Monday, August 31, 2009

Unwound - Further Listening

Label: Matador Europe
Year: 1999

Unwound is super-awesome, and that has been made abundantly clear on this blog, and on many other blogs, music venues, record store, and mountain highs. People fucking love Unwound. And they should, because, like I said, they're super-awesome.
I guess Matador records felt that Europe wasn't "feeling" Unwound as much as they should and the folks there had yet to fully embrace their super-awesomeness, so in response they cobbled together this compilation of the bands hits (up to "Leaves Turn Inside You" which had not been released at that point) to get the point across. Nothing new, or unreleased, so don't get too excited, just a nice compendium of hot jams to get you through the next 1.2 hours. Imagine how many times you could masturbate in 1.2 hours. Six? 
If you are an Unwound completest, or just some weirdo European who's not yet dipped your flying buttress into the super awesomeness of the band, please do what thy will. 

King Snake Roost - From Barbarism To Christian Manhood

Label: Aberrant
Year: 1987

Some time ago we posted the last King Snake Roost full length, but it's been awhile, and frankly, too long without more of this nasty bands' spiteful tunes. This album was their first, and even though it was released on the other side of the world in Australia (g'day mate), it was loud enough and ugly enough to get the attention of Amphetamine Reptile Records who would re-release it later. Since the Bloodloss record was posted just the other day, I feel I should mention that Charlie Tolnay spent some time in Bloodloss, as well as Lubricated Goat, Tumor Circus, and Bushpig. 
This record has a little less of the palm muted blues based riffs, and puts the bass way out front in the mix, so the overall sound is less "heavy" than "Ground Into Dirt", but to my ears it's more nasty and strange than "Ground Into Dirt", so, do with that information what you will. You should have this record pollute your ears at least once in your life though. It's kind of "one of those things", you know?
I had to steal the album cover from Lucidmedia, who posted this record last year some time, sorry dudes, but it's the only digital version I could find, and I'm far too lazy to scan anything.

Friday, August 28, 2009

V/A - Multi-Vitamin Compilation

Label: Punk In My Vitamins
Year: 1999

As far as really good bands go, Unwound was a really really good band. At least I think so anyway. So, when a band that's really really good, starts a record label, you would hope that the records they put out would be really really good as well. Again, this is just what I think.
Well, Unwound started up Punk In My Vitamins and the first thing they released was a Karp cassette that accompanied the original fanzine of the same name. Not bad. Then they put out a Karp 7" and their own bands' album. Alright, nice, real nice. And from there they scoured the Northwest and beyond for like-minded musicians who shared a penchant for distorted bass, feedback, and off kilter screams. All until a few years ago, when the whole enterprise just sort of went silent. Kind of about the same time Unwound went silent.
Soooooo, in case you missed out on the label during their active times, here's a compilation they put out of most of the bands on their roster...which is a pretty fucking impressive roster.
The bands on this record are:
One Ton
Bunnyfoot Charm
Long Hind Legs
New Bad Things

Steel Pole Bath Tub - Tragedy Ecstasy Doom And So On

Label: Genius
Year: 1995

Here's a very late period double 7" from Steel Pole Bath Tub released as the band was winding down. If you listen to this record back to back with "We Own Drrrills", you'd be hard pressed to say it was the same band. Gone are the blaring samples, the screaming feedback, or the dense grind that characterized the song structure. In it's place, you get a pretty straightforward, well produced, rocking set of five jams. Certainly, when I say "straightforward" I mean that as a relative term. Straightforward for Steel Pole Bath Tub is not the same as straightforward for Third Eye Blind you know? 
Well, by 1995 I wasn't pay much attention to Steel Pole Bath Tub, so I never heard this particular record until well after the fact, and honestly, I think that allows me to like it so much. If you're not craving a noise soaked fuck-fest, but you still want something that gets your dander up, this 'lil ole record will do the trick. 

* I just re-read this post after submitting it, and you know, I may have over-sold the idea that this record is toned down, because it's not boring or without its' own skronking feedback, industrial drumming, or weirdness. It has some of that too, it's just been tempered with a more traditional rock and roll approach. Anyway, just thought I should clear that up. Enjoy. Oh, and today is my birthday, please send checks, cash, and rare dubloons courtesy of this website. Thanks. 

