Monday, September 26, 2016

Pretty Please - Acedia

Label: self released
Year: 2016

100% grunge time machine. In fact, so much so that they actually cover Sonic Youth's authentic grunge song 100%. 100% correctly too.
Fuzzy guitar warmth wrapped around punky pop songs with a laconic sludge underpinning. Remember? It's a winning recipe, no doubt. Empires rose and fell to the murky sounds!
If you can remember Verbena, or the first Superdrag record, or earlier Gumball, a band like Hurl, or this one band who's name excapes me, but they had an album called "Bleach" (pretty good band actually), then this band will appeal to you.
Not that it's a total nostalgia trip...but it's a pretty good nostalgia trip if you're of a certain age and demographic.
Very much recommended no matter your age, so long as you can admit to allowing melody in your messy rock music. If so, then cool. We cool. This is cool.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

helmet/house of pain - just another victim

label: epic
released: 1993

you remember the movie JUDGEMENT NIGHT,yeah?
that movie that finally did something right by pairing up denis leary and emilio estevez.

and then there was the soundtrack.
even better with the pairings:
slayer and ice-t
faith no more and boo-ya t.r.i.b.e.
dinosaur jr and del the funky homosapien
sonic youth and cypress hill
mudhoney and sir mix-a-l-ot

and then there was the helmet and the house of pain.
they opened up the soundtrack and you knew what you were in for.
1 of  11 reason to own the soundtrack.
they brought a gun too so you'll never come to.
you're just another victim,kid.

this is one of those promo things that folks in the radio biz got their hands on.
it's the actual song along with 3 remixes and an instrumental version.
so yeah.
you can either be page hamilton or everlast or both.
get excited.
but not overly excited like jeremy piven thinking he'd struck a deal with denis leary.
we all know what happened there.
don't give me that look of confusion.
you've seen the movie.
we all have.
it's ok to admit to it.
but you watching naked....
not so much.


quicksand - 8.14.16 - wrecking ball - atlanta,ga

you know about the quicksand.
you love the quicksand.
you agree that SLIP is one of the best things ever allowed through your earholes.

and this is quicksand being quicksand in front of a large group of people on the date mentioned above at a shindig that went down at the masquerade in that place mentioned above.

and if'n you're really wanting to know some wrecking ball stories....
just let grAy corner you anywhere.
the bathroom isn't even off limits.

but you didn't come here to read words about the music.
you came here to hear music about the music.

1 - fazer
2 - too official
3 - head to wall
4 - unfulfilled
5 - brown gargantuan
6 - freezing process
7 - lie and wait
8 - delusional
9 - clean slate
10 - omission
11 - shovel
12 - thorn in my side
13 - dine alone
14 - landmine spring


Sunday, September 18, 2016

v/a - self mutilation: one,two,three and more - a compilation of compilations

label: hippy knight records
released: 1993

are you the sort of person that likes stuff?
this has stuff.
fuck yeah.

1 - coffin break - cry
2 - you am i - snake tide
3 - god and texas - 1066
4 - jonestown - el segundo
5 - green magnet school - blind in my mouth
6 - free moving curtis - fire
7 - poppin' mommas - now i love her
8 - sandy duncans eye - polsen petroleum
9 - mother's day - birdy
10 - superchunk - cool
11 - erectus monotone - tweeter and quibble
12 - screamfeeder - snail trail
13 - vertigo - shallow water
14 - nunbait - shit for brains
15 - alien boys - timothy
16 - the stump wizards - fire
17 - seaweed - selfish
18 - atomic 61 - pussy juice
19 - seaweed goorillas - incest
20 - the meanies - people like me


sweaty nipples - bug harvest

label: megaforce
released: 1994

who says that you can't listen to both faith no more AND alice in chains.
certainly not these guys.


contortion horse - atheism & taxidermy

label: major label records
released: 1995

do you like the band season to risk?
do you like older beck?
do you like some older flaming lips?

the band has a season to risk vibe about them.
the band's drummer has played with both beck and the flaming lips.

there's a song on here called "there's a dead hermaphrodite in the refrigerator in my backyard".

you know what to do.


