Monday, August 29, 2016

Solids - Blame Confusion

Label: Fat Possum
Year: 2013

Here comes that World Famous Money Back Guarantee that I occasionally offer up as a way to coax you (gently...and from behind) to try something new. And I know that it's exciting when you see this proclamation, and I know that you have to say to yourself (or possibly the nearest loved one [jk, you fucking hermit]) "how on earth can his guy put it all out on the line like this...I mean, the balls on this dude...unreal. Bet he's a tender lover to boot...just sayin'". I get it, because yes, it's a big fucking deal, but dudes (and that one girl), this record is a BIG FUCKING DEAL!
Truth telling time.
I, like you, do not necessarily "get out much". I'll be frank. I used to. Used to be totally fucking cool (seriously, ask around), used to be out all damn night. Cattin' ALL around town. A legit rascal.
But now, in old age, and with responsibility and priorities and the like, I just can't justify, nor do I even really want to leave the comfort of my home. I struggled with this issue for awhile, but about 9-10 years ago came to terms with the fact that going out is for young people and the homeless, of which I am currently neither. And that's cool. So, a couple weeks ago there was a large music event in my town (which I believe I gave a pre-review for...didn't I?) that was going to lure me out of my Fortress of Solitude. And like any self respecting cave dweller, I decided to capitalize on this opportunity and make the most of the opportunity to stretch the ole "music legs". Squeeze my lemon until my juice run down my leg, as it were. You know, do my due diligence and research the bands I had never heard of in order to make sure I saw what was good and skipped the detritus. What's more rock-n-roll than research?! Answer: not a damn thing. Of the bands I dug into, I could not have dug Solids anymore than I currently dig. They earned a spot at the very top of my "to-do" list (right ahead of "learn Spanish"), and I did what needed to be done in order to be front and center when they played on Sunday afternoon, August 14th (which, as it turns out wasn't all that much, they were sandwiched between Civ and Dinosaur Jr, pretty perfect actually).
Solids did not disappoint (me), although, I bet they were disappointed in having to play under a tiny tent in the cruel southern heat and humidity of mid August smack dab in the middle of a parking lot. Less than ideal circumstances, with minimal attendance and/or reaction. Which sucked, but did not seem to hinder their abilities in the least bit to administer a blistering set of some of the most perfectly crafted rock songs these ears have heard in a dang ole long ass time. Perfect fucking songs. A marriage of everything you (I) loved about early 90s guitar rock (the noisy hooks), only the good parts of mid-90s post punk emo (the Castor stuff), and modern bands like Creepoid who have a mastery of off-kilter poppy angst. It pushes and pulls in all the right ways. It's memorable. You want the songs to keep going. It's seriously what I've been wanting to hear for years.
Solids played great regardless of circumstances. Made me forget about the blazing sun for a minute (which, by the way, sunburn).
They have a new ep that you can find both on my End Of The Year Super Spectacular Best Of List (spoiler alert), or here.
Prior to that new record, you simply must listen to this first. Listen to it loudly and often. Trust me. If you haven't heard it before, you will do that same thing I did and kick yourself for having slept on it. You'll curse the missed years you could have had with this record...the memories denied...the Facebook posts of what could have been.
Money back guaranteed.


Sunday, August 28, 2016

volunteer - goner

label: triple eye industries
released: 2014

have you ever found yourself wanting unsane to cover jawbreaker?
this is probably as close as you're going to get unless unsane actually cover jawbreaker.

and first listen i found myself wondering if i'd accidentally put on some unsane.
but no.
it was this.
and that's ok.
it's good to have bands nowadays that aren't unsane sounding like unsane.
and that's just what these fellas from milwaukee,wi do.
and they do it very well.

they also cover the song "i love you so much it's killing us both".
and that's where jawbreaker enter the equation.

and this is the part where you enter the equation.


line drive - the few....

label: new start records
released: 1992

you remember the 90s hardcore and its khaki pants wearing oversized t-shirt picking invisible spare change up off of the floor chugga-chugga ways,yeah?

remember that early victory records sound?
though this would've fit in more with the revelation records kids.

"but victory was the 90s hardcore label,bruh."

let's see here....

they had deadguy.
they had earth crisis.
they had snapcase.
they had bloodlet.

but revelation records didn't have tony brummel.
and that's for the win,kid.

moving on.

these folks were one of those 90s type hardcore bands.
which is pretty evident with this being released in 1992 and all.
they were from north carolina.
they also happen to have a member of the SGM family's involvement.
but i'm not going to say whom.
that person will just have to come out with it themselves.
i'll give you a clue: it isn't me.

and then once you give this a listen you may find yourself thinking "now where have i heard that arrangement before? is it "be all,end all" by anthrax?" while listening to the track "struggle". and it's ok because the same thing happened to me. and it's also ok because the album that song is from is decent.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

v/a - spectrum ale: micro-brewed musical artistry

label: relapse records
released: 1996

back in the day the relapse records mail order catalog and i were the bestest of friends.
i'm pretty sure that there were a few times that folks working in the relapse records mail room were all like "hey. it's that guy again."

and then there were times where you'd open up your package and along with your human remains USING SICKNESS AS A HERO and your the dillinger escape plan's UNDER THE RUNNING BOARD albums there'd be the added bonus of a relapse records sampler cd.

like this one right here.

also: some of the old school relapse samplers are kind of hard to come by. and if you happen to have one and would like to share it leave a message in the comments section of this here posting. it would be greatly appreciated. you can pick whatever you'd like out of the refrigerator in the SGM break room.

