Tuesday, January 31, 2012

big black - he's a whore/the model 7"

released 1987

it's big black

and they're covering cheap trick and kraftwerk

also...perhaps you know of a band called the raconteurs,no?...if not...all you need to know is that jack white (of the white stripes fame) is their vocalist...and a few years back they had a song called "steady as she goes" on the radio (actually...you don't really need to know any of that)...the point i'm trying to make is that the aforementioned song sounds a lot like kraftwerk's "the model" rhythm-wise

and now you have something new to bring up while standing around the water cooler at work tomorrow

DL: he's a whore/the model 7"

mudhoney - you're gone 7"

released 1990

you know who mudhoney are

you love what mudhoney are

this is mudhoney giving you a song that you can only find on this 7"

this is mudhoney giving you a song that would later be found on their EVERY GOOD BOY DESERVES FUDGE album

this is mudhoney covering a song by thee mighty caesars (with vocalist billy childish providing vocals)

DL: you're gone 7"

Monday, January 30, 2012



Beloved and missed San Francisco punk rock.

Fun and hooky, smart and catchy, weird and wonderful. With incredibly deft lyrics, Bill Stevenson inflected drumming, and riffs that recall some of the best things about 90's punk rock, probably 'cause Hickey were one of the best things about 90's punk rock, this is one of those things we'd all be better off for with it embedded in our brains.

If you don't already know this, then this oughta be a great place to get a start on doing so.

Hickey - Self-Titled



Holy shit this is good.

Originally posted over on the Chunklet website a while back, I've taken the shittily encoded m4a's, cleaned them up a little, properly tagged the tracks, and heaved it back up for everyone to enjoy, albeit in mp3 format.

We get early (pre Laura Carter) Jack O'Nuts, Mercyland and Porn Orchard, we get the mighty Bar-B-Q Killers covering Walter Egan's 'Magnet and Steel' as 'Maggots and Steel'; we get the new-wavish punk goodness of Crack (whose stuff I've been wanting to hear for a few years now and the one song from them on this comp, Mermaphrodite, does not disappoint me in the least), we get the sludgey goodness of Bolt Upright, we get the wonderfully named Dr. Mandible's Beast Orchestra, we get Vic Chestnut with 'Mr. Riley', we get Die Monster Die with 'Perfect Picture' reminding me of Joy Division's 'Dead Souls' in the best way possible...

Got it?

01 Jack O'Nuts - You're Doing It All Wrong
02 Burger Chief - The Corrector
03 Bolt Upright - Trashwill
04 Crack - Mermaphrodite
05 Ray Ugly - Bash.
06 Flip Lock Top - Lickspittle
07 Porn Orchard - Black Tidal Wave
08 Black Cop - Abraham Is The Father Of Faith
09 Dr. Mandible's Beast Orchestra - Mr. Nice Guy
10 Mercyland - Down
11 Danny Kottar - Methane
12 Vic Chestnut - Mr Riley
13 Damage Report - Silencer
14 Die Monster Die - Perfect Picture
15 Just Setmore - Dr Red Tonguein' The Whale
16 Spongefromme - DeePression
17 Tanzplagen - Treachery
18 Bolt Upright - Piriah
19 Loose Wood Assembly - A Grandmother's World Moves At A Snails Pace
20 Sepp Meiser's Hosen - New Age Music For A Bavarian Cow
21 Bar-B-Q Killers - Maggots And Steel

Get it, and enjoy

9 To Get Out



1980's hardcore from Cincinnati, Ohio.
This is the works, including their 'Contradiction' ep.

01. Stitch
02. Erase the Thought
03. Suburban Haven
04. Of It
05. Figure It Out
06. Contradiction
07. Up and Over
08. Too Bad
09. First Step
10. Put It Off
11. Daktari
12. Demise
13. Friends I've Made
14. What Happens Next?
15. Yourself
16. First Step
17. Summer
18. The Tower
19. Power Within
20. The Deadly Years
21. Retina/Demise

Info :
Tracks [01-08] Recorded December 1983 *
Tracks [09-14] Recorded August 1984,
Tracks [15-21] Recorded Summer 1985.

