Tuesday, June 30, 2009

totimoshi - ladron

released 2006

i guess calling the album "burglar" just wouldn't have been cool enough

this was produced by some guy named page hamilton

by now most of you already know of this band (seeing as they were asked for over in the talky box)...so you already know what the band's about and what you're getting yourself into

when i first discovered the band...it was through this album...and for a week straight i drove everyone crazy with it..."ladron" (guitar hooks a-plenty) and "gods of earth" (the bassline is killer,bro) were constantly getting played constantly (and yes...i know that sounds redundant...but i'm proving a point)...it's like gum in your hair

so if you like jucifer...black sabbath ('70-'75)...the melvins...queens of the stone age...denim jackets...and harry caray-like vocals...

DL: ladron

u.s. maple - talker

released 1999

this is what would happen if david yow decided to go into a studio and record his own bob dylan/rolling stones tribute album...

by himself

DL: talker

Saturday, June 27, 2009

cky - volume 1

released 1999

ok ok ok...just everyone settle down

listen...if you take away all of the bam margera...all of the jackass...what you get is some music that fits in perfectly with everything else on this blog (just listen to the song "rio bravo" and tell me you don't hear a hint of the melvins)

and come on...you have to admit that jackass was hilarious at the time it was on tv (and they did use the minutemen jam "corona" as their theme song)..they were doing things that you and your friends (wished you) were doing...smashing around in a shopping cart...holding jousting matches inside stores...testing tasers out on one another...running around a golf course with an air horn...throwing flour onto sleeping people...riding bikes into trees...

oh the fun that was had

but then crap like viva la bam...wildboyz...and bam's unholy union started showing up...and then the HIM madness set in...and then the bullet and the gun started to look friendlier and friendlier...

but i'm getting away from the band

as i was saying...cky can fit in with the rest of the jams on this blog...sounding all "stoner rock"-y and grungy and such....and for some reason...their guitar tone always reminds me of rubberbands

so come on,kids...inhale a bunch of airplane glue...take off your clothes...get on a bicycle...and give this a try

DL: volume 1


black flag - 2.8.85 - los angeles,ca

what you get here is the entire THE PROCESS OF WEEDING OUT album (+1) done live

i'm not really sure where in l.a. this took place...but i'll bet there were plenty of pissed off punk rock folks just standing around with mouthfuls of saliva waiting for hank to take the stage while this was going down

as for where hank was...he was probably off somewhere writing in his journal...and making sure his tiny shorts were seething with just the right amount of sweat

1 - the process of weeding out
2 - obliteration*
3 - screw the law
4 - southern rise
5 - your last affront

*=from the SLIP IT IN album

DL: the process of weeding out +1 live

nirvana - 4.16.90 - lee's palace - toronto canada

this was one of chad channing's last gigs as drummer for the band

at the end of the show...kurt began to throw glass bottles at the wall behind the drumkit...which lead to the audience to do the same...krist novoselic had to be carried off the stage due to the fact of him always playing in his bare feet

and it's crazy to think about..but roughly 4 years later from the date of this show...kurt would be dead...nirvana were one of those rare bands that packed so much into such a small window of time

1 - intro
2 - school
3 - floyd the barber
4 - love buzz
5 - dive
6 - scoff
7 - about a girl
8 - breed
9 - spank thru
10 - in bloom
11 - been a son
12 - stain
13 - negative creep
14 - big cheese
15 - molly's lips
16 - blew

DL: nirvana@lee's palace
(link fixed..if there are any other problems..leave comments)

the jesus lizard - 4.29.91 - dc space - washington,dc

word on the street is...there needs to be more yow and the boys up in here

and by the looks of it...they're givers too

though you may want to schedule something at the free clinic afterward

1 - then comes dudley
2 - one evening
3 - killer mchann
4 - nub
5 - pastoral
6 - lady shoes
7 - bloody mary
8 - mouth breather
9 - tight 'n shiny/seasick
10 - blockbuster
11 - chrome
12 - monkey trick
13 - sunday you need love
14 - 7 vs 8

DL: the jesus lizard@dc space

Thursday, June 25, 2009

C Average - C Average (repost)

