Wednesday, March 27, 2019

v/a - the return of the living dead movie soundtrack

released: 1985
label: enigma records


1 - the cramps - surfin' dead
2 - 45 grave - partytime (zombie version)
3 - t.s.o.l. - nothing for you
4 - the flesh eaters - eyes without a face
5 - roky erickson - burn the flames
6 - the damned - dead beat dance
7 - tall boys - take a walk
8 - the jet black berries - love under will
9 - ssq - tonight (we'll make love until we die)
10 - ssq - trash's theme


folk implosion - natural one ep

released: 1995
label: london records

this is the australian version of the single which is 2 songs from the KIDS movie soundtrack +3 (which totally sound like something the beastie boys would've done post PAUL'S BOUTIQUE).


slint - club dreamerz - chicago,il - 3.3.89

SPIDERLAND celebrates its 28th birthday today.

what more can be said about slint?
what words could be used to describe them that haven't been used already?

tastes like chicken?

1 - nosferatu man
2 - ron
3 - nan ding
4 - charlotte
5 - pat
6 - the unknown song
7 - breadcrumb trail
8 - good morning,captain
9 - rhoda
10 - cortez the killer*
*=neil young cover


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

deadguy - screamin' with the deadguy quintet

released: 1996
label: victory records

yeah yeah yeah.
i know i know i know.
blah blah blah.

i was once like you. FIXATION ON A CO-WORKER is church,bro. i'm right there with you.
but as with all good things they just don't seem to stick around for that long.
the mcrib.


but if'n it weren't for tim singer (vocals) and keith huckins (guitar) leaving the band you wouldn't have any family man or kiss it goodbye.
are you going to complain about that?
you shouldn't.
some people's kids,maaaaaaaan.

the first song i'd heard of this version of the band was "turk 182" via a victory records sampler. truth be told i wasn't all that impressed the first few times i gave it a listen. but the more that i listened the more it grew on me and the more i found myself screaming out "BROTHERS AND SISTERS/THE SKY IS FALLING/WE'RE GOIN' DOOOOOOWN" at random moments during the day. and then i'd discovered their cover of the misfits "horror business" on the VIOLENT WORLD: A TRIBUTE TO THE MISFITS compilation and i was sold.

ok ok.
i'll get to it.
this sounds like deadguy doing kiss it goodbye with today is the day's steve austin on vocals.
it's funny that you mention steve austin as he produced this here thing and shows up providing some vocals on a few of the songs.

y'know what....
either listen to this or don't.
i'm going to go and squeeze into my jncos (which i wear ironically of course) and eat the mcrib that i've been keeping in my freezer.


cannibal corpse - 8.19.92 - chicago,il

this one of those "unofficial release" releases.

i remember seeing cannibal corpse playing a one-off show with the rock-afire-explosion (aka the showbiz pizza band) back in 1992. it may or may not have been part of this tour. and if memory serves me correctly there were a few members of dr. teeth and the electric mayhem (aka the muppet show band) in the audience. there was barely anyone attending this particular show. i remember walking up to the bar every so often and telling the bartender that i was getting drinks for my friends but i'm pretty sure he was onto me. i'm not sure if it was the fact that he could look over at the table i was sitting at see that i was clearly sitting there alone or maybe it was the fact that i'd eventually just gave up walking up to the bar and just rolling off of the chair i was sitting in and then rolling my way up to the bar. i'm not really sure. but i'm pretty sure that i saw that same bartender walking out of my mom's room the following morning.

but i'm getting off track.

so once the rock-afire-explosion finished their set members of all 3 bands took to the stage and just started to jam. it was pretty decent. and it wasn't until years later that i'd heard an early version of the cannibal corpse song "orgasm through torture" being pieced together.

the only downer part of the evening was when chris barnes threw his hairbrush at me from the stage while they were playing "shredded humans" because he apparently didn't like my adding of "they stay crispy/even in milk". no sense of humor that guy. and that brush was gross.