*released as the Contradiction/Shag Dog 7''

Musicians :

(December 1983 Session)
Julian Bevan: Vocals, Chris Donnelly: Guitar,
Karl Meyer: Bass, Andrew Hamilton: Drums

(August, 1984)
Julian Bevan: Vocals, Chris Donnelly: Guitar,
Karl Meyer: Guitar, Pete Wegele: Bass, Eric Moreton: Drums

(Summer, 1985)
Julian Bevan: Vocals, Chris Donnelly: Guitar,
Eric Moreton: Drums, Tom Byrne: Bass


henry rollins and the hard-ons - let there be rock

released 1991

it's mr. rollins teaming up with the australian punk band the hard-ons to pay tribute to that other australian band...as well as doing an original (which essentially sounds like the rollins band)

DL: let there be rock

nirvana/melvins split 7"

released 1991

it's some band covering the song "here she comes now" by the velvet underground

it's some other band covering "venus in furs" by the velvet underground

DL: nirvana/melvins split 7"

germbox - groaning bridge

released 1991

i was digging through the mountains o' stuff i have on the computer and i came across this...and figured that i'd share it with all of you folks out there just waiting for me to share some stuff with you

these folks came to us outta kansas city,mo...and they laid down a little something for the fans of dazzling killmen...unsane...early clutch...anything that's ever been put out on amphetamine reptile...

this is why you come to this blog

DL: groaning bridge

Descender - Live At Mercury Lounge - 01-18-10

Label: Bandcamp
Year: 2010

Hot off the Requests and Dedications Hotline, I was contacted by Chris Moree of Uncle Touchy fame(?) recently (as in, within the hour) and told that we should post this record on account of him having what he described as a "major broner" for this band. Well, far be it from me to deny Chris' broner.
Big, heavy, modern sounding hardcore, not unlike KEN Mode or something. I like it. Maybe not "broner" like, but I like it.


v/a - 80 records and we're not broke (yet)

released 2005

some of you may remember a genre of music that was popular during the early part of the oughts that went by the name of "screamo"

and if you know of record labels with names like: ebullition records/gravity records/robotic empire...then you know exactly what i'm talking about

and that brings us to level plane records (which actually ceased operations back in '09...possibly from going broke)

there have been a few bands that have worked with the label that have shown up here and there on SGM (anodyne...coliseum...melt banana...pageninetynine...stop it!!)

and now...a sampling of what level plane were all about

with disc 1...you get the previously released stuff

with disc 2...you get the previously unreleased stuff

disc 1:
1 - the holy shroud - calling in confederate debts
2 - transistor transistor - power chord academy
3 - newgenics - every girl in the world
4 - bucket full of teeth - capital distracts and imprisons
5 - malady - bad life
6 - shikari - morning wood
7 - coliseum - give up and drive
8 - a day in black and white - there are objects and objects
9 - air conditioning - accusation,denial,denali
10 - amanda woodward - binaire et lisible
11 - anodyne - in the desert sound precedes light
12 - the one am radio - buried below
13 - books lie - cowards will give to get rid of you
14 - hot cross - better a corpse than a nun
15 - get fucked - inside the 8lb dorm fire
16 - bright blue calm - static
17 - envy - distress of ignorance
18 - the fiction - you know,for kids
19 - lickgoldensky - untitled 05
20 - neil perry - nine minutes of non-fiction
21 - north of america - wet to dance
22 - kaospilot - the process is set
23 - melt banana - neck on b1
24 - city of caterpillar - a heartfelt reaction to dissatisfaction

disc 2:
1 - a day in black and white - ronald's right
2 - avorza - secret succession
3 - city of caterpillar - driving spain up a wall (live)
4 - coliseum - set it straight (live)
5 - gods & queens - song #1
6 - golden birds - thermometer
7 - lickgoldensky - deathpile remix
8 - neil perry - high point improv
9 - newgenics - lather,rinse,repeat (live)
10 - nixon - hold me closer tony danza
11 - the one am radio - you can still run
12 - transistor transistor - the love bug is a parasite
13 - we are empire - tomacco
14 - wolves - if you get the chance,set something on fire