Year: 1998
Label: Kill Rock Stars

Well, that Karp post down below got my dander up to post some C Average, so thar she blows.
In the incestuous Pacific Northwest music scene of the 1990's, C Average were a duo (occasionally a trio when assisted by Joe Preston, or backing Eddie Vedder(?!)) dedicated to the mission of returning rocknroll to nerds. Let fantasy reign supreme! This record is riddled with orcs, warlocks, wizards, and trolls, a veritable treasure trove of Dungeons and Dragons ribaldry. And the counterpoint to all this geekdom? How about some sludgy cum epic metal? Mostly instrumental, rife with technical prowess, and owing much to the Blue Cheers and Black Sabbaths of the world, this record avoids the tongue and cheek "irony" of a band like Fucking Champs. C Average aren't trying to pull one over on you, as much as they're trying to pull you in. Join them in their tree fort (no girls allowed...duh) and listen to old ZZ Top, Sonics, Pink Floyd, and hell, why not the Queen "Flash Gordon" soundtrack? 
If you like Karp, Big Business, Melvins, Rush, obscure 70's heavy prog, and acne, peep this. And if you like this record, let me know and I'll get their other album up here too.

*What the fuck, here's the other record that was posted and quickly removed back in October. It'll be gone soon, so...

C Average - Second Rekoning

Label: Kill Rock Stars
Year: 2001

Fucking good as fuck retro fucking inspired rock and fucking roll. Riffs for miles, grooves for days, and parties all over the place. Put this on and punch a hole in the drywall (watch for those studs though, mess around and fuck up your hand).
As opposed to their first record which was all about fantasy and frivolity, this one is straight up Black Sabbath via Black Oak Arkansas by way of Van Halen as played by Melvins. There's really no reason not to be rocking this record at least once every weekend. Having folks over? Rock it. Got to mow the lawn? Rock it. Working on your 4th DUI? Rock it. ROCK IT!

The last C Average posted here got the kibash pretty quick fast, and this one may as well, so act accordingly. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hoover - Lurid Traversal of Route 7

I feel the need to post something from DC. I think I'll pick some Hoover. If you're into that dirty bass, yelling and a pinch of wiry guitar interplay, you might be into this sorta thing. Actually, If you're a guitar dork like myself, you should give this a listen. A little on the Fugazi side, but different. Check it out and we can talk shop in the comments. I like fragment sentences.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


ok...i'm putting up an I NEED SOMETHING beacon (and it looks like a baby that's soiled itself...in case you're wondering...and yes...it's the world's first scratch 'n sniff beacon...so enjoy)

they were a drum and bass duo (ala godheadsilo sans vocals) out of minneapolis,mn

they split up back in 2005...i witnessed their final show in pierre,sd (7.30)

during their 7 years together they released an ep (BOOM/BIP) and a full length (NOSE,BEARD,COBRA,AND OMAR)...which i had purchased at that very show...but lost them somewhere down the road

and here's what i'm wondering: does anyone out there have either of these albums?...and if you do...would you be willing to share them?

and if you were willing to share them...i'd make you king of my world for a day...and i'd even make you something in shop class (hopefully you like homoerotic he-man characters)

so...is there anybody out there?

melvins - 4.20.01 - 40 watt club - athens,ga

word on the street is...there needs to be some more melvins up in here

and not only that...you get some heavy niples

them boys are such givers

1 - the bit (sound check)
2 - intro
3 - eye flys
4 - oven
5 - anaconda
6 - ballad of dwight fry
7 - halo of flies
8 - at the stake
9 - let it all be
10 - amazon
12 - jam
13 - the bit
14 - night goat
15 - with teeth
16 - youth of america (wipers cover)
17 - hung bunny*

*=22:08 version

DL: melvins@40 watt pt.1
DL: melvins@40 watt pt.2
DL: melvins@40 watt pt.3

v/a - to live and die in tampa bay

released 2004 (i think)

i came across this comp whilst perusing used cds...and it made me a little homesick...i used to live near tampa and have seen some of these bands play (mostly in the backroom of the sound idea record store in brandon R.I.P.)

i remember seeing a band play outside the library in brandon once (though i can't remember the name of the band...bob suren...the vocalist for murder suicide pact was their drummer)...they played to about 5-6 people...i was there with a girl that i was seeing at the time...she was all like "ho hum"...and i was all like "punk rock"...it was good times

but enough story telling...it's the music you want

if you can picture some kids playing some punk rock mixed in with some folks with beards in a garage(or outside a library)...then you pretty much know what you're getting yourself into with this (denim jackets with black flag bars included)

and there's a band called vagina sore jr. on this

need i say more?

