Thursday, August 31, 2017

v/a - the doom generation / nowhere movie soundtracks

label: def jam
released: 1995

label: polygram records
released: 1997

the 90s had all of the best soundtracks.
true story.
both the movies and soundtracks get 90s all over your ass.

we've all seen KIDS.
and KIDS taught us "buttahscotch,yo."
and it showed us what it was like to be all sweaty and wander around new york and whatnot.

but gregg araki gave us "eat my fuck." and gave us another use for soup cans and what it's like to party with gibby haynes and a reason to buy anything just as long as the total price added up $6.66 and a kafkaesque transformation and jack tripper as a televangelist and and and and....

you're just going to have to see the movies if you haven't already.

1 - intro
2 - curve - on the wheel
3 - love and rockets - this heaven
4 - cocteau twins - summerblink
5 - the wolfgang press - christianity (the adrian sherwood mix)
6 - meatbeat manifesto - paradise now (remix)
7 - the verve - already there
8 - the jesus and mary chain - penetration
9 - mc 900 ft. jesus - but if you go
10 - lush - undertow (the spooky mix)
11 - babyland - double coupon
12 - medicine - slut
13 - pizzicato five - groovy is my name
14 - extra fancy - violator
15 - slowdive - blue skied an' clear

1 - intro
2 - 311 - freak out
3 - radiohead - how can you be sure
4 - elastica - in the city
5 - hole - dicknail
6 - the chemical brothers - life is sweet (daft punk remix)
7 - massive attack - daydreaming (blacksmith remix)
8 - coco and the bean - killing time (qureysh - eh1 remix)
9 - catherine wheel - intravenous
10 - curve - nowhere
11 - lush - i have the moon
12 - ruby - flippin' the bird (ceasefire remix)
13 - james - thursday treatments
14 - chuck d - generation wrekkked (danny saber rock remix)
15 - marilyn manson - kiddie grinder (remix)
16 - suede - trash


will haven - el diablo

label: crisis records/revelation records
released: 1997

a friend of mine once posed the question "why are will haven so awesome?".
and my answer was "because EL DIABLO. that's why.".

my first exposure to this band was via some random sampler cd that came with some random magazine i'd just decided to randomly pick up. i'm pretty sure it was because of the sampler cd. it was the song "stick up kid". i was sold. and it just so happened that the music store i'd always go into at the mall had a few copies of it. and that store was disc jockey if'n you're curious. malls used to be a fun place to hang out. disc jockey. musicland. waldenbooks. spencers. that santa guy. hot chicks named kelly.

but i digress.....

if you've ever found yourself listening to anything off of the first 2 deftones albums and thought "yeah. this is pretty good." or you like a little unsane or early neurosis or vision of disorder or....

you're sold?
i was totally prepared to mention the band the abominable iron sloth.
well now that it's been brought up....
they share members with will haven.
current guitarist jeff irwin.
current drummer mitch wheeler.
so if you enjoy yourself some of that as well you're in for a treat,kid.


v/a - definitely not the majors: a bush league records compilation

label: bush league records
released: 1997

hey kid.
you look like you like stuff?
do you like stuff,kid?
yeah you do.
you have that look.
and you're wearing a t-shirt that says "i like stuff".
your gram gram bought that for you?
sounds like her.
do i know her?
why would i know your gram gram?
but the next time you see her tell her that i loved the pie and that i'll wash up the tin and bring it back to her soon.
is that the sort of stuff you like?
this is the sort of stuff you like.
and no.
there isn't any pie left.
and now i'm going to have to ask you to get off of my porch.

1 - bloodlet - whitney
2 - coalesce - a disgust for details
3 - i.d.k. - underground man
4 - ascension - clayden
5 - son of abraham - what brings the may flowers? (demo version)
6 - gehenna - covet thy crown
7 - backlash - search
8 - buzzkill - down and out
9 - nora - ugly
10 - pay neuter - what right?
11 - earthmover - libertas pugilis
12 - indecision - sharpener
13 - pacifier - hate crime
14 - as darkness falls - something here
15 - compression - slaughter bench
16 - catharsis - against them all
17 - starkweather - hushabye and goodnight


stnnng - fake fake

label: modern radio record label
released: 2006

STNNNG are a band from minneapolis,mn.
and by this time next week they'll known as "they were from minneapolis,mn."
they're playing their last show this coming saturday.
they're playing with oxbow and a band called RYLR (who are one of them instrumental bands from chicago,il that sound like pelican. and that's because pelican's guitarist is a member of the band. really? you need to be told who oxbow are? and you've been coming around here for how long? tell you what. the best way to find that out is to go to one of their shows and look for a guy named eugene. he'll be pretty easy to spot. he'll the the one on stage holding the microphone in his underwear. he'll be glad to answer whatever questions you'll have. but he'll only answer them if you try talking to him while he's doing his thing. good luck.)

but STNNG.
the best way to describe their music is that it sounds so tight that it appears to be falling apart.
and i know that it's the best way because i said that.
you should be.
not really?
if you like bands with names like: the jesus lizard and helmet and at the drive in and pissed jeans and like the partridge family but from texas (aka the butthole surfers)....
should i stop there?
i'll stop there.
keep rowing.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

the dillinger escape plan/drowningman - split

label: hydra head records
released: 1999

the first time i'd heard the dillinger ecscape plan was via a relapse records sampler. it was the song "the mullet burden". and i immediately placed an order for the album it came from. it was the UNDER THE RUNNING BOARD ep.

