Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Bib - Pop

Label: Deranged
Year: 2016

Quick. Another rager from the year of our lord 2016, and from the label Deranged.
Five blasts of ugly hardcore noise. Straight for the throat vibez. Peel the paint and eat it.
The kind of blistering that stands the test of time.
This one might make the Top Whatever Whatever of 2016...we shall see. It's super fucking cathartic and perfect for flailing through a rotten day.


Cult Values - Cult Values

Label: Deranged
Year: 2016

Working through more records that came out this year who made an impact but didn't quite crack the forthcoming Top Something of 2016 list.
Here's one out of Berlin Germany in the year 2016 that sounds vaguely like it could have come out of Orange County in the year 1983. It's got this spidery sound quality that skitters around but ultimately hammers home some high grade hardcore. Noisy hardcore. Hardcore that sounds like a T.S.O.L + Agent Orange + Husker Du love child.
But maybe you're 18 years old and you're all "thanks geezer, but I have no interest in that dusty ole bullshit". And hey, that's fine. I get "the youths". I'm hip. So, for you less grizzled folk, maybe a more contemporary touchstone would be Ceremony. The version of Ceremony that straddles the blasting hardcore and the icy goth tinged post punk.

It's good. Just leave it at that. I recommend.


Monday, November 28, 2016

The Sweet Release Of Death - The Sweet Release Of Death

Label: Subroutine
Year: 2016

As the shadows grow longer, pumpkin spice gives way to peppermint, and the night air crackles with a cold electricity, our collective thoughts turn to that end of year wank-off, the "Best Of" lists. Oh, what a festive time!
And I'm going to tell you, I resisted pulling a list together on the moral grounds that there is no way a sane person could give half a shit about what I was personally listening to that calendar year. I really did. But for reasons I can't altogether remember (paint fumes), a couple years back I did one for the blog, and then again last year, and I'll be damned but they were some of the highest viewed entries. Fuck me, right? I guess people really do sorta, kinda care. A tad?

So it's around this time of year I go back and strain my addled brain jellies to recount what in the sam hill I actually WAS listening to this past year, that was actually released this past year.Which is hard! Then I return to those releases and listen again for further scrutiny and analysis, to see which ones are scientifically measuring as "Best Of" material. It's super exclusive, VIP shit. 

The Sweet Release Of Death is a band from Rotterdam I'd certainly never heard of until a month or so ago when this record showed up, and damn if didn't impress. They call themselves "noise pop", which I'll buy. That doesn't fully illuminate the relatively wide gamut of post punk, goth, death rock, shoegaze, and medicinal grade weirdness that combines together to concoct said "noise pop", and I think it short changes the band because they are far more interesting than just "noise pop". Lots of layers, some ephemeral, some sharply pointed, overlapping and peeling away to make otherworldly envelopes of sound.

Recommended, but juuuuuuust shy of "Best Of" stuff. 
Next year...let's see how they rebound next year. 

Helmet - Blacktop

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1991

Live recording from February 28, 1991 prior to the release of 'Meantime', when the band was playing extra mean. And, bonus, they start the set with my personal favorite 'Sinatra', right into 'FBLA', pretty hard to beat. And, double bonus (triple if you're keeping actual score), there are two unidentified, ostensibly unreleased songs in the set. Chances are there's a super sleuth out there who could identify them both (the first one sounds like the chorus is "Drag", the second one has some growled monosyllabic chorus I can't make out), but McGruff I ain't, so for now they remain 'Unknown'.
What are you waiting for?


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Beige Eagle Boys - You're Gonna Get Yours

Label: Reptilian
Year: 2014

Listened to this earlier today as I was building an outdoor table for my back deck. Not really from scratch, mind you, more that I was re-appropriating a set of old table legs that had a frame braced in place. So, it was a nice a square to begin. Then I ripped down some 2x8"s to make an outer frame, and a stiffer base to attach the table top. Those 2x8"s were bracketed together and attached to the existing frame. So far so good. Next I laid a nice, smooth piece of marine grade 3/4" plywood atop the frame(s). 4'x8', so it can serve as a dining table (not to be confused with a "dining room table" of ain't that quality) and more importantly an outdoor ping pong (just shy of regulation tournament dimensions, but I mean, it's fucking ping pong, not table tennis. I'm not a Chinaman you know [and no offense to my Asian bros and sis']!) table. The top was screwed into the underside of the frame, and now we got ourselves a level and relatively sturdy table.
Then the dang Beige Eagle Boys come on as I'm preparing the final phase of construction, trimming out the edges with 1/2x1" strips. And this is where it goes south on me. Nothing is matching mitered joints are laughable. Dangerous even! And I can't "blame" this album really...but at the same time...I can't blame myself right? Could have been the volume, or the involuntary head banging, or the combination of raucous screaming with a chop saw buzzing...don't really know. But, bottom line, these dudes owe me. They have put my outdoor entertaining in jeopardy, and that's something I just cannot let stand.

