Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Loop - Edizione Limitata Di 1000 Copie - Live In U.S.A. 1990

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1991

Underrated to the max. Self described as "more about inner space than outer space", Loop could ride a rolling drone and hammer on a scuzzy psych-damage riff with the best of them.
This recording is supposedly live in the United States (duh), and some have said from a tour with The Cult, but I highly doubt The Cult is giving their openers hour plus set times, so I don't really know. A few of these tracks have surfaced as bonus tracks here and there, but this is the show in it's entirety. It's got a lot of material from the then just released "A Gilded Eternity", and demonstrates how effective a singular force can be when focused as such. Throbbing and pulsing, with no release from the warm white light. Imagine Spacemen 3 covering Godflesh...head down, amps up, turn on the smoke machine and let's fucking get on with it.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Them Teeth - S/T Demo

Label: self released
Year: 2014

Hot off the (digital) presses! The newest thing you have to have that you didn't even know existed!
Stop whatever it is you're doing (which frankly, if you're reading this, how important could it be?! I mean, raise your hand if you're curing cancer or engineering some sort of humanoid artificial intelligence...no? Right, chances are you're either avoiding work in your cubicle, or your shift ended hours ago, so get off your fucking high horse), and fire this fucking thing up!
Six songs that read like echoes off some beer-soaked dive bar's walls...sounds that originated in 1989, but have gathered steam and pulled in newer tones and weight as they bounced from Tar to Hammerhead to Dazzling Killmen to Janitor Joe to Brainiac to Karp to Clockcleaner to Young Widows to Metz to Great Falls and into your life. A distinct strain of noise rock that's been spit shined (well, relatively speaking...it's not what your mother would consider "cleaned up") and beaten into shape by three guys you remember from hanging around the auto shop in high school, well before you were even aware they offered auto shop at your school. Dirt under the fingernails type shit.
They say that there is an ex-member of the Whip in this band, which I don't quite understand as I was under the impression the Whip was a three piece Joe Preston (not in Them Teeth), Jared Warren (not in Them Teeth) and Scott Jernigan (unfortunately deceased), but, ok.
I'm going to put this demo somewhere on the spectrum between "essential" and "fucking get on it!"...it's absolutely something you re going to want playing as you get in that last jet ski ride of the season.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Note From Human Resources

Dudes (and that "her").

As you will no doubt see below, we have taken the time to repost some older material from the dark recesses of the blog in response to requests for just that. You will also note how infrequent those reposts are (as opposed to our stellar track record for posting new things, right?), and how long between the request and the actual reposting is. And for good reason.
While I appreciate anyone reading this blog, much less taking the time to send an email or comment, I have a finite amount of time that I can invest in it's upkeep. Obviously, that time is "better" spent on getting new music out there for you to hear, or remember, or purchase, or ignore, wouldn't you agree? There is also a certain "you snooze, you lose" mentality here at the ole Shiny Grey Monotone, which is as much about some perceived level of exclusivity as it is about sheer sloth and malaise.

All that being said, when you are nice enough to politely ask, we are prone to oblige.

Finally, I still don't know where our fearless leader Ipecac is, or when Ipecac will return (if he/she/it does choose/is allowed to return). I wish him/her/it well and godspeed.

Thank you for your time,

Monster Truck Five - Singles

"Monster Truck Five are up next, they rule". Words you can hear Chris Spencer utter at the end of Streetsweeper which not surprisingly led me onto this band. Pretty obscure at the time and so were their singles. Distortion pedal set to 11. Yes, a very corny thing to say but very applicable in this case. Overblown noise rock, indecipherable lyrics and lo-fi recordings. This pretty much covers all their singles, apart from those on a couple of compilations. The band also released a stunning 10" record on Chrome Frog and 2 albums on Sympathy for the Record Industry. These longer releases are slightly more coherent with more of a blues/garage mantra to them...but still pretty blown out. You will find references to a third album called "Cracker" (on SFTRI) but there never seems to have been an official release (unless you know different?).