1 - amorphis - unborn
2 - amorphis - my kantele (acoustic)
3 - neurosis - locust star
4 - neurosis - eye
5 - pan-thy-monium - the battle of geeheeb (excerpt)
6 - mindrot - anguish (edit)
7 - blood duster - kill,kill,kill
8 - blood duster - intro/chunky bit
9 - blood duster - motherfuckin'
10 - mortician - driller killer
11 - mortician - barbaric cruelties
12 - doomed - broken
13 - embalmer - necro-philing cabinet
14 - exit-13 - gout d'belgium
15 - exit-13 - if you're a viper
16 - hybryds - alchemy
17 - tribes of neurot - fires of purification
18 - malformed earthborn - suicide lair
19 - brighter death now - little baby
20 - namanax - cascading waves of electronic turbulence (edit)
21 - merzbow - woodpecker no.2
22 - massona - inner mind mystique 4


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

dinosaur jr - i don't wanna go there

label: jagjaguwar
released: 2009

you know dinosaur jr.
you love dinosaur jr.

you get a song from the FARM album.
you get a song from the YOU'RE LIVING ALL OVER ME album.
they were both recorded live during a session for pitchfork tv.

and for all of you nerds out there....
this was a bonus 7" that was included with the limited edition double FARM lp.
wipe your mouth.


show business giants/the squirrels - blobs vol.2

label: way out! records
released: 1991

i'd never heard of the band show business giants before hearing this.
but from what i can gather they're a canadian punk band.
and they have ties nomeansno.
and that's something,yes?

the real gem here are the squirrels and their cover of both "seasons in the sun" and "the hustle".
and the magic of it is is the fact that they combine the both into one song.
i'd first heard it on the radio via OFF THE BEATEN TRACK.
you've heard me talk about that show a time or a dozen.

and in case you're wondering about the squirrels....
they're a punk band from that seattle place.
remember all that?

and now i'm sharing it with you.


vcr - self-titled

label: pop faction
released: 2003

i'll be the first to admit that maybe this isn't your usual SGM business.
but there are times that you just need to let some new stuff in.

and this is the part of the show where you'd probably think that i'd be going into some zany rant about letting new stuff in and whatnot.

but not tonight.

there's nothing wrong with letting new things in. or out. like that smell in your room. would it hurt to crack the window open or something? sure. you may think that the smell of tacos and cole slaw is something that some folks would enjoy. perhaps some sort of musk to put behind one's ear. but you'd be wrong.

but i digress.
i just couldn't let it go.
like that time i let that one thing go.
things have just never been the same since.


they're a band from out of virginia that play a sort of synthy-punky sort of thing.
it's not all bad.
they once played an entire show of nothing but misfits covers.

the one musical comparison i'll make is that if you like stuff like beat happening.
and there's a song on here that has a total old school depeche mode vibe going on.
it's called "king and queen of winter".
i just couldn't keep you in suspense on that one.
you would've been all like "you mention old school depeche mode and then nothing? what kind of a bastard are you?"


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

v/a - gummo: movie soundtrack

label: domino
released: 1998

"why is this here? what are these bands? i only recognize the ones that i recognize."

why is this here?
simply put: GUMMO is the shiny grey monotone-iest movie of all time.
enough said.

1 - absu - the gold torques of ulaid
2 - eyehategod - serving time in the middle of nowhere
3 - electric hellfire club - d.w.s.o.b.
4 - spazz - gummo love theme
5 - bethlehem - schuld uns'res knoch'rigen faltpferd
6 - burzum - rundgang um die transzendentale saule der singularitat
7 - bathory - equimanthorn
8 - dark noerd - smokin' husks
9 - sleep - dragonaut
10 - brujeria - matando gueros '97
11 - namanax - the medicined man
12 - nephilim - hellish blasphemy
13 - mortician - skin peeler
14 - mystifier - give the human devil his due
15 - destroy all monsters - mom's and dad's pussy
16 - bethlehem - verschleierte irrelgiositat
17 - mischa maisky - suit no. 2 for solo cello in d minor-prelude
18 - sleep - some grass
19 - rose shepherd and ellen m. smith - jesus loves me


v/a - kids: original motion picture soundtrack

label: london records
released: 1995

"you know what,man. you say that daniel johnston and the folk implosion were on some soundtrack to some movie together but i don't believe you. i don't. you say a lot of things. like that time you tried to convince me that black flag were on tour opening for some band called blink 182. or like the time you tried to convince me that rodney dangerfield and jeff goldblum were the same person."

well be prepared to have egg on your face because BAM!

if you're confused by any of this go here.

but i'm not here to gloat.
i'm here to provide you with a soundtrack.
a soundtrack to that party you'll have when your parents are out of town and the morning after.
because that's what kids do,yeah?
a soundtrack to jumping the fence at the pool because it's too hot.
a soundtrack to things we can't really discuss here.
because daddy never understood that you were up to no good.