If you would like a combination of Whores. and Hammerhead and Cherubs, and Born Against, and KEN Mode, then I think you too will enjoy ruining a potential family heirloom woodworking project by listening to this album just a hair too loud (fucking neighbors giving me the stink jealous). Basically hardcore as executed by a noise rock band, with big, burly swing, and heavy duty low end punch. Total Amphetamine Reptile wheelhouse. Essential deck furniture building music. Look for this in Home Depot or Lowes next time you're purchasing varnish or whatever. Plus, bonus, they have an "ode" to Katy Perry, and I'm here to tell you, I fucking LOVE Katy Perry. Also, second bonus, they strangle Don Henley's 'Dirty Laundry' into submission and warp it almost beyond recognition. Play that one for your dad and watch his face wrinkle in disgust.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

USA Nails - No Pleasure

Label: Bigout / Smalltown America
Year: 2016

I think that technically this was released in 2015, in November, but it was in a run of 100 records or something on obscure labels, so you'll please excuse me in advance when this one shows up on my Top (unknown quantity) Of 2016 list in a month (assuming my laziness can be overcome to pull together a list [of unknown quantity or otherwise]). A label like Riot Season should be looking at this band...but that's just me. And regardless, they re-released it this year on February 3rd, so I'm counting it as a 2016 banger!
A banger for reals.
Despite the false advertising of "USA" in their chosen moniker, this band is in fact from London, England (albeit a former colony of the United States I believe). Which you can hear in their approach. As many English bands are prone to do, there's a faint whisper of The Fall playing in the background of these songs. A motorik bastardization of a pop song that will be stretched and driven (hard) into memory. Even at their most caustic, they have a bounce hidden in the feedback. The same sort of sneaky harmony that Mclusky would weave into their songs (by the by there's a Future Of The Left alumni in USA, or even Ikara Colt to some degree. Regardless of comparisons, the songs truly do offer a griping listen (preferably a loud listen). It's sharp without being overwrought, it's visceral without being dunderhead-ed, and it's textured without being busy.
The more I dig in the more I dig out.
Highly recommended.


Disastronaut - EP

Label: self released
Year: 2016

Not a huge fan of the name Disastronaut (although, at least three other bands' worth of folks are), but a pretty big fan of this three song ep they put out at the beginning of the year. And I wish I knew a little something about the band to share with you, but they keep a low profile. Which, hey, maybe that's a good thing in this over saturated world of ours. Leave a little mystery and shit, right?

Draw your own conclusions I suppose. Make what you will of an extremely dense and sinister combination of icy post punk clanging (like the droning Birthday Party tracks) and lumbering quasi-industrial (like a heavier Killing Joke meets Head Of David). They call it "terrible music for terrible people", and I mean, I'm rarely getting through a day without somebody calling me a "butthole", so I qualify as terrible. This speaks to me!


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

off the beaten track

some of you may or may not remember me make mention of a radio show called OFF THE BEATEN TRACK.

it's the SGM origin story.
i know.
you'd thought that SGM had been some sort of lab experiment gone awry.

i'll give you the cliffs notes version:
back in the early part of the 90s i'd lived just outside of davenport,ia. one night i had been randomly skimming the radio for something worthwhile to listen to because believe it or not the radio used to be fun to hangout with at one time. this was a sunday night. i'd just been going back and forth with the radio dial and was over on the left side at the time. i'm not sure what song it had been that caught my attention but it did. it was probably something that i wasn't used to hearing on the radio. at the time i was trying to stretch the parameters of my musical library outside of the slayers and the metallicas and the like. so it could have very well been something by ministry or kmfdm that had taken hold of my eardrums. turns out that it was a radio show called OFF THE BEATEN TRACK being overseen by a dj that went by the name of roberto. and that was that. i returned every sunday night between the hours of 7:00 and 11:00pm. i used to have the 24 90 minute cassette tapes to prove it but they had somehow managed to get lost along the way.

so what i'm saying is: if i hadn't have come across OTBT there probably more than likely never have been an SGM.

i'd probably be the guy from the movie GHOST WORLD that hangs out in the parking lots of convenient stores eating beef jerky and listening to metal and showing off my sweet nunchuck skills.