1 - the tim version - bernie kosar
2 - the tim version - we're a collective badass
3 - the dukes of hillsborough - freedom fight her beer
4 - the dukes of hillsborough - the weather underneath the weather
5 - clairmel - weed and seed
6 - clairmel - crystal marbles
7 - super power abuse - pacing
8 - super power abuse - hell is adverstising
9 - arcade inferno - automatic
10 - arcade inferno - molly speaks
11 - flat stanley - waste of time
12 - flat stanley - count on it
13 - the rogue set - tonight st. pete burns
14 - the rogue set - song for lj
15 - vagina sore jr. - vast horizons and approaching mountain ranges
16 - vagina sore jr. - rules
17 - chest rockwell - wednesday
18 - chest rockwell - dead dialect
19 - crash mitchell - dave rat liked to have fun
20 - (unlisted track)

DL: to live and die in tampa bay pt.1
DL: to live and die in tampa bay pt.2

Monday, June 22, 2009

Stains - Stains

Label: SST
Year: 1983

When that "American Hardcore" book and movie came out, they didn't mention Stains did they? If they didn't, they should have. They were super raw, Black Flag inspired 1st wave southern California hardcore, and for my money, there ain't no better hardcore than old southern California hardcore (not to be confused with the saying, "ain't no party like a West Coast party", that's a different sentiment altogether).  This particular 12" was recorded in 1981 (by Spot no less), but it took a couple years for it to see the light of day, and now can't be found anywhere. Shame.
Stains (which by the by, there were like, 20 bands called Stains, one of them even being an alias for MDC) were one of the o.g. east L.A. hardcore bands, and a virtual house band for the Vex club. Hollywood and South Bay (Hermosa...big ups!) got most of the attention as the Los Angeles hotspots, but after hearing Stains strangle a few riffs you'd be hard pressed to find a better template for old hardcore. If you like Black Flag, Wurm, Corrosion of Conformity, or any of the rougher early hardcore stuff then this one will be right up your alley.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

v/a - twisted willie: a tribute to willie nelson

released 1996

no no...it's ok...calm down...i assure you...you're at the same blog...just open your nose and smell

is everything ok now?


now there's nothing wrong with liking a little bit of country music (and i don't mean that stuff passing itself off as country nowadays...i'm looking at you toby keith...now sit down before i put a boot in yer ass)...and believe it or not...just because you saw WALK THE LINE once doesn't make you an authority on johnny cash...i remember back in the day i'd go from listening to black flag to hank williams and i'd get some strange looks

as for this album...i remember spotting it at a garage sale on cassette years ago for .50...and what did i do?...that's right...put it into my pocket (though they ended up getting their money by way of me buying a 2.00 toaster oven when it clearly looked like it should've been .75 at the most)

so now...here it is for you to has

and as you can see...some of these bands have actually been seen in other spots on this blog...so give it a chance

so to quote that guy on the tv: WEEEEEEEDOGGIE!

1 - johnny cash - time of the preacher*
2 - L7 w/waylon jennings - three days
3 - tenderloin - shotgun willie
4 - supersuckers - bloody mary morning
5 - mark lanegan - she's not for you
6 - the presidents of the united states of america - devil in a sleepin' bag
7 - jerry cantrell - i've seen all this world i care to see
8 - best kissers in thew world - pick up the tempo
9 - jello biafra w/life after life - still is still moving to me
10 - waylon jennings - i never cared for you
11 - the reverend horton heat - hello walls
12 - gas huffer - i gotta get drunk
13 - steel pole bath tub - the ghost
14 - jesse dayton - sad songs and waltzes
15 - x - home motel
16 - kelley deal w/kris kristofferson - angel flying too close to the ground

*=backing band made up of krist novoselic on bass...sean kinney on drums...kim thayil on electric guitar

DL: twisted willie pt.1
DL: twisted willie pt.2

sonic youth - 4 tunna brix 12"

released 1990

this was a peel session the band did back in 1988...and it's made up of covers of songs originally done by the fall

though they cover a song that the fall covered by the kinks (a cover of a cover)

DL: 4 tunna brix

Saturday, June 20, 2009

areola 51 - self-titled

released 2004

i was gonna use "self-tittled"...but i'd decided against it
and aren't you glad?

this is what happens when the bassist for the butthole surfers (jeff pinkus)...the guitar player for scratch acid (brett radford)...and a drummer for ministry (max brody) get together in austin,tx

and if you put your ear close enough to the speaker...go on...it's ok...you can catch a hint of gibby haynes in the background...and i know...you really don't want all that close to your ear...so i suggest that you keep some wetnaps close by

and what happens when all of this happens?...it's all that you imagine it to be...a sloppy unsane...a little surfing of the butthole...drunk clowns wielding straight razors down at the roadhouse on a saturday night...the government keeping a diary of sexual encounters with aliens...

