Monday, October 31, 2011

white zombie - let sleeping corpses lie

released 2008

what better time to post this...

it's white zombie weather

this is a collection that goes from their noise rock beginnings to their industrimetal finishings

and as we all know...beavis and butt-head dig them

'nuff said

DL: disc 1

DL: disc 2 pt.1
DL: disc 2 pt.2

DL: disc 3 pt.1
DL: disc 3 pt.2

DL: disc 4 pt.1
DL: disc 4 pt.2

Continuing To Hijack This Blog For Personal Gain


As I mentioned more than once last week, there has been a call-to-arms issued for the metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia (USA) vicinity, whereby you are to dutifully report to the Drunken Unicorn on Saturday night, November 5th to bear witness to a possibly fantastic, possibly traumatic evening of auditory terrorism.
Easy enough, right?
Well, not so fast. Turns out the headlining band for said evening of "audio terrorism" (really? that was the best we could come up with?), none other than 1980's industrial/metal/gothic/live sex act Liers In Wait have cancelled off the bill due to medical issues (please insert "cold feet" joke here). I'm sorry for their loss, but as the adage says, the show must go on.
And go on it does, and go on even better then before (no offense to Liers In Wait)! The new bill is as follows:

Uncle Touchy
(live from Uranus, ex-Milque Lizard. AmRep x SST x Rednecks = Awesome!)
Sonn Av Krusher
(ex-Car Vs Driver, Hal al Shedad, Chocolate Kiss, Regicide, Line Drive, Hands Of An Angry God, Bloodspoon, Noot d' Noot, Judi Chicago, Ultivac, Pink Panties, and on and on and on. Pummeling hate!)
(ex-Freemasonry, Haricot Vert. Math-rock bliss!)

So, get off your asses and get to the show!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

bloodlet - the seraphim fall

released 1998

"just when i thought i was out...they pull me back in" -90's hardcore we are again

i've gone on record before stating that bloodlet were one of the few bands on the victory records roster that held my attention (and yes...even the THREE HUMID NIGHTS IN THE CYPRESS TREES album)

it was a song from this album ("dogman with horns") that was included on the VICTORY STYLE III compilation that got me turned onto the band

there was just something about the old man gasping for air vocals and the sludginess of the music that did it for me

so now...if you'll join me out on the dance floor...we can pick up invisible change off of the floor...or start a two man dog pile...or just point fingers at each other

DL: the seraphim fall

Thursday, October 27, 2011

brainbombs - burning hell

released 1992

a little drunks with guns

a little flipper

a little pissed jeans

a little gg allin

a little swans

what are you waiting for?

DL: burning hell

sonn av krusher - demo 2007

just a quick poll...

who here likes grAy?


who here doesn't like grAy?

fair enough

either should give this a listen

and to the guy in the should snag this up if only to make fun of it should know that whilst you're doing that...grAy is going to be sitting directly across from you...and you're also going be doused with bbq sauce...and just so you know...grAy eats up criticism like a fat kind eats up the brownies his/her mom made for them to make up for the fact that no one asked them to prom

also...he loves bbq sauce

and in case you hadn't already put it together...grAy is a member (teehee) of the band...he plays guitar

so you should add this to the reasons as to why you need to attend the upcoming reunion show

and while we're on the subject of things grAy has had a hand in (teehee pt.2) should give this a go as well

DL: demo 2007

Sonn Av Krusher - Atlanta, November 5th

Look everybody, I don't want you all to get too terribly excited, but it has come to pass that there wil be ONE MORE opportunity to see the 18th or possibly 19th best band to ever crawl out of the Atlanta smog, so hop to! Sonn Av Krusher is dusting off the cobwebs at the behest of the clamoring public who have literally been begging for a reunion since the sparsely attended "last show" lo those many moons ago. You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest band in the land (patent pending)!

Saturday, November 5th at the Drunken Unicorn, Atlanta, Georgia

Liers In Wait (old Atlanta industrial type band, hasn't played in years)

Uncle Touchy (you know 'em, you love 'em, go listen to their album here)

Sonn Av Krusher (this time as a four piece, with Ian Mauldin the 20 year son of lead singer Matt Mauldin [do the math] on bass!)

