Monday, July 27, 2009

Botch - We Are The Romans (Demos)

Botch. Say what you will about hardcore, mathcore or who's hardercore.

Listen to this shit for the guitar playing alone. Dave Knudson is a 6 string master.
I'll stick to my albacore.

Arkham - The Freak Power Candidate

Sooooo, after a long debate within myself, I decided to pull a skeleton out of the closet and post it right on this here blog. This is a band that I was in with some friends a few years back and this was our second and final record. We recorded it at a friends house (actually his mom's house) in 2004 and had a real good time doing so. Plenty of swimming and other recreational activities all around. Not sure what to compare it to, but we were into a lot of different stuff and I think it shows.
Definitely not the best thing you'll ever hear, but far from say, Limp Biscuit...
Listen and rip it to pieces!

PS- Can anyone help me on my hunt for Hater the 2nd?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Icarus Line - Mono

Continuing through LA...
I know this isn't the cover of the album, but it should have been! Why'd they give up the outfits?
They look like they're late for work at Banana Republic because ska band practice went too late.
Wonder if they ever explained this on Buddyhead.

Here's their 2001 album Mono. Good record if you're into Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes and the Stooges. No ska on this one.
I think that the drums were recorded by Mark Trombino and everything else was done by Alex Newport.

Bluebird - 3 Records

Ok, so here's a remix of the Bluebird post that I pooped out yesterday. Here's some more of my Bluebird collection minus a 7 inch, Hot Blood and the instrumental album ( they're around here somewhere, i'll post when i find my cds). Like I said before, I saw these guys open up for just about everybody from 99' to 03' in LA and Orange County. Great band that not too many people know about. Give em' shot

DL High Atmosphere

DL By Two

DL S/T on Revelation Records

Blood Sugar Sex Magik (Instrumental)

I know this shouldn't be here, but I have gotten a few requests for it.
In 1991, I was eleven years old, getting hair where there wasn't hair before and discovering new music outside of mom and dad's classic rock. This along with the usual suspects, was one of those records that I listened to over and over to and even learned to play guitar from it.
But, upon getting over the age of 12, the vocals on this album became intolerable.
They sound like a retard reciting Dr. Seuss while eating marbles.

Enough of the excuses...

About a year ago, I downloaded the .mog files for the album, dropped them into audacity and separated the vocal tracks (except for some minor backing vocals).
Blast it with pride and make up your own words.

Friday, July 24, 2009

qui - the little golden blanket

released 2009

since i seem to be on a bit of a david yow kick (when am i not on one of those?)...i present you with this...

in case you're's pronounced "kwee" not "kwy"

this was a 7" the band released when they played the all tomorrow's parties festival over in england back in may

in case you're wondering exactly what a qui is...well...before david yow came along they'd released an album not all the many folks have probably heard of (2003's BABY KISSES)...they were just your typical godheadsilo meets the melvins noise rock band (though made up of a guitar player and a drummer...both sharing vocal duties)...and then somewhere down the line david yow started popping up at shows to so some guest vocals...and then eventually joined the band...and they all released the album LOVE'S MIRACLE in 2007 (and then they sounded like godheadsilo meets the melvins meets the jesus lizard...all very good things in my book)

and now you can't even google the band's name without "qui jesus lizard" or "qui david yow" showing up

so it's a win/win situation for them

DL: the little golden blanket

the jesus lizard - 7.14.09 - exit/in - nashville,tn

"what's the difference between farrah fawcett and michael jackson? about 5 hours"

and then it happened

i don't think i really need to write anything more

i do need to give a huge thank you to george (singer for the band tona)...he sent this to me in an email being all like "oh's this...and i'll be expecting the soul to your first born and a sandwich"...and i was all like "is turkey and swiss on wheat ok,sir?"