"but this song is from the CALCULATING INFINITY alb-"

i'm aware of this.

where was i?

i'd sent away from the UNDER THE RUNNING BOARD ep. and when it came in the mail i ripped the cellophane off and put it into the stereo. it opens with "the mullet burden" so i already kinda sorta knew what to expect. or so i thought. over the next 2 songs i found myself thinking "what the fuck is this band?! where the fuck did they come from?!". and the cat i'd had at the time was thinking the same thing. she sat perched in the window next to where the stereo was and was chattering and clawing at the screen and frantically roamed back and forth. yeah. i'm pretty sure that it was trying to get at the birds out on the grass (my apartment was in the basement) but it fit what was going on musically. i listened to those 3 songs all the time. roughly 8 minutes of chaotic precision. anytime i'd play it when friends were over they just didn't get it. my cat and i would always look at each other and exchange a knowing "yeah. totally." head nod. that cat got it,man. well. either that or she was hungry. and then i purchased their SELF-TITLED album. and as i listened to that i found myself thinking "what the fuck happened to this band?! it's almost not the same band. it is but it isn't.". it was like listening to a record and then realizing that you haven't had it on the correct speed the entire time and then fixed it. what does that mean? i don't know. the song "monticello" provided me with my first email address: devil_in_a_3_piece_suit@hotmail.

and then came the CALCULATING INFINITY.
and that's a whole other whatthefuckishappening?!.
also: if you have a band that's looking for a drummer you should make this potential drummer play along with "calculating infinity" (the song. not the album.) as a test. you know what i'm talking about.

i'm sure we all remember where we were the first time we'd heard the dillinger escape plan.

and i'm just going to say this: they should've called it a day after IRONY IS A DEAD SCENE.
don't worry.
i'm not going to do what everyone thinks i'm going to do and go off on some rant.
this is what they sounded before they became the band that launched a thousand third rate versions (that are not doing it better than them).
now i'm done.

fun fact: the album art was done by david lynch. yeah. that david lynch.

oh yeah.
drowningman are here as well.
they're ok.


v/a - nasty habits: live on 88.9 wers

label: corrosive recordings
released: 2002

back in the earlier part of the 90s i'd been living in iowa. just outside of davenport. you may remember me making references to a radio show i'd listen to back then called OFF THE BEATEN TRACK. it's pretty much the SHINY GREY MONOTONE origin story. back then the radio was somewhat worth listening to. and on this particular evening (it was a friday) it was about 11:00 and i was hanging out down on the left side of the dial. just scanning along. and then i came across the slightest hint of a death metal grunt through some static. i listened closely. i even squinted my eyes. and there it was. cannibal corpse. cannibal fucking corpse on the radio. and i fiddled and fiddled and fiddled with the dial until things came in a bit more clearer. and then came danzig. and then came carcass. and then came slayer. it turns out that i'd happened upon a show being broadcast out of st. ambrose university in davenport. and the show was either called BEDSLAM or BEDLAM. i'm not really sure. though i like the BEDSLAM assumption better. this was the sort of station that the weather dictated. depending on how clear it was outside and whatnot. so i'd started tuning into that as well. friday night belonged to BEDSLAM/BEDLAM and sunday night belonged to OFF THE BEATEN TRACK.

funny story: you were able to call in and make requests and if they had it AND it was deemed proper by the FCC it would get played. which is funny that the first thing i'd heard out of them was "hammer smashed face" by cannibal corpse. and on this particular night i'd become fixated on danzig's LUCIFUGE album (as you all should be) and i was calling in multiple requests for songs off of it. and they played every single one. after the fourth request the dj was making mention of the upcoming songs and whatnot and was all like "and here's another danzig. he must be sitting at home bored.". good times.

funny story II: this one involves OFF THE BEATEN TRACK. i was calling in to make a request but was trying to remain quiet enough as to not be neard by anyone else in the house. i'd requested a white zombie song (i can't remember which though it was more than likely something off of LA SEXORCISTO.). i hadn't said it loudly enough for the person on the other end of the phone. "no. we don't have any white slavery.". so i said "i should hope not." and hung up as i didn't know what to say after all that. good times.

the radio used to be fun to hang around with.

this is a compilation of music performed by bands on the radio.
this station coming out of emerson college in boston,ma.

1 - haste - two final words
2 - origin - lethal manipulation
3 - eighteen visions - she's a movie produced masterpiece
4 - shadows fall - of one blood
5 - knut - el nino
6 - cephalic carnage - invertus indica
7 - unearth - one step away
8 - god forbid - amendment
9 - poison the well - nerdy
10 - all that remains - from these wounds
11 - candiria - mathematics
12 - killswitch engage - numbered days
13 - the dillinger escape plan - cleopatra's sling
14 - unlisted cephalic carnage track


beck - beercan

label: DGC
released: 1994

once upon a time i'd been at a friend's house. i'd known he and his family for quite awhile. they always invited me over for thanksgiving and whatnot. i had a crush on his sister. he and i had similar tastes in music. i used to make multiple mixtapes because why not. he was always a recipient of one of them. i'd once made a tape of nothing but the bands brutal truth and clutch. it was a 60 minute tape. one side was all brutal truth. one side was all clutch. and i'd titled it....get ready for it because it's pure comedy gold: A BRUTAL CLUTCH. see what i did there? of course you do. during 99.9% of my visits to my friend always involved me smoking pot. i know. i'm a disappointment. the only downfall to doing that while there was it always meant that i had to walk home that way. he lived on one side of town and i was on the other. don't get me wrong. the walk was fine. on any other day it would've taken me about 20 minutes to get there. but on the other days it seemed as if it took me 3 days to get home. and i'd always walk with a walkman. yeah. those were the daze,man. listening to music was something that i'd like to do while high. i'd even gotten a special pair of headphones for just that occasion. they covered my entire ear. so i'd be walking along and then i'd see the bridge. the problem was that once i saw the bridge it took forever to reach it. and then once i was on it it took just as long to get to the other side. and then i was at the halfway point. and then there was the walgreens i'd walk by and always be tempted to go into because some hawaiian punch and some plain m&ms always sounded amazing at the time. but i was high. i was high out in public. and that's something that i didn't really like to be. and then i'd start to talk the urges down with the thoughts of the food i had at home. i was never really sure if it was all in my head or i was saying all of this out loud. that would explain the looks i'd be getting. they were either says "you're right. a microwaved burrito sandwich does sound good." or "what did we tell you about being around people? didn't you get the memo? i'm going to have to talk to roger again! fucking new guy! can't do anything! he only got that job as a favor to his mother!". i don't know what it was because of the headphones and all. so i'd finally made it home and found all of the foods i'd wanted and took everything to the couch. and there i sat. still with the headphones on. i'd been listening to side b of beck's MELLOW GOLD. "mutherfuker" was my jam.

