Sunday, May 31, 2009

replicator - 10.30.04 - hemlock tavern - san francisco,ca

aka "the jesus replicator"

this was originally posted by our missing comrade noisebreather many moons ago...but seeing as how the lizard are once again roaming the's getting re-posted

replicator were a noise rock band from oakland,ca compared to the likes of the melvins...shellac...and of course the jesus lizard

on this occasion the band played a show as the jesus lizard (they borrowed the guitar player from a band called lower forty-eight so the band's guitar player could become david yow)

and if you lay back and close your eyes while playing can almost smell david yow's musk...but you'll have to quickly open your eyes again because the feeling of an impending violation will move over your body

it's that real,son

1 - seasick
2 - boilermaker
3 - gladiator
4 - mailman
5 - bloody mary
6 - thumper
7 - puss
8 - nub
9 - monkey trick

DL: the jesus replicator

v/a - ugly american overkill tour ep

released 1991

this was 7" of previously unreleased materials that was released over in europe when god bullies/helmet/surgery/tar combined forces and teabagged them folks across the pond

limited to only 2000 copies

DL: ugly american overkill

the jazz june - the medicine

released 2000

i happened upon this band waiting to pay for a johnny cash t-shirt at a hot topic (yeah yeah...i know alllll about it) i somehow had managed to wander into...i was standing there waiting for the short girl with the dreads and too many facial piercings (aka "my type") to change the paper roll in the cash register...there was a display that had a few cheaply priced cd samplers (and i'm a sucker for cheaply priced samplers) setting on the counter...i ended up buying 2 of them (one being SWEET DEAL! THE INITIAL AND EULOGY RECORDS SAMPLER (the band had the song "the medicine" on that one) and the other being INITIAL EXTREME MUSIC SAMPLER...and i somehow managed to lose both of them somewhere at if anyone has them...send me a message)

so i walked out to my van afterwards and popped the disc into the stereo and drove home...and what stuck out to me about the song was the line "so i fucked up/but i'm getting on with my life" (and who hasn't said that to themselves in the bathroom mirror...or after waking up the morning naked after a night of binge drinking next to someone on the kitchen floor in someone else's house)

that was a good story,grampa

so...if you enjoy the likes of milemarker...(insert obligatory post-1989 dischord band here)...some modest mouse...and maybe a little of the get up kids...

DL: the medicine pt.1
DL: the medicine pt.2

Thursday, May 28, 2009

jawbox - for your own special sweetheart/savory +3 ep

both released 1994

who can forget seeing the video for "savory" on 120 minutes...didn't you want them to play your next birthday party?...with their jangly guitars and their plodding basslines and their precise off-kilter drums....sounding like a mixture of post punk goodness that came from mission of burma and gang of four.

as for the rest of the album...let's just say that once you hear it you can't seem to get it out of your head...from it's les claypool sound alike opening to it's moody restrained "whitney walks" closing...and in the middle you get the frantic sounds of 4 instruments playing with one another

now...i wouldn't go as far as to say that this is the perfect album...but...

maybe i'm gushing like a head wound over this album...but it takes me back

they were the first band to jump the dischord records ship to move onto a major label (this being their first major label album)

if only all major label albums sounded this good

as for the SAVORY +3 EP...the songs would've easily fit on the FOR YOUR OWN SPECIAL SWEETHEART album (you even get a cover of the austin,tx punk band the big boys "sound on sound"...which can be found on the 1983 album LULLABIES HELP THE BRAIN GROW)

so if you're a fan of quicksand...guy picciotto-led fugazi (and i'm gonna say it...i actually prefer him over ian)...or anything put out on dischord post-1988...

DL: for your own special sweetheart
DL: savory +3 ep

"savory" -3.27.93 - howard johnson's - rapid city,sd

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shellac - At Action Park Demos

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1993

Instrumental demo versions of songs that would later appear on the At Action Park lp, these were recorded "live in Todd Trainers apartment". So you can pretty much ascertain what you're getting yourself into here right? I'm not the biggest Shellac fan, in fact, I would say it's my least favorite of the Steve Albini entertainment conglomerates, but that being said, it's still a good value for your entertainment dollar. That's my round-about way of saying Shellac are good if not great. And this demo session is cool for Shellac fans, but for the average citizen, you might want to hold out for a proper album. But there's been a lot of "Shellaction" (nice right, I just coined that one) on the interweb as of late, so I thought I'd add to the fury.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Calvin Krime - Dress For The Future

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1997 

There was a  request a little while ago for the Calvin Krime 7"s, which I don't have. I do have the first album though, so it's the best I can do for now. 
Calvin Krime may be best known as the launching pad for Sean Tillman who performs under the name Har Mar Superstar to the delights of ironic dudes and fat girls everywhere. But prior to that incarnation, and prior to his stint in Sean Na Na, he was playing bass and singing in the Minneapolis trio seen here. Playing a version of hardcore that owes equally to Hammerhead and Shotmaker. Know what I mean? There are some 90's emo dynamics afoot, some screaming  til your eyes bulge out,  a little keyboard diversion to break up the monotony, and some straight rocking punk. It's really a good combination, if you ever found yourself at house shows or VFW halls in the mid 90's then you can probably relate to these dudes. They can go hardcore, punk, or emoish. Much like you, they are (bi)curious.

