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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

melvins - the trilogy

the maggot/the bootlicker released 1999
the crybaby released 2000

"seriously,bro? more of the melvins? don't you have anything better to do? if you like the melvins so much...why don't you marry them?

well...i've tried...and as you can see by me hanging out here all the time...

and i promise this will be the last melvinsing for awhile...maybe

and know you love some melvins

so just let me give you some more

i do it because i care

i'm a giver....just ask anyone down at the free clinic

now...the music

THE MAGGOT has some of the heaviest music the band has laid down...just give opener "amazon" and "manky" a listen...and then there's the fleetwood mac cover

THE BOOTLICKER is considered the quieter of the 3 albums...going back to the STAG/STONER WITCH days

THE CRYBABY is essentially a special guest/covers album (and the melvins rarely do you need to snag this up)...and they bring folks like david yow...members of the band skeleton key...mike patton...bliss blood...hank wiliiams III...and members of the band tool in to provide vocals and other business

so....there you have it

you know what to do

DL: the maggot

DL: the bootlicker

DL: the crybaby

ass ponys - electric rock music

released 1994

i remember seeing the video for the song "little bastard" on 120 MINUTES on the mtv (apparently mtv is bringing the show back...beavis and butthead as well...but it's just not going to be the same)

and while i was watching the video...i was all like "they called him little bastard?!...and they did it right to his face?!"

oh man

this is the kind of music that you have playing in the background during a pleasant sunday afternoon...the kind of music you can listen to while sitting on your front porch rolling a rock around in the palm of your hand while waiting for your neighbor's dog to wander over and do it's business in your yard...

so...if you like early r.e.m. or the eels or pavement or beck...this will play with them quite nicely might want to find a bigger rock...i think the dog has worked up a tolerance

DL: electric rock music

nancy vandal - return of the zombie skate poets from planet sex

released 1994

all i'm gonna say is that you could totally fool someone into thinking this was mudhoney

DL: return of the zombie skate poets from planet sex

nirvana - 12.13.93 - pier 48 - seattle,wa

this was one of the band's final shows on american soil (the last one took place in oakland,ca on december 31)

you may remember seeing this on the mtv multiple times a day after kurt's suicide as this was the LIVE AND LOUD show they played on new year's eve (the breeders and cypress hill played as well)

i remember watching that night and seeing kurt decapitate an angel with his guitar and spit on a camera...and i remember thinking "kurt is the man,maaaan"

and then it was all over

i've said it before and i'll say it again...nirvana achieved a lot in a short amount of time

and you may be saying to yourself "ipecac? why was there nothing posted on the day of his death on SGM? don't you consider it part of your civic duty to commemorate such an occasion?"

and to that i say...if SGM did that...we would've just been like everyone we seem like the kind of folks that try to fit in?...and shouldn't take something like that to remember the man and the should always remember that

go on...reach for the kleenex...i just dropped some pretty heavy science on's ok

and now...without further ado...

1 - radio friendly unit shifter
2 - drain you
3 - breed
4 - serve the servants
5 - rape me
6 - sliver
7 - pennyroyal tea
8 - scentless apprentice
9 - all apologies
10 - heart-shaped box
11 - blew
12 - the man who sold the world*
13 - school
14 - come as you are
15 - lithium
16 - about a girl
17 - endless,nameless
18 - jam

*=david bowie cover

DL: nirvana @pier 48

Monday, April 25, 2011

hammerhead/godheadsilo - split 7"

released 1993

you know the bands

you love the bands

hammerhead does "moby dick"

godheadsilo does "bereft mission rescue no.43"

be prepared to have your mind and speakers blown

DL: hammerhead/godheadsilo

Sunday, April 24, 2011

minor threat - 3.4.83 - boston,ma

if you happened to be at this show and lost a tooth...ian may still have it

1 - small man,big mouth
2 - seeing red
3 - filler
4 - think again
5 - no reason (cuts off)
6 - in my eyes
7 - out of step
8 - steppin' stone*
9 - look back and laugh
10 - screaming at a wall
11 - minor threat
12 - betray