DL: the jesus lizard@exit/in

Thursday, July 23, 2009

tona - 1000

released 2008's happened again

i was contacted by the singer of this band (a guy by the name of george)...and he wanted to add a little bit o' international flair to the SGM

these folks come to us from serbia (the place that made a light bulb go on above adolf hitler's head and cause him to say "heeeey...waitaminute...if there can be a world war 1...." least that's what he was thought to have said...once li'l adolf got to talking he liked to shake his fist and spit a most folks would leave the room)

i'm getting away from my point

when listening to this...i can't help but think of the bands system of a down and the melvins

now before you raise your hand to slap me in the face for even mentioning those bands in the same sentence...allow me to explain:

1: both bands shared a stage during the ozzfest back in '98 (soad were touring in support of their only decent album...which is 1998's SELF-TITLED...and the melvins were on the bill because tool were all like "hey...the only way we're playing this is if the melvins get brought along too" there they were...on the stage in front of your typical ozzfest meathead...and from the first moment to the last...there were screams of "get off the stage you fucking suck!"...and the melvins did what the melvins do...the entirety of their half hour slot was filled with them taunting the audience and playing one song...which was "boris"...and i'm pretty sure that i was the only one there with a huge smile on their face)

2: there really isn't another reason...i just like telling that story

do you need more of an explanation?

this has a 4 piece melvins playing like they were a 3 piece again vibe to it (make any sense?)

as for the system of a down comparison...there are times that the vocals bring serj tankian to mind

have you ever had one of those "fuck that's it!" moments?...i just had one...anytime i've listened to this i've found myself thinking "who does he remind me of? no..not that either...DAMMITWHOTHEFUCKISIT?!" when it comes to the vocals...and it just dawned on me...ingmar petersen...vocalist for the band beehoover (and now that i've mentioned the band...i can hear them all over this as well...if you're not familiar with them...check the CGB soon)

ok...if you take anything away from what you just should be this:

1: i suffer from verbal diarrhea
2: an awesome melvins story

and if you like any of the above mentioned stuff...put this on (you even get some awesome harmonica AND you may even learn a foreign language)

DL: 1000

Supertouch - Unreleased EP

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1988?

This one deviates from our standard fare a bit, and is more a shout out of sorts to my hardcore (excuse me, hawdcore) brethren, then a typical post. But as I have made clear before, hardcore was my first real musical love (as musical as it can be I suppose), so I still have the urge to share the gospel on occasion, and today just so happens to be one of those days.
In the hardcore cosmos circa 1988, ground zero was no doubt New York City, home to the Youth Crew scene, but also home to the group of bands that would eventually change the way hardcore music sounded, the way the subculture looked, and how it would evolve into the future. The bands that kept the intensity of hardcore and injected newer sounds, slower sounds, more technical sounds, heavier sounds, all that. Absolution, Lifes Blood, Born Against, Crawlpappy, and Supertouch were in the first wave of this evolution, pushing a more fully realized (dare I say "mature"?) style onto the skinheads at the CBGBs Sunday matinees. No longer content to play a facsimile of Minor Threat riffs, these bands started lurching, pausing, feedbacking, and generally fucking over the hardcore blueprint in their own unique ways.
So Supertouch came to most people's attention outside of the Tri-State area through the song "Searching For The Light" on the old Revelation NYHC compilation as it stood out from the old school styles elsewhere on that record. They would then release a 7" on Combined Effort before returning to Revelation Records for their full length. Somewhere between that compilation and the 7" it seems they recorded this demo or unreleased ep, however you want to put it. It's the same songs as the 7" plus a couple more, but they're played faster, and the vocals aren't as "hefty" as they were on later (official) releases. It's an interesting little nugget of hardcore history, and if you were ever a fan of that era, check it out, but if you have never heard of Supertouch before, try and find their 7" or LP first. If you like, I could post them here I guess.

Also, the one hardcore shirt I never had, but always wanted, was the Supertouch "Get Down" shirt. If anyone has one that they want to get rid of (or trade for all of this free music I'm giving you) please let me know. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crust - Crust

Label: Trance Syndicate
Year: 1991

A couple months back we were on a real Trance Syndicate tear, gettin' all Austin on that ass, and then, in an effort to not offend any other geographic hotspots, we turned our attentions to other locales and other bands. we are again. Back to Austin. Back to those glorious moments when Trance Syndicate ruled the underground. Back on the worst psychedelic trip you could hope to imagine. Back to the clusterfuck of unrelated aural assaults. Oh those fucking keyboards, where are they coming from?! I have head lice now?! Three bean salad? Where? Who is eating a three bean salad in this heat?! Jesus, the pounding in my skull has boiled my cerebrospinal fluid (somethings wrong with my medulla oblongata!)! Fuuuuuuuck.

...and, scene.

Not sure if this is the place for some Beastiality, but fuck it. This is the boys fucking around with some of their hardcore stuff. Awesome bass all over this bitch.
Also wishing Adam "MCA" Yauch the best.

Oh, yeah! This my geeky Japanese import version with a boner track! Remember cds?