it's all of those things...just without the awful aftertaste and regret

DL: areola 51

we'll go machete - self-titled ep

released 2009

this foursome out of austin,tx warm the cockles of my heart...taking me back to a more simple time of driving aimlessly with a car full of friends while listening to mix tapes that you put together...and looking around and seeing only looks of confusion on the faces of everyone because apparently what was playing wasn't hard enough or didn't make any sense to them

aka "the 90s" (well...for me anyway)

it's stuff like this that makes me think that there's a possible tidal wave of new old "college rock" getting ready to make landfall...and it couldn't come at a better time...i mean...the jesus lizard are wandering the landscape again...faith no more are at it again...or maybe the apocalypse is upon us

who knows

and now there's this band...taking their name from a lester bangs quote...giving us something that sounds like a mixture of snapcase...fugazi...drive like jehu...quicksand...and a kinder,gentler helmet

so do yourself a favor...get in the way back machine...and take this for a drive

DL: we'll go machete

Friday, June 19, 2009

RTX - Western Xterminator

Label: Drag City
Year: 2007

I was not the world's biggest Royal Trux fan, but I did enjoy them, and thought that their style was at the very least intriguing. Certainly, it was executed to varying degrees of success, but the idea of celebrating rock-n-roll cliches by dragging them through the gutter was a novel idea. 
This record however, is a different from my preconceived notions of "Royal Trux mk II" because from song to song it never settles on one sound. I don't mean that within the song there's a hodgepodge of styles, I mean that each song is a different (albeit not foreign) style. You got your sleazy rock, your Hole style grrrl-core, your Bathory style proto black metal, your Whiskey A-Go-Go mid 80's cock rock, your art damaged wig outs, and your old SST version of thud rock cum nihilist attack. It's all a strange take on "rocking out" in a goofy sort if way. Goofy like the way Motley Crue is goofy, not the way Manowar is goofy. It escapes the tongue in cheek irony of say, Fucking Champs (at least to my radar anyway), but it still seems to wink and nod the way Saccharine Trust might have. Maybe the way L7 did.
The cover pretty much lets you know if you'll like this or not. If you could have drawn this in 7th grade, chances are, you'll find something redeeming about this record.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hot Snakes - !Live!

Alrighty, here's some more live Hot Snakes. It's a great show from the San Francisco stop of the Suicide Invoice tour in 2002. They even include Drive Like Jehu's "Bullet Train to Vegas", which they did quite frequently on this tour. If you listen very closely, you can even hear some fanboy in the audience wet his pants when the song starts ( I swear it wasn't me...I only saw the LA and SD shows of this tour). I downloaded this one years ago off of the ol' Transmission site, so big thanks to those guys.

I promise my next post will not contain anything from San Diego... unless you want me to.


Polvo - Peel Session

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1993

Polvo did two Peel Sessions, one in 1992, and this one, recorded February 7th, 1993. I don't have the other one, otherwise I would have made this post the ole' Two-fer Tuesday style, but alas...it is the crappier One-fer version. A thousand apologies.
This particular session is pretty weird, even by Polvo standards, and the songs are coated in a pretty thick sheen of guitar noise, sometimes to the point of, "oh, wait a minute...I know this song" a minute or two into the song. I think that's a lot cooler than just playing 'em straight though, and it makes this a worthwhile listen in and of itself. And by the way, that photo up there actually is Polvo sitting in a boat. Google image search...I love you.
Just as a sidebar though, there are a lot of requests being posted in that dialog thing over there on the right of the screen, and that's fine, in fact keep them coming because it sometimes jogs my memory about something I haven't listened to in awhile, but, make sure you also check the search function in the upper left hand corner of the page. Some of the stuff being requested has already been posted back in time somewhere. Also, if a link is broken on one of the old posts, it's better to mention it in the dialogue box rather then in the comments of the original post, as I (speaking for myself here) don't make it a habit to go back many months to look for new comments on old posts, so if it's there, it may never get seen, or at least not in any timely sort of manner. Cool?

Alright, that'll do for this evening.

