Sunday, July 31, 2016

hissing choir

what do you know about some hissing choir?

vocals: jr hayes (pig destroyer)
guitar: mike taylor (pageninetynine)
guitar: nathan grace (crestfallen)
bass: chris taylor (pageninetynine)
drums: jake creggar (drugs of faith)

this is the entirety of the band's output.
you know what to do.


rainbow of death

label: solitude records
released: 2007

there's a band from france called monarch.
they play the doom.
this is what happens when they get into your powerviolence records.
so you can just march your way up to your kid's room and apologize.
she didn't scratch your copy of DWARF JESTER RISING.


thou - through the empires of eternal void/split w/ kowloon walled city

label: vendetta records
released: 2009

label: hell comes home
released: 2012

thou are a band from baton rouge,la.
thou are the type of band that plays heavyfuckingsludgy music.
"well. they are from louisiana,yeah? duh."

thou like to cover other band's music.
THROUGH THE EMPIRES OF ETERNAL VOID is all black sabbath covers.
they cover soundgarden's "4th of july" on the split.

and in case you're interested: kowloon walled city cover "july" by the band low.

and speaking of thou and the covering of other band's musics: do yourself a favor and track down their nirvana covers. all of them. comparable to a shotgun blast to the face. that's right. i went there.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

yuck - self-titled

label: fat possum
released: 2011

do you find yourself enjoying some dinosaur jr?
do you find yourself enjoying some sonic youth?
do you find yourself enjoying some my bloody valentine?
do you find yourself enjoying some pixies?
do you find yourself enjoying some early smashing pumpkins?
do you find yourself enjoying this?


baby chaos - safe sex,designer drugs & the death of rock 'n' roll

label: east/west
released: 1994

it was album art that had caught my attention and made me pick up the cassette and carry it to the front counter.

this was at the mall.
at a disc jockey.

i'd never heard of the band before that.
and then i got it home and listened to it.
and honestly after the initial listen nothing really stuck out.
well maybe the song "saliva".
aka: track #2.

"nondescript" would be a good word.
very typical of the time.

but over the years i found myself wondering "y'know...i wonder what baby chaos is up to".
and every so often i'd try to seek this album out again.
but nothing came up.

and then one day i was wandering around a music store.
perusing their used cd section.
and there it was.
a promo copy.
one of those "must be returned on demand of recording company" kind of things.
and the .50 price tag was just within my price range.

i know.
doesn't this really make you feel as if you're not able to click the DL fast enough?

now hurry before the recording company wants this back.


Friday, July 29, 2016

melvins - live at slim's

label: life is abuse
released: 2000

see that guy on the cover?
he gets it.
you wanna get it?

1 - manky
2 - amazon
4 - let it all be
5 - log god be your gardener
6 - hog leg
7 - with teeth
8 - the bit
9 - the bloat
10 - the green manalishi (with the two-pronged crown)*
11 - lovely butterfly
12 - jew boy flower head
13 - eye flys
*=fleetwood mac cover


nuclear rabbit - intestinal fortitude

label: self-released
released: 1998

down yonder in the THE PUNK SOUNDTRACK comments section someone had asked if'n there were any more nuclear rabbit.

of course there is.
and now you can have some more.
a taste.

sometimes around the SGM you get what you ask for.
and sometimes things that you don't ask for.
here's our card.
take it to the clinic downtown.
they'll give you a special rate.

i'd first discovered nuclear rabbit on my nightly raids of
you remember that place,yeah?
the early 00s were a wondrous time.

what can be said about some nuclear rabbit.....
the first thing that'll come to mind is "hey. these here fellers like them some mr. bungle."
that sort of thing is inevitable here.
but that's ok.
this is more SELF-TITLED mr. bungle than DISCO VOLANTE mr. bungle.
but still mr. bungle-like nonetheless.
mr. bungle.

also: their bass player is a madman. his name is jean baudin. youtube him sometime. like you have anything else going on.