ATAXIA - Automatic Writing

Here's a pretty weird collaboration. John Frusciante (I can't remember what band he's from), Joe Lally (Fugazi), and Josh Klinghoffer(?). I really like the way Frusciante plays the geetar, but I hate the band that he plays in. Weird.
No rhyming of "dopamine" and "wolverine" here.
Actually I shouldn't say I hate that band that he plays with, I have the BSSM album in instrumental form and it's neat-o.

400 Blows 3-19-98

Sorry for the lack of posts on my part. I've been out fruitbooting across California in search of the ultimate summer.
Memories... Saw these guys at a skatepark in Costa Mesa, CA in 99' and was totally blown away by their magic. Voice, guitar and drums. No bullshit. 2nd time I saw em' they blew At the Drive In and the Murder City Devils off the stage. I was even lucky enough to have my old band play with them several times and have them blow us off the stage too. If you're into fuzzy guitars, yelling and mathematical drumming, check. this. shit. out. PS- their second record is around here as well...


bloarzeyd - new ep

released 2007

i recently had gone band hopping through the myspace...and came across these folks out of new haven,ct

one guy plays the bass and sings
one guy plays the drums

and what you get is something akin to godheadsilo (duh)...old school melvins...some visceral big black...a dab o' dazzling killmen...perhaps a little unsane-age...and of course a little jucifer

hey...look at me not comparing a band to the jesus lizard! oh yeah!

and all of this goes on under the watchful eye of resident SGM "recordist" steve albini

rumor has it...the band once frightened a high school kid so bad that he pissed himself and fell off the stage

now if i leave a show and my pants are dry...i'll approach the band and demand that they wet my pants for it's good to know there's a band out there that knows what i like

this is like the after effects of challenging a blind person to a staring contest...and then getting hit in the head from behind by a concerned citizen (and i don't mean getting hit by an object...i mean the concerned citizen running up behind you and literally throwing themselves at the back of your head)

so yeah...

DL: new ep

and this is the part where you watch them...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

lost & found video night: vol.1

do you like mixtapes?

do you like making your friends sit through awkward moments?

do you like children's songs about the penis and vagina?

have you ever thought to yourself "man,star trek is awesome...but i wonder what it's like in turkey?"

wanna see crispin glover on drugs almost take out david letterman with a fatal leg kick to the face?

do you have a penis pump but aren't really sure what goes where?

wanna see mr.t get all motivational all over yer ass?

two words: masturbating walrus

if any of the above mentioned things don't make you want to see this...there could very well be something wrong with you and you may want to either start ingesting some sort of "helping agent" or contacting someone that could help you get such a thing

i mean...come on...MASTURBATING WALRUS

if that doesn't make you want to gather the family around the tv/computer screen...maybe this will help: action figure porn


DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2
DL: pt.3
DL: pt.4
DL: pt.5
DL: pt.6
DL: pt.7

as per usual...if this gives anyone a can either kick your dog or leave a comment

Monday, July 20, 2009

Zeni Geva - Total Castration

Label: Public Bath
Year: 1991

Zeni Geva posts have been some of the most downloaded items that I have put up on this here bloggity-blog, so I see no reason to get too balls deep into describing this particular album. It would appear that you folks are well aware of Zeni Geva's ability to mangle a metal riff into submission, and choke out their listeners with a claustrophobic vitriol rarely seen this side of Osaka. You got all that right?
So, there's no point in mentioning that this was recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini? You got that too huh?
And, I would be repeating myself to mention that K.K. Null's lyrics seem destined to hurt your feelings, wouldn't I?
And far be it from me to remind you of the scathing death/hardcore/industrial scraping you're about to embark on. That'd be a waste of time right?

Barkmarket - Peacekeeper

Label: Mans Ruin
Year: 1995

Fuck yeah, Mans Ruin and Barkmarket, together at last, forever, whatever. The once untouchable record label put out this four song gem from the also once untouchable (well...let's say "hard-to-touchable") band Barkmarket. This was recorded around the same time as the "Gimmick" lp, which was also their first major label record (I guess technically "Vegas Throat" was reissued by American, sooooooo maybe that's their first major label record) , so consequently this period of the band gets pretty well dogged out by the purists of the world (hello, kettle?). But in hindsight, there's no great departure from the first rumblings of this band to the last gasp. If you like art damaged, metallic, noisy, vaguely industrial, pounding rock, then you can pretty much jump into the Barkmarket catalog wherever you want and you'll be just fine.  
It's a good record that's not too easy to come by these days, so enjoy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nothing like promoting your own shit...