Flyer coming soon.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

v/a - theory of everything

we here at SGM would like to point you in the direction of a compilation the folks over at i heart noise put together

we'd also like to suggest that you snag it up

or else

we keed...we keed

no harm would come to you


but the neighbor's yard...well...there are no promises there

and there are no promises that something from your house would make something happen to your neighbor's yard

or at least it would look that way

but we have faith in you

there are some bands on it that SGM likes

there are some bands on it that you like

so...let's forget any of those things were said

click me

guzzard - the alien index survey

released 1996

it's guzzard.

amphetamine reptile released their albums.


DL: the alien index survey

bodychoke - completion

released 2004

and now back to our regularly scheduled program

the title of this album is pretty fitting as now all of the band's albums can be found on SGM here (a link to the MINDSHAFT album can be found in the comments section) and here

this is a compilation of unreleased stuff and alternate versions of songs found on their previously released albums

and for those unfamiliar...i've brought in some bands to help sway you:

big black


DL: completion

Lincoln - Lincoln 7"

Label: Watermark
Year: 1992

At the risk of turning this into a 90's hardcore blog, I did feel the need to pile on (dog pile?) to the previous Sparkmarker post. Lincoln were not as outwardly "Quicksand-y" as Sparkmarker, but the post hardcore dynamics that Quicksand lifted from Helmet, begain seeping into everybody's 7" (gross). Lincoln being no exception (at this point; later they would become far more influenced by the Art Monk Construction scene that they became a part of).
Also of note, Lincoln loved that name so much, they named their band, and both of their 7" eps the same thing. How very, Drunks With Guns of them.
As with most good early 90's hardcore bands, these guys would pop up in numerous other outfits: Glendale, One, Junction, Juro, Justin Robert, The Most Secret Method, and others I'm sure to be forgetting.
This post is dedicated to Proven Hollow.


Monday, October 24, 2011

sparkmarker - products & accesories

released 1994

the canadian quicksand.

are we all in agreement with that statement?


DL: products & accesories

Sunday, October 23, 2011

v/a - god's chosen people

released 1993

are you that person that was described down yonder in the ANTI-MATTER compilation post?

this is for you as well

and even if you're not...this will make you look good to the right people (because as we all know...that's all that really matters,yeah?...i mean...isn't that the reason you wear that sweater with the cats on it every christmas?)

but i digress

more 90's hardcore


1 - avail - sidewalk
2 - merel - new found snide remark
3 - elizabeth herz - easter island
4 - askance - the living
5 - puzzlehead - degenerated (1)
6 - native nod - back to mimsy
7 - rorschach - 21st century schizoid man (2)
8 - groove - extension
9 - shadowman - written undefined
10 - iconoclast - eleventh hour
11 - greyhouse - ever-nearing joy
12 - born against - lillian

1=reagan youth cover
2=king crimson cover

DL: god's chosen people

v/a - anti-matter

released 1996

do you find yourself going out to that shed you have in the backyard when there's no one else around?

you know the one

as you open the door...the light hits the earth crisis and the disembodied and the snapcase and the deadguy and the ( get the idea) posters on the wall

and as you scoot by the boxes full of reach the tupperware container that you keep on the table...and you open the lid...

there it is...

the khaki pants...the size xxl white t-shirt...the backpack...

and you let out a sigh

and you just stand there

"um...the dog threw up all over the floor in the kitchen" says a child's voice from behind you

and then it's all over

this is for you

1 - quicksand - shovel
2 - gameface - everything i do is wrong
3 - outspoken - spark
4 - supertouch - better
5 - farside - moral straight jacket
6 - 108 - artic
7 - snapcase - vent
8 - threadbare - weatherman
9 - civ - don't gotta prove it
10 - garden variety - new guitar parts
11 - undertow - kill
12 - strife - circuit
13 - chamberlain - magnetic 62nd
14 - sense field - shady day
15 - lifetime - theme song for a new brunswick basement show
16 - mouthpiece - to the side

DL: anti-matter

Saturday, October 22, 2011

bad brains - the youth are getting restless

released 1990

this was a stop on their I AGAINST I tour

this took place at the paradiso theater in amsterdam,holland on 5.28.87

1 - i
2 - rock for light
3 - right brigade
4 - house of suffering
5 - day tripper (1)/she's a rainbow (2)
6 - coptic times
7 - sacred love
8 - re-ignition
9 - let me help
10 - the youth are getting restless
11 - banned in d.c.
12 - sailin' on
13 - fearless vampire killers
14 - at the movies
15 - revolution (3)
16 - pay to cum
17 - big takeover

