larry damore) and original bassist (steve saylors) were in the band bhopal stiffs

so there

also of mention...they had some studio musician named steve albini playing bass on this album (whether or not it's the steve albini...well...i guess we'll never know)

and now i think you need to go and watch YOU WEREN'T THERE: A HISTORY OF CHICAGO PUNK 1977-1984 again

DL: fore ep

Friday, March 9, 2012

happy go licky - will play

released 1997

you may also know this band by the name rites of spring

same members

different name

the band was together for roughly 9 months

they played 7 shows

this is their discography in live form (as they never released an actual album)

sound-wise...think rites of spring doing a fugazi album (namely IN ON THE KILL TAKER)

happy birthday,brendan canty

DL: will play

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Germbox - Creamy Loop 7"

Label: Caulfield
Year: 1992

It's weird that Caulfield released this particular record, as the lion's share of the label's discography is serious-guy emo, the likes of Giants Chair, Christie Front Drive, Sideshow, Mineral, Ethel know...stuff that's not very "fun".
Then there's the Kansas City noise rock crime spree of Germbox. They lumber into bed long after you've fallen asleep, their clumsy hands reaching into the darkness to tug at your nightgown. You can smell the rotting alcohol on their breath, and feign sleep, hoping they will tire out and relent. But they won't take no for an answer, their touch becomes more demanding, and in a gruff bellow they announce their intentions to deflower your most unholy of holes. Germbox are not gentleman callers, they are deranged perverts with a bent for wanton destruction, and they don't seem to care for your opinions on the matter. You find it incredibly disturbing that the Germbox you first locked eyes with across the ballroom floor of the Floretta Baylin Cotillions has morphed into this hulking, hungry beast of a band who's hot, acrid desires are currently lifting the back end of your robe past the point of no return. It's not worth the fight, is it?


v/a - jabberjaw: pure sweet hell

released 1996

you may have seen jabberjaw mentioned here and there around SGM

and though most of you may know of jabberjaw being a cartoon shark that played the drums for the was also a club that was pretty huge back in the 1990s (comparable to chicago's lounge axe)

this was just one of the various compilations that were put together in order to raise money to save the place from closing...but eventually did in 1997

it was originally released as a series of 7"

pt. 1:
1 - fitz of depression - burn it down
2 - jawbreaker - sister
3 - steel pole bath tub - the charm
4 - clikitat ikatowi - librarian

pt. 2:
1 - man or astro-man? - earth station radio
2 - the hi-fives - skybolt x-66
3 - the bombaros - fiberglass jungle
4 - the coctails - gripper bite

pt. 3:
1 - everclear - how soon is now (1)
2 - laughing hyenas - shine
3 - brainiac - go! (2)
4 - godheadsilo - heaven isn't hollywood

pt. 4:
1 - mary lou lord - birthday boy (3)
2 - red kross - star lust
3 - low - i started a joke (4)

1=the smiths cover
2=tones on tail cover
3=ween cover
4=bee gees cover

DL: pure sweet hell

unsane - 8.27.10 - grumpy's - minneapolis,mn

some of you may remember the AMREP 25th ANNIVERSARY BASH that took place back in 2010

and if you do...i don't think you did it right

some of you may have relived that experience via the god bullies set that was posted the other day

this was a little something that went on the night before

unsane playing their SCATTERED,SMOTHERED & COVERED album live in it's entirety

and right about now...some of you may be going "oh man! that's right! i was totally there! that's how i got those bruises! oh god! my parents! i have to call the police!'s been 2 years...they've probably made friends in there by now...and who am i to take them away from that? besides...i like sleeping in their's comfortable...and there's a tv in there"

also...some of you may be saying "didn't they play "against the grain"?

they did...but the quality of the song was crappy...and it took away from the rest of the i took it're welcome

1 - scrape
2 - alleged
3 - blame me
4 - out
5 - can't see
6 - blew
7 - empty cartridge
8 - no loss
9 - test my faith
10 - ruin
11 - swim
12 - over me
13 - sick
14 - get off my back