So if you haven't figured out by now...I'm some what of a tech whore.  So... I started my own little blog for programs and shit.  Such things so far.. winrar, daemon tools, tuneup utilities, and so on... all pro versions with working keys. It's all shit that I personally use or test.  So if your feeling the need for some programs but don't want to shell out the cash to get em or wait on slow ass torrents ( as they can be sometimes)... then I suggest you check it out.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

the scott and gary show - beastie boys & butthole surfers

the scott and gary show was on public access tv in new york back in the early 1980's

they would have on barely known bands...and with this you get to see what looks like a pre-pubescent beastie boys (then a 4 piece playing punk rock with future luscious jackson drummer kate schellenbach...who later went on to quit the band saying "why did I quit the beastie boys? i didn't want to rap and i didn't feel good about grabbing my dick.")...and you get to see the butthole surfers during their first visit to new york city (they go out and take acid between during the taping of their set...and if you know anything about the butthole surfers and can pretty much see the direction everything goes into)

so hopefully this doesn't fall in line with the lollapalooza fiasco...but if it does...i'm sure you won't hesitate in letting us know

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2
DL: pt.3

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey Colossus - Hates You And You And You

Label: Jonson Family / Shifty
Year: 2004

That Todd-talk of late reminded me about Hey Colossus, a band who shares a split 10" with Todd (and Part Chimp, and Lords as well), and how rad(ical, if you must know) they are (am). Also, like Todd, they are London-ese, and quite loud. Unlike Todd, they are much less apt to "experiment" on that ass (arse). That being said, they do open this record with an 18 minute doomed out epic before settling into their more normal sound, an amalgamation of Helmet, Torche, Black Sabbath, and some pounding noiserock a al Fudge Tunnel (for good measure). It's a heavy load with a deep bottom end, and possibly would fit "better" over on the Colostomy Grab Bag, but, they sort of straddle the line between what we tend to post here and there. 
I don't know much about the band, but I'm fairly certain this is their first full length, and was a 12" vinyl only release. They have a few other really good albums under their belts, all worth your time if you enjoy a good rocking pummel every now and again.

as you may have noticed...the lollapalooza post bit the dust

but not to worry...once something can be done to make it agreeable with all computers'll find a home here once again

but for can look at the jesus lizard on stage just a mere few days ago in nashville,tn in all of their "high-decibel daring doom, she-male shenanigans" (as guitarist duane denison put it)

it was the first show on american soil in over a decade

and to paraphrase my friend chris (the taker of the photo): "when did harvey keitel start singing for the jesus lizard?"

"nub" from that very show

Monday, July 13, 2009

Digitally STD Free.

Your probably wondering who I am... Well for the most part I'm a shadow lurking, graphic design loving, music banging, admin for SGM and the new SGM / CGB Forum.

With that being said... Due to recent complaints regarding forms of spyware/viruses tied to ads coded into the shoutbox and pong, those features will no longer be available on the site.

However, there is now a fully functional forum & chat for SGM / CGB. It's pretty fresh at the moment, so expect improvements. As always any comments or suggestions are appreciated.

So go ahead you crazy kidlets and check out the new forum. Anyone can view and read the material on the forum, however if you wish to post you will have to register your name. We apologize for all the registering in the past few months, but hope to have finally conquered the rash that we picked up from a street walker.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hawks - Barnburner (album preview)

Label: Army Of Bad Luck
Year: 2009

I was driving home from a trip to Target whereupon my son agonized for well over thirty minutes as to what he could buy with the eight dollars he had saved up (turned out to be some sort of Transformer, which [surprise] is frustrating the shit out of both of us), when I passed the singer of this very band walking up Moreland Avenue (most likely heading to the venue they are playing this evening). It reminded me that I wanted to post some type of preview or sampler of this record so that you guys (and dolls?) could go buy it, as opposed to me posting the full album so that you can pirate it and literally...I say LITERALLY take food out of their babies mouths. Can't do it. I suppose therein lies the strange limits of my "blogging scruples", not real sure how to explain it other than, this record is super good, and if you like 75% of what gets posted here, you will like (nee, love) it too. This band is currently out there (metaphorically speaking I suppose) going for it, touring, releasing music, all that shit, so instead of pilfering it for once, I figured you could give a little back and buy it. Novel idea right? 
If you need musical signposts prior to even downloading these tracks because you don't trust my endorsement on face value, well then; how's about, The Jesus Lizard (I know the band cringes at this one, but hey, The Jesus Lizard casted a mighty big shadow), Colossamite, Big'N, Birthday Party, Shorty, I mean, do I need to go on? Shouldn't that paint a vivid enough picture of the pummeling you will receive upon listening? How about this phone call i intercepted:
Hawks - "Hello"
Mid-nineties Noise Rock - "Hi, is this Hawks?"
Hawks - "Yes it is, how can I help you?"
Mid-Nineties Noise Rock - "This is mid nineties noise rock calling and..."
Hawks - "Say no more, I was expecting your call"  