1=the beatles cover
2=rolling stones cover
3=dennis brown cover

DL: the youth are getting restless

Friday, October 21, 2011

v/a - 1995: alternative nation

released 1995

this was a little something the promoters for a festival in australia called ALTERNATIVE NATION put together

they fashioned it after LOLLAPALOOZA (remember when that was worth going to?) and the READING FESTIVAL

1 - faith no more - get out*
2 - pop will eat itself - ich bin ein auslander
3 - peyote - bean curst
4 - supergroove - you freak me
5 - the flaming lips - super humans
6 - the tea party - sun going down
7 - ween - can't put my finger on it
8 - violent femmes - life is an adventure
9 - lou reed - warrior king
10 - nitocris - hemorrhaging souls
11 - def efx - running from shadows
12 - chalk - elephant gun
13 - primus - those damned blue collar tweekers
14 - andy prieboy - how would i know love now
15 - horsehead - oil and water
16 - L7 - freak magnet
17 - downtime - downtime
18 - body count - born dead

*=labeled as "the gentle art of making enemies" on the album...tsk tsk

DL: 1995: alternative nation

verbena - into the pink

released 1999

like the pixies?

like pre-1995 smashing pumpkins?

like nirvana? (dave grohl produced this album)

like this.

go on.

like it.

like it real good.

DL: into the pink

v/a - 11: an escape artist records compilation

released 2001

grAy's posting of the craw album down yonder reminded me of this compilation

this was originally posted over on CGB (speaking of sent me a postcard recently...apparently it's started a family and has moved to mexico and started something called THE CGB FAMILY DONKEY SHOW EXTRAVAGANZA)

but i digress

seeing as how some of the bands found on this comp have had their names dropped hither and thither on could very well enjoy this

let's find out

1 - playing enemy - the closer to caesar
2 - burn it down - ten percent of the law
3 - isis - collapse and crush
4 - time in malta - dissolve
5 - anodyne - lucky sky diamond
6 - keelhaul - enervate
7 - anodyne - coriolis acceleration
8 - playing enemy - insomnia ohio
9 - la gritona - prawn flavor
10 - burn it down - every man's got a devil
11 - craw - chop shop
12 - time in malta - moment of clarity
13 - 27 - april
14 - isis - poison eggs
15 - burn it down - snakes in the garden
16 - burn it down - 1000 tiny wounds
17 - sweetness - pH
18 - isis - gentle time

DL: 11: an escape artist records compilation

Craw - 405/Stomp 7"

Label: Choke Inc
Year: 1993

This was one of those records that I saw the cover (in MRR no doubt), and knew immediately, it would speak to me in some way shape or form. Turns out, it did, and continues to every time I play it.
If you have more than a passing interest in this blog, then surely, you have already been indoctrinated into the Cult Of Craw. But, if somehow, you've missed it, and you don't know this band, just imagine a band that has managed to make every instrument they play a percussive weapon. That's about it.
Both of these songs ended up on the first full length, but these are different versions, recorded earlier.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

carusella - self-titled

released 2008

i just recently found out that the band had split up

after 3 years together and this album

you may remember that they'd taken a mini tour of the states last hopefully you were lucky enough to see them

so i'm re-posting this

get reacquainted

and for those of you that don't know about the band...i'll just go on ahead and say what i said the first time:

"this guy (drums/vocals) and girl (guitar/vocals) duo from tel aviv (that's in israel...learn something new everyday) kick out some noise that fans of such bands as jucifer...the melvins...and even the white stripes can dig on

the vocals are split up between the two...he sings most of the heavier songs...bringing it into helmet territory

her vocals go into an off-kilter kim deal/amber valentine/nico direction

and they're fans of the jesus lizard...shellac...and they have to be decent folks"

DL: carusella

rough rope - demos and wizards

released 2011

one night...cherubs...drunkdriver...flipper...hawks...and the melvins were all hanging out together

and they all drank some punch

and they all passed out

and then some stuff happened

and then 9 months later...this was born

DL: demos and wizards

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

big black - way hap ultimate rarities

released ?

big black

no explanation is needed here...right?



this is a bootleg compilation of demos and live stuff and compilation songs

you also get to hear some pre-big black steve albini in a band called stations (something tells me that steve might've hung out with al jourgensen back in the day)