DL: disc 1
DL: disc 2

unrest - a factory record 7"

released 1991

you like unrest

it's a documented fact

remember that one time you gave your gramma a homemade unrest t-shirt for christmas?...and then it mysteriously disappeared...and then you'd noticed a new doily on the table in her living room that suspiciously looked like the t-shirt you gave her....

but that's besides the point

we're not here to talk about doily conspiracies

how many of you out there have heard of a label called factory records?

it's ok if you haven't...though you've more than likely heard of some of the bands they've worked with (cabaret voltaire...happy mondays...joy division)

this is unrest covering songs released by bands from the factory records roster (hence the A FACTORY RECORD title)

1 - deaf (crispy ambulance cover)
2 - ufo (esg cover)
3 - sex machine (crawling chaos cover)
4 - when it all comes down (miaow cover)

DL: a factory record 7"

Sunday, January 29, 2012

black flag - live at on the broadway 1982

this was black flag at the the top of their game

this was black flag as a 5 piece

this was black flag with chuck biscuits behind the kit (he had only been in the band for about a week at the time)

this has the song "yes i know" going by the name "no martyrs"

this has "damaged I" going by the name "my life"

this has "i can't decide" getting referred to as "a new song"

"yeah...i'm gonna have to pass...i've got all the live black flag i need with LIVE '84"

this>LIVE '84

that's right

i said it

and this is the part of the show where you try to prove me wrong

disc 1:
1 - no martyrs
2 - i've heard it before
3 - room 13
4 - depression
5 - i can't decide
6 - nervous breakdown
7 - jealous again
8 - scream
9 - six pack
10 - no values
11 - i've had it
12 - my life
13 - i've gotta run
14 - my rules
15 - modern man
16 - beat my head against the wall
17 - fix me
18 - rise above
19 - tv party
20 - wasted
21 - revenge

disc 2:
1 - band's intro/scream
2 - jazz poetry
3 - revenge
4 - i've gotta run
5 - my rules
6 - i've heard it before
7 - room 13
8 - depression
9 - i've had it
10 - nervous breakdown
11 - jealous again
12 - my life

DL: black flag @on the broadway: disc 1
DL: black flag @on the broadway: disc 2

dinosaur jr. - 8.7.93 - santa fe dam recreational area - irwindale,ca

it's dinosaur jr. being dinosaur jr. in front of a crowd of disaffected youth (or whatever marketing term they were using at the time)

1 - kracked
2 - just like heaven*
3 - the wagon
4 - start choppin'
5 - get me
6 - out there

*=the cure cover

DL: dinosaur jr. @lollapalooza '93

Saturday, January 28, 2012

i've had it: the last black flag tour

REALITY 86'd from KICK TO KILL on Vimeo.

butthole surfers - 2.12.86 - cbgb - new york,ny

on this particular evening...some of the inhabitants of the cbgb's bathroom took the stage and played some music

1 - johnny smoke
2 - johnny smoke contd.
3 - cherub
4 - suicide
5 - graveyard
6 - moving to florida
7 - 100 million
8 - to parter
9 - tornadoes
10 - pittsburgh to lebanon
11 - psychedelic jam
12 - lady sniff
13 - u.s.s.a.
14 - comb
15 - concubine

DL: butthole surfers @cbgb

beastie boys - 11.20.82 - cbgb - new york,ny

it's crazy to think that they've been around since 1979

before they were the white rap guys with the huge inflatable penis onstage...they were a "third rate minor threat" (and speaking of which...you should check out the youtube for a pretty kick-ass cover of minor threat's "screaming at a wall")

"hey...waitaminute...there's something not quite right about that picture"

that's because up until 1984...they had future luscious jackson member kate schellenbach playing the drums for them

1 - beastie boys
2 - unknown
3 - transit cop
4 - jimi
5 - holy snappers
6 - improvise
7 - unknown
8 - ode to...
9 - house of the rising sun*
10 - michelle's farm
11 - sampson is king
12 - riot fight
13 - egg raid on mojo