and suddenly BAM! i was jolted awake.
and i'd slid off the couch and onto the floor.
fucking noise was everyfuckingwhere.
you know that one scene in BACK TO THE FUTURE where marty puts those headphones on his sleeping (SPOILER ALERT!) dad's ears and plays music because he'd wanted him to think he was from the future?
exactly like that.
i'd fallen asleep.

some of you may not know what i'm talking about.
if you were to play the cassette tape version of MELLOW GOLD there's an unlisted track of noise and whatnot after a period of blank space after the last song.
that sort of thing doesn't happen here.
you're safe.

i should also take this point in time to mention that the same sort of thing happens on nirvana's NEVERMIND.
and it goes by the name "endless,nameless".

so don't make the same mistake i did.
this has been a public servie announcement.
thank you for listening.


Monday, August 28, 2017

scrotum grinder - the greatest sonic abomination ever

label: prank
released 2001

once upon a time i was living in a town called brandon located in florida. it's just outside of tampa. one day i was wandering around 1 of the 3 places my roommates knew where to find me if'n they needed to as i didn't have a cellphone at the time. and just in case you're curious:
1: the record store i was currently in. i can't remember its name.
2: the record store down the street from where i was living (aka SOUND IDEA).
3: the barnes & noble
as i was wandering about the aisles i came to a stop in front of an album by a band named scrotum grinder. i had never heard of them before. and i paid the $6 for the album on the name alone. 2 days later i bought the album on vinyl at SOUND IDEA. folks got tired of always having to hear the cd getting played in my van (i was going between this album and BURN,PIANO ISLAND,BURN by the blood brothers for awhile there).
the band had an angry female as a vocalist.
that sort of thing is in my wheelhouse.
i came to find out that the band was from tampa but had been broken up for a bit. and then i came to find out that they were reforming to play a day long show at the SOUND IDEA. and i had to fucking be there. i HAD to fucking be there. but apparently when you ask for a day off before the schedule at a job even gets made doesn't mean you'll get it. not even if you're all like "seriously,doug. i need that day off. need." and he shakes his head as if stating "ok. i get it. now get back to work. those dishes aren't going to wash themselves.".

they have links to bands with names like:
memento mori
failure face
no statik

but enough with all of that.
if you dig bands like kill the man who questions or early kylesa or guyana punch line or robot has werewolf hand or damad or combatwoundedveteran....
that is if you've even heard of any of them.
you have?
wanna get together and hangout sometime or something?
don't worry.
my parents will be there the entire time.
they're legally obligated to not leave me at home alone anymore.

and if'n this sort of thing interests you....
there's a slapshot cover.


the smashing pumpkins - 8.14.93 - metro - chicago,il

once upon a time i had a friend that was convinced that i'd stuck his smashing pumpkins THE AEROPLANE FLIES HIGH box set down the front of my pants and walked out of his house with it.

it's 5 discs inside of something that would make a pretty sweet looking lunchbox (in my opinion). it would be the sort of lunchbox that would make you the envy of everyone else in the break room. and there you'd be. just sitting there at the table with your peanut butter and jelly sandwich and your little bag of chips and your yoohoo drink box all spread out in front of you. and of coure you'd be sitting there with your face buried in the ARTS section of the newspaper. that's just who you are. and as you were putting the paper down in order for you to finish up your yoohoo drink box you notice that claire is standing next to your table. you look at her. she looks at you. and for some reason she's wearing thigh-high lace up doc martens and fishnet stockings and a red/black plaid skirt and an iron maiden KILLERS t-shirt and her hair is up in a ponytail. you look at her. she looks at you. and before you can open your mouth to say anything she's in your lap. and all you can manage to get out is "do you want some of my drink bo-" she says "despite all our rage we're all just rats in a cage."

and then you wake up.
you're in your bedroom in your bed with your significant other breathing heavily on the other side.
you look at the clock.
you still have 3 hours before you have to get up.
you're going to have to figure out a way to slip quietly out of bed and into the bathroom so you can change your pajama pants and then back into bed without waking anyone up.
this is the fourth time this week.
you're going to have to say that you weren't able to make it to the bathroom in time.
and then more awkward eye contact.
and then more "maybe we should call a doctor" talk.
why does this keep happening?
if only we were able to get 2 beds.
television shows in the 1950's had it right.
you could eat all of the chips you wanted to in bed.
there could be chip parties.

and then you wake up.
you're in your bedroom in your bed with your significant other breathing heavily on the other side.
you look at the clock.
you still have 3 hours before you have to get up.
you're going to have to figure out a way to slip quietly out of bed and into the bathroom so you can change your pajama pants and then back into bed without waking anyone up.
this is the fourth time this week.
you're going to have to say that you weren't able to make it to the bathroom in time.
and then more awkward eye contact.
and then more "maybe we should call a doctor" talk.
why does this keep happening?

this is the record release show for the SIAMESE DREAM album.

and here's another fun fact: that same friend accused me of stealing his metallica LIVE SHIT: BINGE & PURGE box set. and this leads me to suspect that he was staring at my crotchal region a little bit. maybe he was thinking about buying me a new pair of pants. who knows. but he never bought me a new pair of pants. friends. who needs 'em? am i right? you wanna go pants shopping sometime?

