Friday, February 28, 2020

clockcleaner - skinheaded lady

released: 2008
label: stained circles

"we are here to ruin your hearing and further alienate you from your friends and family." -gray

you've been coming around here long enough to know who clockcleaner are.
you don't know who they are?
you've heard of the cramps,yeah?
what about the jon spencer blues explosion?
this sounds like that.

fun fact: they cover a song by an australian punk band called X (10) ("hate city") and since they couldn't understand the original lyrics they made up their own. they're just that kind of band. you think that's bad? you should hear what they did when they opened for the band negative approach.

who are negative approach?
that's the kind of approach you're taking when you come up in here not knowing anything about anything.
kids nowadays.


venomous concept - retroactive abortion

released: 2004
label: ipecac

one part brutal truth (vocalist kevin sharp).
one part melvins (guitarist buzz osborne)
two parts napalm death (bassist shane embry and drummer danny herrera)

put all of that in a can and then shake it up.
walk over to a friend and offer them a drink.
stand back about 5ft.
once that can is opened your pal is going to get drenched in something that smells like napalm death and post EXTREME CONDITIONS.... brutal truth and some poison idea and some millions of dead cops and some....
you should tell your friend to take that shirt off.
that stain is going to eat through and stain his skin.
that's not the kind of stain you want.
i knew a guy once....same thing happened to him.
he thought it was a joke.
by the end of that day he was putting off a stench.
you can't wash it off.
he now lives in a shanty somewhere in the woods with a raccoon.
that poor raccoon.


Friday, February 21, 2020

black flag - 9.18.83 - jules loft - baltimore,md

you know what this is.
it's black flag being black flag for people that went to go and see black flag.
who knows?
you could've very well have been concieved at this show.

1 - can't decide
2 - slip it in
3 - my ghetto
4 - black coffee
5 - i won't stick any of you unless and until i can stick all of you!
6 - my war
7 - jealous again
8 - the swinging man
9 - three nights


black sabbath - 7.16.75 - international amphitheater - chicago,il

you know the drill.
this is black sabbath playing black sabbath songs for folks that paid to see black sabbath.
who knows?
some of you may have been concieved at this particular show.

1 - supertzar
2 - killing yourself to live
3 - hole in the sky
4 - snowblind
5 - symptom of the universe
6 - war pigs
7 - megalomania
8 - sabbra cadabra
9 - iommi solo
10 - sometimes i'm happy
11 - ward solo
12 - supernaut
13 - iron man
14 - iommi solo II (partial)


Wednesday, February 19, 2020

great falls - a sense of rest

released: 2018
label: corpse flower records

if you're like me (and you very well could be as i'm everywhere) you can stand in front of your music collection wishing that you had something new to listen to....and then you just pick something that you'd listened to steadily for the last decade (for example: kiss it goodbye's SHE LOVES ME,SHE LOVES ME NOT album...excellent choice,sir).

this is what you'll find if you'd just take the time to look elsewhere.
it's ok to do so.
this is the band great falls.
this will be comfortable for you.
you won't be cheating.
this has a few things you like so it won't be like you're cheating on SHE LOVES ME,SHE LOVES ME NOT or JANE DOE or CESAREAN or REMISSION or TIMES OF GRACE.
this has all of the things you like.

oh yeah.
a little something before i go....
the guitarist for kiss it goodbye (demian johnston) plays the guitar and fronts this band.
and now you have something new to share around the water cooler at work.


jucifer - calling all cars on the vegas strip

released: 1998
label: crackrock records

before they were the sludgy behemoth they are today you could find traces of the pixies and the melvins and sonic youth and the like in their bloodstream.

i've been a fan ever since the CALLING ALL CARS ON THE VEGAS STRIP album.
i'd been taken in via the song "superman".
it's storytime,kids.
get comfortable.....

the year was 1998 and it was a saturday night. it's was a late night. i was in my apartment watching television and i was hungry. i'd been sitting on the couch and wasn't able to peel myself off of it. i was high. yes. high. it was the weeds that had gotten me. i know. i was just as surprised as you were. but were not here to talk about how i'd smoke pot and then sit around or go for walks listening to music through a pair of headphones that i'd gotten just for that type of situation. you know the ones. they covered your entire ear. they'd block out all of the outside noise. it was just you and the music and the....

but i digress.
and by some of the looks on your faces i can see that you totally get it.
especially you there in the back.

so there i was on the couch. i'd been watching some show that was showing music videos. it was on basic cable. yeah. i was a watching basic cable tv on a saturday night kinda guy. i can't remember what video i was watching but the fact that i'd remembered that i'd had a frozen pizza became all consuming. so off the couch i came and then i wandered into the kitchen. and then i'd remembered that i'd had all of these other food products as well. so many foods. so little time. so i just started making sandwiches because you can never go wrong with sandwiches. and potato chips. and cans of coke. and cookies. and there was always that pizza....

and then this song came on. and it caught my ears. the speakers on my shitty tv weren't handling it all that well. but i didn't rush back into the room to save them. this noise. it was so heavy. and the vocals sounded as if they were coming from an angel. and the music was crushing. and it was only 2 fucking people. 2 people were doing this. and then there it was. jucifer. the some was called "superman". and then i went back to my buffet.

the next day i made a trip to the local music store and they of course had nothing by the band. i didn't even know the name of the album.....