1 - covered with sores
2 - edible autopsy
3 - put them to death
4 - meat hook sodomy
5 - addicted to vaginal skin
6 - vomit the soul
7 - shredded humans
8 - the cryptic stench
9 - a skull full of maggots


Saturday, March 23, 2019

USA/Mexico - Matamoros

Label: Riot Season
Year: 2019

Holy shit y'all, we got ourselves a front runner for Album Of The Year already! Good lord this thing is fucking incredible!!!
It would be worth it alone for the Cherubs cover ('Shoofly', this author's personal favorite), complete with Kevin Whitley on vocals, no less. But this band has churned out four more songs of maximum overdrive, rumbling, roiling perfection. It's a bulldozer clearing a fire lane in your skull. So goddamn good.


Friday, March 22, 2019

this day forward - the transient effects of light on water

label: eulogy recordings
released: 2000

i can tell by your black t-shirt that you're a converge fan.
am i wrong?
ok then.
let me introduce you to this day forward.
and i can tell by your black t-shirt that you're a fan of some poison the well and some deadguy and some hopesfall and some old school cave-in....
practically any sort of thing that would fall under the headings of "metalcore" and "hardcore" in the early part of the 00s.
am i wrong?
did i mention converge?
i probably did.
the memory isn't what it used to be.
so there's this band called converge that you'll probably dig,kid.


v/a - initial records: worst label ever

released: 2004
label: initial records

"the best of the best from the worst of the worst"

sampler cds are just the best. they're the kick-ass mixtape/cd you didn't make. but you can get all of the accolades. totally. but you've got to make sure that your friends are none the wiser. so maybe try your spiel on one of your grandparents first. sure. they'd love pretty much anything you'd do and you don't really want to lie to them. but are you really lying to them? maybe you are. but these are also the grandparents that would never let you sit up past 9:00pm to watch television while you were spending the night. all you wanted to do was sit on the couch with a bag of chips and watch 120 MINUTES. you weren't going to be bothering anyone. it would be just you on the couch in the basement watching television. at a reasonable volume even. why do your grandparents even have the channel that plays 120 MINUTES in the first place? well. grampa likes to watch the tv and has to have all of the channels. even channels he doesn't even watch. he just has to have them. fucking control freak. and why do they want you in bed before 9:00 anyway? what goes on after you're asleep? remember that one time when you woke up and had to use the bathroom and you looked over at the digital clock before you go out of bed and it was only 10:45 and when you went to turn the knob on the door it wouldn't move? was it locked? what was going on? what was going on out there? and then when you looked through the keyhole there was nothing but blackness staring back at you. but you really had to go to the bathroom. but you were freaked out about all of the possible lovecraftian horrors that could possibly be awaiting you on the other side.....
and this is why the plant your gramma had put in the corner was now dead.
you'd thought it was made of plastic.
and that's why you'll find nothing but plastic plants in this household.
thanks for listening,kids.
good talk.
and now if you'll excuse me there's something that needs tending to in the neighbor's basement.

1 - black cross - roll up your sleeves
2 - blood red - peeping tom
3 - blue sky mile - the philosophy of time travel
4 - breather resist - the second half
5 - criteria - the life
6 - harkonen - in tow
7 - helicopter helicopter - harsh light
8 - lords - mouth to mouth
9 - the national acrobat - the raleigh
10 - paulson - a great pretending
11 - roy - t town concrete
12 - peter searcy - spark
13 - ultimate fakebook - when i'm with you,i'm okay
14 - ink & dagger - catch the flashback
15 - le shok - electric digits
16 - the movielife - maybe it's nothing
17 - planes mistaken for stars - depression*
18 - helicopter helicopter - talk the flyer down
19 - blood red - archdiocese
20 - criteria - thickness of the wave
*=black flag cover


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

crisis of conformity - fist fight!

released: 2011
label: drag city

i remember reading stories about this band's shenanigans back in the day.
like the time the band's vocalist told greg ginn that his guitar playing sounded like a sick cat.
or the time the band's bass player called the ramones hippies and threatened to give them all haircuts.
or that one time the band's vocalist got up on stage at a corrosion of conformity show and punched mike dean in the face and then started screaming that his band was a only C.O.C that mattered into the microphone.
or that one time the band's bass player covered ian mackaye with bologna while he was alseep.
and then there was the time when the band's vocalist got on stage at a butthole surfers show and challenged gibby haynes to a dance contest while covered in cream corn and goat semen and chocolate syrup...and won.

