Thursday, December 29, 2011

Atlanta! - Thursday January 5th, Be At The Star Bar...I Command Thee!

Atlanta, as I must assume your own local burg, has many, many wonderful and beautiful rocknroll bands prowling its back alleys and marauding its womenfolk. Many. And thusly, Atlanta plays host to these rapscallions on a regular basis as they attempt to hone their "chops", "licks", "rolls", and "skats" on the dimly lit, beer scented, scum caked stages across the town.
I, as I must assume you as well, am far too ridiculous to leave the safety of my own home in order to reveal with these youthful merrymakers. My days are long, and my free time far too precious (blog much?) to darken the doors of the nearest beer hall in hopes of being deafened by the myriad of wonderful and beautiful rocknroll bands I mentioned earlier. Usually.
This changes next week, next Thursday to be exact. Thursday, January 5th, 2012 (holy shit, 2012) at the Star Bar in Little 5 Points to see:
Bukkake Boys - fucking hardcore, real life hardcore

GG King - Redd Kross vs TSOL, featuring Quadiliacha, Carbonas, Regicide, basically every ATL band ever, people

Hawks - there is nobody denser, nastier, or more sickening currently playing than them

Shaved Christ - no brakes, no filler, two hands around your neck hardcore, featuring American Cheeseburger, etc. people

Manic - DRI vs Siege, thrashing hardcore
can't listen

Wizard Smoke - a burnt out, hash hammer of Sabbath riffs, featuring a member of Maserati


Watch it.

At just under a hour this is some of the greatest footage I've seen of the band this early on; the only thing that could make this better than what it is already would be if Symptom of the Universe had already been written and performed in this set.. or was it written? I dunno.

And listen to it; it sounds great.
And I think I improved on the sound by extracting the audio and raising the bass by 200 over 12 from where it already was in the recording, and I reprinted the audio to make a fairly tidy single .mp3 for us to listen to.

So, the set list follows:

1 Introduction
2 Paranoid 01:51
3 Hand Of Doom 05:00
4 Rat Salad 11:52
5 Iron Man 13:15
6 Black Sabbath 19:40
7 Intermission 29:19
8 N.I.B. 31:13
9 Behind The Wall Of Sleep 36:45
10 War Pigs 42:40
11 Fairies Wear Boots 51:00

Happy Holidays, hope yer having a nice Yule.

Black Sabbath - Paris, 1970

colossamite/white tornado split 7"

released 1998

what you get here is some good ol' fashioned noise rock

you already know and love colossamite

so that brings us to white tornado...they were from italy...they released a full length titled FROM HAND TO MOUTH in 1997...along with 2 splits (this being the first...and the second being a post split split with oxbow called OXBOW MEET WHITE TORNADO in 2000)

so yeah

you get a song from each

DL: colossamite/white tornado split

Girls Against Boys - Tropic Of Scorpio

Label: Adult Swim
Year: 1992

The first full length Girls Against Boys record, which featured alumnus from a plethora (would you say I have a plethora of pinatas?) of Washington D.C. bands: Lunch Meat, Soul Side, Rain, Edsel and future members of: Bellini, New Wet Kojack, Operator, Paramount Styles, etc. (Brendan Canty of Fugazi, Rites Of Spring, Deadline, Felt Letters, Garland Of Hours, Happy Go Licky, One Last Wish, All Scars, Black Light Panthers, Lois, Brief Weeds [ that enough?] played on the very first ep). Not to mention all the guest appearances that show up on this and their other records.
There's a good chance you know Girls Against Boys already, as they were sorta "hot shit" for awhile, and a well deserved "hot shit" I must say. But for those who were into their later danceable mix of post-punk/krautrock/sleaze rock that would define their most popular sound, this record might come as a bit of a surprise. It bears more of a likeness to the D.C. sounds that were all around at that time, and the vocals even revert back to gruff punk stylings as opposed to the swaggering monotone of later releases. The throbbing dancey elements are there, just nowhere near as upfront as they would become. You can easily tell it's the same band, but this is a rougher, less refined version of the band, and in some ways, more fun.
Is it cool or not cool to like Girls Against Boys?


