Sunday, February 28, 2010

X-Cops - Beat You Down 7"

Label: Mans Ruin
Year: 1996

The full length of this Gwar side project has been posted elsewhere on this blog, but since I had the 7" sitting around, I figured it should be here too.
In all honesty, I bought this record mistaking it for "Cracked Cop Skulls", which was the band that featured dudes from Napalm Death, Sore Throat, and Ripchord playing crusty hardcore. Instead, I got the band that featured dudes from Gwar and Rigor Mortis playing Motorhead-infused cowpunk-ish, Texas style punk. Even though they were from Richmond, Virginia.
Also, at that point in time I would purchase anything on Frank Kozik's Mans Ruin label, so it kinda didn't matter who, or what it was. Luckily, it sounds very little like Gwar, so at least it's got that going for it.

And now it's here.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

headcleaner - bogieman 12"

released 1992

there was a link to this album posted in the comments section of the other headcleaner album posted a few spots down provided by one of the many anonymous folks that frequent SGM...but i was also sent a link to this album via email by someone calling themselves shane

perhaps he and anonymous are the same person

and i know that some of you are saying to yourself "this is supposed to be called BOOGIEMAN...this ipecac fella is retarded"

and to that...i say "so what?"

well...i've seen both spellings...but i'm gonna go with the one i saw on their page

take early killing joke...early fudge tunnel...early silverfish...mix all of that together...and then put david yow behind the microphone

and then you'd have headcleaner

DL: bogieman


Label: BangOn (Canada)
Released 1993

Hailing from Canada Facepuller play noisy punk rock with a metallic edge. Released a 7" and 3 albums in the early 90's with this being their 2nd album. Their 3rd album (Unauthorized Volume Dealers) found its way on Alternative Tentacles.


Mlijeko - grobnica za borisa beckera

released 2010

continuing our travels around the globe...

this was sent to us by the guitar player for the band that goes by the name of filip

these folks are from croatia

this is the band's first album...and they decided to release it here on the SGM

you know...i don't know what we did to make bands like us so much...but i assure didn't involve sending out any pictures of us dressed in animal costumes frolicking around in the forest and whatnot

but we're not above doing so

actually...there's about 99% of us that are all for it...there are a few folks that find that sort of behavior "demeaning"...a good childhood ruins it for the rest of us

but back to the band and it's music

from the opening guitar/bass play of the first song screams "we really like what fugazi did during the SELF-TITLED EP/MARGIN WALKER-era"

and you know what?

so do i

their space

DL: grobnica za borisa beckera

shit happiness - self-titled demo

released 2009

this was sent to me by a member of the band that goes by the name of eugene

they play some pretty sweet jams that bring bands like unsane and fudge tunnel and helmet to mind...but sung in russian (insert inevitable "in russia...noise rock plays you" comment here)

this trio would've been right at home amongst the amphetamine reptile/touch and go folks back in the day

this shit hits like drago

are you gonna be apollo creed or rocky balboa?

choose wisely

their space

DL: shit happiness

Battleship - S/T

this shit is the shit, broseph.
from oakland, ca and not around anymore : (

Friday, February 26, 2010


Label - Amphetamine Reptile Records
Released - 1996

I probably personalize these posts probably more than I should but certain tracks on this album I could put on repeat all day. This was the last release by this great Aussie band who had a different drummer when reforming in 1993. Chugging noise rock that I suspect that will get your foot a-tappin' & head a-bobbin' in appreciation. Vocals not too dissimilar from Drunk Tank. You'll also find their debut album here on SGM too.



Label: Wiiija Records
Released 1992

I was a little surprised to see a request for this so I thought I would fulfill the demand. Not too dissimilar to Headcleaner and the other noisy UK bands at the time. This CD combines both their EP's "Extraction" and "Congealed". It may not be to everyone's taste but it still ain't something granny's gonna like!



Label: Earache/Relativity
Released 1992

An ode to a band I saw not so long ago who completely rocked the show. Obviously it's no secret that they've been playing the stoner rock stylee for some time now but back in the day this E.P. would be played nearly as often as my Helmet CD's.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bl'ast! - Boner Sessions

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1988(?)