*=the animals cover

DL: beastie boys @cbgb

rites of spring - 11.1.85 - wmuc - college park,md

come on now

you should already know who rites of spring are/were

and if you don't...that's ok

all you need to know is that the band had half of fugazi as members

"which half?"

you know...there are just some things that SGM thinks that you need to find out for yourselves (ie: which members went onto fugazi...women aren't supposed to have an adam's apple)

1 - intro
2 - hain's point
3 - for want of
4 - persistent vision
5 - deeper than inside
6 - drink deep
7 - all through a life
8 - hidden wheel
9 - remainder
10 - in silence/words away
11 - end on end

DL: rites of spring @wmuc

Friday, January 27, 2012


So fresh off the press. And 'LOVE' really was a good record, you know.
Mah bastard heart betrays mah .torrents to tha blog; remember their cover of AC/DC's 'Problem Child'? That was pretty great.

This song goes on for far too long. Bag'emantagum.

Flipper - Live, '93 @ Hong Kong Cafe LA


Stutter Records; 2000

Shit-disturbin' garage-punkandroll From Toronto, Kanadia, that hits me like a mix of Bad Brains, Pavement, and the MC5. This ep is another of my personal favourites, just try turning this up loud first thing on a tuesday morning and see how that feels. Bet it feels alright in fact. Does it feel alright?
They put out a full-length, 'City Sick' two years after this and the 'Squid' lp in 2009. If you like this good luck finding it as their last record was pressed in a limited run of 500.

Nasty On - Lester Bangs


1982, Fowl Records

Sooo great. And I've remustered it so the emptytree's sound out on the forefront; ha!

From San Francisco, Bob Noxious, Sean Tuchy, Byron Haines and Joe Dirt were the Fuck Ups, and they released this record and apparently have a song on a compilation called 'We Got Power: Party or Go Home' that I've never heard but'd hazard to guess it's at least good... you get six songs here and they're all great; fucked up, snarling, new wave and not, postpunk junk and ironic funk. Punk rock. For fans of the Butthole Surfers, Flipper, PiL.

Fuck Ups - F.U. '82

upsidedown cross - self-titled

released 1991

"the east coast flipper" -SGMer trevere thomas

that really about sums this up

need some more convincing?

are you a fan of drunken karaoke?

are you in need of some new music to accompany your daily "SHUT UP,MOM!" tirade?

this is (probably) the 1 thing that dinosaur jr's j. mascis (he plays the drums on this album) and anal cunt's seth putnam have in common

do you like the band kilslug? (this is what happened after the band split up back in 1988...though they're currently back together)


does this sound like something you'd enjoy?

and yes...this is something that you'll more than likely have to take a shower after

DL: upsidedown cross

drunk in hell - self-titled demo

released 2008

so...you like 16

and you like eyehategod

and you like brain bombs

and you like flipper

and you like kilslug

and you like drunks with guns

and you like pissed jeans

well...you can either wait for all of them to fall asleep so you can gather up the stuff you need so you can create that thing in your basement


you can let these 5 blokes (and i'm using the term "blokes" because that's the way you'd say "guys" over in the uk...and tahdah!...you just learned something...and if you hadn't already put it together...yes...they're from the uk...and bam!...you just learned something else) give it to you in the form of 4 songs

i'd suggest taking option #2 (teehee)...as they don't sound like the sort of people that would want to be woken up

DL: drunk in hell

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sonic Youth - Peel Session - 10-19-88 (Fall Covers)

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1988

John Peel loved the Fall so much that he once stated that those who did not also profess their love, he would "spurn them with my toe". A scathing indictment of musical snobbery to be sure, but John Peel's taste seems most impeccable, so who are we to argue. And who are Sonic Youth to argue either? They decided to play four Fall covers for this particular Peel session, and they got their friend Epic Soundtracks to help out. Hell, they even cover The Fall's cover of The Kinks "Victoria" (which ends with a pretty nice hardcore shout-out of "flex your head"). Not bad.


