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jack 'o' nuts - the discography

s/t ep released in 1992

on you released in 1994

from athens,ga

they too attended the jesus lizard school of music (steve albini produced half of the full length...the other half produced by dave athens native and later guitar player for the band sugar)

their lead singer's (laura carter) vocal delivery came from a patti smith/david yow place...and apparently she was very mannish in looks and mannerisms (some reports refer to her as "david yow with a vagina")...she passed away in her sleep back in 2002

terminal city ricochet - movie soundtrack


released in 1990

soundtrack to a canadian indie film put out on alternative tentacles (jello biafra's record label)

featuring predominately canadian bands/musicians

1 - d.o.a. - behind my smile
2 - the beatnigs - television
3 - nomeansno w/ jello biafra - falling space junk (hold the anchovies)
4 - i braineater - modern man
5 - gerry hannah - living with the lies
6 - art bergmann - war party
7 - d.o.a. w/ jello biafra - that's progress
8 - evan johns and the h bombs - madhouse
9 - nomeansno - it's catching up
10 - groovaholics - pull the trigger,sweetheart!
11 - d.o.a. - concrete beach
12 - jello biafra w. keith leblanc - message from our sponsor/object-subject

v/a - middle of america


released on vinyl in 1984

it was a collection of bands out of chicago put out as a benefit for the northwestern university (evanston,il...steve albini attended at one time) public radio station WNUR

1 - naked raygun - i don't know
2 - naked raygun - stupid
3 - savage beliefs - shake your neighbor's hand
4 - savage beliefs - double standard
5 - nadsat rebels - i am the wall
6 - nadsat rebels - getting ready
7 - out of order - survival of the fittest
8 - out of order - concerned
9 - articles of faith - 5 o'clock
10 - rights of the accused - i came to dance
11 - rights of the accused - yo,yo,yo
12 - blg black - big paypack (premix)
13 - big black - hunter's safety (tommy bartlett dies in pain)
14 - the effigies - security (remix)

drunks with guns - s/t


the year...1987

though from st. louis,mo...they would've fit in perfectly with the early punk crowd on the west coast during the early 1980's

they had this early melvins meets black flag meets flipper thing going on

this is a collection of their first 3 eps...they only ever put out 2 full length albums along with a hand-full of eps

apparently their lead singer once told everyone he knew that he had AIDS so they'd leave him alone...he didn't

punk rock.

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V/A: Guitarrorists (1991)

a No. 6 Records compilation of some of the greatest guitar heroes from some of the '90's greatest unsung bands (some, anyway...)


1. Sonic Boom - Overture (1:55)
2. Kurt Ralske - Tar, Iodine, Blood + Rust (2:45)
3. Kathy Korniloff - I Can't Really Say (3:04)
4. Jeffrey Evans - Longwood Mansion (1:51)
5. Wayne Coyne - I Want To Kill My Brother : The Cymbal Head (3:41)
6. J Mascis - A Little Ethnic Song (3:03)
7. Dean Wareham - West Broadway (2:42)
8. Mark E. Robinson - Guitarrorists Theme (1:48)
9. Marc Gentry - Mariposa (2:47)
10. Dave Rick - Where's Gitchi Oombigat At? (4:05)
11. Kat Bjelland - Bruise Violet (3:16)
12. Thurston Moore - Blues For Spacegirl (4:55)
13. Helios Creed - Green Volcano (1:42)
14. Tom Hazelmeyer - Guitar Wank-Off #13 (3:20)
15. Paul Leary - Fillipé Mepelpeepe (3:24)
16. Nick Saloman - Dark Field (3:06)
17. Don Fleming - Sound As Steel (1:08)
18. Kim Gordon - Kitten (1:43)
19. Nikki Sudden - Cat's Cradle (3:31)
20. Kramer - Ovulation Always Brings Me Down (2:29)
21. Neil Hagerty - Fallen Off The Rocks (4:08)
22. Wayne Rogers - Hoichi The Earless (3:32)
23. Rick McCollum - Spider Plum (4:22)
24. Marcy Mays - Always Late (1:11)
25. Lee Ranaldo - Here (5:31)
26. Steve Albini - Nutty About Lemurs (1:46)

Guitarrorists - V/A

Amphetamine Reptile Peel Sessions (1992)

Recorded for the John Peel BBC Radio Show, summer '91.