Thursday, August 27, 2009

the Jesus Lizard: live @ Orbit Room; Dallas, TX; 12.06.94

I hear this happened all the time, but here is an audio rip (of a VHS vid) of a really long gig in Dallas in '94, which is almost interrupted during the 2nd song ("Sea Sick") by a beer bottle hurled from the back of the audience & smashed into the apparently hardened skull of our fave, Mr. Yow... He is knocked unconscious for several moments & ( you should see the video...) it's kinda strange how the band is suddenly gripped with fear & slowly leaves the stage, 'til Yow is back on his feet... and even stranger how no one in the band actually checks on their fallen front-man... what's with that? I guess it was a stupid mistake (not aggression by someone who came to see the other band & doesn't understand what the fuck he's being subjected to...) because the rest of the show moves on without a hitch....

get this shit...

* if you want to see the video itself, I will need at least 5 requests to make it worth my while...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bloodloss -Human Skin Suit

Label: Greasy Pop
Year: 1988

Way back when (a couple of days...weeks?) when we posted some Thug record, the band Salamander Jim was mentioned. At least I assume it was mentioned, as I am far too lazy to actually go back and confirm that statement. The point is, Salamander Jim is an old Australian band with ties to Thug, but who splintered off of a band called Zulu Rattle. Well, the remaining members of Zulu Rattle reformed as...wait for it...did I hear someone say it? Yes, Bloodloss! Well played everybody.
So, Bloodhorse kinda came and went, and then came again (that's what she said) when they re-grouped with two o.g. members and Guy Maddison of Lubricated Goat, and Mark Arm of Mudhoney on board. They put out some stuff on Sympathy For The Record Industry, and even a major label, but still stayed pretty much under the radar. I think they're gone again, until they can find some other cast of characters to reanimate themselves around, so in their memory, may I present their first full length (that wasn't a cassette, they had one of those).
If you like whacked out psychedelic tinged garage rock dirges with a healthy dose of saxophone, and echoed female vocals, then this is your lucky day! Give it a shot, I think you might like it, I did. Seems like the kind of music that SST would have been putting out right next to DC3, SWA, Painted Willie, Gone, and Universal Congress Of.

Squirrel Bait - Demo 1984

Label: Self Released
Year: 1984

Seems to me that Squirrel Bait will go down in history more as the launching pad of a thousand bands rather than for their actual musical contributions. Meaning, few people will say, "oh yeah, Squirrel Bait, I loved 'Sun God', that song rules", but a lot (relatively speaking of course) will say, "oh yeah, Squirrel Bait, isn't that the band that spawned Slint, The For Carnation, Bastro, Bitch Magnet, Gastr Del Sol, The Red Krayola, Big Wheel, Wingdale Community Singers, The Breeders, King Kong, Palace Music, Evergreen, Brise-Glace, Love Jones, Yona Kit, and 9-Iron?".

The track list is (supposedly)
Tense/Earth Shattering
Insult To Injury
Black Light Poster Child
The Nearest Door
Rage For Life
Notice When
When I Fall

it's after the end of the world...

don't you know that yet?

murdervan - self-titled

released 2006

i happened upon this new haven,ct trio on the myspace of a band called bloarzyed (whose NEW EP album can be found here)...and as soon as the song "the wheel" started up on their myspace player...i was hooked

so i set about sending the band a message with the hoped of them setting my poor ass up with a little something to listen to (just as i had done with bloarzyed)...and i told them that i'd like to include something of theirs on this blog

and instead of being all like "go away bother me!" and then pushing me over and making me spill my tray in front of all the cool kids in the lunchroom...they sent me this as well as a copy of their newest album called JAUNDICE

listening to can think of the melvins...a little fudge tunnel...a lot of theory of ruin...a little nirvana...some jucifer...some early soundgarden...

actually...that should be more than enough to sell you on it

if you read from the same book that i do...all of that is pretty kick-ass

and this be their space

DL: murdervan

the iceburn collective - meditavolutions

released 1997

this band simply went by the name iceburn at one time (you can find their FIRON album here)...but towards the end of their career threw on "the" and "collective" as they began to expand on their already established "jazzcore" style...taking their material into a more improvised "avant-garde" direction by releasing songs that went into 20+ minutes territory

so if you like slint...tool (that's right)...king crimson (is mentioning tool and king crimson redundant?)...some john zorn...maudlin of the well...the ocean (another "collective" band from out of germany)...or actually any sort of "math rock"...this be fer yew

and if you've never heard of either maudlin of the well or the ocean...well shame on you...and yeah...i realize those may be more a CGB kind of thing...still...expansion doesn't just have to go on under the zipper of your pants (or the waistline for that matter)