1 - rocket
2 - quiet
3 - today
4 - rhinoceros
5 - geek u.s.a.
6 - soma
7 - i am one
8 - disarm
9 - spaceboy
10 - starla
11 - cherub rock
12 - bury me
13 - hummer
14 - siva
15 - mayonaise
16 - drown
17 - silverfuck

Pt. 1
Pt. 2

pailhead - trait

label: wax trax! records
released: 1993

ian mackaye and fugazi had just released their SELF-TITLED ep.
al jourgensen and ministry had just released THE LAND OF RAPE AND HONEY.
this pulls a little something from each.

so al and ian are sitting in the studio just taking a break between songs.
al looked as if he were going to slide a bottle containing a brown liquid across the table towards ian.
they both lock eyes.
ian slides closer to the table.
al slides closer to the table.
eyes locked.
the tension is palpable
"i will refuse." ian says.
and then they both crack up.*

*=this may or may not have happened


Saturday, August 26, 2017

v/a - ham slappin' hits!

label: slap a ham records
released: 1998

you enjoy some good ol' fashioned powerviolence,yeah?
this is exactly what you'd expect out of slap a ham.
this was originally released on one of those cassette tape things.
you remember those,yeah?
remember making mixtapes by sitting next to the radio ready to pounce towards the [rec] button?
and it took an entire week just to make one and once you'd made it your friends were all like "fuck yeah!" but what they were really thinking was "another one? i haven't even listened to the other 3 they gave me! dammit! do they just think that i have all the time in the world to just sit around waiting for some tape filled with things i probably don't even like? i have things to do! i do! i mean. yeah. things to do! like make lunch and stuff. gotta think about what i want for lunch. and there's that thing on tv. and there's that book i've been thinking about picking up and flipping through. and there's that one thing. yeah! i have things to do! now if you'll excuse me...."

and now this......

(insert tracklisting here)*

*=does not include bonus tracks


sonic youth - goo 8-track demos/more goo

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

pissed jeans - the best of sub pop 2009-2013: live at the bbc

label: sub pop
released: 2014

i don't know if you're anything like me but while listening to pissed jeans i feel as if they just get me,man.
with their words and whatnot.
and sometimes i get them.

this was a little something that was released on one of those mythical record store day things in 12" form.

"waitaminute! i'm gonna stop you right there,mister! pissed jeans? 12"? i've heard about this kind of thing! i've heard about it on the news. what is going on around here? just what the hell is going on around here?! i need to get the hell outta her- oops. waitaminute. this isn't the place. i read the address on this card wrong. carry on."

this is pissed jeans being pissed jeans over in london.

"stop right there! pissed jeans! 12"! i see london i see france i se- sorry. i think someone slipped something into my kool-aid. carry on."

pissed jeans.

1 - romanticize me
2 - false jesii pt. 2
3 - cafeteria food
4 - teenage adult


Friday, August 25, 2017

nothing - Пошлость

self released 2010


this was sent our way back in the 2010.
and yes.
it's the same nothing that's currently on relapse records.
but this was before relapse records.
remember how awesome the relapse records mailorder catalog was?
it was called RESOUND.
there was a time where about 95% of my music collection came from that catalog.
i'd had multiple copies of them with an X next to the albums i'd wanted.
friends would look through them and be all like "so. brutal truth? human remains? exit-13? meshuggah? it's like i don't even know you anymore,man."
but they never questioned me always wearing the ragged bunny costume that i'd found in the garbage behind my apartment building.

but yeah.

you like the shoegaze musics.
relapse records now digs the shoegaze musics.
and to quote some guy that stands around the water cooler in the break room just wating to talk to someone.....
and i mean you can really tell he's just aching to talk to someone. anyone. he's red in the face. he's constantly wiping sweat off of his forehead. he looks like the kind of fellow that would piddle on the carpet a little because he's just so excited to say words about things. oh. but he never would. what with the proper upbringing and all. yeah. that guy is pretty neat. and this one ti-

he's gone now.
and i quote: "not the my bloody valentine style of shoegaze,but more the slowdive style. with a dose of chapterhouse kind of proto brit pop catchiness. and maybe even a pinch of grunge rock? is that what it is?"

but yeah.
he's just really wanting someone to talk to.
always nervously adjusting his glasses.
he's like a can of soda that's been shaken up.
you see the can.
just a normal can.
you're thirsty.
your pal offers it to you.
you wonder why he's got that smirk on his face.
you peel the tab back and you're all fucking wet.
that bastard.

you know what.
just meet me in the bathroom later.
the handicapped stall.
he's circling.
and he's got that look in his eye.
he must've watched something "interesting" on tv last night.


jucifer - i name you destroyer

label: velocette records
released: 2002

before they were the sludgy behemoth they are today you could find traces of the pixies and the melvins and sonic youth and the like in their bloodstream.

i've been a fan ever since the CALLING ALL CARS ON THE VEGAS STRIP album.
i'd been taken in via the song "superman".
it's storytime,kids.
get comfortable.....

the year was 1998 and it was a saturday night. it's was a late night. i was in my apartment watching television and i was hungry. i'd been sitting on the couch and wasn't able to peel myself off of it. i was high. yes. high. it was the marijuana that had gotten me. i know. i was just as surprised as you were. but were not here to talk about how i'd smoke pot and then sit around or go for walks listening to music through a pair of headphones that i'd gotten just for that type of situation. you know the ones. they covered your entire ear. they'd block out all of the outside noise. it was just you and the music and the....

but i digress.
and by some of the looks on your faces i can see that you totally get it.
especially you there in the back.

so there i was on the couch. i'd been watching some show that was showing music videos. it was on basic cable. yeah. i was a watching basic cable tv on a saturday night kinda guy. i can't remember what video i was watching but the fact that i'd remembered that i'd had a frozen pizza became all consuming. so off the couch i came and then i wandered into the kitchen. and then i'd remembered that i'd had all of these other food products as well. so many foods. so little time. so i just started making sandwiches because you can never go wrong with sandwiches. and potato chips. and cans of coke. and cookies. and there was always that pizza....

and then this song came on. and it caught my ears. the speakers on my shitty tv weren't handling it all that well. but i didn't rush back into the room to save them. this noise. it was so heavy. and the vocals sounded as if they were coming from an angel. and the music was crushing. and it was only 2 fucking people. 2 people were doing this. and then there it was. jucifer. the some was called "superman". and then i went back to my buffet.

the next day i made a trip to the local music store and they of course had nothing by the band. i didn't even know the name of the album.....