1 - daniel johnston - casper
2 - deluxx folk implosion - daddy never understood
3 - folk implosion - nothing gonna stop
4 - folk implosion - jenny's theme
5 - folk implosion - simean groove
6 - daniel johnston - casper the friendly ghost
7 - folk implosion - natural one
8 - sebadoh - spoiled
9 - folk implosion - crash
10 - folk implosion - wet stuff
11 - lo-down - mad fright night
12 - folk implosion - raise the bells
13 - slint - good morning,captain


the folk implosion - walk through this world with the folk implosion

label: drunken fish records
released: 1994

right off the bat you may find yourself thinking "why does the album cover remind me of daniel johnston?"
i found myself thinking that as well.
and it's probably because it kinda sorta resembles his "hi,how are you" drawing.
at least that's what it was for me.
the daniel johnston thing was around first though.

also: both the folk implosion and daniel johnston were both on the soundtrack to the movie KIDS.

with all of that being said....
if you like the one you'll probably like this as it has that lo-fi "we just recorded this in a bedroom" thing going on.

and if'n you're already aware of who this band is then you're already aware that dinosaur jr/sebadoh member lou barlow was a member.

and if you're not....
dinosaur jr/sebadoh member lou barlow was a member of this band.

and there are nirvana and tom petty covers to be found here as well.


Monday, August 22, 2016

crypt trip - mabon songs

label: self-released
released: 2016

you remember listening to early sabbath and thinking "you know what? this isn't too bad. yeah. i can dig this."?
black sabbath.
come on now.
kids nowadays.
these here fellas from texas feel the same way you do.
and that's all that needs to be said here.

though i feel as is i must warn you.
if you play the bassline from the opening track into the mirror in a darkened bathroom 5 times in a row....
a beard driving a van that has a franzetta mural painted on its side will show up in your driveway.


the pre new - the male eunuch

label: 3 loop music
released: 2015

i was made privy to this band via the song "psychedelic lies" the other day.
it can be found on this very album.
it's track #2.
i was brought into the fold by the first 20 seconds of the song.
with its discordant jagged guitars.
with its accompanying bassline and drums.
and i really think that it's something you kids out there would really enjoy.

of course there are other songs.
13 others to be exact.
and you'll probably like them as well.

don't let the album's title scare you.
the band's first album was titled MUSIC FOR PEOPLE WHO HATE THEMSELVES.
so it's safe to say that these blokes have a sense of humor.
i say "blokes" because they're from a place that uses that word.

so if your liking of things tends to lead towards bands like:
the fall
dinosaur jr
sonic youth
queens of the stone age
future of the left
public image ltd.

go for it,champ.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

v/a - where is my robotic boot?

label: double h noise industries/hydra head records
released: 2004

you like the math rock,yeah?
you like the noise,yeah?
you like the dooooom,yeah?
you like stuff and things and whatnot,yeah?

all of it.
conveniently here in one place.
now you'll have to use all of that spare time doing something else?
we're not here to tell you what to do....
not since all of the restraining orders.
dressing up like animals and hanging around petting zoos.
some folks just don't seem to have one of those sense of humor things.

disc 1:
1 - kid606 - the new jazz
2 - final - the end has come
3 - shifts - a shorter piece for cymbal
4 - stephen o'malley - gui-fang
5 - craig dongoski - drawing voices: shortwave 1
6 - tribes of neurot - it is beginning to take effect
7 - merzbow - requiem
8 - monotonos - thoughts about....
9 - kid606 - pillowcase (before and after part 2)
disc 2:
1 - jan michael vincent car crash - north london book of the dead
2 - orthrelm - rdd 1+2
3 - the austerity program - song 9
4 - khanate - german dental work*
5 - the abandoned hearts club - theme song from the film noire volatility perversion
6 - gezoleen - deep in the dim
7 - phantomsmasher - caught in your orbit (alt. mix)
8 - jan michael vincent car crash - me and miss mandible
*=live earth cover


Saturday, August 20, 2016

dink - self-titled

label: capitol records
released: 1994

come on now.
you totally remember this band.
they were on the mtv back in the day.
they wanted you to push and push the level of the tone.
still nothing?
some people's kids,man.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

v/a - pump up the volume: the complete soundtrack

label: mca records
released: 1990

this isn't the commercially available version of the soundtrack.

a few years back someone had went and put together the movie's score and every song played during the movie and released it.

and now you can have your very own soundtrack for your next very awkward high-five.
you know what i'm talking about.
don't act as if you haven't seen this movie more than a dozen times.
you were just looking for some stamps,right?
also: christian slater's hair.

1 - cliff martinez - opening titles
2 - leonard cohen - everybody knows
3 - cliff martinez - parental concern/signs of need
4 - richard hell & the voidoids - love comes in spurts
5 - cliff martinez - snooping in dad's office/school again/saved by the bell
6 - ice-t - girls l.g.b.n.a.f.
7 - descendents - weinerschnitzel
8 - beastie boys - the scenario
9 - cliff martinez - signed serious
10 - cowboy junkies - me and the devil blues*
11 - above the law - freedom of speech
12 - chagall guevara - tale o' the twister
13 - stan ridgway - talk hard
14 - cliff martinez - news of malcolm's suicide/checking the mail
15 - leonard cohen - if it be your will
16 - cliff martinez - harry regrets
17 - cliff martinez - go crazy
18 - bad brains w/ henry rollins - kick out the jams**
19 - cliff martinez - signed confused
20 - pixies - wave of mutilation (uk surf)
21 - sonic youth - titanium expose
22 - cliff martinez - impending meeting/police seize mailbox
23 - peter murphy - i've got a miniature secret camera
24 - cliff martinez - traced phone call
25 - ivan neville - why can't i fall in love
26 - cliff martinez - budding love
27 - cliff martinez - teacher snoops/the fcc arrives/harry goes remote
28 - soundgarden - heretic
29 - cliff martinez - harry & nora
30 - concrete blonde - everybody knows***
31 - (was) not was - hello dad,i'm in jail
32 - cliff martinez - evading fcc pt.1
33 - urban dance squad - fast lane
34 - cliff martinez - evading fcc pt.2/capture
35 - liquid jesus - stand

*=robert johnson cover
**=mc5 cover
***=leonard cohen cover


v/a - hype!: surviving the northwest rock explosion

label: sub pop
released: 1996

do you remember where you were the first time you grunged,bro?