DL: meditavolutions pt.1
DL: meditavolutions pt.2

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Alice Donut - Three Sisters (2004)

1. Kiss Me
2. Mr. Pinkus
3. Wired
4. She Tells Me Things
5. Running Arms in the Phillipines
6. Cost
7. Problems
8. Up Is Down
9. Helsinki
10. Kcick
11. Farmer's Almanac
12. Setting Sun

"Three Sisters" was Alice Donut's comeback album, although you wouldnt know by listening to it. Its a bit more dialed down then older Donut material but is still equally wierd and witty with a punk rock attitude.

Monday, August 24, 2009

thug - mechanical ape/proud idiots parade

released 1987

as requested by "anonymous" is the rest of the thug material...thus practically completing the band's discography on this blog (the only thing lacking is their DAD/THUG 7"...though you can find the song "thug" on the EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL IN IT'S OWN WAY compilation)

you can find their ELECTRIC WOOLY MAMMOTH album here...and the EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL IN IT'S OWN WAY comp there

DL: mechanical ape/proud idiots parade

Mad Daddys - "the Age of Asparagus" 2001

2001, R.A.F.R
1. Daddy Needs a Mama
2. Blonde on a Bum Trip
3. Everytime I Lose My Mind
4. Good N' Stoopit
5. Shake it Like Ya Mean It
6. Cochring
7. King of the Wild Frontier
8. I'm Mad
9. I Gotcha
10. (I'm Gonna) Die of Rock n Roll
Here's a really fun album to start your week off - What can i say about this other than that its fun, psychedelic, sorta sleazy, macho, catchy punk rock. The Mad Daddys have such a signature style that you have to love. Standout tracks for me are "(I'm Gonna) Die of Rock n Roll" and "Everytime I Lose My Mind". Give it a listen and enjoy..

Young Ginns - Young Ginns

Label: Honeybear
Year: 1998

Here's the back-story to this band; Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno used to be in a band called Unwound, who were pretty much, totally awesome, all the time. Well, they were on tour in Washington D.C. and staying with friend Tim Green, who used to be in a band called Nation Of Ulysses, who were also pretty much, totally awesome, all the time (that is if course, if you ignore that jazz skronk bullshit...). During their time in that home, the three began to hatch a new band plan, based on a shared love of all things vintage SST. You can't fault them for that can you? It tool a few years to really get things going due to the fact that the rhythm section and vocalist resided in Washington State, and the guitarist resided in Washington D.C. If you can't see the inherent problems in that relationship, get a globe.
Once they all arrived together in Olympia though, the Young Ginns were off and running annihilating that week, and then that week, and then the following week, and even the week after that. They were pretty much "week annihilators", which is a pretty sweet gig if you can get it. And as I said, they were going for SST worship, so their name had to pay homage to the greatest guitar player in history, and proprietor of the greatest record label in history (at one point...give me a break alright). "Young Ginsbergs" was a phrase used to describe new writers, so the fellows played on that and called themselves Young Ginns. Brilliant!
In the end, they did capture some of that old SST lustre, but filter that through the Gravity Records lens, and you get a more accurate picture of their sound, think Heroin, Unwound, Lava, etc. playing mid to late period Black Flag. Not bad eh?
This is their discography, released a few years after the fact. 

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kylesa - Static Tensions

Nice n' heavy. Just how you like your women (or men). I hear definite traces of Karp and Melvins with a dash of Mastodon.
Crank this one in headphones to get the feel for the two drummers and monster riffage.