"what about the other members of the band?"

as far as i know they chose to just keep to themselves and read in the van.

it's a wonder that the band even stayed together long enough to release this 7".
those were the daze,bro.

now before all you of "punk rock historians" scramble off to go and try to find any mentioning of any of that business up yonder in your notebooks or you start saying things like "oh man! that shit was crazy at that butthole surfers show!" i'll let you in on a little something....

this was never a band that existed outside of a recording studio.
this band had/has one member.
and that one member's name is fred armisen.
that fred armisen.
fred armisen of SNL and PORTLANDIA fame.
he's also quite the musician.
he played drums in a band called trenchmouth.
he's played with the blue man group.
he's played with matthew sweet.
he's played with les savy fav.
he's played with blah blah blah....

you're not interested in any of that stuff.
you don't really care for music,do ya?
some people's kids.


neurosis - pain of mind re-issue bonus disc

released: 2000
label: neurot

you know who neurosis are.
you've heard their PAIN OF MIND album.
it was re-issued back in 2000 with a little something extra.
this is that little something extra.

1 - stalemate (live at 324 gilman '88)
2 - black (live at 324 gilman '87)
3 - instrumental (live at 324 gilman '88)
4 - grey (live on WFMU '89)
5 - pollution (live on WFMU '89)
6 - life on your knees (live on WFMU '89)
7 - reasons to hide (demo)
8 - ingrown (demo)
9 - pain of mind (demo)
10 - dominoes fall (demo)


death grips - exmilitary

released: 2011
label: third worlds

"what is this...this...this hipster shit doing here? is this what you're into now,bro? you disappear and then come back and....this? is this what you listen to while you're standing in line at the starbucks trying to decide what kind of foam you want on your...your...i dunno...whatever the shit they have there! i mean...."

let me stop you there.

1: i am the furthest thing from a hipster that you can imagine. i'll slap some butter on that manbun and fucking eat it.

2: have you ever been inside of a starbucks? i would love it if'n death grips were to be playing whilst i'm standing in line waiting to order my LARGE (fuck that grande shit) iced caramel macchiato with extra espresso. go in and order up a piece of their chocolate cheesecake and then come talk to me.

ok. i apologize for coming off a wee bit aggressive there. caffeine does that to a person. it's not you. it's me. well. it's a little bit you. what? why don't you come closer and say that? don't you raise that eyebrow at me,steven! i don't care if it's not your name! you'd better....

again i'm sorry.
perhaps i should've went to the park and ran around with the squirrels to try and get rid of some of this energy.
but i'm not allowed to to that anymore because i apparently freak people out when they see me running out in public for whatever reason.
they talked about it on the news the other day.
did you see it?
i had my mom tape it if'n you'd like to come over and watch it with me later.
what do you mean you have something else to do?
you're standing there in a pair of jogging pants and a sleeveless ELO t-shirt.
come on now.

ok ok ok ok ok ok.

death grips.
this could maybe be considered the "millennial PAUL'S BOUTIQUE".
i don't know.
it just sounded right.
the band samples everything from the beastie boys to black flag to charles manson to pink floyd to david bowie to the pet shop boys.
what do you mean by "what's PAUL'S BOUTIQUE"?!
i'm going to have to let that one slide because if i don't the vein in my forehead is going to explode and blood will get all over that ELO t-shirt and then i'll have to pay for it to be cleaned and....
like i'd pay for that to be cleaned.
i don't even know why i'm standing here talking to you.
does the name zach hill ring a bell at all?
i didn't think so.
he's a member of this band.
he plays the drums.
he's played the drums with some other folks as well.
there's hella and team sleep and crimes in choir and joan of arc and....
but what do you care because something tells me that your favorite drummer is lars ulrich.
and it's probably post AND JUSTICE FOR ALL lars ulrich.

i'm done.


and in case you're wanting some death grips karaoke here's an instrumental version of the album: DL

