Monday, May 23, 2022

Blood On The Wall - Liferz

Label: The Social Registry
Year: 2008

Watched Manchester United drop points this weekend against Everton. Did you?
How the fuck you going to win games if you can't control the midfield?
How the fuck you going to win games if you lose every second touch? Motherfuckers couldn't string together more than three passes before...whoops...turnover.
How the fuck you spend that many millions of dollars on transfers and ain't got a fucking back line? David De Gea is the only person working on their half of the field.
How the fuck you sub in goddamn Fellaini with less than five minutes to go and that asshole gives away a fucking penalty kick? Get a fucking haircut you ridiculous loser.
How is Rooney the captain of the team riding the goddamn pine?
How does Mourinho not even break his dead-eyed glower when Ibra scores?
How the fuck can you squander a talent like Pogba?
How the fuck is Ryan Giggs not the manager of this team?

Five dollars says Blood On The Wall could not pick Giggsy out of a lineup.

Hey, at least that fucking pussy stain Aguero got a four game suspension for that bullshit he pulled on Saturday against Chelsea. And P.S., now you got me pulling for Chelsea?! For once in my life I was rooting for Diego Costa to release the Kraken and run through the entire City lineup, just one-timing those pieces of shit. That's how bad United is! I'm over here hoping to see thugs beat the shit out of City, literally. Sorry shit.

Blood On The Wall are helping a little, but I'm still pissed.
Garagey loose rock with some punk, some noisy post punk, a hint of slacker haze, and whatever Jesus and Mary Chain is considered. Some of that too. Punchy, but not in a Diego Costa kind of way, in a feel-good-bounce-around kind of way.

*originally posted 12.05.16, reposted 05.23.22


Birth Order - Farewell, Square Horse

Label: The Ghost Is Clear
Year: 2022

From the fertile crescent of the Mississippi River (no, not that part of the river...further north), nestled in the ample bosoms of the Twin Cities comes Birth Order and their particularly acerbic update on the Minneapolis' noise rock template. Which is to say, very loud, very abrasive, very ornery.
Birth Order know how to hurt you, whether that be the menacing slow burn bass pulse of opener "Sweet Pea", or the blast furnace attack of "The All-Consuming Child" that immediately follows. This band deals a continually raw hand, but it's what you need. I think. At least, if you're here, then I think so.

Look for this one on end of year "Best of 2022" lists.

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