If anyone has their 7"s available, and doesn't mind sharing... 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

v/a - hype! movie soundtrack

released 1996

i used to own this on vhs and would watch it religiously...and though i own it on dvd it's not the same...originally there was a "commercial" for this very soundtrack at the beginning and it was done up like one of those things you used to see late at night for some best of romantic hits collection of the (insert era here) know what i'm talking about...there's a guy and a girl sitting in front of a fireplace drinking champagne and some song is being played in the background and one of them says "you know...i love this song...i just wish that i could have it so i can listen to it all the time"...and then the other person puts their glass down and says "well now you can!" through a cheesy smile and then produces the album from out of nowhere and holds it up for the camera (though in this case...the girl had a huge gap in between her front teeth)


and since there are probably at least 1-2 of you out there who haven't seen the you can be one step closer to it by having the soundtrack *holds it up to camera*...and now you can listen to it while you're in the shower...on your way to work...ironing your pants...or just simply swingin' on the flippity-flop

my only beef with this is that there's no melvins on it...they're in the movie for all of a few minutes with interviews and playing a bit of "night goat"...but you'd think they'd at least have a song on the soundtrack...i can you have "grunge" without those fellas?...and don't get me wrong...the fastbacks are ok...but do they really need to be on there twice?...couldn't they have at least thrown on a live version of "night goat" or "honey bucket" or something?

so quit being such a lamestain and tie that flannel around your waist and start diving off that couch (before the wife and kids come home)

1 - fastbacks - k street (live)
2 - wipers - return of the rat
3 - u-men - dig it a hole
4 - green river - swallow my pride (demo)
5 - soundgarden - nothing to say
6 - mudhoney - touch me i'm sick (live)
7 - nirvana - negative creep
8 - some velvet sidewalk - mousetrap (live)
9 - dead moon - 54/40 (live)
10 - girl trouble - my hometown
11 - tad - giant killer
12 - gas huffer - hot cakes (7" version)
13 - young fresh fellows - low beat
14 - supersuckers - i say fuck (live)
15 - 7 year bitch - knot (live)
16 - the gits - second skin (live)
17 - flop - julie francavilla (demo)
18 - posies - throwaway (live)
19 - pearl jam - not for you (live)
20 - mark lanegan - the river rise
21 - pigeonhed - fire's coming down
22 - fastbacks - just say
23 - sara debell - smells like teen spirit (muzak version)

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2

the fluid - punch n' judy

released 1986

these boys from denver,co were clearly influenced by that motor city punk rawk sound mixed with a little bit o' the new york dolls (vocalist john robinson goes between iggy pop and david johansen)

they were the first non seattle band to get signed to sub pop (they released the band's second album CLEAR BLACK PAPER in 1988)

they also went onto record a split with nirvana in 1991

and if you've ever seen the movie HYPE!...the lead singer of the band blood circus is seen sporting one of the band's t-shirts onstage (and if you've never seen the movie...go and sit in the corner and think about what you've done)

DL: punch n' judy

the u-men - stop spinning 12"

released 1985

they helped pave the way for that thing called "grunge"

fronted by a one john bigley and his i've-had-waaaay-too-much-coffee vocals...they mixed up the dirty sound of be-bop-a-lula rockabilly with the mysterious purple velvet post punk sounds of the birthday party

best described as "swamp-o-billy"

the butthole surfers liked them so much that they titled a song after them

amphetamine reptile's own tom hazlemyer almost moved to seattle to join the band on bass after bassist jim tillman left (he did play onstage with them once opening for big black in 1987)

but you didn't come here for came for music (there are other u-men materials planted throughout this very blog as well)

DL: stop spinning 12"

Saturday, May 23, 2009

baby's first enema of 3 hours and 4 minutes ago...this is SGM's first birthday

so let's take the rest of the day and take kool and the gang's advice and celebrate (it's alright)

twinks the contortionist magician clown will be stopping by later

kitchen chair wrasslin' will probably be taking place

and of course we have the infamous petting zoo out back (now with more fainting goats...winkwinknudgenudge)

and later...we'll be throwing some questionable meats on the grill

so make yourself comfortable...there's sammiches in the kitchen...a tub of nyQuil kool-aid in the bathroom...and of course midgets doused in vegetable oil dressed as pokemon characters (GOTTA CATCH 'EM ALL!)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Into Another - Live in New Haven - 04-15-94

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1994

Okay, so here's the last of the live hardcore triad today. 
Into Another, a band that illicited strong response when they came out way back when because folks were expecting a traditional hardcore band based on their lineage, and what they got was this quasi-mystical heavy metal band with those soaring vocals. It took me awhile to get used to em, but eventually they worked out.
So maybe it's a stretch to call this "hardcore" per se, but they were always traveling within hardcore circles, so I give them a pass (because it's my place to do so...I distribute passes into the world of hardcore music on the weekends). This set includes tracks up through the Poison Fingers ep
Sound quality: C (the vocals start real low in the mix, but get better)