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


2004, Sub Pop

The Catheters are one of my all-time favourite bands, residing in the same area for me as Mount Shasta, rankin' pretty high up on that non-existent list of mine, and I don't wanna go on at the mouth too much about them, and I just wanna share the love, and this is their last record, which is full of piss, vinegar, the imaginary sound of the Rolling Stones, the Blues Explosion, Scratch Acid and the Cramps combined and makin' babies, and more piss, so much piss, but really, yet again, they really were a band that sounded the way they did, despite whatever reference points I wanna superimpose over them with my narrow world view.

So, fuck that. And enjoy.

the Catheters - The Howling... It Grows and Grows!


Skin Graft Records, 1996

Is this is, or is this ain't, a repost?

A collection of sound recordings of a number of pieces as performed by the Dazzling Killmen ensemble with additional accompaniment on selected selections, all recorded by persons various of renown to the combined effect of this particular compilation. I daresay you already know what to do herein.

Dazzling Killmen - Recuerda


2010, Meteor City

Stephen LoVerme and Ryan Berry are Olde Growth, shit-kicking blues-trash space-junk (hyphenate much) bass and drums power duo hailing from Boston, Mass. and they fuckin' bring the noise on this record more succinctly than many similar bands who attempting the same thing fail to do so with more than twice the input; goes to show that slogans like "less is more" and "keep it simple, stupid" are talking more than mere bullshit.

Here if you want to listen for it you can hear Elephant Riders era Clutch, the MC5 and their sheer grooviness, the slab and thickness of Black Sabbath's backbone, you can hear a similar sorto' art/metal/punkrawk damage that ya can find in the likes of Black Congress, you can hear a tripiness not far from the same neighbourhood of the likes of psych/metallers Naam, you can hear all kinds of things, man.

Fact is, they do what they do as a great band in the tradition of bands that do what they do greatly, but holy fuck are they great. And I'm saying I've got dibs on that new vinyl.

Fact is, they have new material fixin' to be released, and records have been pressed!
Listen to this, their self-titled release from 2010, and look forward to what they're just getting started on.

Check out their webpage right here; they're getting their shit together for a winter tour so if you live in any of those cities, do yourself a favour and get off your ass and go see this band. If you liek music at all you'll thank yourself.


Jan 2 - New Haven, CT @ The Cookie Jar (Ask for address) w/ Edhochuli (PA), Worn Out Tiger (PA) + World’s Strongest Man (FL)

Jan 3 - Providence, RI @ AS220, 115 Empire St
w/ Thrillhouse, Mout + Mouth of Flowers

Jan 5 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Archeron, 57 Waterbury St.
w/ Lost Coves


Jan 7 - Montclaire, NJ @ The Meatlocker, 8 Park St.
w/ Lorba Linda, Stone Titan, Gowl + more

Jan 8 - House Party, Philadelphia, PA Ask for address
w/ Bubonic Bear + more

Jan 9 - Washington, DC @ Hole in the Sky, 2110 5th St. NE
w/ Ilsa + more

Jan 10 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter, 929 West Grace Street
w/ Tungs + Digging up Virgins

Jan 11 - Charlotte, NC @ Lunchbox Records, 1419-A Central Avenue
w/ DADS + Towering Pyre 8pm

Jan 12 - Atlanta, GA @ The Drunken Unicorn, 736 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast
w/ Beeravore + Sadistic Ritual

Jan 13 - Orlando FL @ Will’s Pub, 1040 North Mills Ave
w/ Druid Lord, Putrescent Secretancy + Sterile Prophet

Jan 14 - Athens, GA @ Go Bar w/ Wereelk + The Fuzzlers

Jan 16 - TBA, Pittsburgh, PA

Olde Growth - Self Titled, 2010

Eagle Twin - Live KRCL 02.27.09

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2009

Eagle Twin is the two piece monolith (is that an oxymoron?) featuring Gentry Densley of Iceburn fame (also an oxymoron?) plowing through dense riff after sickeningly dense riff. Heavier than heavy.
As advertised, this is recorded at the KRCL radio studios in Salt Lake City, Utah for the "Not A Side Show" show. The sound quality is pretty good considering how difficult it is to capture a band with this much low end...and no bass. But it works, and you get to have your stomach punched over and over again while enjoying the sounds of a thunderstorm raining lead balls onto a sun baked desert hellscape.


dazzling killmen - 1992 - kdhx - critical mass - st. louis,mo

this was a little something the band did for a public access show called CRITICAL MASS