Sunday, March 17, 2019

total fucking destruction - compact disc version 1.0

released: 2004
label: bones brigade

do you remember the band brutal truth?
do you remember the direction they went into after their NEED TO CONTROL album?
this is exaclty like that.
and speaking of brutal truth: the band's second drummer (richard hoak aka the man of many faces behind the kit) does what he does here as well as provides some vocals.
i'm really really hoping that you nodded your head in a "yeah! i totally do!" manner after my asking those questions.
and if you didn't....
i'm not going to hold that against you as i'm practicing the art of patience.
and guess what....
this band has an album called ZEN AND THE ART OF TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION which you should really check out as well.
and then check out brutal truth's KILL TREND SUICIDE ep.
that's what they'd released after the above mentioned album.
and then check out everything else brutal truth released.
even the albums released after SOUNDS OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM.
truth be told that's kind of where i lost interest in them.

"but what about this band? we're not talking about brutal truth,bro. come on,grampa."

this album is mostly made up of demos and a show they played in philadelphia.
and if'n you're interested in covers there are 2 of them here.
they cover "yes ma'am" by d.r.i. and "jesus!" by feederz.

you're either going to check this out or you're not going to check this out.
but if you don't: that's on you.
you know that kid that lives down the street from you?
the one that eats spaghetti while taking a bath?
he digs this band.
are you going to let a kid that eats spaghetti while taking a bath be better than you?
yeah yeah yeah.
you're all talk,kid.
get offa my lawn or i'm gonna let the squirrels loose on ya.


soilent green - sewn mouth secrets

released: 1998
label: relapse records

i'm going to assume that by your wearing of that pantera shirt that you're a fan of the band eyehategod,yeah? am i wrong in that assumption? your mom didn't just pick it up for you down at the goodwill because it has a skull on it and she knows how much you like "all of that weirdo stuff"?

still with me?

ok. now imagine if eyehategod played with a pantera-like proficiency.
get it?
got it?

i'd like to stick around longer but i've got things to do.
your mom and i are going to the mall so we can hit up some bath & body works.
i'm thinking that since she has to be around you all the time she just might know a little something about having to cover up strange smells.
and if you're lucky we'll bring you some white castle back.
and if'n you're really really lucky you'll get some cheeseburgers without bites taken out of them.
but i'm not going to promise anything.


v/a - shattered,flattered & covered: a tribute to unsane

released: 2017
label: antena krzyku

you like unsane.
you like these bands.
these bands that you like are covering a band that you like.
and now you can like these bands that you like covering a band that you like.

disc 1:
1 - pushmen - against the grain
2 - KEN mode - broke
3 - suma - get off my back
4 - turin horse - blame me
5 - buildings - organ donor
6 - maud - committed
7 - faking - alleged
8 - seawhores - lead
9 - irk - disdain
10 - fashion week - only pain
11 - disasteratti - stuck
12 - hawks - body bomb
13 - boy division - can't see
14 - ex wives - hll
15 - cult of occult - this plan

disc 2:
1 - grizzlor - sick
2 - membrane - out
3 - throat - get away
4 - grizzly daughter - vandal-x
5 - sinking suns - exterminator
6 - silent front - scrape
7 - beige eagle boys - streetsweeper
8 - child bite - don't
9 - sofy major - backslide
10 - the wayward - bath
11 - multicult - trench
12 - nudist - over me
13 - flying disk - empty cartridge
14 - cani sciorri - release
15 - lleroy - understand
16 - joe 4 - ruin/swim
17 - tom violence - burn*
*=unlisted track


v/a - meantime [redux]

released: 2016
label: magnetic eye records

you like helmet.
you like these bands.
these bands you like are covering helmet.
and now you can like these bands that you like covering a band that you like.