Burn - Live at CBGB - 1991

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1991

Ahhh Burn, glorious Burn. The perfect confluence of the old school New York Hardcore with the emerging new school (for 1991 that is) sounds. They did better than anyone else. They had the gloriously gnarly guitar playing of Gavin Absolution (nee Van Vlack), the swinging drums of Alan Cage, and the most distinct vocals of that day, Chaka Malik barking his orders. It was really perfect, because you got the throbbing post-Helmet sounds of say, Quicksand, with the raw speed of say, Cro-Mags all in one place. Perfect.
As an added bonus, "Shall Be Jugded" is still misspelled on this bootleg. Plus, there's a bunch of otherwise unreleased songs in this set. "Running through the world, like a demolition ball, and it's all gonna fall..."
Sound quality C

Born Against - Live At Gilman Street - 02-19-93

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1993

Today's three posts will all be early 90's live hardcore, alright? For reasons still unknown, I have been on a hardcore kick lately, and thought it might be appropriate to get some of that stuff out to the general public, but of course posting the albums would be too easy. Instead (and not "Insted") you will get some live shows.
First up, Born Against, who seemed to be the band that transcended their New York City Hardcore roots by injecting some much needed humor and political insightfulness into the genre when it was just about to fall off the precipice into a boiling vat of homoerotic macho posturing, and expose a lot of folks outside of the hardcore bubble to the music and ethos. For better or for worse I guess. By the time of this show the band was pretty self-aware of their place in the scene and took full advantage (or went overboard, however you see it) to mock and berate their audience. But whatever you think of their egos or politics, you can't deny the opening chords of "The Good Father".
Sound quality is a B-

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Japanther - Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty

Label: Tapes
Year: 2006

When I posted that No Age record a few days back, it reminded me of Japanther who share some sonic similarities, the fuzzy wash of guitar, the pop structures buried under a blanket of warm noise, and the disembodied vocals. Physically they share similarities to No Age as well, operating as a duo, they still manage a well-rounded amount of instrumentation. 
This particular album is a soundtrack written in conjunction with artist Dan Graham for a puppet show (yes...a puppet show) of the same name. The puppet show (repeating...puppet show) is a political satire telling the story of a 22 year old man who is elected president of the United States. As told by puppets. In a puppet show.
Of course, being over thirty myself, I'm not sure if you can trust anything you have read thus far. Be advised.

The Great Unraveling - The Angel Rang Virtue

Label: Vermin Scum
Year" 1994

Ah what the hay, why not get the other Great Unraveling 7" up here while we're at it? 
Again, they still sound like Universal Order Of Armageddon, and the members were in all those bands I mentioned in the earlier post. The bass guitar on this recording is more prominent on this record than on the other, but otherwise it's more of the same. The "same" being good though in this case. 
You should sew a patch onto your backpack and go to an all day festival where they have workshops on womyns self defense and how to make tampons out of recycled newspaper. If you really want to "get into it" that's what you should do. Assuming you have the time of course.

The Great Unraveling - Space Travel

Label: Vermiform
Year: 1996

A quick one for the ADHD portion of our audience, here's a two song 7" from The Great Unraveling, the band that featured Tonie Joy (Moss Icon, Breathing Walker, Born Against, Universal Order Of Armageddon, The Convocation Of...), Anthony Malat (Universal Order Of Armageddon, Love Life, Bellmer Dolls), and Randy Davis (The Thumbs). 
If you were a fan of Universal Order Of Armageddon (and it seems that most folks who heard them were), then you will be a fan of The Great Unraveling because it's basically a continuation of that sound. The major difference being that The Great Unraveling is a little more straight forward with less dynamics. The spidery guitar riffs are still there, and the distinct vocals remain intact (even with a different singer). 
Short record, short entry.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

you ever toss a pie,kid?

this is just a little friendly reminder that the CGB is once again up and running

so go on...stick your hand'll pull out a new and different surprise every time


that is all.

tinsel teeth - 5.17.08 - "whore island"

there are 2 guarantees when you witness this band live:

1: you'll see some some guys playing instruments in their underwears
2: you'll see...well...just look above

and in case you're wondering...that's stephanie...their singer

and i know what some/all of you are wondering as well: "where is this whore island? and how is it i get there?"...honestly...i have no idea...i'm assuming it's somewhere in the new york area because the band never seems to play outside of there (and here's the part where someone will mention that will ferrell movie where he's the tv news reporter...myself...i didn't really enjoy that movie...that's right...i said if they would've just filmed the fight he and his pals got into with the reporters from the other tv station and left it at would've been perfect)

but i'm getting away from the subject at hand

now if you were picked up the other 2 tinsel teeth products i put here in the past...and if you haven't...well...seriously...what's the deal with that,brah?

