Saturday, March 28, 2020

coalesce - there is nothing new under the sun

released: 2007
label: hydra head records

remember that one time coalesce released an album of led zeppelin covers?
that was a good time,right?
yeah it was.
well they went ahead and re-released it with some added covers from other bands.
is it still a good time?
i don't know.
i can't tell you how to enjoy things.
i mean...who am i to do that?
i'm not your stepdad shoving that bottle of colt 45 in your face and being all like "drink up! it's good!" as he falls off of the front porch.
i'm not that guy.
i don't even have a porch.

but i digress....

led zeppelin covers.
some other covers.
nuff said.

1 - immigrant song
2 - heartbreaker
3 - black dog
4 - out in the tiles
5 - whole lotta love
6 - that's the way
7 - thank you
8 - i'm giving up on this one (the get up kids cover)
9 - vehicle (boy sets fire cover)
10 - in the wilderness (boy sets fire cover)
11 - bob junior
12 - supernaut (black sabbath cover)
13 - cutting away (undertow cover)
14 - that's the way (redux)
15 - thank you (redux)


she luv it - she luv it

released: 2020
label: bedouin records

[x] hardcore
[x] sludge
[x] japan
[x] early neurosis
[x] zeni geva
[x] that's all you really need to know


small - chin music

released: 1994
label: alias

hi. i just moved in next door. you have a few minutes to talk? no? i'll try to be quick then....

you know how certain areas have certain scenes and all or most of the bands that come from that scene have a certain sound? well this band was from chapel hill in north carolina. heard of it? i can tell by the look on your face that you haven't. i know. you have to go. i'll be quick. maybe you've heard of bands with names like archers of loaf and superchunk and polvo and the raymond brake or seam...yeah. i'm aware that seam are more looked at as being from chicago but they got their start in chapel hill. yeah. i saw you giving me that look. "this guy doesn't know what he's talking about". it's ok. i get that alot. yeah. ok. you have to go. i get it. sheeeeeeeeeesh. well just know that this band is also from chapel hill and they had a one time drummer from superchunk as a member. so now you know. and before i go....the wife wanted me to ask you if'n maybe you'd like to come over for dinner sometime. i hope you like chicken skins because she can peel it off with the best of 'em. good lord,those fingers.


Sunday, March 22, 2020

curl up and die - unfortunately we're not robots

released: 2002
label: revelation records

you remember metalcore,yeah?
the bands always had some kooky wacky song titles....

"i wanna be a sex symbol on my own terms"
"the proud parents convention held in the e.r."
"you'd be cuter if i shot you in the face"
"boston tea bag party"
"god ain't got no use for no 180lbs bag of sugar"
"where the hell is rick thorne these days?"

good times.
there's a curl up and die song title included in that list.
which one?
you're just going to have to find out for yourself.


coalesce & napalm death - in tongues we speak

released: 1997
label: earache records

you've got your coalesce.
you've got your napalm death.
now just sit back and relax.
but not too much.
do you know what they say about people that can just put on this type of music and relax?
who cares what those people say!
the SGM has your best interests in mind.
never doubt that.
now who wants ice cream?
it's that funny tastin' ice cream.


v/a - never give in: a tribute to bad brains

released: 1999
label: century media

bad brains?
you like them?
so do alot of other people.
including moby.
are you ok with that?
things could be worse.
but we're not going to think about that right now.

1 - moby - sailin' on
2 - ignite - pay to cum
3 - skinlab - the messengers
4 - vision of disorder - soulcraft
5 - snapcase - i
6 - entombed - yout' juice
7 - 16 - right brigade
8 - sepultura - gene machine/don't bother me
9 - adamantium - re-ignition
10 - downset - supertouch/shitfit
11 - haste - no conditions
12 - will haven - the regulator
13 - turmoil - coptic times
14 - boy sets fire - i against i
15 - shai hulud - fearless vampire killers
16 - cave-in - i love i jah


Friday, March 20, 2020

Tombstones In Their Eyes - Maybe Someday

Label: Somewherecold
Year: 2020

Need a big, hazy, warm, desert-psych shoegaze fix? Cause if you do, there's one right here. This very post.
Tombstones In Their Eyes come correct with a disembodied smog (they are from Los Angeles after all), that draws from cinematic low desert stoner fuzz, some early 80's deathrock stomp, some of the damaged garage psych of the Sympathy For The Record Industry roster,and the comforting blanket of high grade shoegaze sound washes. It's shimmering and ethereal at times, and roiling and ominous at others.
Always relaxing though...somehow.
Relaxes me anyway. So I highly recommend this one. You can still get it on red vinyl if you hurry. Which, speaking of, the record cover's tattoo aesthetic may throw you for a loop, but if you're an actual Loop fan, or a fan of Nothing, then don't sweat it. You'll like it, it's not some rockabilly street punk record.