"all i was able to find by them is something called CALLING ALL CARS ON THE VEGAS STRIP."


when i went into that particular music store the employees really didn't know what i was talking about 90% of the time. they'd always give me a look that said "yeah. i just drank something very sour. did i remember to turn the oven off before i left?".

those were the daze,man.


unwound - 10.26.99 - the breakroom - seattle,wa

it's that band unwound playing songs by unwound in front of a group of people that paid money to see unwound play unwound songs in front of them.

1 - totality
2 - broken e strings
3 - negated
4 - said serial
5 - seen not heard
6 - mk ultra
7 - off this century
8 - october all over
9 - summer freeze
10 - laszlo
11 - arboretum
12 - hexenzsene


Monday, February 17, 2020

nora / the dillinger escape plan - NJ

released: 1998
label: ferret music

truth be told: i don't really consider myself a nora fan. they just sound like every other "metalcore" band that came into fruition during the genre's heyday (mid 90s - early 00's). i'd gotten this split for the dillinger escape plan as it has the original (and better) version of the song "4th grade dropout" which was later redone re-released on the band's CALCULATING INFINITY album.

and that's all you really need to know about it.


sludgeplow - turned earth

released: 1992
label: self-released

i just took a ride in the way back machine and saw that a few folks were wanting this here thing re-uploaded. so here is it,folks.

i was first turned onto this trio via the radio with their song "domination" back in 1992 when it was played on the OFF THE BEATEN TRACK radio show (which i've mentioned here a few times)
and it would always seems to pop into my head from time to time.
so one day i googled the band's name.
and that put me in touch with the band's guitarist.
he then put me in contact with the band's vocalist.
turns out they'd made their way to the pacific northwest as all bands seem to do back then.
they released 2 eps and a split (w/ fellow iowans scrid) and then split up.

so if'n stuff like old school soundgarden and (the) melvins and some keelhaul and maybe some alice in chains trips yer trigger....


Saturday, February 15, 2020

jane's addiction - '86: the first recordings

released: 1997
label: eye scream records

you know that you like you some jane's addiction....
but only up until RITUAL DE LO HABITUAL and if you say any different you're just trying to look cool in front of your friends.
do you really need friends like that?
you shouldn't have to hide your opinion that jane's addiction aren't exactly a band nowadays and that it's just something the band's members do when they have nothing else going on.
it's ok.
you're safe here.
and it's ok to admit that RITUAL DE LO HABITUAL did more for the 90s than NEVERMIND did.
it's ok.

this is one of those "unofficial releases".
it's a recording of a show the band did early on in their career that took place at a place called co co club in los angeles,ca back in august of 1986.

1 - whores
2 - trip away
3 - one percent
4 - had a dad
5-12 - soundcheck


butthole surfers - the wooden song

released: 1993
label: capitol records

it's the butthole surfers.
todd flanders is a fan.
he's so much of a fan that he claims to be an actual member of the band.
that's dedication.
are you that dedicated to the butthole surfers?
would you eat a bowl of gibby's special fun time chili?
do you remember that one time you ate a bowl of gibby's special fun time chili?
of course you don't.

what you're getting presented with here is the song "the wooden song" (which is found on their INDEPENDENT WORM SALOON album) along with 2 remixes of the song "who was in my room last night?" and a christmas carol.


Thursday, February 6, 2020

murder-suicide pact - murder-suicide pact

released: 1998
label: burrito records

these fellas were from brandon,fl.
once upon a time i lived in brandon,fl.
there used to be a record store called SOUND IDEA in brandon,fl.
i lived right down the street from there.
the store was owned by murder-suicide pact vocalist bob suren.
the band is made up of former members of some other floridian bands with names like: failure face and slap of reality and the end of the century party.
do you dig MY WAR era black flag?
so do these guys.

fun fact: the guy that did the cover art for the misfits EARTH A.D. album did the cover art for this as well.


bloarzeyd - delirious insane ventilator of bloarzeyd

released: 2006
label: wooden man records

one guy plays the drums.
one guy plays the bass and sings.
you know of another band that does that same thing.
and that band is big business.
and that band is jucifer.
she plays the guitar.
and don't say the white stripes or the carpenters or local h or death from above 1979.
none of them.
it's godheadsilo.
but then you toss in some old school melvins and a bit of unsane and some shellac....

have i said enough?
y' might want to have that drooling problem checked out.
how many t-shirts do you go through in a day?


intercourse - everything is pornography when you've got an imagination

released: 2018
label: constant disappointment records
objectophilia - being sexually attracted to inaminate objects
technosexual - being sexually attracted to robots and technology
dendrophilia - being sexually attracted to trees
mucophilia - being sexually aroused by sneezing
avisodomy - being sexually attracted to birds
olfactophilia - being sexually aroused by body odors

you'll notice that i've written a list of paraphilias on the board. i would like you choose one and explore it over the long weekend. i expect you to get plenty of hands on experience. i want you to write a two page report about your findings. just know that i'll be able to tell whether or not you're lying about your experience....hybristophilia. look it up. class dismissed.

and now we have intercourse. i'm not going to get out my thesaurus to describe this band.  i'm not going to use words like "abrasive" or "vicious" or "noisy" or "anxious" or "tight". nope. noy going to use words like that. i'm just going to say that they're the perfect melding of pissed jeans and deadguy. yeah. that's all you should want....unless you have klismaphilia...and to that i say "good luck with that."


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