Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kidcrash - Demo 2006

Label: Self Released
Year: 2006

This was a request a really long time ago, and I spaced out and totally forgot to post it. Sorry everybody, my mistake.
So, if you're still out there looking for this, look no further, here it be.
Modern post-hardcore that has some interesting technical pieces, some interesting dynamics, and some tasty riffs. Not bad, it's just that I don't generally listen to this strain of music, so my ability to describe it is stunted. I'm sure that if you are under the age of 30 and into hardcore then you probably know this band. Maybe if Botch is "old school" to you, then this might be up your alley.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Cursed - The Last Session

Label: High Anxiety / No Idea
Year: 2010

Cursed came at a time when I needed it, they were as heavy as anything else out there, but they played my beloved hardcore, and they renewed my faith that the genre could still surprise and excite me. It was basically the thickness of mid-period Entombed mixed with the D-beat stomp of Amebix, flavored with the poignant jolt of Born Against. Can't really argue with that combination.
This 7" was recorded live in Europe on their final tour, and contains 5 songs spread across their three albums, played a bit faster and harsher than the studio versions. Can't really argue with that approach either.
Members of this band came from and went on to: Burning Love, Ruination, Career Suicide, The Swarm, Left For Dead (who had a split 7" with Ochre, featuring vocals from...yours drop), Acrid, Haymaker, Black Hand, Ire, Sinclaire, Meligrove Band, Grayline, Shallow North Dakota, Quest For Fire, Mature Situations, and Crux Of Aux among the throngs of others.
I believe the record is sold out, but you might be able to find it through certain distros.


The Action Suits - Cancer Father 7"

Label: Man's Ruin
Year: 1996

Gotta clean out the hard drive and make room for more...savory, holy, things.
So you get this two song 7" from The Action Suits who's main claim to fame (freestyle, son!) was that the drummer was comic artist Peter Bagge (who also did the cover), but Steve Fisk also appears on this record, so that' worth something. I guess. Rumor has it, based on Bagge's credentials the band was courted by four separate labels to release four separate 7"s before anyone had heard a note of music, but to their credit, Sub Pop backed out after actually listening to the record they were to release, rumor has it Jonathan Poneman actually threw the cassette of the songs across the room in disgust.
You probably wouldn't release these records either, as they are rambling, tuneless, sloppy pop. I find this kind of stuff grating, but others (maybe the Beat Happening fans out there?) might find some enjoyment in it. Plus, it's a relic of the Man's Ruin era, so for that alone, it's worth listening to.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

noise is too strong

these guys will be touring europe for the first time ever with these guys

and it's recommended that if you live anywhere near any of these get there

SGM knows where you live

drive. noise. balls.

June 15 Zagreb, Croatia. Tvornica Mala

June 16 Rijeka, Croatia. Plakat

June 17 Ljubljana, Slovenia. Pri Koritu

June 18 Modena, Italy. Fooltribe

June 19 Nice, France. Tapas La Movida

June 20 Paris, France. Le Café de Paris

June 21 Amsterdam, Netherlands. ADM Bar

June 22 Leiden, Netherlands. Sub071

June 23 Hamburg, Germany. Hafenklang

June 24 Neu Tramm, Germany. Raum 2

June 25 Berlin, Germany. Hausprojekt Scherer 8

June 26 TBD, Germany. HELP!

June 27 Prague , Czech Rep. Club 007 Strahov

June 28 Leipzig, Germany. Zoro

June 29 Wien, Austria. Replugged

June 30 Zagreb, Croatia. KSET/MEDIKA

July 01 Osijek, Croatia. Mini Teatar

July 02 Beograd, Serbia. venue TBD

July 03 Novi Sad, Serbia. Route 66

attn: german folks

if there's anyone that could provide a treffpunkt for the june 26th these guys or these guys

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bl'ast! - Bad Medication Demo

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1989

Funk was a witchy woman in the late 80's into the early 90's, luring lots of otherwise sane people into ridiculous pogoing pits of day-glo euphoria and hackneyed slap bass. It was shameful, it truly was.
Well, the mighty Bl'ast! seemed to flirt with the unfortunate she-devil funk a bit before coming to their senses and getting down to the business of getting down on more Black Flag informed hardcore and damaged Bloodrock styled thud rock. I think this was the last material that Clifford sings on before he left the band and Mike Neider took over vocal duties. Might not be accurate, but I just took the time to type that out and broadcast it to the internet, sooooo, it's pretty much true now.
I don't know the song titles, if any does, feel free to let me know.