Masters of Reality - Pine/Cross Dover

New Masters Of Reality! Pretty fucking sweet jams from the godfather of desert rock.
For those who may not know, Chris Goss produced early Kyuss and has worked on a lot of QOTSA records. If you like what you hear, I'll post some older albums.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - No Old Guy Lo-Fi Cry

Label: Rockathon
Year: 2000

The epitome of "snotty". Primitive styled rock-n-roll that veers into the punk realm on it's way through the bar. N'ah mean? Kind of a less "cultured" Guided By Voices (who's leader Bob Pollard released this record), but easily an "as drunk" Guided By Voices. They were contemporaries of New Bomb Turks and Gaunt in the Columbus, Ohio music scene of the mid 90's, but were not as aggressive as either. Maybe if you happened to be a fan of Pipe (and I'm sure there are fucking legions of you out there), and tended towards the slower numbers, then you'd probably be into this record. A Grifters fan would probably like this too. 

Is it hot where you are? It's hot in Atlanta, but I gotta get some shit done in the yard, and then there's talk of a bike ride, so...  

Friday, August 21, 2009

the swine - flock of pigs

released 2009

this is a guy that goes by the name of aaron m. (what's the "m" stand for? perhaps "meatbyproduct"...and yes...i realize that's actually 3 words combined into 1...but dammit...this is the SGM...and if i wanna do that to words i can!)

aaron m. is from ottawa,canada

the first thing that's going to come to mind when you listen to this is: godflesh

and then maybe you'll hear a little bit of the jesus lizard...a little bit of fudge tunnel...a little bit of unsane...and even a little bit of some early swans

but what sold me on the whole thing were the words "sludge cover of in-a-gadda-da-vida" in the email aaron m. had sent to me (though it's lacking in a drum solo and about 10 minutes)

and here's a quote from the man himself: "if you're wondering why the quality sucks, it's because i record everything at home and have shitty equipment. sorry :( but hey, at least i get a false sense of legitimacy out of it."

DL: flock of pigs

and of course his space

Thursday, August 20, 2009

faith no man - quiet in heaven/song of liberty 7"

released 1983

the band that would later become known as faith no more (though the only members that would move onto fnm were bassist bill gould and drummer mike bordin)

they sound like they're still trying to feel out their awkward sounding funk-ish thing (ala WE CARE A LOT)...and their singer (mike morris) sounded a little like johhny rotten (circa PiL) and a tiny bit like jello biafra

this is a "solid post-punk/pre-goth single in general." (or so i'd read somewhere)

i'd love you more if you left me alone....

DL: faith no man

death piggy - smile or die!

released 1999

if you know anything about the band gwar (and i'm hoping that you do...the band itself should be a college course)...then you already know that this band later went onto become cogs in the machine that it gwar (frontman/bassist dave brockie went onto become "oderus urungus" and guitarist russ bahorsky went onto become "mr. magico" (though only a member for a short time) and drummer sean sumner became "hans orifice" before committing suicide in 1996)

this is a compilation of all of their recorded materials (they'd only released 3 7")

so if you enjoy some early butthole surfers...some x-cops (which can be found here) poo filled pinatas...waking up naked in bed with multiple clowns...

you know the mission...choose to accept it

DL: smile or die!

thug - electric wooly mammoth

released 1988

well...this is what happens when i go and dig further into the crap i have on this computer

and i also thought that i'd be the first to put an album by this australian band on the blog...but alas...grAy beat me to the punch back in march (he'd posted their EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL IN ITS OWN WAY seen here)

and he also took away my right to use words such as "captain beefheart" and "the butthole surfers" and "boredoms" in this review

but i'll throw another shrimp on the barbie with the words "yahoo serious"

so ha!,mr. grAy

DL: electric wooly mammoth

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

lisabo - ezlekuak

released 2007

i'm a man of few i'll just say these:

2 drummers

DL: ezelekuak

v9r9d - nose,beard,cobra and omar/5.4.05 - the uptown bar & cafe - minneapolis,mn

released 2004

well...seeing as how the previous v9r9d post went over like another variation of chicken on an all you can eat buffet at a chinese restaurant...i'm sharing the other stuff that was sent to me

and if you need to know what this is all about...see here

you even get a set the band did at the uptown bar & cafe in minneapolis (in case you didn't quite grasp that up there)...along with some random songs

and since i'm into plugging and such (i even have a profile over at you'd like to check out a band that v9r9d's bass player is in along with sicbay guitarist dave erb...they be the yoleus