* Re-up'd 02.21.12

bodychoke - five prostitutes

released in 1996

"criminally underrated rock band from the early 90s, for fans of swans, the god machine, my bloody valentine, sonic youth, dicks" -some guy

the album is named after jack the ripper's victims...and could very well be what goes on inside the head of any serial killer

and with the help of steve albini...these five lads from the UK lay it all out for you to see

this is what would happen if neurosis and the birthday party and the jesus lizard invited roger waters over to their house for a jam session

the band was together for only a short time (1993-1998...a side project of the "power electronics noise" band whitehouse...though this is at the other end of the spectrum...they released only two albums and a compilation of unreleased material

DL: five prostitutes

the tanks - keep breaking down

released 2009

this trio from iowa (iowa city to be exact) have a gay witch abortion/early clutch/early helmet fronted by a not so high pitched jello biafra thing going on

so that description should've gotten you wet enough to want to snag this up

and now you might wanna go and get yourself a paper towel and a new can of soda (as the kind of wet i was talking about was the knocking over of the can of soda next to your mouse that got knocked over as you excitedly reached for your mouse)

and as a matter of fact...yes...i did take a night class on the art of innuendo (which was really just a bunch of guys sitting around listening to ac/dc)

DL: keep breaking down

shorty - the discography

you know shorty

you love shorty

but what is shorty?

well...it all began in illinois back in 1986 after vocalist al johnson (then in a band called nursery) and guitarist mark shippy (then in a band called the muckrakers) were introduced to one another

then in 1988 they put an ad in the local newspaper looking for other musicians...and after a succession of names...they released 2 7" under the name snailboy

then in 1991...the band's original bass player left the band...and they then took in bassist luke frantom (who had also worked with al johnson in nursery)

and then came shorty

and before splitting up in 1994...they released 1 full length...an ep...and 3 7"

and then al johnson and mark shippy went onto for the band u.s. maple

but that's another story for another time

grampa's tired

go outside and play

but stay away from the shed


DL: mungo 7" (released 1990)

DL: kept turd 7" (released 1991)

DL: last one in my mouth is a jerk 7" (released 1992)

DL: niggerhat 7" (released 1992)

DL: kaput! 7" (released 1993)

DL: thumb days (released 1993)

DL: fresh breath 10" (released 1994)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

quicksand - b-sides and rarities

you like quicksand

we like quicksand

so here's a "not officially released" collection of stuff culled from various sources

"what kind of sources?"

well...you get stuff from the band's unreleased third album...some demos...some live stuff...different versions of songs...some stuff that didn't make it onto albums...

you know...b-sides and rarities

DL: b-sides and rarities

family man - self-titled demo

released 1999(?)

combine deadguy and kiss it goodbye...and you get family man

after kiss it goodbye split up back in 1998...vocalist tim singer...bassist thom rusnack...and drummer andrew gormley formed family man

sadly...the only thing to come from it was this 2 song demo

oh...the things that could've been

DL: family man

rodan - 9.25.94 - lounge ax - chicago,il

do you remember where you were the first time you heard the song "tooth fairy retribution manifesto"?

i do

it was a sunday night and i was messing with the radio in search of something to listen to...and the dial was all the way on the left side...and i happened upon a station that was being broadcast out of a college (i think)...and i remember thinking that it was pretty awesome to be hearing fugazi on the radio (i came in halfway through the song "repeater")

so i left it there and went off to take a shower

and as i was getting out...i heard what i thought were wind chimes...and then the drums kicked in (and i've gotta tell you...the roll that comes in at about about a minute in still gives me the chills)

and then the bass and guitars came in

and it was like hearing the song "good morning,captain" for the first time (which i consider both songs to be equals)

so i waited for the song to be over with the hopes that it wouldn't be one of those moments where the dj talks but doesn't mention the band or the song you were just listening to

and the next day i was on the hunt for an album called RUSTY by a band called rodan

and of course i had to end up getting it specially ordered

(end scene)

1 - tooth fairy retribution manifesto
2 - gauge
3 - sangre
4 - big things,little things

DL: rodan @lounge ax

thumbnail - self-titled

released 1996


nirvana's IN UTERO

drive like jehu's YANK CRIMES


those are albums that this album would make friends with

DL: thumbnail

antimony - phantom itch

released 1995

do you like the band circus lupus?

have you ever found yourself thinking "you know...i wonder what they'd sound like without the vocalist"?

they'd sound like this

after the band split up...the rhythm section went onto form this one-off band (this is their only album)

vocalist chris thomson went onto eventually form the band monorchid with guitarist chris hamley

so if you're a fan of anything mid-90s dischord records...this be for you

also...if you'd ever wondered what it would've sounded like if holy roller's vocalist marc lambiotte had fronted the jesus lizard....