Saturday, September 17, 2016

conan neutron

conan neutron.
you may recognize the name.
and even if you don't you'll still find yourself saying "that's a pretty kick-ass name. why couldn't my parents name me conan neutron. i hate my parents!" and then running into your room and slamming the door behind you and then cranking up the stereo. and this is the point where'd you'd forgotten that you hadn't taken out that BEST OF ABBA cd and now everyone knows your dirty little secret.

moving on.

and before all of this begins i need to clear something up: conan is in no way shape or form related to jimmy. don't bring it up.  the last time that happened it wasn't so nice. you may have heard about it on the news.

also: never mention that pointer sisters song either. just don't.

moving on.

some of you may have heard of some bands with names like:
mount vicious
victory and associates

you may have even seen them around here on SGM island.
and if you haven't you've just been voted off.

nowadays he's fronting/playing guitar in a band with some of his secret friends.
and no i'm not going to tell you who they are.
that's his job.

Q: seeing as how you and your secret friends league have just been brought up...tell us all about that.

A: Sure, this is like my weirdo rock version of the Avengers, or something. Every player is a superstar totally capable of badass acts of heroism and power on their own, but coming together for a greater purpose. I suppose that would make me Captain America. I guess Tony Ash is Iron Man and Dale Crover is the Hulk? Wait, no Thor. Toshi Kasai is… uh… Nick Fury?
Wait… this is dumb.
Another way to look at it, is this is my version of the the Bad Seeds or something. The players sometimes change and cycle in, but the basic core remains the same and the songs come from me originally before being twisted, contorted and shaped into whatever dark forces come together at the end. It’s my version of rock ‘n roll. And that includes a world where Melvins, Bon Scott era AC/DC, DEVO, Unwound, The Jesus Lizard and Thin Lizzy all should be lauded equally. You get me? It’s rock, but with the no bullshit or excuses attitude that can only come from people that live and breathe punk rock/noise rock or whatever the hell you want to call it.
From my standpoint, it’s a little bit of every band I’ve ever been in, and a little bit something entirely different, I’m writing the kind of music I’d like to hear and trying to use all of the lessons I’ve learned over the years to make that a really cool thing. I’m surrounded by great and brilliant people and one of the best rhythm sections a guitarist could hope for. Pretty cool.

Q: dale crover. does he still like to stand around the water cooler and wait for folks to walk by so he can tell some of his grunge stories?

A: oh, constantly! He’s always like: “Man, this one time Tad and I pants-ed Krist Noviselic and he…” and we’re like: “OK! COOL DUDE, WE GET IT.”
No, in all seriousness Dale is one of the sweetest dudes in the world, and all of us have tour stories or crazy back in the day stories. It just so happens that some of his involve people that are incredibly, incredibly famous. It’s easy to forget because he’s such a nice fella.
Although he is always shouting: “ok boys, I really want you to GRUNGE OUT on this next one.”
Don’t know what all that is about.

Q: and seeing as how the secret friends are somewhat embedded into the melvins mythos...could there be a possible tour or collaboration of some sort?

A:Well, as far as collaboration. Buzz does backups on two of the songs on Art of the Murder, so that’s sort of already happened… it’s just under my banner so far fewer people paid attention. HAHAHAHA. That said, even with Dale playing drums for me it’s important to note that Melvins are one of my favorite bands of all time. It’s not lost on me, you know? There’s been talk. So far, that’s been it. That said, I think the two acts would compliment each other in interesting ways. Not just for the obvious shared member either.
Who knows? If it did, I would consider myself very lucky indeed to be even further involved in their world. They are the real deal as artists and humans and work harder than any band I can think of. I respect the hell out of their art , their fearlessness and their process, bands could learn a lot from how the Melvins work.

Q: now let's travel back a bit. when i mention the name replicator what kind of feelings does it invoke? you were together for 8 years. what brought all of that to an end?

A: Great feelings! I loved that band and loved my time in it. We did everything exactly the way we wanted to do it and did a bunch of weird stuff that some people seemed to enjoy. It was completely on our terms and ended when it should have, cool. It meant something to some people, and I’m pretty sure we left the world a wee but better than how it was when that band came into being, or at least more confused.
I still love Ben and Chris and we played a one off for the PRF BBQ West Coast year before last that was a damn fine time and probably employed a good amount of bay area baby sitters.
What brought it to an end? It was time for it to end. That’s it. No drama. We broke up with plenty of advance notice and recorded an ep of our last songs that is one of the better things we did. Not a bad way to call it a day, right?
The weirdest thing is probably talking to young people in new noise rock bands who think that what you are currently playing is somehow the only thing you ever have, or ever will do. Nope. Settled that land, moved on. Still enjoy visiting and looking at the postcards though.