1 - serpentarium
2 - no
3 - dig the hole

DL: dazzling killmen @critical mass

Monday, December 26, 2011

kiss it goodbye - choke/cement 7"

released 1999

deadguy+rorschach=kiss it goodbye

happy birthday,tim singer

DL: choke/cement 7"

unwound - 5.21.96 - whole music club - minneapolis,mn

you like unwound

we like unwound

here's unwound being unwound in front of some people

1 - abstraktions
2 - dragnalus
3 - petals like bricks
4 - corpse pose
5 - murder movies
6 - lowest common denominator
7 - unauthorized autobiography
8 - next exit
9 - message received
10 - new energy
11 - demolished

DL: unwound @whole music club

pencil/big'n split 7"

released 1993

you already know who big'n nothing needs to get said about them

as for pencil...i don't really know all that much about them...but they were from indiana...they split up back in 1995...and they sound very similar to early clutch and the dazzling killmen

you get a song from each

DL: pencil/big'n spilt 7"

halo of flies - 1.14.89 - club dreamerz - chicago,il

this ain't no heartfelt shit...this is halo of flies' first show

1 - ddt beat 69
2 - father paranoia
3 - how does it feel to feel? (1)
4 - garbage rock
5 - headburn
6 - one barrel spent
7 - i want you right now (2)
8 - headburn II
9 - easy or hard
10 - spit it out
11 - rubber room
12 - richie's dog

1=the creation cover
2=mc5 cover

DL: halo of flies @club dreamerz

Saturday, December 24, 2011

william s. burroughs w/kurt cobain - the "priest" they called him

released 1992

what better way to celebrate the holidays than to listen to 2 heroin addicts tell a tale about another heroin addict

fyi: the fellow on the album cover is nirvana's krist novoselic

DL: the "priest" they called him

Friday, December 23, 2011

venomous concept - 2.13.04 - double door - chicago,il

seeing as how the previous venomous concept post was pretty popular....why not share this with you

i'm a giver (just ask that bush in front of your house)

this was the band's very first show

it's their RETROACTIVE ABORTION album played live in it's entirety

1 - weirdo
2 - oink
3 - smash
4 - rhetoric
5 - infest
6 - i said it before
7 - hard on
8 - life's fine
9 - idiot parade
10 - (unknown)
11 - anti-social
12 - run around
13 - monkey see-monkey beat
14 - total recall
15 - freak bird
16 - brain crash

DL: venomous concept @double door

ministry - just another fix

released 1993

this was a promo disc that was released with their PSALM 69 album while the band was touring australasia

it's made up of various live cuts culled from the PSALM 69 tour

1 - scarecrow (12.17.92 - denver,co)
2 - just one fix (12.17.92 - denver,co)
3 - hero (10.21.92 - seattle,wa)
4 - psalm 69 (12.20.92 - vancouver,canada)
5 - tv song (12.17.92 - denver,co)
6 - nwo (8.25.92 - charlotte,nc)

DL: just another fix

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Uncle Touchy - Live at the Drunken Unicorn - 11-05-11

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2011

Man, I almost forgot to upload this live set from Uncle Touchy's performance at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta last month. And lucky for you I did, because now between this, the TurnDownService set and the Sonn Av Krusher set posted earlier, you now have the entire evening's festivities and can vicariously live out that glorious night in retrospect in the privacy of your own rumpus room.
The photo posted above is not from the show in November, it is actually from last night in Atlanta, when in a rare public appearance I actually made it out of the house to see Uncle Touchy for a whopping SECOND TIME! (truth be told, it was a free show, and basically within walking distance of my house, so I sorta didn't have an excuse not to go).
I learned that Uncle Touchy:
-may or may not have a collective drinking problem
-got a deal with a record label to properly release their current album on vinyl
-is having Bob Weston remaster the tracks prior to release
-are going on an east coast tour
-are a genuinely good band, like really good

Thanks to James Joyce (yes, THE James Joyce) for recording this
Go see them when they roll through your nearest megapolis.


Monday, December 19, 2011


Tizona Records, 2009

Now after expanding to a full band as Dead Rider who have a pretty new and more than just pretty good new record (The Raw Dents) out right now as well, D. Rider is Todd Rittmann of Mercury Players and U.S. Maple guitar slingin' fame doing something that combines some of the best things about good, that is, good pop music, with the inventiveness and sense of fun that made this one of my desert island discs of the summer past. Listen to Body to Body to Body, and loudly, and then listen to it again.

