Monday, April 29, 2019

steel pole bath tub - 7.7.94 - lounge ax - chicago,il

i'm going to make this as clear as i can for you....
this is the band steel pole bath tub being steel pole bath tub in front of a crowd of people located in chicago,il that paid money for them to be steel pole bath tub in front of them.


1 - bozeman
2 - borstal
3 - twist
4 - carbon
5 - train to miami
6 - 3 of cups
7 - decline
8 - home is a rope
9 - pseudoepherdrine hydrochloride
10 - hey bo diddley


sifl & olly - songs of season one

released: 2001
label: 111 productions

you remember sifl & olly.
if it weren't for them you'd never know that hos gotta wash their clothes too.
if it weren't for them you'd never know about chicken flavored air conditioning.
if it weren't for them you'd never know if'n you were crescent fresh or not.
if it weren't for them you'd never be aware of the russian hopscotch mystery of 1942.
if it weren't for them you'd never be aware that it's ok to be wearin' your leatha at 3:00am out on the corner.

and you should be grateful.
most kids didn't have anything but a bottle of nyQuil and a half-eaten snickers bar and a magazine they found in an alley teaching them life lessons.


radioactiveman - growl

released: 2008
label: control tower

by a show of hands....
who remembers the 90s?
who remembers the electronic music from the 90s?
aka "electronica".
it's ok,bros.
even though you have that beard and that black t-shirt with whatever band on it,it's still ok to admit to liking some of it.
i did.
i still do.
i'll still put on the prodigy's THE FAT OF THE LAND or portishead's PORTISHEAD or massive attack's MEZZANINE or whale's WE CARE or the chemical brothers' DIG YOUR OWN HOLE or dj shadow's ENDTRODUCING or anything by bjork or aphex twin.

and yes.
i'm well aware that there are more than a few genres mentioned up there but they all essentially fall under the heading of "electronic music".
shut up,nerd.

what lead to my liking of the sorts of things mentioned up yonder was weed and headphones. there were many times where i'd get high and just strap on my headphones and go. and sure. it was just an eventual journey to whatever foods i'd had handy but at least that journey had a decent soundtrack.

yeah yeah.
i'm know that i'm rambling.
you're either going to give this a try or you're not going to give this a try.
that's up to you.
but i'd also like you to take notice of the fact that nowhere in all of these words did i make mention of moby (well. other than that and that's more than enough.).
that's gotta mean something,yeah?
friends don't let friends listen to moby.
remember that one time moby got beat up by a bunch of hardcore kids back in the day?


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

pig destroyer - blind,deaf and bleeding ep

released: 2012
label: relapse records

some of you may know who pig destroyer are.
some of you may not know who pig destroyer are.
this really isn't the place to start if'n you don't.
this isn't exactly them in their natural habitat.
you'll be wanting to start with the PROWLER IN THE YARD album.
truth be told: that's where i kind of started losing interest in them.
don't get me wrong though: TERRIFYER and PHANTOM LIMB and BOOK BURNER are ok. they're just not PROWLER IN THE YARD.
as for HEAD CAGE....
have you ever found yourself thinking "i wonder what pig destroyer would sound like if their drummer played on cardboard boxes."?

but what we've got here is something that was released as part of the deluxe version of the BOOK BURNER album. it's an ep of covers. that sounds like fun,yeah? because it is fun. and if you find yourself liking the covers you should really look for some of the others they've done as well....
helmet's "in the meantime"
unsane's "understand"
melvins' "oven"
dwarves' "fuck you up and get high"
stooges' "down on the street"

1 - depression (black flag)
2 - wolfsblood (misfits)
3 - lights out (angry samoans)
4 - can't tell no one (negative approach)
5 - deny everything (circle jerks)
6 - betray (minor threat)
7 - who are you?*/underage** (*void/**poison idea)


black sabbath - black sabbath deluxe edition disc 2

released: 2009
label: warner bros. records

we should already be well aware of who black sabbath were/are.
we should all remember where we were the first time we heard black sabbath.
i was in the 5th grade and it was the song "electric funeral".
i'd borrowed PARANOID on cassette from a friend of mine.
black sabbath was the gateway drug because after all of that how was i supposed to just go back to listening to whatever i was listening to at the time?
and then came iron maiden.
and then came metallica.
and then came slayer.
and then came death.
etc. etc. etc.
and let me tell you: my parents were thrilled.
good times.