1. You Are So Beautiful - Cows
2. How Dry I Am - Cows
3. Rude - Helmet
4. Sinatra - Helmet
5. Dear Sweet Laura - Surgery
6. D-Nice - Surgery
7. Viaduct - Tar
8. Ballad Of Storyteller - Tar

Amphetamine Reptile Peel Sessions

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v/a - amphetamine reptile records sampler 1993


in case you don't already know of this record's a short history:

started in washington state by a then marine named tom hazlmyer in 1986 (now based out of minneapolis,mn) was started to release music by his band halo of has since released albums by the likes of boredoms...the cows...gas huffer...helmet...the jesus lizard...the melvins...and unsane (just to name a few)

they're better known for known for their "dope,guns n'fucking in the streets" compilations (which you can also find here as well)

1 - chokebore - coat
2 - the cows - sugar torch
3 - boss hog - some sara
4 - guzzard - tex
5 - surgery - kickin' around
6 - helios creed - the federation
7 - janitor joe - boys in blue
8 - today is the day - i bent scared
9 - hammerhead - tuffskins
10 - vertigo - king of terror
11 - x - i don't wanna go out
12 - helmet - born annoying

th' faith healers - lido


released in 1992
this was the UK's band first album (they only released 2 full lengths and a few eps)
they were only together for 4 years (1990-1994)
they cover the german band can's song "mother sky"
sonic youth meets the jesus and mary chain meets pj harvey

(link updated)

late! - pocketwatch


released is 1992
originally released on cassette
this was actually dave grohl using a pseudonym...he did this because he didn't want his music influencing nirvana (he had joined a year prior to this being recorded...though there was a song titled "color pictures of a marigold" that was released on the heart-shaped box single titled "marigold")
a remixed version of the song "just another story about skeeter thompson" was released on buzz osbourne's (singer/guitar player:(the)melvins) solo album as "skeeter"
he played all of the instruments himself

rapeman - sub pop single 7"


released in 1989 as part of the sub pop singles club
this was their last release
they had links to the jesus lizard (as bass player david wm. sims had also played in scratch acid with david yow...and then later formed the jesus lizard)...ministry (drummer rey washam temporarily toured with them...was also in scratch acid)...and you probably already know of the steve albini bands (this was the band he was in after big black and before shellac)

skin graft tribute to ac/dc - sides 1-4 7"


chicago covers australia

1 - shellac - '74 jailbreak (retitled '95 jailbreak)
2 - big'n - tnt
3 - brise-glace - angus dei aus licht (which is just various angus young guitar sounds mixed together)
4 - US maple - sin city

originally released with a comic book sleeve...which cannot be found here

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Sub-Pop 100 (1986)

Sub-Pop Records was started by Bruce Pavitt in Olympia, WA. in 1980 as a fanzine called Subterranean Pop (shortened to Sub-Pop after the first issue). Inspired by the cassette fanzine Fast Forward, Sub-Pop began alternating issues with compilation tapes of underground rock bands. There were nine issues of Sub-Pop in all: six magazines and three cassettes (the fifth, seventh, and ninth issues). In 1983, Pavitt moved to Seattle, WA. where Sub-Pop continued life as both a column in the Seattle newspaper, The Rocket, as well as an independent-label specialty show on KCMU.

In 1986, Pavitt released the first
Sub Pop LP: the compilation Sub Pop 100.