Now that's a great pop song.

PS; this is a vinyl rip and has an additional song, Bye Bye Ethyl, which isn't on the compact disc version of the record. That song is good, too.

D. Rider - Mother of Curses


Special Lord Records, CDr 2004

I found out today that this band broke up almost three months ago.

Sad thing; they were great.

Articulate noise rock that still conveys to me a sort of child-like naiveté and a monstrous understanding; here, the sound Itself knows what It's saying and knows how It's saying it, and combines cacophony and melody, the Crack and Pop of it all, a drummer who sounds like he knows how to be his own tech and an intricate level of instrumental and vocal interplay, all along with a clarinetist and flautist who've mic'd their works through enough effects pedals to sound like the ultimate minimalist industrial cabaret band so as to convey actual songs about the psychological divide between the human being and it's experience.. our sense of entitlement... why we seem to think what we seem to think, you know, all that heavy shit man. All dat and much more.

The trio, comprised of Paul Costuros, Chris Dixon, and Kim West were from San Francisco, and forming in 2004 called it done over the summer. They put out a lot of material. They're all in some other really great bands. And this record is still awesome, which is awesome, if you like or are into awesome, that is.

Death Sentence: PANDA! - Puppy Kitty or Both

Sunday, December 18, 2011

cowards - 2010 demo

released 2010

would you believe me if i were to tell you that there's a band that can make you think of the jesus lizard and the melvins and unsane and the vss and pissed jeans and hawks and kittens simultaneously?

i know what you're thinking...that just sounds too messy to exist

but it does

and it goes by the name of cowards

'nuff said

DL: 2010 demo

Saturday, December 17, 2011

v/a - reproach: eight modern hardcore bands cover negative approach

released 1998

truth in advertising

1 - dropdead - whatever i do
2 - man is the bastard - dead stop
3 - spazz - lost cause
4 - kops for christ - why be something that you're not
5 - vorhees - i'll survive/tied down
6 - union of uranus - pressure
7 - chokehold - nothing
8 - rupture - negative approach

DL: reproach: eight modern hardcore bands cover negative approach

melvins/isis split 12"

released 2010

you already know who the melvins are

and this gives you 2 alternate versions of songs found on their THE BRIDE SCREAMED MURDER album

and for those of you that don't know who isis are/were (and i say "were" because they split up shortly before this was released)...if you like already like isis

you get 2 songs from them as well

DL: melvins/isis split

v/a - a texas trip

released 1987

you like the butthole surfers,yeah?

and you trust their judgement,yeah?

this was a little something they put together for your enjoyment

now take it and say "thank you"

come on now...don't be're wearing gloves and there's hand sanitizer on the table

go on...take it

you're hurting uncle butthole surfer's feelings

remember what happened the last time uncle butthole surfer had it's feelings hurt?

and remember that we had grandma off to in the country...

there you go

1 - steve fitch - in the neighborhood
2 - daniel johnston - don't play cards with satan
3 - stickmen with rayguns - gravecity
4 - butthole surfers - all day
5 - stickmen with rayguns - kill the innocent
6 - daniel johnston - grievances
7 - butthole surfers - flame grape

DL: a texas trip

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bukkake Boys - Second ep

Label: Sorry State
Year: 2009

Cut throat, fist through the wall, hammer down style hardcore. Agnostic Front meets Discharge meets Corrosion Of Conformity style hardcore. Seven songs in six minutes style hardcore. Hardcore style hardcore, no frills.


Thursday, December 15, 2011


self released, 1993

More Kittens! This time, their self-released cassette, Pony.

Odds are, if you're already familiar with this blog you already know what this Winnipeg band is all about; furiously rawkin', and with just a touch of country. If you're not already familiar then you ought to be. Either way, get to it and get it.

Kittens - Pony


Zulu Records, 1985

Vancouver, British Columbia's Slow; rumoured to be an instigating factor in what became "grunge", notorious for a fair bit of havoc during Expo '86, and comprised of members Thomas Anselmi, Christian Thorvaldson, Stephen Hamm,and Terry Russell who collectively are responsible for giving us this great little record, regarded by Chart magazine as the 17th Best Canadian Album of All Time, whatever that means.