Q: and during your time together you'd played a show as the jesus lizard and you went by the name of the jesus replicator. what kind of training did you go through in order to become david yow? how far into did you go? how long did it take for you to shake all of that off afterward? are you still in the shower trying to wash it away?

A:If you are trying to ask if I learned how to do a Tight ‘n’ shiny, I did not. In all seriousness though, I think Mr. Yow is not only a very gifted vocalist, but a hell of a front man. Some people seem to get it wrong, thinking that his presence is confrontation and violence, there’s just a strange ebb and flow to the energy between him and the crowd. He’s a masterful performer and full of genuinely thrilling unexpectedness. I once saw him sing an entire song from the inside of a t-shirt box at the Merch table. It was an inspiring moment for me.
That isn’t a joke.

Q: and then i'd seen that you took on the yow again at the 2010 PRF BBQ auktoberfest. there's footage of you on the youtubes performing "puss" with a band called the hype. and i have to say that if someone were to close their eyes and place you and david yow under cups and shuffled you around you'd never be able to tell who was who.

A:ha! Yes! The Hype… a superstar PRF Karaoke band. Full of members that are in plenty of great bands themselves. Frighteningly accurate. In a better world they’d be the house band for a late night talk show. Maybe hosted by Mark Arm of Mudhoney or Eugene Robinson of Oxbow or something.
Anyway, thanks… it’s a hell of a song. I remembered all the words from that Halloween thing. I thought that was a pretty hilarious move to do a song by Chicago royalty when I’m an Oaklander/California boy through and through.
OH! Something that isn’t on youtube, but I was reminded of… in Replicator, we played with Qui some, both before and after David Yow joined the band. We actually asked him to play Wheelchair Epidemic with us one night. That was cool.
I think that exhausts the David Yow part of the interview.
Oh wait! He’s a great visual artist and did the art for the first Secret Friends record
“the enemy of everyone” too.

Q: and that brings us to mount vicious. the band had 3 guitar players. which of you was the eddie van halen of the group?

A: Ha! I’d say… Alli for sure. IF, and only IF… Eddie Van Halen was played by Rowland S. Howard of the Birthday Party.

Q: the mount vicious bio reveals that mount vicious deliver a powerful live show and are very good at sex. was that in fact true?


Q: the band didn't seem to have been together all that long. what happened? did one of you finally get to the point of not being very good at the sex and just wanted to stop?

A:No, we were still all very skillful at it. We had a song called “We Enjoy Fucking (To This Music)” for Pete’s sake. We did more in a year than some bands do in their whole life. That also includes bitter, acrimonious break-ups.  It was my fault, but it was a good run. We made a good record. I learned, licked my wounds and moved on.

Q: i've always thought that victory and associates would've made the best name for a law firm. had you ever toyed around with maybe making some sort of a promo for the band in the form of one of those infomercials you only seem to see on the tv at 3:00am? because i would've totally watched that while sitting there with my bowl of cereal and nuQuil.

A: Only if we could flash our number really quick with a very long and disconcerting amount of disclaimers played as fast as possible afterwards.

Q: what brought about the demise of the victory and associates?

A: The other three dudes were wanting to work more collaboratively, writing more in the practice room. I wanted the exact opposite, to work more off of demos and concentrate on arrangements when we in the same room. Musical differences! HOW THRILLING!
Plus, people just get tired of people you know? Everybody parted as friends, brothers, etc. That’s the stuff that counts, that and the body of work.
Band breaks up, Ultimately not a lot of people cared. Replicator was important to a lot of people, Mount Vicious was starting to be when we called it a day. For the most part V and A just grinded, we never connected that deeply with most people. I don’t know, we liked it! V and A wasn’t really hard rock, post-punk, punk rock, noise rock or any of that. It was a little bit of all of that and totally it’s own thing. It was important to me that it exist as it’s own entity without relying on previous bands. Worked out great! Hahaha.
It’s tough to be a band that doesn’t have a gimmick, hook or schtick these days. You aren’t just competing for people’s attention with what came out that week, you are competing with all of music. That band was all heart and probably deserved better, but the world will keep on a spinnin’ none the less.
I do think Better Luck Next Life is a way better record than most people give it credit for. But damn, if that was the metric… that’s like: most of music.

