Sunday, June 30, 2019

V/A - Shiny Grey Monotone Radio - Show 2

Label: N/A
Year: 2012

Man, I said I was going to get all these old radio show playlists back up on the blog...and...well...a month goes by and here we are just now getting the second installment up. Yeesh. Talk about falling asleep at the wheel.
Regardless, all is forgiven when you hit "play" on this hour's worth of Grade A Top Quality music. As with all of these volumes, the idea is to walk the listener through a sampling of what it is we do here (there, and everywhere). So, the discerning connoisseur will no doubt appreciate the roller coaster ride of varying perspectives on noise rock, whilst your girlfriend will continue to berate you for subjecting her to this horrid crap (just a bit of slight sexism between friends...I kid, I kid).

The bands:
Ikara Colt
The Liverhearts
C Average
Daisy Cutter
Luca Brasi
Zeni Geva
Pearls & Brass
Smoke and Smoke
Theory Of Ruin
Calvin Krime
Drunk Tank
Head Of David
Cutthroats 9
Cop Shoot Cop


Friday, June 28, 2019

bodychoke - cold river songs

released: 1998
label: purity

do you like swans?
do you like early cop shoot cop?
do you like skinny puppy?
do you like swans?
do you like fall of because?
do you like neurosis?
do you like the birthday party?
do you like swans?

i don't have all day for this.
i have places to be.
i just have one place that i need to be but your mom isn't home yet.


protomartyr - under color of official right

released: 2014
label: hardly art

do you like idles?
do you like mission of burma?
do you like wire?
do you like post 2006 fucked up?
do you like early talking heads?
do you like protomartyr?
do you like pina coladas?
do you like getting caught in the rain?


Tuesday, June 25, 2019

dysrhythmia - live from the relapse contamination festival

released: 2004
label: relapse records

once upon a time relapse records had themselves a little festival in in philadelphia,pa back in 2003. it went on for 2 days. bands with names like: alabama thunderpussy and burnt by the sun and high on fire and neurosis and pig destroyer and today is the day also played (though not in alphabetical order. i mean...who would play that kind of show? that would be madness.)

and then there was this band.
they're a 3 piece instrumental band from philadelphia.
they're a bit of a jazz fusion band perhaps.
they'd fit quite nicely next to your don caballero and behold...the arctopus (whom the current bass player is a member of as well) and mogwai and your russian circle and your king crimson albums.
they're decent.
you shouldn't really need to know all that much more about them.
just give this a listen.
quit being a sissy.
this isn't like the time i told you to go and check the breaker box in the basement.
i don't even own that leather outfit anymore.


hammerhead / godheadsilo - split

released: 1993
label: oxo records

it's hammerhead.
it's godheadsilo.
it's 2 bands that you like.
it's good for you.
it's not so good for your speakers.


Sunday, June 23, 2019

kylesa / victims - split

released: 2012
label: deathwish

you probably already know who kylesa are/were.
they've got one song here and it sounds as if it could've been released on their SELF-TITLED album.
you probably already know who victims are.
if'n not: they're a hardcore band from sweden.
they've got two songs here and one of them is a cover of a kylesa song that can be found on their SELF-TITLED album.
notice a recurring theme here?
kylesa's SELF-TITLED album is kick-ass.
end of story.


v/a - gilman street block party

released: 1993
label: none

i know what most of you are probably thinking right about now....

"green day? green day?! what the fuck?! green fucking day?!"

i know.
green day.
but some of you have to admit that you were down with some older green day.
i'm talking everything up to and including DOOKIE.
it's ok.
i'll admit to liking DOOKIE.
i heard it.
and yes.
rancid is there as well.
truth be told: i've never been a fan of rancid.
and it's fun so say "hey. the clash." when someone is listening to them.
truth be told: i've never been a fan of the clash either.
not even "rock the casbah" or "london calling".
it's just not my thing.
but with all of that being said: neurosis is on this.
and if neurosis can tolerate all of that so can you.
there you go.
that's the determined smile i like to see.
are you sure that you don't have to go to the bathroom?