Here in Atlanta, the local free weekly paper just did a cover story on William DuVall, tracing his musical evolution from hardcore band Neon Christ, to joining Bl'ast!, then forming The Final Offering with Mike Dean of Corrosion Of Conformity, then jazz-punk band No Walls, followed by the cock-rock of Comes With The Fall, and finally, his new job as front man of Alice In Chains. It's an interesting read, but more importantly, the online version of the article has video clips of Neon Christ, Bl'ast!, and The Final Offering, which served as a reminder of just how fucking rad a guitar player DuVall was (is, I suppose). Much like Bl'ast! guitarist Mike Neider, he aped the Greg Ginn school of atonal soloing over choppy hardcore riffs, and, again like Mike Neider, he is a convincing understudy, even playing the Ampeg Dan Armstrong, and at one point playing through Ginn's old guitar rig.
You can accuse Bl'ast! of being a Black Flag clone, and you'd be pretty much right, but the question I would ask you in response is; who the fuck cares? Let's just say this, Black Flag is the greatest band to ever walk the face of the Earth. And with that established, it would then stand to reason that a band who sounds 90% like Black Flag are going to be....uh oh....math.....ummmm....the 9th best band in the world? Did I do that right? Did I carry the decimal?
My arithmetic aside, the point is Bl'ast! fucking slayed, and when Black Flag started getting a little bit up their own ass, Bl'ast! stepped in to carry the torch, and for that you should thank them.
This particular bootleg is a demo recorded for Boner Records for an aborted album. Not long after this, the band turned a bit funky before imploding and splintering into Blackout, which was later L'ab, and Spaceboy, and later Gargantua, Gusto, and Dusted Angel. I don't know the full story behind The Boner Sessions, but they're real fun to listen to. Also, I should point out, Lo-Res Viscera posted this awhile ago (of course he did), but it's been a minute, and I'm on a Bl'ast! rampage so I figured it was fair game to get back onto the interwebs.

* Here's a link to the article referenced in the post, by request. It's a long read, but worth it for the The Final Offering footage. Article. Videos.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rocket From The Crypt - Live in Milwaukee - 04-18-96

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1996

Is Rocket From The Crypt "too fun" to be posted here? I hope not, but sometimes it's hard to tell what the people want.
Full disclosure: I do not have any Rocket From The Crypt tattoos, and even though I lived in San Diego for a few years, I only managed to see them three times. So, I'm certainly not a card carrying member of the RFTC Cult, but I have been known to enjoy their wacky hi jinks from time to time, and I freely admit they put on some of the best live rock shows I ever saw. Also, I will go on record as saying that I like Hot Snakes more than Rocket From The Crypt which I realize is blasphemy in certain circles, but I gotta "keep it real" as they say, and I know the audience of Shiny Grey Monotone demands honesty above all else.
While the other bands in the RFTC family tree get a decent amount of play on this blog, I feel you should have room enough in your heart for the spastic brother. The one who brings the party wherever he goes. You need that brother to put a little pep back in your step ever now and again.
The sound quality of this one is a B-, the performance is as energetic as to be expected, and you do get a good sampling of the hits up through "The State Of Art Is On Fire", so for the money this one's a good bet.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Helmet - Live in Hultsfred - 06-13-97

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1997

Did someone say "Helmet"? They did? Well, fantastic, cause I just so happened to have this here live recording of said band playing on either German television or German radio (I'm not positive which, but if anyone from the Fatherland reads this, maybe they could translate and let us all know). The sound quality is tits, and the song selection is for the most part...uh, what's not quite as good as tits? Personality?
Sorry, that was sexist.
Misogyny aside, point is, the song selection is good, but you do have to deal with a couple jammers off of "Aftertaste", which live, aren't nearly as bad as that record would lead you to believe. And while I'm not here to say, "Helmet sucks after 'Betty'", I will say they weren't nearly as effective or enjoyable. Which is to say, they kinda did suck after 'Betty' isn't it? I suppose that if you judge most bands against the first three Helmet records they would "kinda suck" too.
In their heyday Helmet was pretty much unstoppable, and while 1997 was a few years after their prime, they were still a formidable killing machine, as evidenced by their versions of "Wilma's Rainbow", "FBLA II", and "Ironhead" on this recording. Holy fuck do those still smoke.

