Wednesday, March 31, 2010

v/a - land of of need

released 1994

this was a compilation put together by the trustkill and watermark record labels as a tribute to the only album the band embrace released...which also doubled as a benefit album for the homeless

and now some of of you are asking yourself aloud "who is this band embrace?"

"what was that,dear?"

"nothing mom"

embrace was made up of 3/5 of the band the faith (guitarist michael hampton/drummer ivor hanson/bassist chris bald)...and mr. harDCore himself...ian mackaye

they...along with fellow dc band rites of spring...are considered the originators of all that "emo" business

and now you know

and knowing is half the battle

1 - give me back - nation on fire
2 - the current - dance of days
3 - undertow - building
4 - past - groundwork
5 - spoke - outspoken
6 - sparkmarker - do not consider yourself free
7 - the functions - no more pain
8 - blindfold - i wish i
9 - avail - said gun
10 - rancid - can't forgive
11 - lifetime - money
12 - process - if i never thought about it
13 - farside - end of a year
14 - ashes - last song

DL: land of of need

Monday, March 29, 2010

Pissed Jeans - Demo

Label: Self released
Year: 2003

And from the unholy union of Amphetamine Reptile and SST Records was birthed Pissed, pink, pissed, and covered in after birth. The band had a different incarnation as The Gatecrashers, but decided to switch up instruments, and this version took off, taking cues from everybody from Drunks With Guns to Lifesblood to Void to Septic Death to Fang. But really by "everybody" I guess I just mean the warped end of the hardcore spectrum, the part that is sufficiently twisted enough to turn back on itself and beginning eating it's own body thusly shitting out such a vile and nefarious version of that which originally spawned it, that it ceases to even resemble its progenitor.
What was that last part again?
I think we've covered most of the rest of their discography elsewhere, but this is the fucker that started it all for Pissed Jeans.

God Bullies - Plastic Eye Miracle

Label: Amphetamine Reptile / Glitterhouse
Year: 1989

If you played a Cramps record at 33rpm (assuming it was meant to be played at 45rpm), would it sound like this? If Christian Death (the real old Christian Death mind you, not the weird post-Rikk Agnew stuff) was less "death rock" and more "garage rock", would it sound like this?

The answer to these, and many other of life's most scintillating queries may be found just on the other side of this you dare? (cue, spooky music and werewolf howl).

melvins - houdini x3

released 1993

seriously...if you don't already know of this album...go and sit in the janitor's closet and think about what you've done

no no...just go

and really...if you've never owned this album...

there are no words

but we're just gonna move on past that

now you can make up for all of that by snagging all 3 versions of this business

version 1: the demos...not the entire album...just a few songs

version 2: the actual album

version 3: the entire album played live in an empty warehouse sans audience plus a cover of the cream song "deserted cities of the heart"

DL: houdini: the demos
DL: houdini
DL: a live history of gluttony of lust: houdini live 2005

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Label - Intellectual Convulsion
Released 1992

Right I'm posting this mainly because it doesn't exist yet on this blog. It's hard for me to write about this band without being impartial (as back in the day I delved into fanboy antics of writing to the band...yes I had no life!). Anyway hearing this album for the first time was like being king hit in the face. Pretty ferocious, unrelenting noise rock. This album does have a slightly different sound to the bands second album "Face of Collapse" but both albums distinctively Dazzling Killmen. Great lyrics, great music but never made enough material.



Label - Wiiija
Released 1991

Therapy? (Questionmark) - WTF? Stick with me folks. Before Therapy? ventured into JARB territory (Just Another Rock Band) they released a couple of great E.P.'s before the album Nurse and the eponymous Teethgrinder song. Both rock hard with elements of industrial & noise. If you've not heard early Therapy? before then give this a shot as I wouldn't be posting this hear unless I felt it fitted in. The original drummer could always be seen wearing his beloved Jesus Lizard T-Shirt when they played live. Stand outs here are Punishment Kiss & Animal Bones.