1991 - Split 7" (w/Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments on Datapanik Records)
1993 - Ain't Never Been 7" (Anyway Records)
1993 - S.F. Sister 7" (Chrome Frog Records)
1994 - Vandal-X 7" (SFTRI Records - original recording 1990)

*Originally posted 02-16-10, reposted 09-25-14

Drop Acid - Making God Smile

Label: Restless
Year: 1991

This one's a wild card, and it goes out to my man White Cory (aka Lumpy) as he and I seemed to have discussed the merits(?) of this very record some time ago. As a result, I dug it out of the mothballs and gave it a spin for old time's sake. 
Still sounds the exact same. Not that it should have morphed over the years into a new record, but I guess it means it hasn't really aged per se. It hasn't aged poorly, or aged well, it's just sorta...the same. Certainly a relic of the early nineties, but it's kinda remained a time capsule.
If you followed 7 Seconds past "Soulforce Revolution" (and I can't blame you if you didn't), this record would (or will) come as no surprise. It's Kevin Seconds expanding on that "Soulforce Revolution" sound and adding some of the de rigeur grunge pop into the mix. Sort of a Seaweed versus later 7 Seconds versus Mudhoney amalgamation. I really liked it when it came out (most likely due to an allegiance to Kevin Seconds more than anything else), and as a nostalgia trip, it's pretty fun.

*Originally posted 11-28-09, reposted 09-25-14

American Heritage - Why Everyone Gets Cancer

Label: The Rosewood Union
Year: 1999

Even though it's been a couple of days since we last spoke, I'm still on the topic of instrumental music. Aren't you? Well, cool, let's talk about it then.
Our last post was Kinski, who come at you from a post-hardcore direction, ebbing and flowing, bringing in the big dynamic wallops when needed. That's one way to do it.
Another way to do it is by creating this big, twisting, gnarled nest of riffs, tempos, drumming, and general aggression. You take that mess, and you throw it straight at the listener and let them work their own way out of the dense thicket. Takes a minute. Maybe takes longer. It's not easy work trying to trace sounds back to their source as the sounds themselves are rarely settled long enough to take root. It's not chaotic for the sake of being "difficult", or to impress you with their "chops", it's just a roiling ball of ideas that have been competing for some time within the minds of its creators, and those ideas are fighting to breathe. Unlike the mathy hardcore bands (Dillinger Escape Plan comes to mind) who seem content attacking the listener with change after change after unrelated change, American Heritage threads their ideas together into a cohesive tapestry. Sure, it waves in the wind, and it can get all knotted up, but it always unfolds to reveal itself to you in a way that is universally understandable. Maybe that has to do with a rhythm section who actually play a rhythm?
If you like loud and heavy and manic...this works.
Members of Yakuza, Brass Knuckles For Tough Guys, Grout Villa, Heaving Mass, Target, and probably ten other bands you, your friends, and I have never heard of.

*Originally posted 01-01-14, reposted 09-25-14

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Noothgrush - Failing Early, Failing Often

Label: Slap A Ham
Year: 2001

Switching gears...or rather, taking our hands off the controls and letting the whole machine hurdle down the side of a mountain (in slow motion)...here's Noothgrush for you.
This record compiles a bunch of compilation and demo tracks, which is handy, cause this band was all over a shit ton of different records in the late 90s, and who has the ability to track down the elusive Satan's Pimp "You Got The Love" 7" (truth be told...I have it)?!
Noothgrush rode the filthy black tar wave of West Coast Power Violence at a time when Pessimiser, Slap A Ham, Satan's Pimp, Deep Six, Bovine, Sound Pollution, Six Weeks, etc. were smearing our fanzine reading hands with an onslaught of fast/slow, sludge/grind, freak outs every month that challenged the notion of hardcore versus metal versus noise. These guys (and girl) planted their flag on the slower and lower end of the spectrum, dragging their riffs behind them after clubbing them into submission.
Punishment after sobering punishment. Self-hatred of the highest order. Kill your boss? Fuck that, kill your entire block.


