Saturday, November 28, 2020

Silver Salute - Happy Eyes

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1995

Two guys from the band Vertigo walk into a Minneapolis...and probably order a couple Hamm's. End of story.
Fast forward to those same two guys, still in a bar, still in Minneapolis, probably still drinking a couple Hamm's. But this time they are joined by their buddy Mike Phillips. This time they brought their instruments. And this time they belt out two pounding rockers in the grand tradition of Minneapolis Hamm's drinking, noise rockers. From Man Sized Action, to Replacements, to Cows, to Guzzard, to Janitor Joe, to Gnomes of Zurich, and on into present day bands like Blind Shake keeping the torch burning.
Honest to goodness rock music. Should be easy...but it's not, else more folks would be doing it. So, when you find it, go with it. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Mercury 4F - You Throw Me Up


Label: Bovine
Year: 1994

First off, I do not know how to make the fahrenheit symbol on a computer keyboard that this band employs in their name. I'm certain the method is a quick Google away, but honestly, who the fuck has the time? And do I really want my wife and kids seeing that I'm researching how to type the fahrenheit symbol? Talk about embarrassing.
Regardless, I wanted to get this posted in time for you to have it to play tomorrow at your Thanksgiving fest. If you are not an American person, or an ex-pat of some lineage that celebrates Thanksgiving, then...I don't know what to tell you. I guess, just go to your neighbors house, change the name on the mailbox to your own, cough in their faces, and declare it your dominion by divine right, or something. Then make a big meal, argue with your weird conservative uncle, and go to sleep at 5:00pm on the couch, drunker than you should be in the presence of your parents.
Nothing REALLY says "I'm thankful" quite like lumbering Swiss caveman noise rock, and Mercury 4F deliver the goods!
Save me the tofurky wishbone!

Thursday, November 12, 2020

The Meices - Words b/w One Hand

 Label: Word Of Mouth
Year: 1993

This is as close to pop-punk as you'll catch me. Had I not seen the band live, lo those many moons ago, I probably would not have thought of them as "that band that was a lot like Seaweed", and instead would have said, "is this band from Orange County...and was that a Poison riff?!".
But in reality, they do have enough grit to their sound that they avoid any comparisons to Strung Out, and they stick to rocking and not trying to be cute. It's good. I swear. If you like a newer band like The Dirty Nil, then this one is right up your alley. If you like an older band like Seaweed, then you'll be alright.

Plus, I told in the last post that this was coming!

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Melvins - With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hand


Label: Sympathy For The Record Industry
Year: 1990

Notice a trend of "M" bands being posted? Is it possible I reached into 7" #4 (Meices [spoiler alert...they may be posted next] to Shadow Season currently...but just ordered more boxes to space out records that were too crowded to flip through) and grabbed a handful of records to digitize? Was there something more nefarious at work?!

Regardless of how it got here, now it's here. Three songs from Melvins (I really wish they were more prolific, don't you?), one of which is a Malfunkshun cover. One is the kind of Melvins song you want to hear, a big, warm, fuzzy, sludgy bruiser. And one if the kind of Melvins song that drives you nuts, a repetitive noise throw away. Those are always "funny" aren't they? Ha, ha, you like our band and spent money on our record, so here's a joke song where I just repeat "Anal Satan" over a broken drum beat loop. Thanks Melvins!

I notice there is one slight jump on side B, but that's the record I have. It's a millisecond little skip and will not negatively affect your enjoyment of the music. But it's a 30 year old give me a break. Sympathy for The Record Industry pressed this thing on like, ten different colors of vinyl, and a couple label they got their money's worth.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Morsel / Cigarhead - Morsel / Cigarhead split


Label: Simple Solutions
Year: 1995

Speaking of bands who put out records on Choke Inc., and start with the letter "M", let's listen to a little Morsel. The Ann Arbor, MI band certainly fit into the noisy cadre of the Choke Inc. roster, with their rumbling bass and punching riffs. They could have also fit in well on Reproductive Records alongside Spore, Milkmoney, and Slughog. You only get one song on this split, but it's a great one. You get a good sense of how big their dynamics aimed, and how they could take a melody and bury under six feet of dread. The singer also played flute, and would sing on stage into her flute blow hole, run through a Leslie cabinet to give the vocals a warped screech (not very screechy on this song though). 

On the flip side we visit with Cigarhead. I know far less about the band, and as far as I know they only released two split 7", not exactly prolific. They were from Dayton, OH, which I can only assume means they were buddies with Dirk from Doghouse (Stronghold represent!). The drummer would later play in Enon and Holy Fuck, and prior to Cigarhead the folks were in a band called Sunken Giraffe, which also spawned Brainiac. You can hear a bit of that Brainiac mania in Cigarhead, but they play it more straight. Relatively so anyway. It's still more abrasive than is typically appreciated in mixed company. Not to cast aspersions on how hard you party or whatever, know.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Milkmine - Super M


Label: Choke Inc.
Year: 1993

Been watching any news lately? Anything going on I should be aware of?

Well, if not, how about some music to occupy your mind and help you into the forthcoming weekend? How about this two song 'lil slab from the incomparable Milkmine on the unfuckable-with Choke Inc label? It's good. I promise. Maybe the best Cincinnati noise rock ever? Maybe?

Three dudes, two of which play bass, zero guitars. So, I think you would be excused to hear a Godheadsilo "sound" in these two songs, but you'll also hear the DNA of Rapeman and Flipper in the single minded, head down, deliberate charge that Milkmine utilizes. 

Hey, but seriously, if there's anything important going on in the news that I should be aware of, please let me know. Ok? Thanks.

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