So anyway, listen to these few songs, and know that there are a grip more on the record that are just as good. Then go here: Insound or MySpace to buy the record (it's vinyl with a cd inside, so you get both formats), I promise you won't regret it. 

The songs I posted are:
Borne Of Wasps
Chocolate Vultures
Shallow Wounds


hello folks

i'm just here to say that i appreciate all of you that follow this blog

i even appreciate those that stalk this blog...those that send the blog polaroids that were taken inside it's house while it's sleeping...those that currently have paternity suits against the blog...and yes...even those that like to leave flaming bags of poo on the blog's porch

thie title of this blog was created to be the title of a collection of cds that were going to get made for a road trip that never happened...but i couldn't let it die there...the words "shiny grey monotone" were meant for greatness (like "whopper" and "fleshlight")...then i came into contact with a fellow that went by the name of "noisebreather"...words and ideas were exchanged...and like the opening of a carton of spoiled arousing smell/blog was created

and then...just like that..."noisebreather" disappeared...and the last i'd heard...he was in the process of moving and his girlfriend hadn't gotten the internet and whatnot turned on (that was over a year ago)...and i'm thinking that either didn't happen or the guy that shows up to turn all of that on is in no hurry to do so ("are you going to be home between the hours of 9:00am and the year 2012?")

then there was just little ol' me

and as i was walking through a park alone...this van pulled up along side of me and the driver asked me if i'd seen his lost puppy riding a chocolate bicycle anywhere...and i took sympathy on him...i mean...he lost his puppy...and who doesn't like chocolate and a new bike? i hopped into the passenger side..."hi. i'm grAy" the guy said...and then i noticed that there wasn't a handle on the inside of the door...i looked over at grAy and apparently blacked out

i came to in some basement...duct taped to a chair (and let me tell you...there's a difference between "waking up" and "coming to")

and then grAy appeared...telling me that he dug my blog and he wanted in on that action...i told him all that he needed to do was send me an email and it could've been worked out...he said "yeah...but this is part of my thing"...and i once again apparently blacked out

i came to in front of this very computer...kinda fuzzy about what had just happened...i wasn't even sure if any of that had actually happened...and i don't really like thinking about it...but from time to time i get little reminders in the form of a rash on my stomach...and sometimes i like putting lipstick on and staring at myself in the bathroom mirror

but i'm rambling

since the blog's inception a little over a year ago it's accumulated 97 followers and a few more contributors

and recently i've been contacted about the blog shutting down some computers when they's being looked into...and the source is believed to be the things are being done to correct it

up and coming bands that are out there...if you'd like to follow in the steps of we'll go machete and the united sons of toil (along with mar and tinsel teeth)...if you'd like to have your wares included on this blog...just send something to the email address...i'm always seeking out new stuff (same goes for the colostomy grab-bag)

which brings me to...

the colostomy grab-bag still exists and has picked up a few followers...and if you'd like to contribute something off an email and we can work something out (unless you'd rather duct tape me to a chair as well or something)

so once again...thanks for coming around these parts...and be sure to spread the word like an STD at a frat house

the united sons of toil - hope is not a strategy

released 2007

following the trail that was laid by the austin,tx band we'll go machete...i was contacted by the singer/guitarist of this madison,wi trio that goes by the name of russell hall (who could be the bastard son of steve albini and page hamilton)

he told me that he was impressed by the blog after he'd found it because of the we'll go machete review...and he wanted to add his band to the list as well

so i responded back...told him that i dug his band...and that i would be glad to put one of his band's albums on the blog (they have 2...this being the first...the second album being 2008's UNTIL LIONS HAVE THEIR HISTORIANS,TALES OF THE HUNT SHALL ALWAYS GLORIFY THE HUNTER...which i have as well...and if anyone is interested...i'll post it in the future)

and the music...ah the did my soul some good to hear would seem that wave of new old "college rock" that i made reference to back in the we'll go machete review is coming a few steps closer to drowning out all of this stuff passing itself off as music nowadays (we'll just call it an enema)

during these 8 songs i heard a little bit of everything: the drive in...unwound...shellac...fugazi...jawbox...and even a bit of unsane (which automatically brings in some helmet...aka "unsane lite")

so if you like any of those i really need to tell you what to do?