1 - fastbacks - k street (live)
2 - wipers - return of the rat
3 - u-men - dig it a hole
4 - green river - swallow my pride (demo)
5 - soundgarden - nothing to say
6 - mudhoney - touch me i'm sick (live)
7 - nirvana - negative creep
8 - some velvet sidewalk - mousetrap (live)
9 - dead moon - 54/40 (live)
10 - girl trouble - my hometown
11 - tad - giant killer
12 - gas huffer - hotcakes (7" version)
13 - young fresh fellows - low beat
14 - supersuckers - i say fuck (live)
15 - 7 year bitch - knot (live)
16 - the gits - second skin (live)
17 - flop - julie francaville (demo)
18 - posies - throwaway (live)
19 - pearl jam - not for you (live)
20 - mark lanegan - the river rise
21 - pigeonhed - fire's coming down
22 - fastbacks - just say
23 - sara debell - smells like teen spirit*
*=unlisted track. muzak version.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

horny genius - burn your sister

label: community 3
released: 1990

i'm going to preface this with a little something....

for the past couple of weeks i've been reliving the past. once upon a time there was something on the radio called OFF THE BEATEN TRACK (or OTBT for those in the know). the year was 1993. i was living just outside of davenport,ia. it was a sunday night. i honestly can't tell you how i came across the show but what matters here is i did. if it weren't for OFF THE BEATEN TRACK you wouldn't be sitting here reading these words. SGM wouldn't exist. my life would probably consist of nothing but metallica and slayer and the like. but here was this dj (or "disc jockey" for those in the know) that went by the name roberto (because i'm assuming that's the name his parental units gave him) tearing open my limited range of musical taste. i suddenly became aware of things called "public image limited" and "house of large sizes" and "pailhead" and "skatenigs". and from then until the time i moved you knew where to find me every sunday night between the hours of 6:00 to 11:00. tuned into KFMH. i'd even started recording songs off of the radio. i'd gotten up to 24 cassettes. but then i moved. and when i came back it wasn't the KFMH i once knew. but that's changed. the station has an online "pirate radio" station. all of the djs are there. roberto is there. as is OFF THE BEATEN TRACK every sunday night from 7:00 to 11:00. and now i have a soundtrack to me sitting in front of my computer on sunday nights (as opposed to every other night of the week. usually it's just tv noise).

KFMH have a facebook page
and if'n you'd like to actually listen to some OFF THE BEATEN TRACK 

and that brings us to this....

i'd been listening to the show this past sunday and this very band got played.

decent name,huh?

they were from iowa (iowa city to be exact) back in the late 80s/early 90s.

they were in the vein of some minutemen and some mission of burma and some killdozer.

and if'n you're into that sort of thing....
butch vig produced this album.

and original guitarist brian hageman left the band (before the release of this album) and helped form the band thinking fellers union local 282.

both ooos AND ahhs.

so perhaps i'll run into you in cyberspace on sunday nights perhaps.
and do the rest of us a favor and take a shower beforehand.
don't look so shocked.
we all know.


brooklyn - the brooklyn sessions

this is adam yauch.
this is daryl jenifer.
this is doug e. beans.
this is some guy named tom cushman.

beastie boys on vocals.
bad brains on bass.
murphy's law on drums.
tom cushman on guitar.

after getting some money from the label after the LICENSE TO ILL tour adam yauch shopped around a demo that's gone under the monikers "the brooklyn demo" and "the brooklyn sessions".

this was at the tail end of 1987.
the boys were going through a change.

were you one of the folks that were all like "this is some fucking next level shit right here,son." after having heard PAUL'S BOUTIQUE?

i mean....after having heard LICENSE TO ILL....

i was.

the point of "you know. that huge inflatable penis onstage every night. the girls backstage. we needs to get back to our roots,man." had probably been reached.

and i'm going to assume that most of you are aware that the beastie boys were a punk band at one time,yeah?

they'd been called a "third rate bad brains" a time or two.

so this is adam yauch going back to the roots.

no samples.
no record scratching.
no rhyming words.

just some fellas with instruments "laying it down" as the kids day.

if you're familiar with the beastie's more basic materials....
this is for you.

as if this needed another selling point...
the makings of the song "gratitude" (from CHECK YOUR HEAD) can be found here.


that's for you to find out.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

v/a - building records presents 60 songs

label: building records
released: 2006

building records is a thing from australia.

and what they went and did was compiled a bunch of stuff released on labels such as robotic empire and level plane and deplorable and lovitt.

and it gives you just what it says it's going to give you.
60 songs

and if you're so inclined you could totally pass this off as another one of those kick-ass mixes you tell your friends you spend your nights putting together.

and don't worry.
the secret behind your "infamous" party mixes is safe with us.
but you may have to find some sort of way to bribe that guy over in the corner watching as this is getting typed out.