DL: phantom itch

squirrel bait - skag heaven

released 1987

this is where half of slint came from

and that's all you really need to know

but to be fair...i'll mention bastro and gastr del sol too

and it's all wrapped up in a nice ball of husker du and the replacements

DL: skag heaven

husker du - up in the air: studio outtakes

released 1996

you're a fan of the husker du

and we know that


DL: up in the air: studio outtakes

there's definitely, definitely, definitely no logic/to human behaviour


that's bjork

and you may be wondering what bjork has to do with anything

and to that i say...bjork has everything to do with everything

bjork is what happened to the dinosaurs

but i'm getting away from the point of this post

now...many of you may remember the great SGM fiasco of a few days ago

i had come to find out that the file sharing host i'd been using had completely erased all of my files

so i did what comes naturally

i tore off all of my clothes and hit the floor in the fetal position

all the work i'd put into the blog over the last 3+ years was gone

and then the vision of me getting screamed at during the only school function i'd ever bothered attending popped into my head (i mean...come on...if you're going to play faith no more's "falling to pieces" during a grade school dance...of course there's going to be some jumping around...it's that bassline,man)

and then the random visions of me dropping ice cream cones came

and then there was that hobo at the bus station in toledo,oh

and that one time in that motel room in vegas

but i digress

the next thing i knew...i was standing outside the SGM offices with a gallon of gas and a pack of matches

and then grAy showed up and was all like "hey...what did i tell you about playing with matches"

and then he took them away

and then he started saying words that started making sense (in that special grAy way)

he was all like "it's not the end of the world...something can still be done about all of this..."

and then he picked me up and tucked me into bed

he then stole my gas and matches...and i'm pretty sure most of the spare change i keep in a bowl on the kitchen table

so this is what's going to happen

i'm slowly going to go through all of my posts and re-post them using another file sharing host

we here at SGM greatly appreciate each and every one of you (yes...even you...guy in the homemade reo speddwagon shirt)

and we're going to continue on

also...it's recommended that you snag up what you can in the coming days as it's rumored that mediafire will be completely wiping the slate clean

and now you can go back to your viewing of donkeypunchmidgets.com

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Ikara Colt - Live - Lowlands - 08.23.02

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2002

Fuck it, we're back.
How about some happy music to celebrate? How about a good sound quality Ikara Colt show from the Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands?
Sounds good to me.
Mors Exactores


*Re-up'd 02-21-12

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hang On A Minute

Hang on, hold tight, take er easy everyone!

In light of recent legal proceedings against Megaupload, it would appear that Medifire, our preferred host of choice, has decided to cover their legal asses and clean proverbial house. Hence, all of the down/invalid files you are seeing on this site, and I'm sure others as well. Some of those files should not have been taken down as they were not breaking any laws, authorized by the musicians themselves, etc, and some of them...well, that debatable.

The point is, we here at Shiny Grey Monotone need to assess what the future holds for blogs of this nature, and how we should proceed into the future. Should we put our heads down and forge ahead using a new hosting service, should we attempt to change format, or should we se this as a harbinger of things to come and simply fold up and leave? At this point, it's up in the air.

So, I would advise you to get while the gettin' is good, and stay tuned to this space, we will keep you posted once the dust has settled.