to be fair...i'll describe it to the uninitiated: it's the jesus lizard if david yow had a sex change (and you're welcome for that image)

the band should be releasing their debut soonly

so get to it

1 - intro
2 - post modern posture
3 - a fairwell to architecture
4 - untitled 69
5 - mirror mirror
6 - captain antagonist
7 - untitled

DL: tinsel teeth on whore island

9.26.08 - machines with magnets - pawtucket,ri

peter and raymond - shut up,little man!

released 1993

i'd been kicking around the idea of posting this here for awhile now...and with the recent goings on around these parts...what better time than now for such a thing

this is the story of roomates peter and in san francisco...a truly odd couple (one gay...both drunks)...and they like everyone else like to hurl around insults and threats to one another...and their next door neighbors one day decided to tape record the everyday events and then disperse the recordings amongst their friends...and then they took on a life of their own...showing up in places such as a devo sideproject called the wipeouters sampling an episode of spongebob spin jazz instrumentalist john zorn sampling it on stage

both peter and raymond are no longer among the living...peter died in 1996 because his liver finally said "ENOUGH!" and then packed it's bags and for raymond...he died in 1992 after being repeatedly kicked by a friend of his whilst lying in bed

so if you're anything like'll play this at top volume and act it out with your cat in the living room with the windows open...and maybe...just'll have a sheriff knocking on your door too (and it also helps things along if both you and your cat are wearing disheveled gray wigs and stretched out stained "wifebeaters")

DL: your future

Monday, May 18, 2009

No Age - Dead Plane

Label: Teardrops
Year: 2007

Here's the four song 12" from No Age that started it all for them, and chances are, unless you happened to know someone, who knew someone, you probably missed out on the o.g. pressing of 500. What is it they say about record collectors again? But then again, this band has managed two lps, and at least twelve eps since 2007, so maybe it's not the collectors but the band who are pretentious assholes? 
Musically, if you are familiar with the "Nouns" record that came out last year, you might be disappointed that this one isn't as polished or fleshed out. The songs meander through the same fuzzy drones as on "Nouns", but seldom come to any conclusion, and are interspersed with sloppy interludes which don't do much to propel the thing forward. So, what I'm saying is, "Nouns" is a fucking great album, and you should get it. This ep has some cool moments, and some duds, but if you like the band and want to hear how they started out, give it a listen. 

I didn't really sell that one very well huh?


Big Black - Den Haag Radio Performance - 11-26-86

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1986

This post is dedicated to my new favorite reader, "Anonymous", and in an effort to make him completely happy, I shall try to tailor my writing style to speak more directly to him.

So I was at the gym today, completely fucking shredding my lats, just getting cock fucking diesel, when this goddamn homo offers to spot me. What the fuck?! I tell the pickle-sniffer that the 5 lbs barbells are in the to the aerobics studio...burn! Go get AIDS and die you faggot. But whatever, I can't let no queerball through me off my game of total V taper! No way!
Then, I'm pounding a Muscle Milk shake after my 4 hour Superset workout (stretching is for pussies) and thinking about what lucky cunt I'm gonna be dick whipping tonight, when I here some dude mention "Big Black". Of course, I figure he must be talking about some new Jeezy mixtape, which would be completely fucking sick to workout to. I mean, I love that shit, "mask up, get the straps, ya it's hunting season, these niggas broke they choke, laugh at you niggaz, sit back and smoke". Yeah son! Yeah son! I'm always on the lookout for the illest gangsta shit to hype my workout.
Long story short, I download "Big Black", and it ain't The Snowman at all, in fact it's some faggot ass noise rock bullshit. What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?! Goddamn fucking queer, motherfuckers! This sucks! This fucking sucks so bad! Argh! Fuck! I'm gonna date rape the shit out of some whore! Argh!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

fitz of depression - the awakening 7"

released 1991

i'm gonna name off a few bands...

black flag
not-so-sludgy early melvins

and if you're a fan of the above mentioned bands...

do i have to spell it out for you,mcfly?

DL: the awakening 7"

v/a - sub pop 5

released 1982

this was sub pop's first music release (the previous 4 releases were in zine form and didn't have an accompanying cassette)

and apparently this is fairly hard to come by...there were roughly 2,000 copies made (it can be found on the ebay as part of a collection of 9 that's currently going for $19,999.99)

this was a simpler time...a time where you didn't wear a 50.00 flannel shirt or sport a pair of 200.00 went into your dad's closet and took one of his shirts and you were happy to wear a pair of ratty didn't have to spend your allowance to look like to just rolled out of bed and put on the first thing you saw

it's made up of folks mostly from the pacific northwest and the midwest that probably didn't get all that much attention outside of the area or their garages/basements