disc 1:
1 - daughters - and then the c.h.u.d.s. came
2 - bright blue calm - static
3 - deadstare - five days of shit
4 - kaospilot - the process is set
5 - division of laura lee - 44
6 - love like electrocution - tips for avoiding the clap
7 - identity theft - herald scum
8 - bats and mice - sliding scale
9 - ed gein - beautiful corpses
10 - four hundred years - who's driving this thing anyway?
11 - charcoal human - churches and bridges
12 - pilot to gunner - action items
13 - you and i - i think i know where elvis lives
14 - fin fang foom - in harm's way
15 - envy - distress of ignorance
16 - iron sausage - girls,girls,girls
17 - the red chord - dreaming in dog years
18 - melt banana - neck on b1
19 - bird blobs - drones dream
20 - st. albans kids - i am hiphop
21 - the cassettes - afternoon
22 - blood like water - constant nonsense
23 - crestfallen - rogue rodeo
24 - maximillian colby - last name
25 - staying at home - a martyr apart
26 - transistor transistor - high maintenance
27 - syndicate - some call it vertigo
28 - off minor - it's a beauty
29 - neil perry - looking back on the way you want to be in the future
30 - black sea - landscapes
disc 2:
1 - hot cross - fortune teller
2 - north of america - wet to dance
3 - circle takes the square - crow quill
4 - light the fuse and run - the flitcraft case
5 - the spitz - the meaning of life
6 - conation - when tyrants orate
7 - oil - autonomous
8 - upside down flag - fighting on the streets
9 - tyranny of shaw - grendel
10 - a trillion barnacle lapse - nanomachines are in my bloodstream
11 - rah brahs - fungry
12 - limit of shunt - it would not have altered in any way....
13 - engine down - songbird
14 - the now - she's heroin
15 - the stockholm syndrome - red dragons
16 - shikari - dead men
17 - stop it! - name+number
18 - mr. hyde and jeckyls - i wanna sex you
19 - the pure evil trio - dismembered with paper cuts
20 - mannequin - music is done
21 - city of caterpillar - a heart filled reaction to dissatisfaction
22 - forstella ford - summary treatment
23 - days of iris - home
24 - mere theory - stranger
25 - mid youth crisis - know something
26 - sleepytime trio - 30 equals
27 - pinebender - well-calibrated moral compass
28 - far left limit - pride,honour,loyalty and all i hate about hardcore
29 - a days refrain - forces of habit
30 - pageninetynine - in love with an apparition*

*=on the album packaging it's mislabeled as "your face is a rape scene"


Saturday, August 13, 2016

the robots - day of the robots

label: man's ruin
released: 1999

cosmic psychos.
new bomb turks.



Friday, August 12, 2016

v/a - nasty habits: live on 88.9 wers

label: corrosive recordings
released: 2002

it's ok.
don't be afraid of some of the band names here.
just keep telling yourself:
it's only music.
it's only music.
it's only music.
it's only music.
it's only music.
i better go to the bathroom before i make another mess.

i know this isn't exactly the sort of music that shows itself around these parts.
and that's ok.
you need some new stuff in your life.
just look at all of the leftovers in your refrigerator.
this is why no one comes over very much anymore.
your mother and i have been meaning to have a talk with you.
it's that smell.

but i digress.

this is a compilation of music performed by bands on the radio.
this station coming out of emerson college in boston,ma.
i know.
it's crazy to think that this sort of thing used to happen.

1 - haste - two final words
2 - origin - lethal manipulation
3 - eighteen visions - she's a movie produced masterpiece
4 - shadows fall - of one blood
5 - knut - el nino
6 - cephalic carnage - invertus indica
7 - unearth - one step away
8 - god forbid - amendment
9 - poison the well - nerdy
10 - all that remains - from these wounds
11 - candiria - mathematics
12 - killswitch engage - numbered days
13 - the dillinger escape plan - cleopatra's sling
14 - unlisted cephalic carnage track


melvins - live at third man records

label: third man records
released: 2013

did you know that jack white has his own record label?
and did you know that in the label's headquarters there are sometimes shows?
and did you know that these shows are recorded?
do you see where i'm going with this?

this happened in nashville,tn back in 2013 on the 30th of may.

1 - charmicarmicat
2 - it's shoved
3 - anaconda
4 - at the stake
5 - queen
6 - cow
7 - your blessened


skeleton key - skeleton key ep

label: motel records
released: 1996

i was originally exposed to this band via the 1997 version of the lollapalooza.

they went from being one of those bands that you just walk by on your way to the bathroom to a "no,man. you go on ahead. i'm just going to stand here and piss my pants." kind of band.

speaking for myself anyway.

no need to worry about the friend i was walking with though.
he was just upset that the band korn weren't going to be playing anymore.
so he and his dry pants just stomped off.

and no.
i didn't actually piss my pants.
and thanks for worrying about that.

this band could be best described as an unreleased primus album.
the entire band.
and it would be the earlier primus.
none of that "les claypool just discovered jam bands" business.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

v/a - the doom generation / nowhere movie soundtracks

label: def jam
released: 1995

label: polygram records
released: 1997

the 90s had all of the best soundtracks.
true story.
both the movies and soundtracks get 90s all over your ass.

