Wednesday, September 25, 2019

unsane - attack in japan

released: 1996
label: bloody butterfly

it's unsane doing unsane things in front of an audience in tokyo at the shinjyuku loft on april 12th in the year 1995.
you've never been to japan.
you don't even like leaving your house.
but you can have japanese food delivered to your house.
did unsane go all the way there just to get some japanese food?
don't they know about delivery?
does this mean that you're better than unsane?
does it?
had you going.
now get on the phone and call up that one place and order us up some yakitori and some miso soup and some tempura chicken and shrimp and some rice and then whatever you want.
of course you're paying.
thinking you're better than unsane.

1 - scrape
2 - trench
3 - out
4 - straight
5 - street sweeper
6 - body bomb
7 - empty cartridge
8 - urge to kill
9 - 4-stix*
10 - swim
11 - exterminator
*=a kinda sorta led zeppelin cover


v/a - fortune cookie prize

released: 1992
label: simple machines

i can tell by the t-shirt that you're wearing that you enjoy a good cover band.
beloitster cult.
that's fun.
so maybe you could take some liking in this as well.
there's a band called beat happening.
the music they make sounds as if it could've been recorded in a bedroom.
not like the sort of beating that is happening in your bedroom....
you don't think your mother and i know what's going on in there?
does one really need that many issues of national geographic?
and what about those catalogs?
you know the ones i'm talking about.
you wouldn't look good in those sorts of bras and you know it.
but what do i care,right?
i just have to sleep on the other side of the wall from you is all.
you're the reason the dog left home.

but i'm getting away from my point....

beat happening.
they're from olympia,wa.
there are other places in that state that aren't seattle.
don't argue with me.
the band's singer runs the label K records.
what do you mean "what are records?!"
y'know even though i'm your father i'm pretty sure that you were adopted.
what we have here are some bands showing their appreciation of beat happening.
not those beat happenings.
why am i even talking to you?
how did you even get out of the attic?

1 - the cannanes - tribute
2 - velocity girl - tales of brave aphrodite
3 - leaky chipmunk - our secret
4 - scrawl - bad seeds
5 - seaweed - foggy eyes
6 - kim,thurston+epic - black candy
7 - geek - night moves on the catwalk
8 - love child - ponytail
9 - unrest - i love calvin
10 - superchunk - nancy sin
11 - fish+roses - youth
12 - whorl - this many boyfriends club


v/a - handshake inc. / mutants of the monster / alternative tentacles

released: 2013
labels: handshake inc./mutants of the monster/alternative tentacles

this here is one of those "shake n' bake" situations.
what we have here is 3 labels contributing to a compilation.
it's got a little somethin' somethin' for all y'alls ear tastebuds.
it's got electro grind.
it's got sludge.
it's got noise rock.
the only thing it don't have is your father's current whereabouts.
so yeah.
all you need to do is just sit still and enjoy.
that's it.
that's all.
just answer me this one question....
do you like movies about gladiators?

1 - gridlink - ketsui
2 - dephosphorus - there is a color
3 - inhabitants - man made of our locust
4 - diseased reason - a perfect knot
5 - jason netherton - extremity retained
6 - wake - the fix is in
7 - total fucking destruction - is your love a rainbow?
8 - peace creep - 2 dream vacation
9 - ani kyd - box of broken toys
10 - the sun through a telescope - eaten by horses
11 - ultra bide - sonic crash
12 - jucifer - queen of antlers
13 - terminus - runelords
14 - rwake - it was beautiful but now it's sour
15 - mainland divide - ellysaun
16 - wicked mantra - tramps
17 - sumoken - the doctor


Friday, September 20, 2019

will haven - el diablo

released: 1997
label: crisis records / revelation records

"why is will haven so awesome?"
"because they released EL DIABLO."