DL: nose,beard,cobra and omar
DL: v9r9d@the uptown bar & cafe/random crap

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cherubs - Heroin Man

Label: Trance Syndicate
Year: 1994

Good lord, did you guys realize that we had not posted this (or for that matter ALL) of Cherubs' records? What the fuck? I guess since I was a late-comer (that's what she said) to this piece of the internet, I assumed that Cherubs had already been covered, and their gospel rang from the highest peaks of this blog. Well, guess what? Apparently everyone else associated with this blog sucks turds, and didn't post this or any other of their stuff (please note that I actually posted the "Icing" album I, the author, do not in fact, "suck turds"). Way to go other members of this blog. You guys are fucking stupid...and I hate you. I can't even believe I condescend to associate with you morons. That reflects poorly on me and my entire family. I need to apologize to my family now. Great. They're gonna be so pissed when they find out that their husband and father has been slumming on some two bit Cherubs-less music blog. Can't imagine they'll be going Ivy League after this debacle. Community they come.

Goddamn it!

hey...remember that S.F.W. post....

maybe i'm losing my eggs...

maybe i'd angered stephen dorff by mentioning his name...

maybe it finally got fed up with getting ogled by drunk sailors...

something fishy is going on around the SGM would seem that the above mentioned post has just didn't leave a didn't leave a breadcrumb trail...all of my money is still in my passport is still in my underwear drawer...

which leads me to suspect some sort of foul play

i've got det. elliot stabler looking around under the desk for clues...and i kind of like that

it was here yesterday
it was here earlier this morning

so if anyone was here at any moment throughout the day and it was still here...leave a comment so i can form some sort of time line

and if you're the person holding the S.F.W. post against its treat it like the lady it is...and if it gets returned with it's bits all in order...perhaps we can work something out

and has a name...and it's names is S.F.W. post


here be the links AGAIN!

DL: pt.dos
DL: pt.tres
DL: pt.cuatro
DL: pt.cinco
DL: pt.seis
DL: pt.siete

Kilslug - Answer The Call

Label: Fundamental
Year: 1986

Here's some real deal, old school noise rock, the way it "used to be". Back when you were knee-high to a grasshopper or some shit. It's damaged, dirty, messy, sludgy, any adjective that ends in "y" that means "not right". Get it? Not pretty, and not the band you'll want to include on your next mixtape project for your lady. Unless your lady collects boa constrictors...or is in jail...or works at the carnival.
We've posted some great Boston bands on this blog, but this is ground zero for that nasty Boston sound. If you listen to La Gritona, Blacktail, Luca Brasi, all that shit...this is where it came from. After Kilslug, these dudes went on to form Upside Down Cross and Adolf Satan, so you know they're no joke. 
If you like this, I have some other material I can post, just let me know. Also, word on the street is that this band is recording new material, and I can't think of a better band to hit the revival circuit. Bring it on Kilslug!

Friday, August 14, 2009

unsane - scrape

i don't think that i need to explain this to any of you...

Nation Of Ulysses - The Embassy Tapes

Label: Dischord
Year: 2000

This band, and more specifically, their mouthpiece Ian Svenonious, seem to be a pretty polarizing affair. You either thought, "how clever", or "what a horses' ass". Those who thought the band were clever then fell into two further camps, those who thought, "how clever...I wonder if Cops will be a rerun tonight", or "how clever...I should commit this bands philosophies into a new religion, tattoo it onto my body, and mimic their every move". There were a lot of those people mimicking their every move too. A lot. Surely, if you were of the right age, the right cultural predisposition, and had the attention span to follow the (admittedly well written) thesis of the band, then chances are you would be impressed that they were, at the very least, doing something original in the realm of post-hardcore, or at the very most, injecting a much needed shot of energy into a flagging scene. 
This particular record was culled from sessions the band entered in to record their third album, after guitarist Steve Kroner left the band, those sessions were abandoned, and only the six songs on The Embassy Tapes were salvaged. They also added four live tracks to round out the record that was released well after the band's dissolution. The sound is fairly raw, but the energy and intent is all there. 