From their wikipedia entry:

"Slow are most famous for a controversial incident which both marred the Expo '86 festivities and effectively ended the band's career, when the band were invited to play at the event's Festival of Independent Recording Artists. According to Anselmi, the band's original idea was to simply appear on stage naked, run through the crowd to a boat on False Creek and then simply disappear without playing a note; however, the band ultimately chose to put on a more typical performance. Typical, that is, for Slow – the show included Anselmi pitching several two-by-fours into the audience, and both Anselmi and Hamm followed through on the original idea to strip naked. Expo officials cut the power to the pavilion, ending the band's set.

The band were detained by the Vancouver police, who considered charging them with indecent exposure. Expo officials cancelled the evening's concert, citing security concerns.

Some of the fans in attendance got onstage and refused to leave the venue, others began to riot, and yet another group stormed BCTV's onsite studios, where they protested the concert's cancellation so loudly and persistently that the station had to pull its 11:00 pm newscast.

The band subsequently embarked on a cross-Canada tour, although the negative publicity they received as a result of the riot led them to split up by the time they returned to Vancouver. Anselmi and Thorvaldson formed the band Copyright while Hamm and Russell launched Tankhog."

Now then; also, Michael Barclay, Ian Jack and Jason Schneider's book "Have Not Been the Same: The Can-Rock Renaissance 1985-1995", borrows it's title from what was Slow's one big hit. Get the record, and love it.

Slow - Against the Glass

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

kerosene 454 - at zero

released 1998

hello there,friend

tell me...are you aware of a label called dischord records?

and are you aware of anything they released during the mid/late 1990s?

good deal

this is for you

you know who this isn't for?

well...i'd tell you...but i can't rightly remember her name at the moment

but,nameless girl,you did turn me onto this band via this album when we were hanging out during your radio show...and i was all like "you totally have to let me borrow these cds"...and you were all like "sure...also...we need to have a talk"

and to make a long story not so short...i ended up with a few cds (which i'm just going to assume were consolation prizes) and a ride home

dames,i tells ya

also...if you just happen to be looking for the perfect interpretive dancing should really give the album closing "spooking the birds" a listen

DL: at zero

officer may - helping others help themselves

released 2001

yes...i know this was made readily available over in the forum section...but there are some folks that are afraid to tread there (apparently naked clowns freak some people out)

so i'm re-posting it here

the band self-released this album

and then it got them signed to a label

and then they released SMOKING IN A MINOR

and then fans of bands like nirvana and drive like jehu and shellac and unwound got all flustered

and then they disappeared

such is life

and what is it you should take away from this post?

if you start to like something...don't...because it'll just end up disappearing

that's right

i'm looking at you pudding pops

DL: helping others help themselves

owner operator - i run with the sharks,motherfucker

released 2011

well...there's this band

and they've got a pretty kick-ass album title

and while listening to this band...some other bands may or may not come to mind

bands with names like: future of the left...police teeth...ifihadahifi (actually...this band once had ifihadahifi's drummer as a member)...iron maiden...

and in case you hadn't already put it together...yes...i'm talking about this band

this is the entirety of the band's recorded output (actually...there's a song called "somebody get me a whiskey sweater" that wasn't included on this...but you can find here)

so...go on now...get this DL'd before your mom wakes up for her midnight bathroom run/sandwich combo and sees that you've once again somehow managed to get into the bedroom

DL: i run with the sharks,motherfucker

Monday, December 12, 2011

U.S. Maple - Long Hair In Three Stages

Label: Skin Graft
Year: 1995

Al Johnson - Mount Shasta, Snailboy, Shorty, Lake Of Dracula
Mark Shippy - Snailboy, Shorty
Patrick Sampson - Mercury Players (Bovine Records....can I get a What, What?)
Todd Rittman - Singer, Mercury Players
Recorded by Jim O'Rourke - Gastr Del Sol, Sonic Youth, Yona Kit, Brise Glace, The Red Krayola, Loose Fur, etc.
"Sophisticated noise rock"? Maybe?


Sunday, December 11, 2011


2009, Wooden Man

New Haven, Connecticut's Bloarzeyd here with their bloMaArDzOeNyNdA seven inch; you get their covers of Material Girl and Open Your Heart. Holy shit!

'Nuff said.

