Friday, April 19, 2019

flipper - live at the fillmore 1981

released: 2010
label: cd presents

you already know who flipper are.
this is them opening for PiL at the fillmore in san francisco,ca.
you know who PiL are.
you know where san francisco is.
stop reading and start listening.

1 - instrumental
2 - sacrifice
3 - survivors of the plague
4 - life


disincarnate - dreams of the carrion kind

released: 1993
label: roadrunner records

what i've brought for you here today is just some good ol' fashioned all american death metal. ah,the sweet sweet metal of death.

what's important here is that there's a guitar player on this album that you may or may not have heard of and he's played with some bands that you may or may not have heard of....

the name: james murphy
the bands: cancer/death/malevolent creation/obituary/testament (just to name a few. and no. he didn't play in them in alphabetical order.)

this is the band's only album.
unless you count the re-release back in 2004 which is essentially this album with some demos tacked on at the end.

i'm not really sure what more i can say about this other than it's awesome.

but i'd like to say a little something about roadrunner records. they were a fairly decent label once upon a time. they'd released albums by the likes of brujeria and fear factory and karma to burn and nailbomb and sepultura  (again,just to name a few. and no. it wasn't done in alphabetical order.). and then they started signing bands like nickelback? that's all i need to say about all that. now get offa my lawn.


crisis - the hollowing

released: 1997
label: metal blade records

"no. seriously. the singer is female. why would i make something like that up? i'm not lying to you. it's not like that time i'd told you that i was your real dad. you can't get mad at me for that one. you're the one that bought into it. so yeah. calm down. totally female. and i'm not your real dad. no. get ready for this truth bomb. i'm your twin brother."

that conversation may or may not have actually taken place but back when i'd bought this album after having heard the song "kingdom's end" on some random sampler. remember back in those days,bro? back when magazines came with some pretty kick-ass samplers? you'd discover all kinds of things and maybe discover a little bit about yourself in the process. yeah. those were the days. now how about you go and make daddy a nice nyQuil smoothie before mommy gets home. ah,ya little scamp.

this here album has everything you could possibly want...
the sludge.
the distortion.
the guttural screams.
did i mention the sludgy distortion with guttural screams?
i probably did.
sounds like something i'd do.

so if you're liking of things drifts toward some early kylesa and some acid bath (and speaking of acid bath: their guitarist shows up on this album a few times. so that's something,yeah? yeah it is.) and maybe some early neurosis this is for you,friend.

seriously though...
where's that nyQuil smoothie?


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Trigger Cut - Buster

Label: Token
Year: 2019

We (the collective "we") have come to count on Ralph Schaarschmidt to bring us the finest German noise rock, by way of Chicago's finest forges, for the past few years. Recently it was Buzz Rodeo, but now we're dealing with Trigger Cut. Which, if you liked the former, you're going to be excited by the latter. It's essentially a continuation, or refinement, of that pent up, nervous energy, staccato push-and-pull pelting. And while one (the collective "one") would be remiss to not acknowledge a very subtle rhythmic melody trying desperately to rise above the clanging guitar scree, and the galvanic roil of the bass and drums simultaneously building and up and toppling the song's riffs, the basic sense of Trigger Cut is urgency. An uneasy urgency that's driving you somewhere. Where? Off a cliff? Through a wall? To hell? Hold on and let it ride.
I highly recommend this one, it's a really great representation of the ideal "noise rock" paradigm circa 2019. It scratches that itch with aplomb. Or, an A-bomb.  One of those.


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

author & punisher - ursus americanus

released: 2012
label: seventh rule recordings

have you ever had one of those migraines where you feel sick to your stomach and your not able to really open your eyes all that much and your heartbeat causes a rush sound inside of your head and with every beat you have to nod your head along because it hurts so intensely?

have you ever tried to listen to godflesh in headphones whilst experiencing one of those to see if it all matches up like some sort of sadomasochistic game of pink floyd's THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON and THE WIZARD OF OZ?

if'n you've never done that yourself i'll let you in on a little secret: it's all fun and games until "flowers" (from the MERCILESS ep) starts to line up a little too well with the appearance of the lullaby league and everything starts to slow to a crawl and all you can hear is "we represent the lullaby league" in a demon's voice and the "na na na na na na na" of the guitar forms a hole in your stomach....

let me just say that there's a difference between "waking up" and "coming to".

so yeah.


south mouth - marginal body

released: 2014
label: questionable records

remember than one band from washington d.c.?
of course they were on dischord records.
i just can't seem to remember....
the band's name was....
it was....
soap poisoning?
that doesn't seem right.
marginal man?
marginal man.
that's the one.

so if you're down with tunes like some arab on radar or some combatwoundedveteran or some men's recovery system or some nomeansno or some spazz or some early butthole surfers antics or those sounds you'd hear coming from the stall next to you in a truck stop bathroom....