Q: did i read somewhere that you'd been involved in something called "bitch stole my time machine"? and were you involved with a "band" called caustic?

A: True on both counts! Jesus, nice digging there Columbo. “Bitch Stole My Time Machine” is a song by the excellent Industrial band Everything Goes Cold, who I toured with a few times as a keyboard player and backup vocalist. It’s not really my genre, but they are very good at it and the shows were a blast. Lots of crazy lighting and smoke machine and chicks in bondage gear and what not. I met Matt Fanale (AKA: Caustic) on one of those jaunts and we bonded immediately over old school Touch and Go stuff. All the stuff you would expect. We became pals and he asked if I would contribute a guitar track to a song on his album “the Man Who Wouldn’t Quit.” He wanted it to be somewhere between Wax Trax and T&G when both of those labels were doing legit aggro and heavy stuff. I said: “You bet!” and I gave him a guitar track that sounds like the things he asked for, with maybe a little Andy Gill thrown in.
It’s a fun track! I played it with him once, and was wearing a feather boa on stage. True story.
Oh! “Bitch Stole my Time Machine.” I played Thingamagoop on that, which is a cute little light activated oscilatting synth that looks like a robot. It makes excellent obnoxious noises. It’s very chaotic in a good way. I think it’s the only thing by EGC that I’m on that’s recorded. That band is really Eric’s baby though.
Man, that’s a whole lot of time I just spent talking about other people’s crap. ERIC! MATT! Where’s my check?!?

Q: besides the musician thing...what else do you have going on in the neutriverse? also: feel free to use that.

A: The “musician thing”. Oh, you mean the thing I devote my life to? hahahaha. Well, my radio show/podcast “Conan Neutron’s Protonic Reversal” is entering year 3, I think? Every time I’m about ready to quit it, I get some really nice feedback about some episode or another. So I’m going to continue to do those, talking to people that everybody SHOULD care about and what it means to be an artist and do what they do. Playing new and old tunes I love, that kind of stuff.
There are worse ways to spend time.
I launched a 24/7/365 radio station called Radio NOPE early last year that has achieved the purpose of being my favorite station ever! (that’s kids!), there’s currently no ability for profit of course, but I kind of consider it a public service. Hey! Maybe there should be a SGM show on it? (hint, hint!)

Q: another PRFBBQ has come and gone. tell us about that business.

A:Which one? Oakland? Chicago? Louisville? Hahaha, they are all excellent. So many amazing bands, so many great people. I don’t know, anybody reading this is like the total target demo for these things. It’s just all badassery and your new favorite bands.
New discoveries for me this year were:
West Coast – The Tunnel, an already really great band totally stepping it up by mixing some serious Big Black into their late period Birthday Party. Impressive stuff! Also Quivers, who have kind of a Chavez plus Archers of Loaf thing going on.
Chicago-Rented Rooms who kind of slayed my mind, the songs of the dude from the Mekons Jon Langford… who I’ve never paid much attention to. 
Louisville- Vibrolas, just really good down and dirty rock and roll, Multicult… kickass NYC noiserock, Them Teeth and War Brides. Great NR bands.

Q: are there any stories that you'd like to regale us with?

A: I’ve met Andrew Dice Clay in person, he’s a remarkably intelligent and soft spoken dude who asks a lot of questions about YOU. Well, not you… me. I guess. No, he did not tell any limericks.
We played Krist Noviselic’s signature Gibson Ripper on both the first two Secret Friends records, by that I mean it was the one Gibson actually gave to him and he later gave to Toshi and the Melvins for the studio. That’s a damn fine instrument there.

Q: so. music. i'm going to assume that you like it. are there any bands out there that you'd like to lay some lip service to?