Unwound - Demo

Label: Self-released
Year: 1991

I thought this had been posted here already, but apparently it hasn't, so maybe I just saw it recently somewhere else in cyberspace. Who knows? But for your edification, here's the Unwound demo tape that they were selling in 1991 featuring their first batch of songs, and an interesting look at the formative years of what would turn out to be one of the better bands of their generation. You might well have heard two of these tracks already as they appear on the "Single History" compilation, but the other six jams were never released outside of this cassette. 
As you would imagine, the songwriting and musicianship is still finding itself, and certainly these songs aren't quite as good as what they would later release, but they are still really good songs. Like, if your band, or my band released a demo tape, nobody's gonna be talking about it almost 20 years later, unless your band is called Shadowman...cause in that case, your demo fucking ruled (anyone here remember Shadowman? No? Sorry). Unwound just has that knack for burying pop hooks deep in their noise/punk/emo stew. What a fucking good band, you know? Fucking good.

Hot Snakes - Live

I've only had one post on this here blog and I already have requests! The first request comes from some dude out in cyberspace who wants some live Hot Snakes. So here it is, the final word on the mighty Hawt Snakes, Thunder Down Under. Recorded for Australian radio station JJJ in 2005, it boasts all of the groups top ten hits along with b-side only remixes by Right Said Fred and The Black Eyed Pee!
I do have more Snakes and will post some if ya'll want it...


Saturday, June 13, 2009

faith no more - 6.12.09 - download festival - donington,england

honestly...when i'd heard that faith no more were getting back together...i got a little sick to my stomach and kept repeating "nothing good can come of this" and "only if they do the ANGEL DUST album in it's entirety and walk off the stage" to whoever would listen to me

the band that mike patton himself said would never get back together

and then a mysterious video popped up on youtube of the band practicing

and then the playing of the download festival turned into a mini tour of europe

and all of this is happening without guitarist jim martin (who must be too busy tending to his prize winning pumpkins...he once won an award for one that weighed in at 1,087lbs)...guitarist jon hudson is taking his place (so you're getting the ALBUM OF THE YEAR line-up)

thus far...there are no US dates (but i can see that as changing)

i went into the listening of this with a cringed look on my face...but that quickly changed...it wasn't the car crash that i thought it was going to be...and thankfully it lacked in mike patton's orca whales having sex vocal histrionics

could a mr. bungle reunion be that far off?..."nothing good can come of that" and "only if they play the SELF-TITLED and DISCO VOLANTE albums and then walk off the stage"

1 - reunited (peaches and herb cover)
2 - the real thing
3 - from out of nowhere
4 - land of sunshine
5 - caffeine
6 - evidence
7 - chinese arithmetic
8 - surprise! you're dead!
9 - easy
10 - last cup of sorrow
11 - midlife crisis
12 - introduce yourself
13 - gentle art of making enemies
14 - take this bottle
15 - ashes to ashes
16 - malpractice
17 - cuckoo for caca
18 - be aggressive
19 - epic
20 - mark bowen
21 - chariots of fire/stripsearch
22 - we care a lot

DL: faith no more@download pt.1
DL: faith no more@download pt.2

v/a - bread,the edible napkin: a no idea fanzine compilation

released 1997

for those of you that don't know...no idea is a record label run out of gainesville,fl (also home to the fest...a ripper...and a nice barnes and noble that i'd frequent when i lived down that way) that had started out as a zine way back in '85

this has copious amounts of what could be considered the "indie" music that the kids with beards seem to enjoy nowadays...along with a smattering of some sludge and some grindcore and some punk rawk and some previously unreleased materials

and by getting this here...i just saved you $50.00

1 - hot water music - floor
2 - floor - who are you?
3 - no empathy - daddy's got a problem
4 - ash county sluggers - achiever 9*
5 - brutal truth - eggshells*
6 - christie front drive - bag*
7 - cavity - wounded
8 - pung - anthem for the youth*
9 - v-card - strap me down*
10 - floodgate - the pessimist*
11 - against all authority - corporate takeover
12 - serpico - double negative
13 - elmer - let's get into a fistfight*
14 - gus (canada) - sinister acts in bright sunshine*
15 - moonraker - friendly fire*
16 - the bruce lee band - calling for me
17 - horace pinker - sloth
18 - car vs. driver - generis
19 - locust - inbred america
20 - hope springs eternal - loneliness equals coldness*
21 - jack with killer - stupid heavy metal 2--restriction
22 - king friday - lonnie*
23 - braid - katy kat
24 - the lisa killers - no one gets through*
25 - rhythm collision - jack
26 - sideshow - soar*
27 - skankin' pickle - $13,000 is a lot of food (live)*
28 - crunch - furioso zapping
29 - threadbare - sunstroke*
30 - the end of the century party - doozer la, doozer do*
31 - still life - someone stole my bike*
32 - bombs of cheese - white people in the park*