that was an actual coversation between two actual people.
i was the one that deemed both the band and album as "awesome".
i'd say that this album is as close to nu metal as any fan of deadguy or neurosis (who they've toured with) might get.
i say "nu metal" because it has the familiar leanings of downtuned bass and screamed vocals.
also: they're bestest pals with the deftones.
you could almost say that this is will haven's ADRENALINE.
this is some grinding sludge.
and speaking of grinding sludge: you should also check out the band the abominable iron sloth as they've taken the will haven formula and slowed it down and mde it even more grindy and sludgey and they share 2 members of will haven (drummer mitch wheeler and guitarist jeff irwin) and 2 ex-members of will haven (bass player mike martin and guitarist cayle hunter).
so yeah.
this album is just a good time.
and remember: we don't have to take our clothes off to have a good time.


voivod - dimension hatross demo

released: 1987
label: self-released

ah,those kooky wacky canucks.
canada's metallica (except they've remained consistent).
what more can i say about them?
most of you probably didn't make it past the "canada's metallica" statement.
are you seething?
i meant no disrespect by it.
and i did say that they've stayed consistent.
i even enjoy ANGEL RAT.
and then there's the rarely talked about NEGATRON album (aka their pantera album).
i've been a fan ever since my first hearing of the NOTHINGFACE album.
what more do you want from me?
i can never win with you.
i don't even know why we hang out.
yes i do.
but i'm not going to tell you.


Wednesday, September 18, 2019

v/a - endangered species

released: 1990
label: glitterhouse records

i like to go back in time via the calendar off to the left  just to take a look at things. to relive memories. to see if any of the food i left behind has been touched. and then the next thing i know i come to in a ditch next to a cornfield wearing only my underpants and i have a headache and i stink of sweat and stale beer (which is weird because i don't even like beer). it's always a different cornfield. and let me tell ya,kids....there's a difference between "coming to" and "waking up".

and then sometimes i come across something that was posted and its time had run out and some folks would like a chance to snag it up again. so that's what this is,folks. snag.

1 - bullet lavolta - hello there*
2 - bitch magnet - white pieces of bread
3 - cows - good cop
4 - bastards - groovy space man
5 - halo of flies - clowns
6 - monster magnet - murder
7 - surgery - losida slide
8 - codeine - castle
9 - helios creed - boxing the clown
10 - bored! - christine
11 - green river - ain't nothin' to do**
12 - unsane - four sticks***

*=cheap trick cover
**=the dead boys cover
***=led zeppelin cover


nirvana - singles

released: 1995
label: geffen records

once upon a time there was a band called nirvana (or nirvarna depending on who you talk to). no one really knows where they came from. rumor has it they just walked out of the woods somewhere in the pacific northwest and they continued to walk until they came upon a body of water where they had to stop as none of them were the best swimmers and they only had one pair of floaties. so as a sign of fellowship they destroyed the floaties and decided to set up shop near the water. at first it was just a shanty town. then a village. no one could think of a name for this destination until one day two others appeared from out of the woods. one of the men was tall and lanky and had the last name of a body part. his companion had hair that appeared to be made out of steel wool and he rarely talked but when he did it didn't seem to make sense to the others ("like stee. moanin' ludlow.). these two spent a week at the encampment and as they were leaving the tall lanky fellow yelled out "see ya around!" before disappearing back into the trees. the three looked confused. "what's a seattle?" one of them said.

and the rest is history.
the original three started a band a called it nirvana.
they released some music.
and this is some of that music.

1 - smells like teen spirit (edit)
2 - even in his youth
3 - aneurysm

1 - come as you are
2 - endless,nameless
3 - school (live)*
4 - drain you (live)*

1 - in bloom
2 - sliver (live)**
3 - polly (live)**

1 - lithium
2 - been a son (live)*
3 - curmudgeon

1 - heart-shaped box
2 - milk it
3 - marigold

1 - all apologies
2 - rape me
3 - moist vagina

*=10.31.91 - paramount theatre - seattle,wa
**=12.28.91 - o'brien pavilion - del mar,ca


Monday, September 16, 2019

buck satan and the 666 shooters - bikers welcome! ladies drink free

released: 2012
label: 13th planet

y'all know about al jourgensen always promisin' to release that there country album,right? well he went and done did it (back in 2012). what've those duke boys gotten themselves involved in? if'n you can picture a trucker that's been up for 4 days with his eyes all red as the last of the yellow jackets is taking way too long to leave his system and he's sittin' at a table off in the corner of some second rate bar/strip club that's just off the interstate and his right leg is just buckin' up and down as some lovely lookin' lady that goes by the name mersaydeez is doin' her think up on a stage to a song called "i hate every bone in your body but mine" you know what ya'll are gettin' here.