* Thanks to our eagle-eyed (and eared) Teutonic reader Mr Floppy for correcting me on the true origins of this particular bootleg. The files have been re-tagged and re-uploaded.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

quicksand - slip

released 1993 many of you saw this coming?

did you follow the line here?

and some of you may be saying to yourself "why has it taken this long for this album to get put here?"

well...maybe this album would've been too obvious of a choice to get put here

maybe we're slipping

besides...i think i apologized enough here for the previous lack of SLIP

and to paraphrase myself a wee bit...i don't think i need to go into who this band is/was...and i'm pretty sure that most of you would agree that this is one of the best albums ever made


(and some of you may have noticed...the song "lie and wait" wasn't there for some reason...i've had a talk with it...and it's decided to let itself be included)

DL: slip
(link fixed)

handsome - self-titled

released 1997 i need to post this because of the 2 previous posts i'd made

i was turned onto this band via a mixtape a pen pal (remember those?) had put together for me (she'd put the songs "needles" and "hit the lights" on it)

and to quote a friend of mine: "So you like Quicksand? And you like Helmet? And Failure? And Rival Schools? We'll shit man, looks like someone's been reading your damn ol' diary."

the band was made up of members of helmet/quicksand/enemy/cro-mags

so really...if you like that can like this too

and because i'm such a giver...i've also thrown in some outtakes from this album as well

DL: handsome

far - water & solutions

released 1998

some of you might think that this really doesn't belong here

some of you might think that this fits in nicely amongst everything else and recall some fond memories of days gone past

some of you might find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife

and you might ask yourself "well,how did i get here?"

speaking for myself...i fall into option number 2 (go on...get it out of your system..i said number 2...yeah yeah)

i can't remember how it was i was turned onto this album...more than likely it was through some random sampler cd i had managed to pick up back in the day

but anytime i play takes me back to summer (but no summer in particular)

perhaps i'm just rambling

it was my posting of hum (found down under) that made me want to post this as well

so if you like hum...some AROUND THE FUR-era deftones...some jawbox...and wish frontman jonah matranga's current "band" onelinedrawing weren't so still existing...

DL: water & solutions

hum - 12.31.00 - empty bottle - chicago,il

seeing as how folks in SGMville seem to like them some hum...i'm giving you all their "last show"

and if you happened to miss the other last shows since then...they're playing on memorial day (that's may 31) in chicago's millennium park

1 - winder
2 - the pod
3 - mr. lazarus
4 - suicide machine
5 - green to me
6 - iron clad lou
7 - afternoon with the axolotls
8 - inklings
9 - stars
10 - comin' home
11 - i hate it too

DL: hum@empty bottle 12.31.00


Label: Bad Vugum
Released 1994

Hailing from Finland and on the often described "legendary" Bad Vugum record label by Mr Peel I bring to you Sweetheart. As with a lot of stuff on this record label it's pretty zany stuff. Think maybe a European version of the Cows & Brainiac combined mixed in with some Birthday Party. Then leave out in the cold for 10 hours then defrost by using firecrackers.



Label: Eve Recordings
Released 1992

After posting the Oil Seed Rape CD someone rather unsubtly mentioned this band, Headcleaner. Strangely enough I was debating between the bands before the post. A noise rock band with a distinct UK feel to it. If you owned Fat Axl by Silverfish and Hate Songs in E Minor by Fudgetunnel then there is a high chance that you would of owned something by this band.



Label: (The almighty) Amphetamine Reptile Records
Released 1994

So before you think I've gone soft something to rattle the windows of your place, your neighbors place and well, the whole street really. I think there is only one word to describe Today Is The Day and that is "LOUD". Even the more melodic numbers on this are still loud. I was lucky enough to catch this band live in 1994/1995 when they toured with Hammerhead and needless to say it was devastating performance. Steve Austin (singer/guitar) broke no less than 2 strings on his guitar. Pretty intense.



Label - Twelve Inch Records
Released 1992

Does this record need any introduction? Melodic hardcore at its finest or is that far too much of a wanky description? Though it did seem to be pretty popular at the time. Amazingly I've just seen this on sale for $70. Is it that much of a gem? Has it been inducted into the melodic hardcore hall of fame?


Saturday, February 20, 2010

nirvana - outcesticide now you probably know that today would've been kurt cobain's 43rd birthday had he not blew out the candles 16 years ago

some of you may even know that there's been some talking going on about a kurt cobain bio-flick loosely based on the book HEAVIER THAN HEAVEN (if you haven't read it...i suggest you take a walk down to your local bookstore and "borrow" it)...if it does manage to actually happen...i hope it's better than the other cobain flick LAST DAYS (it was never really said that it was about him...but come on...) that was released back in 2005

and to show appreciation of the man and his music on his birthday...i present you with the OUTCESTICIDE series

with all of this get every demo/live demo/alternate version/alternate version demo/live/live cover/live alternate version/previously unreleased/studio outtake/previously unreleased studio outtake/previously unreleased live studio outtake demo (you get the idea) that you can think of

and some of you are probably looking at the picture up above and saying to yourself "weren't there a few more folks that were members of nirvana at one time? where are they?"

where are they?