1 - evil woman (don't you play your games with me)
2 - black sabbath (studio outtake)
3 - black sabbath (instrumental)
4 - the wizard (studio outtake)
5 - behind the wall of sleep (studio outtake)
6 - n.i.b. (alternative version)
7 - evil woman (alternative version)
8 - sleeping village (intro)
9 - warning (pt.1)


dysrhythmia - pretest

released: 2003
label: relapse records

hello there,person in the don caballero t-shirt.
right there.
i'd like to tell you the story about the time i saw this here band live....

picture it. ybor city,fl. the year is 2003 and i'm standing near the stage in an establishment called the orpheum. i've actually seen a few bands here before this. hmmmmm. let's see. i'd seen cky. i'd seen atom and his package. i'd seen jucifer. and now i stand here ready to witness the RELAPSE RECORDS CONTAMINATION TOUR roster which was made up on these guys and uphill battle and cephalic carnage and mastodon. i was there alone but the original plan was that i was going to take one of the waitresses that worked at the denny's i was working at at the time but she was a no show. sure. i was a little bummed but what could i do? invite my then girlfriend that wasn't even into this kind of music to come along? that would've been fun.

so dysrhythmia opened the show. all that i'd heard from them was a song called "bastard" that was on a relapse sampler. they weren't on stage for all that long but i was impressed enough with what i'd heard that i went looking for a copy of their album the next day (i would've gotten one directly from them after the show but they were fresh out.).

as for the rest of the show....

uphill battle were pretty solid.
i was almost decapitated by cephalic carnage's guitar player during the song "pseudo".
while mastodon was playing i was just stoked to see 2/3 of IN THE EYES OF GOD era today is the day doing what they do right in front of me.

it was a good show.

so yeah.
if you like some don caballero and some early dillinger escape plan and some of the fucking champs and some behold...the arctopus (whose bass player is also in this band) and some postman syndrome and some brain tentacles....

i could just keep naming off bands all day or you could just take the initiative and give this a go.
kids nowadays.


Friday, April 19, 2019

flipper - live at the fillmore 1981

released: 2010
label: cd presents

you already know who flipper are.
this is them opening for PiL at the fillmore in san francisco,ca.
you know who PiL are.
you know where san francisco is.
stop reading and start listening.

1 - instrumental
2 - sacrifice
3 - survivors of the plague
4 - life


disincarnate - dreams of the carrion kind

released: 1993
label: roadrunner records

what i've brought for you here today is just some good ol' fashioned all american death metal. ah,the sweet sweet metal of death.

what's important here is that there's a guitar player on this album that you may or may not have heard of and he's played with some bands that you may or may not have heard of....

the name: james murphy
the bands: cancer/death/malevolent creation/obituary/testament (just to name a few. and no. he didn't play in them in alphabetical order.)

this is the band's only album.
unless you count the re-release back in 2004 which is essentially this album with some demos tacked on at the end.

i'm not really sure what more i can say about this other than it's awesome.

but i'd like to say a little something about roadrunner records. they were a fairly decent label once upon a time. they'd released albums by the likes of brujeria and fear factory and karma to burn and nailbomb and sepultura  (again,just to name a few. and no. it wasn't done in alphabetical order.). and then they started signing bands like nickelback? that's all i need to say about all that. now get offa my lawn.