so if'n you like yourself some hank III or some david allan coe or some ladies and gentlemen,mr. conway twitty.....


v/a - three's company: geek / seaweed / superchunk

released: 1990
label: simple machines/leopard gecko records/merge records

you've watched THREE'S COMPANY before,yeah?
of course you have.
what else are you going to be doing at 2:00am on a wednesday?
my favorite episode is the one with the misunderstanding.
you've never seen that one?
i don't really like the spin-offs all that much though....
there was just something lacking.
i don't know.
i guess that it can't be good all the time.

this was a 7" that was released by the band's respective labels when they'd toured together back in the summer of 1990 (the WET BEHIND THE EARS tour).
i'm sure that you were a little (alot) wet behind the ears once upon a time (now).
you don't know what that means?
it means "one that likes to take showers in bath houses".
just don't run into mr. roper while leaving there.
oh the shenanigans that will transpire!


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

v/a - reality 1-4

vol. 1
released: 1996
vol. 2
released: 1997
vol. 3
released: 1999
vol. 4
released: 2002
label: deep six

you crazy kids and your powerviolence.
is this what you listen to when you and your friends are up in your room?
it's crazy!
y'know back in my day we danced to miles davis and buddy rich and sun ra.
that's how i met your mother.
i was watching her from across the room and thought that she was having a seizure.
i rushed over there and took her into my arms and started screaming for someone to put something into her mouth so she didn't swallow her tongue!
next thing i know she's slapping me something fierce and yelling at me.
she said to me "that's what we call dancing,pops!"
and then eight months later you came along.
did i ever tell you about the time when you were a baby and you'd crawl along the carpet in the den and you'd put whatever you found down in there into your mouth?
yeah i tells ya-
ok then.
i've kept you all long enough.
you just head on upstairs and your mother will bring up some treats later.
and boy....
you just remember what i said.
stay out of your closet and there's isn't a movie camera in there.
that's just crazy talk.

part 1:
1 - excruciating terror - in control
2 - lack of interest - impeached
3 - despise you - copied demise
4 - spazz - gnome servant
5 - crom - hungry?
6 - man is the bastard - tomb ride

part 2:
1 - asshole parade - soldiers
2 - excruciating terror - without mercy
3 - dystopia - backstabber
4 - infest - cold inside
5 - despise you - memories of tomorrow
6 - lack of interest - no sweat
7 - gasp - planet of the apes
8 - supression - gangland bodystak'em (c.i.a./murder mafia conspiracy)/human fear
9 - noothgrush - encasing
10 - no comply - the empire kids
11 - spazz - animal liberation now
12 - purgatoria - infamous deception
13 - man is the bastard - untitled
14 - capitalist casualties - sentenced
15 - stapled shut - chavala
16 - enemy soil - common ground
17 - evolved to obliteration - fucked up asshole
18 - bad acid trip - plate of shrimp
19 - c:### - skidmark

part 3:
1 - crudos - sin titulo
2 - the locust - dog without a collar
3 - su19b - bullshit propaganda
4 - infest - dead at birth
5 - ruido - you're not human
6 - jenny piccolo - heavy metal weekend/suicide cliche
7 - halo epidemic - bench warmer
8 - mk ultra - 52 fluid ounces
9 - black army jacket - 222 part II 1998
10 - visual discrimination - solutions
11 - charles bronson - rich crusties will pay
12 - peter mangalore - gerwalk
13 - dropdead - us and them
14 - corrupted - reference
15 - phobia - stink head/state and enemy
16 - benumb - liberation
17 - hellnation - fight with no fear
18 - bred on deception - slave to convenience