1 - visible targets - just for money
2 - beakers - what's important
3 - doug khan - reagan speaks for himself
4 - steve fisk - digital alarm
5 - cool rays - diary of you
6 - bruce pavitt - debbie
7 - pell mell - spy vs spy
8 - jungle nausea - job club
9 - neo boys - dirty white lies
10 - product one - it hurts me to remember
11 - nurses - rubber heads
12 - jad fair - it saw me
13 - the bohemians - switzer boy
14 - vague-leys - sofa or a chair
15 - sports of kinds - sing,mary,sing
16 - the men - men at work
17 - oil tasters - get out of the bathroom
18 - all night movies - slaughterhouse
19 - get smart - eat,sleep-a-go-go
20 - embarrassment - lifespan
21 - ray milland - tronada/the church of the subgenius - excerpts

DL: sub pop 5

ok...with much deliberation...and gray getting me boozed up...i've once again reinstated the anonymous posting

so bring it!
you eyeballin' me boy?!
you ain't nothin'!
i was touched by guys bigger than you in the boy scouts!
you told me this was chocolate!
it is time to get naked and find a petting zoo yet?
i don't care if it is 3:00am!
yer lookin' kinda perty......

genesis - live

released in 1973

"too artsy,too intellectual"
-patrick bateman

in keeping with gray's posting of the pink floyds...i present you all with genesis (though not in bootleg form)

this was a show was taped on 2 consecutive nights in 2 locations for the king biscuit flower hour but was never aired...though not originally intended as a live album...the band's label urged them to release this as something to tide the fans over while they were in the process of recording their next album(SELLING ENGLAND BY THE POUND)

and that was the wikipedia portion of our show

and in my opinion...this was genesis at their most creative (the peter gabriel years)...though the too artsy/too intellectual thing would later come back to bite them on the ass with the THE LAMB LIES DOWN ON BROADWAY tour's theatrical stage show in the form of peter gabriel's constant costume changing and the ultra-visual stage settings...and with peter leaving the opened the vocalist slot...and drummer/peter gabriel sound alike phil collins eventually landed the gig after the band almost took the instrumental route...and though they kept up the prog music for a few albums...they slowly slid over to the middle of the road and stayed there for the rest of the band's existence

so if you like anything to do with whistling "it's no fun being an illegal alien"...or getting in too deep...or not being able to dance...just put on your member's only jacket...turn around and walk away before the watcher of the skies sends the giant hogweed after you

DL: genesis live

you'll never look at your grandpa the same after this....
"the musical box"

Vertigo - Amphetamine Reptile 7"s

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1989, 1991, 1993

Here are all three 7"s that Amphetamine Reptile released from the band Vertigo; 
Bad Syd / Going To Pieces - 1989
Rub - 1991
Driver #43 - 1991
They had another 7" on Insipid Vinyl, but I don't have it, and therefore neither do you. They also had three really good full lengths as well, and someone should really get around to posting those. But for now, cherish these smaller slabs of garage rock cum hardcore cum cow punk cum thud rock, they are underrated treasures of a bygone era. If you hadn't heard Vertigo before and needed a band to compare them to, I'd start with Surgery and then go on to mention Tar, although I'm sure you could come up with something better. 
Anyway, these are good records that were overshadowed by the bigger names on this record label, and so a lot of folks (myself included) probably missed out on them the first time around.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

small man,big mouth

exactly,angry german kid

ah...the internet

ever since al gore invented it we've been allowed to bring everything from the above displayed instructions on how to make the perfect cake/ stories on why home made manure is better to use on your garden and not some store bought japanese girls getting pleasured by a 6 headed tentacled creature while ernest borgnine wearing a richard nixon mask videotapes it...into your living space

the possibilities are endless

and the internet serves another purpose as well...

it allows anyone to angrily tap out angry words and say whatever they'd like to say...and they remain faceless for the entire thing (though i can always picture some acne scarred 25 year old male virgin/40 year old male virgin dressed in an reo speedwagon shirt that picked the lock to his parent's room so he can use the computer while his parents are away at their friend's house across town playing cards on a saturday night because they have a life and he needs to get into that office because he needs to know what's going down on that cosplay messageboard and needs to check on his bid for that fan made he-man porn)

ok...i know that i'm rambling...but i have a point to make...and that point is this: the acne scarred virgin and the 40 year old reo speedwagon prince adam enthusiast are one in the same...they both have raging sweatpants boners and they have to tell folks about it

we recently got our second piece of e-hate mail...and if you wish to go and see it..go below to gray's pink floyd post and pop open the comments...and what i find funny about both the fact that they take time out of their day to vent what they find so irritating about the blog...but in the same breathe/typing they give the blog an's like a lifetime tv for women movie with it's he-says-i-love-you-with-his-fists scenario

but at least "phantom foetus" left us his name "anonymous" (or should i call you mr. lydon?)

so what i've gone ahead and done is taken away the anonymous if you feel the need to have to display your simian-like poo'll have to go through the minor inconvenience of putting your brain to work to come up with a username

so in the words of angry german kid: "@$#%$&*%@#@%&*%$@#$@%!!"