Drunkdriver - Born Pregnant

Label: Parts Unknown
Year: 2007

Here's something new, well, relatively new as far as this place goes anyway. The first "proper" full length from the kings of blown-the-fuck-out noisecore (they had a cassette release before this you even still have a cassette player?). And when I say noisecore, I mean goddamn noisy shit. They play a mix of speedy hardcore and stomping early nineties rock but pin the proceedings comfortably in the red, resulting in a devastating barrage of nastiness. It should appeal to fans of the Hawks record, Clockcleaner, Nudibranch, Flipper, Antioch Arrow, Coleman (holy shit, did I pull that one out of my ass or what? remember the girl who sang for that band would bash her skull against the floor while they played and would finish he set with huge knots on her forehead? jesus), Drunks With Guns, Dazzling Killmen, humidity, jackhammers, or sticking your head out the window of a car driving 75 miles per hour down the freeway straight at a brick wall. If those things float your boat, you should try this record on for size. If you're bothered by thoughts of "high fidelity", or the lack of a bassist, then do yourself a favor and skip this one.
The record is still very much in print, and can be ordered direct from the label.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Sorry, I had to do it. I had to add some more Karp. They are one of my most favoritest bands ever.
I remember years ago asking a friend (before blogging) for some new heavy music to listen to and he suggested Karp. So I borrowed Suplex from him and my life was ruined soon after putting the fucking cd in the stereo (yes, a cd. before ipods). This started my Karp obsession collecting everything they ever committed to tape. I even have a set of Suplex buttons.
Enough rambling (yes, rambling. Before Jesus ever rambled)... wait just a fucking second. Where's that fucking documentary?!! Somebody get on this shit now.
Here's 2 more shows

Reed College 94' - DL

Hoboken 96' - DL

dwarves - blood guts & pussy

released 1990

is it an ep?

is it a full length?

does it really matter?

with a title such as it'd be un-american to pass this up (as well as not liking such things)

this would be the "ever present football player rapist" the butthole surfers refer to in their song pepper (if it were a person)

if you like lyrics written by the guy wearing the denim jacket (even in pe class) that sits in back of the class...the mentors...a little gg allin...maybe a little ramones....perhaps some of the cramps as well....the misfits if they were all about the trailer park rather than the graveyard....

and who doesn't want to see a blood-caked midget sodomizing a stuffed rabbit? (if you don't...see above mentioned un-american business)

DL: blood guts & pussy

Season To Risk - The Shattering

Label: Owned and Operated
Year: 2001

I was going to post some Wurm today, but then I noticed somebody posted that in the discussion board area, and then I was thinking about posting Saint Vitus, but decided to lay off the SST for a minute. We can always come back to it, it'll always be there for us.
Instead, how about that elusive last full length by Kansas City's Season To Risk? Good idea right? I say "last full length", but I think they are still a functioning band, just on hiatus or something. They've contributed to some compilations within the last couple of years, so who knows. I'd like to see them make a full comeback and bring their scraping noise rock with them.
If you were a fan of their first two full lengths, then you'll like this one too, even though some of the melodies might catch you off guard. While, they always had some catchy elements buried beneath the din of the older material, those melodies come to the surface on this one, but rest assured, it's still a burly slab of heaviness. Like, you know how Helmet has some melody and some actual singing (Page's Ozzy voice, not the drill sergeant bark) but that doesn't take away from the crushing blow of the attack? Yeah, well same thing here. 
This is a highly underrated band, both when they were active and now in retrospect, which is real puzzling. They have consistently delivered the goods over the years, but you seldom hear their name mentioned along side the other noise rock champions of the past decade or so. What the fuck man? Mention their name already!

v/a - rat music for rat people vol.3

released 1987

continuing on down that ol' punk trail

mind your walkers...

like a black flag sticker on a cadillac

this compiles material from the other 2 compilations

1 - d.o.a. - amerika the beautiful*
2 - d.o.a. - fucked up ronnie*
3 - flipper - life*
4 - circle jerks - live fast,die young*
5 - bad brains - you*
6 - crucifix - steel case enclosure*
7 - dead kennedys - i am the owl*
8 - black flag - scream*
9 - t.s.o.l. - sounds of laughter*
10 - avengers - cheap tragedies*
11 - dils - blow up*
12 - butthole surfers - butthole surfers' theme song
13 - big boys - history
14 - minutemen - fake contest
15 - j.f.a. - middle america
16 - fang - send me to hell c.o.d.
17 - m.d.c. - (r)evolution in rock
18 - dicks - legacy
19 - d.r.i. - madman
20 - doggy style - janitor man
21 - mojo nixon & skid roper - i ain't gonna piss in no jar
22 - corrosion of conformity - bound
23 - verbal abuse - fun,fun,fun (with my machine gun)
24 - raw power - we shall overcome
25 - white flag - loaded
26 - naked raygun - rocks of sweden
27 - d.i. - ballroom blitz