1. "Spoken Word Intro Thing" - Steve Albini (0:50)
2. "Greatest Gift" - Scratch Acid (2:03)
3. "Nothin' to Prove" (Live) - Wipers (2:07)
4. "Kill Yr Idols" - Sonic Youth (2:47)
5. "Bananacuda" - Naked Raygun (1:41)
6. "Gila" - U-Men (2:16)
7. "Smile on Your Face" - Dangerous Birds (2:55)
8. "Church in Hell" - Skinny Puppy (3:12)
9. "Go at Full Throttle" - Steve Fisk (2:29)
10. "Itsbeena" - Lupe Diaz (1:14)
11. "Impact Test" - Boy Dirt Car (1:22)
12. "Real Men" - Savage Republic (3:12)
13. "One Day of the Factory" - Shonen Knife (3:55)
14. "Barry White Ending" (0:22)

Sub-Pop 200 (1988)

Here is the 2nd & more popular Sub-Pop Records roster compilation LP.
The cover is an illustration by comics artist Charles Burns,
who was regularly used by Sub-Pop for covers and posters around this period.

1. "Sex God Missy" - Tad
2. "Is It Day I'm Seeing?" - The Fluid
3. "Spank Thru" - Nirvana
4. "Come Out Tonight" - Steven J. Bernstein
5. "The Rose" - Mudhoney
6. "Got No Chains" - The Walkabouts
7. "Dead Is Dead" - Terry Lee Hale
8. "Sub Pop Rock City" - Soundgarden
9. "Hangin' Tree" - Green River
10. "Swallow My Pride" - Fastbacks
11. "The Outback" - Blood Circus
12. "Zoo" - Swallow
13. "Underground" - Chemistry Set
14. "Gonna Find a Cave" - Girl Trouble
15. "Split" - The Nights And Days
16. "Big Cigar" - Cat Butt
17. "Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive" - Beat Happening
18. "Love or Confusion" - Screaming Trees
19. "Untitled" - Steve Fisk
20. "You Lost It" - The Thrown Ups

Sub-Pop 200

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Boss Hog - Drinkin', Lechin' & Lyin' (1989)

Boss Hog.

Members of Pussy Galore.
Jon Spencer & his wife Christina.
(That's her on the cover & she sings-
usually in the nude...)
This is their debut effort from 1989.
from our friends, Amphetamine Reptile; who else?

Boss Hog - Drinkin', Lechin' & Lyin' (EP, 1989)
<<<<<<<<Thanks 2 Petya!!!!!!>>>>>>>>

v/a - cottage cheese from the lips of death


"a texas hardcore compilation"
put out in 1983

features some well known bands (butthole surfers...DRI...watchtower)...and some not so well known bands (hugh beaumont experience(which featured a pre-butthole surfers drummer king coffey)...stick men with ray guns...the dicks)

gibby haynes (singer:butthole surfers) did the cover art

v/a - deep six


released in 1986
considered to be the first "grunge" compilation
contains the first recordings for most of the bands involved (with the exception of green river and u-men)
released on the seattle based record label c/z (who also released the very first melvins album "10 songs")

murder-suicide pact - s/t


released in 1998
from brandon,fl

this was their only full length
some old school punk in the vein of "my war"-era black flag
cover art was done by the same person that did the cover for the misfits album "earth a.d."
made up of members of other florida punk/hardcore bands (slap of reality..failure face..end of the century party)
their singer owns his own record store in brandon called sound idea

COWS - Cartoon Corral (video)

as seen on Dope, Guns & Fucking up Yer Video Deck...

Tar - Jackson (1991)

Tar was a 4-piece from Chicago-
-excuse me; DeKalb, Ill.
b. 1988 - d. 1995
Included original bassist Tim Mescher
(who also played for Shorty) until 1991.
Musically, probably more suited for Matador or Sub-Pop,
but they released their albums on Touch and Go & Amphetamine Reptile.

Here is their 2nd LP on AmRep:
Tar - Jackson

U-Men singles '87 & '88

Here's two 7"s by late-80's "swamp-o'-billy" noise-rockers from the "birthplace of grunge".

"Solid Action/Dig It A Hole"
(1987) Black Label Records

"Freezebomb/It's Wild About Jack"
(1988) Amphetamine Reptile Records

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Young Widows!

Young Widows are one of the few bands carrying on the 90's noise-rock tradition.
Until their vocalist quit, they were called Breather Resist, a hardcore band that I can't really say I care for. Young Widows is nothing like that. This is supreme, modern-day/old-school fashioned noise-rock!
I saw them play in Austin a couple years back. I missed Oxbow to see these guys. It was worth it. Obviously following the tracks laid down by the Jesus Lizard, this 3-piece from Louisville, KY are the closest thing to what I used to go to shows for...