part 4:
1 - 324 - garden
2 - haymaker - stressed out
3 - hawgjaw - embrace the absence
4 - low threat profile - untitled
5 - inspite - back fat removed with pickax
6 - manchurian candidates - in good faith
7 - progeria - either way/neglected/empty words
8 - toshiro mifune - throw me the idol,i'll throw you the whip
9 - overpowering - el feo/enemigo de mis suenos
10 - overpowering - el que acecha desde la esquina
11 - ruido - soledad cortada/snuffed soul
12 - unruh - fear and loathing among the working class
13 - i found god - running out of time
14 - lack of interest - untitled
15 - su19b - shortage of oxygen
16 - damad - mindmatic
17 - sepsism - festering within
18 - stress - the system
19 - self inflicted - beware of the water
20 - pretty little flower - victorious insurgence
21 - dudman - fight or flight
22 - lana dagales - metamorphosis/conjuncture
23 - lana dagales - extending capitalist ladder/the great division
24 - bred on deception - the gingrich who stole congress
25 - h. pylori - cycle/in deep
26 - halo epidemic - 40 hour decent


Monday, September 9, 2019

deadguy - i know your tragedy

released: 2000
label: hawthorne street records

for those that don't already know: this isn't the tim singer version of the band. but that's ok. this deadguy is better than no deadguy. right? ok then. not to worry though. mr. singer shows up on the last song. it's a black sabbath cover that was supposed to be used for the IN THESE BLACK DAYS tribute(s) but wasn't for whatever reason.

the rest of the album is one of the last shows the band played at cbgbs before calling it a day.

so yeah.
that just about sums it up,folks.
seeing as how we have time before my parents pick me you wanna wrassle or something?


fudge tunnel - in a word

released: 1995
label: earache

once upon a time i had a friend that was all into the punk rock. the dead kennedys and 88 fingers louie and hot water music and and nofx and the like. this friend's mom (who was quite the looker by the way) drove a jaguar and he was allowed to use it from time to time. this jaguar had a 6 disc cd player (that sat in the trunk) and sometimes i was allowed to throw in a cd....just as long as it wasn't any of that "hate rock shit that i listened to". on this particular day we'd taken a ride to the mall in the next town over (in the jag of course. what would've normally taken us about a half an hour took us 15 minutes. good times.). i ended up finding a copy of fudge tunnel's CREEP DIETS album at the disc jockey and i talked him into playing it on the rise home. so were headed home and about a minute into the song "grey"  he's all like "i said none of that hate rock stuff!" and then switched the cd.....

fast forward about 3 years and i'm walking home with my discman on and this car drives by and then comes a stop. so i stopped. the car then took off around the corner and i took off my headphones and was getting ready to set the discman on the ground as i thought a fight was coming my way (yeah. there were some folks around town that really weren't a fan. believe it or not). so the car comes back around and it's the friend with some of his friends. i hadn't seen him for a couple of years. the funny thing about that meeting was the fact that he was wearing a slayer t-shirt and there was something metal being played on the car stereo.

"where is this going,grampa? i have things to do. i have to be behind the bakery for when they throw the day old doughnuts away,bro. come on!"

the end.
i hope you choke on a bavarian cream doughnut.
and i hope that right before you die someone tells you that it's not bavarian cream.
go on now!

so what this here thing is is a compilation of some peel sessions the band played as well as some live stuff and some covers and such.
enjoy you some fudge tunnel,kids.


Wednesday, September 4, 2019

pissed jeans - 5.19.07 - kexp - seattle,wa

it's pissed jeans being pissed jeans on the radio in seattle.
have you ever been pissed jeans?
you've just had pissed jeans.
that's right.
i went there.
family reunion.
standing in line for that potato salad.
you just didn't want to lose your place in line,yeah?
i'm sure that's why it happened.
at least that's what you were telling your third cousin as you were taking them off.
i went there too.
as have alot of people.

1 - intro
2 - boring girls
3 - secret admirer
4 - i've still got you (ice cream)
5 - i'm sick
6 - i don't need to smoke to make myself disappear
7 - love clown
8 - closet marine


unsane - jungle music

released: 1991
label: p.c.p. productions

it's unsane.
it's 7" of unsane.
i'll just leave you with that.

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