Thursday, July 28, 2016

melvins - singles 1-12

label: amphetamine reptile
released: 1997

once upon a time i'd witnessed the melvins play at an ozzfest.
the year was 1998.
the place was alpine valley located in east troy,wisconsin.
the second stage.

that day i'd seen bands with names like:
tool (which is why a band like the melvins were even playing something like this in the first place)
system of a down
monster voodoo machine

but the one thing that sticks out in my head about the entire day is the 30 minutes the melvins were onstage.

i don't remember who played before them.
but folks weren't happy to see some guy with that hair standing in front of them.

"get the fuck off the stage!"
"you fucking suck!"
"who the fuck is this?"
"blah blah blah."

they spent the entire time playing "boris" (and only "boris") and mocking the audience.
it was fucking glorious.

that was a good story,grampa.
how did you even get out of the basement in the first place?
we have company coming over.
and you remember what happened the last time,yeah?
the carpet needed to be replaced.

i'm just going to assume that you know the story behind this here business.

the cliff notes version:
the band released a single per month for a year.
hence the 1-12.
and this combines everything.
amphetamine reptile did all of this for you,damien.*

*=and for all of you other folks as well.


old wounds - terror eyes

label: self-released
released: 2011

a little bit of (the) melvins.
a little bit of eyehategod.
a little bit of botch.
a little bit of the sludgy side of black flag.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

combatwoundedveteran - i know a girl who develops crime scene photos

label: no idea records
released: 1999

once upon a time back in the early part of the 00s i lived in florida.
a place just outside of tampa called brandon.
it wasn't too bad
i'd always go to shows in ybor city.
and there was a record store down the street from where i lived called sound idea.

sound idea would always have shows in the back room.
and it was a very very small back room.
you ever been to a show inside of a broom closet before?
to be fair it was the size of 2 broom closets.
maybe it was 3.

the owner of the establishment was named bob.
he had also ran a record label called burrito records.
he had also fronted a band called murder-suicide pact.

they had a mixtape system.
you made one and dropped it into a box and took one out.

anytime i had spare change i was roaming the store.

sound idea turned me onto a few bands.
bands with names like:
scrotum grinder
roach motel
failure face
hated youth
man is the bastard
cream abdul babar
charles bronson
the reckless deerhunters

and this here band.
this band called combatwoundedveteran.

what can be said about combatwoundedveteran?
what can be said about this album?

do you dig bands like the locust?
do you dig record labels like slap-a-ham?
do you dig any of the bands mentioned up yonder?

as for the album: do you need a soundtrack for your next 20 minutes?
because now you have it.
use it wisely.


hopesfall - the satellite years

label: trustkill records
released: 2002

sometimes there's an album that just finds its way into your psyche.
you'll just be sitting there and BAM! are you today? remember me?
and that's what the album's closer "the bending" is like for me.

i'm not even really sure how i came around to finding out about hopesfall.
it was probably via some random sampler i'd discovered somewhere.
used cd stores were the best,weren't they?

i suppose this could count as a re-post that no one asked for as i'd originally posted it back in 2012.
you're welcome.

if'n you're a fan of cave in's JUPITER or between the buried and me's THE SILENT CIRCUS you can make room on that "hey! you got melody in my hardcore! you got hardcore in my melody!" shelf you have in your room for this right here.


v/a - the punk soundtrack

label: wurmhole music
released: 2000

this is one of those "hey! i like that band!" kind of situations.

1 - subincision - instrumental/panic attack
2 - subincision - fight
3 - subincision - life sucks
4 - subincision - 12-pack girlfriend
5 - subincision - rock 'n' roll
6 - subincision - kerouac
7 - subincision - anti-bark device
8 - the ultimatics - fuck california
9 - the ultimatics - carry frankie home
10 - the ultimatics - every trick in the book
11 - the ultimatics - she got me over you
12 - nuclear rabbit - moth chew moth
13 - nuclear rabbit - sweet nothings
14 - nuclear rabbit - crane to the head
15 - nuclear rabbit - supermarket
16 - nothing cool - i'm gonna kill you
17 - nothing cool - the cheveron song
18 - no alternative - working class boy
19 - no alternative - rockabilly rumble
20 - the subhumans - slave to my dick
21 - doa - america the beautiful*
22 - doa - the prisoner*
23 - circle jerks - live fat die young*
24 - bad brains - how low can a punk get*
25 - crucifix - steel case enclosure*
26 - dead kennedys - forward to death*
27 - dead kennedys - i am the owl*
28 - black flag - scream*
29 - t.s.o.l. - weathered statues*
30 - avengers - cheap tragedies*



examination of the.... - we are the architects of desire

label: forge again records
released: 2001

you like most of that "screamo" music that came out during the earlier parts of the 00s,yeah?