Here are a couple of releases:

Settle Down City (LP, 2006)

Young Widows/Plows (split 7", 2007)

Pitchblende - Kill Atom Smasher (1993)

was a four-piece band
from Washington, D.C.
Formed in '91.
Sound like Girls Against Boys or a Matador band
Released 3 full length albums before breaking up at the end of '94.

Here is their first full-length LP released on Cargo Records in '93:
Pitchblende - Kill Atom Smasher

m.i.r.v. - feeding time on monkey island


released in 1997
from san francisco,ca
described as devo in a fistfight with black sabbath with rodney dangerfield as a referee
mr. bungle meets fishbone (without the ska)
they've played with everyone from primus to cheap trick to run dmc

scul hazzards - last few bucks 7"


a 3 piece from brisbane,australia (2 guys and a girl)
released this year (2008)...but could've easily came out on amphetamine reptile back in it's heyday
you could see steve albini as being all over this
the jesus lizard (yes...again) meets unsane meets big black

scrid - the island of misfit toys


released back in 1997
proving that there's more than angry masked clad kids coming out of iowa (they were from fort madsion)
as far as i know...this was their only full length (though they did a split with another band from awesome sludge/doom band called sludgeplow)
early clutch meets scratch acid
they would've fit perfectly on the same bill as the jesus lizard

feedtime S/T (1987)

feedtime was an independent post-punk-rock trio from Sydney, Australia formed in 1979. The name is spelled with a lowercase f. The members were credited by their first names only: Rick (guitar, vocals), Al (bass), and Tom (drums).

feedtime's sound was loud, primitive, and brutal. The most distinctive musical element is thick, roaring electric guitar, played with a slide, over a thick, chugging rhythm section. Their loud but stripped-down, minimalist approach led them to be compared to the British postpunk band, WIRE (although feedtime didn't know Wire's music), but feedtime's sound also heavily referenced rural American country and blues. (wiki)

Here is their 1st self-titled LP on Abberant Recordings

Dope Guns -n- Fucking In The Streets volumes 1-3 (1989)

This is Amphetamine Reptile's version of the Single-Of-The-Month Club. A 7" each month, featuring 4 artists (-or more- some of these came as a double 7"). Lots of good bands here in their earlier stages. Not all bands are AmRep, but some should be... some shouldn't... This is the CD compilation that came later.

1. U-Men - Bad Little Woman
2. The Thrown Ups - Traffic Accident Sex
3. Lonely Moans - Lots O' Life
4. Helios Creed - The Last Laugh
5. Surgery - Action Candy
6. Cows - Almost A God
7. Halo Of Flies - Insecticide Stomp
8. Mudhoney - Twenty Four
9. Tar - Antlers
10. God Bullies - Tell Me
11. Tad - Habit & Necessity
12. King Snake Roost - My Zippo
13. God Bullies - Mussolini
14. Pogo The Clown - Intro/end

Dope Guns -n- Fucking In The Streets volumes 1-3

Dope Guns -n- Fucking In The Streets volumes 4-7 (1990)

I cannot say enough about this CD. As far as noise rock is concerned, this is where it all started for me. This CD contains most of my favorite bands- (still, today!) and, believe it or not, contains the first songs I'd ever heard by them... This is where I discovered HELMET, This is where I discovered the JESUS LIZARD, This is where I discovered MELVINS! UNSANE! and so on... I'm sure if yer looking at this blog, you already have this. I just wanted to point out the importance of this release, in particular.
(Although I love each song featured here, I have to admit that some of these bands don't live up to the single they supplied for this endeavor... Vertigo: they suck, Dwarves: they sucked lately -epitaph?!?)