"all i was able to find by them is something called CALLING ALL CARS ON THE VEGAS STRIP."


when i went into that particular music store the employees really didn't know what i was talking about 90% of the time. they'd always give me a look that said "yeah. i just drank something very sour. did i remember to turn the oven off before i left?".

those were the daze,man.

so yeah.


henry rollins

this was a little something i'd found amongst my crap.
it's a mix of henry rollins being henry rollins and doing henry rollins stuff.
and it's dubbed: ROCK 'N' ROLLINS.
squat thrusts in tiny black shorts jams.

1 - lonesome,on'ry and mean
2 - sexual military dynamics
3 - t-4 strain
4 - delicate tendrils
5 - bottom
6 - laughing man (in the devil mask)
7 - ghost rider
8 - kick out the jams
9 - freaked
10 - i see through
11 - fall guy
12 - hard
13 - four sticks
14 - let there be rock

2: taken from the mike watt album BALL-HOG OR TUGBOAT?
3: taken from the soundtrack to the movie SPAWN
4: taken from the LES CLAYPOOL AND THE HOLY MACKEREL album
5: taken from the tool album UNDERTOW
6: taken from the tony iommi album IOMMI
7: suicide cover taken from the soundtrack to the movie THE CROW
8: fronting the bad brains with a bad brains cover taken from the soundtrack to the movie PUMP UP THE VOLUME
9: a song done with the band bling idiot god taken from the soundtrack to the movie FREAKED
10: taken from the soundtrack to the movie JOHNNY MNEMONIC
11: taken from the soundtrack to the movie DEMON KNIGHT
12: an early version of the song found on the TURNED ON album
14: ac/dc cover with the hard-ons


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

v/a - where is my robotic boot?

label: double h noise industries/hydra head records
released: 2004

you say that you like the math rock,yeah?
you say that you like the noise,yeah?
you say that you like the dooooom,yeah?
you say that you like stuff and things and whatnot,yeah?

all of it.
conveniently here in one place.
now you'll have to use all of that spare time doing something else.
we're not here to tell you what to do....
not since all of the restraining orders.
dressing up like animals and hanging around petting zoos.
some folks just don't seem to have one of those sense of humor things.
though we like to offer suggestions every now and again.....
you should try cranking this up to maximum volume and trying to create an interpretive dance to go along with everything found on this album.
in the nude.
in front of an open window.

disc 1:
1 - kid606 - the new jazz
2 - final - the end has come
3 - shifts - a shorter piece for cymbal
4 - stephen o'malley - gui-fang
5 - craig dongoski - drawing voices: shortwave 1
6 - tribes of neurot - it is beginning to take effect
7 - merzbow - requiem
8 - monotonos - thoughts about....
9 - kid606 - pillowcase (before and after part 2)

disc 2:
1 - jan michael vincent car crash - north london book of the dead
2 - orthrelm - rdd 1+2
3 - the austerity program - song 9
4 - khanate - german dental work*
5 - the abandoned hearts club - theme song from the film noire volatility perversion
6 - gezoleen - deep in the dim
7 - phantomsmasher - caught in your orbit (alt. mix)
8 - jan michael vincent car crash - me and miss mandible
*=live earth cover


beastie boys - gratitude

label: capitol records
released: 1992

seeing as how i see you around here all the time i'm going to assume that you're fairly well versed in the beastie boy arts.
even though you're wearing that "dr. feelgood" motley crue t-shirt.
your kid made it for you in shop class.
i'm not here to judge.
but next time you'd better make sure it's a SHOUT AT THE DEVIL t-shirt or i'm going to have to show up at your house.
and when i show up at your house....
things happen,bro.
empty milk cartons in the refrigerator.
shampoo bottles with the lids not shut tight.
furniture gets burnt.
all of those movies that you're not supposed to watch when the rest of the family is home get left in the movie playing device.
it's all here in this pamphlet.

but i digress....

the beastie boys.
this was a promo that their record company put out in order to promote the band and their CHECK YOUR HEAD tour and whatnot.
and it can also be looked at as GRATITUDE 12".
but consider this the promo copy.
it just sounds cooler.
and you want your dog to like you even more,yeah?
or cat.
or the hobo you let stay in the shed in your backyard in exchange for yardwork and soup recipes.
hobos have all of the best soup recipes.
and it would be a shame if the other parents were to find where that soup you donated to the team jersey pledge drive came from.
it would be another "dr. feelgood" t-shirt all over again.

1 - gratitude (original version)
2 - stand together (live at french's tavern in sydney,australia)
3 - finger lickin' good (government cheese remix)
4 - gratitude (live at budokan on 9.16.92)
5 - honky rink


deny the cross - deny the cross

label: tankcrimes
released: 2016

just add 2 parts black army jacket (drummer: dave witte / vocalist: carlos ramirez)
just add 1 part spazz (guitar: dan lactose)
just add 1 part agents of satan (bass: ramon salcido)

and then this happens.
you've got your power AND your violence.
all of those things.