Thanks for caring (assuming you do care...you may not, and in that case...go fuck yourself you heartless bastards),

SGM Team

Sunday, January 22, 2012

melvins/unsane spring tour

(updated...*=new date)

you should probably bring a spare pair of underwear

April 11 - San Jose, CA - The Blank Club
April 12 - San Francisco, CA - Great American Music Hall
April 13 - Los Angeles, CA - The Troubadour
April 14 - San Diego, CA - Casbah
April 17 - El Paso, TX - House of Rock
April 19 - Austin, TX - Mohawk
April 20 - Houston, TX - Warehouse Live
April 21 - New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jack's
April 23 - Orlando, FL - The Social
April 24 - Gainesville, FL - Double Down Live
April 25 - Atlanta, GA - The Loft at Center Stage
April 26 - Charlotte, NC - Amos' Southend
April 28 - West Chester, PA - The Note
April 29 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
May 1 - Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall Ballroom
May 2 - DeKalb, IL - Otto's Nightclub
May 3 - St. Louis, MO - The Firebird
May 5 - Memphis,TN - Hi-Tone Cafe*
May 4 - Nashville, TN - Exit In
May 7 - Dallas, TX - Trees
May 9 - Santa Fe, NM - Santa Fe Brewing Company
May 11 - Santa Ana, CA - Galaxy Concert Theatre

Friday, January 20, 2012

Part Chimp - Peel Session - 11-07-02

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2002

The world got noticeably less cool the day Part Chimp decided to hang up their...monkey paws. One can only hope the fellows can find their respective ways into equally thrilling and enjoyable new bands to fill the yawning void left by Part Chimp's departure. What other band is going to bring the thunder like they did?


theory of ruin - counter culture nosebleed

released 2002

(it was brought to my attention that the original link was dead...this is the resurrection)

you know alex newport of fudge tunnel fame,yeah?

this carries some of the fudge tunnel aural assault over with it...still very bass heavy...still with the metallic guitar sludge...but the two major differences come in the form on drummer ches smith (touring drummer for mr. bungle) and alex newport's vocals

the drumming in fudge tunnel was good for what it was...plodding along...heavy...with theory of ruin...they come off as more free flowing...almost jazz-like

alex newport's vocals somewhat back away from the barking of fudge tunnel and take on an almost robert smith/ric ocasek-ish quality

mix the fudge tunnel with some early nirvana...a little quicksand...maybe a little early killing joke

if fudge tunnel were big black....this would be shellac

DL: counter culture nosebleed

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Place To Bury Strangers - Exploding Head

Label: Mute
Year: 2009

Psyched out shoegaze worship with a healthy appreciation for volume and attack. The last time we posted this band, the reference points were: The Jesus And Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Well, guess what. The references haven't changed on this record either. You could maybe through in The Black Angels as a more contemporary comparison if you like. Or don't. Whatever, no skin off my back.
You can also file this under: Music that my girlfriend/wife/gay lover would probably enjoy (that's assuming that your girlfriend/wife/gay lover ever went through even a mild goth-ish phase. And let's face it...she/he did. At least, if she/he is worth her/his salt she/he had a fucking goth phase. [please note that for women/men over the age of 35, Cure, Depeche Mode, New Order, and hell, even Smiths, count towards this credit, as liking those bands "back then" still lends a certain level of hotness/handsomeness...I don't make the rules, I just enforce them] ).



The mighty Jack O'Nuts.

I've most of their records save for two singles. I fucking love this band. This isn't my rip, but hey, just spraying it around the way I am... eventually, I'll get mah rekkids ripped to lossless and share some of that piss and vinegar too.

Anyway. I fucking love this band. You get three songs here, and no, none of 'em are called Piss Land. Here we get 'Terminating the Elder', a minute and a half long instrumental bit that reminds me of some of my favourite things about Sonic Youth, but better here.
'History of Eater' is a short and much faster! punk rock song that conjures up for me the sound of fugazi at their most furious crossed with classic Flipper.. you probably have no idea what I mean when I say that...
The b-side is a cover of Algebra Suicide's 'True Romance at the World's Fair' sung by Brux Carter, no relation to thee Laura on the a-side. It's almost as beautiful as the original.

Great friggin' record.

Jack O'Nuts - Piss Land

And, more Jack O'Nuts here.


Concurrent UK noiserawk at it's finest here and on the b-side you get a pretty killer cover of Chrome's 'Perfumed Metal'. Fantastic. You'll love it. Somehow it wins me over in the same way as Silverfish and Fudge Tunnel. Get to it.

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