crisis - the hollowing

released: 1997
label: metal blade records

"no. seriously. the singer is female. why would i make something like that up? i'm not lying to you. it's not like that time i'd told you that i was your real dad. you can't get mad at me for that one. you're the one that bought into it. so yeah. calm down. totally female. and i'm not your real dad. no. get ready for this truth bomb. i'm your twin brother."

that conversation may or may not have actually taken place but back when i'd bought this album after having heard the song "kingdom's end" on some random sampler. remember back in those days,bro? back when magazines came with some pretty kick-ass samplers? you'd discover all kinds of things and maybe discover a little bit about yourself in the process. yeah. those were the days. now how about you go and make daddy a nice nyQuil smoothie before mommy gets home. ah,ya little scamp.

this here album has everything you could possibly want...
the sludge.
the distortion.
the guttural screams.
did i mention the sludgy distortion with guttural screams?
i probably did.
sounds like something i'd do.

so if you're liking of things drifts toward some early kylesa and some acid bath (and speaking of acid bath: their guitarist shows up on this album a few times. so that's something,yeah? yeah it is.) and maybe some early neurosis this is for you,friend.

seriously though...
where's that nyQuil smoothie?


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Trigger Cut - Buster

Label: Token
Year: 2019

We (the collective "we") have come to count on Ralph Schaarschmidt to bring us the finest German noise rock, by way of Chicago's finest forges, for the past few years. Recently it was Buzz Rodeo, but now we're dealing with Trigger Cut. Which, if you liked the former, you're going to be excited by the latter. It's essentially a continuation, or refinement, of that pent up, nervous energy, staccato push-and-pull pelting. And while one (the collective "one") would be remiss to not acknowledge a very subtle rhythmic melody trying desperately to rise above the clanging guitar scree, and the galvanic roil of the bass and drums simultaneously building and up and toppling the song's riffs, the basic sense of Trigger Cut is urgency. An uneasy urgency that's driving you somewhere. Where? Off a cliff? Through a wall? To hell? Hold on and let it ride.
I highly recommend this one, it's a really great representation of the ideal "noise rock" paradigm circa 2019. It scratches that itch with aplomb. Or, an A-bomb.  One of those.


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

author & punisher - ursus americanus

released: 2012
label: seventh rule recordings

have you ever had one of those migraines where you feel sick to your stomach and your not able to really open your eyes all that much and your heartbeat causes a rush sound inside of your head and with every beat you have to nod your head along because it hurts so intensely?

have you ever tried to listen to godflesh in headphones whilst experiencing one of those to see if it all matches up like some sort of sadomasochistic game of pink floyd's THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON and THE WIZARD OF OZ?

if'n you've never done that yourself i'll let you in on a little secret: it's all fun and games until "flowers" (from the MERCILESS ep) starts to line up a little too well with the appearance of the lullaby league and everything starts to slow to a crawl and all you can hear is "we represent the lullaby league" in a demon's voice and the "na na na na na na na" of the guitar forms a hole in your stomach....

let me just say that there's a difference between "waking up" and "coming to".

so yeah.


south mouth - marginal body

released: 2014
label: questionable records

remember than one band from washington d.c.?
of course they were on dischord records.
i just can't seem to remember....
the band's name was....
it was....
soap poisoning?
that doesn't seem right.
marginal man?
marginal man.
that's the one.

so if you're down with tunes like some arab on radar or some combatwoundedveteran or some men's recovery system or some nomeansno or some spazz or some early butthole surfers antics or those sounds you'd hear coming from the stall next to you in a truck stop bathroom....


Friday, April 12, 2019

16 / today is the day - zodiac dreaming

released: 2001
label: trash art records

this is the soundtrack to waking up in the middle of the night because you have to go to the bathroom and then on the way there you stub your toe and then you scream and get angry and then the family that didn't know you were sleeping in the crawlspace in the basement wake up and come out of their bedrooms discover you standing there in the pair of jogging pants and t-shirt the dad had thought come up mysteriously missing after his wife had said she was getting sick of looking at them because they looked all ratty and had a funny smell but he wasn't going to get rid of them because he pays the bills and his best friend had died in them and he liked him better than her and if she didn't like it she could take the kids and leave and when the police show up because of the obvious noise complaints from the neighbors he was "just yelling at the tv again,officer. i apologize. i just get so wrapped up in that AMERICAN GLADIATORS stuff." remember? that's right. and you better stay out of my lunchmeat.

and now ladies and gentlemen 16 and today is the day....