soundgarden - Satanoscillatemymetallicsonatas

released 1992

the various states of soundgarden have been bandied about a time or two on this blog

and i'm not gonna start that firestorm again...i still can't sit down properly

but i will say this: with the release of BADMOTORFINGER...the band started the trilogy of awesome (followed by SUPERUNKNOWN and DOWN ON THE UPSIDE)

this little gem was released along with a re-released BADMOTORFINGER as a promo for the band's upcoming stint as part of lollapalooza

it's made up of 3 covers and 2 originals (one of them live)

and that's all i have to say about that

DL: somms

the jesus lizard - 2.26.91 - vpr radio - hilversum,netherlands


it's been awhile

1 - wheelchair epidemic*
2 - monkey trick
3 - bloody mary
4 - seasick

*=the dicks cover (really..the band has covered this for a long time...let's just consider it theirs from now on)

DL: the jesus lizard@vpr radio

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

V/A - Our Band Could Be Your Life: A Tribute To D Boon And The Minutemen

Label: Little Brother
Year: 1996

Let's start by me telling you this, and it might rub you the wrong way...but..."I don't think the Minutemen were all that great". They were "fine" I guess. And maybe I was too stupid to "get it", or whatever, but ultimately they did and/or do, very little for me. They have a handful of really good songs, and a bunch of alright songs, and fair amount of shitty songs. Not a bad record per se, just not essential to these ears.
A lot of people are way into the Minutemen, and think they were very "important" or something to that extent, and that's fine, I'm sure they are very important to some folks. No one here is saying they're no good, or that they didn't contribute to this or that, or that we can't collectively respect what they accomplished in their time on earth.
I just like fIREHOSE better, that's all.
So then why am I posting this long ass album of other bands playing Minutemen songs? Good question.
Honestly, it's not a bad question at all.
I'll have to think about it for a minute and get back to you.

There's too many bands to list, but the ones you have a better chance of ever having head of before are:
Oswald Five-O
Meat Puppets
Nels Cline Trio
Overwhelming Colorfast
Free Kitten
Thurston Moore
Joe Baiza
The Meices
Lou Barlow
D Boon (hey, that's not fair!)
Minutemen (for real, that's not fair!)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Unsane - Sick b/w No Soul 7"

Label: Mans Ruin
Year: 1996

This two song 7" has maybe my favorite Unsane jam on it, in the grueling menace of "No Soul". Oh, it's a beauty, I'm tellin' you. But I shouldn't have to tell you anything now should I? You got this one under control no doubt.
But...just in case, just in case you're saying to yourself, "do I really need two more Unsane songs? I already have sooooo many Unsane songs", just in that very case, let me remind you that we're talking about Unsane here. And, not only is it just Unsane, but it's Unsane as produced by Billy Anderson, and it's Unsane with additional guitar from Mike Morasky, who was in Steel Pole Bath Tub/Tumor Circus/Milk Cult. So, that just sorta sells itself right there, and I feel foolish even continuing on any longer.
Good day sirs (and that one madam). I said GOOD DAY!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

jello biafra with mojo nixon - prairie home invasion

released 1994


it's a real hoot AND a holler of a barn burner

jed clampett has been quoted as saying "weeeeeeedoggie!" while listening to this

and with songs such as "will the fetus be aborted" and "are you drinking with me jesus" should warm the cockles of your southern baptist heart

you already know who jello biafra is

and hopefully you know about some mojo nixon

so put those two things together...and you got yerself a glass of 200 proof gramma's cough medicine

you'll be dancin' up a storm like jesco white in no time

DL: prairie home invasion

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Label - Artrocker
Released 2003

You'd probably find this in the garage rock section of your local record store (should you be lucky enough to still have one of those) but there is enough destructo-distorto guitar here to chop your head off and shove it down the toilet. Think Hunches.

When I bought this I originally thought the band were from the US but as it turns out they are from a little known commune of London village. I'd thought they had ceased operation but they seem to be still bobbing along. Though probably not that well known across the globe, but hopefully posting this will change that.




