Thursday, March 31, 2011

v/a - half-cocked ost

released 1994

i remember seeing this movie back in the day...and not really thinking all that much of it

it was your typical kids steal a van full of instruments and pretend to be in a band while out on the road kinda deal

but the soundtrack kinda stuck with i hunted it down...and hunted...and hunted....

until i gave up

apparently it just wasn't cool enough to be stocked in any music store within a (insert distance here) radius of where i was living at the time

and i had eventually forgotten about it

but then i was looking through an old issue of ALTERNATIVE PRESS and it was mentioned

and then i remembered that i had been looking for it make a not so long story short...i found it

and now i'm sharing it

1 - truckstop - snoopy
2 - unwound - dragnalus
3 - slant 6 - time expired
4 - truckstop - no space
5 - rodan - tron
6 - sleepyhead - cb
7 - ruby falls - dusty
8 - freakwater - drunk friend
9 - truckstop - salmon skin
10 - versus - b-9
11 - polvo - can i ride
12 - retsin - retsin
13 - big hiefer - flowers in our hair
14 - boondoggle - invertabrate
15 - truckstop - all-nighter
16 - crain - hey cops!
17 - helium - magic box
18 - dungbeetle - the man went out
19 - truckstop - truckstop theme
20 - the grifters - the want (live)

DL: half-cocked ost

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the fucking hotlights - high society torture party

released 2011

right off the bat...these boys let you know that they mean business (i mean...they use that f word in the name of their band)

they're a little bit black flag

they're a little bit hawks

they're a little bit the blood brothers

they're a little bit camp climax for girls (yes...such a band seen here)

that should've substantially tickled that fancy of yours

now go and tickle that DL (you should keep some hand sanitizer close by)

DL: high society torture party

nothing - 3 song demo

released 2010

when i had received this in the first glance of the album's cover i thought to myself "oh man...more industrial my basement doesn't already have a soundtrack"

but upon listening to it...i was reminded of the band the jesus and mary chain

which in turn reminded me that i didn't listen to enough shoegaze music

and that lead me to think about the mazzy star album SO TONIGHT THAT I MIGHT SEE

and that made me remember just how cute hope sandoval is (actually...i didn't need to remember that)

and then i started to remember the band medicine and how sweet their SHOT FORTH SELF LIVING album is (actually...i didn't need to remember that either)

so if this can make me think about all of can't really be all that bad...can it?

DL: 3 song demo

black kites - advancement to ruins

released 2008

seeing as how the topic of 90's hardcore was recently brought up...i figured that this would be just a good time as any to post this

what started out as a random download has quickly become one of the more listened to things to penetrate my earholes as of late

i can you not want to listen to something that brings bands such as deadguy...or kiss it goodbye...or pageninetynine to mind?

and the answer is: your 90's hardcore gramma would listen to it

get your baggy khakis ready

DL: advancement to ruins

Monday, March 28, 2011

Device - Demo

Label: Self Released
Year: 1990

First off, sorry for the lack of posts as of late, I've been....uh..busy?
Secondly, sorry that this post is basically a shout out to all my early 90's hardcore bros out there. or so of you. Everyone else can sit this one out, as I'm sure we'll bounce back with something more Shiny Grey Monotone-ish in the very near future. Promise.
But (let's talk about your big "but"), if the name Device hasn't scared you off, hold up. You're either from Virginia, or a nerd about hardcore, or one of the 500 or so people who heard the "Living On The Edge" compilation (with the criminally underrated Step Aside, and As It Stands [sound sxe enough for you?], and the seriously awesome Dunamis), Device's contribution to that record is included on this demo in its full glory. Which one are you?
Device members can be connected to such other 90's lesser knowns (but not necessarily lesser-thans): Groove, Askance, 4 Walls Falling, Contagen, and Elizabeth Herz.
If you've read this far, what more can I tell you man?
P.S. - the photo above is not of Device, it's actually of Mayday, but if you were going to shows circa 1990, it should look painfully familiar, and thusly, it might as well be Device.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

ramones - 8.2.96 - spartan stadium - san jose,ca

they want shock treatment

they like to blitzkrieg bop

they just wanna sniff some glue

they wanna be your boyfriend

they'd like to be sedated

what more do you need?