1 - neurosis - self-doubt
2 - operation ivy - officer
3 - green day - sweet home alabama (lynyrd skynyrd cover)
4 - green day - eye of the tiger (survivor cover)
5 - green day - rock you like a hurricane (scorpions cover)
6 - rancid - hyena
7 - crimpshrine - bricks
8 - crimpshrine - my friend
9 - stikky - on the way up
10 - isocracy - rodeo


testament - low

released: 1994
label: atlantic records

it's chuck billy's birthday today.
happy birthday,chuck.

i've been a fan of testament since high school. my first foray into testamantland was via HEADBANGERS BALL and the video for "souls of black". and then there was that kid in high school that was all into the metals. he'd helped it along by lending me some tapes. yes. tapes. THE NEW ORDER and PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH and SOULS OF BLACK. he'd also loaned me a vhs copy of megadeth playing "hangar 18" on THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW. that was crazy. i'd even seen the band living colour play "cult of personality" on THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW. the audience had no fucking idea what was happening. after having seen that of course i automatically went out and purchased a pair of orange skin tight shorts. but that's another story for another time.

i'm not really sure as to the reasoning behind my initial purchasing of this album.
maybe it was the cover art as i was a fan of dave mckean.
i was really into comic books at the time.
and yes i know that it's a graphic novel.
shut up,nerd.
you gonna eat that?

moving on.

maybe i'd just picked it up because it was testament.
you don't know.
you weren't there.
just go and look at the security camera footage.

after having bought it it rarely left my walkman.
it had everything i needed in my life at the time.
grizzly bear vocals and kick-ass drumming.
and speaking of the drumming....
john tempesta.
fuck you,rob zombie.
you didn't know what you had there.
just use some electronic sounding drums instead of awesomeness.
it's like asking gene hoglan to play ac/dc covers.
you don't get that do you,nerd?
maybe i'm the nerd.
shut up.

and yes.
even though i wasn't going to mention it the guitar playing was kick-ass as well.
i'm a fan of james murphy.
go and listen to death's SPIRITUAL HEALING.
go and listen to disincarnate's DREAMS OF THE CARRION KIND.

i've always appreciated the fact that testament haven't given up their on their roots.
i'm looking at you metallica.
you should've called it a day after AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.
i'm looking at you megadeth.
you should've called it a day after RUST IN PEACE.
i'm looking at you slayer.
you should've called it a day after SEASONS IN THE ABYSS.
but that's another rant for another time.
and besides....
you know i'm right.
you,the reader.
what about them?
anthrax are decent.
i even like the john bush albums.
fun fact: once upon a time i got a stripper to do her thing to the song "gridlock". it was pretty impressive. and that is how i met your mother,kids.


the instrumental music of helmet: 1992 - 1997

released: 2003

this was released as a promo.
it's made up of songs from the MEANTIME and BETTY and AFTERTASTE albums.
now you can be page hamilton.
and there's always a but.
page hamilton gets to be you.
are you prepared for that sort of thing?
all kinds of kooky wacky hijinks could ensue.
maybe your parents like him better than you.
maybe your friends like him better than you.
maybe your gram gram likes his pancakes better than yours.
maybe he gets you put on some sort of a watch-list.
are you ready for that?
all you have to do is sign this piece of paper and then for the next 7 days you're not allowed to be you no matter what happens.
now i know what you're thinking....
maybe i could go in and ruin up page hamilton's life.
maybe you could.
but maybe things have already put in place to stop that from happening.
didn't think about that,huh?
no one will believe you.
you've already signed the contract.
and at the sound of the buzzer we're ready to begin....

1 - in the meantime
2 - ironhead
3 - give it
4 - wilma's rainbow
5 - milquetoast
6 - tic
7 - overrated
8 - pure
9 - like i care
10 - driving nowhere
11 - birth defect
12 - broadcast emotion


Thursday, June 20, 2019

faith no more - the real thing mystery bag

released: 1989
label: slash/reprise records

happy 30th,THE REAL THING.

the album that dared to ask "what is it?".