*the monkees cover

DL: minor threat in boston

help some brothas out

those folks would make up the band that is known as megachurch

and they needs your help

"why should i help them?"

well...if you give this a'll know exactly why it is you should help them out

but i'll just go on ahead and provide you with an answer: they're awesome

so...if you go'll be able to see how you can become helpful

and yes...this could very well get you into heaven

or at least the special closet in the SGM basement

trenchmouth - more motion: a collection

released 2003

some of you may know about trenchmouth

and some of you may not

this is a good place to start for those that don't

this album culls material from the band's discography (they'd released 5 albums and an ep)

and if you'd like to check out one of those albums: X

and if you're still a little nervous about giving this a chance...if you like anything that's been released on dischord records (especially fugazi)...this is for you

"what's a dischord records?"

really?...did those words just leave your mouth? know what...go to your room until your father gets home...get out of my sight!'re lucky i don't take you back to the adoption agency

DL: more motion: a collection

cop shoot cop - 5.12.91 - chicago,il

i was rummaging about my crap and found this little gem

and then i got to thinking "you know...i have a feeling that there might be some SGMers out there that might appreciate this...maybe i should post it and find out" it be...for you

1 - low can demon
2 - unknown
3 - schweinhund
4 - coldest day of the year
5 - she's like a shot
6 - feel good
7 - burn your bridges
8 - chameleon man
9 - shine on
10 - empire collapse
11 - down come the mickey
12 - pity the bastards
13 - system test
14 - heads i win,tails you lose

DL: cop shoot cop chicago

sweet tooth - crash live

released 1993

this is justin broadrick of godflesh getting his rock on (though he only provides guitar here)

the other 2 members in the band were formerly in the bands slab! (drummer scott kiehl) and head of david (bassist cochrane...he also provides vocals here)

it's like godflesh without the grinding

DL: crash live

pfisters - narcicity

released 2009

at first'll find yourself wondering "did bon scott and david yow have a baby?"

and then you'll find yourself wondering "but bon scott is dead! david yow a necrophiliac? he a time traveler?"

but then you realize that it's david yow...and he's capable of anything

the jesus lizard are all over this business

which means you need to be all over it as well

because the jesus lizard want to be all over you

it's always about what they want...isn't it?

damn right it is

DL: narcicity

Saturday, April 23, 2011

melvins - 5.4.00 - sapphire supper club - orlando,fl

there hasn't been a decent melvinsing around these parts for awhile

1 - drum check
2 - bass check
3 - guitar check
4 - vocal check
5 - revolve
6 - now i'm here (1)
7 - okie from muskogee (2)
8 - (set starts)
9 - now i'm here (1)
10 - tequila (3)
11 - okie from muskogee (2)
12 - up the dumper
13 - skin horse (second half)
14 - tipping the lion
15 - berthas
16 - blockbuster (4)
17 - promise me (5)
18 - jam
19 - lone rose holding now
20 - smells like teen spirit (6)

1=queen cover
2=merle haggard cover
3=the champs cover
4=the jesus lizard cover
5=the gun club cover
6=nirvana cover w/random guy from the audience on vocals

DL: melvins @sapphire supper club

Friday, April 22, 2011

beastie boys - check your head

released 1992

what do cheap trick...sly & the family stone...ted nugent...kool and the gang...funkadelic...led zeppelin...and bob dylan have in common?

they all make appearances on this album

you know...the weather is getting nice...and the kids are out and about on their wheelie boards...what better time to post this business

and you know you've seen the video for "so what'cha want" and found yourself thinking "if 3 white guys rap in the woods and there's no one they make a sound?"