back when i'd first discovered facebook i went through that manic phase that everyone probably went through. you know the one. the one where it's all like "i can like this and this and this and i have to look up this and like it so other people will like me for liking it!". for some reason OFF THE BEATEN TRACK popped into my head so i gave it a search. and that's where i found this and that.
and then i'd started making inquiries if anyone had happened to have any recordings of the show that they'd care to share. i was contacted by someone stating that they did. and those are the recordings that i'm sharing with you now (though they're taken from a few years before i came into the fold).

also: if you'd care to listen to an updated version of OTBT you should pay a visit here every sunday night from 7:00-11:00pm. it's still overseen by roberto.

i was provided with a written out track listing for everything and i did my best to interpret it.

off the beaten track - july 29 1984
part 1
1 - scritti politti - wood beez (pray like aretha franklin)
2 - section 25 - reflection
3 - personal effects - love never thinks
4 - public image ltd. - low life
5 - torch song - prepare to energize
6 - love circus - twist to the world
7 - ?
8 - 10,000 maniacs - death of manolete
9 - sid vicious - my way*
10 - dead kennedys - forest fire
11 - dead kennedys - hyperactive child
*=frank sinatra cover
part 2:
1 - ub40 - dub mobile
2 - bill laswell - work song
3 - tripes - undertow
4 - siouxsie and the banshees - bring me the head of the preacher man
5 - uptown rules - bay of kids
6 - violent femmes - country death song
7 - black flag - can't decide
8 - kid creole & the coconuts - gina gina
9 - whambo jamboree - i love your wife
10 - sex pistols - submission
11 - haysi fantayzee - here comes the beast

off the beaten track - august 1984
part 1:
1 - the service - lover's leap
2 - the service - apprentice
3 - the service - temporary situation
4 - the service - slow motion
5 - the situation - million words
6 - captain sensible - wot
7 - big boys - history
8 - nervous germans - hometown
9 - coup d'etat - dig-a-boom-boom-chi-chi
10 - fun boy three - telephone always rings
part 2:
1 - colorbox - tarantula
2 - gang of four - call me up
3 - what is this - i am a house
4 - steve almaas - what's the matter
5 - hellbillys - getaway
6 - the dream syndicate - tell me when it's over
7 - tex and the horseheads - lock me up
8 - the art of noise - close (to the edit)
9 - meat puppets - lost
10 - soviet sex - youth of america
11 - saccharine trust - peace frog*
*=the doors cover
off the beaten track - june 14 1987
part 1:
1 - front 242 - master hit
2 - ?
3 - crazy backwards alphabet - la grange*
4 - black flag - you're not evil
5 - carmaig de forest - crack is no worse than the fascist threat
6 - ?
7 - red dress - i like to eat my mouses raw
8 - the lorries - crawling mantra
9 - das damen - girl with the hair
10 - the ex - they shall not pass
*=zz top cover
part 2:
1 - they might be giants - youth culture killed my dog
2 - meat puppets - a hundred miles
3 - love tractor - cartoon kiddies
4 - bruce gilbert - eline cout II
5 - ?
6 - ?
7 - violent femmes - blister in ther sun
8 - camper van beethoven - joe stalin's cadillac
9 - billy bragg - it says here
10 - front 242 - rerun time
11 - el grupo sexo - squirrel boy
12 - robyn hitchcock - trash

part 3:
1 - swingin' teens - gidget's bitchin' beach party
2 - ?
3 - ?
4 - band of susans - hope against hope
5 - boris badenough - hey rocky!
6 - imo & the soul syndicate - debator's prison
7 - ?
8 - phil gnarly & the tough guys - real wild party
9 - butthole surfers - american woman*
10 - butthole surfers - moving to florida
11 - mark mothersbaugh - my hometown
*=the guess who cover

part 4:
1 - butthole surfers - creep in the cellar
2 - ?
3 - ?
4 - brave combo - happy wanderer
5 - front 242 - quite unusual
6 - ?
7 - bambi slam - bamp bamp
8 - soul asylum - closer to the stars
9 - bad brains - sacred love
10 - agitpop - caught in your rain
11 - rhythm pigs - little brother
12 - laibach - one vision
13 - ?
DLpart 5:
1 - ?
2 - the wolfgang press - the great leveller
3 - ?
4 - ritual tension - hotel california*
5 - big black - pete,king of the detectives
6 - personal effects - mana fiesta
7 - front 242 - w.y.h.i.w.y.g.
8 - ?
9 - urban blight - house of gold
*=eagles cover

Sunday, November 6, 2016

my bloody valentine - my bloody valentine

label: virgin france
released: 1992

this was a little something that was released over in france as a promo with an issue of a magazine called LES INROCKUPTIBLES (pretty much a french ALTERNATIVE PRESS...remember when that magazine was worth a read?)

and now when you're at a party and someone says "there's no way that madonna can be linked to my bloody valentine,bruh!" you can calmly walk over to them and smack that smug look off of their face and then slap that red cup from out of their hand while exclaiming "not only are they linked there's also some public enemy involved."

what kind of a party are you at where folks are discussing madonna and my bloody valentine?
is it just you in a room filled with mannequins?
SGM likes your style.
you come here often?
or do you wait until you get home?