However!! Bloarzeyd is set to reunite... maybe.
They posted here on their facebook to a link here with a petition, stating:

"We the undersigned seek the reunion of the two-headed noise-beast once known as Bloarzeyd. To achieve this joyous state of universal equilibrium, Phil needs to relocate to Colorado, the state where the plains meet the Rockies, the greatest state in the union, so that Bloarzeyd may reunite and reign noise and arrhythmic terror upon mankind*.

*The undersigned waive his or her right to file any claim or charge or complaint against or on behalf of any other person or organization or any federal, state or local court or administrative agency against Bloarzeyd for existing, or any activities they may partake in by right of existing and being Bloarzeyd Amen."

Sounds good to me, though I've already signed. And, if ya clicks the download there, go and show a little respect and sign their petition; if you're already familiar with the band you know enough already to go and do so.

Go sign the petition here, and you can download the single here.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kittens - Tiger Comet

Label: Sonic Unyon
Year: 1997

Man On Street #1: Have you heard the Canadian band Kittens?
Man On Street #2: Wait....what?! Are you calling me a pussy?!
Man On Street #1: No, I was just wondering if you had heard them, because you really like Godheadsilo, and Helmet, and Tad, and Unsane, and....
(interrupting) Man On Street #2: Motherfucker! If you call be a pussy again I swear to Jesus, I'm gonna punch you square about your head and neck!
Man On Street #1: Easy friend, I'm not attacking you, I'm merely trying to turn you on to some quality rock music. Sheesh! No reason to get all bent out of shape.
Man On Street #2: I guess I overreacted huh? Sorry man, I've just been under a lot of stress with work, and the new baby...
(interrupting) Man On Street #1: ...and with being a full-time pussy to boot (hits Man On Street #2 on windpipe).
Man On Street #2: (on ground gasping for breath) *wheez, hack, cough* I guess you were right all along...*cough, cough, blood*

el fin



2008, self released

Providence, Rhode Island by way of Arkansas' sludge-metal duo The Body had this nice little treat to share with folks' who actually attended shows on their 2008 tour, and thanks to the wonder of thee innernuts it's right here in all it's glory. This four song release has the Body covering Crass' "Do They Owe Us a Living?", Danzig's "Tired of Being Alive", Black Flag's "Police Story" in sincerely crusty form, and a beautiful droning rendition of Sinead O'Connor's "Black Boy's On Mopeds" with a female vocalist (anyone know who's actually singing here?) that manages to coax tears from my grey and hardened heart pretty much every time I listen to it. Not too big a leap there as the original has always done the same thing, pretty much every time.

Maybe this heart of mine isn't so grey and hard.

The Body - 2008 Tour CDr

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

maidens - failures ep

released 2011

i was recently turned onto these folks by the united sons of toil frontman russell hall

this is for fans of such bands like: neurosis...unsane...helmet...

what's that?

you like all of those bands?

oh man!

you should get psyched about this then

and while you're riding that should go and pay them a visit

and then while i've got you doing things...go here

and now i'm done with you

DL: failures ep

pixies - 4.27.89 - newcastle polytechnic - newcastle,england

unless you've been locked in a coma for most of your should already know who the pixies are

and if you have...i apologize

maybe you should step away from the computer for awhile...perhaps go and experience a few things...make yourself a sandwich or something

go on

we'll wait

and welcome back

how was that sandwich?

turkey and swiss on rye?


anyway...the pixies...

1 - into the white
2 - wave of mutilation
3 - there goes my gun
4 - monkey gone to heaven
5 - debaser
6 - isla de incanta
7 - bone machine
8 - cactus
9 - gigantic
10 - gouge away
11 - tame

DL: pixies @newcastle polytechnic

Ligament - Kind Deeds

Label: Flower Shop
Year: 2006

Two members of Part Chimp rearrange themselves to knock out a more straightforward (straight but not narrow...[bi]curious?) take on some noisy, louder-then-average, indie rock. Not as bombastic as Part Chimp, nor as apt to drill a hole through your ears by locking into a single devastating riff for the better part of five minutes, also as Part Chimp do, or rather, "did".

You might hear elements from bands like Mclusky, or Built To Spill, or Pavement, or Action Swingers (who counted Ligament/Part Chimp member Timothy Cedar as a one-time member), or Fugazi, or a band that you like who I don't know that play catchy, slightly ramshackle rock songs. You probably know what band I'm talking about but can't mention because I don't know who they are, right?