Label: Skin Graft
Released 1997

You may have heard this band from the Camp Skin Graft compilation. The vocals don't sound a million miles away from David Yow but that's about as far as the Jesus Lizard comparison goes. It's still noise rock but missing the signature bass guitar of JL. A few songs here gravitate into no-wave territory but on the whole a decent album.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

V/A - Smells Like Smoked Sausage

Label: Sub Pop
Year: 1992

Another request from the forum, and if I wasn't such a lazy so-and-so I would check for myself, but hasn't this been posted here before?
Well, just in case, I guess we'd better get it up too (that's what she said). In all it's glory, the double 7" from the Sub Pop Singles Club showcasing all Amphetamine Reptile Records bands for some odd reason (I suppose cause they were so hot right then?). Maybe this isn't the absolute "best" record to come out on the illustrious Sub Pop Singles Club, but it's pretty darn near the top.
The bands are:
Cows (predating Nirvana's cover of this blues standard)
Helios Creed
Helmet (covering Melvins)
Boss Hog
God Bullies

* re-up'd 03.19.10

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

if'n yer down austin,texass way for the sxsw need to witness this band

do you like potential nudity?

do you like awkward moments?

do you like sweat?

did i just rip of some painful mental scabs and take you back to gym class?

you know these folks are all over SGM like we are the "special" girl at the office party (and speaking of which...who does she belong to?...she just happens to show up all the time around the punch bowl during office parties...not that we're complaining...but she keeps wanting to go into the basement...and we're not prepared to have that sort of talk with if you know her...pull her aside before she figures out how to open the door)

back to my point

if you live in or near have 3 chances to see these folks

and i suggest that you do so

just make sure you have plenty of clean clothes and sanitary wipes close by

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Helios Creed - Boxing The Clown

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1990

The other requested Helios Creed album from the forum.
This one features Helios on guitar, bass, vocals and sampler, backed up by Rey Washam (Big Boys, Scratch Acid, Didjits) on drums. Not unlike other Helios Creed records, this one was also reportedly written and recorded in about a week. Imagine that for a second. Now, take into consideration that the drums and bass were recorded first, then the tape was flipped, and the guitar was recorded on the the drums and bass were playing backwards. Think about it. The tape was flipped back over, and the vocals were delivered in one take, stream of consciousness. There were additional "standard" guitar tracks added, drum manipulations made, and samples laid over top afterwards, but the skeleton of the record is straight off the cuff.
Musically, it's what you should expect from Helios Creed, a psychedelic take on noisy primal punk rock. It's good. You will enjoy it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Helios Creed - The Last Laugh

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1989

By request from yon forum, here's one of the Helios Creed albums you were looking for, and I have the other one as well if you still want it.
Acid washed primal punk with a gothic slant, not unlike every other Helios Creed release. This one does feature the rhythm section of Skin Yard, and was produced at Reciprocal Recording by Jack Endino if that helps you at all.
If you like your music straightforward, please do not apply here. You won't be pleased.

* Re-up'd 03.16.10...if "funkiness" continues, please alert the authorities

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Helmet - Born Annoying ep

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1989

Keeping the Helmet hot-hand going for minute here, I wanted to post this one for two reasons. First off, it's the debut record from Helmet, and it's the blueprint for a generation of post-hardcore dudes who decided that, as Page Hamilton once said himself (but I paraphrase), "the heaviness is found in the space between the notes". True dat son.
Secondly, I post this because there is a "maxi-single" (oh 80's...) version of this record that has two more songs. I do not have said "maxi-single", but would be thrilled to remedy that. Does anyone reading these words want to flip through their cassette collection and check to see if you have it? Maybe it came out on one of those queer little dust jacket cds as well, I don't know, but if you got, would you mind flaunting it? That goes for the "maxi-single", and your general animal magnetism...flaunt that too.
Also, I remember trying to trade Tony Erba (Face Value represent!) a random hardcore shirt for his Helmet shirt with this design on front. It was a non-starter and I was left with whatever random shirt that was (that I'm probably still wearing to this day [grow up dude]), but in his defense, he made the right call, at least on that day.

*Thanks to reader Whiteknuckle for providing the full "maxi-single" ep version of this record. I have updated the link below. So now you get the 2 songs from the 7", an additional song from that recording session, and an unreleased song from the "Strap It On" lp sessions. Nice right? Thanks Mr. Whiteknuckle, you're tops!