with a little touch of the neurosis?
remember the label robotic empire?


v/a - in-flight program: revelation records collection '97

label: revelation records
released: 1997

1997 was a good year.
and you probably still have the khaki pants and oversized white t-shirt to prove it.
so do we.
maybe we could set up some sort of play date or something.
and of course there won't be a chaperone. least not until 5:00.
that's when the parents come home.
and then it's bedtime.

1 - sense field - building
2 - texas is the reason - back and to the left
3 - farside - audience
4 - the iceburn collective - sphinx
5 - shades apart - fearless
6 - chain of strength - true till death
7 - whirlpool - wasteland
8 - chinchilla - decoder
9 - bodyjar - glossy books
10 - ignite - embrace
11 - sparkmarker - chrysanthemum
12 - youth of today - break down the walls
13 - no fun at all - master celebrator
14 - gorilla biscuits - new direction
15 - state of the union - a piece
16 - beta minus mechanic - sandcastles
17 - quicksand - omission
18 - underdog - say it to my face
19 - judge - bringin' it down
20 - supertouch - vendor
21 - inside out - no spiritual surrender
22 - shelter - enough
23 - burn - shall be judged
24 - into another - to be free
25 - bold - looking back
26 - engine kid - windshield


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

V/A - Initial Records Extreme Sampler

label: initial records
released: 1999

"in your face!"
"fuck the establishment!"
"true till death!"

nuff said.
and you know it's true because there are exclamation points present.

1 - as friends rust - home is where the heart aches
2 - botch - john woo
3 - boy sets fire - the fine art of falling
4 - cave in - moral eclipse
5 - chalkline - present tense
6 - chamberlain - go down believing
7 - coalesce - a new language
8 - corrin - seed of cain
9 - darkest hour - reflections of ruin
10 - elliot - suitcase and atoms
11 - the enkindels - florida trash
12 - fastbreak - fast cars fast women
13 - get high - darkness divider
14 - give until gone - fors
15 - harvest - epicure
16 - in my eyes - the way it was left
17 - indecision - dream come true
18 - ink & dagger - the fine art of original sin
19 - jazz june - when the drums
20 - jejune - this afternoon's malady
21 - keepsake - infinity road
22 - metroschifter - the name of a street
23 - stalag seventeen - margin=1

Download Initial Extreme Music Sampler

V/A - Sweet Deal! Initial & Eulogy Label Sampler

released: 2000
label: initial records/eulogy records

"i'd heard that he fell in the shower while making a sandwich."

"i'd heard that he locked himself in the basement and was recording an all reggae tribute to slayer and it was going to be called HELL AWAITS,MON: THE REGGAE TRIBUTE TO SLAYER."

"i'd heard that he'd moved to montana and was calling himself claire."

"i'd heard that he'd bought a small town in west virginia and it populated with nothing but midgets."

"i'd heard that he went off to south america and built a cult around david yow's testicles."

only one of those things are true.
or they may all be false.
or maybe i'd just locked myself in a closet.
the only one that knows for sure was the hobo holding the video camera.

so with that....