and in case you're wondering where it is you can find the ernest borgnine wearing a richard nixon mask while videotaping a japanese girl getting pleasured by a 6 tentacled'll just have to bid on it just like any other person wearing an reo speedwagon shirt (and a word of might want to make sure there are no dorito crumbs on the desk before you leave...your parents are starting to suspect something...and you might want to go through the computer's history as well)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pink Floyd - Live At Guild Hall - 01-23-72

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1972

Alright, I understand that a Pink Floyd bootleg is not our normal fair, nor is it ostensibly what you come hear looking for, but I post it for two reasons; one, I think it serves as a nice counterpoint to the Pussy Galore post from earlier today, and two, it is a great concert showcasing some of the band's best material. There. 
I believe it was John Lydon who claimed to wear a "Pink Floyd Sucks" shirt whilst terrorizing the citizenry of Olde London Towne back in the mid 70's as he claimed (and I paraphrase), Pink Floyd represented all that was overblown, overwrought, and generally wrong with popular music at that time, and therefore, by attacking the symbol of English progressive rock you were striking a blow for the common "lad" and ushering in the nascent punk scene. Makes some sense I guess, except that Pink Floyd were scantly bothered by Mr. Lydon or his punk cohorts, and they merrily went about crafting their epic, regal, cinematic, and sprawling songs. I have to say, Pink Floyd is a far better band than the Sex Pistols ever had hoped to be. Sorry, but it's true, and don't even get me going on the atrocities of Public Image Limited...the worst. 
So anyway, if you thought the Pussy Galore entry was amateurish and noise for the sake of noise, then try some Pink Floyd to cleanse your palette. There isn't a noise out of place on this one (which you might be able to say the same about Pussy Galore, although they would never admit it), and the songs are treated luxuriously in this live setting, the band is spot on. 
I love it. You may love it too. Or you may love me, and hate the music. Either way, it's a win/win for me. Somehow.

Pussy Galore - Groovy Hate Fuck (Feel Good About Your Body)

Label: Vinyl Drip
Year: 1987

It occurred to me that as often as Pussy Galore has been used as a touchstone on this blog, we had never actually made any available. Oops.
So then, let's get that straightened out post haste, yes? Yes. Here's "Groovy Hate Fuck", their first 7" and 12" (of original material, and not Rolling Stones covers that is) compiled onto a handy-dandy slap of screeching, baiting, nihilistic noise rock. All in wonderfully rendered lo-fi caterwaul, as if there's another way to capture this maelstrom. 
What I like about this band is that they moved down to Washington D.C. at the tail end of the much ballyhooed "Revolution Summer" with what appeared to be the sole aim of bumming out the Positive Force crowd via their caustic noise, offensive lyrics, and disdain for the "Dischord way". Either that, or as some would surmise, they were living there to escape the high rents in New York City and mooch off band member Julia Cafritz's parents. Can you imagine that conversation? "Uh, mom, this is my band Pussy Galore, and we need a place to stay for a little while. Can we practice our new song 'You Look Like A Jew' in the basement? Thanks mom, you're the best.". 
Whatever you want to believe.
If you think the Rolling Stones ought to have been covered by The Cramps, but recorded from an adjacent room during a howling rain storm, then this one is for you.
Members of Pussy Galore all went on to untold fame and fortune with John Spencer Blues Explosion, Sonic Youth, Royal Trux, Howling Hex, Weird War, Boss Hog, Free Kitten, Foetus, Action Swingers,  Heavy Trash, and Chrome Cranks among others. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

melt banana - 7.26.99 - fort smith,ar

hiroshima vs a pokemon gangbang

1 - scrub
2 - scratch or stitch
3 - f.d.c.
4 - stick out
5 - shoot the moon
6 - surfing usa
7 - scrubber
8 - ether twisted
9 - circle jack (chase the magic words-lego lego)
10 - spathic!
11 - mind thief
12 - picnic in panic

DL: melt banana in ft. smith arkansas

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Grotus - Brown

Label: Spirit Music Industries
Year: 1991

Again, by request. And, Phil, I don't know if this is the "original version" or not, so you'll have to tell me. 
So if "Mass" was "Cop Shoot Cop versus KMFDM", let's call "Brown", "Cop Shoot Cop versus Foetus versus Big Black, mixed with Meat Beat Manifesto and sprinkled with Skinny Puppy". It's more industrial, more menacing, more gothic, and less dance oriented than "Mass". All that probably makes it better (at least to me anyway). 
There are a lot of samples on this record, but from what I've dug up, that seems to be the only version out it was kinda Negativland worship, and they went for it on the samples.  Hope it's what you're looking for.