1 - 16 - balloon knot
2 - 16 - aging disgracefully
3 - 16 - you're not my real dad
4 - today is the day - invincible
5 - today is the day - breadwinner


watter - this world

released: 2014
label: temporary residence

you know of the band slint.
you know of the band grails.
have you ever wondered what those bands would sound like combined?
slint's britt walford provides the drumming here.
grails' zak riles provides some guitar and keyboards here.
shipping news' todd cook provides some bass here.
king crimson's tony levin also provides some bass here.


how do you feel about bands like: godspeed you black emperor! or swans or maudlin of the well or explosions in the sky or any of the bands mentioned up yonder?

if you answered with a "hell yeah!" to any of that you'll welcome this with open arms as well.
just like the journey song.


Thursday, April 11, 2019

sonic youth / beck

released: 2009
label: matador

this was a 7" released on record store day back in 2009.
it's got sonic youth covering beck.
it's got beck covering sonic youth.
that just about sums this here thing up.


v/a - pustmort view

released: 1991
label: toy's factory

some of you may or may not know who brian schroeder is. he's an artist whose stuff can be seen on everything from skateboards to band t-shirts to album covers. that's one of his creations up yonder as a matter of fact.

some of you may or may not know who pushead is. yes. that's right. pushead. pushead is an artists whose stuff can be seen on everything from skateboards to band t-shirts to album covers. that's one of his creations up yonder as a matter of fact.

what's that look on your face?
maybe you should go to the bathroom.
are you confused?
deja vu maybe?

well i can't wait around all day for you to figure it out.
they're the same person.
i know.

not only is he an artist but he has his own record labels as well....
pusmort records and bacteria sour.
i don't know why this wasn't released via one of those.
i'm not his golf buddy.
maybe the labels are pals or something.
maybe their moms know each other.
quit asking questions.

he was also a vocalist for a band that went by the name of septic death.
not septicflesh.
they're from greece.
septic death were from boise,id.
also: 2 entirely different styles of music.

but enough with the words.
you're too busy playing with your thingamabobber there.
back in my day....

1 - copass grinderz - monster zoo
2 - rocket from the crypt - cut it loose
3 - rocket from the crypt - glazed
4 - siege - cold war
5 - siege - sad but true
6 - siege - walls
7 - final conflict - crucifixion
8 - final conflict - constant fear
9 - final conflict - central america
10 - final conflict - apocalypse now
11 - corruption of peace - bleeding children
12 - attitude adjustment - grey world
13 - attitude adjustment - working class pride
14 - attitude adjustment - dead serious
15 - attitude adjustment - war fear
16 - attitude adjustment - attitude adjustment
17 - christ on parade - landlord song
18 - christ on parade - america the myth
19 - christ on parade - drop out
20 - exit condition - bite down hard
21 - exit condition - fear for tomorrow
22 - fratricide - blind faith
23 - fratricide - final solution
24 - ghoul squad - little wolves
25 - ghoul squad - necro doll
26 - negative gain - loss of self
27 - negative gain - psychic hours
28 - septic death - change
29 - septic death - kichigai
30 - septic death - child
31 - septic death - glue step
32 - part 1 - black mass


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

cult leader - a patient man

released: 2018
label: deathwish

if'n you know anything about the band's label then you should know what this is all about. it's fits quite nicely along with some converge and some breather resist and some hope conspiracy and some birds in row and some (enter another deathwish band here).

it's totally ok to like other bands on other labels.
you can like neurosis.
you can like napalm death.
you can like primitive man.
you can like the red chord.
you can like gaza.