1 - durango '95
2 - teenage lobotomy
3 - psycho therapy
4 - blitzkrieg bop
5 - do you remember rock 'n' roll radio?
6 - i believe in miracles
7 - gimme gimme shock treatment
8 - rock 'n' roll high school
9 - i wanna be sedated
10 - spiderman*
11 - sheena is a punk rocker
12 - rockaway beach
13 - pet semetary
14 - do you wanna dance?
15 - 53rd & 3rd
16 - i don't want you
17 - wart hog
18 - cretin hop
19 - r.a.m.o.n.e.s
20 - today your love,tomorrow the world
21 - pinhead

*=theme song cover

DL: ramones @spartan stadium

big'n - spare the horses sampler

i'm going to assume that you...the everyday SGM lurker...knows what some big'n is all about

and if you need any sort of reminder...the band is releasing an ep this coming may (their first recorded material since their split release with the band oxes back in 2000)

and with this...i'm giving you 2 reasons to purchase this business when it comes out

reason #1...the song "like a killer"

reason #2...the song "seaworthy" (you could almost fool someone into thinking that this was the jesus lizard)

so with that being said....

DL: spare the horses sampler

Sunday, March 20, 2011

pound wi/sohcahtoa split

released 1998

the name pound wi may be a little unfamiliar to most of you out there

they've popped up on SGM a few times

to cliffsnotes it for you...pound wi was the band russell hall fronted before the united sons of toil

and as previously posted...if you dig bands like hum...shellac...(well...anything that came out of the midwest via the early/mid 90's)...this band is for you,friend

as for sohcahtoa...they were from indianapolis,in...and they split up back in same could be said for them as well (you could almost fool someone into thinking they were listening to slint)

so take my hand,friend

DL: pound wi/sohcahtoa split

the united sons of toil - when the revolution comes,everything will be beautiful

released 2011

you may remember me saying that the united sons of toil's music did my soul some good while reviewing their first album HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY

and you may remember me saying that while listening to could also hear hints of at the drive-in...some fugazi...some unwound...some shellac...

and i'm going to stick to all of that

while listening to this...their newest can still hear all of those influences (you can also hear a bit of frontman russell emerson hall's previous band pound wi)

but this time would seem that their teeth have gotten sharper and they've gotten fatter

things are a little they've introduced a slight sludge influence...and russell shows us just how vein poppingly angry a set of vocal cords can get (just give the album opener "alcoholism in the former soviet republics" a listen)

and if you've ever woken up and thought to yourself "you know, might be a good day for the fbi to start a file on me"...this album is for you (the band was apparently added to a terrorism watchlist recently)

so what you need to do what comes natural around these parts...and hit on the DL down yonder...because it always puts out

DL: when the revolution comes,everything will be beautiful

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Zoppo - Don't Trust Scarred Survivors

Label: Transformed Dreams
Year: 2006

Dense, noisy, pop, not unlike Sebadoh, but unlike Sebadoh, they are Dutch, and things that are Dutch are never "right". Mix in some Mogwai and some Bardo Pond to the Sebadoh comparison and you might get a better picture of what this band sounds like.
This record may or may not still be in print, and if it is, and anyone wants this link removed, I will gladly remove it. But I will say, if the record is still in print, the label is doing a pretty bad job of letting anyone know. Anyone in the United States at least (USA! USA!).


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Unpersons - IV Self Portrait

Label: Life Is Abuse
Year: 2002

Maybe the least known of the Savannah sludge bands (not counting Tank 18 of course) who crawled out from the shadows of the original Savannah sludge band, Damad, Unpersons really should have been bigger. They took the crusty Prank Records styled hardcore and drug it through the thick, humid, Southern night air, leaving it caked in noise, grim, and drunken swirls of psychedelia.
Certainly Damad was the template (or maybe that would be neighbor to the north [barely] Initial State...but then you'd have to credit Antischism wouldn't you?), but Unpersons had a very visceral take on this strand of bludgeoning, and it didn't seem to get much notice until that split they did with Baroness did it?
Some members have gone on to be in Kylesa and Pig Heart Transplant, which shouldn't come as a surprise.