Wednesday, June 19, 2019

teen cthulhu - ride the blade

released: 2003
label: life is abuse

"so reference to what we were discussing's got the black metal vocals and the keyboards but it also has a hewhocorrupts like vibe going on. i know what you're probaly thinking. how could that even work,right? it does somehow. i'm not sure how but it does. "fucking with death" is the jam,son! i can sense you rolling your eyes under the pillowcase and i get it. it's ok. some folks just can't seem to accept new things nowadays. it's a shame really. yeah. but listen...i'd like to continue on with this conversation because you seem like a bright fella but i've gotta get going. this has been fun. it just sucks that we had to meet under these circumstances. perhaps we'll run into each other at a show or something sometime. i'm gonna be seeing-ah! you almost got me there you little sneaky sneak." -some guy that broke into my apartment


v/a - super sabado gigante

released: 2003
label(s): prank/six weeks/625 thrashcore

this has nothing to do with the television show.
though it would've provided an interesting soundtrack to seeing the scantily clad women and folks dressed in kooky wacky costumes do whatever it is they do.
this is just some good ol' fashioned powerviolence and such.
there was once upon a time a festival called SUPER SABADO GIGANTE that was put together by the drummer for the band spazz (he also started the 625 thrashcore label).
this is a nice collection of songs from bands that have played the festival.
there's something for the whole family.
even your gram gram will dig some "total denial of all involvement" by guyana punch line.
do you want your gram gram to be better than you?
that's what i thought.
you don't even deserve to iron your gram gram's man is the bastard t-shirt.
now sit down and shut up.
gram gram's shows are on.

1 - artimus pile - dirty laundry
2 - lack of interest - paranoid
3 - guyana punch line - total denial of all involvement
4 - crucial unit - adolthood
5 - breakfast - down
6 - kungfu rick - a solid dent in public pavement
7 - kungfu rick - class inclusion
8 - burn your bridges - non-fashion is still fashion
9 - burn your bridges - revolution now! destroy the scene
10 - burn your bridges - shut up and play
11 - holier than thou? - why? (r.k.l. cover)
12 - kylesa - delusion on fire
13 - municipal waste - self-abuse (poison idea cover)
14 - shank - panoramas of hell
15 - shank - get out (madball cover)


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

spazz - 9.6.96 - 924 gilman st. - berkeley,ca

this is spazz.
i once heard of them described as "the nirvana of powerviolence".
i'm not sure how i feel about that.
i'm not sure how they'd feel about that.

"fuck you phony bands and shitty harmonies!
bad melodic hardcore is the plague that you breed!
go get fucked!
run out of town!
the chain-wallet meltdown!"

maybe something like that perhaps?

this is spazz doing spazz things in front of a live studio audience.

1 - intro
2 - 4 times a day
3 - climate best
4 - pressure
5 - wwf rematch at the cow palace
6 - r.t.s.
7 - loach
8 - droppin' many ravers
9 - mervyns
10 - problems in the homeland
11 - untitled
12 - the box
13 - hot dog water popsicle in the hand of eric wood
14 - all urban outfield
15 - hard boiled
16 - return of the wall of death
17 - untitled
18 - war in the head*
*=7 seconds cover


inside out - rage against the machine '88-'90

ok. before you even think about opening your mouth to say that there's a band called rage against the machine and that this band totally stole that from them and this is a travesty and then come the histrionics you should know that the band's vocalist would later go on to be one of the founders rage against the machine. just look at the guy in the picture up yonder.

so yeah.

if'n you're expecting some of that rage against the machine rap/funk/metal you're not goinng to find it here,kids. this is some of that 90's hardcore business of the khaki shorts and baggy white t-shirts and the singer guy is screaming something on stage so we'd better all pile on top of him variety. yeah. good times.

i'm going to assume that this is something that someone put together themselves. it's the band's discography (yeah yeah i know. they'd only ever released an ep) as well as some live stuff.

and that is that.
consider yourself educated.
you're welcome.