1. Lubricated Goat - Bad Times
2. Thee Mighty Caesars - 1977
3. Helmet - Impressionable
4. Gas Huffer - Before I Kill Again
5. Jonestown - Short Time Left
6. Crows - Capital Hillbillies
7. the Jesus Lizard - Pop Song
8. Unsane - Broke
9. Boss Hog - Red Bath
10. Vertigo - Big Black Bugs
11. Melvins - Euthanasia
12. Dwarves - Lesbian Nun
13. Casus Belli - Telemarketing
14. Hammerhead - Gremlin Stomp
15. Cosmic Psychos - Hard
16. Fetish 69 - Deep Scar Man

Dope Guns -n- Fucking In The Streets volumes 4-7

Dope Guns -n- Fucking In The Streets volumes 8-11 (1997)

Here is the last installment of this series. AmRep kinda started to dwindle at this point. All the veteran bands moved on to bigger labels, or quit doing drugs or something... I purchased this not too long ago from Mr. Steve Austin, himself (eBay). I can't review it too well. I'm not too concerned with this roster, but it is AmRep.
Back in the day when I used to receive mail-order & newsletters from these guys, I read that the Breeders were supposed to contribute to this one...

1. Superchunk - Basement Life
2. Guzzard - Bites
3. Jawbox - Low Strung
4. Godheadsilo - Lotion Pocket
5. Boredoms - Pukuri
6. Supernova - Sugar Coated Stucco
7. Chokebore - Brittle & Depressing
8. Love 666 - You Sold Me Out #2
9. Bailter Space - Glimmer Dot
10. Steel Pole Bath Tub - A Washed Out Monkey Star Halo
11. Chrome Cranks - Dead Man's Suit
12. Brainiac - Cookie Doesn't Sing
13. Today Is The Day - Execution Style
14. Rocket From The Crypt - Tiger Mask
15. Calvin Krime - Fight Song
16. Gaunt - Kiss Destroyer
17. Servotron - Matrix of Perfection

Dope Guns -n- Fucking In The Streets volumes 8-11

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KARP - Suplex

Year: Nineteen-Ninety-Fuckin'-Five
CollegeRock-Grunge-Sludge-whateverthefuckyouwanna call it, KARP is awesome. If you don't know who KARP is, think Big Business, with more yelling and geetar. KARP was formed by Chris Smith, Scott Jernigan (RIP), and Jared Warren sometime in the early 90s, and dissolved sometime in the late 90s. They managed a mix of hardcore punk, melvins-influenced sludge, and a overt tongue-in-cheek attitude that dominated their lyrics and albums as a whole. If you like Big Business, and haven't ever heard of these guys--give it a shot. KARP - Suplex

TAD - 8-Way Santa

Year: 1991
This is TAD's second full length album release, and final release on northwestern label Sub Pop. This album bounces in between upbeat riffage and slow crushing chord strangling, and keeps a pretty brisk pace throughout. Some of my favorite TAD songs came out on this release, including Jack Pepsi, Candi, and Jinx.


hype! - movie soundtrack


remember "grunge"?
this is a fairly decent audio documentation of that time...released back in 1996
includes barely known bands such as u-men and some velvet sidewalk...with some better known bands such as nirvana and mudhoney
the one thing that bothered me about this was that (the)melvins weren't included on the soundtrack (though they were in the movie)..i mean they could've at least thrown the song "joan of arc" on there (which in my opinion is the heaviest use of just one guitar chord in a song)

contortion horse - s/t ep


released in 1995
i don't really know all that much about them...i was given this by a friend of the band
they were from lawrence kansas
their drummer has toured with beck and the flaming lips
sludge factory grunge meets early seasons to risk
and they have a song called "there's a dead hermaphrodite in the refrigerator in my backyard" they can't be all that bad

lard - the power of lard ep


released in 1989
jello biafra fronts ministry
their first release
this was the first of many musical projects jello biafra would involve himself with after the break up of the original dead kennedys

butthole surfers - double live bootleg


strobe lights
sex change/vivisection films
a half-naked gibby haynes
a cover of the rem song "the one i love"

those were just a few things you'd be able to witness at a butthole surfers show
they released this album to beat the bootleggers at their own game
these are recordings from various live shows back in 1988 during the "hairway to steven" tour
this is the cd version released in has 10 songs not included on the vinyl version