Friday, March 11, 2011

the drub - 07 demo - structure/discard

released 2010

this is a 3 piece out of minneapolis,mn

and they remind me of another 3 piece that came out of minneapolis

and that 3 piece went by the name of halo of flies (it was actually amphetamine reptile head honcho thomas hazelmyer that got me turned onto these guys)

that's all you really need to know

so get to gettin' that finger to work that little clicker

DL: 07 demo - structure/discard

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

today is the day - blue blood

released 2002

seeing as how everyone seemed to enjoy the other live today is the day's a second helping

this was recorded at o'cayz corral in madison,wi back in '98 when the band was touring behind the TEMPLE OF THE MORNING STAR album

it's a little more professionally done (a label over in the uk released it) it sounds cleaner...and not like it was recorded inside of steve austin's vocal cords (what a scary place that must be)

1 - crutch
2 - high as the sky
3 - hermaphrodite
4 - (unknown)
5 - the man who loves to hurt himself
6 - miracle
7 - blindspot
8 - temple of the morning star
9 - untitled
10 - untitled
11 - untitled

DL: blue blood

Sicbay - Suspicious Icons

Label: 54'40 Or Fight
Year: 2006

Album number three, from the three piece Sicbay, wielding a twin guitar attack from the Twin Cities...and my numerology ends there.
While, their first few records seemed like more "mature" takes on Nick Sakes' old bands Dazzling Killmen and Collosamite (which also featured Sicbay member Ed Rodriguez, who, by the way played in the Iceburn Collective when they added "Collective" to their name), this final album sounds like a band reaching back to late 70s England for inspiration. It's all Wire meets The Clash meets The Stranglers meets 999 meets Chelsea. With an emphasis on that Wire band I said first. There is one song that belies the noise rock genealogy of this band, otherwise it's a pretty straight ahead classic punk record (if that is possible, which it might not be).


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Slint - Live at La Cartonnerie, Reims France - 03-03-05

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2005

From their reunion/victory lap tour, here is Slint as broadcast on French radio. The sound quality is good, and the performance is good, once you get past the six minute opening yawn of "For Dinner". They also don't play "Cortez The Killer" which is sort of a bummer, but they do play over an hour, so really I should shut the fuck up and be thankful that someone recorded this. Also, it's late and the kids are sleeping, so all this loud talking could wake them up, which will piss off the old lady, then we're all in trouble. So, be cool ya'll.

DL - part 1
DL - part 2

Thursday, March 3, 2011

oxbow - fuckfest

released 1990

"no, go and stand close to the stage"

that's probably something that's said quite frequently at an oxbox show

and if you know anything about the's probably a safe bet to just stand off to the side and take it all in

unless you'd rather heckle or somehow make yourself a part of the show while the band is playing...the band's frontman...eugene robinson...welcomes that business (and as seen in the movie MUSIC FOR ADULTS...he'll show his appreciation by either choking you out or throwing you onto your knees and slamming his crotch into your head)

musically...this is a suicide note set to music...literally (this was originally intended to be eugene robinson's suicide note)

there's a lot going on here

you can hear everything from led zeppelin to the birthday party to the jesus lizard to alice in chains

and in my book...that's makes a pretty sweet noise

DL: fuckfest

microtia - spacemaker

released 2010

this was sent my way by someone from their label awhile back (like long enough ago for me to be considered a bastard for taking so long)

honestly...i had lost it amongst the crap that i seem to keep everywhere i was rummaging though that aforementioned crap...i came across the cd...and in my head i was saying "i am a son of a bitch"...and i remembered that i really liked what i'd heard when it first landed in my hands and that i couldn't wait to get it posted

so here it is

this is an unsigned band out of portland,or

they make their own album packaging (it's made out some cardboard that was once a coors light box...and the tracklist is printed on a piece of what once was a pack of camel lights)

and they play what they like to call "post-punk rock shoegaze"

but don't let the description scare you

they have kind of a shellac/voivod/the united sons of toil/at the drive-in thing going on

so without further ado....