DL: outcesticide I: in memory of kurt cobain
DL: outcesticide II: the needle & the damage done
DL: outcesticide III: the final solution
DL: outcesticide IV: rape of the vaults
DL: outcesticide V: disintegration
DL: outcesticide VI
DL: outcesticide VII
DL: outcesticide VIII


Year: 1992

Here is a rip of a cassette-only demo that was recorded, mass-produced on their mom's dual tape-deck & handed out to friends of a Baytown, TX. based noise band: Feared Alien Voodoo (name derived from the film, Predator 2). They let me hang out cuz I was handy with a pen & I did cool flyers for 'em for a while- along with the above cover art for this EP. Their live shows were the shit: The vocalist, JR, would usually be mostly nude, w/ maybe a showercap, swimming goggles & diving flippers- jumping around like a spaz; then the bassist, Rik, an obvious GWAR fan, would dress in mock-up medieval armor & rip his shirt open to sling raw ground beef on unsuspecting audience members... I moved away & lost touch, but I heard these guys were playing in some incarnation as late as '96 or 7...

Yeah, you could get away with anything in the '90's... I guess that's why we love this kinda music.


p.s. F.A.V. also showcased a song on the previously posted GREAT BIG PILE comp.

Great Big Pile (Deep Dot 200) Houston Area comp.

Label: DeepDot Records
Released: 1992

This is a compilation of Houston area bands, circa 1992. If you managed to catch a Dwarves show (or Nirvana or Crust or Ed Hall) in Houston, you probably had to sit thru one of these acts... This was a co-op comp. (meaning that the bands on it had to pay for their own recording & probably paid to have the CD pressed for so many copies in return.) But, there are some good songs/bands on here:

SAD PYGMY - "Unimpressed"
TOXIC KARMA - "Six String Strangler"
DIXIE WASTE - "Sam Hill"
HUMUNGUS - "the Politically Correct Song"
MORTAL CORPSE - "Emerging War"
MANHOLE - "Neurotica"
VOODOO CHILE - "Candlestick"
BIG TEXAS RADIO - "Motor City"
SONS OF ADAM - "I Don't Mind"
De SCHMOG - "C.O.T.S."

If anybody out in computer-land remembers this or this scene- gimme a shout!

GREAT BIG PILE (Deep Dot 200): 1992

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pussy Galore - Exile On Main Street

This cassette only released piece of shit is for those curious about Pussy Galore's take on the classic "Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street" record. Serioulsy, this sounds like shit and is more for amusement than anything. I love Pussy Galore, this is a rare release and I just wanted to share this for those who have always wanted a copy. If you have never heard Pussy Galore before, may I suggest "Corpse Love" before you listen to this. Still I find myself listening to this every now and again, which usually ends up with me never finishing it and putting on "Live In The Red" which reminds me why a band like Pussy Galore only happens once in a blue moon. - Slander

Rival Schools - Live at Lowlands 2002

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2002

"Can you give me clearance, Clarence?". Airplane references are further proof that Rival Schools rule, as if you needed to hear more Walter Schriefels championing from me.
Apologies that this particular show recording is all one big lump of a song, but as a technically challenged half-a-retard, I do not know how, nor have any inclination to learn how to break this into separate tracks. It's not the end of the world to have one big mono-brow of a 50 minute song is it?
Musically, the sound quality is fantastic, but the song selection stays on the poppier side of their catalog which may or may not offend your sensibilities. I don't want to speculate on what pushes your individual buttons, so I will simply state that the songs presented in this concert are "tame" by comparison to the other live show we posted, or even the album versions of the same songs in some cases. Still enjoyable mind you, just "tame".
Also there are requests from the stage for the audience to "jump". I can only hope Walter was on the drugs and not in his right mind at said time of requests.