*=previously unreleased

DL: the edible napkin pt.1
DL: the edible napkin pt.2

kittens - bazooka and the hustler

released 1997

look at me,ma
i'm re-posting

seeing as how there's been a rash of kittens liking as of late...you get BAZOOKA AND THE HUSTLER again

and i'm pretty sure there won't be any sort of complaining about that

this has been getting a lot of play by me as of late (if you know what i mean)...and is easily one of those dessert island (if only) albums in my opinion

it's hard to get this outta yer head after listening to it just once...just go and give "great dane" or "the coyote of northern italy" a listen and try to get rid of it

if i were to work in an office building...this would be the album that i'd have piping through my headphones as i'd wander from cubicle to cubicle wearing only an assault rifle and an anger boner

but for those of you not in the know...i'll just go ahead and pull a john fogerty:

"these canadians provide the soundtrack for a slumber party over at unsane's house...
sounding like a very angry buzz osbourne fronting the jesus lizard and fighting helmet while tag teaming godheadsilo"

DL: bazooka and the hustler

Friday, June 12, 2009

Kittens - Doberman

Label: Kittensongs
Year: 1994

By request, here is more Kittens material. They put out a fair amount of records, but they're pretty hard to come by (the first few were cassette releases). You can find another of their albums on this blog back in the archives if you just do a search for it. Also, I have their split with Shallow North Dakota which is a really good one too. 
Anycrap, the band was(is, they seem to have reunited?) a gnarly proposition, spewing some really warped sludgy noise rock. Instruments always seem slightly out of tune, but the band can't be bothered with technicalities once they launch into one of their steamrolling hate fucks of a riff. Slow and steady, hot and nasty. They are the unholy amalgamation of Gob, Cursed, Melvins, Jesus Lizard, and a hint of Black Flag, and if you can find fault with any one of those bands...I will remove my glove and proceed to slap you directly across your fat face with it. I'm sorry, but I won't tolerate your tomfoolery any longer.
I apologize for not having the album artwork uploaded...but aren't those kittens just darling?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tanner - Discography

Continuing in the early 1990's San Diego vein, here's Tanner. Gar Wood (Fishwife, Hot Snakes, Beehive and the Barracudas, Night Marchers), Chris Prescott (Hemlock, No Knife, Pinback, etc.) and Matt Ohlin (Hiatus). Think Drive Like Jehu playing pop music... 
Ever get a music boner?
So here is just about everything Tanner ever put to tape in one convenient .zip folder.
Ill Gotten Gains 
7 inch Goodness
A cover of the Misfits, "TV Casualty"


kittens - great dane

every time i hear the beginning of this song...i just want to go out into my front yard and punt kittens onto the roofs of neighboring houses

and that's a good thing

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Drive Like Jehu - Live - Cat's Cradle - 06-05-94

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1994

Let's go ahead and get this one posted too so that we can complete the "Live Like Jehu" triumvirate (notice the wordplay?). Recorded at the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, one of the best rock club's in the history of rock clubs, this is a really good quality recording of a really good quality set. If you downloaded the San Francisco set, this one is real similar, but hey, you're a completist right?

Again, the tags don't have the song titles, so here's the set list:

1. Sinews / Intro
2. Sinews
3. Golden Brown
4. Bullet Train To Vegas
5. Do You Compute
6. Caress
7. Super Unison
8. Hand Over Fist
9. New Math
10. Luau

Theory Of Ruin - Front Line Poster Child

Label: Escape Artist
Year: 2004

Ipecac posted the Theory Of Ruin full length some time ago, but I was listening to this ep in the car today and had completely forgotten how much it smokes. Great shit.
You already know that it's Alex Newport from Fudge Tunnel and Nailbomb (and producing a million good records [and a few crap ones]), and you know that this band sounds way less metal than you had originally expected and way more like Unsane meets Killing Joke meets Rapeman. You knew that. Got it. Maybe you knew that drummer Ches Smith was in Trevor Dunn's Trio-Convulsant, and Xiu Xiu. Possibly. So you know this is super good then.
I was in a band once who were not very popular (go figure) and we played a show with Theory Of Ruin and Totimoshi. When we played there were literally 6 paying customers in attendance. Awesome draw. But then, when Totimoshi took the stage, our 6 "fans" (who had come simply out of obligation and were by no means there to hear loud music) began filing out. Yikes. Then, when Theory Of Ruin played, there was literally nobody there but the other bands the people that worked there. Ouch. No fun. They still powered through their set, and were still very impressive, but I felt terrible that no one was there to see it. 
Oh well

