Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Wurm - We're Off / I'm Dead / Time Has Come Today

Label: SST
Year: 1982

Two posts back we posted an SST band with umlauts, which made me think about the OTHER SST band with umlauts, and how for the love of Chuck Dukowski, we needed to post them too.
Two originals and a cover of the 1960's Chambers Brothers hit "Time Has Come Today". Maybe a little more "Freedom Rock" than the full length that would come later, but a dirty, thudding piece of weirdness nonetheless. The burnouts kicking dust over the discarded Peace placards of their older siblings, while the energy crisis worsens and the state of California can't even muster up 1% of the vote to Peace And Freedom gubernatorial candidate Elizabeth Martinez. The dream is dead. I'm dead.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Clobber - Get Smart


Label: Half Baked
Year: 1995

Here's a band from Atlanta circa the mid-90's that if you weren't hanging around the Somber Reptile at the time, you are excused for having never heard of. They put out a full length and this 7", and then went on to bigger better...something. I assume. They were on lots of bills opening for bands coming. through town, but I feel like I only saw them once...maybe twice. They didn't traffic in the same hardcore that I was unfortunately balls deep in at the particular time. 
Musically they have lots of elements of Jawbreaker, in their gruff, but bouncy punk songs, but they also have some straight up thud rock tendencies that are more apparent on the opening track of this three song 7". It's enjoyable, and maybe you are from the Atlanta area and you are saying, "oh yeah, Clobber, I think I saw them at the Point opening for J Church or something", or maybe you've never heard of Clobber and you are saying, "I can't believe I'm still reading this fucking blog...I have to get my shit together, this is embarrassing", but what I'm saying is, "give this one a whirl, it's pretty good, and you probably have the time, so...quit acting like you're too good".

Friday, April 30, 2021

Husker Du - Eight Miles High

Label: SST
Year: 1984

It's a warm, sunny Friday afternoon where I am currently (cannot vouch for whatever bizarro time zone and/or climatic influences you may be under), and I would like to celebrate that fact with one of those "perfect songs", in this case "Eight Miles High" by Husker Du. And I apologize in advance for not being able to harness the umlauts...I just don't have a German language keyboard I guess. 
The era of Husker Du represented on this single is pretty unbeatable, as it represents the transition time from the speedy hardcore into the more melodic college rock band they would end up as, and it still has one foot in either world. Like I said, it's a perfect song. 
The flip side of this single is a live version of Zen Arcade banger "Masochism World", and it's pretty gnarly. Which is what the kids would say in the 1980s when something was cool, yet also a little dangerous or gross. I maintain a pretty strict 1980's dialect.
Go enjoy the rest of this day and your weekend!

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Clouds - We Are Above You


Label: Hydra Head
Year: 2008

Here's the second full length rock-n-roll record from the Boston based collective, Clouds. This time around they have switched bass duties from Jay Cannava over to Johnny Northrup, who has spent time in The Cancer Conspiracy, Pet Genius, and Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum (among others), but otherwise it's Adam McGrath (Cave In, 27, Kid Kilowatt, Zozobra), Jim Carroll (American Nightmare, Hope Conspiracy, Suicide File), and Michael "Q" Quartulli (The A-Team, Doomriders). 
Altogether, they produce a riff-forward rawk (and I don't use that term lightly, because I hate intentional misspellings [mostly on account of the fact that I cannot spell, and I feel I am being mocked]) record that relishes in the joys of big, loud, fun music. There are moments that could have been pulled out of the gutter of the Sunset Strip circa 1985, moments that belong to be on tour with Rush, moments that pound with a Motorhead-esque punk ferocity, and moments that just let a meaty riff do the talking. 
Best listened to loudly and without prejudice.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Melts - 667 b/w Crusser


Label: 227
Year: 1993

Guess we will chalk up the last month as a hiatus? Did all 12 of you who frequent this blog notice? Anyone concerned at all? There's no need to be in case you were...everything is fine, just been busy.
Not too busy though to return (triumphantly I might add) with the two song ass-kicking that is the Melts "227 b/w Crusser" 7". I can make time for that!
This Atlanta band came from the crusty, unsavory Cabbagetown neighborhood of the early 1990's (currently Cabbagetown has far less white trash, drugs, and crime, but far more homes pushing the $800,000 price point) to deliver a very Melvins-esque version of sludge damage that was not afraid to challenge audiences and push inside jokes, or otherwise make you feel uncomfortable. In a nice way. Of course.
The mysterious 'Salicountinsaw' album was one of the first things I ever posted here on this blog, and maybe one day I'll post it again, as it's a long lost classic of the genre, but I had not ever posted this two song 7". Until now. So, live in the now.

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Milkmoney - Pink


Label: Headhunter
Year: 1995

Sure, why not post another Milkmoney 7" while we're here? This band had a hell of a 1994-95, releasing three 7"s and a full length before calling it a day. Work ethic on point.
This record and the previous one posted are similar enough that it's safe to say, "if you liked that one...". Not a bad thing, just a band with a consistent and honed sound. Honed sound on point.

Milkmoney - Leash


Label: Plumb
Year: 1994

Been a minute since the last post, and I'm sorry about that, but I'm sure we will all get through it together. Just trust me.
Milkmoney were from the super fertile Boston scene of the early-mid 90's, even releasing a 7" on the standard bearer of Boston based atrocities, Reproductive Records. But, where a lot of those bands were seeing who could out-heavy the others, Milkmoney were pivoting into a downtrodden, downbeat, version of rock music, based on the types of bleak sounds Codeine had made. Some of the stuff Seam had done isn't that far off either. Come too. I suppose one could assume the members of Milkmoney had probably been to a few Galaxie 500 shows around the Boston area a few years earlier, and their slowcore template worked its way into their DNA. Milkmoney though, have some fuzz and grit under all the sadness, which buoys the songs and for my money (well under $1000 if you must ask) makes them more listenable.
Two songs, give it a shot.

Friday, March 5, 2021

Done - Done I, Done 'Em All


Label: self released
Year: 2012

Don't let the Bandcamp bio fool you, this band from "Campulung, Romania" is actually the duo of Andy Patterson (State Of The Nation, Search [the original one, not the Rev Records one], Subrosa, Insect Ark, and Sweet Jesus) and Cache Tolman (Iceburn, Rival Schools, Institute, Search [with Andy Patterson], and others), who are from Utah, United States.
If you were hip to Cache's foray into stoner-buzz riff slinging as Skullfuzz, then you'll be good. Done are an extension of that band's bad boogie molten lava rock. Goatsnake comes to mind as an apt comparison if Skullfuzz never made it onto your radar. 
The band has three albums worth of this stuff, all of them equally as good, and all of them only existing as Bandcamp treasures. Would be nice for an altruistic record label (looking at you, Southern Lord) to come along and properly release these. They deserve a wider audience.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Helios Creed - The Warming

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1991

The noise rock shamen, high priest of psychedelic guitarism, Helios Creed, man of a million releases,  gifts you with two more songs to challenge your outmoded ideals on music as a linear pursuit. The signposts are familiar, the road is rutted with generations of passage, but the destination is unknown and dependant on forces beyond your control.

It's Friday where I am. Freak out.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Nonzoo - Wazoo

Label: Already Dead Tapes
Year: 2017

When you want something fucked up, I would submit this record for your consideration. It's a free association, free jazz, free freakout, bleep blorp wig out. Which I mean as a compliment.
This is one of those "DO judge a book by its cover" situations. Look at the cover of this record, and imagine what that should sound like. Chances are, you won't be too far off.

Mood music for the criminally agitated.

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