DL: rat music for rat people pt.1
DL: rat music for rat people pt.2

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Karp - Live 05-24-95 - KAOS Radio

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1995

Well, now I feel bad. Now I feel like that last post was a waste of time. Now I feel like I should make up for it by posting something that hasn't been posted quite as much all over the damn place. 
Certainly this is by no means a "Shiny Grey Exclusive", but I haven't seen this particular bootleg in more than one or two other places. So, there's a decent chance you hadn't happened upon it yet, and it'll be new to you. 
Karp, performing live on the radio in Olympia, Washington, pounding out their hits and being generally goofy between songs. The sound quality is what you would expect from a community radio broadcast, good if not great for a bootleg. 
I hope this redeems me.

Karp - Demo

Label: Self released
Year: 1994

Sure does seem like Karp is more popular these days then they ever were during their brief existence. Maybe it's a case of hindsight being 20/20, or maybe it's just the popularity of Big Business bleeding out to the member's former endeavors, but for whatever reason you can't help but trip over all the Karp shit littering the internets. So why not add to the mess? Yes. Bless this mess.
Our compatriot Fred posted this at his excellent blog Mindgrinder awhile back, but I didn't notice or forgot or something until I just googled "Karp" to get an image for this post and stumbled upon it. Oops. Oh well, I said it was a mess of Karp shit didn't I? My apologies to Fred. Oh well, kill all redneck pricks.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Saccharine Trust - Paganicons

Label: SST
Year: 1981

Hot on the heels of the Black Flag mega-post, I thought we'd keep the SST ball rolling with one of my favorite label releases, the first Saccharine Trust record, their mini-lp "Paganicons". I like this one because it still sounds like it "belongs" on the SST roster, it is effectively a punk record, but you are hearing the beginnings of a band about to go of on a wild trip. They would eventually go on to play improvised jazz-informed music before calling it quits in 1986 (apparantly they are back together and playing shows now...who knew?), but at this time you get a pretty unique blend of styles that I would still consider "accessible" for your average hardcore fan. If you like later Black Flag, the Minutemen, Redd Kross, 45 Grave, Dead Kennedys, older T.S.O.L., or the non-surfy Agent Orange stuff then you'll probably get a kick out of this one.
Jagged, sharp, driving, noisy punk rock. Does that seem right? Right enough.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

you bet we've got something personal against you!: the black flag discography's saturday...the heat is being hot...there's the sounds of an auctioneer wafting in through the window ...and it looks like there's a storm a-brewin' what better thing to do than supply all of you with a little black flag

and this is by no means an exhaustive discography...i'm sure there are things out there that have been put out on labels in germany and sweden and whatnot...but this is a pretty damn decent go at it (and though i suppose it could be considered a black flag release...i didn't include the MINUTEFLAG collaboration they did with the band the minutemen...though you can find it here as well)

what can be said about these guys that hasn't already been said....

they started out as your typical run of the mill "skate rock" band called panic (later changing their name in 1978...and going through multiple singers)....then eventually morphing into a visceral east coast version of the doors (thanks to hank rollins)...and by the end of it all they'd become a free form jazz punk jam band

in my opinion (not that any of you actually care about such a thing) black flag were the first real punk band (though most/all will argue that it's either the ramones or the sex pistols) point being that the sex pistols were just the next step on the punk rock evolutionary ladder (though sticking with the typical punk "3 chords and an attitude" thing...but were really nothing more than a punk boy band...they were put together after the band's manager saw a ramones show and thought "oi...i can do that too") for the ramones...i'm just gonna go ahead and say it: I'M REALLY NOT ALL THAT MUCH OF A FAN (same goes for the sex pistols...actually...i can only tolerate one of their songs all the way through...that one being their cover of the frank sinatra tune "my way")...the ramones have more than one decent song amongst their discography (just to mention a few: "beat on the brat"..."cretin hop"..."the kkk took my baby away")

ah...i'm getting away from my point (once again)