1 - i am become death - in the meantime
2 - earthship - ironhead
3 - ironweed - give it
4 - sunflo'er - unsung
5 - KEN mode - turned out
6 - kings destroy - he feels bad
7 - meek is murder - better
8 - ironweed - you borrowed
9 - the glorious rebellion - fbla II
10 - fuck the facts - role model
11 - fashion week - i know
12 - rosetta - like i care
13 - livver - sinatra
14 - heads - blacktop
15 - blackwolfgoat - bad mood
16 - brief lives - milquetoast


Wednesday, March 13, 2019

nasum - inhale/exhale

released: 1998
label: relapse records

all you need to know about this is that it's some quality stuff put out by relapse records.
relapse records always puts out quality stuff.
the end.
i remember the band the end.
they also worked with relapse records.
that album right there is definitely some quality stuff.

you've gotten me off topic.

the first nasum song i'd ever heard was "shapeshifter" via a relapse records sampler that had come with an order i'd made. sigh. those were the days,bro. remember the catalog they had? RESOUND. yeah. i'd repeatedly read through it. i'd mark an X next to something i'd liked and planned on ordering which is how i'd gotten this album and then annoyed everyone around me with it. apparently you can play something too much. i don't get it but whatever. my cat liked it and i totally trusted my cat's opinion over most folks. no. that cat isn't around anymore but that's another story for another time. her name was mina. i didn't name her that though. it was my then girlfriend's idea. when it was just us i'd just call her cat and she seemed to be ok with it.

but anyway....

if'n you're aware of the sort of product relapse records puts out than this is right up your alley,kids.


brutal truth - birth of ignorance

this is one of those "unofficial release" releases.
it's brutal truth being brutal truth on a stage in front of a crowd that paid money for them to be brutal truth in front of them.
this happened on 1.22.93 in nijmwegen,the netherlands.

1 - intro
2 - denial of existence
3 - birth of ignorance
4 - stench of profit
5 - ill-neglect
6 - wilt
7 - collateral damage
8 - walking corpse
9 - regression-progression
10 - h.o.p.e.
11 - monetary gain
12 - perpetual conversion
13 - time
14 - blockhead
15 - s.o.b.-conversions*
16 - unjust compromise
*=s.o.b. cover


v/a - century media sampler 2004

released: 2004
label: century media

this was a little something that came along with a shadows fall album (THE WAR WITHIN) that i picked up the other day. truth be told i'm not really all that much of a shadows fall fan and i'd only gotten it because it was $1 and it came with a free sampler.

"come on,bro! you have to like them! their singer with the cool hair! whatsamatter,bro? are you against guys with cool hair? and what about overcast? he was in overcast,bro! come on!"

i'll just go on record as saying that i'd choose overcast over shadows fall. don't get me wrong. they have a few decent songs but i can't seem to remember their titles.

so you can stand there with that look on your face and your arms crossed all you want.
i'm moving on.

i've been a fan of century media ever since i'd randomly picked up one of their IDENTITY samplers back in the day. and then they've released albums by eyehategod and strapping young lad and chum and stampin' ground and venomous concept and the gathering....

and of course stuck mojo. how can you forget stuck mojo. i know you've been in your room doing whatever you call that whilst listening to "snappin' necks" and "pigwalk". i was in your closet. duh. have you not met me?

moving on.

century media has remained consistently consistent with the types of bands they choose to work with unlike some labels out there *cough*earache*cough*victory*cough*roadrunner*

one last thing before you're dismissed.
if there's anyone out there that has any of the IDENTITY samplers and would care to share them just drop a note and perhaps something could be worked out.
the bell doesn't dismiss you.
i dismiss you.

1 - god forbid - antihero
2 - the haunted - all against all
3 - diecast - medieval
4 - heaven shall burn - the weapon they fear
5 - stampin' ground - bear the scars


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

blessing the hogs - the poisoning

released: 2002
label: goodfellow records

hi. i'm sure that you've heard of billy anderson,yeah? he's a producer that's produced albums by such bands as: buzzov*en and eyehategod and high on fire and kiss it goodbye and neurosis and sleep. the list goes on and on.

billy anderson also plays the guitar and provides some vocals in this here band. and of course he produced it as well.

so if you like any of the bands mentioned here you're going to like this too.
i promise.
who are you to tell me no?!
you're a 1978 ford econoline whose tape deck only plays black sabbath's MASTER OF REALITY because the tape is stuck?
you can enjoy this as well,bro.
i'd never lie to a 1978 ford econoline whose tape deck can only play black sabbath's MASTER OF REALITY because the tape is stuck.
i wouldn't do that to you.
i'm not that guy.
you seem pretty nice yourself.
i like ice cream.
yeah we should totally go and get some.
can i drive?
ok ok ok ok! sorry!