"could you have given this a more lame write-up,bro?

so this particular write-up isn't your thing,eh?
it may be lame.
but it's still not as lame as that diorama you'd put together back in the 5th grade.
i was there.
i remember seeing it.
we all saw it.
it was on a table in the principal's office.
there were others to look at.
but the one you clearly hastily put together really stuck out.
you had at least a week to make it.
all you had to do was read a book and put together a scene from that book.
and i'm really thinking that there wasn't/isn't a book in existence where modulok (the character from HE-MAN) went to war against the M.U.S.C.L.E. men.
and i know.
i searched for it.
even added it to my christmas list because i figured that if there was anyone that could find it it would be the santa claus.
and yet even he wouldn't find it.
can you even read a book?
though i'll admit that you having those action figures was pretty cool and we totally could've hung out....
but i digress.
lame recognizes lame i suppose.
and you should probably know that while you've been reading this i've already been to hollywood and pitched them the idea of a modulok/M.U.S.C.L.E. movie and they totally said that they'd think it over.
and then i was helped off the property by 2 gentlemen in matching uniforms.
they really were nice.
they even took the time to lightly place me into the garbage.
still think my write-up was lame?
but most importantly: can i come over and play sometime?
your mom knows me.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

ping - the castle massacre

label: QDK media
released: 2006

have you ever just found yourself wanting to play 4 records at the same time?
you've just sat there in your chair and thought it over.
what would be the repercussions?
how would the neighborhood strays handle it?
would there be another noise complaint?
maybe everything would be ok this time around.
maybe you don't answer the door in that costune this time around.
which costume am i referring to?
you know the one.
i don't want to talk about that one.
but i digress.
4 records playing at the same time.
try something from the later era black sabbath.
with ozzy.
and then pick something from peter garbriel era genesis.
and then maybe some kraftwerk.
and then maybe some captain beefheart.
or you could just play this instead and not have to worry about repercussions and whatnot.
and your parents won't have to exchange awkward glances with each other while you're sitting at the dinner table.
you could just enjoy the meatloaf and not have to worry about what's going on inside their heads.
that could be fun.
and then you won't have to sit through another one of those "why would anyone need that many record players? where did they come from? are you on drugs?" lectures.
your best bet is to just play this.
probably through some headphones.
and yes.
i see you eyeballing your closet.
you can wear that costume.
just lock your door and pull the shades down.
i'll just go on ahead and let myself out.
but not before making a meatloaf sandwich.
it's ok.
your mom knows me.


queens of the stone age - 8.22.99 - pyramid cabaret - winnipeg,canada

david wooderson was at this show.
i was just surprised to see him that far up north.
so i went over and talked to him.
and i asked him how he felt about the queens of the stone age.
"alright,alright,alright. hey,man. party at the moon tower later."
and that was the point that i walked away.
i got a weird feeling.
something told me that this fella liked to play the bongos naked.
but then the more thought about it he seemed like an ok guy.
so i decided to go back and ask him how he felt about the possibility of starting a band.
but he was gone.
probably off to that moon tower place.
but i had the feeling that somewhere someone was getting pregnant.
and that baby would be born with a mustache.

1 - regular john
2 - born to hula
3 - give the mule what he wants
4 - mexicola
5 - you would know
6 - you can't quit me baby
7 - tension head
8 - how to handle a rope
9 - if only
10 - avon
11 - eccentric man
12 - walking on the sidewalks


thou - through the empires of eternal void

label: vendetta records
released: 2009

you seem the type that enjoys a good cover band.
i've seen you around town at the places.
def leppard cover band?
motley crue cover band?
poison cover band?
i saw you there.
and why was i there?
to use the bathroom.
that's it.
but we're not talking about me.
this is about you.
you and your sickness.
this is where it's brought you to.
think of the grungiest bathroom that you can think of.
this is the sort of thing you'd hear from that stall you're in because you made the mistake of eating a pickle floating in that questionable liquid on the bar.
you really will do anything for a dollar.
but we're not here to talk about that.
that's between you and your god.

the rest of you have heard of the band thou,yeah?
you like eyehategod?
then yes.
you're aware of thou.
this is thou covering black sabbath.
want a pickle?

1 - into the void
2 - sweet leaf
3 - lord of this world
4 - black sabbath


Sunday, August 20, 2017

mock duck - altars of radness ep

label: self released
released: 2011

once upon a time there was a time where folks would send SGM their musical wares.
and this was one of those times.

"waitaminute. just wait a goshfrickinminute! where have i seen that cover before?"

you have a good eye.
if that automatically took your mind's eye to any of the album's released by cannibal corpse during the chris barnes era....
but also: good job. you should always have that on your mind.

but what i was looking for was fugazi's 7 SONGS ep.

this was sent our way by a member of the band that goes by the name clay.
fun fact: there are only 2 members in this band and they're both named clay. one from los angeles and the other from tokyo. one plays the guitar and vocals. the other plays the drums.

i can't remember which one had sent this in.
so i'm just going to go ahead and put the picture of the both of them dropping the package into the mail with both of their hands on it into your head.
they both drop it in and hope that it reaches us unmolested and then they both go off for a cup of coffee and talk about what's going to happen when the package reachs us and one clay says "but i don't drink coffee. you know that. we've been friend long enough for you to know that. you never pay attention to anything i say ever." and the other looks back at him and says "no. i totally agree. i can't decide between the both of them. john bonham or bill ward. you know what? let's not get coffee. let's-". and that's the moment that one clay notices that the other clay has just left him talking to himself while walking down the sidewalk.

what you get here is some pixies and some wipers and nirvana and dinosaur jr and mudhoney and.....

and this is the part of the show where i come to the realization that you've walked away and left me talking to myself while walking down the sidewalk.


v/a - gummo: movie soundtrack

label: domino
released: 1998

you look to by the type that enjoys a good film that has a soundtrack,yeah?

"why is this here? what are these bands? i only recognize the ones that i recognize."

GUMMO is by far the most SHINY GREY MONOTONE-iest movie ever created.
and i've watched a lot of movies.
and i put in a lot of work in order to find a movie that perfectly described the SGM experience in visual form.
and it turns out that it's not SHOWGIRLS after all.
i was just as shocked.