NIRVANA - Nevermind Sessions

I guess I should introduce name is Fred (quite obviously), and I'm somewhat new in the music blog game (in the uploading side of it, at least). My first foray into it was through the blog for my College Radio Show, MINDGRINDER. I started off slow, uploading an album here or there, usually stuff that we played on the air, or albums that we talked about, and eventually we started uploading albums in our free time. This just gave us an even broader outlet to share our favorite albums with people all over the world. One band that I've pretty much left out of this though, has been NIRVANA. This hasn't been for any particular reason--it's just that the show got pretty over-saturated with it at some point and I decided to take a break. I do have a large treasure trove of bootlegs and live recordings I've collected over the past few years, and I figured that [shiny grey monotone] might be the perfect outlet for me to upload a lot of this stuff.

I'm going to start with one of my favorite bootlegs--the Nevermind Sessions. These were recorded in 1990, back when Chad Channing was still in the band, at Smart Studios in Wisconsin with Jack Endino. The tracks recorded were originally supposed to be on their next Sub Pop release (to be titled either "Sheep" or "Cookie" or something....), but instead were used merely as documentation for when they re-recorded later on with Dave Grohl and Butch Vig. Awesome look at an album in it's infancy.

NIRVANA - Nevermind Sessions

God Bullies

Mama Womb Womb [1989] Amphetamine Reptile Records
Join Satan's Army 2x 7" [1990] Amphetamine Reptile RecordsDog Show [1990] Amphetamine Reptile Records
Tell Me/Creepy People 7" [1990] Anti-Social PropagandaWar On Everybody [1991] Amphetamine Reptile RecordsSelf Injury in Correctional Settings: 'Pathology' of Prisons or Prisoners?
[1991] May 17; Paradise; Amsterdam
How Low Can You Go ?/Ruby (Kenny Rogers) 7"
[1992] Amphetamine Reptile RecordsKill The King [1994] Alternative TentaclesMillineum/I Forgot Where I live 7" [1995] Radial Records
Complications[comp songs]

The Treepeople

[1991] Guilt Regret Embarrassment
[1992] Something Vicious For Tomorrow and Time Whore
[1994] Actual Re-Enactment

The Treepeople were a 4-piece "College Rock" band that formed in Boise, Idaho by Doug Martsch (commonly recognized as the frontman for Built to Spill). As far I've seen, you'll either love them, hate them, or listen to them as a guilty pleasure (I'm in the latter pool). Many of their songs are sprinkled with excellent guitar harmonies, and a few power-chorded, somewhat jangly, riffs here and there, with a few hints at possible metal influences in Martsch's guitar playing. Vocal-wise, most of the songs tend to be pretty "nasally", which can take awhile to get over, but I've found their music to be well worth it. "Guilt Regret..." would be a great place to start out of the three, and contains the rawest recordings and the most guitar harmonies; while "Something Vicious..." and "Actual Re-Enactment" tend to be a little more simpler guitar-wise, which doesn't weaken the music--it just matters what appeals to YOU as a listener. As far as I know, The Treepeople didn't get much past college radio play, and broke up shortly after (mid nineties or so), and it shows by their lack of fanbase. This band is awesome, and you should definitely give them a listen.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Skin Yard - Fist Sized Chunks

Year: 1990
Formed and perpetrated in Seattle

This is GRUNNNNNGGEEEEEE, maaaaan. Excellent album from classic group Skin Yard, with a favorite producer of mine (Jack Endino) on skins. Not much else to say about this band--existed within the folds of Soundgarden, the Melvins, and Green River back in their early days and died out at the height of the grunge fad.

This sucker is out of print apparently; good luck finding yourself a CD copy.

Skin Yard - Fist Sized Chunks

Vocalist Ben McMillan died of diabetes complications earlier in the year (R.I.P.)

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Jesus Replicator; Halloween Bash, 2004

Here is some band called REPLICATOR. I don't know much aside that for Halloween parties, they would go all out & "Be" another band- from learning a list of covers, to emulating their personal mannerisms... In 2004, they played the Hemlock Tavern (?) as the Jesus Lizard-that's right: the Jesus Lizard... They didn't do such a a bad job either.

There are a bunch of live photos inside.

get this shit!
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