[voiceover: he was last seen getting into a black van that had...and i quote...a pretty kick-ass unicorn painted on its side. he hasn't been seen or heard from since.]


kylesa - kylesa

released: 2002
label: prank

most of you are probably aware of who kylesa are/were (the band went on one of those indefinite hiatus things back in 2016) so i'll just go on ahead and give y'all a cliffnotes version....

after the band damad split up some of the members went onto form this band (along with guitarist/vocalist laura pleasants). if you dig bands with names like: baroness and black sabbath and mastadon and neurosis and and and....

you get the idea.
you'd like this as well i assure you.
and did you notice the pushead artwork on the cover?

"hi. i've heard of those other bands but what about that damad thing? and pushead? that just sounds gross."

i can't take the time to explain everything to you. i have things that i need to be doing for myself: learning how to make the perfect pancake. catching up on M*A*S*H re-runs. hiding from the government. you know. adult stuff. try hunting down this thing called "google". it's new. i'm not really sure what it does. just be careful with it. i've heard stories.


dopethrone - hochelaga

released: 2015
label: totem cat records

remember back when you were a kid and you and your friends would always go out on adventures? you'd always go into that abandoned building just outside of town and throw rocks through what windows there were left and you'd go around teasing all of the neighborhood dogs and you'd go into the wooded area behind the pharmacy and pass around that pornographic magazine you'd found in a plactic bag that had been stuffed inside of a hollowed out tree. yeah. those were the good old days,huh? and then there was that day where you and your friends wandered outside of your normal route and went off into the woods near the train tracks because you'd really wanted to throw rocks into the river. none of you cared about the warnings your parents had given you. you needed to throw rocks into the water. it's all that you were able to think about that morning during breakfast. it had to happen. who cares about some guy that may or may not even live in an abandoned camper. what could that guy even do? there would be 4 of you against 1 of him. just let him try something! besides. it was probably all just something that parents told their kids to get them to eat their vegetables and to do their homework and blah blah blah....

you're still not able to remember all that much about that day. why would you want to? even if brad and darryl were still around would they remember anything? would they even talk about it? you could always go and visit ryan but he hasn't said a word since that day. you're not even on his visitors list.

that day.
that day.

you know the guy you saw in the woods that day? the one that lived in the abandoned camper? the one that your parents had warned you about? with his long and unkempt beard and dirty flannel shirt and his ratty looking pants and that smell you could smell even if you were standing a dozen feet upwind from him? and those sunglasses. why was he even wearing sunglasses? there wasn't any sun getting through those trees. why was he even wearing sunglasses?!

that day.
that day.

if that guy were music he'd be this band.


Friday, March 8, 2019

shitkid - shitkid

released: 2016
label: pnkslm

picture this: kathleen hanna and some old school jesus and mary chain are recording some demos in a bedroom and it's being produced by calvin johnson.

now picture this: it's all done by a girl named asa söderqvist and she lives in sweden.



bolt thrower - rehearsal '86

fun fact: it's required by law that anyone listening to bolt thrower needs to be wearing a loincloth made of fire.

"but in battle there is no law,sir."

i see what you did there and i like it.
but you're not going into battle.
you're going to be sitting in a basement and saying things like "i throw blah blah blah at your orc! blah blah blah goblin cock! shazam!".

i get it though.
you're shy and awkward and the female species knows nothing about the music stylings of rush.
i know.
all of those drums are pretty cool.
and then you get to eat all of those snacks that you're mom doesn't allow you to eat.
all of those potato chips.
all of that mountain dew.
and let's not forget about that pizza with all of the extra cheese.
oh yeah.
but the thing is....
you're 35 years old and you are totally capable of doing your own grocery shopping.
and if you want to put up that poster of that one girl from that one show you can do it.
it's your room.
and don't even worry about your stepdad being all like "as long as you're under my room blah blah blah.".
if he says anything about anything you just sneak out to his car in the middle of the night and maybe his favorite eddie money tape disappears.
who knows.
the future is wide open and it's so bright you gotta wear shades.
i've rambled on long enough.
i've got places to be.
tell your mom that i appreciate the blinds being kept open
she'll know what it means.