DL: disc 1
DL: disc 2

venomous concept - retroactive abortion

released 2004

seeing as i mentioned venomous concept in the previous primate post...why not post them,right?

so what you get here is something akin to bands like: poison idea (who the band somewhat took their name from)...early napalm death (they share guitarist shane embury and drummer danny herrera)...millions of dead cops...reagan youth...

you get the idea

also...the melvins' buzz osbourne was a member of the band (well...for this album at least)

DL: retroactive abortion

primate - draw back a stump

released 2011

this is what happens when some members of some bands that some of you around SGMville may or may not be familiar with

bands with names like: brutal truth..mastodon..the despised..the bloody sods (admittedly...i hadn't previously heard of the last 2 before this)

if you're familiar with frontman kevin sharp's other band (venomous concept)...then you know what you're going to get into with this business

some punk

some hardcore

you even get a black flag cover ("drinking and driving")

that just about sums it all up

DL: draw back a stump

v/a - possessed to skate

released 1997

and the borders to SGM are stretched a little bit more (hopefully you're still able to sit comfortably)

seeing as how the posting of the spazz/gob split went over fairly well...i present you all with this

and to answer your don't have to be possessed to skate to enjoy this (but it helps)

this comp is made up of 7 different bands (charles bronson/spazz/assholeparade/pretentious assholes/unanswered/palatka/despise you)

"oh man! is that one song that's all screamy and lasts like 30 seconds on there? please tell me that one song that's all screamy and lasts like 30 seconds is on there,bro! i'd be totally stoked!"

well...let's find out

DL: possessed to skate

Friday, October 14, 2011

bastards - you didn't give a damn about the exploding man because you killed him

released 1989

this is a collection of the band's singles (well...almost all of's missing the song "neighbor" which could be found on the NEIGHBOR/MOTOR CITY KID 7")

so...if you liked the previous bastards can like this too

DL: you didn't give a damn about the exploding man because you killed him

fuck mountain - a new mountain

released 2011

this was sent my way from dublin,ireland

right off the bat i was reminded of some early black flag (the first track reminded me of "tv party")

and then it was early nirvana

and then it was dinosaur jr

so if that's made your DL finger mentioning some superchunk and some replacements and some husker du should make it a little sweaty as well

also...the band's vocalist sounds like elvis costello in some places

and the band's name is fuck mountain

fuck mountain

DL: a new mountain

minutemen - 11.15.85 - safari sam's - huntington beach,ca

and roughly a month later...the band played it's last show

1 - political nightmare
2 - what is it?
3 - stories
4 - bermuda (1)
5 - one reporter's opinion
6 - no one
7 - badges
8 - i felt like a gringo
9 - jesus and tequila
10 - lost (2)
11 - politcal song for michael jackson to sing
12 - god bows to math
13 - please don't be gentle with me
14 - theatre is the life of you
15 - cut
16 - ack ack ack (3)
17 - ain't talkin' 'bout love (4)
18 - this ain't no picnic
19 - history lesson part II
20 - little man with a gun in his hand
21 - green river (5)
22 - substitute

1=roky erickson cover
2=meat puppets cover
3=urinals cover
4=van halen cover
5=creedence clearwater revival

DL: minutemen @safari sam's

Thursday, October 13, 2011

engine kid - self-titled 7"

released 1992

what more can be said about engine kid that hasn't already been said here already

yeah...they sound like slint

yeah...they sound like the pixies

but you should like slint

and you should like the pixies

and you should like neil young covers (they cover "the needle and the damage done")

what more do you want,people?

DL: engine kid

the jesus lizard - 9.11.09 - kutsher's resort - monticello,ny


it's the jesus lizard on 9/11

'nuff said.