y'know it's kinda funny that you mention gaza. this band has 3/4 of that band.
the guitarist and the bassist and the drummer.

so yeah.
like i was saying....
you have to be somewhere?
if you have somewhere so important to be why am i in your bedroom at 3:00am?
explain that to me.
you can't.
i'll leave.
but i'm taking these argyle socks with me because you were wasting my time.


knut/botch/ananda - live 3 way split

released: 2000
label: mosh bart industries

you've got the swiss.
you've got the french.
you've got the americans.
you've got yourself a nice meaty sandwich that you'll have to take your shirt off to eat.

recorded on 11.7.99

1 - ananda - mefiance
2 - ananda - cercueil de papier
3 - knut - repress
4 - knut - the whip
5 - botch - transitions from persona to object
6 - botch - hutton's great heat engine


Saturday, April 6, 2019

pixies - 7.31.89 - malibu night club - lido beach,ny

happy 54th,black francis

1 - into the white
2 - bone machine
3 - cactus
4 - caribou
5 - crackity jones
6 - dead
7 - debaser
8 - gigantic
9 - gouge away
10 - hey
11 - i bleed
12 - isla de encanta
13 - levitate me
14 - mr. grieves
15 - monkey gone to heaven
16 - nimrod's son
17 - no. 13 baby
18 - river euphrates
19 - tame
20 - there goes my gun
21 - vamos
22 - wave of mutilation (uk surf)
23 - where is my mind?


The Ethics of Mourning Deceased Musicians

(this was written by a long time friend of SGM that goes by the name dora.)

April 5th, 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death by suicide, and it also marks the 17th anniversary of Layne Staley’s death from a heroin overdose. Both men were revered as two of grunge’s most prominent voices, and both died under tragic circumstances long before their time was due. Unfortunately, both men have something else in common: sizable portions of their fan base are not particularly good at respecting them in death.
On any given April 5th across all social media platforms, you will see posts that make your eyes roll all the way to the back of your head. You’ll see tributes with statements like “Rest in peace, Kurt. I miss you” written by a teenage girl who wasn’t even alive when Kurt passed away. You will see misquotes of things that Kurt Cobain never actually said (FYI: “It’s better to burn out than to fade away” is a Neil Young lyric). You will see factions of fans arguing with one another about who is a “real” Nirvana or Alice in Chains fan. Worst of all though, you will see a plethora of conspiracy theory posts about how Kurt Cobain was murdered by his wife or that Layne Staley was murdered by a drug dealer, among others that are too awful to even discuss here.
This sort of nonsense isn’t just limited to musician deaths from “back in the day”, either - there are regular conspiracy theories about Chris Cornell or Chester Bennington being murdered. Chris Cornell’s wife is at the epicenter of a particularly nasty conspiracy theory that paints her as money hungry and eager to have her famous husband bumped off to take the reigns of his riches. Others think that Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington were killed for knowing too many industry secrets, attributing their deaths to “the Illuminati” or “elite pedophile rings”. There are similar “murdered because they knew too much” conspiracies about Xxxtentacion, Mac Miller, and other face tattoo rapper types. Give it enough time, and Nipsey Hussle will have some terrible conspiracy theory about his murder conjured up and posted online, too.
Then of course, there are those fans who met a celebrity who recently died once or twice after a show or in some other public setting, and these fans feel as though they had some kind of “connection” to that person, exaggerating a one-off fan encounter (or a one-night stand if they were a groupie) into something much more intimate and meaningful. The truth of the matter is that if you’re a music fan for long enough, someone in music you’ve met and had respect for is going to die. They might even die too young and/or under tragic circumstances, and it’s going to hurt. If you’re level-headed, however, you’ll just replay the moment you met them in your head a few dozen times while reading tribute articles and feel grateful that you met them.