DL: check your head

misfits - heros of danzig

released 1991 may be thinking to yourself "hey,man...that's not how you spell heroes! what a stupid head that ipecac is!" you really want to argue with a german over proper spelling?

because even when they're wrong...they're right

"what does any of this have to with germans?"

this is an "unofficial release" from germany


ok...moving along...

this is something that happened in los angeles way back in the year 1983 on april 8

also...happy belated birthday,jerry only

1 - i turned into a martian
2 - 20 eyes
3 - all hell breaks loose
4 - skulls
5 - green hell
6 - london dungeon
7 - nike a go-go
8 - mommy,can i go out and kill tonight?
9 - devils whorehouse
10 - astro zombies
11 - demonomania
12 - violent world
13 - bullet
14 - vampira
15 - we bite
16 - last caress
17 - night of the living dead
18 - horror business
19 - devilock/we are 138

DL: heros of danzig

Thursday, April 21, 2011

the jesus lizard - self-titled ep

released 1998

maaaaaan...i just found out about these guys

and let me tell you...they are pretty suhweet

and you should totally like them too

i've heard that their singer likes to do this weird thing with his genitals

and who doesn't like that?

DL: the jesus lizard

nomeansno - 11.15.00 - fireside bowl - chicago,il

it's those crazy canucks doing what they do in front of a crowd

now...i don't know how many of you folks have ever attended a show at the fireside bowl...and depending on who you talk's the midewest's version of cbgb's

i've been to a few shows there...and they were all pleasant experiences...but then again...i didn't really have to deal with any of the staff (from what i've read...dealing with them is about as fun as getting a staph infection)

back in 2004...they stopped having shows there and just stuck to being it's namesake...but as of last year...the shows have resumed

1 - tuning
2 - the graveyard shift
3 - oh no! bruno!
4 - the day everything became nothing
5 - red on red
6 - this story must be told
7 - hello,goodbye
8 - the fall
9 - angel or devil
10 - dark ages
11 - under the sea
12 - sex mad
13 - i need you
14 - i can't stop talking
15 - humans
16 - the phone call
17 - two lips,two lungs and one tongue
18 - the rape
19 - it's catching up
20 - the tower
21 - commando*

*=ramones cover

DL: nomeansno @fireside bowl

hovercraft - experiment below

released 1998

do you like sonic youth?

do you like the melvins?

do you like mr. bungle's DISCO VOLANTE album?

do you like early pink floyd?

well now you can like this as well

DL: experiment below

jack endino - angle of attack

released 1989

not only is he mr. grunge producer (producing albums for bands such as river...zeke...screaming trees...tad) and member of the band skin yard (guitarist)...he's also released 3 solo albums (this being the first)

he did vocals and practically played all of the instruments on the album (he was assisted by mother love bone drummer greg gilmore on a few tracks)'s exactly where the seattle sound was at the time

and what would you expect from a guy like jack endino?

DL: angle of attack

the stooges - live at the whiskey a go-go

released 1988

continuing on with the birthday train...

this was a little something that went down way back in 1973 (on september 16 to be exact)

happy birthday,iggy pop

1 - raw power
2 - head on
3 - search n' destroy
4 - i need somebody
5 - new orleans
6 - she creatures of hollywood hills
7 - open up and bleed
8 - gimme danger

DL: the stooges @the whiskey a go-go

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

crust - feelings 7"

released 1991

these folks were the first band signed to king coffey's label

and of course you know who king coffey is

and of course you know the name of his label

and of course you know what the label is all about

and if they're good enough for king coffey...they should be good enough for you too