black flag possessed that snotty little brother that likes to throw bricks through the screens of old television sets and throw beer bottles at police cars (and once the car comes back...takes a piss in the back of it once he's arrested...and calling your parents at 3:00am just to say "hello dad...i'm in jail...i like it's nice") and lighting shit on fire (sometimes literally) and hating your parents because they don't get you attitude that none of the other bands really possessed at the time...they're also considered the first hardcore band...and they were really the first d.i.y. band (they were the first band to book their own tours)

but enough of my just want the music

and i totally understand that

and just for the record...i'm a keith morris guy

nervous breakdown (released 1978)
DL: nervous breakdown

panic demo (released 1978...though not officially)
DL: panic demo

jealous again (released 1980)
DL: jealous again

six pack 7" (released 1981)
DL: six pack 7"

police story live 7" (released 1981...bootleg)
DL: police story live 7"
(link fixed)

louie louie 7" (released 1981)
DL: louie louie 7"

damaged demos (released 1981...contains songs that would be put on the DAMAGED album with dez cadena on vocals)
DL: damaged demos

licorice pizza 7" (released 1981 as a promo for the DAMAGED album by a record store chain of the same name (sans 7")...featuring a 5 piece black flag and the earliest recordings with hank on vocals)
DL: licorice pizza 7"

damaged (released 1981)
DL: damaged

tv party 7" (released 1982)
DL: tv party 7"

everything went black (released 1983...a compilation of the 3 singers that came before hank...which would be keith morris/ron reyes/dez cadena...the album got greg ginn and chuck dukowski some jail time for releasing it...i'm not going to go into the whole's there for a reason)
DL: everything went black

the first four years (released 1983...this is a compilation of pre-hank black flag's pretty much the NERVOUS BREAKDOWN/JEALOUS AGAIN/SIX PACK eps...the LOUIE LOUIE 7"...and various other songs that were put on compilations)
DL: the first four years

my war (released 1984)
DL: my war

family man (released 1984...this was the band's first foray into the instrumental well as hank's first foray into the spoken word world...the only time the entire band come together is on the song "armageddon man")
DL: family man

slip it in (released 1984...the woman hank is being all "hey baby" with in the title song is future L7 vocalist/guitarist suzi gardner)
DL: slip it in

live '84 (released 1984...the first official live black flag album...and's better than WHO'S GOT THE 10 1/2...that's right...i said it)
DL: live '84

loose nut (released 1985)
DL: loose nut

the process of weeding out (released 1985...the title can either mean that they were "weeding out" hank as he's nowhere to be seen on this album...or the "wedding out" could be looked at as a reference to all the pot most of the band was obviously smoking during the making of the you can plainly hear as the band goes into full on jam band mode)
DL: the process of weeding out

in my head (released 1985...the last studio album from the band...the band's sound is more experimental and rock orientated complete with fade-outs...sounding more like greg ginn's instrumental band gone...which opened for black flag during their '86 tour...hank ended up taking gone's bass player andrew weiss and drummer sim cain for his rollins band...this put a bad religion releasing INTO THE UNKNOWN look on most folk's faces)
DL: in my head

spray paint live 7" (released 1986...bootleg...could've very well been recorded at the same show the police story live 7" was recorded...dez on vocals)
DL: spray paint live 7"

who's got the 10 1/2? (released 1986...the other official black flag live album...and i've already said what i needed to say about this...and just in case you're's kira)
DL: who's got the 10 1/2?

wasted...again (released 1987...a best of compilation)
DL: wasted...again

i can see you (released 1989...some left over material from the IN MY HEAD-era)
DL: i can see you

annihilate this week (released's made up of a song taken from the band's final show..and 2 found on the WHO'S GOT THE 10 1/2 album)
DL: annihilate this week

the complete 1982 demos+more (released 1996...this was originally released in 1982 during their not being able to record anything new the band went in an made a secret demo of songs that would later get used on the MY WAR and SLIP IT IN albums...and this was the only time drummer chuck biscuits (who has also played in samhain...the jerks...just to name a few) played in the band...and the +more is an interview and a small set the band played at the radio tokyo recording studios...and this is the only place you can find the songs "what can you believe" and "yes,i know")
DL: the complete 1982 demos +more

and now we've come to the end of our journey

and didn't get pelted in the head with a microphone...and you were never in any danger of almost seeing "little hank" through a tiny pair of sweaty shorts

aren't you glad you sat through it all until the end?

and at least you weren't this kid...this was hank being hank....enjoy
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