1 - only shallow
2 - sugar
3 - instrumental


v/a - yellow loveless / blue loveless

label: high fader
released: 2013

label: electric muse records
released: 2012

my first exposure to the band my bloody valentine came via the video for "only shallow" on 120 MINUTES. at the time i was just starting to expand my musical repertoire outside of the slayers and the metallicas and whanot. what had gotten me hooked was the use of the distorted feedback that had started out the song. to this day it still reminds me of a carnival. it was like the distortion was a member of the band. and then there's that bassline.

this band made me go even further into bands like dinosaur jr and sonic youth and medicine and the jesus and mary chain and and and and....
you get the idea.

LOVELESS turned 25 the other day (on the 4th to be exact).

what we have here are 2 different yet the same interpretations of LOVELESS.
YELLOW comes from japan.
BLUE comes from korea.

in my opinion: YELLOW comes out victorious.
but what do i know.
shut up.
you don't tell me what i know.
you're not my real dad.

1 - tokyo shoegazer - only shallow
2 - goatbed - loomer
3 - the sodom project - touched
4 - lemon's chair - to here knows when
5 - shonen knife - when you sleep
6 - tokyo shoegazer - i only said
7 - age of punk - come in alone
8 - boris - sometimes
9 - shinobu narita (4-d mode1) - blown a wish
10 - sadesper record - soon

1 - vidulgi OoyoO - only shallow
2 - 電子羊 - loomer
3 - sunkyeol - touched
4 - sei & swann - to here knows when
5 - jowall - when you sleep
6 - ghostmutts - i only said
7 - ninaian - come in alone
8 - kihap - sometimes
9 - soil sugar poco largo - blown a wish
10 - the loom - soon

Thursday, November 3, 2016

thee oh sees - mutilator defeated at last

label: castle face records
released: 2015

on the table before him sat 3 circles and a hammer.
they all had names.
the one on the left was known as PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN.
the one in the middle was known as YOU'RE LIVING ALL OVER ME.
the one on the right was known as SONGS FOR THE DEAF.
the hammer was affectionately known as steven.

he placed a pair of gloves that weren't given names onto his hands.
and with his gloved hands he placed the 3 circles carefully on top of one another.
he then pulled a notebook from out of a drawer.
he opened it and looked over the schematics once again.
everything had to be perfect.
but he was also on a schedule.
he was told to never remove any of the tools from the garage.
and it would take him approximately 25 seconds to leave the room and then to bound up the stairs and then into the garage entrance which was immediately in front of him as the basement door was opened.
his father had left to go to the store for a gallon of milk.
that was 10 years ago.
but he could come back any minute now.
any second now.
but he didn't want to rush into the delicate process.
he'd done it before.
the adjacent room was full of rushings.
but the time was right.
the time was now.
he picked up steven with his right hand and brought him over the pile of 3.
it hung there.
and hung there.
and hung there.
and then the thoughts of doubt began to come over him.
what if the homeless guy was lying?
what is he was lying and only made up the story about the notebook because he was hungry and wanted the half-eaten candy bar.
what if.
there was no time for what ifs now.
steven was becoming very heavy in his hand.
and then it happened before he had a moment to think about what was going on.
and the 3 became a scattered mess on the table top.
he placed steven onto the table and then took his gloved hands and brought all of the fragments together into a pile in front of him.
he stood there gazing upon what he'd done.
"good job once again,steven."
he then scraped all of the scraps into a metal bowl he'd found in a box in the neighbor's basement.
he then looked over at the notebook.
the last of the instructions instructed him to place the notebook into the bowl and to then light it on fire.
luckily he'd found a partially used book of matches in the top drawer of the dresser in his mother's room.
he placed the notebook into the bowl and opened it.
it would catch fire easier that way.
and he wanted to cover as much of what was left over of the smashed circles as possible.
he removed a match and used it to light the book and the remaining 4 matches.
the flare happened as soon as the flames touched the stained pages of the notebook.
he stood there.
and he stood there.
and he stood there.
and then a noxious smell entered his nostrils.
it burned.
and then the smoke happened.
his eyes began to water.
he was finding it hard to catch his breath.
the room didn't have a window that was able to be opened.
and then he noticed that the bowl began to shake.
was he actually seeing this?
was the black mass forming an actual form?
is this it?
is this happening?
he picked up steven and raised it into the air as he looked on in horror.
was this supposed to happen?
he frantically tried to think back to all of the words that he'd read in the notebook and everything the homeless person had told him.
all he could do was stand there frozen.
the black mass had formed what looked like arms and hands.
and the hands we stretching towards his neck.
and there were eyes looking back at him.
it was moving towards him.
he wanted to run from the room and to get as far away as he could from this thing.
this thing.
and then he brought steven down onto the mass.
again and again and again and again.
the gelatinous muck everywhere.
and then he was satisfied.
he'd expected more to happen.
it had been built up.
the anticlimax angered him.
and then there was a ringing.
it was the phone the homeless man had given him.
he let out a deep breath and removed it from his pocket.
"yes. it's done. yes. i understand. no one would believe me anyway. no. everything was done properly. no deviation. yes. the mutilator has been defeated at last. i'm on my way now. the alley behind the bowling alley,yeah? ok. yes. i'll bring you a sandwich."