The Jesus Lizard - Peel Sessions 1991 + 1992

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1992

Two distinct Peel Sessions records, one from 1991, the other from 1992...which was probably a deduction you have already made based on the title of the post.
Maybe this has been posted here before, but I'm not seeing it, and if so, it's most likely a dead link by this time, so, here you go...again...for the possibly first time.
First session was recorded 02-24-91 and broadcast 03-17-91, the songs are:
Wheelchair Epidemic
Bloody Mary
Monkey Trick
Second session was recorded 09-27-92 and broadcast 10-29-92, the songs are:
Puss (is this the best Jesus Lizard jam?)
Boilermaker (or is it this one?)
Guess what? The performances are tight as a fucking drum. No surprise?
Guess what else? The actual name for Easter Island is Rapa Nui. Now are you surprised?


Monday, September 22, 2014

Alice Donut - Bucketfulls Of Sickness And Horror In An Otherwise Meaningless Life

Label: Alternative Tentacles
Year: 1989

The schizophrenic years of Alice Donut finding their way (pre-"Mule" album) culminated with this, their second album. Which you may love or hate, or both in equal measure. If you really like The Dickies, then you'll be ok I think. Or, if you can imagine a strange hybrid of Dead Milkmen, Jane's Addiction, and Frank Zappa then you'll probably do alright.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Oldest - Oldest

Label: self released
Year: 2010

Prior to being a James Beard awarded pastry chef, Brooks Headley was busy playing the drums in Universal Order of Armageddon, Born Against, Wrangler Brutes, Men's Recovery Project, (Young) Pioneers, Skull Kontrol, and The Great Unraveling. Ever heard of any of 'em? Well, concurrently, while being a James Beard awarded pastry chef, Brooks Headley plays drums in a band called Oldest...as well as the occasional Universal Order of Armageddon reboot, and a band called C.R.A.S.H (along side Dean Spunt, one half of No Age and former Wives, and Cundo Si Murad who was in Wrangler Brutes, Le Shok, and Nazti Skinz), and he's playing in the live version of Stephen Tanner's new project Music Blues. He stays fit.
Mick Barr may or may not know how to even assemble a grill cheese sandwich, but prior to attempting to make lunch he has played guitar in Krallice, Crom-tech, Jasta 14(!), Orthrelm, The Flying Luttenbachers, and Quix*o*tic. Ever heard of any of 'em? Well, he too likes to keep the hot hand while pulling together his midday meal, and currently plays in Ocrilim, Octis, and Or:12r3 (all essentially variations of the same thing. Also, no slouch, his riffing and noodling are pretty much legend.
Together, these two men could feed an army.
Afterwards, they could rev that same army up for battle with this set of noisy, ripping, knotted, vaguely black-ish metal burners. Gets me pretty hyped anyway. Four star meals down your throat, metal up your ass.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thug - Everything Is Beautiful In It's Own Way

Label: Grudge
Year: 2001

First off, let's preface this by saying, this "Thug" is an Australian noise/rock band from the mid to late 80s, not the "Thug" that was associated with Bovine Records in the early 90s. Clear? Nice.
Also, I can't pretend to know much at all about this band, I had only heard of them in the context of Beasts Of Bourbon, as they share a member in Tex Perkins, who then (apparently) went on to minor fame in Australia as a member of The Cruel Sea. I happened upon a couple Thug releases and thought they might be of interest to you folks as well, this one being a compilation, that was put out on a Universal imprint no less, of their recorded output, which consisted of the Fuck Your Dad 7", Mechanical Ape/Proud Idiots Parade lp, and Electric Wooly Mammoth lp. Supposedly. I'm trusting the internet on this one (the internet doesn't lie).
Musically, it's within the realm of Boredoms, the Residents, Whitehouse, Chrome...maybe Captain Beefheart...maybe some Butthole Surfers. Noise basically. Fucked up, weird, seemingly cut and paste, noise. Sometimes that's more exciting than others, and this record has some hits and some misses, but ultimately it's an interesting listen to say the least. 
Like I said, I'm no authority on this band, nor am I an authority on this style, but I listened to it, and I liked it, so there's a good chance you will too. There's even some fart sounds that occasionally made me laugh. You like farts right?