1 - absu - the gold torques of ulaid
2 - eyehategod - serving time in the middle of nowhere
3 - electric hellfire club - d.w.s.o.b.
4 - spazz - gummo love theme
5 - bethlehem - schuld uns'res knoch'rigen faltpferd
6 - burzum - rundgang um die transzendentale saule der singularitat
7 - bathory - equimanthorn
8 - dark noerd - smokin' husks
9 - sleep - dragonaut
10 - brujeria - matando gueros '97
11 - namanax - the medicined man
12 - nephilim - hellish blasphemy
13 - mortician - skin peeler
14 - mystifier - give the human devil his due
15 - destroy all monsters - mom's and dad's pussy
16 - bethlehem - verschleierte irrelgiositat
17 - mischa maisky - suit no. 2 for solo cello in d minor-prelude
18 - sleep - some grass
19 - rose shepherd and ellen m. smith - jesus loves me


v/a - spectrum ale

label: relapse records
released: 1996

"no,bro. did it all myself. why do you think i wasn't at work all last week? well. this and that weird diarrhea thing."

and this is what you'll say when your pal asks about the music you've been listening to on the drive to ice cream place on a saturday night after you plug in the tape deck adapter for your discman in your le car.

and then you'll explain how this mix will get you chicks.

"dude. i don't know of any chicks that dig blood duster."

and then you'll explain that this is the reason why you've decided to go to the ice cream place in the next town over. well. that and their rocky road in a waffle cone.

"seriously,dude. not one chick anywhere near here even knows who the fuck neurosis is. i mean...."

and this is the part where you tune everything out and start thinking about which backroad you're going to drop your pal off at. yeah. you probably should've brought melissa with you. she may be a lesbian but she was a little more on the submissive side. the kind of person that would say "no,man. it's cool. i'll listen to whatever." when you play something in the car. she was cool. liked most of what you listened to anyway. and she know who the melvins are. yeah. should've brought her. but by that time you'd already been thinking about all of the extra ice cream you'd be able to get not having to pay for another cone. yeah. you always paid when he was with you. fucking bum. and you probably would've ended up paying for mary as well had you decided to bring her along instead. why do you hang around with these people? having friends always seems like a good idea at first. but then they just start drinking all of your soda and not putting back your cds when they're done with them and having problems with your nudity all the the time. you saw a shirt once that read "the more i meet people the better i like my dog". agreed. and then you look over at your pal and just nod your head and then try to think of an excuse as to why you're driving down this gravel road.....

1 - amorphis - better unborn
2 - amorphis - my kantele (acoustic)
3 - neurosis - locust star
4 - neurosis - eye
5 - pan-thy-monium - the battle of geeheeb (excerpt)
6 - mindrot - anguish (edit)
7 - blood duster - kill,kill,kill
8 - blood duster - intro/chunky bit
9 - blood duster - motherfuckin'
10 - mortician - driller killer
11 - mortician - barbaric cruelties
12 - doomed - broken
13 - embalmer - necro-philing cabinet
14 - exit-13 - gout d'belgium
15 - exit-13 - if you're a viper
16 - hybryds - alchemy
17 - tribes of neurot - fires of purification
18 - malformed earthborn - suicide lair
19 - brighter death now - little baby
20 - namanax - cascading waves of electronic turbulence (edit)
21 - merzbow - woodpecker no.2
22 - masonna - inner mind mystique 4


Friday, August 18, 2017

v/a - best of grunge rock

label: priority records
released: 1993

you need this.
it's the best of that grunge rock stuff,bro.
make this record a priority.
it's the best of grunge rock.
come on now.
it says so right on the cover.
and the melvins are there.
weren't they the ambassadors of grunge at the '92 olympics or some shit?
and there's talk of getting high.
and there's some hate.
and there's a fucking band with the "grun" in their name.
what more do you want?
kids nowadays.
don't be the person that passed up the best of grunge rock in 2017.
just don't do it.

1 - helmet - in the meantime
2 - tin machine - baby can dance (live)
3 - nother love bone - stardog champion
4 - the smashing pumpkins - bury me
5 - melvins - annaconda
6 - chainsaw kittens - high in high school
7 - my sister's machine - i hate you
8 - gruntruck - tribe
9 - willard - fifteen
10 - spongehead - nothing


7000 dying rats - season in hell

label: hewhocorrupts inc.
released: 2006

do you like bands that cover black sabbath?
are you a fan of bands with names like: anal cunt and/or crotchduster?
do you really have anything better to do today?
or ever?
neurosis' scott kelly is somewhere on this album.
we're not going to tell you where.
that's all part of the adventure.
do bolt thrower song titles make you feel a little funny down yonder?

you've now been given all of the information that was written on a card that was found in the basket that was left with the band outside our bathroom door.

also: be sure to wash your hands before AND after handling.
thank you.
have a nice day.


dinosaur jr - i don't wanna go there

label: jagjaguwar
released: 2009

you know dinosaur jr.
you love dinosaur jr.
you'd like to share a sandwich with dinosaur jr.

you get a song from the FARM album.
you get a song from the YOU'RE LIVING ALL OVER ME album.
they were both recorded live during a session for pitchfork tv.

and for all of you collectors out there....
this was a bonus 7" that was included with the limited edition double FARM lp.
wipe your mouth.


v/a - sound: check

label: sub pop
released: 1998

what we got here is one of them fancy schmancy sampler type compilations.
you know you gotta like those,bro.
it's giving you the good on the bands you like,bro.
ain't no one else gonna do that sort of thing for you.
not even those folks you visit down at the docks on the weekends.
why do you think they give you such strange looks?
"what the fuck is a godheadsilo?"
"what the fuck is a six finger satellite?"
"what the fuck is a murder city devils?"
and so on and so forth.
and now you can stop talking to strangers.
you'll just have to get your candy at the store like normal folks.