v/a - whore 2: songs by wire that other bands taught us

you may remember this.
and i'm just going to assume that you found something there that you were able to tap your foot to.
and i'm sure that you've also tried rubbing your head and stomach at the same time as well.
you shouldn't do that.
you remember what happened the last time.
you barely made up a believe story to try and explain to that family why it was you were in their kitchen at 3:00am.
but we've all been there.
we're not here to discuss that though.

this was a collection of songs that i'd come across somewhere that someone had taken the time to put together themselves and then slapped the title of WHORE 2 on it.

i'm the one that put together the cover art.
i also provided the "songs by wire that other bands taught us".
very shake 'n' bake.

so that's what this is.

1 - boss hog - 12xu
2 - fischerspooner - the 15th
3 - salem 66 - fragile
4 - scrawl - reuters
5 - die kruezen - pink flag
6 - spoon - lowdown (live)
7 - deja voodoo - strange
8 - new bomb turks - mr. suit
9 - lightning seeds - outdoor miner
10 - moose - kidney bingos
11 - low - heartbeat
12 - red zoo - 510
13 - yo la tengo - too late
14 - spoke - ahead
15 - dykehouse - map ref. 41° n 93° w
16 - henry rollins - ex-lion tamer
17 - carter the unstoppable sex machine - mannequin
18 - roy montgomery - used to
19 - this mortal coil - not me
20 - kustomized - surgeon's girl
21 - minor threat - 12xu
22 - soul side - ex-lion tamer
23 - ampere - mr. suit
24 - lemonheads - fragile
25 - therapy? - reuters
26 - dive - heartbeat
27 - my life story - outdoor miner
28 - cops - lowdown
29 - r.e.m. - strange
30 - angry angles - the 15th
31 - band of susans - too late (peel session)
32 - gazelle twin - heartbeat
33 - bad breeding - two people in a room


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Javelina - Beasts Among Sheep

Label: Brutal Panda
Year: 2009

Are you in a good mood, or a wrecking ball through the back wall of your work place mood?
I only ask because your enjoyment of the enclosed Javelina record will be determined by that simple fact.
The more ruinous your state of mind, the better this will soundtrack the continual wringing of your hands at the thought of upending your boss's desk and pouncing on his neck to stomp the light out of his smug little rat eyes.
Members that graduated from destructo-rock bands Lickgoldensky, Otophobia, Endless Nightmare, The Brood, Primate, Insufferable Ingrate, and other bottom dwellers, continue bleaching their enemies in bile with unhinged metal malcontent. All yelling and gritty low end sludge crunch nastiness. Think of bands like Hail! Hornet, Black Tusk, Deadbird, Zozobra, Howl....
Some days need a strong cup of coffee, some days need a stiff bourbon, and some days need high volume fuck-yous.


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

the instrumental music of helmet: 1992-1997

this was a promo released back in 2003.
this brings together musics from:

this enables you to be the page hamilton you were meant to be.
we've seen you practicing in the mirror.
you might want to get that thing checked out at as well.

1 - in the meantime
2 - ironhead
3 - give it
4 - wilma's rainbow
5 - milquetoast
6 - tic
7 - overrated
8 - pure
9 - like i care
10 - driving nowhere
11 - birth defect
12 - broadcast emotion

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