A Place To Bury Strangers - A Place To Bury Strangers

Label: Killer Pimp
Year: 2007

I zipped this record up and posted it to Mediafire awhile back so that a friend who was looking for recommendations on new music could give it a listen, and figured I'd go ahead to share the wealth (link).
Any fan of The Jesus And Mary Chain should already have this, and that descriptor is almost all you need. Although, A Place To Bury Strangers takes their washed out, distorted shoegaze and completely blows out your speakers by turning all instruments to 10 and letting them feedback at will. Good times. Not unlike Black Rebel Motorcycle Club mixed with My Bloody Valentine and then some Primal Scream for good measure.
This post has referenced too many bands with long ass names, and now I am tired.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

soundgarden - outshined 12"

released 1992

this is a promo that was released over in europe

you get "outshined" and "cold bitch"

and you should already know who soundgarden i'm not going to go into all that

but i will go into the new details of their upcoming tour in july

they've expanded it beyond the original 4 dates

but they're sticking to the folks having to buy tickets in pairs business

here be the dates:

july 2: molson canadian amphitheatre - toronto,canada*

july 3: john labatt centre - london,canada*

july 6: mohegan sun arena - uncasville,ct*

july 8: prudential center - newark,nj*

july 9: jones beach theater - wantagh,ny*

july 10: comcast center - mansfield,ma*

july 12: george mason university - fairfax,va**

july 13: penn's landing - philadelphia,pa**

july 14: borgata events center - atlantic city,nj**

july 16: uic pavilion - chicago,il**

july 17: ottawa blues fest 2011 - lebreton flats - ottawa,canada

july 18: red rocks amphitheatre - morrison,co**

july 21: bill graham civic auditorium - san francisco,ca**

july 22: the forum - inglewood,ca**

july 23: the joint - las vegas,nv**

july 29: rogers arena - vancouver,canada***

july 30: the gorge amphitheatre - george,wa****

*=w/coheed and cambria
**=w/the mars volta
***=w/the mars volta/queens of the stone age
****=w/the meat puppets/mastodon/queens of the stone age

DL: outshined 12"

harry pussy - live

released 1998

not only did they have a pretty kick-ass name....they also provided you with the answers to the "what would a seizure sound like set to music?" and "what happens to grampa's metal plate when he gets too close to the microwave?" questions

this is what sonic youth would sound like if they just didn't give a fuck

this was the band's final show (which took place on 5.5.97 in their hometown of miami,fl at churchill's)

DL: harry pussy live

sonic youth - 11.7.88 - first avenue - minneapolis,mn

it's kurt cobain's parents doing what they do in front of a crowd

that's right...i said it

thurston moore can make his guitar sound like a tiger

1 - teenage riot
2 - hey joni
3 - the wonder
4 - hyperstation
5 - cross the breeze
6 - kissability
7 - candle
8 - eric's trip
9 - the sprawl
10 - i love her all the time
11 - eliminator jr
12 - silver rocket
13 - i wanna be your dog*

*=the stooges cover

DL: sonic youth @first avenue

v/a - kamikaze: music to push you over the edge

released 1995



i know...those are some pretty bold statements to make...but i wouldn't make that business up...all of that is plainly stated on the cover

i was wandering through goodwill the other day and was flipping through their music section...not really expecting to find usual...

but i came across this and a butthole surfers cd (ELECTRICLARRYLAND)

so of course i had to lay down the $1.00 and snag them up

i'm the only one around these parts that could give them a proper home

so...i figured that i'd share this with all of you

and besides...where else are you going to be able to see fudge tunnel and into another and kid rock together?

in hell...that's where

1 - inch - i'm the cat
2 - heatmiser - stray
3 - stanford prison experiment - super monkey
4 - fear is fatal - rescue me
5 - fudge tunnel - grey
6 - skatenigs - regret
7 - the pleasure elite - media feed
8 - wargasm - wasteland
9 - the beyond - sacred garden
10 - kid rock - i am the bullgod
11 - eleven - crash today
12 - into another - poison fingers

DL: kamikaze: music to send you over the edge

Monday, May 9, 2011

butthole surfers - butthole surfers

released 1983

aka "brown reason to live"

aka "pee pee the sailor"

happy belated birthday,paul leary

DL: butthole surfers

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Immortal Lee County Killers - Essential Fucked Up Blues!