1 - puss
2 - gladiator
3 - seasick
4 - killer mchann
5 - destroy before reading
6 - bloody mary
7 - mouth breather
8 - glamorous
9 - nub
10 - my own urine
11 - if you had lips
12 - boilermaker
13 - one evening
14 - chrome (1)
15 - blue shot
16 - then comes dudley
17 - monkey trick
18 - wheelchair epidemic (2)
19 - 7 vs 8

1=cover of the songs "tv as eyes" and "abstract nympho" by the band chrome
2=the dicks cover

DL: the jesus lizard @kutsher's resort

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

John Henry West - John Henry West 7"

Label: Gravity
Year: 1993

So wait, by posting Spazz and a Very Small compilation, does that open the floodgates to all 90's hardcore? Cause, if so, I'm in!
Fucking John Henry West! Most notable as "that Mike Kirsh band between Fuel and Torches To Rome", John Henry West were way more. They have touches of the D.C. post hardcore Fugazi style that Torches To Rome was rocking, but they also have the biting abrasion of the best Born Against period sorta like what Echonochrist were rocking, and a healthy does of straight up USA Hardcore (USA! USA!). Unbeatable, right? Right?!
Let's try and list all the ex-bands, this should be fun...
Fuel, Torches To Rome, Salem Lights, End Of The Line, Han Shan, Dragon Rojo, Reach Out, Fade, Electric Birds, Cars Get Crushed, Sea Tiger, Sawhorse, Skinflutes, Pinhead Gunpowder, Bread And Circuits, Navio Forge, Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack, Colbom, Mercury, Araby, aaaaaaaaaaand, Scherzo. Phew! Did I miss anyone?


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

v/a - four two pudding

released 1993


there was just so much going on in music

this is a compilation that was put out by a label called very small records...and it's a pretty decent document of what was going on about the bay area in california at the time

and where else are you going to find both the offspring and sleep together?

1 - corrupted morals - quality control
2 - econochrist - tooth itch
3 - screeching weasel - i wanna be a homosexual
4 - schizoid - government parasites/chamba
5 - dissent - typical
6 - coffee & donuts - optimator
7 - samiam - speed
8 - offspring - tehran
9 - soup - hangin' out with myself
10 - fuel - the name is...
11 - sewer trout - holiday in romania
12 - nuisance - the rut
13 - lizards - shemp
14 - 23 more minutes - my machine gun
15 - downfall - new regulations
16 - horny mormons - field of gerbils
17 - jawbreaker - fantastic planet
18 - sleep - numb
19 - schlong - new pieces
20 - finger spread - pisstoy
21 - nar - hi,we're nar/i like times
22 - false sacrament - that one
23 - pounded clown - one nine hundred
24 - plaid retina - wringer
25 - logical nonsense - a flower in a sea of shit

DL: four two pudding

spazz/gob split 5"

released 1997

i've been thinking of a way to introduce SGM to some spazz...and i didn't quite know how to do it

but with all of the G-0-(insert rest of band name here) talking going on in the last few posts...what better time to make the introduction

folks...some of you may or may not know of a genre called "powerviolence"

now what powerviolence does is completely destroy shit in a matter of a few seconds

for example: take anything put out by bands like unsane or kittens or deadguy or today is the day...and compress it into a time frame that's a little over a minute long (and that's even kind of stretching it out a bit)

and viola! powerviolence.

and that brings us to gob (not to be confused with some shitty pop punk band from canada)

though not as powerviolence-y as spazz (grAy described them as "they sound like noise rock fans playing fast hardcore and warping it out of shape")...they still have what it takes,maaaaan

and if you'd like to give one of the band's albums a try...go down yonder

you get 6 from spazz
you get 1 from gob

DL: spazz/gob split

Cop Shoot Cop - Consumer Revolt

Label: Circuit
Year: 1990

I read that review of the Godstopper (which I naturally thought was a GodSTOMPER release, but was wrong), and the band that came to mind to me was Cop Shoot Cop. The band that took the grind of Killing Joke and mixed it with the black humor of New York City to vomit out something far more caustic than a band like Big Black, or Slab, or Rusted Shut. There's noise for miles, but there's also an underlying catchiness to the bombast (usually), and with that, they make something memorable from the din.

This was their first full length, and I thought we had already posted it here, but I guess not. So, now that's not going to be an issue.

Also, as a post script to the post below, I would encourage you all to track down some Godstomper in addition to Godstopper, as Godstomper really new how to rage through a 27 second grindcore ditty, in a way Godstopper does not. No offense to Godstopper.