Monday, June 17, 2019

dalek - absence

released: 2005
label: ipecac

"oh my goodness! do you watch DOCTOR WHO?! oh man! can i tell you something? what did you think about that one thing that happened in that one episode? crazy,right? i mean-"

let me stop you right there,nerd.
i'm not talking about DOCTOR WHO.
i've only ever seen maybe a few episodes.
i think that they may have been from the 80s.
i was high so....

but i will admit that it's fun to walk around yelling "EX-TER-MIN-ATE!".
i know how to have fun.

this is dalek the experimental hip-hop group.
think chuck d listening to godflesh and my bloody valentine and throbbing gristle while thinking "yeah. i can do that. hey! flav! shut the fuck up and quit doin' that whatever the fuck it is you're doin'! folks are goin' to start thinkin' that there's somethin' wrong with you,man. look at your clock. you know what time it is? it's time to get the fuck outta here! now go and get me my coffee!".
or something like that.

now maybe that makes you want to listen to this.
maybe it doesn't.
but while i've got you here and if you really want to nerd it up....
let's talk about superheroes and their genitals.


techno animal - demonoid

released: 1997
label: grand royal

some of you may have not heard of this here band but you've definitely heard of one of the band's members: his name is justin broadrick. yes. that justin broadrick. not only does he unleash hell in godflesh but he also likes to experiment a little as well. and that's just what techno animal is. it's some industrial hip hop electronic music. the other person in this here endeavor goes by the name "the bug" (aka kevin martin) and he's worked with bands with names like: GOD (also with justin broadrick) and earth and death grips and curse of the golden vampire (also with justin broadrick but had also involved atari teenage riot member alec empire) as well as releasing music on his own.

"come on,bruh. this isn't wikipedia."

wiki what?
you can't just come in here and invent your own language.
who do you think you are?
grace and virginia kennedy?
i didn't think so.
so you can just get on outta here with all of that high falutin language.

now where was i.....
oh yeah....


Friday, June 14, 2019

fugazi - in on the kill taker: the albini demos

released: 1993

it turns out that this was already posted here a few years back by someone that isn't me.
so i'm just going to paraphrase what was written in the previous posting.
and by "paraphrase" i mean "copy and paste everything that was written".

This one is sort of a no brainer, but maybe you haven't had the chance to hear these
versions of some of the tracks that would later show up on the "In On The Kill Taker" lp.

Let's review why you will need this in your record collection:
1. Fugazi, turns out, are one of the best bands of our generation (assuming we're all between the ages of 20 and 40 here). They are the proverbial "often imitated, never duplicated" band of this subculture. Can you name one band that actually sounds like Fugazi? Nope? Neither can I.
2. "In On The Kill Taker" is the band's finest body of work. Period. Sorry to step on your toes, but for my money, this record demonstrates the band on top of their game, and perfects all the elements that make up their "sound". I am fully aware of the importance of the first 12", trust me, I have it committed to memory too. Not to pull the age card, but in order to establish some credentials lest you think I'm speaking out of turn, I have been listening to, and seeing the band perform since their inception. I pre-ordered that first 12" from Dischord, and I saw the band play on their first run of shows outside Washington D.C. You gotta believe me when I say, "I'm a fan of Fugazi". Well, a few years into their career I thought the band was losing it, and winding down, and I began to drift away ("Steady Diet Of Nothing" being the prime reason), but then found myself staring down two nights in a row of them playing Athens, Georgia at the 40 Watt in 1992(?), and they were playing a bunch of songs that would be on "In On The Kill Taker", and those songs were unreal. The band was playing harder, the songs were more intense, the whole show was a slap in the face...Fugazi were in no way, shape, or form, losing it. They were focused like a laser, killing it like I had never seen before, and would never see again, those two nights are still among the best live performances I've ever witnessed. So when the new record came out, it only re-affirmed what they proved at the 40 Watt, that they were untouchable. So, yeah, it's their best record.
3. Steve Albini, the much maligned anti-producer, has a real knack for "selecting and placing microphones" in such a way that the end result is a crisp BOOM. These recordings are no exception, the drums are huge, the guitars are crunchy, Joe Lally shakes the floorboards, and the vocals cut through the din in perfect desperation. Supposedly the band weren't happy with their performance, so they re-recorded these songs and the rest of the album back in D.C. for release.

So: Fugazi + their best songs + Steve Albini engineering = a must have. Easy.


v/a - black on black: a tribute to black flag

released: 2002
label: initial records

it's flag day.