Label: Estrus
Year: 2000

Happy Mothers Day.
I the grand tradition of two piece blues/punk/rock/garage bands, here's one that gets lost in the shuffle even though they came out about the same time as the biggest two piece blues/punk/rock/garage band of all time The White Stripes (although, The Black Keys are getting pretty big aren't they?). The Immortal Lee County Killers definitely have a more southern take on the overblown blues freak-out which make them less Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and more Flat Duo Jets. That would be explained easily by mentioning that the band was from Auburn, Alabama, and they were fronted by former Quadrajet Chetley Wiese, so the southerness was for reals (one would assume the southerness is still intact). This version of "fucked up blues" is also quite a bit louder and more distorted than you might expect, but that's also why it's on this point of the internet since this point of the internet traffics in loud and distorted things.
Enjoy this, and then go call your mother to tell her how much of a saint she is to have put up with your shit all those long years.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

v/a - s.f.w. ost

released 1994

remember when movie soundtracks were worth buying? neither

but this is one of those exceptions

some of you may remember the trouble that i had went through trying to post S.F.W. here on SGM a few years back (and i still suspect stephen dorff)

i remember purchasing this album at the local music shop when it had come out...and i was all excited because i was full swing into my alternative music phase...and i played the shit out of the cop shoot cop song included on it ("two at a time")...and it had gwar and suicidal tendencies and soundgarden...

"oh he goes off on one of his stories"

actually...i'm not going to

this soundtrack can speak for itself

so if you're a fan of any of the bands i'd mentioned...or any of the early incarnations of lollapalooza...this is for you,friend

and if i wanted to go off on one of my fuckin' what

yeah...i had to do it

1 - soundgarden - jesus christ pose
2 - marilyn manson - get your gunn
3 - pretty mary sunshine - can i stay?
4 - hole - teenage whore
5 - monster magnet - megasonic teenage warhead
6 - chris cornell - like suicide (acoustic)
7 - suicidal tendencies - no fuckin' problem
8 - paw - surrender
9 - radiohead - creep
10 - cop shoot cop - two at a time
11 - babes in toyland - say what you want
12 - gwar - s.f.w.
13 - graeme revell - spab 'n' janet evening/the green room

DL: s.f.w.

lunachicks - binge & purge

released 1992

did i ever tell you about the time someone asked me if i were listening to no doubt while listening to the lunachicks?

yeah...that actually happened

some people's kids,maaaaaan

but if you've never heard the lunachicks...don't let the mentioning of no doubt send you away screaming

they have more in common with the likes of L7 and 7 year bitch and any other riot grrrl band from the early/mid 90s

but don't let that send you away screaming either

this won't pelt you with a used tampon or make you feel bad for having the testes

DL: binge & purge

v/a - charred remains

released 1981

this was a compilation that was released on cassette and accompanied a zine called NOISE

if you like any of the bands on it...i suggest you snag it up

and even if you don't like the bands on it and just want to fit it...i suggest you do the same

1 - void - condensed flesh
2 - void - war hero
3 - husker du - bricklayer
4 - 5051 - too late
5 - rebel truth - all i know
6 - rebel truth - dreams of a boy
7 - rebel truth - in the red
8 - rebel truth - reagan youth
9 - personality crisis - wonder what they're thinking
10 - personality crisis - waiting
11 - personality crisis - shotgun
12 - sin 34 - runaway
13 - sin 34 - not no fun
14 - violent apathy - real world
15 - violent apathy - hunger strike
16 - violent apathy - hypocrite
17 - dogs of war - crime watch/block parents
18 - misguided - doomsday
19 - articles of faith - street fight
20 - die kreuzen - pain
21 - die kreuzen - hate me
22 - double o - the end
23 - articles of faith - ghost in the house
24 - articles of faith - poison in my sweat
25 - articles of faith - aof
26 - articles of faith - belfast
27 - district tradiction - psychedelic
28 - district tradiction - vast realms
29 - toxic reasons - somebody help me
30 - uxb - el salvador stomp