Drunkdriver / Mattin - List Of Profound Insecurities

Label: Badmaster / Suicide Tax
Year: 2009

This was released as a vinyl only, 45rpm 12" in an edition of 540, so chances are, you might have missed it had you even realized is was out. It's sold out, so unless you want to scour the eBays...don't bother.
Musically, if you've heard Drunkdriver before, you should be prepared for their particularly abrasive and confrontational approach to noise rock, with a big, repeat b-i-g, emphasis on the "noise" part of that descriptor. If you've heard Billy Bao before, you should be prepared for Mattin's high volume screech and unsettling rumble version of pure noise.
Now, imagine Drunkdriver playing their primal noise/sludge and having Mattin wrestle these riffs into screaming submission. It's as if there is a knob on the mixing board that says "Fucked", and they have turned it all the way right, and left the building.
Nothing nice here, maximum destruction.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

v/a - sst acoustic

released 1991

well...with grAy posting what he compelled me to show some sst love as well

"you could've posted PROGRAM: ANNIHILATOR I"

yeah...i could have...but that would've made too much sense...and i ain't in the business of making sense...just ask anyone that's ever stood in line with me at the grocery store...

"you know...poodles really shouldn't drink bean dip smoothies"
"um...excuse me?"
"exactly my point,sir"

this is kind of an oddity on the label is known for sweaty testosterone angst ( the beginning anyway...before the pot began to rule everything around greg ginn)...on this you had everyone sitting down...unplugging their equipment...and getting all bob dylan on yer ass

if you're familiar with the MINUTEFLAG album...then you're already prepared

1 - roger manning - the sicilian train blues
2 - brian ritchie - no resistin' a christian
3 - the last - awakening
4 - minutemen - stories
5 - grant hart - the main
6 - tom troccoli's dog - orcanese farethewell
7 - screaming trees - yard trip #7
8 - fiREHOSE - in memory of elizabeth cotton
9 - negativland - nesbitt's lime soda song
10 - saccharine trust - belonging to october
11 - kirk kelly - go man go
12 - angst - colors
13 - husker du - never talking to you again
14 - dinosaur jr. - poledo

DL: sst acoustic

V/A - Program Annihilator II

Label: SST
Year: 1989

That Chuck Dukowski picture down there got me all hot and bothered and in the mood for some SST styled lovin'. You know the kind right? No? Well, it's not pretty, I can tell you that much.
You know, the back cover of the album says it better than I ever could:
"A WARNING FROM THE PROGRAMMER: EXTREME CAUTION is mandatory with all use of this psychic program material, for while -- with proper use -- this program information will tune the listener to sufficient destructive capability to get any job -- no matter how dirty -- done. If mishandled, this psychic fuel program (Program: Annihilator II) may overload the Subject's receptive capacity, which could result in indiscriminate violence of an intensity the Programmer can only assume the Subject will consider undesirable. THE PROGRAMMER THEREFORE HEREBY DISCLAIMS ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ACTIONS OF THOSE WHO WILLINGLY MAKE THE DECISION TO AVAIL THEMSELVES OF Program: Annihilator II."

Two tracks each from Soundgarden, Saint Vitus, Sylvia Juncosa, Descendents, Bad Brains, SWA, Bl'ast!, and DC3, all of which are from their SST releases so don't get too excited. Shit's still able to back you up against the wall from twenty paces though.
Mmmmm....SST lovin'.

gimme gimme gimme

that guy up there is gary mcdaniel

he's one of the founding members of the black flags

he played bass


chuck dukowski

get with the program

he's got some black flag stuff up for grabs on the ebay

some rare black flag t-shirts...a first edition of the NERVOUS BREAKDOWN 7"...

you need to go and check this out because this is good

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Helmet - Biscuits For Smut ep

Label: Interscope
Year: 1994

Well Clark, the last time you was here, you commented on how much you liked mine...
People seemed to like the last Helmet post, even the ladies chimed in with approval. What's up ladies? I see you!
So, here's another ep from the "Betty" era, or as we previously discussed "the last time I cared about Helmet era", complete with de riguer "remix" that was so hot back then. Damn you Judgement Night soundtrack and your mixing of rock and rap! Damn you straight to hades!
It's Helmet, I mean, what the fuck? Fucking get on this. Fuck.