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

fantomas - 6.18.98 - slim's - san francisco,ca

tell me...

do you like the melvins?

do you like slayer?

do you like mr. bungle?

you ever find yourself thinking "you know...i like all of those bands...i wonder what it would sound like if members of those bands got together in the same room"

and now you can know


this was the band's first show

1 - page 1
2 - page 2
3 - page 3
4 - page 4 (first part)
5 - page 4 (second part)
6 - page 5
7 - page 6
8 - page 8
9 - page 9
10 - page 10
11 - page 12
12 - page 14
13 - page 15
14 - page 16
15 - page 17
16 - page 18 (first part)
17 - page 18 (second part)
18 - page 19
19 - page 20
20 - page 22
21 - page 23
22 - page 24
23 - page 26
24 - page 27
25 - page 28
26 - page 29
27 - page 11
28 - page 25
29 - page 21 (presentation)
30 - page 7 (hits number)
31 - page 30
32 - chariot choogle*

*=t-rex cover

DL: fantomas @slim's pt.1
DL: fantomas @slim's pt.2


1988, bootleg

This here is a live recording from what was the last date of Rapeman's 1988 European tour.
Over the years I've found three different copies of this show; one was mediocre in sound quality and only really useful in an archival sense. Then, there was a second-generation copy of an audience cassette that sounded absolutely great and popped up in a couple of different places. That is what I originally had.

When my wife and I moved across the country, I burnt a small stack of audio cd's to take with us before putting my hard drive and computer into storage; when we moved back again the following year, my computer was el fucko, my hard drive was dead, and I still had my little stack of cd's which by now were pretty messed up and scratched from our travels. That's when I rebuilt my computer and pain-stakingly extracted the audio from those discs; I took my best results from extracting my busted-ass CDr copy of this show and ended up posting it in the SGM/CGB forum a couple of years ago. I even got to see it reposted elsewhere on thee innernuts on a blog where someone who explained the messed up sound during the first couple minutes of the recording as being result of the "technical difficulties" during the show itself as opposed to the leftover glitchy digital damage I was left with.
Right. As though PA issues at a live gig would've translated onto an audience recorded analog tape as the digital gobbledeegook that was actually left on the recording from the physical damage to the disc I'd burnt the original .flac files to. Thing is, the band did have sound issues during the set, but it doesn't affect the sound of the recording whatsoever aside from the actual pause the band takes while they get their shit together.

Eventually, I did get a copy of those original .flacs from the second-gen tape again, and shortly after that I acquired the third copy of the show as a set of .flacs from the actual master recording. This download is a fresh set of mp3's encoded from the lossless copy of the first generation cassette of this show, and while I do kinda think the second-gen copy sounds a little better (there's something in the compression there), what we get here is a copy of the original tape. And it's fucking amazing.

The set list follows

Steak and Black Onions
Hated Chinee
Dutch Courage
Radar Love Lizard
Trouser Minnow
Wheelchair Epidemic (Dicks)
Super Pussy
Up Beat (no vocals)
Kim Gordons Panties
Coition Ignition Mission
Just Got Paid (ZZ Top)
Log Bass

The sound is truly impressive. Not only can you hear everything the band does but you can hear the space of the room they're in; just wait for the bass on Monobrow (a song purportedly about Rifle Sport, Brick Layer Cake & Shellac drummer Todd Trainer) to lurch through you. Two Nuns and a Pack Mule and the singles have a distinct atmosphere and mood, but what we get here is Rapeman at the height of their cohesiveness as well as delivering an amazing performace to what was apparently sparse audience; I think I remember reading something, somewhere, saying that a few of those European shows suffered from sort of promotional snafu, but that could very well be horseshit.

The band seems to be in good spirits here and jokes back and forth with the crowd in a couple places; Albini excuses himself from singing Up Beat, saying he's not coordinated enough to do so live and the instrumental rendition that follows doesn't suffer a bit for lack of vocals. The band is incredibly tight and the clarity of Washam's drumming here is fantastic with his intricate and solid and heavy beats, and again, wait 'til the bass on Monobrow lurches through you; this is even more evidence of David Wm. Sims and Rey Washam amounting to one of the greatest if not the best rhythm section in punk rock. Now, what I'd really like is a chance to listen to both sides of Prohibition's Flophouse record.