A: Hurry Up Shotgun (Oakland, CA), B. Hamilton (Oakland, CA),  Porch (Oakland, CA),  Reptoid (Oakland, CA), Oxbow (San Francisco, CA) The Cell Phones (Chicago, IL) Nocturnal Habits (Justin from Unwound with Sara from Unwound on drums), Vibrolas (Lexington, KY), Motherfucker (Athens, GA), Lardo (Chicago, IL), the rutabega (South Bend, IN), Dead Halos (Louisville, KY), Trophy Wives (Louisville, KY), Waxeater (Louisville, KY), John Congleton and the Nighty Nite, SAVAK (Brooklyn, NY), Melvins (duh!), Whores (Atlanta, GA), Multicult (NYC), Manhandle (Alabama or some crap!), Nonagon (Chicago, IL), Buildings (Minneapolis, MN), Magpies (Missoula, MT), SEMINARS (Seattle, WA), Beat Drun Juel (Chicago, IL), THE HAND (Minneapolis, MN), Thoughts Detecting Machines (Bloomington, IL), Minutes and OUT (Those are two different bands, Kalamazoo, MI) Future of the Left (Cardiff) and Falco solo as Christian Fitness are both way legit. Oh! Quivers (San Francisco, CA) I’m sure I’m forgetting something really obvious, but that’s a pretty damn good listening list.
Just go Ask Jeeves all that stuff and you’ll be listening to new stuff before ya know it.
Anybody that says there isn’t any good new music needs to pull their head out of their ass.

Q: and now we've come to the part of the show where if'n you have any science you'd like to drop on the folks.....

A: Look! Just because my last name is Neutron doesn’t mean I’m a REAL scientist. That’s just a CHARACTER… Hahaha! Just joking kids, stay in school.

well,mr. neutron. i'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for stopping in for this interview. it was fun. now please exit the building before security has to be called. and don't forget to stop by the front desk and take a complimentary anything you'd like out of the lost and found. - Conan Neutron's Protonic Reversal  Rock Radio Show/Podcast 8PM E/5PM Pacific Thursdays - Conan Neutron & the Secret Friends - Neutron/Crover/Ash
http:/// - 24/7 badass rock and talk.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

pj harvey - rid of me

label: island
released: 1993

this album was my first taste of pj harvey.

i'd been channel surfing late one night and i happened upon this video that looked like some sort of a student film type of thing. this woman was sitting on a stool in her underpants and a shirt sans bra (like you didn't notice) with her hands on her hips and having what the folks down at the old folks home would refer to as an "episode".

she was totally flirting with me.
and it worked.
and i went out the next day to search for something pj harvey.
and i'd walked into the local music store and happened across the only pj harvey album they'd had.
and it was this very album.
and as per usual the people i was acquainted with at the time just didn't "get it".
most thought it was funny that i'd like this sort of thing.
they just didn't "get" me and my ways.
some people's kids.

and if'n you're into that sort of thing....
this album was produced (or recorded by...whatever) steve albini.

also: just look at that album cover. totally flirting.


the smashing pumpkins - quiet and other songs

with the rumors flying that there may be a smashing pumpkins "reunion" album getting released with a return to some of the GISH/SIAMESE DREAM era sound what better time to post this here thing.

and this here thing is a collection of demos turned into the band's label (which was virgin records at the time) that would eventually take form on the SIAMESE DREAM album.

and this was about the time i'd kinda lost interest in them.
billy corgan was turning into a bald vampire looking thing.
and he always donned that "zero" shirt.
and i'll admit that i thought it was kinda sorta cool for about 5 minutes once.
but come on.
we get it.
you're angsty.
and despite all that rage you're still just a rat in that cage.
and now there's that whole wrasslin' thing.....

so yeah.
that's what this is.
whether or not folks want to hear the band (try to) recapture their former glory....
i just don't know.
and now there's that whole wrasslin' thing.....
as for me....
i'm curious.

fun fact: i once had a former acquaintance of mine accuse me of walking out of his house with the THE AEROPLANE FLIES HIGH box set shoved down the front of my pants. he'd also accused me of doing the same thing with metallica's LIVE SHIT: BINGE & PURGE box set. it may have been due to the fact that i was always kinda flirty with his mom. he should be so honored to have a stepfather with such tastes in music.


v/a - sub pop sound: check

label: sub pop
released: 1998

it's a sub pop sample platter.
it's got stuff you like on it.
and if you clean your plate properly it won't need a dishwasherin'.