Plainfield / Melt Banana - Split 7"

Label: Smelly
Year: 1997

In the aftermath of the previous Plainfield post, I thought I should follow that up an actual Plainfield "song". And if you don't like this one, don't worry the whole three song record will be over in a short 4.4 minutes, and you can go back to whatever it was you had been doing that scant 4.4 minutes prior.
So, three songs, at 45 rpm, in under four and half minutes...take a wild guess as to what this sounds like. First correct answer gets a piping hot hug from me, payable upon request.

Monday, March 8, 2010

sir armadildo ventriloqueef presents: DANZTRAVAGANZA

not only did an entire show of black flag happen

there was a danztravaganza

all danzig...all the time

the misfits

and if you follow the left hand black'll take you to where you need to go

tiny elvis

sgm went black

the last SGM show consisted of...well...i don't think you need to be told

i should've already put that together for yourself (and also already came to that conclusion while reading grAy's posting down below)

you'd think that...

there are some of you that are just a little bit dumb


er...sorry sorry...this is what happens when you listen to too much black flag

"there's no such thing as too much black flag,sir"


again...i apologize

SGM is damaged...sometimes

wasted...a lot of the time

as i was saying...the last SGM show spray painted the walls of the padded cell known as room 13 with

had enough of the flag-isms?

so here it demand...the music

"what? no playlist?"

you don't need one

it's black fucking flag



i just need a hug and a nap

DL: sgm goes black I
DL: sgm goes black II

fix: a film about ministry

this is getting released this summer

i have to tell you...when i'd heard rumors of a documentary on ministry...i got a little bit excited

and now it's a reality

and even though some of you think that the band should've called it a day after the FILTH PIG album (and yes...i am now one of those people...originally thinking that PSALM 69 should've been the place to go out) jourgensen lived the life we all wished we could

fix: a film about ministry

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Label: Amphetamine Reptile Records
Released 1990

I always used to read on the Am Rep website for planned compilation of the stuff released on the label but I never saw it happen. Plus I used to wonder if the noteriarty of their albums was more for the common mans desire of Ms. Martinez than the music but who am I to argue.



Label: Rough Trade/Beechwood
Released 1993

Put out by the holy grail of record stores in London, Rough Trade. As the cover of this compilation suggests Rough Trade bring together 10 songs from US import 7" records from the early 90's (and one from 89). Bands you all know and love(?) and perhaps there may be a track or two on this that escaped you. On the CD we have:

1 Atomic 61 - RIP
2 Mudwimmin - Wild Bill
3 Mule - Tennessee Hustler
4 Love Cup - Tearing Water
5 Action Swingers - Bum My Trip
6 Tulips - Choco Pig
7 Mantis - Who Wants To Be A Camel?
8 Meathooks - The Hell Generator Dub
9 Honeymoon Killers - Kansas City Milkman
10 Cell - Never Too High


the misfits - evilive

released 1987

you know...i can't believe that we've gone on this long and not had any misfits around the SGM (well...there's the tribute comp that was posted awhile back...and the random covers)

we have the black flags...the bad brains...the dead kennedys...

and now you can have this

and maybe i'm still riding the WHOOOOOOOOAWAVE from just finishing up what i like to call a danztravaganza on the other radio show

you should already know this band

it's sloppy

it's for folks that find it too hard to count past 4

it's for folks that like black

and i have to say that even though he's tiny in stature...when it comes down to threatening punk rock presences...i'd have to put my money down on glenn danzig to actually come down off the stage and strangle you for whatever reason (as heard on the song "horror business")

this is made up of 2 different shows on opposite sides of the country (1-7: 12.17.81 - the ritz - new york,ny / 8-12: 11.20.81 - on boradway - san francisco,ca)

1 - 20 eyes
2 - night of the living dead
3 - astro zombies
4 - horror business
5 - london dungeon
6 - nike-a-go-go
7 - hatebreeders
8 - devil's whorehouse
9 - all hell breaks loose
10 - horror hotel
11 - ghoul's night out
12 - we are 138*

*=featuring henry rollins on back up vocals

DL: evilive

Friday, March 5, 2010


Label: Outside Society
Released: 1998

Well a few of you have been chomping at the bit for this one and as promised as it's March I bring to you the 2nd album by Haystack. And as before if you love Unsane you will love this. Now go annoy someone you don't like. I'm sure playing this at them will work a treat.