DL: charred remains

lending of a hand

see those folks up there?

they go by the name of victory and associates

and this is what they sound like

and what you need to do is click on the link below

and then you need to lend a hand

and then you need to lend the other hand


because there isn't much one can accomplish with using only 1 hand

well...there is...but at least by doing don't have to explain any sort of mysterious stains to your parents

follow me to a stainless existence

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

scratch acid - the greatest gift

released 1991

(i don't know exactly what happened to the first posting of this album...but dammit...i'm gonna try again)

seeing as how the band are going to be reforming and playing some dates this coming november and december (including the ALL TOMORROW'S PARTIES shindig over in the uk)...what better time to post the band's discography

and now you'll have ample time to bone up on all things yow and the fellas

did that make you a little nervous?


DL: the greatest gift

the jesus lizard - 6.4.98 - stubb's bbq - austin,tx

have you ever found yourself wondering aloud in the grocery store "why isn't there a jesus lizard barbecue sauce?" and then badgering the closest employee until you have to be forcibly removed from the premises? neither

1 - puss
2 - i can learn
3 - gladiator
4 - kill mchann
5 - blue shot
6 - thumbscrews
7 - eucalyptus
8 - bloody mary
9 - a tale of two women
10 - boilermaker
11 - horse doctor man
12 - more beautiful than barbie
13 - fly on the wall
14 - cold water
15 - then comes dudley
16 - mouth breather
17 - nub
18 - soft damage
19 - monkey trick
20 - wheelchair epidemic*

*=the dicks cover

DL: the jesus lizard @stubb's bbq

Harvey Milk - Live Pleaser

Label: Reproductive
Year: 1997

For a few months I worked in a kitchen with Stephen Tanner and Kyle Spence, the rhythm section of the self-maligned behemoth of a band, Harvey Milk. They had just released "Courtesy and Goodwill Toward Men", and were quick to describe it as "self-indulgent", even while those fortunate enough to have heard it, usually described it as "fucking fantastic", or the like. Of course, Stephen and Kyle knew that they were in one of the best bands in the world at the time, and they knew full well how overwhelming and crushing their music was (I mean, you can't play a fucking sledgehammer as an instrument, and not be pretty confident about what you're doing), but as some sort of test, they maligned those who found any joy in what they were doing. It was their humor, and it could be pretty brutal, but it also made for the most fun shifts I ever worked in that restaurant (not to mention we usually ended up blasting Black Flag "Live 84" on the kitchen boombox each night). Good times.
So one Saturday I was working, and Harvey Milk was going to be playing on the street a couple of blocks from the restaurant (of course everything in Athens, Georgia is a couple blocks from everything else...small town), so I timed my break to walk over and catch part of their set. Before even stepping foot out the back of the restaurant, I could already hear them rumbling the windows of downtown Athens. When I got to the stage, instead of playing glacial speed misanthropy, they were playing boogie speed good times. It was weird, although not weird based on their classic rock roots (and really, everybody loves Led Zeppelin right?), but weird that they seemed to have jettisoned their entire back catalogue in favor of this Kiss-worshiping new (but old) sound. Mind you, it pre-dated the "rock revival" of bands like Hellacopters, Tight Bros From Way Back When, and such. It was just the right thing to hear standing in the streets on a warm Spring afternoon, blasting away at full volume.
A few weeks later they were recording "The Pleaser", and the rest of the world would hear the new, faster, "funner" Harvey Milk mk II. While on tour for it, they stopped into a Boston radio station to record this set of songs, and some might say these versions are superior to the album cuts. Don't know if that's true, but they do rip pretty fucking hard.
Stephen Tanner and Kyle Spence will most likely call you a "fag" for liking it, but, that's the risk you take.

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