disc 1:
1 - mark laengan - last one in the world
2 - pernice brothers - overcome by happiness
3 - the spinanes - greetings from the sugar lick
4 - les thugs - le lendmains qui chantent
5 - mike ireland & holler - house of secrets
6 - the spinanes - reach vs speed
7 - pernice brothers - clear spot
8 - elevator to hell - to breath
9 - damon & naomi - turn of the century
10 - mike ireland & holler - learning how to live
11 - mark lanegan - bell black ocean

disc 2:
1 - the jesus and mary chain - i love rock 'n' roll
2 - les thugs - i was dreaming
3 - elevator to hell - backteeth
4 - godheadsilo - home crap home
5 - murder city devils - boom swagger boom
6 - the jesus and mary chain - degenerate
7 - six finger satellite - race against space
8 - 10 minute warning - is this the way?
9 - heroic doses - crystals
10 - murder city devils - dancin' shoes
11 - godheadsilo - you're fighting me now
12 - 10 minute warning - mezz
13 - heroic doses - ollie oxen free


Saturday, September 10, 2016

v/a - whore: various artists play wire

label: WMO
released: 1996

aka: songs by wire that other bands taught us

and not to worry....
none of them took the elastica route.
obscure reference!

1 - godflesh - 40 versions
2 - lush - mannequin
3 - resolution - it's a boy
4 - aMiniature - a serious of snakes
5 - kustomized - a question of degree
6 - band of susans - ahead
7 - bark psychosis - three girl rhumba
8 - the ex-lion tamers - on returning
9 - spasm - 12xu
10 - fudge tunnel - lowdown
11 - laika - german shepherds
12 - chris connelly - a mutual friend
13 - carl marks - eastern standard
14 - the petty tyrants - our swimmer
15 - scanner - eardrum buzz
16 - polar bear - being sucked in (again)
17 - lee renaldo - fragile
18 - my bloody valentine - map ref 41°n 93°w
19 - transformer - outdoor miner
20 - main - used to
21 - mike watt - the 15th


cherubs - fist in the air

label: brutal panda records
released: 2016

"what the sonofabitch is this?".
that may be the first thing you find yourself saying at first.
i know i did.
but i decided to stick around a little longer.
and then track #2 started.
and then i just hung out.
it's still cherubs.

and some of you may know that the band played their first show 21 years last month in texas.
and some of you may have even been there.

there are 3 songs on here.
there are 2 remixes on here.

"that just doesn't add up,sir. public schooling,eh?" you say with your pinky up.

this is where i could get into some sort of rant about whether or not a remix is an actual song.
but i'm not going to.
i'm just going to stand here and look at that pinky until you put that pinky down.
now put your thumb up.
and if you know anything about the thumb you'll know that the thumb holds down my lighter.
what does that have to do with anything?
or everything.

one of the remixes is done by les savy fav microphone guy tim harrington.
that's gotta mean something to you,right?
and then there's the slice of cheese as an album cover too.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

malformed earthborn - defiance of the ugly by the merely repulsive

label: release entertainment
released: 1995

do you like skinny puppy and skinny puppy lyrics?
ever wonder what the music would sound like in a doctor's waiting room in hell?
heard of a band called godflesh?
heard of a band called meathook seed?

this band has ties to bands with names like:
the aforementioned meathook seed
napalm death
brutal truth

of course you are.
i can tell by the front of your shirt.


Wednesday, September 7, 2016

choke their rivers with our dead - tour demo 2002

not only is it a possible punishment for trying to steal a lemon tree from springfield but also a band that's no longer together from north carolina.

do you remember the glory days of the
i do.
and that's where i'd discovered these folks.

fun fact: once upon a time the band's vocalist (cristina) and i had written a few letters back and forth to each other. strictly as fan and musician. she sent me a mix cd. it was a good one. and then i lost it somewhere along the line. stupid dumb line.

the band split up back in '04.
cristina later went on to be a member of a few bands with names like "sonic death rabbit" and "wet mango".
as for the other folks....
they've been linked to bands with names like:
the weekenders
amish jihad
towering pyre

so if'n you're down with stuff like pageninetynine and city of caterpillar and the like....
well anything released by robotic empire back in the day really.


whale - live in london 1995

you remember this band,yeah?
remember that one video where the woman with the braces is prancing about some gentlemen that are wearing tinfoil underpants?
and then she licks an armpit?

i thought so.
you look bright.

and besides....
i used all of the keywords:

this is them somewhere in london.

1 - singer star
2 - pay for me
3 - i miss me
4 - eurodog
5 - buzzbox babe
6 - born to raise hell
7 - hobo humpin' slobo babe
8 - lickin'


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