Re-uploaded (2nd time) - DL

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Faith No More Bootleg - Live In Amsterdam 1988

Here's a live Faith No More bootleg from 1988 of a show they played in Amsterdam at Paradiso Club. Ah, the early days of Faith No More in all their greasy glory... back when Epic didn't exist and Mike Patton wasn't yet in the picture... Those were the days... (All this nostalgia brings a tear to the eye, doesn't it?).
Anyways, this is an FM broadcast and is kind of a gritty recording but is still worth listening to. And to elaborate on my previous comment, Patton joined FNM in November of '88 and this recording is from February of '88 so Mosley is on vocals here.

1. Introduce Yourself
2. R N R
3. We Care A Lot
4. Life Is A Gas
5. Spirit
6. Mark Bowen
7. Anne's Song
8. War Pigs (Partial)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Long Hind Legs - Feb. 4th - 14th 1998

Label: Kill Rock Stars
Year: 1998

Due to my allegiance to Unwound, I purchased this record sight unseen based solely on the fact that it was the work of Vern Rumsey, and to a lesser degree because I thought the name Long Hind Legs was real cool.
So, I bring this home, put it on, and am completely assaulted by the plink-plonk ridiculousness of early 80's synth-pop. And not assaulted in a good way, assaulted in a totally terrible way, like, bent over the pickle barrel style assaulted. There was no way this could have been birthed into this world by an Unwound alumnus, could it? Sure, Unwound were beginning to incorporate keyboards and noise into their more extended jams, and yeah, Replikants were certainly a side-project that was not afraid of a tape loop, or ambient jazz meander. But this, this was an unabashed affront on my sensibilities.
I furiously forwarded through the remaining tracks, and while admittedly they were far better than the opening salvo, but I was so pissed by that point that the cd was ejected, never to be heard from again.
Until very recently.
It was pulled from the mothballs to see if, like a fine pinot musigny, it would have aged to perfection. Or, conversely, if my ears had evolved to the point that they would accept Long Hind Legs for what they are (were), a dark wave, vaguely gothic lovechild of old New Order and Brian Eno.
Jury's still out.
The first song still sucks. The remaining songs have a certain charm to their misanthropic drones and disembodied vocals. I'm not sure that I'm completely "ready" for Long Hind Legs, but, I would like to think that I can live in a world alongside Long Hind Legs and allow them to express themselves in the manner they see fit, free from my own audial prejudices.
The name Long Hind Legs still does rule though.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

clutch - impetus ep/pitchfork & lost needles

impetus ep released 1997
pitchfork & lost needles released 2005

i got into a discussion with someone in the KAOS chatroom last sunday during the radio show

it started when i'd played the song "kemosabi" by the band honkeyball

"this song sounds like clutch" he said (and if you've heard aforementioned song...i'm pretty sure you'd agree...i'm thinking the band was a pretty big fan of clutch's TRANSITIONAL SPEEDWAY LEAGUE album back in the day)

and then we started discussing the current state of the band...and we both agreed that their music started getting kind of sounds the same-ish after their THE ELEPHANT RIDERS album (though i do like JAM's different in a SELF-TITLED kind of way...and i like that)

and i feel the same way about clutch that i feel about the melvins...they need to go back to their old ways...the melvins need to travel back to the trio days...clutch needs to go back to their more hardcore-ish sound (progression in regression...could work)

my first foray into clutchland was hearing the song "juggernaut" on the radio back in the day...and from that moment on i signed my name on the fucking right i'm a fan dotted line...i mean...even though i said what i said earlier on...any clutch song is still a good clutch song

i was originally going to post just the IMPETUS ep...but the more i looked at it...i decided to tack on the other one as well because they're both good showings of what the band used to sound like

IMPETUS is pretty much the PASSIVE RESTRAINTS ep and the PILE DRIVER 12" combined along with a demo of the song "impetus"

PITCHFORK & LOST NEEDLES combines their PITCHFORK 7" with 3 previously unreleased demos...2 outtakes from their ROBOT HIVE/EXODUS album...and a previously unreleased song

DL: impetus ep
DL: pitchfork & lost needles
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