1 - boy sets fire - the tyranny of what everybody knows
2 - christiansen - unhappy forever ending
3 - despair - kill
4 - elliot - waiting while under paralysis
5 - the enkindels - just another sellout
6 - falling forward - character
7 - forever and a day - hands down
8 - glasseater - 7 years bad luck
9 - ink & dagger - the fine art of original sin
10 - the jazz june - the medicine
11 - keepsake - she hums like a radio
12 - king for a day - dolly llama
13 - morning again - to die a bitter death
14 - the movielife - maybe it's nothing
15 - red roses for a blue lady - musical chairs
16 - santa sangre - feast for the new gods
17 - silent majority - nautilus
18 - slugfest - high and mighty
19 - this day forward - the end of august
20 - trust no one - sometimes
21 - twelve tribes - kite eating tree
22 - unearth - my desire
23 - walls of jericho - a day and a thousand years

Download Sweet Deal - The Initial and Eulogy Sampler

V/A - Shiny Grey Monotone Radio - Show 17

Label: n/a
Year: 2016

As with all of my babies (I should buy stock in turkey basters), I am extremely pleased to present their accomplishments to you for your plaudits and praises. It's what makes Mama most proud. They deserve trophies, each and every one of them (my uterus is shot). And not just those pussy-ass participation trophies either...I'm talking about the good ones, the big ones. I raised them right ya'll. Mama's tired, but Mama's proud.
Please enjoy the fruits of Mama's loins...that were stolen from some other baby mama's loins. Solid loins all.
Also, fun fact: see if you can identify the 4.5 bands in this edition that are from my adopted home state of Georgia. First correct answer gets a a location and administration of my choosing.
The bands:
Jonathan Fire*eater
Action Swinger
Honor Role
Porn Orchard
Fresh Meat
Rational Animals
White Drugs
Big Jesus
Tired From Now On
Trans Am


Saturday, July 23, 2016

Kinghorse - Too Far Gone

Label: Slamdek
Year: 1994

Kinghorse doesn't belong on this blog, they belong over on CGB, but ("let's talk about your big but" - Pee Wee Herman), if you take a closer look, a case can be made for their appearance here and now. 
David Pajo, you know him right? He played in a bunch of Louisville (and beyond) bands like, Papa M, Aerial, Tortoise, Matmos, The For Carnation, Royal Trux, Stereolab, Dead Child, Zwan, The Palace Brothers, King Kong, and Slint. Dude belongs here based on that resume right? Okay. Then look way back into the past and see that David Pajo was in a band called Maurice with ex-Squirrel Bait member Britt Walford, ex-Slint member Brian Mcmahan, and two future members of Kinghorse, Sean Garrison (vocals) and Mike Bucayu (bass). So, we're making a connection right? 
Maurice didn't last very long at all, and the members split off into two bands, one of them being Slint, one of them being Kinghorse.
Kinghorse sounds nothing like the bands mentioned earlier in this post. Kinghorse sounds like Danzig, later Corrosion Of Conformity, Saint Vitus, Motorhead, Crawlpappy, you know, shit like that. Rocking shit.
Kinghorse will divide you from your friends. They will form a line in the sand between those who love it and those who hate it (most folks). They are a strange phenomena that occurred during a strange time in a strange place. Some people really respond to that, and others...well...others like Slint a lot. I suppose it depends on your threshold for un-ironic metal. 
So, if you made it this far, I should tell you this record contains demos for an unreleased follow-up to their Caroline Records self titled release in 1992, and demos from their first session in 1988. Pure gold. 
Here's a quote from the Louisville Courier-Journal; "The world of Kinghorse is a dark, frightening place where understanding and compassion seem to be absent, where the individual has been oppressed beyond recognition and forgotten. Until now. Kinghorse represents the rebirth of the individual and the raging struggle necessary to maintain and nourish the soul; they are the musical embodiment of the holy war between illness and health.”

*originally posted 09-21-09, reposted 07-23-16


Iabhorher - Crowskin b/w Splint 7"

Label: Slap A Ham
Year: 1994

As far as ugly music goes, this one is in the top half of the top 1%. It's such an abominable blast of pure mania. I wore this record out in 1994, just couldn't get enough of their downtuned damage.
The band had Javier Villegas on bass (Born Against, Cattle Press, Kylesa, Capricorns, Our Gang, The Ladybug Transitor [really?!]), Dave Witte on drums (every band ever), and Joey Capizzi on guitar and vocals (Cattle Press). And shit, they got Clive Barker to draw the cover art. Not bad, right?!
This was their only record (thought they do appear on the Cry Now, Cry Later compilation), and then they morphed into Cattle Press, who we have previously covered in this very blog. You should get covered by them.
This is an all time favorite 7" of mine, I can't overstate that enough. When you need something super heavy, and dirty, and fucked up sounding, then you really can't do much better than this.