Friday, April 12, 2019

16 / today is the day - zodiac dreaming

released: 2001
label: trash art records

this is the soundtrack to waking up in the middle of the night because you have to go to the bathroom and then on the way there you stub your toe and then you scream and get angry and then the family that didn't know you were sleeping in the crawlspace in the basement wake up and come out of their bedrooms discover you standing there in the pair of jogging pants and t-shirt the dad had thought come up mysteriously missing after his wife had said she was getting sick of looking at them because they looked all ratty and had a funny smell but he wasn't going to get rid of them because he pays the bills and his best friend had died in them and he liked him better than her and if she didn't like it she could take the kids and leave and when the police show up because of the obvious noise complaints from the neighbors he was "just yelling at the tv again,officer. i apologize. i just get so wrapped up in that AMERICAN GLADIATORS stuff." remember? that's right. and you better stay out of my lunchmeat.

and now ladies and gentlemen 16 and today is the day....

1 - 16 - balloon knot
2 - 16 - aging disgracefully
3 - 16 - you're not my real dad
4 - today is the day - invincible
5 - today is the day - breadwinner


watter - this world

released: 2014
label: temporary residence

you know of the band slint.
you know of the band grails.
have you ever wondered what those bands would sound like combined?
slint's britt walford provides the drumming here.
grails' zak riles provides some guitar and keyboards here.
shipping news' todd cook provides some bass here.
king crimson's tony levin also provides some bass here.


how do you feel about bands like: godspeed you black emperor! or swans or maudlin of the well or explosions in the sky or any of the bands mentioned up yonder?

if you answered with a "hell yeah!" to any of that you'll welcome this with open arms as well.
just like the journey song.


Thursday, April 11, 2019

sonic youth / beck

released: 2009
label: matador

this was a 7" released on record store day back in 2009.
it's got sonic youth covering beck.
it's got beck covering sonic youth.
that just about sums this here thing up.


v/a - pustmort view

released: 1991
label: toy's factory

some of you may or may not know who brian schroeder is. he's an artist whose stuff can be seen on everything from skateboards to band t-shirts to album covers. that's one of his creations up yonder as a matter of fact.

some of you may or may not know who pushead is. yes. that's right. pushead. pushead is an artists whose stuff can be seen on everything from skateboards to band t-shirts to album covers. that's one of his creations up yonder as a matter of fact.

what's that look on your face?
maybe you should go to the bathroom.
are you confused?
deja vu maybe?

well i can't wait around all day for you to figure it out.
they're the same person.
i know.

not only is he an artist but he has his own record labels as well....
pusmort records and bacteria sour.
i don't know why this wasn't released via one of those.
i'm not his golf buddy.
maybe the labels are pals or something.
maybe their moms know each other.
quit asking questions.

he was also a vocalist for a band that went by the name of septic death.
not septicflesh.
they're from greece.
septic death were from boise,id.
also: 2 entirely different styles of music.

but enough with the words.
you're too busy playing with your thingamabobber there.
back in my day....

1 - copass grinderz - monster zoo
2 - rocket from the crypt - cut it loose
3 - rocket from the crypt - glazed
4 - siege - cold war
5 - siege - sad but true
6 - siege - walls
7 - final conflict - crucifixion
8 - final conflict - constant fear
9 - final conflict - central america
10 - final conflict - apocalypse now
11 - corruption of peace - bleeding children
12 - attitude adjustment - grey world
13 - attitude adjustment - working class pride
14 - attitude adjustment - dead serious
15 - attitude adjustment - war fear
16 - attitude adjustment - attitude adjustment
17 - christ on parade - landlord song
18 - christ on parade - america the myth
19 - christ on parade - drop out
20 - exit condition - bite down hard
21 - exit condition - fear for tomorrow
22 - fratricide - blind faith
23 - fratricide - final solution
24 - ghoul squad - little wolves
25 - ghoul squad - necro doll
26 - negative gain - loss of self
27 - negative gain - psychic hours
28 - septic death - change
29 - septic death - kichigai
30 - septic death - child
31 - septic death - glue step
32 - part 1 - black mass


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