Tuesday, September 19, 2017

sidekick kato - 1st class chump

label: johanns face records
released: 1996

maybe you've heard of the fireside bowl.
it's in chicago,il.
i've only ever been there once which is a shame as i'm from illinois.
i'd seen the bands american heritage and yakuza and burnt by the sun.
it's a bowling alley that also put on shows.
they stopped doing that for a bit.
but it's doing it once again.
back in the day any "indie" or "alternative" or "punk" band making their way across the midwest would make a stop there.
i'd even go as far as to say that it was perhaps the cbgb of the midwest.
i don't know about the fireside's bathroom situation.
i didn't use the facilities while i was there.
bands with names like alkaline trio and at the drive in and avail and buzzov*en and cap'n jazz and don caballero and hot water music and face to face and jawbreaker and.....
you get the idea.
these fellas played there as well.
there's even a picture of the exterior of the fireside on the album's inlay card.
so if'n you like any of those bands mentioned above.....


pugs - bite the red knee

label: casual tonalities
released: 1997

i remember seeing this band back in 1997 when they were part of the LOLLAPALOOZA tour. this was the same day that i'd gotten turned onto the band skeleton key as well. i remember also seeing tool (you should never experience tool live during daylight hours. you just shouldn't.) and devo (there was a fella that was "dancing" in front of my friends and i during their entire set. we dubbed him "devo man".) and james (my friends looked at me strangely when i screamed out "she only cums when she's on top" during "laid".) and beck and failure and and and....

i'm not going to reenact the entire day for you.
just know that i went out and bought both skeleton key's FANTASTIC SPIKES THROUGH BALLOON and this album after that day.
good times.

the best way to descibe this album?
if you like the above mentioned skeleton key album or the not so spastic moments of melt banana or some early B52's you'll dig this.
ya dig?
they even cover that one song that pee wee herman dances to.
remember that?
up on the bar?
don't pretend like you've never seen that movie,nerd.


v/a - singles: original motion picture soundtrack

label: epic
released: 1992

remember that one scene where that one character was going get a video made for EXPECT THE BEST and she's trying to explain what she wants and the other person is all like "no way,man! that shit is just horrible! i will create your look! and for $10 extra buzzo will shoot your video." and then they show buzz osborne sitting at the counter and he's all eyeballing the woman and whatnot and then says "$20."?

or what about that once scene where the guy is buying multiple pregnancy tests and he takes them up to the checkout counter and the cashier is all like "hey man! i remember you from college,man!" and then goes on to tell the story of why he flunked out of school because he was always staying up late for the guy's radio show and not doing his home work and then he's all "you're the only guy i know that could mix the melvins and public enemy! dun dun dun dundundun dun dundundun i'd like to take i'd like to feel wanted is a joke in yo' town!"? remember that king buzzo was the cashier?

you don't remember that?

what about that scene where that one guy was trying to teach his friend the art of seduction and he says "when it comes down to makin' out,whenever possible,put on side one of GLUEY PORCH TREATMENTS."

or what about that scene where buzz osborne goes into that convienent store and needs to use the bathroom and while he's back there someone shows up to rob it and the guy behind the counter freaks out and splashes the guy in the face with hot coffee and then he comes from out of the bathroom and says "awesome! totally awesome!".

or that scene where buzzo was coming out of the pool all in slow motion and whatnot? his hair looked fucking amazing!

that never happened?
totally different movie?
i know that they were written by the same person.
come on now.

i know that.
i'm just trying to say that buzz osborne would've made both of those movies that much better.
and why wasn't there a melvins presence on this soundtrack?
everything that takes place in seattle should involve the melvins.
and where was nirvana?
and the grungies?
or that band whose singer looked like adam sandler in a chris cornell wig?
i think they were called dogs or something like that.
or larry "bud" melman using a payphone.
tisk tisk.
and where's sonic youth?
there can be some smashing pumpkins but no sonic youth?
what the....
i mean....
rant over.