*originally posted 03-06-15, reposted 07-23-16


Drop Acid - Making God Smile

Label: Restless
Year: 1991

This one's a wild card, and it goes out to my man White Cory (aka Lumpy) as he and I seemed to have discussed the merits(?) of this very record some time ago. As a result, I dug it out of the mothballs and gave it a spin for old time's sake. 
Still sounds the exact same. Not that it should have morphed over the years into a new record, but I guess it means it hasn't really aged per se. It hasn't aged poorly, or aged well, it's just sorta...the same. Certainly a relic of the early nineties, but it's kinda remained a time capsule.
If you followed 7 Seconds past "Soulforce Revolution" (and I can't blame you if you didn't), this record would (or will) come as no surprise. It's Kevin Seconds expanding on that "Soulforce Revolution" sound and adding some of the de rigeur grunge pop into the mix. Sort of a Seaweed versus later 7 Seconds versus Mudhoney amalgamation. I really liked it when it came out (most likely due to an allegiance to Kevin Seconds more than anything else), and as a nostalgia trip, it's pretty fun.

*Originally posted 11-28-09, reposted 09-25-14, and now reposted for the FINAL time 07-23-16


Thug - Everything Is Beautiful In It's Own Way

Label: Grudge
Year: 2001

First off, let's preface this by saying, this "Thug" is an Australian noise/rock band from the mid to late 80s, not the "Thug" that was associated with Bovine Records in the early 90s. Clear? Nice.
Also, I can't pretend to know much at all about this band, I had only heard of them in the context of Beasts Of Bourbon, as they share a member in Tex Perkins, who then (apparently) went on to minor fame in Australia as a member of The Cruel Sea. I happened upon a couple Thug releases and thought they might be of interest to you folks as well, this one being a compilation, that was put out on a Universal imprint no less, of their recorded output, which consisted of the Fuck Your Dad 7", Mechanical Ape/Proud Idiots Parade lp, and Electric Wooly Mammoth lp. Supposedly. I'm trusting the internet on this one (the internet doesn't lie).
Musically, it's within the realm of Boredoms, the Residents, Whitehouse, Chrome...maybe Captain Beefheart...maybe some Butthole Surfers. Noise basically. Fucked up, weird, seemingly cut and paste, noise. Sometimes that's more exciting than others, and this record has some hits and some misses, but ultimately it's an interesting listen to say the least. 
Like I said, I'm no authority on this band, nor am I an authority on this style, but I listened to it, and I liked it, so there's a good chance you will too. There's even some fart sounds that occasionally made me laugh. You like farts right?

*originally posted 03-10-09, reposted 07-23-16


Cherubs - Icing

Label: Trance Syndicate
Year: 1992

I shouldn't have to say much about this one, because it seems that, even though Cherubs toiled in obscurity during their lifespan they have become widely popular among noise rock fans posthumously. Their records turn up on the internet to unanimous praise, so apparently, folks are into Cherubs these days. For good reason, they are one of the best at what they do. And they "do" relentless, rolling, thick noise rock with some of the more memorable vocals of that canon. Think of Helmet on cough syrup after a full night listening to Flipper. Are you thinking? Well, so like I said, their albums show up from time to time on these kinds of blogs, but I don't usually see this one, so, since I was listening to it myself, I thought I'd get it up (the record, not my dong mind you). 

They were from Austin, Texas (which I believe we have discussed it's magical early 90s qualities here already) and featured the talents of the bands Ed Hall, Butthole Surfers, Sugar Shack, Fuckemos, and Drain. If perchance you have not had the pleasure of acquainting yourself with this particular band, please remedy that situation post haste. Please.

*originally posted 03-03-09, reposted 07-23-16

Slughog - Grit

Label: Wonderdrug
Released 1995

Noise...Rock. It's noisy and it rocks. Kinda ticks the box firmly in both categories. From the opening bassline you would be forgiven to thinking that you are listening to mid-era Unsane but then when the vocals cut in you are reminded of Tad. Dual mouth on this album which then remind me of Hell No on the later songs. As the pope would say "good shit!"

