Monday, August 3, 2009

the yoleus - nightmare circle vision

released 2007

this was amongst the "shitload of cds" the bassist for the band v9r9d sent me...and i had meant to post it sooner...but life had to intervene (as it always does at the most convenient of moments) and there were sandwiches that weren't going to eat themselves (though i did see that happen once...a lot of shit went down in nam maaaaan)

these folks out of the twin cities (st.paul/minneapolis,mn) play something very much like don caballero mixed with a little bit of not so out there primus along with a small dash of the dazzling killmen groove

this is one of those "featuring members of..."'s made up of bass player jeremy kuecker of the band v9r9d (if you hadn't already figured that one out)...guitarist dave erb of the band sicbay...and drummer jack kalyuzhny of the band the deaf

so if you like any of that "midwest math/noise rock" business...take my hand and i'll lead you...don't be frightened

DL: nightmare circle vision

(link fixed)


Dr. and Mrs. Nick Pyle said...

taint workin'.

bad block. i need dave erb in my life.

ipecac said...

mediafire is being mediafire

you have to stroke it just the right way and everything will work out for you

bryan reynolds said...

ahh, a small world..
i lived in MN for a while last year and had the opportunity to play w The Yoleus w my band Group Icky Rats
Jeremy and i talked after the show about the possibility of collaborating but alas!, it never happened

Anonymous said...

After multiple tries, tracks 1 and 9 are still corrupt, for me. Could I please get a re-up?

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