Grotus - Mass

Label: London
Year: 1996

By request. I don't know too much about this band, so I apologize for the lack of witty insights. I'm sure it somehow cheapens this posting, but I promise to make up for it soon.
Musically, this record is kinda...dancey? In an industrial kind of way of course, but still, it has definite grooves capable of generating at least a moderate booty shake. I'll call this one, "late era Cop Shoot Cop vs. KMFDM". The drummer on this record used to play in Philadelphia hardcore band Pagan Babies, if that helps at all. It helped me.

big black - 8.9.87 - georgetown steamplant - seattle,wa

the last blast

2 guitars gave up their lives that night

and after everything was over...what sounds like firecrackers going off is actually steve albini erupting into a vortex of black hatred...and everyone thought it was part of the show

1 - fists of love
2 - bad penny
3 - cables
4 - rip
5 - fish fry
6 - the model
7 - deep six
8 - pavement saw
9 - dead billy
10 - big money
11 - kerosene
12 - jordan,minnesota

DL: big black@georgetown steamplant

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

black flag - 5.21.81 - fender's lounge - tampa,fl

i remember reading in hank's get in the van book that he wasn't too fond of this show (but then again...what was he fond of back in those days?...but i'd also read an interview with greg ginn and he said that 99% of that book never happened)

maybe it was because no one would get him some water
maybe it was because everyone was untying his shoes
maybe someone had starched his tiny shorts

1 - sound check/tv party
2 - i gotta run
3 - my rules
4 - depression
5 - modern man
6 - jealous again
7 - life of pain
8 - thirsty and miserable
9 - padded cell
10 - scream
11 - no values
12 - clocked in
13 - damaged 1
14 - six pack
15 - fix me
16 - rise above

DL: black flag@fender's lounge
(link fixed)

the jesus lizard - 12.4.92 - 9:30 club - washington,dc

one can never have too many jesus lizards

1 - boilermaker
2 - seasick
3 - nub
4 - mouth breather
5 - bloody mary
6 - whirl
7 - zachariah
8 - killer mchaan
9 - gladiator
10 - rope
11 - blockbuster
12 - monkey trick
13 - if you had lips
14 - then comes dudley
15 - pastoral
16 - 7 vs 8

DL: the jesus lizard@9:30 club

grotus - luddite ep/slow motion apocalypse

luddite ep released 1992
slow motion apocalypse released 1993

this one goes out as a request filler (and to those that have made requests in the past...fret not...they'll be filled eventually...we just have to get better cattle prods)

the band that dared to ask the question: "were people this stupid before there was tv?"

they could be best described as taking the social commentary of a band like..oh i don't know...let's go with fugazi...and then mixed it up with some industrial/experimental (heavy on the mental) backbeats

this is what would be going through your mind if you were tied to a chair with your eyes pinned open and were made to watch a mixture of "reality" television and the news for a week

so if you can dig on some consolidated...some strapping young lad (vocalist lars fox could front a syl cover band)...some foetus...some crash worship...some skinny puppy...

and hey...mike patton liked them (they were the openers for the first mr.bungle/faith no more US tour back in 1992 after being asked by the man himself)...and that in turn got them asked by jello biafra to join alternative tentacles (which they did)

DL: luddite ep
DL: slow motion apocalypse

Burning Brides - Live At The Cotton Club

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2003

Recorded here in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, this here set captures Burning Brides annihilating the old Cotton Club while on tour opening for My Morning Jacket on April 24th, 2003 (The Detachment Kit rounded out the bill). It as recorded by an audience member, but the sound quality is surprisingly good, really good in fact. The band is in prime form, and manages to rock the fuck out the whole show, guitar solos and all.

1. Plank Of Fire
2. Come Alive
3. Glass Slipper
4. Dance With The Devil
5. Plastic Empire
6. Pleasure In The Pain
7. Steramine
8. Arctic Snow
9. If I'm A Man
10. Overhead Metal Erection
11. Leave No Ashes
12. At The Levity Ball

Chavez - Live 1996

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1996

Since we're all so hot on bootlegs of live shows, please allow me to introduce myself. Here is a mysterious live show by the criminally underrated Chavez which was recorded in 1996 off of the soundboard while the band was on tour opening for Ween (which is an unfortunate position to be in...having to see Ween every night that is). It's been uploaded as a single track with no breaks...sorry about that. But, the good news is, the sound quality is top notch, and the songs sound superb. 
Awesome shit.

Top Pocket Man
Break Up Your Band
The Guard Attacks
Unreal Is Here
New Room
The Ghost By The Sea
Pentagram Ring
You Must Be Stopped
Flight '96

Monday, May 11, 2009

the melvins - 3.26.86 - vct hall - seattle,wa

they were just 3 crazy kids with a dream

this was a record release shindig for the SIX SONGS album

1 - iron man (black sabbath cover)
2 - six pack (black flag cover)
3 - reagan's war puppets (the accused cover)
4 - over from the underground
5 - now a limo
6 - #2 pencil
7 - unknown
8 - bang bang (sonny bono cover)
9 - disinvite
10 - grinding process
11 - easy as it was
12 - snake appeal
13 - happy grey or black
14 - scared
15 - tomorrow's dream (black sabbath cover)
16 - firehouse (kiss cover)
17 - set me straight
18 - rip it out (ace frehley cover)
19 - gluey porch treatment
20 - reagan's war puppets (the accused cover)
21 - unknown*

*=cuts off

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ed Hall - Love Poke Here

Label: Boner
Year: 1990

By request, the second full length from Ed Hall. If you have been following this here blog for the past few months you will have already noted that we got pretty balls deep into the early 90's Austin, Texas / Trance Syndicate / Cherubs / Drain / Ed Hall / Johnboy / etc. scene a few months back. And there we described the music of Ed Hall, and I'm sure we gave a very lucid and well developed synopsis of the band and why you should invite them into you home. I'm sure we did, it's what we do. 
This particular album features the distinctive vocal "talents" of Kevin Whitley who would later go on to front Cherubs, in case that's what you need to hear before taking a chance on this.