Case in point: I met Chuck Mosley, the pre-Mike Patton era vocalist for Faith no More, at a solo show on September 8, 2017. On November 10, 2017, he had died of an accidental overdose. Here is the post I made about his passing on Instagram:

I gave a short, sweet, simple dedication to someone I met once whose work I liked and who as a person I thought seemed pretty damn cool (keyword here being “seemed”). I did not mention in my post that Chuck wanted to make music with me or that he gave me his phone number, two things that actually happened. Why? Those tidbits of information were irrelevant to the fact that the man just died. That information was irrelevant to the pain and suffering his wife, children, and band mates (both in Faith no More and his solo act) were feeling. Those were the people who were actually in Chuck’s waking life, who knew the man struggling with addiction problems and equally struggling with a tired, old body that was failing him. I did not know him at all.
From someone who has been there and done that with music communities over the course of nearly 20 years, here’s a few tips for what to do and what not to do when a musician dies (this also includes musicians who died more than a decade ago as well):
  1. Leave their families alone. Seriously. Even if family members make public posts in memoriam for a recently fallen musician, that musician is still their son or daughter, their brother or sister, their mother or father, or another close relative. You wouldn’t post crude or insulting things in the comments of an “ordinary person”’s online memorial, would you? I’d like to think not. Furthermore, don’t DM family of the famously deceased asking questions or even sending “I’m so sorry” messages. It’s inappropriate. You are a stranger to them and have no right to get that personal with your dedications, and you have absolutely no right to ask questions about what “actually happened”.
  2. Additionally, stop acting like you “knew” the musician yourself. Unless you were actually their friend in real life, don’t act like you were close to somebody famous in the wake of their death to get attention. Is it cool to post a fan photo of you with the deceased with a simple dedication? Yes. Is it appropriate for you to write something that erroneously magnifies what kind of relationship you had to the deceased, therefore making their death all about you? No. Absolutely not. Once again, family members, friends, lovers, etc. who actually knew the deceased will likely see this, and it will be upsetting to them. Don’t go there.
  3. Stop the conspiracies. Conspiracy theories about musicians can make for some amusing late-night YouTube rabbit holes, but at they are also incredibly disrespectful and at times even harmful. Leeches like Tom Grant make a nice, fat living off of spreading misinformation and propaganda about the untimely deaths of musicians, simply because they know that fans will be eager to eat up any and all conspiracies about their “faves”. It’s one thing to read a couple of Vigilant Citizen articles and go “hmm” and then move on about your day. It’s an entirely other matter when you become obsessed with how someone died to the point that you have to point fingers in all the wrong directions.
  4. Lastly, keep any celebrity death in perspective. Having an emotional attachment to a band or a musician isn’t unusual and in fact I have a few of my own. However, sometimes it’s good to remember that music just is what it is - something that helps you get through the day or puts you in a better mood. The death of a musician doesn’t mean that their music dies along with them. Those songs you love will still be in your music library. You might not have been that musician’s best friend or girlfriend or band mate or some other sort of relation, but you were a fan who (hopefully) purchased their albums or songs and got some enjoyment out of it. Pay respects to their legacies in the right ways for a fan to do - wear a band shirt, read old interviews, or just listen to the music.
Every year on July 3rd, my mom wears an old Jim Morrison shirt. Actually, she has three Jim Morrison shirts. Jim Morrison was her idol growing up. She thought he was good-looking, but what she liked most about him was his poetic mind. When he died at age 27, my mom, who was still a teenager, was devastated. She knew he had addiction problems as did most fans, but to her and other fans of The Doors, 27 years old was just way too soon for someone that brilliant to leave this earth. Along with one of her shirts, she remembers her rock idol by playing a few Doors songs every year on the anniversary of his death. Then she turns on the TV, changes the channel, changes the subject, and changes her state of mind. Call me crazy, but I think music fans could learn a few things from her.
(Thumbnail image by bodymind on DeviantART).