DL: unsane @grumpy's

stiff woodies - 1986 - kaos radio session - olympia,wa

this was a short lived band that involved the likes of buzz osbourne (melvins vocalist/guitarist)...a pre-nirvana krist novoselic (bassist)...and kurt flansburg (radio dj/guitarist for various bands)...and is rumored to have also involved kurt cobain (come on now...)...dale crover (melvins drummer)...mike dillard (melvins first drummer)...and matt lukin (original melvins bassist/one time mudhoney bassist)

this is their only recorded materials
they played all of one show

1 - sin city (ac/dc cover:kurt flansburg on vocals)
2 - breakdance boogie (krist novoselic vocals)
3 - loose (buzz osbourne vocals)
4 - c'mon and love me (kiss cover: buzz osbourne vocals)

DL: stiff woodies

mudhoney/melvins splits

both released 1989

you know who the melvins are

you know who mudhoney are

on the H.I.V. GROUPIE-HITS PACK you get mudhoney giving you 2 demos and a live song...the melvins give you a live kiss cover ("goin' blind")

on the not H.I.V. GROUPIE-HITS PACK you get mudhoney giving you a dicks cover ("hate the police")...and the melvins give you a black sabbath cover ("symptom of the universe)

now go

DL: melvins/mudhoney splits

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snake Nation - Snake Nation

Label: Caroline
Year: 1989

Woody Weatherman and Mike Dean go together like chocolate and peanut butter right? Right (my apologies to those with peanut allergies). The history of Corrosion of Conformity will bear that truth into infinitum. It's just one of those things you should except sooner rather than later in life.
So what happens when Corrosion of Conformity are in between records and touring? They've just released the scorching Technocracy 12", and little does anyone know, they are reworking their sound by bringing in Pepper Keenan and Karl Agell, and preparing to mine the depths of those sticky Black Sabbath riffs they all had rattling around in the backs of their heads (which, P.S. is thee most underrated C.O.C. record in their entire canon...fucking Blind slays all over the place). Well, in the case of Woody and Mike, they recruit Raleigh, NC transplant Brian Walsby, formerly of Oxnard hardcore heroes Scared Straight, and future member of Shiny Beast, The Patty Duke Syndrome (with Ryan Adams...who?), Double Negative, and even Polvo, to drum on some fucking gnarly My War side 2 style freakouts. You can sorta see where C.O.C. was heading if maybe Pepper Keenan never joined and set their collective dial to "southern rock holocaust". It's got the elements of Corrosion of Conformity (duh), the late period Black Flag slow swing, early Melvins sludge damage, and early American style doom in the vein of Saint Vitus. Nothing wrong with any of that.
If you're enjoying the new Corrosion of Conformity record they just put out (admittedly, I'm on the fence I hate to say), then this Snake Nation album will be right up your alley.


madnomad - tamper-evident

released 2003

i had originally come by this band out of the uk via a sampler cd that had come with some magazine i'd bought

the song was "ad nauseam"...and with lines like "we live in the age of the excuse/we live in the age of the asshole" and "why should i tolerate anything i don't care for for any length of time"...i now had a theme song

and i played my theme song for days

and sure...that was probably unfair to the other songs included on the sampler...but you know what?...i didn't care...i'm an asshole

but i digress

you can't really seem to find all that much information about the band on the interwebs

this was the band's only album

and now for the comparisons: if you dig the refused album THE SHAPE OF PUNK TO COME...and some nomeansno...and some eighties b-line disaster....

well...this is just the thing for you

DL: tamper-evident

cacaw - get a brain

released 2009

2 girls (who were also members of the band coughs)
2 guys

this what would it would sound like if'n the melvins made out with tinsel teeth while some early jesus lizard sat in the corner and took pictures

"come on now! entire bands can't makeout with each other! that's just ludicrous!"

clearly you've never been in the SGM basement on bbq night

they could very well feel at home on either amphetamine reptile or skin graft



DL: get a brain
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