*originally posted 12-28-09, reposted 07-23-16


Pre - Epic Fits

released 2007

these 4 gentleman and lady come from across the big pond (london)'s melt banana and devo arguing about their favorite episodes of REN & STIMPY while black flag's DAMAGED gets played at the wrong speed



the title of the album is very can almost picture a room full of chubby children wearing helmets running around a room and holding their breaths because no one would give them a cookie

they have ex-todd guitarist john webb in their ranks

if you can tolerate aids age...anything skin graft records puts out...crank this to I DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHO'S IN THE ROOM

*originally posted 03-23-12, reposted 07-23-16


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Seven Foot Spleen - Boredom and Disease 7"

Label: Fuck Inane / Rhodhiss
Year: 1996

In the American Southeast it is currently the summer season (I cannot, nor would I want to vouch for which time of year it is in whatever hell-hole you live), which means it is far too hot, and far too humid for my liking. But, as they say, "them's the breaks", and you just have to crank up the air conditioning and spend as much time poolside with a twelver of the best Mexican beer you can stuff into a coozie. It's just what you do here. Else, you might as well die. Which you no doubt will want to do by about 5:30pm each day.
The other thing that I do, and now WE are doing, is commiserate the worst time of the year with our fellow Southern compatriots, and listen intently and at dangerous volumes to southern fried swinging sludge. Eyehategod, Buzzoven, Kilara, Cavity, Damad...
Seven Foot Spleen do it right. Just the way you want. Tune down, turn up, feedback, head down, and unleash fury. Slow and grooving, or bug eyed and raging...either/or. You get a bit of both.
Not to mention, Seven Foot Spleen are from my beloved North, they're extra special.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Red Expendables - Factory Issued Sealed Packaged Printed and Pressed CD

Label: Grimmwerks
Year: 1997

I had not heard this record until very recently, so my take on it is not based on any historical significance in my own life, merely, it was a curiosity I had heard about but never sought out. I stumbled over it the other day, grabbed it, listened to it, and decided to post it. 
The story goes, at the end of Cop Shoot Cop, the band had spent about $150,000 of Interscope's money recording what would be the follow-up to the album "Release". The band had mixed feelings about the process and the songs, and group founder Tod A decided the music wasn't up to par and split. The rest of the band approached Interscope with the nine songs they had, but the label refused to release the album. That marks the end of Cop Shoot Cop, but the remaining band members polish off those nine songs, and add four more and release the record as Red Expendables. There is a connection to the previously posted Book Of Knots record, but frankly, that's just what I'm told, and I can't confirm or deny anything.
Bottom line is, if you liked Cop Shoot Cop on "Release", the more streamlined version of the band, then you will like this. If it weren't "ex-Cop Shoot Cop", then it probably would have been a well respected album, but in the shadow of one of the great noise rock bands of all time, it's a little flat. See for yourself.

*originally posted 12-01-09, reposted 07-06-16


Dig Dat Hole - 13 Song Demo

Label: self released
Year: 1986

A thirteen song demo that does not actually include thirteen songs (apparently the tracks that rounded out the thirteen were 'by another band'). A demo that includes multiple unidentified tracks (4 'unknown', which means I can't vouch for the running order). Two strikes?
It's a demo recorded on WFMU, which means it has a certain cache.
It's a demo that is executed by Phil Puleo (Cop Shoot Cop, Swans, Red Expendables, Angels of Light), and Tod Ashley (Cop Shoot Cop, Shithaus, Firewater, Lubricated Goat), which also lends it a fair amount of gravitas.
So, for those reasons, it's important. "Important" is a relative term, but, to you this is important. It's the noisy lynchpin that connects Shithaus to Cop Shoot Cop...which is important.
The band recorded a seven song album, that Ruthless Records pressed a test pressing(s) of, but then never released. For whatever reasons. So, unless you find a bootlegged version of that album, this oddly named demo is the best you're going to get. At least today anyway.


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