Monday, February 28, 2011

Seaweed - Kid Candy ep

Label: Sub Pop
Year: 1993

Digging through some cds this evening looking for music to load onto the ole ipod I came across this little gem I had completely forgotten about. Not that I'd forgotten Seaweed, I had merely forgotten this three song "promo" that I no doubt ended up with from WUOG radio station in Athens, Georgia. Seaweed actually stays in fairly routine rotation around these parts, especially the "Weak" album, which is my personal favorite, and every time it plays I lecture my children on (among other things) Seaweed's superiority to Jawbreaker, and how I can't understand the appeal of Jawbreaker when there are such better bands out there, i.e. Seaweed. They don't seem to really "get it" yet, they're more into Usher and Katy Perry, not so much the Seaweeds of the world.

Fun Fact: Instead of loading Seaweed onto my ipod I ended up putting Pantera "Far Beyond Driven" instead. Weird? No. I listened to it whilst exercising tonight it it slayed! Hail Dimebag!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Division Of Laura Lee - Violence Is Timeless

Label: I Made This
Year: 2008

I don't think anyone ever released this record in America (USA! USA!), so it remains mostly unheard by those in the New World. Don't know if that's some sort of Scandinavian plot to foil Yankee listening patterns or what, but it's a great album and those Viking motherfuckers need to sail that bitch over on the back of Leif Ericson's ghost (onward to Valhalla!)
Division Of Laura Lee have a goofy name. It's true, and it made me not want to like them for a long time. Back when, they were sort of a Refused-ish post-hardcore band that were putting out splits with Impel or Milemarker who weren't that far off from Frodus or something. That's about the time I saw them, they were on tour with International Noise Conspiracy and it was one of those "oh, I get it" kind of shows. They were morphing out of post hardcore and following suit with their Scandinavian retro-rocking bros like International Noise Conspiracy, The Hives, even some Hellacopters, and injecting some straight garage rock into their mosh parts. It had a swagger and pompousness that I liked.
Fast forward to now, and I had no idea they were still a band as of 2008, but then here comes this record, and it continues their trajectory, now incorporating a little post-punk of The Fall (by way of Ikara Colt) into their post hardcore Rocket From The Crypt rave ups.
I do believe you will enjoy this, and find that you can even listen to it in mixed company (mixed gender, not races...silly).


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tree - This Land 7"

Label: Man's Ruin
Year: 1997

Why not post the other Tree 7" that Man's Ruin put out?
Well...because it's not all that hot?
More mid-tempo hardcore chugging than the other record, but with the added bonus of weird patriotic lyrics and an ill-advised pop punk cover of "This Land".
What was Frank Kozik thinking?


Tree - Smash The State 7"

Label: Man's Ruin
Year: 1996

Two songs that are over and done before you can settle in too deeply. Metallic punk meets metallic grunge? Mind Over Four versus Gruntruck versus Exploited? They were from Boston and I imagine they probably played shows with Sam Black Church and Stick. That'd be my guess.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Subarachnoid Space - Almost Invisible

Label: 1997
Year: Release

It's Sunday here where I live, and since I have little-to-no understanding of the time/space continuum, I won't pretend to know what day it is where you live. But, on Sundays, here in my household we clean up, and for me that means sweeping and mopping the floors, picking up after kids, dishes, laundry, you know, house shit. Usually when doing this kind of stuff the entire family is pitching in, doing whatever it is they are responsible for doing on this particular Sunday, and generally speaking there is some kind of music blasting through the house (it's not that big of a house really, so the actual volume level is not "blasting" per se) that we can all agree on, or that at least doesn't offend young children.
Today we will be doing our domestic duties to the serene space rock of Subarachnoid Space. I would highly suggest you try it sometime, maybe even the next time Sunday comes around your place of residence. I think your entire family will thank you for the peaceful drone, and you'll be surprised at just how quickly those bathroom counters are wiped and clean.

You're welcome.


Friday, February 18, 2011

leaders of men - 1.18.11 - high noon saloon - madsion,wi

dressing up as animals
riding a bicycle
playing chess
sitting across the street until the lights go out

those are just some of the things folks like to do for fun

and then there's the united sons of toil

from time to time they like to resurrect the corpse of ian curtis and play as the band joy division (actually...neither they or this blog recommend bringing the dead back to life...zombies always seem like a good idea...but then one day you wake up and start finding things missing...your pet...your grandparents...and the house starts to smell worse...and friends stop coming all just ends up being a huge pain in the ass...and then you'll just end up loading it into the car and taking it for a "ride in the country" just stay on your couch and continue watching cartoons...don't even get that idea in your head)

chris vance takes on ian curtis (he's been a member of many bands around the madison area...including pachinko)

russell emerson hall takes on bernard sumner

bill borowski takes on peter hook

jason jensen takes on stephen morris

while listening to're gonna find yourself wondering if you'd accidentally started listening to one of the other joy division bootlegs that you (should) have

and not to worry...there is no dub music to be found on this recording

1 - no love lost
2 - wilderness
3 - walked in line
4 - a means to an end
5 - shadowplay
6 - the kill
7 - colony
8 - disorder
9 - new dawn fades
10 - dead souls
11 - day of the lords
12 - the ice age
13 - she's lost control
14 - sound of music
15 - interzone
16 - warsaw
17 - exercise one
18 - transmission