disc 1:
1 - mark lanegan - last one in the world
2 - pernice brothers - overcome by happiness
3 - the spinanes - greetings from the sugar lick
4 - les thugs - les lendmains qui chantent
5 - mike ireland & holler - house of secrets
6 - the spinanes - reach vs speed
7 - pernice brothers - clear spot
8 - elevator to hell - to breath
9 - damon & naomi - turn of the century
10 - mike ireland & hollar - learning how to live
11 - mark lanegan - bell black ocean

disc 2:

1 - the jesus and mary chain - i live rock 'n' roll
2 - les thugs - i was dreaming
3 - elevator to hell - backteeth
4 - godheadsilo - home crap home
5 - murder city devils - boom swagger boom
6 - the jesus and mary chain - degenerate
7 - six finger satellite - race against space
8 - 10 minute warning - is this the way?
9 - heroic doses - crystals
10 - murder city devils - dancin' shoes
11 - godheadsilo - you're fighting me now
12 - 10 minute warning - mezz
13 - heroic doses - ollie oxen free


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Death Stuff - Death Stuff

Label: Monofonus Press
Year: 2017

More Atlanta goodness.
And in what seems to be an Atlanta "thing" (or at least, one of the "things") Death Stuff layers their noisy punk with a lo-fi garage abandon that electrifies each song into a raucous bolt of fucked up lightening. Sort of if Germs and Laughing Hyenas and Halo Of Flies and maybe Six Finger Satellite (minus the keyboard stuff) all got together and went at it (musically, not Biblically). It follows in the footsteps of other bygone Atlanta shouty punk stompers, which in this era of controversial Confederate monuments should not be seen as re-litigating the "lost cause". It hits in a primitive, feral way. Like your mom.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thrones - Sperm Whale

Label: Kill Rock Stars
Year: 2000

Joe Preston is just one of "those guys". A name that commands respect and admiration. At least around my house it does. If your CV includes Melvins, Mens Recovery Project, The Whip, Harvey Milk, Earth, High On Fire, C Average, Witchypoo, Sunn, Get Hustle, not to mention his solo works...if your resume is that airtight, then you deserve respect. You at least deserve to never have to pay for your own burritos again. Something!
This post is the cd version of Sperm Whale that includes the Sperm Whale 12" and the White Rabbit 12" into one handy dandy package. A real time saver!
The material ranges from cracked electronic soundscapes to general fucked up electro pop, to thundering sludge, which works out to somehow "make sense" and not "induce whiplash". It's all weird though, and that's all right by me.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

human sexual response - fig. 15

label: eat records
released: 1992

once upon a time there was a band called human sexual response.
and now that's something you know.
share it around the water cooler while at work.
i'm pretty sure that no one will mind.
no one pays attention to you at work anyway.
you're only there to provide forms of sustenance to whomever has been taking your brown bag out of the refrigerator in the break room.
the one clearly mark with your name on it in big black letters written in permanent marker.
but it's not permanent.
is it?
not to you.
it doesn't matter how much work you put into making that sandwich and then sliding it into a clear plastic bag.
it doesn't matter.
but do you know what does matter?
human sexual response.
and not you know that they existed at one time.
you're welcome.
human sexual response,ladies and gentlemen.

you want to know more?
of course you do.
you seem the curious type.

they were what was considered a "new wave" band.
they were from boston.
they were together for 5 years.
drummer malcolm travis later went on to play with the band sugar.
guitarist rich gilbert played with frank black and the catholics
as for the other folks: i'm sure that they're out there accomplishing something.
apparently the band is set to reform and play at the house of blues in boston this coming november 3rd.

a suggestion: maybe before putting your lunch into the refrigerator at work perhaps you could try urinating on it. and if that doesn't seem to bring anything to a stop....

get that person's phone number and give it to me.
it's for a friend.
i'll see you around the orifice.


faith no more - digging the grave

label: slash records
released: 1995

you've been sniffing around these parts long enough to know about some faith no more.
and i'm not talking about those parts.
quit staring.

what i'm presenting to you here is with a special version of the DIGGING A GRAVE single.
there's 2 discs.
and somewhere in here the band covers both the bee gees and the brothers four.
as you should be.
so get on it.
not that.
and quit staring.


beck - loser

label: DGC
released: 1994

it's beck.
if you're here and don't know beck what are you doing here?
did you get lost on the way to the bathroom?
i realize that's a little embarrasing.
i've been there.
one time i went to go and search for the bathroom and came to on the floor of some motel room at some random motel out near the interstate.
have you ever been surrounded by folks dressed in animal costumes?
so it's just me then?
weren't we talking about beck?
he wasn't one of the animal costumes.
i'm assuming anyway.
though that fox in the corner.....

what we have here is the song "loser" and some "previously unreleased" materials.
you know about some "unreleased materials",yeah?
yeah you do.
just look at you.
you don't know what that is?
and to think.
i was under the impression that i was dealing with an adult.
you wearing clothes in the middle of the day is very misleading.
i don't like being mislead.
like this one time......
where you going?
you're not going to find puberty down that alley.
maybe you will.
i have found some stuff in an alley.
let me tell you.
it's not safe to run down an alley!
haven't you seen the movies?
kids nowadays.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Test Meat - Demo/EP

Label: self released
Year: 2017

Alright, stop. Collaborate and listen. Darryl Shepard of Milligram (and Roadsaw, and Slapshot, and Blackwolfgoat) is back with a brand new invention.
Brand new in vintage, but familiarly worn in warm, fuzzy, low end grunge. More Tad than their namesake Nirvana, this one also pulls from Milligram's old bag of 2x4-to-the-gut tricks and pulls you through a hazy groove that keeps all included melodies rumbling from underneath a wash of heavy buzz. The spirit of Reproductive Records is alive!
The band also includes Aarne Victorine from UXO (and Whitey) on bass.


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