1 - in battle there's no law
2 - attack in the aftermath
3 - untitled
4 - untitled
5 - untitled


arab on radar - soak the saddle

released: 1999
label: skin graft records

you're fully aware of the skin graft records roster,yeah? you know that 99.9% of what's put out on the label is a fairly good way to clear a room and the perfect way to find out who at the party is on hallucinogens,yeah? this is no different.


Thursday, March 7, 2019

godflesh - 3.14.11 - roadburn festival - tilburg,netherlands

as a frequenter of this here blog i'm just going to assume that you already know who godflesh is. and then i'm going to assume that you're aware of their STREETCLEANER album. this is them doing that in its entirety in front of some people.

1 - like rats
2 - christbait rising
3 - pulp
4 - dream long dead
5 - head dirt
6 - devastator/mighty trust krusher
7 - life is easy
8 - streetcleaner
9 - locust furnace
10 - tiny tears
11 - wound
12 - deadhead
13 - suction


oozing wound - retrash

year: 2013
label: thrill jockey

there may be some of you out there that miss the ol' melvins/big business business. and there may be some of you out there that like to crack open a nice cold can of budweiser and then use that empty can as some sort of a smoking thing-a-ma-jigger (i'm not sure what it's called because i don't hang around with those kinds of folks anymore...or any less) to smoke whatever it is that you can manage to comb out of your carpeting after a long hard day of just waking up at 1:30 on a wednesday afternoon. and don't worry. it doesn't sound as if there's anyone else home so you'll be able to creep upstairs to the kitchen to steal more of your stepdad's beer. he'll never know that it's missing anyway,right? and you won't have to listen to your mom saying that no one is ever going to hire someone that walks around in the same sleeveless slayer t-shirt day after day. moms. pshhhhhhhh. they just don't get it.

where was i?
oh yeah....

big business.
sleeveless slayer t-shirts.


Tuesday, March 5, 2019

El Buzzard - Gringa

Year: 2006
Label: The Electric Human Project

Self described as a "noise metal" band, these fuckers came out of San Jose and laid waste to shit. You'd have never guessed they spawned from mid nineties screamo spazzes, Mohinder, but lo and behold, that's just what they did. Gringa was their last will and testament before breaking up and reforming as Breasts. On this record they continue to play slash and burn, loud as shit skuzz rock with heavy Unsane and Karp leanings, but this time around there's a slight late-period Black Flag vibe creeping in. The warped stoner proto-metal riffing that Greg Ginn was experimenting with round about 1985 rears it's ugly head here, and seems to fit in just fine. This is a dirty, raw, punked out rawk trip.

*originally posted 09-05-08, reposted 10-07-15, reposted for the final time 03-05-19


Monday, March 4, 2019

Cop Shoot Cop - Headkick Facsimile

Label: Supernatural Organization
Year: 1989

I think this particular record bounces around the music blogs from time to time, but I don't think we've ever posted it here, and that's a crime for which I truly apologize. This is an absolute "must have" for folks who enjoy the type of music spotlighted on Shiny Grey Monotone. No question, you have to have this playing in your ear holes at some point at least once a month. Minimum.
Cop Shoot Cop were the quintessential New York City noise rock band, and in my opinion, this (their first release) is their crowning glory. The bass tones are punishing, the drumming and percussive treatments are tribal, and the vocals are all seething bile and condescending vitriol. Note, there is no guitar, no screeching treble or slashing chords, only two mind-numbingly relentless bassists. In addition, Cop Shoot Cop have augmented their sound with keyboard and saxophone samples to enrich the low end assault. Please be aware that I do not condone, under normal circumstances, the use of saxophone in my life, hence my distrust for jazz, my suspicion of salsa, and my loathing of ska. I just don't want no goddamn woodwinds fucking up my good time. Period. But, and this is a big "but" ("let's talk about your big 'butt'" - Pee Wee Herman), Cop Shoot Cop have employed these sounds to great effect and so I must allow them to enter my brain just this once.
So, saxophone aside, if you do not own this record, please stop, drop  and roll...then grab it and listen at top volume.

*Originally posted 01-30-09, reposted 10-14-15, reposted again for the final time 03-04-19

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