1 - intro
2 - curve - on the wheel
3 - love and rockets - this heaven
4 - cocteau twins - summerblink
5 - the wolfgang press - christianity (the adrian sherwood mix)
6 - meatbeat manifesto - paradise now (remix)
7 - the verve - already there
8 - the jesus and mary chain - penetration
9 - mc 900 ft. jesus - but if you go
10 - lush - undertow (the spooky mix)
11 - babyland - double coupon
12 - medicine - slut
13 - pizzicato five - groovy is my name
14 - extra fancy - violator
15 - slowdive - blue skied an' clear

1 - intro
2 - 311 - freak out
3 - radiohead - how can you be sure
4 - elastica - in the city
5 - hole - dicknail
6 - the chemical brothers - life is sweet (daft punk remix)
7 - massive attack - daydreaming (blacksmith remix)
8 - coco and the bean - killing time (qureysh - eh1 remix)
9 - catherine wheel - intravenous
10 - curve - nowhere
11 - lush - i have the moon
12 - ruby - flippin' the bird (ceasefire remix)
13 - james - thursday treatments
14 - chuck d - generation wrekkked (danny saber rock remix)
15 - marilyn manson - kiddie grinder (remix)
16 - suede - trash

jane's addiction - live and rare

label: warner brothers records
released: 1991

fun fact: lollapalooza was originally intended as a farewell tour for jane's addiction.

and now it's just turned into the cool kids table.
but that's another rant for another time.

this is made up of the b-sides and singles from the RITUAL DE LO HABITUAL album.
demos and live stuff and whatnot.

and before any of you listen to this and finds yourself thinking "hey. this version of "three days" isn't anything special. it's just the same song broken into two parts. there's something fishy afoot."

and you're right.
the song is just split in two.
just pretend you're listening to RITUAL DE LO HABITUAL on 8-track.
and no.
before you take it to the googles: such a thing doesn't exist. i came up with it in my head. i know. i already checked.

1 - been caught stealing (remix)
2 - had a dad (demo)
3 - l.a. medley*
4 - had a dad**
5 - three days (pt.1)
6 - three days (pt.2)
7 - i would for you (demo)
8 - jane says (demo)
9 - no one's leaving***
10 - ain't no right***

*="l.a. woman" by the doors/"lexicon devil" by the germs/"nausea" by x  - 4.28.89 - john anson ford theatre -  los angeles,ca

**=3.10.89 -  riviera theatre - chicaco,il

***=12.19.90 - hollywood palladium - los angeles,ca


psi com - self-titled

label: triple x records
released: 1993

this is what happens when you play old school killing joke and old school jane's addiction at the same time.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

P - self-titled

label: caroline records
released: 1995

so yeah.
that gibby haynes from the butthole surfers and that one guy that freddy krueger kills in the first NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET were in a band together once upon a time.

"which guy?"

he was the guy that was supposed to not fall asleep. glen i believe his name was. he got pulled down into the mattress on the bed and then all of that blood came gushing out and whatnot. really pissed off his parents too. his dad had just painted the room. and his mom had just bought that bed spread.

but i digress.

the band P.

they'd only released the one album.

there's a daniel johnston cover on it.
there's an abba cover on it.

it sounds like everything else that was alternative and popular at the time.

but this was glen's only musical output.
which is weird.
since he was dead and all at the time of the recording of the album.
maybe gibby haynes really is some sort of a wizard.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Wrecking Ball - Atlanta, August 13th and 14th

If you live in Atlanta (or thereabouts) and are over the age of 30 (or thereabouts), you have no doubt (or thereabouts) contemplated the Wrecking Ball Festival that is taking place this coming weekend August 13th and 14th. You're have weighed the pros and cons of nostalgia trips and crowds and money and weather and crowds and schedules and "who are they?" and tolerance and crowds. And crowds.
It's understandable, since, on the surface it seems like a drag...all festivals seem like a drag. At least to me they do.
But then you start thinking about it, and you have some buddies start showing interest, and...well, next thing you know you're clearing your weekend and getting mentally steeled for the dealing with the crowds. Cause, ultimately, Quicksand will be worth it. I think. They can still deliver, right?

So, here you are, and here I am, and aren't you lucky? I've bitten the bullet, and I'm going. All in. Hog wild. And...AND, I've saved you the hassle of wading through all the muck and the mire of crappy has-beens and crappy never-weres, and made out your daily schedules for each day. That was so nice of me!!!

Ready? Alright, here's what we're doing on Saturday...

1:00 - 1:30 - BIG JESUS
We've covered this band here before, so you already know. But, in case you forgot, they are big time alternative rock with nods to lots of big alternative rock bands of the 1990s. And they do it well.

1:30 - 2:00 - ABUSE OF POWER
Atlanta hardcore band who have re-appropriated older Atlanta hardcore band Act Of Faith's logo, adn for that I give them a tip 'o the hat.

2:30 - 3:00 - DRUG CHURCH
Is it too obvious a pun to say I have "high hopes" for this set? I do enjoy their full throated hardcore-cum-lumberjack rock approach, and I do plan on busting Dad Joke after Dad Joke during their performance.

find some shade and drink some beer

5:40 -6:30 - TURNSTILE (catch the first part of their set)
As someone who lived through Leeway and Maximum Penalty I wasn't sure if this band was a bad joke or what. But their newest ep has signs of progression...and that's...good?

5:55 - 6:45 - WILDHONEY (catch the second part of their set)
I have no problems with Slowdive worship. Looking forward to seeing if they get heavy.

6:45 - 7:45 - DEERHUNTER (catch the first half of their set...unless they are ripping, then hang out)
If they play the driving, nihilistic stuff then I'm all in. Like, if they play this song on repeat, I'd be good:

6:50 - 7:50 - CEREMONY (catch the second half of their set...depending on Deerhunter)
Curious if they will be playing hardcore or Joy Division-core. I actually like 'em both, but I'm sort of hoping for more of the wild stuff.