1 - american nightmare - depression
2 - anodyne - life of pain
3 - burnt by the sun - drinking and driving
4 - coalesce - jealous again
5 - converge - annihilate this week
6 - the dillinger escape plane - damaged I/II
7 - hope conspiracy - nervous breakdown
8 - planes mistaken for stars - police story/wasted
9 - playing enemy - six pack


negative approach - nothing will stand in our way

released: 2011
label: taang! records

as a patron of this blog you should know who negative approach are.
and if'n you don't you're really taking a negative approach to this blog.
see what i did there?
we like to have fun around here.

this is a compilation of some demos and some outtakes and some live stuff that took place between 1981 and 1982.

do you know what you were up to between '81 and '82?
if you do you weren't living your life right,bro.
i was 6 years old in 1981 and i remember coming to on random floors among blocks and juice boxes.
and i only remember all of that because there's photographic evidence.
grandmothers save everything.
and just so you know: there's a difference between "waking up" and "coming to".

and if'n you're curious as to what you're getting yourself into with this album go here.
or you could just snag it up and be all surprised.
snagging random things up leads to all kinds of surprises.
just ask your parents about that room in the basement with the locked door.


Monday, June 10, 2019

ministry - jesus built my hotrod

released: 1991
label: sire

it's ministry.
what more do you need to know?
just know that nobody with a good car needs to be justified.
just know that where you are ain't no good unless you can get away from it.
you understand?


velocity girl - sorry again

released: 1994
label: sub pop

"it's like if lush and pavement were in the same band. that's what i would tell people. most folks don't even know who those bands are,bro,so they'll be all like yeah i totally know who those bands are and i couldn't agree more and i think that we should be best friends. yeah. but then they catch you with their sister and then they're all like we can't be best friends anymore but i still agree with you on the lush and pavement thing. yeah." -some guy


Friday, June 7, 2019

v/a - a time we'll remember vol. 7

label: lost and found records
released: 1999

what the fine folks at lost and found records have done is saved you some time and money by putting these 4 7" together in one collection for you.
say thank you lost and found records,kids.

1 - drop dead
2 - conform
3 - life of hate
4 - starvation
5 - armageddon
6  - walls
7 - cold war
8 - sad but true
9 - grim reaper
10 - organized sports
11 - annoyed
12 - controller
13 - revolt
14 - condensed flesh
15 - black jewish & poor
16 - war hero
17 - get out of my way
18 - go south
deep wound DEEP WOUND
19 - i saw it
20 - sisters
21 - in my room
22 - don't need
23 - lou's anxiety song
24 - video prick
25 - sick of fun
26 - deep wound
27 - dead babies
28 - you're false
29 - time to stand
30 - patriots
31 - pressure
32 - never let you in
34 - your head is in your crotch
35 - psyched to die
36 - adult
37 - training ground
septic death SOMEWHERE IN TIME (PART 2)
38 - negative threat
39 - child
40 - hardware
41 - fear
42 - poison mask
43 - control
44 - demon inside me
45 - quit
46 - insanity


agoraphobic nosebleed / converge - the poacher diaries

released: 1999
label: relapse records

you've got your agoraphobic nosebleed.
you've got your converge.
but you've got absolutely nothing about someone making eggs.
i like mine scrambled.
sometimes fried.
a good fried egg with cheese sandwich with some hot sauce dabbed on it never disappoints.
maybe if you're not a fan of hot sauce.
but what kind of person doesn't like hot sauce?
that sort of person would never listen to this sort of thing.


v/a - live at target

released: 1980
label: subterranean records

do you know your whereabouts on the 24th of february in the year 1980?
no one?
that's ok.
none of these folks probably remember either.
but at least they have some sort of documentation proving their whereabouts on the date in question if'n the authorities were to come looking for them.
what's your excuse?
and don't even try to give me any of that "i wasn't even born yet" crap.
can you prove it?
my partner and i are going to step out into the hallway for a moment.
you just think about it.
think everything over.
we may be back sooner.
we may be back later.
you can't tell us what to do.
you're not our real dad.

1 - factrix - a night to forget
2 - factrix - subterfuge
3 - nervous gender - miscarriage
4 - nervous gender - scandanavian dilemma
5 - nervous gender - poet
6 - nervous gender - confession
7 - uns - pt. 1
8 - uns - pt. 2
9 - flipper - falling
10 - flipper - lowrider
11 - flipper - end the game

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