DL: leaders of men

melvins - the satellite residency

as you all know...the melvins became the house band at the satellite in los angeles,ca every friday during the month of january

full albums were played

there was time traveling

moments were shared

and can pretend like you were actually there (unless you were actually there...and if that be the,my friend,are an expletive...feel free to pick your own)


set 1:
1 - the water glass
3 - the bloated pope
4 - the talking horse
5 - oven
6 - billy fish
7 - tipping the lion
8 - black stooges
9 - let it all be
10 - bacon industry (1)

1 - colossus of destiny
2 - eye flys
3 - charmicarmicat
4 - hung bunny
5 - hog leg
6 - antioxidote
7 - wispy
8 - with teeth
9 - the ballad of dwight fry (2)
10 - sacrifice (3)

1=karp cover
2=alice cooper cover
3=flipper cover


set 1: (melvins 1983 w/original drummer mike dillard)
1 - intro
2 - walter
3 - forgotten principles
4 - if you get bored
5 - matt-alec
6 - snake appeal
7 - run around
8 - the real you
9 - set me straight
10 - i don't know
11 - march of crimes

set 2:
1 - the water glass
2 - evil new war god
3 - the kicking machine
4 - civilized worm
5 - happy birthday,brent hinds*
6 - the bit**

*=the band sings "happy birthday" to mastodon guitarist brent hinds
**=brent hinds joins the band on 2nd bass

set 3: (HOUDINI)
1 - hag me (in)
2 - hag me (out)
3 - pearl bomb
4 - hooch
5 - honey bucket
6 - night goat
7 - lizzy
8 - going blind (1)
9 - joan of arc
10 - set me straight (partial)
11 - deserted cities of the heart (partial) (2)
12 - sky pup
13 - teet
14 - copache
15 - spread eagle beagle*
16 - star spangled banner

1=kiss cover
2=cream cover
*=original drummer mike dillard joins the band as 3rd drummer


set 1: (melvins lite...just buzzo and dale)
1 - intro
2 - okie from muskogee (1)
3 - detroit rock city (tease) (2)
4 - suicide in progress
5 - oven
6 - let me roll it
7 - black bock
8 - let god be your gardener

set 2:
1 - the water glass
2 - evil new war god
4 - the talking horse
5 - the kicking machine
6 - electric flower
7 - civilized worm

set 3: (BULLHEAD)
1 - ligature
2 - it's shoved
3 - if i had an exorcism
4 - zodiac
5 - anaconda
6 - euthanasia
7 - cow
8 - your blessened
9 - boris
10 - okie from muskogee (reprise)

1=merle haggard cover
2=kiss cover


set 1:
1 - the water glass
2 - evil new war god
3 - the talking horse
4 - the kicking machine
5 - billy fish
6 - technical difficulties
7 - electric flower
8 - civilized worm
9 - sacrifice (1)

1 - lividity
2 - skweetis (take 1)
3 - skweetis (take 2)
4 - sweet willy rollbar
5 - revolve
6 - june bug
7 - roadbull
8 - goose freight train
9 - queen
10 - at the stake
11 - magic pig detective
12 - shevil
13 - goodnight sweetheart (2)

1=flipper cover
2=sha na na cover

DL: set 1
DL: set 2

DL: set 1
DL: set 2
DL: set 3

DL: set 1
DL: set 2
DL: set 3

DL: set 1
DL: set 2

Friday, February 11, 2011

the jesus lizard - pure

released 1989


sorry it took so long

DL: pure

clockcleaner - 12.12.06 - wfmu - jersey city,nj

it's clockcleaner doing what they do on the radio

more specifically...the brian turner show

you know 'em

you love 'em

1 - vomiting mirrors/missing dick
2 - new slow
3 - deaf man talking
4 - black baby
5 - early man

DL: clockcleaner @the brian turner show

shift - pathos

released 1994

have you ever owned a pair of baggy khaki pants/shorts?

have you ever listened to the quicksand album SLIP and just felt as if it were one of the best things you've ever had drift through your earholes?

do you dig bands like: engine kid? burn? into another? sparkmarker?

guess what...

you should already dig this band as well

so what are you doing even reading this?

DL: pathos

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Corrosion Of Conformity - Live - 08-17-83 - Live Space II Arcade, Washington D.C.