Friday, April 5, 2019

alice in chains - 7.3.96 - kemper arena - kansas city,mo

happy 17th birthday,death of layne staley

1 - again
2 - god am
3 - sludge factory
4 - we die young
5 - them bones
6 - rooster
7 - would?
8 - angry chair
9 - beth*
10 - a little bitter
11 - dam that river
12 - man in the box
*=mini kiss cover as they were opening for kiss


nirvana - 2.19.92 - nakano sunplaza - tokyo,japan

happy 25th birthday,death of kurt cobain

1 - intro
2 - negative creep
3 - been a son
4 - on a plain
5 - blew
6 - come as you are
7 - lithium
8 - breed
9 - sliver
10 - drain you
11 - about a girl
12 - school
13 - aneurysm
14 - love buzz*
15 - polly
16 - territorial pissing
17 - smells like teen spirit
*=shocking blue cover


Thursday, April 4, 2019

v/a - robotic empire sampler #1

released: 2002
label: robotic empire

does anyone remember i'm not really sure how i'd discovered it but once i did i treated it as an all you can eat buffet. i just got balls deep into it (you're welcome for that visual) and soon i had 20 cds filled with random bands and songs. yeah. those were the days. the balls deep days (you're welcome once again).

and that's how i became aware of robotic empire.

that was a good story,grampa.
but you were asked about that smell coming from your closet.
the smell.
i swear to all that is unholy if you start singing lynyrd skynyrd....
you bastard.
and now i'm going to have to think up a story to tell the folks down at the ER about how you ran yourself over with your own hoveround again.

1 - neil perry - looking back at how you want to be in the future
2 - the red chord - that certain special ugly
3 - pig destroyer - task master
4 - a life once lost - our second home
5 - pageninetynine - your face is a rape scene
6 - a days refrain - forces of habit
7 - benumb - path of the righteous
8 - the now - is that me,no it's the other guy with 20 arms
9 - employer,employee - where the hammers fall
10 - hot cross - untitled
11 - superstitions of the sky - tonight
12 - hassan i sabbah - not so in tune with the shells
13 - circle of dead children - a wooden heart never bleeds
14 - the ultimate warriors - kids need clues
15 - pageninetynine - more complicated than a sci-fi flick
16 - pig destroyer - purity undone
17 - nemo - robosong
18 - joshua fit for battle - 12 years of catholic school and this is what i learned
19 - house of low culture - untitled
20 - excitebike - standard candle
21 - the sacrifice poles - god is on the telephone
22 - superstitions of the sky - things said in passing
23 - vadim taver - untitled
24 - gregor samsa - o
25 - neil perry - wait,did he get enough yet?
26 - majority rule - burial suit
27 - creation is crucifixion - (excerpt of) antenna builder pt. 2
28 - ? - ode to a nyc subway

faith no more - angel dust bonus disc

label: slash/reprise
released: 2015

what more can be said about faith no more's ANGEL DUST that hasn't been said already....
faith no more's mr. bungle album?
it pairs quite nicely with a watermelon flavored four loko?
now that guy in the van has something to listen to whilst driving through your neighborhood?

all you need to know (and should already know) is that this contains some of the best sounds that you'll ever send through your earholes and into your psyche.

the album was given the "deluxe edition" treatment (as have most of their albums sans INTRODUCE YOURSELF/LIVE AT BRIXTON ACADEMY/SOL INVICTUS) back in 2015 and this here is the bonus materials....

(it was brought to my attention that the previously mentioned WE CARE A LOT did in fact get the "deluxe edition" treatment back in 2016. i've pulled aside the fact checking minions and have informed them that they will not be able to have their montly check-up in order to pay for the infraction. we here at the SGM apologize.)