By the way, happy mother's day to all the special ladies in my life who have had the honor of birthing my prodigy, and do my main dookie stain, the lady who brought me in to this world, Penny. Big ups!

* Links fixed 09.04.09

Saturday, May 9, 2009

slint - 3.3.89 - chicago,il

louisville,ky's other rodan

this is an official "bootleg"

1 - nosferatu man
2 - ron
3 - nan ding
4 - charlotte
5 - pat
6 - unknown
7 - breadcrumb trail
8 - good morning,captain
9 - rhoda
10 - cortez the killer (neil young cover)

DL: slint in chicago

rodan - 7.94 - 40 watt club - athens,ga

louisville,ky's other slint

1 - bible silver corner
2 - rungs
3 - the everyday world of bodies
4 - interlude
5 - gauge
6 - interlude
7 - sangre
8 - big things,little things
9 - martin
10 - before the train (picture of a girl)

DL: 40 watt rodan pt.1
DL: 40 watt rodan pt.2

at the drive-in - 1.18.01 - tokyo japan

right after this show...still amped up...vocalist cedric bixler-zavala and guitarist omar rodriquez-lopez...along with their hair...went out to take on godzilla

1 - arcarsenal
2 - pattern against user
3 - invalid litter dept.
4 - cosmonaut
5 - raschuache
6 - sleepwalk capsule
7 - enfilade
8 - extracurricular

DL: atdi vs japan

shellac - 7.27.97 - taste of lincoln avenue festival - chicago,il

"we're very concerned about controlling our image.
which is precisely why we play at street festivals."
-steve albini

1 - watch song
2 - this is a picture
3 - my black ass
4 - rambler song
5 - canada
7 - dog and pony show
8 - mouthpiece
9 - disgrace
10 - a minute

DL: steve albini's black ass

Ruins - Burning Stone

Label: Shimmy Disc
Year: 1992

This was the first Ruins album that I could handle, it has enough structure to not make me lose my motherfucking mind. Granted, it's a bouncy schizophrenic ride across the noise rock stratosphere, but there is a certain cohesion that keeps the whole thing from devolving into noise for the sake of noise.
As a two piece, they manage to make quite a racket, alternating from psych noise to harsh noise to bass driven metallic rock, all with drumming that can only be described as "Japanese". Know what I mean? Plus, they sing in their own language (not Japanese, but their OWN language), and apparently are disciples of Zeuhl music. Huh? Right. Meaning, they are performing in the tradition of Christian Vander of French prog rock fantasists Magma. You like? 
Bottom line is, if you like Magma and Boredoms, then you'll like this. It's not an everyday listen, but every once in awhile it can hit the spot.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eleventh Dream Day - Lived To Tell

Released: 1991

Obviously inspired by Neil Young & Crazy Horse but also reminiscent of Television's guitar interplay and X's country music from hell/boy-girl aesthetic. After an uneven debut that the band was unhappy with Eleventh Dream Day put out five excellent LP's and one killer live album between 1989 and 1994 (of which you should find every single one) before the husband wife duo of Rick Rizzo and Janet Bean settled down into real life/other projects and started only to put out something every 5 or so years. Lived To Tell is my favorite EDD album, probably their nosiest affiar (which is interesting because after this they immediately started stripping the fuzz from their songs) but also feels more focused than their other albums.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

godheadsilo - the scientific supercake lp

released 1994

you know...i'm very shocked that we here at SGM have never put an album released by this duo here...or have never made a reference to them anywhere

why is it i'd never heard of this drum/bass duo out of fargo,nd?



how did we let this band escape our all knowing radar?

and i do apologize to our faithful reader(s) for not allowing you to know of this band's existence

we should really just call it a day and just return to that janitor gig our mom got us (and we only got it because your uncle owns the business...let's not fool ourselves) and quit trying to hide behind this sheet of self-importance...we should never be allowed to dole out any sort of wisdom

and one last thing...i feel that you should all be aware that the last song on this album could very well blow your speakers if played too loud (so you might want to take it out of the i-don't-care-i'm-gonna-play-this-as-loud-as-i-want-because-it's-bingo-night-and-mom-isn't-home-whateva-i-do-what-i-want! range)

and it's been rumored that the recording of this album caused bass player mike kunka to go deaf in one ear

this album could very well cause elephantitus of the speaker

DL: the scientific supercake lp

"multiple organic" - 6.6.96 - BLTs - atlanta,ga
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