7:50 - 8:50 - GORILLA BISCUITS
When those motherfucking trumpets herald the opening to this set...I may or may not lose my fucking shit. Kinda leaning towards losing my shit. Also looking forward to Civ cleaning up his "all lives matter" thing from this past weekend...which we shouldn't care about, but...hardcore "kids" are thin skinned poontangs it would appear.

8:45 - 9:45 - DRIVE LIKE JEHU
Assuming this will be the highlight of the weekend. Ever since they played that reunion show in San Diego at Balboa Park I've been hoping they would make it to Atlanta, and here they be. Have not seen them since the (infamous in my mind) Somber Reptile double booking of Car vs Driver / Tanner / Drive Like Jehu upstairs and Sunny Day Real Estate downstairs show. Too long ago.

go home (but not to my trespassing) and drink a few beers on the porch before bed.

Ok, day two, let's rally!

12:00 - 12:30 - WAREHOUSE
Local Atlanta band with a fun mix of scrappy post punk and scratchy pop damage.

1:00 - 1:30 - BULLY, but maybe DONOVAN WOLFINGTON...but probably BULLY
Fun time music of the 1990's indie guitar variety (except not from the 1990's...from teh now's). Catchy but messy enough to be interesting.

2:00 - 2:40 - CULTURE ABUSE
Blown out skuzz punk with lots of rock. Should be a fun set. Remind me of Roomrunner.

3:10 - 4:00 - BURN
Did you not read my NYHC Top 7"s mega post form back in January?! C'mon!

4:05 - 4:55 -JOYCE MANOR (catch the first part of their set...or grab something to drink)
Borderline on this band, cause they have some good sloppy punky stuff, but then they got some stuff that veers a little too close to pop punk or bad emo. So..we'll give them a shot.

4:20 - 5:10 - CIV
Always second fiddle to Gorilla Biscuits, but, I mean, they have their own bangers. Legit hardcore bangers..if you can get past the creepers and shit.

4:55 - 5:45 - SOLIDS (catch the second part of their set)
This band has been a surprise. Total earworm. They take the good stuff about mid-90s Midwestern emo (think Castor) and run it through a Sonic Youth guitar pop machine. Might have to cut out of Civ early to watch their whole set.

6:45 - 7:45 - DINOSAUR JR
There are some songs in their catalog that are pretty much perfect songs, you know? Like this one:

find something to eat, preferably something that looks and tastes like a taco

8:45 - 10:00 -QUICKSAND
Hail Walter! Hail TC3! Hail Sergio! Hail Alan! It's been since that one aborted reunion they did in 1998 or 1999 since I've seen them last (in San Diego opening for Deftones at Brick by Brick...oof), and prior to that it was at the this same venue as this festival playing with Surgery I think (or did they play with Rage Against The Machine?). Doesn't matter. Quicksand is the best.

pat yourself on the back for not killing anyone, and go home to make love to your wife.

Feel free to disagree on band selection, but also feel free to know that you're not correct. There is nothing else worth your time on this line up. Take Piebald and shove them up your ass.
There are "after shows", some of which have good bands, but seriously, what kind of glutton wants to hear more music after being at a festival all day? Honestly?

Have fun. Wear sunscreen. Stay hydrated. And if you see me (I look like Magnum P.I. basically...super sexy), please buy me food and beers. Thanks in advance.

soundgarden - superunknown demos

you know know who soungarden are.

you know what SUPERUNKNOWN is

you know that it was #2 in the holy trilogy that was BADMOTORFINGER/SUPERUNKNOWN/DOWN ON THE UPSIDE.

"um,sir. but what about KING ANI-...."

i'll just go on ahead and stop you right there.

this was part of the 20th anniversary "super deluxe" re-release package for SUPERUNKNOWN that got released back in 2014.

you there.
can i see you for a moment over there in the shadows?

1 - let me drown
2 - fell on black days
3 - superunknown
4 - black hole sun
5 - spoonman
6 - fresh tendrils
7 - 4th of july
8 - half
9 - like suicide


cake like - delicious

label: avant
released: 1994

did you know that the only female member of THE STATE and det. trudy wiegel of RENO 911! once sang and played bass for a band?

and for those of you not in the know: yes. same person.


and they had a sonic youth-y breeders-y type of thing going on.


the reptilian - full health

label: count your lucky stars
released: 2010

stuff like piglet and don caballero and the rest of that 90s math rock business.


Monday, August 8, 2016

v/a - never give in: a tribute to bad brains

label: century media
released: 1999

you like the bad brains.
they like the bad brains
and now you can like the bad brains together.
and yes.
maybe even the moby cover.