1 - easy* (cooler version)
2 - das schutzenfest (german version)
3 - as the worm turns (mike patton vocals)
4 - let's lynch the landlord**
5 - midlife crisis (the scream mix)
6 - a small victory (r-evolution 23 full moon mix)
7 - easy*+
8 - be aggressive+
9 - kindergarten+
10 - a small victory+
11 - mark bowen+
12 - we care a lot+
13 - midlife crisis*
14 - land of sunshine*
15 - edge of the world#
16 - rv+
17 - the world is yours (outtake from ANGEL DUST sessions)
*=commodores cover
**=dead kennedys cover
+=live in munich 1992
*=live in dekalb,il 1992
#=live in st. louis,mo 1992


Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Bottomless Pit - Hammer Of The Gods

Label: Comedy Minus One
Year: 2007

Band name is Bottomless Pit, and album name is 'Hammer Of The Gods', so you would be excused if your first thought is "sludgy downtuned metal". I would have thought the same thing.
But in fact, this is no burly group of bearded knuckle draggers with Eyehategod patches on their vests. Nope. This is actually a beautiful and poignant return for Andy Cohen and Tim Midgett after the untimely and shocking death of their Silkworm bandmate and friend Michael Dahlquist. It's a record that takes what has to have been a brutal time in their lives, and channels it through the distillation of rocknroll , indie rock and post hardcore heft to a crystal clear statement of intent for a new band pulling themselves out from under the shadow of tragedy and legacy.
Silkworm fans will immediately grab ahold of the familiar sonic cues and fractured earnestness that Midgett and Cohen had previously brought to that band. You will forgive them though that the mood here is more maudlin, the tone is one of yearning and introspection, but no less powerful (or possibly more so) than what they had done before.
I'm listening to this in the morning before starting a work day with deadlines looming. It's perfect for that. The song "Human Out Of Me" might just be one of the prettiest and heart wrenching numbers you'll hear this week.
The rhythm section of Bottomless Pit is fleshed out by former Seam drummer Chris Manfrin and former .22 bassist Brian Orchard.

*Originally posted 10.18.15, reposted 04.03.19


Tuesday, April 2, 2019

helmet - electric funeral 7"

this is helmet being helmet over in england back in 1991.
were you being helmet back in 1991?
wearing one isn't the same thing.

1 - better
2 - fbla
3 - bad mood


napalm death vs. nasum - live in japan (grind kaijyu attack!)

label: feto records
released: 2009

this is what napalm death and nasum were doing on january 9th in the year 2004.
they were hanging out in osaka,japan at club quattro with a bunch of people.
can you recall your whereabouts on that date?
you were in the crowd?
you were in the crowd?
this crowd?
in osaka,japan?
by our paperwork we know that you're lying.
the inside of this mask knows.
it smells like you.
we wouldn't just bring you in here if'n we didn't already know the answer to that question.
we know.
the camera knows.
but no one outside of this room knows.
and they don't have to know.
you know what i'm getting at?
ok then.
all you'll need to do is sign this piece of paper and leave a sample at the window on your way out.
i can see by the look on your face you're confused as to what sort of a sample to leave.
surprise us.

napalm death:
1 - narcoleptic
2 - take the poison
3 - next on the list
4 - to lower yourself
5 - can't play won't pay
6 - the icing on the hate
7 - corrosion
8 - doombringer
9 - just another hog
10 - inhale/exhale
11 - scoop
12 - bullshit
13 - relics
14 - lopandebandsprincipien
15 - i hate people
16 - masshypnosis
17 - a welcome breeze of stinking air
18 - fatal search
19 - this is....
20 - the masked face
21 - the idiot parade
22 - den svarta fanan


split cranium - i'm the devil and i'm ok

label: ipecac recordings
released: 2018

what you've got here is one of them there "featuring members of..." groups.
and in this case you've got:
vocals: aaron turner (isis)
guitar: jussi lehtisalo (cirlce)
bass: nate newton (converge)
drums: tom leppanen (circle)
keyboards: faith coloccia (mammifer)

i'm thinking that most of you were sold at the mentioning of isis and converge.
but maybe you need a little more than just that.
maybe you should know that they sound like some venomous concept and some motorhead and some of the more crusty parts of napalm death.
maybe i'm just saying a bunch of random crap.
311 was an inside job.

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