* Link fixed 09.19.09

Monday, June 8, 2009

Drive Like Jehu - Live KXLU - 10-25-90

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1990

Alright, so people like Drive Like Jehu...not too surprising huh? Here's the other live recording I promised, a live set on Los Angeles radio station KXLU from 1990, and it's fucking great. They are starting to play the "Yank Crime" material, and it slays. In fact, it all slays, they play with real abandon on this one, the songs are ripping.
The beauty is, while digging out this ole chestnut, I found another old chestnut, another live set from Chapel Hill. It's basically the same material as the San Francisco set posted yesterday, so I'm not sure if it's "crucial", but I'll probably post it anyway. You know, for funsies.

Oh yeah, sorry but the songs don't have the song titles in the tags, probably my fault. Anyway the set is:
New Intro / New Math
Golden Brown
Do You Compute (part 1)
Do You Compute (part 2)
Bullet Train To Vegas

Have a super fantastic day.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Drive Like Jehu - Live - San Francisco - 09-16-94

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1994

Somebody asked for some Drive Like Jehu, and while this particular bootleg has been making it's way around the internets lately, there's still a decent chance you hadn't stumbled across it yet.  I found it a few years ago on the now defunct Transmission 3000 site which had some really great live recordings of indie rock type bands, but alas, it went the way of the dodo. Shame.
This is a good quality recording, with a nice set covering most of the "hits" as it were. It sounds about like the one time I saw them, when they played the Somber Reptile here in Atlanta with Tanner, and maybe Freemasonry(?), and then downstairs they booked Sunny Day Real Estate to play the same night. Great idea. I've told this story on this blog before, but sufficed to say, Sunny Day Real Estate destroyed, and Drive Like Jehu was great albeit long-winded. Nice night of music.
I also have a live radio broadcast if anyone is interested, just leave a comment and I'll get it up (the radio broadcast, not my dong).

Saturday, June 6, 2009

switchhitter - academy

released 1999

the butthole surfers recorded a love letter to steve albini

and now you can find something by all of the post-distorted horse bands here

collect all 3!

DL: academy

distorted pony - instant winner

released 1994

this just screams out "HEY! I LIKE BIG BLACK!" (maybe it's due to the fact that a one steven albini produ...i mean...recorded it)

that's all that really needs to be said of this album

after the band split up...they went on to be in other bands that can be found just lying around on the ground outside the car crash that is this blog (crust...sweet pea...switchhitter)

DL: instant winner

steel pole bath tub - the miracle of sound in motion

released in 1993

the melvins recorded an album under a different name as a joke for their major label debut...but atlantic records were having none of it (turns out...major labels don't have a sense of humor...look at what happened to nirvana)...so the HOUDINI album was released instead

and you even get a cover of the pogues song "down all the days"

DL: the miracle of sound in motion

polvo - celebrate the new dark age ep

released 1994

and the request train keeps on a-movin'

here's polvo...say the band's name in spain...it'll get you one of 2 things:
1: cleaned
2: laid

they were one of the bands to get that whole math rock thing set into motion back in the early 1990s

they sound like some sonic youth mixed with some pixies with a dash of pavement and a pinch of dinosaur jr and hater

DL: celebrate the new dark age ep

unwound - fake train

released 1993

look at me...it's a saturday night...and i'm filling some requests

what we have here is the band unwound...they came from the other seattle,wa (aka "olympia")

this was the first non-spoken word album to be released on the kill rock star label

singer/guitarist justin tropser was also in the band worst case scenario (whose discography can be found inside this blog...now get to digging)

so if you're down with the sonic youths...the pixies...the mission of burmas...and the fugazis...you can get down with this on the first night

and who doesn't want tom jones staring back at them...undressing you with his eyes