DL: hope is not a strategy

and the obligatory myspace-ing: peep it

"the treaty of new echota" (a taste of their second album)

Chokebore - Motionless

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1993

And now back to our regularly scheduled noise rock...
Back a few months ago we posted the final Chokebore record, so why not bookend their career now with their first album? Nice right? I thought so.
While the last album was all about unsettled moods, washes of sound, and those creeped out signature vocals, their first foray into the world is more aggressive, but still hints at the disturbing feelings to be concocted later in their lives, and the vocals are still...well, they're still Chokebore vocals. They will probably be the thing that you either love or hate about the band, because the music is not going to be the issue, you'll like that. It's elements of traditional rock, think The Fluid, with some grungy grunge, think Screaming Trees or maybe Nirvana, and some arty noise rock, think...uh...just think. Good stuff. The vocals are some of the more distinct of the Amphetamine Reptile catalog, and to me, perfect for the music, but for some people they are too "whiny" or something. You listen, and let me know. 
Regardless, this one is a keeper and should be in your record collection one way or another.

Angry Samoans - 1978 Demo

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1978

With all this talk about punk being dead or punk being alive or punk being on ice, I felt the need to unleash this lil nugget of forgotten punk greatness. The first aural rumblings of Los Angeles' most offensive hardcore/garage band (until the Mentors I suppose) demonstrating their penchant for mixing the acid rock of Roky Erikson with the punk outs of X, and the beginnings of the Circle Jerks styled speed they would eventually run with for their first two (and most hardcore) albums. Personally, Angry Samoans are up their with Black Flag, Circle Jerks, TSOL, and the other primo LA first wave hardcore bands, but somehow they don't seem to get the same credibility as the others. Maybe it's because they were writing about goofy stuff (although, "T.V. Party" ain't exactly rocket science), or they were offensive, or maybe they weren't "tough" enough to quite fit in. Whatever the reason, Angry Samoans seem to slip through the cracks, and it's a damn shame because this demo, and their first two albums are essential. After that they started going, and possibly that's why their legacy isn't as revered as some of those other bands (but then, what about T.S.O.L.'s weird hair metal record, and Circle Jerks post "VI" have been wretched as that argument doesn't hold water either). Shit, I don't know.

Monday, July 6, 2009

dead kennedys - 12.15.84 - river theater - guerneville,ca

earlier today i shot up out if bed bathed in a cold sweat screaming the words "THEH ITHINT ANY DEAD KENNEDYTH ON THE BLOGTH"

and then i began to wonder why the pillow was shoved that far into my mouth...but i didn't think about it too long because the answer could've only been a bad one

moving on

but yes...there isn't any of the dead kennedys on this blog...yeah they get mentioned and such...but no dk nonetheless

so i'm remedying that fact right now....though the best time to do so would've been on the 4th of july (but nooo...i had to post some atomic bomb footage instead...i blame toby keith)

what can be said about the dead kennedys?...they were (in my opinion) the last of the great political punk bands...they were one of the first punk bands to have an african american in their ranks (in the form of drummer d.h. peligro)...guitarist east bay ray was one of the first to bring the jazzy/surf guitar into punk music...bass player klaus flouride was one of the fastest bass players in punk rock...and then there's jello biafra and his was/is very unique to the genre (or any other for that matter...i was listening to one of his spoken word albums on a walkman once and this girl took them from me and asked what it was i was listening to and then proceeded to put on the headphones...10 seconds later she took them off and asked me "is that guy retarded?"...ah kids say the darndest things)...and he brought a dose of black humor into the punk rock

as the saying goes: "punk is dead"

and i'm inclined to died with the dead kennedys

don't even get me started on that "new" dead kennedys thing...but all i can say this "there's always room for jello"

know what i mean?

oh yeah...the music....