Label: Jackass
Released 1992

Debut release from UK band Oil Seed Rape. As you will hear the bands main weapon of choice is the good old drum machine which is prominent with this E.P. Not surprisingly then the band got compared to Big Black mixed in with some Godflesh and perhaps some Swans. After this release the band would only go on to produce a 6 track LP and a final single (I think).


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


"Monster Truck Five are up next, they rule". Words you can hear Chris Spencer utter at the end of Streetsweeper which not surprisingly led me onto this band. Pretty obscure at the time and so were their singles. Distortion pedal set to 11. Yes, a very corny thing to say but very applicable in this case. Overblown noise rock, indecipherable lyrics and lo-fi recordings. This pretty much covers all their singles, apart from those on a couple of compilations. The band also released a stunning 10" record on Chrome Frog and 2 albums on Sympathy for the Record Industry. These longer releases are slightly more coherent with more of a blues/garage mantra to them...but still pretty blown out. You will find references to a third album called "Cracker" (on SFTRI) but there never seems to have been an official release (unless you know different?).

1991 - Split 7" (w/Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments on Datapanik Records)
1993 - Ain't Never Been 7" (Anyway Records)
1993 - S.F. Sister 7" (Chrome Frog Records)
1994 - Vandal-X 7" (SFTRI Records - original recording 1990)


Monday, February 15, 2010

Shrimp Boat - Cavale

Label: Bar/None
Year: 1993

You can file this one under; "shit I rarely listen to, but always enjoy when I do". Most record stores will actually have a divider placard with that actual category on it, if not, your local record store sucks, and you should really think about punching the manager square in the throat.
So, why wouldn't I ordinarily listen to this you might ask? Two reasons really, both of which I am happy to relay to you.
Number one: I have a very real and irrational hatred of woodwind instruments being involved in my rocking. Not that Shrimp Boat is necessarily "rocking" per se, but you understand. This band employs the saxophone on occasion, and while I can't fully condone it, I am also willing to let it slide on account of it adding a (begrudgingly) interesting counterpoint to some of the gentler rhythms on the record.
Number two: I have a very real and irrational hatred of jazz music, and it's influence on rock music. Again, Shrimp Boat is barely a "rock band", but they wind some fairly significant smooth jazz quiet storms all up into my grill via their guitar lines, and against my better judgement, I have to say, they are both soothing and intoxicating. The only other contemporary band I can think of that has gotten away with as egregious a slow jam under the guise of indie rock would have to be Karate. Am I getting soft?
So, regardless of my prejudices (not including the one I have about Gypsies), Shrimp Boat makes it work and delivers a relaxing, cohesive album that is...well, it's just truly delightful. It's dog gone delightful.
Band members Sam Prekop and Eric Claridge went on to form The Sea And Cake, which is most likely the only post-Shrimp Boat you would care about. I personally don't care about The Sea and Cake, but maybe you do, or will. Whatever, it's a free country, you can do what you want, so long as you follow by those rules I listed up above.
In fact, you might just need to consult with me before you do anything really, cause I have a lot of arbitrary rules I'm going to need you all to abide by.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Seaweed - Spanaway

Label: Hollywood
Year: 1995

When Seaweed came through Atlanta on the tour for this record, I had kinda given up on them, thinking their glory days had past them by, and their brand of catchy-hardcore-grunge-whatever was passe. I'm sure you too were quick to champion and then abandon your favorite bands of the era...things were very black and white, you either "ruled" or "sucked", not a lot of wiggle room in between. As it were, Into Another, also recently signed to the nefarious Hollywood Records, was the opening band, and as any self-respecting "post hardcore" dude would do, I went to see Into Another in hopes that they would play "Underlord".
Turns out Into Another did play "Underlord", and that a couple friends and I decided we would head down to Florida with the two bands to see their next couple of shows, Sarasota and Pensacola, Florida respectively. I'm sure the bands were real stoked to have these strangers join their caravan, but they were plenty nice to us, and one of those buddies that made the trip ended up working for Into Another as their live sound man for a few years afterward.
Also, there was a funny sidebar incident when the four of us Atlantans decided to start the morning with a dip in the Gulf of Mexico, but being without proper swimwear felt it would be wise to just run into the water nude (which is about as disgusting an image as I'm sure you're imagining). Let me state, the beach we were visiting was a state park, it was super early in the morning, and there was no one else on the beach. So, we all go sprinting from the car to the water and dive in, only to have someone yell, "jellyfish!", and realize that we are nude, and surrounded by thousands of softball sized jellyfish. Shit. Surprisingly, we all escaped the water with nary a single sting, but, just to add insult to our non-injury, as we are all (again, nude) standing at the edge of the water, staring into the sea of jellyfish, a woman comes jogging by with her dog. The look of horror on her face as she took in the splendor of these four specimen in the sand made the whole trip worth it.
The shows were pretty good too.
Seaweed was excellent, and they were nice to boot, so, I stood corrected in my assertion that they "sucked". They in fact, "ruled".
If you need a descriptor, they sound like Superchunk playing Bad Religion covers. This was their final record until they reformed in 1999.