DL: fake train pt.1
DL: fake train pt.2

V/A - Dixie Flatline

Label: Radioactive Rat
Year: 1994

Seems like we discussed at some point the brief ascension of the Richmond, Virginia music scene in the early to mid 90s. Maybe when Hose.Got.Cable was posted? Sounds about right. 
So, here is further evidence that I was not blowing smoke up your collective arses, a compilation of bands making noise in Richmond during the...wait for it...early to mid 90s. Nice.
The bands:
King Sour - moody and/or bouncy math rock
Uglyhead - dense, noisy punk akin to Hammerhead
Art Monks - instrumental hip hop with loud guitar noise and droning samples
Hose.Got.Cable - so good, so loud, the real "should have been" of this scene
Flailo - dirty scuzz-core, maybe a little Guzzard via Load steez going on?
Yardmonster - moments sound exactly like old Melvins, other moments are more post-punk
Labradford - you know this band...spaced out sounds that beat Explosions In The Sky to it by years
Pelt - stop/start, quiet/loud emo punk
Damn Near Red - female fronted, driving drone, but the second song is not all that hot
Somatron - redneck techno? look, not everything can be good on this record
Mulch - nasty, metally, gritty, sludgy, hardcore, a local favorite. 
Buzzov*en - the best band to ever come out of Charlotte...untouchable.
Ladyfinger - herky-jerky noise rock with over-driven guitar
Spot Me 20 - minimal n riffery oise with a slight hip hop bend...again, they're not all winners
3.10 - background music...boring background music

So there it is, a little hit and miss, but I think you will enjoy the highlights, and you can skip past the low-lights. Deal?

*Updated - Track listing posted in comments

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Engine Kid - Angel Wings

Label: Revelation
Year: 1995

We posted the first Engine Kid album awhile back on this here blog, and that one generated a fair amount of "hits" (in the parlance of the interweb world), so it seems you are ready to handle the second, and dare I say, better of their records. 
Surely all of us (and I do count myself as one) Gorilla Biscuits fans were a bit perplexed at the inclusion of Engine Kid on the Revelation Records roster, but after Burn and Quicksand, I suppose this album was "hardcore enough" to fit the bill of the changing label. If you had heard the first album, then this one isn't much of a surprise, you still are basically channeling Slint though much larger and beefier amps, and the guys playing the music have spent a fair amount of time wrestling punk and hardcore riffs to the ground prior to this outing. Nah'mean? This album is still way more burly than the weird jazz freakouts that would show up on their split with Iceburn around this same time, and could more be seen as a preview to the huge sounds singer/guitarist Greg Anderson would be making after Engine Kid's demise in Burning Witch and Goatsnake. 
If you thought the first album was too "Slint-y", try this one and let me know what you think. If you appreciate math rock, hardcore, or metal, I think you can find something about this one to latch onto.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

bar-b-q killers - live ass

"ain't this the fuckin' best thing you've heard since led zeppelin died?"

the bar-b-q killers were a band out of athens,ga (they've been mentioned on this very blog before)

vocalist laura carter did david yow before david yow did david yow (know what i mean?)...she later went on to front the band jack o' nuts (whose discography can be found here as well)

they only released one album (1987's COMELY)

i don't know the story behind this...i randomly found it whilst parusing the internets late one night (that's when all the good materials make themselves seen)...i'm assuming that this is a bootleg (it sounds as if it were recorded by someone with their boom box from the back of the room)...and i'm thinking it may have been recorded in a bar

1 - his or hearse
2 - summer lovin'
3 - psycho
4 - green jeans
5 - your steaming asshole is fogging up my glasses
6 - blood brother
7 - womb to tomb
8 - holy fucking jesus christ
9 - exit this frozen skin graft
10 - use it or lose it

DL: live ass

"his or hearse" from the movie ATHENS,GA-INSIDE/OUT

shellac & mule - soul sound single split 7"

released 1997

shellac covers shellac
mule covers mule

this actually counts as shellac's 8th album

DL: soul sound single split 7"

Archers Of Loaf - Live - Showbox Seattle - 11-02-98

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1998

Here's a sweet sounding live show from the final Archers Of Loaf tour on their victory lap around America. The audio is great, and the set selection is great, it's not merely a "greatest hits" but a good balance of their library.
It shall not remain a secret that Archers Of Loaf were pretty much the best band around during their tenure on Earth, and I was a pretty big proponent of their rock style. Catchy but solid, fun but dark, and ultimately and most importantly, rocking. I tried my hardest to win over all of my hardcore buddies to the good times of the Archers Of Loaf to mixed results. 
While in San Diego I caught the band for the last time on this particular tour, a few days earlier than this show at the Casbah and they did not disappoint. One weird note, and maybe this was a San Diego thing, but while the band was playing dudes would have their pictures taken with the band as the backdrop. You know, like they were on vacation to Archers Of Loaf-land. I haven't ever seen that since either, but I remember it happening quite frequently at this particular show. I'm sure if I had actually had any friends, I too would have a Christmas card of me giving the "thumb's up" in front of Eric Bachmann. But alas...as it has been pointed out on this very blog, I am in fact, friendless. 
Enjoy the show, it's a good one.

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