Thursday, March 19, 2020

Unsane - Coextinction ep

Label: Coextinction
Year: 2010

In a time of global pandemics, I can't think of anything more soothing to the soul than Chris Spencer's bark, back by the quite possibly THE quintessential noise rock band of all time.
Plus, this one was from the Coextinction series, and "coextinction" sorta sums up our situation doesn't it?
Saying we do survive this viral plague, and the resulting world isn't just a burnt out hull of steaming cinders and toilet paper hoarding nomadic tribes, do you think someone could do us the service of assembling all the Coextinction stuff onto record so we can listen to it properly? Over a couple of years they release some of the best music, and it's just sorta farted away. Besides Unsane, they had Fashion Week, Pigs, Goes Cube, Great Falls, Shrinebuilder, Cave In, War Amps, Freshkills, and a bunch more. All the eps were top shelf, and it would be rad to but out a couple 12"s with them all collected.


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

nomeansno - 4.9.13 - biltmore cabaret - vancouver,canada

who doesn't like the ramones?
truth be told: i'm not that big of a fan.
but i like a few of their songs so you can put those rocks down.
you know who really likes the ramones?
they like them so much that they've played complete sets of ramones covers.
this is one of those times.

1 - rockaway beach
2 - teenage lobotomy
3 - blitzkrieg bop
4 - i wanna be well
5 - glad to see you go
6 - gimme gimme shock treatment
7 - you're gonna kill that girl
8 - i don't care
9 - sheena is a punk rocker
10 - havana affair
11 - commando
12 - here today,gone tomorrow
13 - surfin' bird*
14 - cretin hop
15 - listen to my heart
16 - california sun**
17 - i don't wanna walk around with you
18 - pinhead
19 - do you wanna dance***
20 - chainsaw
21 - today your love,tomorrow the world
22 - now i wanna be a good boy
23 - judy is a punk
24 - suzy is a headbanger
25 - let's dance****
26 - oh oh i love her so
27 - now i wanna sniff some glue
28 - we're a happy family

technically covers of:
*=the trashmen
**=joe jones
***=bobby freeman
****=chris montez


kabul golf club - le bal du rat mort

released: 2012
label: uproar for veneration

this is what would happen if'n you were to be staying at a motel and you'd been trying to get some sleep and the occupants in the next room were raising some kind of unholy ruckus and it had been going on for hours and all you want to do is sleep because it's 3:00am and do you really need an excuse for wanting to sleep? fuck you,dear. you're in this motel room because you just want some peace and quiet and if you want to watch tv naked while eating fast food you can because there's no one there to stop you. but now you just want some fucking sleep and you're not getting that sleep because there's something going on in the next room. you've had it. you don't even bother getting dressed. you just walk on over to that door and you fucking pound on it. and you pound on it. and you pound on it some more. and then you hear the doorknob move and you take a few steps back. you've got all of the angry words you're going to scream planned out inside your head. and then the door opens.....

it's fugazi's IN ON THE KILL TAKER.
and you catch a quick glimpse of the scenery behind it.
on the bed.
it's the blood brothers' BURN,PIANO ISLAND,BURN and refused's THE SHAPE OF PUNK TO COME and at the drive in's RELATIONSHIP OF COMMAND.

and then suddenly all of the angry words fall away.
and you just stand there.
everyone is looking back at you.
and you just stand there.
head spinning.
and suddenly the door is left wide open and everyone is back on the bed.
and you're just standing there.
"last chance for a slow dance."

fast forward to a month later.
you're sitting on the exam table waiting for the doctor to come in.
you can probably explain away the rash.
but what about the pregnancy?


cop shoot cop - 3.12.95 - cleveland,oh

it's cop shoot cop.
it's cop shoot cop in cleveland.
it's cop shoot cop in cleveland being cop shoot cop for some folks that paid to see a band called cop shoot cop.
and then david yow shows up.

1 - last legs
2 - nowhere
3 - interference
4 - cause and effect
5 - swimming in circles
6 - it only hurts when i breathe
7 - the divorce
8 - down come the mickeys
9 - eggs for rib
10 - shine on elizabeth
11 - suckerpunch
12 - any day now
13 - turning inside out
14 - money drunk (w/ david yow on vocals)

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