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1983

It sounds like Eric Eycke is singing on this one, which would make sense based on the year, and seeing as Eye For An Eye would be coming out less than a year later. For that piece of trivia alone, it's probably worth your time.
Of course, it's C.O.C., so that pretty much tells you that it's worth your time. In fact, maybe your time isn't worth C.O.C. Ever think of it that way? Bet you didn't.
Wait, is my time not worth C.O.C.? Naw, it has to be, right? I mean, I am from North Carolina, so that right there kinda gives me the leg up you know. One time some friends and I drove to Raleigh to see Corrosion Of Conformity play a free show in a park across the street from Jesse Helms' house (if that name is not familiar to you, then I can assume you were not a punker in the 80's, which is fine, but just know that between Helms, Edwin Meese, and Ronald Reagan, 80's punks had some real good boogie men to target). My memory is fuzzy, but either the show never happened, or we had the wrong day, cause there was no Woody Weatherman blasting away like a feral dog at Jesse's mansion. Unfortunately.
But, that alone should validate my time, and make it worth it to C.O.C. C'mon C.O.C.


brutal juice - all american city 7"

released 1996

ever find yourself wondering what it would sound like if jane's addiction and the butthole surfers were in the same room together and decided to record something?

take a listen to the song "all american city"

as for the other song ("bound for glory")'s exactly what you know and love about brutal juice

DL: all american city 7"

melvins - 7.5.97 - garage d'or records - minneapolis,mn

it's the melvins doing what the melvins do

1 - captain pungent
2 - berthas
3 - interstellar overdrive (1)
4 - magic pig detective
5 - revolve
6 - hooch
7 - mombius hibachi
8 - sacrifice (2)

1=pink floyd cover
2=flipper cover

DL: melvins @garage d'or records

Monday, February 7, 2011

this explains everything

amrep new blood showcase

you know...if you've got nothing else going on (and you know you don't) should head on down to austin,tx to see some hammerhead and some vaz and some white drugs and some other bands for free witch abortion had to cancel...but that's can listen to this on the way there

here be the info

v/a - lollapalooza '92 sampler

released 1992

believe it or not...there was a time where it was worthwhile to attend a lollapalooza (you could've found me attending the '95/'96/'97 stops in tinley park,il)

but then it stopped being a tour and became a 2 day hipster sleepover

and i'm not gonna do what you all think i'm gonna do...i'm not gonna go on some rant against the state of music nowadays

and i'm not gonna go off on the messenger bag wearing where do you store those nuts in those tight pants,mr. squirrel folks (and by the way...nice camel toe)

nope...i'm just gonna sit back and think about days past...the simpler times...and enjoy the music

now...who wants to have a butthole surfers pajama party?

1 - red hot chili peppers - blood sugar sex majik
2 - ministry - scarecrow
3 - ice cube - amerikkka's most wanted
4 - soundgarden - slaves & bulldozers
5 - the jesus and mary chain - far gone and out
6 - pearl jam - jeremy (clean version)
7 - lush - superblast!

DL: lollapalooza '92 sampler

Sunday, February 6, 2011

ventura w/david yow - it's raining on one of my islands/la petit chaperon beige 7"

released 2010

ever find yourself wondering what it would sound like if david yow were to front shellac?

well...wonder no more

"it's raining on one of my islands" will be one of the best songs you've ever heard

and if you don't think so...i'll throw this mannequin down a flight of stairs

DL: ventura w/david yow

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Brass Castle - Brass Castle

Label: Velocette
Year: 2006

If Velocette is still a functioning label, this record might still be in print, and available, but good luck finding it. Of course, if you do, grab it.
Brass Castle is two dudes here in Atlanta (not from Atlanta, just living here, or at least one lives here still and one lives in New York or something, has a band called Cheeseburger) who make (made?) a lot of noise for two people. Both guys switch off playing drums, guitars, and singing, although it sounds pretty cohesive the whole way through. It's not as if there are two distinct styles playing off each other. Although, that being said, there are a few different styles of music creeping through, from Cherubs to Flipper to Harvey Milk to Minutemen to Blue Oyster Cult to whatever dirty old lp is tucked between Black Oak Arkansas and Budgie in the dollar bin at your nearest record store. It's all pretty grimy and noisy, and maybe a bit sloppy, but never to a fault.
You might have heard Brass Castle on the Aqua Teen Hunger Force soundtrack, or from the music they have scored for Adult Swim, but if you live outside of Atlanta, you probably never heard them at all.
I suppose you could move to Atlanta to hear them, but they might be broken up, it's hard to tell.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

mc5 and the stooges - 7.18.70 - soldier field - chicago,il

if this had happened 99 years before...this is what would've burned chicago down

and something tells me that most folks would choose death by mc5 and the stooges over death by cow kicking over a lantern

1 - ramblin' rose
2 - tonight
3 - rama lama fa fa fa (rocket reducer no.62)
4 - looking at you
5 - i want you right now
6 - black to comm

the stooges:
1 - loose
2 - down on the street
3 - 1970
4 - the shadow of your smile/fun house
5 - l.a. blues

DL: mc5 and the stooges @soldier field

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Helmet - Unlive 08-05-91

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1991

As previously discussed, the first few years that Helmet were alive, and the subsequent records that resulted, are pretty much undisputed heavyweight champion type shit. Upper echelon kind of records, not soon bested. Well, how's about taking those songs out to the public and cranking through them real quick? Maybe get some radio program (unfortunately dubbed "The Toolbox") to air them out? I'd be into it.
In an effort to quell any rumors to the contrary, I am also here to say that "Sinatra" is thee greatest Helmet song. Just is. Listen to it here and explain to me otherwise. Go ahead, I'll wait.

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