1 - intro
2 - take this job and shove it*
3 - hellnation
4 - dear abby
5 - when ya get drafted
6 - buzzbomb
7 - this could be anywhere
8 - mtv get off the air
9 - drug me
10 - winnebago warrior
11 - i spy
12 - jock-o-rama
13 - i kill children
14 - goons of hazard
15 - kill the poor
16 - police truck
17 - rawhide
18 - i fought the law (and i won)

*=johnny paycheck cover

DL: dead kennedys@river theater pt.1
DL: dead kennedys@river theater pt.2

Saturday, July 4, 2009

happy 4th of july

(feel free to insert your favorite toby keith song here)

Friday, July 3, 2009

four hundred years - transmit failure

released 1998

these folks mix all of the intensity of both rites of spring and fugazi (and if you didn't know any'd think guy picciotto fronted this band)

once the band split up in 2000...vocalist/guitarist daron hollowell and drummer ash bruce went on to join the experimental band bats and mice (which also includes members of's recovery project...and sleepytime trio)

DL: transmit failure

fucked up - let likes be cured by likes

released 2004

this band from the fabelled canadas are single handedly keeping hard core/punk rawk alive...and doing it better than the current new old school bands (ie: terror)

and for all you nerds out there...this was a limited release one-sided live 12" (only 300 were made...and i know that doesn't really matter here because it's posted on a blog...but now you have something to talk about at your next cocktail party)

so put this on...crank it up...and you'll feel like your right there in the action (and you won't have to worry about windmills or karate chops or drunk guys that go by the name "bro")

1 - intro
2 - generation
3 - colour removal
4 - black iron prison
5 - no pasaran
6 - a light that never comes on
7 - last man standing
8 - zezozose
9 - circling the drain
10 - police
11 - endtro

DL: let likes be cured by likes

murder-suicide pact - demo

released 2009

this is a 14 song "demo" (remember when a demo was about 3-4 songs recorded on what sounded like a tape deck in a garage/basement? boy...the times they are a-changin')

ok...pick out a black flag song (i suggest "police story")

then go and get a fan

turn it on and lean down behind it

then scream the lyrics to mentioned black flag song through the fan

and that's what this is all about

tell me you don't automatically think of "black coffee" in the opener "pretty good pretty bad"

this will take you to redondo beach in 1981

you can also find the band's SELF-TITLED album here inside the walls of this blog (twice)

DL: msp demo

Brainiac - Bonsai Superstar

Label: Grass
Year: 1994

Can you believe that there hasn't been any Brainiac posted on this blog before? I mean, what the fuck, right? I had never put any up here because I assumed it had already been covered, but then whilst looking back in the archives, I Brainiac. For shit's sake dudes, we gotta do something about that, it's embarrassing. For reals.
I suppose we could have put up any of their records, as they're all really good, but I chose their second full length, as I have a particular soft spot in my heart for it (or maybe that's a heart murmur...I don't know, I'm not a doctor). If you missed out on them during their active years, then I guess you could describe them as noise rock, filtered by the quasi-danciness of Girls Against Boys (Eli Janney did produce this), and layered by synthesizers and Moogs. It yields a distinctive racket, but one that rewards time and time again. 
After the death of lead singer/keyboardist Tim Taylor in a car accident, the band broke up and the members went on to Enon, Model/Actress (with Curtis Mead from Split Lip [small world huh?]), Shesus, and sort of The Breeders. 

The Raymond Brake - Never Work Ever

Label: Hep-Cat
Year: 1996

Every so often you just gotta get back on some of that ole indie rock shit, n'ah mean? And, for my money, the great state of North Carolina (Camel City...big ups!) churned out some of the best, and some of the most memorable of that indie rock back in the heyday of the stuff...the early and mid-90's. I mean, you couldn't walk ten feet without tripping over a band playing rockin, catchy, quirky indie rock in North Carolina. Sure, Chapel Hill got lots of the kudos, but Greensboro, with it's own liberal arts university in town had a sweet little scene as well. A lot of those bands were more abrasive, more primitive, or more artsy-fartsy than the bands centered around the Cats Cradle down the interstate, but The Raymond Brake could have easily competed with the Polvos, Archers Of Loafs, and Superchunks of the day. I think the easiest comparison would be Grifters, but that's me being pretty lazy and I'm sure you can come up with something better. 
Come up with something better because, I gotta go get my grill ready for some 4th of July all-American, independence-ass cooking out tomorrow.

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