DL: spacemaker

v/a - chunks

released 1988

do you like raymond pettibon art?

do you like bands with names like: black flag...minutemen... saccharine trust...nig heist?

this is for you

and i'll bet you can't guess which label put this out

1 - descendents - global probing
2 - chiefs - the lonelys
3 - minutemen - clocks
4 - black flag - machine
5 - stains - sick and crazy
6 - peer group - i saw that movie
7 - vox pop - you're my favorite
8 - ken - purposeless attitudes
9 - slivers - sport
10 - saccharine trust - a christmas cry
11 - artless entanglements - dildos,bondage and toys
12 - nig-heist - the nig-heist

DL: chunks

unrest - 2.19.93 - athens,ga

if you dig anything that came out of the d.c. area during the early/mid 1990's...this band is for you

1 - bavarian mods
2 - (unknown)
3 - suki
4 - i do believe you are blushing
5 - international nautical miles
6 - yes,she is my skinhead girl
7 - love to know
8 - cherry cream on
9 - june
10 - nation writer

DL: unrest in athens

today is the day - 4.14.95 - cicero's - st. louis,mo

a friend of mine and i used to play this game where we'd try to come up with the weirdest places for the vocalist of the band cradle of filth to appear in (in line at the grocery store...old folks home...the automotive section in walmart)

now picture it if you can:

steve austin as an auctioneer

steve austin as a phone sex operator

steve austin as the voice at the other end of the speaker at a fast food restaurant's drive thru

steve austin calling a bingo game

steve austin as a little league coach

the list could go on and on

1 - sidewinder
2 - hands and knees
3 - come on down and get saved
4 - many happy returns
5 - black dahlia
6 - willpower
7 - 6 dementia satyr
8 - the kick inside
9 - (steve austin does what he wants)

DL: today is the day @cicero's

v/a - thrasher skate rock: vol.1

released 1983

you should hopefully know what THRASHER is

and you should hopefully know what skate rock is

get stoked

1 - los olvidados - listen to you
2 - big boys - red/green
3 - riot .303 - murder the prime minister
4 - minus one - bored of it
5 - the faction - a.u.k.
6 - skoundrelz - exterminator
7 - drunk injuns - program
8 - j.f.a. - great equalizer
9 - riot .303 - skate punx
10 - minus one - i remember john
11 - los olvidados - don't cry
12 - minus one - the kids don't skate here
13 - skoundrelz - jimmy closet
14 - riot .303 - depression session
15 - drunk injuns - your mama
16 - black athletes - die laughing
17 - the faction - boredom awaits
18 - los olvidados - you're dull
19 - minus one - nick time
20 - riot .303 - nightmares of another kind
21 - drunk injuns - pumpshack

DL: thrasher skate rock: vol.1

melvins - interstellar overdrive

released 1996

it's the melvins

it's the melvins covering pink floyd

it's the melvins giving you a song from the STAG album

it's the melvins giving you a remix of another song from the STAG album

DL: interstellar overdrive

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the united sons of toil - 2.25.11 - wort 89.9fm - madison,wi

this was a little something our boys from madison,wi did to promote their upcoming album (WHEN THE REVOLUTION COMES,EVERYTHING WILL BE BEAUTIFUL)

and if you live anywhere near that area...there should be absolutely nothing stopping you from attending the record release shindig at the project lodge (located at 817 e. johnson st.) on the 5th of this very month (and it all kicks off at 7:00pm)

they also did a mini set as their alter ego known as leaders of men covering some joy division (which can also be found here)

also...for our european readers...the band is taking on their first ever tour on foreign soil starting on june 15 and wrapping up on july 3 (they'll be teaming up with a band called joe 4 from croatia)

1 - the shining path
2 - the contrition of the addict
3 - overturning the rumford fair housing act
4 - the concept of the urban guerilla
6 - state-sponsored terrorism
7 - colony*
8 - a means to an end*
9 - disorder*
10 - transmission*

*=as leaders of men

DL: the united sons of toil @WORT
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