DL: feelings

würm - we're off 7"

released 1982

seeing as how today is chuck dukowski's're all going to swallow the wurm (insert eye roll here)

some of you may not be all that familiar with this business

this is what chuck dukowski was involved in pre-black flag

and they're pretty much a straight up metal band (just listen to the balls to the wall scream that opens up the song "i'm dead") read that right...i used the term "balls to the wall"

but you can also hear some of the flag in it as well

and there's a pretty sweet chambers brothers cover

bottoms up

DL: we're off

Monday, April 18, 2011

soundgarden - 9.11.92 - irvine meadows - irvine,ca

well....seeing as how the band will be embarking on a mini tour in july and going into the studio to record an album....what better time to post an old gig from the lollapalooza tour

and if you're expecting to go and see the band on any of the 4 dates on the expecting to pay some previously broken up band that got back together prices (they're going from anywhere between $119-$147)...and not only can't buy just a have to buy a that means that you'll have to go out and make one of those friend things

and here be the dates:

july 2: molson canadian amphitheatre - toronto,canada

july 13: festival pier at penn's landing - philadelphia,pa

july 18: red rocks amphitheatre - denver,co

july 22: the forum - los angeles,ca

so let's hope that their new recorded material takes us back to the days of flannel and bad hygiene

but until then....

1 - face pollution
2 - gun
3 - outshined
4 - drawing flies
5 - cop killer*
6 - room a thousand years wide
7 - rusty cage
8 - beyond the wheel
9 - jesus christ pose

*=body count cover

DL: soundgarden @irvine meadows

noxagt - 4.9.07 - beachland tavern - cleveland,oh

for a description of the band...just go a few posts down

if you like a good bottom heavy sound (insert inevitable fart joke here)...this be for you

1 - ninety parallels ago
2 - unknown
3 - wall's end
4 - soft sugar
5 - satin vengeance
6 - histrionix

DL: noxagt @beachland tavern

the catalyst - swallow your teeth

released 2009

it took me mentioning them down yonder to realize that i hadn't posted this album yet

and if you're so should also grab onto some of this action

in my posting of the band's other album...i had tossed around band names such as: the melvins...nirvana...pageninetynine

but this time can hear some sonic youth and at the drive-in

so if all of that appeals to you...this is for you

if the words "grinding" and "plowing" and "clusterfuck" appeal to you...this is for you as well

and if you can find a song called "lars ulrich's 1986 funeral" appealing....

well...that's just wishful thinking

DL: swallow your teeth

Sunday, April 17, 2011

jesuit - self-titled

released 1996

this post goes out to grAy

as you may have read a few spaces down...he was supposed to be seeing this very band doing a show with damnation a.d./indecision/unbroken in new york city

but as with all good plans...a large bird took a dump on it

this band may be a question mark to some of you folks out there

if you're a fan of anything 90's hardcore...this band is for you

if you like bands such as: converge (bassist nate newton was a member)...early dillinger escape plan (guitarist brian benoit was a member)....botch...deadguy...

you get the idea

and for those of you out there that are interested...the band will be playing BEST FRIENDS DAY 10 (august 18-21) in richmond,va (along with bands such as: corrosion of conformity...pageninetynine...the catalyst)

so get those khaki shorts out of the tupperware container and start practicing the mosh

DL: jesuit

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Noxagt - Peel Session 07-14-04

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2004

The original three piece lineup (no to be confused with the original one piece lineup that predated it), captured by John Peel while on a European tour in 2004. Drums, bass, and viola...yes, viola that churn up a moody sludgy mix of Lightning Bolt meets Guapo meets Totimoshi. No vocals, if that bums you out, I don't know.
Highly recommended.
It might help lift your spirits after a disappointing Manchester Darby this morning.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Quicksand - Live 1995

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1995

Can anyone help identify where this recording comes from? I'm not even sure where I got it from, or how long I've had it, but there it was, and here it is.
In 1995 Quicksand released their second lp "Manic Compression", and played the inaugural Warped Tour (which was a strange amalgamation of the Revelation Records showcase vs. the nascent Orange County bro-punk jock rock contingent), so maybe this set was from a Warped Tour date? I saw them on that first Warped Tour (have I told this story before?), managing to scam about 15 free tickets from the college radio station I worked for saying I would give them away as prizes (to my friends). So me, and 14 friends took in the spectacle of Sublime fans being musically mocked by Sick Of It All, Into Another, Civ, Orange 9mm, Seaweed, Rancid (before they slipped to the dark side), and Quicksand. Weird scene indeed. At one point while administering some of my patented anti-moshing justice I got blindsided by a pro-mosher who then knelt over me in preparation to administer his own patented anti-anti-moshing justice when my knight in shining (neck) armor Jeff-J-Jawk came swooping in and tackled the broseph off of my chest, to the beat mind you, saving me from certain ass kicking. Like I said weird scene, I mean, why would anybody want to fight me, I'm super cool.