As far as live recordings go, this is the definitive Rapeman bootleg, if such a term can really be applied to these sorts of things. And so you know, the mp3's are already bagged and tagged, so that's done for you as well. And luh, I even made ya a precious wallpaper for yer pooter.

Enjoy, and listen to loudly.

Rapeman - Live at Barbue, Copenhagen DK, November 10th, 1988


2008; Hells Headbangers, Gloom Records

What do you get when you get Midnight and Nunslaughter together with a combined love of Minor Threat and Old Nick?

You get this.

As Satanic Threat, Midnight and Nunslaughter take eight Minor Threat tunes and rework them; so, in exchange for "Guilty of Being White" we get "Guilty of Hating Christ", for "Screaming at a Wall" we get "Cursing at the Cross", for "I Don't Wanna Hear It" we get "I Ain't Gotta Worship"... get the picture?

This is juvenile and fun, silly and fantastic, both tribute and mockery. I love it and so should you.

Satanic Threat - In To Hell

Monday, December 5, 2011

sludgeplow - turned earth

released 1992

i was first turned onto this trio via the radio with their song "domination" back in 1992 when it was played on the OFF THE BEATEN TRACK radio show (which i've mentioned here a few times)

and it would always seems to pop into my head from time to time

so one day i googled the band's name

and that put me in touch with the band's guitarist

he then put me in contact with the band's vocalist

and from there...i was sent some sludgeplow stuff as well as some stuff from his current band that goes by the name of archons (which also includes sludgeplow's drummer)

and now i'm sharing it with you

so...if stuff like some early soundgarden...some melvins...some keelhaul and the like do it for you...

DL: turned earth

victory and associates - these things are facts

released 2011

this was sent my way by the band's vocalist conan neutron awhile back (and yes...that is the coolest name you've ever heard)

on my initial things progressed...i couldn't seem to get 2 bands out of my head: operation ivy and early rancid

and then i sent a message to mr. neutron

i told him about the operation ivy and rancid business

and then i expected to get a verbal beatdown

but it didn't come

he told me that he was a fan of both bands back in the day...and that he'd never been told that before

he'd heard some dead kennedys...some buzzcocks...some clash (which is probably where my comparison came from)...some fugazi...

well...have you made up your mind yet?

and while i've got you should check this out as well

and then you should go here and here

DL: these things are facts

Saturday, December 3, 2011

archers of loaf - the missing bootleg

you may recall seeing an archers of loaf bootleg that grAy had posted a few days ago

and then it disappeared

now...i'm not going to go into some long winded rant...but i was contacted by someone from a site called nyctaper...and they were all like "hey,bro...that's mine...not yours...take it down" (though i'm pretty sure that he wanted to finish that sentence with a "before i take you down"...but you can't really take someone serious when they're wearing a t-shirt that has a cat rollerskating on just can't...i defy you to do it)

but i digress

so i chose to remove the post

and then grAy pulled me aside and told me that i should've removed the link and then posted another link that would point the folks that would've wanted a copy of that archers of loaf show in the right direction

so this is me doing that

here be it

Friday, December 2, 2011

bl'ast - it's in my blood

released 1987

2 words: black flag

DL: it's in my blood

pitch shifter - submit

released 1992

you remember that warm and fuzzy this-is-what-i'm-going-to-listen-to-on-the-way-to-work-with-my-gun feeling you'd get anytime you'd listen to (insert early godflesh album title here)

well...get ready for some more of that

and then 5 years later...they cleaned up their business and sounded more like static-x (don't know who they are?...that's totally ok...just go on ahead and listen to ministry's THE MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO TASTE album to get an idea...the band even covered "burning inside" from said album...and in my opinion...their WISCONSIN DEATH TRIP album is pretty listenable...but i'm telling you that in the strictest of confidences...and if you tell anyone i said that...well...let's just say the state i left your bathroom in the last time i was over will pale in comparison to what could happen)

DL: submit

haberdasher - quarry 7"

released 1997

do you like shellac?

do you like slint?

do you like oxes? (after this band split up...members went onto form that band)

you get all of those things in the form of 2 songs

DL: quarry 7"

throat - licked inch fur

released 2011

remember that warm i-want-to-go-out-and-smash-things-with-a-sledgehammer feeling you got after listening to (insert unsane album title here)?

well...get ready for some more of that

DL: licked inch fur
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