it's a shiny grey monotone valentine's day mASSacre

that's's a 4 hour extravaganza

and if you go over to that nice,shiny red button over to the right...the one where it talks about SGM streaming live...just click on it and it'll take you to a magical place

just make sure you lay down enough plastic

and you might want to have some sanitary wipes nearby as well

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Henrietta Collins & The Wife-Beating Child-Haters - drive by shooting

released 1987

49 years ago today the world was given henry lawrence garfield

after this...they became known as the rollins band

in the space of this ep...there's a bit o' late black flag felt...and you get a wire cover...and their interpretation of a queen classic...and a touch of the beach boys

DL: drive by shooting


Label: C/Z Records
Released 1991

Compiles the five singles released in the series, with a fetching album cover congratulating them on their achievement. A grunge compilation for the most but with a few noisy nicks here and there. Bought mainly for the Jonestown track and there is some old 3-piece from Seattle called "Near Eric Bana" or something. Never heard of them myself.

Track Listing:
Alice Donut - Mrs. Hayes
Amorphous Head - Lonely, Lonely
Babes in Toyland - Flesh Crawl
Coffin Break - Hole in the Ground
Helios Creed - America Is in Good Hands
Daddy Hate Box - Look Like Hell
Dickless - Sweet Teeth
Frightwig - Hellway to High
Gas Huffer - Hijacked
God's Acre - Wood
Hullabaloo - Kill Yr. Parents
Icky Joey - Josephine
Jonestown - Fuck Your High and Get You Up
L7 - Bloodstains
My Name - Hold On
Nirwana - Mexican Seafood
Pittbull Babysitter - Head Talks Cheese
Porn Orchard - What Kills
Vexed - Gwym
Yeast - Solid Alligators


Friday, February 12, 2010

if i knew it was gonna be that kinda party....i wouldn't suggest eating the mashed potatoes there...reading like what you see?

you takes a lot of money to look and smell this way...and it's all about the upkeep

you may have noticed a new shiny red something over to the right

and every time you click on that and give a little doughnation...i keep getting even better looking

so whattya say?

i'll show a little more leg if i have to...but if that happens...the likelihood of you having to pay a visit to your friendly neighborhood free clinic goes up about 98%

Jesus Lizard Live @ ATP, Minehead, May 2009

Here's a live recording of The Jesus Lizard at ATP in Minehead from May 2009. No need for a long description becuase, well - it's The Jesus Lizard. Live. Nothing else needs to be said (unless it's about a naked David Yow.. but then it's really just assumed). Enjoy.

DL: "Jesus Lizard at ATP May 2009"


Label: A-Bomb
Released 1991

I think someone may have referenced this band on the forum. Anyway I bought this album back in the day after hearing the band on the DGF & Teriyaki Asthma compilations. However I have to say I was initially a little disappointed as I was expecting more rocking noise rock from the band. It's still noisy, but more noodling and even the odd veer into free-form jazz. The structure almost reminding me of God Is My Co-Pilot at times. The band released only one album and some singles.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Label: Gern Blandsten
Released 1997

Rockin, well if the first track is to go by at least. So far you'll only find Rye Coalition on a split with Karp here so I thought I would post this, their first album. Post-hardcore by nature with a good rocking element to it. I'm sure many have a different band to compare this band too, on this outing they remind me of Circus Lupus a bit. I'm sure a lot of you have this already but for those who don't then just in case you missed it...