*Originally posted 03-10-09, reposted 09-15-14

Quicksand - B-Sides And Rarities

you like quicksand

we like quicksand

so here's a "not officially released" collection of stuff culled from various sources

"what kind of sources?"

well...you get stuff from the band's unreleased third album...some demos...some live stuff...different versions of songs...some stuff that didn't make it onto albums...

you know...b-sides and rarities

*Originally posted 01-25-12, reposted 09-16-14

Circus Lupus - Super Genius

Label: Dischord
Year: 1992

Sometimes you gotta go to Madison, Wisconsin to form one of Washington D.C.'s most iconic post hardcore bands, huh? They did move back to Washington after one 7", so the Wisconsin part is sort of a footnote, but that's sort of the point of the internet right? Footnotes and shit.
Members of this band came from and went on to be part of:
Lunch Meat
Soul Side
Las Mordidas
Skull Kontrol
Alarms and Controls
Red Eyed Legends
The Catholic Church
The Vile Cherubs
Thee Evolution Revolution
Crime In Choir
The Golden Bears
Blue Giant
The Corin Tucker Band
That list should tell you all you need to know. Should.
The record is available for purchase here, and I highly advise getting a physical copy...otherwise, how will it "randomly come up in conversation" at your next dinner party if you haven't "accidentally" left the lp out on the coffee table?


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fudge Tunnel - Teeth ep

Label: Relativity
Year: 1992

That big ole hulking nasty English cousin to Helmet (the Drooler post earlier prompted more Helmet spawn), that sometimes outdid Helmet themselves. They certainly outdid Prong, who were also in the business (at least for a time) of rattling off staccato riffs with pregnant pauses and swinging back beats. Low and loud and bathed in a rich, warm, feed backing guitar tone, this ep is undeniable. Its got such a big sound, with the right amount of grit wearing down those buried melodies. I've always been a sucker for Fudge Tunnel (AND the band's pretty good too...hey-yo! Zinger!).

Originally this was a four song Earache release, then Relativity Records re-released it in the US adding two more tracks for good measure, their cover of "Sunshine Of Your Love"and the excellently titled "Joined At The Dick"

*Somebody said something...and the link is done. Sorry Fudge Tunnel, didn't mean to offend.

Drooler - Sichert Die Volks - Gemeinschaft! 7"

Label: Mans Ruin
Year: 1996

The selling point to this record (aside from being on Mans Ruin, which had some cache of its own) is that it features Crawlpappy vocalist Brian Childers on...well...vocals.
So, if you're familiar with the Crawlpappy version of drunken Helmet type music, then these two songs won't come as much of a surprise. Not as menacing as Crawlpappy, and adding a little more bluesy swing (not unlike Loudspeaker), but still plenty mean enough for most. Makes me miss Crawlpappy though.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Harvey Milk - Live - The Stork Club, Oakland, CA - 07-28-08

Label: bootleg
Year: 2008

A long set, and a lethal one as well. Bookending the affair with "Shame" straight into "Probolkoc" on the front end, a mid-set highlight of "Death Goes To The Winner" halfway through, and rounding it out with a barn burning "What I Want" on the back...yeah...no fucking around.
Four piece version of the band with Joe Preston in tow, this was possibly the tightest and heaviest they ever were, although they've been pretty fucking tight and very fucking heavy forever, so...perspective.
I believe the genesis of this recording was with Killthatcat.com, and if that's so, we owe him a debt of gratitude. If not, we still owe him a debt for all the insane videos he's posted over the years anyway.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Drive Like Jehu - 08-31-14 - Balboa Park SD

Who you gotta blow to get this show on the road?

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