Monday, October 10, 2011

godstopper - empty crawlspace

released 2011

let's see

how to describe this...

godheadsilo records a shoegaze album


some not so punishing unsane

some early swans

some early sonic youth

dinosaur jr

the melvins


some early james hetfield-like vocals

but from canada

and done by one person

yeah...that just about covers it

DL: empty crawlspace

pink city - designing women

released 2011

while listening to the first few moments of this may find yourself thinking "when did unsane and halo of flies do something together?"

and then you may find yourself thinking "you know...the swans are a pretty decent band"

and then you may find yourself thinking "you know...this totally reminds me of an album...i can't remember what it's called...i can see the cover in my head...the name of the band is right there...dammit!...i hate when this happens!...ah!...another nosebleed!" (i'll help you're welcome)

and now...i'll throw out a few other things that come to mind whilst listening to this:

joy division
killing joke
the experimental side of the melvins

so...with what you know should be listening to this in about 2 minutes

and then you should go here

DL: designing women

Friday, October 7, 2011

the color of noise

"in my mind there there was genre..which is know..punch in the face" -haze xxl

this is a movie about thomas hazelmyer and his amphetamine reptiles

the trailer

the info

Thursday, October 6, 2011

melvins - 9.22.90 - motor sports international garage - seattle,wa

and with this and have half the show

1 - it's shoved
2 - eye flys
3 - if i had an exorcism
4 - if i had an exorcism (contd)
5 - zodiac
6 - boris
7 - anaconda
8 - disinvite
9 - euthanasia
10 - vile
11 - oven
12 - raise a paw
13 - green honey
14 - ligature
15 - (unknown)
16 - with yo' heart,not yo' hand*

*=malfunkshun cover

DL: melvins @motor sports international garage

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

dickkicker - somniloquent

released 2010

oh yeah...that's just what this will do

kick you in the dick

and it'll do it all with the gusto of neurosis and some torche and some old school melvins and some anodyne and some non compos mentis... the idea

now get on this

or get kicked in the dick

and not in the good way,friend

DL: somniloquent

shit happiness - chords ep

released 2011

hopefully you'd downloaded the band's SELF-TITLED DEMO because you get more of the same here...sans vocals this time around

and if you haven't...i suggest you do so

"yeah...well...what if i don't want to...what's in it for me?"

well,you stubborn get some fudge tunnel/helmet/unsane-like know...from russia and without vocals

and you know what?

that should be good enough nowadays

DL: chords ep

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

morsel - noise floor

originally released 1994

grAy had originally posted this awhile back...and as i was going through the SGM email i came across a message that was sent by the band's bassist/vocalist be hussey asking that the link be removed because the band were going to re-release the album

so i hastily took the link/post down

but what i should've done was made a post about the band re-releasing the album and then pointed folks in the direction they could find it

so that's just what i'm going to do

you should also pick up a copy of the band's G.I.B.L.E.T. ep whilst there

click me

Monday, October 3, 2011

v/a - the song ramones the same

released 2002

i didn't even know this existed up until a few days ago when i was hopping around on youtube searching for videos from the band whale

so...if you like the ramones

and you like bands covering the ramones

this is for you (are one of us)

1 - sahara hotnights - rockaway beach
2 - cool millions - the kkk took my baby away
3 - sort sol - blitzkrieg bop
4 - the nomads & kissettes - i remember you
5 - d-a-d - havana affair
6 - hellacopters - what'd ya do
7 - per gessle - i wanna be your boyfriend
8 - the saturnine - mama's boy
9 - the dictators - i just wanna have something to do
10 - sator - mental hell
11 - whale - now i wanna sniff some glue
12 - wolf - i'm not afraid of life
13 - wayne kramer - bonzo goes to bitburg
14 - toilet boys - carbona not glue
15 - maryslim - i believe in miracles
16 - wilmer x - i can't make it on time
17 - danko jones - return of jackie & judy
18 - backyard babies - pet semetary
19 - jesse malin - questioningly

DL: the song ramones the same

jethrine - wildlife ep

released 2010

file this under the heading of "something i should've posted a long time ago"

these fellas are/were (they recently took on the hiatus status) from portland,or

and to pull a quote from band member jamie: "if you likes the liz, vintage helmet, shellac, fugazi, melvins, etc...this may be up your alley." like all of that,yes?

i'm going to tack on a few more bands to sweeten the pot: white drugs,mule,dazzling killmen,early clutch

didn't that make it even better?

and not only even get a roky erickson cover

oh yeah?


DL: wildlife ep

Sunday, October 2, 2011

my hip is damaged

i don't wanna hear it...because i have alzheimer's and will eventually forget it
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