Torches To Rome - Torches To Rome

Label: Ebullition
Year: 1999

Can't go wrong with this record, especially now in the Spring time when it becomes necessary (Very Necessary....Salt N Pepa?) to roll down the car windows when cruising parking lots for wayward runaway chicks. The music has to be turned up just a bit louder to compensate for the wind, (and possible mask the sound of struggle) and this is one record that benefits from that increased volume.
The band was made up of personnel from: Fuel, John Henry West, Pinhead Gunpowder, Navio Forge, Portraits Of Past, Sawhorse, Bread And Circuits, Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack, The Skinflutes, Colbom...and I'm sure more. Lots more by now. The combination of late 80's Dischord styled post punk/emo mixed with late 90's post punk/emo was a winner then, and it stands the test of time. It just blazes straight out of the stereo like a Husker Du/Fugazi...sandwich? A sandwich that blazes out of the stereo? It'd be a pretty rad sandwich you have to admit, and the fact that it could transport itself from musical sound waves into an edible lunch item, I mean, that's pretty sweet.
Not to mention the lyrics are of a rare breed, evocative and powerful, but never pandering or sappy.
Super good shit. Maybe enough to make you reconsider your jail bait trolling and go get a sandwich.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Well, I was supposed to have been on a plane this morning heading to New York City to meet up with old friends and go to see Unbroken, Jesuit, Damnation ad, and Indecision, but real life reared its ugly and head, and those plans were dashed early this past week. It's a bummer to miss seeing friends you haven't seen in a coon's age, and surely the show itself would have been fun, but time rolls on and there will be other weekends to catch up or act like we're all 19 again. Maybe.

The silver lining to not going out of town is that I will be able to maybe, possibly, hopefully pull my fat ass out of the house to go down to the Earl in order to see Floor and Hawks, a double bill that is certainly one for the ages.

Is anyone reading this going to the show?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

the melsidency

apparently they liked playing the residency game at the satellite because they're taking it on the road

2 nights per city

2 sets per night

night one's first set will be made up of stuff from the LYSOL and EGGNOG albums...and the second set will be HOUDINI in it's entirety

night two's first set will be the BULLHEAD album in it's entirety...and the second set will be the STONER WITCH album in it's entirety

so we here at SGM suggest you go out there and see this business...because they could stop touring at any minute

and do you want to be the person that doesn't see the melvins?

because if so...they have names for people like you....

may 13-14: the crocodile - seattle,wa

may 16-17: great american music hall - san francisco,ca

may 27-28: mohawk - austin,tx

may 31-june 1: double door - chicago,il

june 3-4: paradise rock club - boston,ma

june 6-7: music hall of williamsburg - brooklyn,ny

the jazzus lizard - keys

released 2009

seeing as how most of you enjoyed the band's other album that i'd's some more smooth jazz renditions of the jesus lizard

but this time around you get a few scratch acid covers as well

DL: keys

Friday, April 1, 2011

having fun on stage with fugazi

ian mackaye likes to say "fuck" a lot

DL: having fun on stage with fugazi

joe 4 - enola gay ep

released 2011

you may remember seeing these folks being mentioned in a the united sons of toil review

they're from croatia

they're going to be accompanying them on their first ever tour on a foreign soil

and they're everything that SGM knows and loves

would you like to be something that SGM knows and loves?

snag this up and make us a sandwich...and then we can talk

DL: enola gay

minutemen - tour-spiel

released 1984

happy birthday,d. boon

DL: tour-spiel
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