1 - moby - sailin' on
2 - ignite - pay to cum
3 - skinlab - the messengers
4 - vision of disorder - soulcraft
5 - snapcase - i
6 - entombed - yout' juice
7 - ryker's - attitude
8 - 16 - right brigade
9 - sepultura - gene machine/don't bother me
10 - adamantium - re-ignition
11 - downset - supertouch/shitfit
12 - haste - no conditions
13 - will haven - the regulator
14 - turmoil - coptic times
15 - boy sets fire - i against i
16 - shai hulud - fearless vampire killers
17 - s.f.a. - banned in dc
18 - breakdown - the regulator
19 - cave in - i luv i jah


utah saints

label: london records
released: 1992

if you were to ever find yourself at one of those party things and you overhear someone saying "whaaaaaat?! kate bush and the eurythmics and simple minds and slayer don't have anything in common! what is wrong with you?!"....

now you can walk across the room and slap that smug look off of that person's face and drop this knowledge on them.


skatenigs - chemical imbalance

label: megaforce records
released: 1993

remember when you could go into music stores and find cool things like promos and whatnot in the used bins?

that's exactly what this is.
it was only given to radio stations.
remember when they were fun to hang around?

you get 3 versions of the song "chemical imbalance" here.
the radio version.
the video version.
the album version.



label: wax trax! records
released: 1992

picture it....
the alley.
saturday night.

and there you go.


kmfdm/my life with the thrill kill kult

label: wax trax! records
released: 1990

kmfdm get their "naive" remixed by my life with the thrill kill kult.
my life with the thrill kill kult get their "the days of swine and roses" remixed by kmfdm.

and that's about it.


v/a - sex & subversion: a thick records document

label: thick records
released: 2003

[x] boobs
[x] music

what more do you want?
kids nowadays.

1 - sullen - all fall down
2 - local h - cooler heads
3 - the methadones - far away
4 - blue meanies - short attention span
5 - goldblade - kiss my ass
6 - the tossers - time to go
7 - tom daily - josephine milkweed
8 - new black - booze olympics
9 - the gc5 - the long goodbye
10 - motel blonde - keeping misery company
11 - the arrivals - -1/hell can wait
12 - haymarket riot - bought your weight
13 - vortis - christmas in kabul
14 - bitchy - white riot*
15 - calliope - future days
16 - lil' dave merriman - i palindrome i (live)
17 - scott lucas - tangerine** (live)
*=the clash cover
**=led zeppelin cover


v/a - best of grunge rock

label: priority records
released: 1993

this is totally the best of grunge.
would 1993 lie to you?
the guys on the cover look totally grungry,bro.
and the melvins are here.
and there's a song called "i hate you".

also: it's a priority for you to get this.

1 - helmet - in the meantime
2 - tin machine - baby can dance (live)
3 - mother love bone - stardog champion
4 - smashing pumpkins - bury me
5 - melvins - anaconda
6 - chainsaw kittens - high in high school
7 - my sister's machine - i hate you
8 - gruntruck - tribe
9 - willard - fifteen
10 - spongehead - nothing


Saturday, August 6, 2016

flowerhead - ka-bloom!

label: zoo entertainment
released: 1992

truth be told: if you're not a fan of the foo fighters...
you're just missing out.
their earlier stuff anyway.

"what do the foo fighters have to do with this? why do you try to connect everything to the foo fighters? they're not kevin bacon."

both bands are connected.

they get a mention on the foo fighters' SELF-TITLED album in the song "watershed".
go on.
listen to it.
"i wanna swim in a watershed/i wanna listen to flowerhead".

which ka-bloom!
brings us right back here.

and you can also kinda sorta hear a flowerhead influence in there as well.

also: if you find yourself liking some of the early smashing pumpkins output....
maybe some early soundgarden....



beastie boys - tough guys

where were you on the following dates back in 1994?
probably just sitting on your couch thinking about kennedy.
been there.

this is what these fellas were up to.

6.21.94 - paradiso - amsterdam,the netherlands:
1 - egg man
2 - do it
3 - pass the mic
4 - tough guy
5 - pow/sabrosa
6 - groove holmes
7 - the maestro
8 - alright hear this
9 - time to get ill
10 - stand together
11 - root down
12 - bodhisativa vow
13 - elbow room
14 - heart attack man

15 - sabotage
16 - sure shot
6.24.94 - glastonbury festival - somerset,england:
17 - shake your rump
18 - time for living
19 - rhymin' and stealin'
20 - flute loop


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

the jesus lizard - 5.18.96 - aron's records - los angeles,ca

hey,you guys.
the band are going to be over there signing autographs.
and if you didn't get the cd it's on sale inside.
and you get a free t-shirt.

1 - nub
2 - killer mchann
3 - monkey trick


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

young and in the way - when life comes to death

label: deathwish inc.
released: 2014

that up there pretty much sums this business up.


"betrayed by light".
"fuck this life".
"embrace extinction".



v/a - hell comes home: volume 1

label: hell comes home
released: 2012

if'n you were to take a look down yonder you'd see a posting of thou.
you see the split they did with kowloon walled city?
go and look at it.
that's part of this.

what "this" is was a collection of 12 7" the label hell comes home had released.
some folks would call it a box set.

this is full of songs that you should listen to.

less talk.
more action.
go forth.

1 - kowloon walled city - july*
2 - thou - 4th of july**
3 - suma - geisteskrank
4 - ultraphallus - young bones
5 - dephosphorus - stargazing and violence
6 - great falls - everything but lightning
7 - akaname - rain will be the new gold
8 - lesbian's fungal abyss - humongous fungus
9 - pyramido - cleansed
10 - union of sleep - crawl
11 - burning love - the body
12 - fight amp - shallow grave
13 - coffin worms - instant death syndrome
14 - fistula - drugs and deception
15 - the swan king - between the lines
16 - tellusian - the coldest of seasons
17 - dukatalon - mainline
18 - rites - barren
19 - black sun - crawling like a leech
20 - throat - anal paranoid
21 - dopefight - stonk
22 - the fucking wrath - ronald reagan punk party
23 - dead elephant - carne de perro
24 - rabbits - war,oh my
*=low cover
**=soundgarden cover


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