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crain - Heater

Label: Automatic Wreckords
Year: 1994

This fills a very recent request, that I just so happen to see as I was preparing to make my evening post (not entirely different from my morning b.m. mind you), and thought, "why not Crain?". Sure. Why not Crain indeed.
I'm frankly surprised that this one wasn't already floating around on this website before, but after a cursory check, it doesn't appear to be in the archives, so let's remedy that.
I think you will find this record particularly enjoyable if you tend to like both your math rock and your post-hardcore (of the D.C. influenced variety that is). Not unlike other Louisville bands of the age (and before), Crain took the loud/quiet dynamics and stuttering tempos of math rock and married that the vein-bulging sincerity and passion of the Revolution Summer bands. Not a bad idea of course, and the results certainly speak for themselves.
Great, great record.
If it helps, or in case you're interested, the members of Crain were, are, or always will be in; Rodan, Endpoint (did someone say "In A Time Of Hate"?), Shipping News, The For Carnation, Dead Child, Parlour, Cerebellum, Able To Act, Matmos, The Soft Pink, Disc, and The Grand Prize. So that's pretty alright, huh?

Touch And Go Records collection sale!

Today, I was scouring eBay (as usual) & I saw this:

"My friend Corey Rusk, who runs Touch & Go Records (and formerly of The Necros), has been cleaning out his storage space and has realized that he really doesn't have any more room for the all doubles and triples of many of the rare records in his collection. He's busy running Touch and Go and doesn't have the time to deal with selling his extras... but they do need to go. So he asked me to help him sell them off. And of course, as a long time friend of Corey and and fan of Touch and Go Records, I jumped at the chance.

I'll be auctioning approximately 1500+ items so please stay tuned....."

wanna see?

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Hitleristic Darwinists - live @ Mia's; 02/04/10

This is a live set by one of the few local bands that manage to grab my attention, & I believe they require yours as well:

"The Hitleristic Darwinists are a duo from Shreveport, Louisiana. The two piece consists of Dave Ortego (guitar) and Dacoda Montana (drums, vocals). With heavy nods to bands like The Jesus Lizard, Shellac, godheadSilo, the Melvins (pre-Atlantic years), & Slint. They enjoy poking fun at themselves by labeling their music 'art fag metal'. The band can't seem to figure out if they should be worshipping Dylan Carlson or Neil Young. That's what makes up their bi-polar noise."

The Hitleristic Darwinists - live @ Mia's Pub; Shreveport, LA. Feb. 4th, 2010


P.S.: since this recording, the band has changed their name to "John Calvin"

Bardo Pond - Peel Session - 05-20-01

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2001

This is the second of three Peel Sessions that Bardo Pond recorded, but alas, it's the only one I've ever heard, so thusly, it's the one I'm sharing today. Fair enough?
As with all Peel Sessions, the sound quality is great, live to broadcast, so it's got the live noise and energy, but with the separation and clarity of a radio broadcast. Win/win.
If you haven't caught any Bardo Pond up to this point, let me first wag my finger in your face and silently shake my head back and forth in disappointing condemnation. Phew, had to get that out of the way. Secondly, let me tell you that you will like Bardo Pond. I'm not promising, or telling you this, I'm just assuming. I assume you will like Bardo Pond. You like loud? You like waves of guitar? You like My Bloody Valentine, maybe some old Smashing Pumpkins, Lush, or Curve? You like some tasteful flute drones?
The last one was a trick question, I mean, of course you like tasteful flute drones. Duh!
Well then, if you answered yes to any of the above, you will like Bardo Pond. At least I assume so. And you know what happens when you assume.
If you do know, would you tell me, because I don't.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Label: Outside Society Productions
Released 1996

Sweden's answer to Unsane/Hammerhead. Nothing more to be said.


the red scare - capillary lockdown

released 2000

i had promised to put this here a long time ago when i'd posted the band's other album...and as you can see i got right on that bidness

and for some reason listening to unwound made me remember to do so

thank unwound,kids

DL: capillary lockdown

unwound - live in london 12"

released 1999

aka "peel session"

this took place on 5.24.98

you know unwound

we know unwound

but does that guy over there know unwound?

1 - hexenszene
2 - side effects of being tired
2 - katrina/were,are and was or is

DL: live in london

nirvana - bleach out! break out!

this is nirvana as a 4 piece (this is one of the rare recordings that has jason everman with the band) playing to an almost empty club dreamerz in chicago,il on 7.7.89

1 - school
2 - floyd the barber
3 - love buzz
4 - mr. moustache
5 - paper cuts
6 - polly
7 - big cheese
8 - spank thru
9 - dive
10 - about a girl
11 - scoff
12 - negative creep
13 - blew

DL: bleach out! break out!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

you know what to do
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