1 - alice in chains - would?
2 - pearl jam - breath
3 - chris cornell - seasons
4 - paul westerberg - dyslexic heart
5 - the lovemongers - battle of evermore*
6 - mother love bone - chloe dancer/crown of thorns
7 - soundgarden - birth ritual
8 - pearl jam - state of love and trust
9 - mudhoney - overblown
10 - paul westerberg - waiting for somebody
11 - jimi hendrix - may this be love
12 - screaming trees - nearly lost you
13 - smashing pumpkins - drown


Friday, September 15, 2017

v/a - judgement night: music from the motion picture

label: epic records
released: 1993

this turned 24 years of age yesterday.
it's asking that you send all of your used jncos to us.
we promise that it'll receive every single pair.
i know that you'd rather give them to it yourself but it doesn't leave the house all that much nowadays.
you've seen the movie,yeah?
of course you have.
it doesn't want to get the jeremy piven's character treatment.
for whatever reason it believes the movie is a documentary that it was duped into providing the soundtrack to.
i don't know why.
the thing barely sleeps anymore.
all it does is drink coffee and read THE ART OF WAR and paces.
we've already tried a tranquilizer gun.
we've already tried to slip something into it's cereal.
we even tried to hide a pill in a cut up hot dog.
we're probably going to try and somehow get into some sort of a restraint jacket and into a van so we can drive it out into the country.
any volunteers?
didn't think so.
want a hot dog?

1 - helmet/house of pain - just another victim
2 - teenage fanclub/de la soul - fallin'
3 - living colour/run dmc - me and my microphone
4 - biohazard/onyx - judgement night
5 - slayer/ice t - disorder*
6 - faith no more/boo-ya t.r.i.b.e. - another body murdered
7 - sonic youth/cypress hill - i love you mary jane
8 - mudhoney/sir mix-a-lot - freak momma
9 - dinosaur jr/del tha funky homosapien - missing link
10 - therapy?/fatal - come and die
11 - pearl jam/cypress hill - real thing
*=medley of songs by the band the exploited ("war"/"uk '82"/"disorder")


v/a - lubricant for your mind

label: circus records
released: 1993

did you know that there are other bands from italy?
more than just:
ephel duath

i know.
i was shocked as well.

and here are 4 of them.
none of which are functional anymore.

the mouseblasters:
1 - exploring hard sense
2 - those dose in my head goes to yours
3 - smell of it
4 - simply alone

six minute war madness:
5 - the drop scene
6 - hunted down
7 - dead boat hope
8 - blind

9 - straight on
10 - i can't believe it
11 - duckman dance
12 - come 'n' get it (japanese mix)

sentence to blunder:
13 - altar
14 - capital waste
15 - subway drama


v/a - jukebox buddha

label: staubgold
released: 2006

this probably doesn't belong here.
but have you ever thought about maybe it's you that don't belong here?
it doesn't have to be loud all the time.
i know.
sometimes you just have to lay back with the headphones on and drift off.
"what kind of hippy...."
i know.
it's uncomfortable.
"you're uncomfortable."
i am.
thank you.

are you a fan of some "no wave" musics?
what about some of that "found sound" business?
brian eno?

you look confused.
thank you.
drink this.
go ahead.
everything will make sense soon enough.

1 - wang fan - xuanzhuan de tuoluonidi
2 - kammerflimmer kollektief - gammler,zen + hohe berge
3 - aki onda - the buddha in new york
4 - adrian sherwood & doug wimbish - karma-cola
5 - thomas fehlmann - liquid buddha
6 - robert henke - layer 02
7 - blixa bargeld - little yellow
8 - es - tieta valojen taa
9 - gudrun gut - rendering buddha
10 - mapstation - watching paik's video buddha
11 - center of excellence - buddha machine commercial
12 - sunnO))) - bp//simple
13 - alog - a dragon lies listening
14 - minit - winged life
15 - sun city girls - cry valley


endpoint - idiots

label: doghouse records
released: 1992

this is endpoint.
this is endpoint playing some covers.
endpoint were a band from louisville,ky.
you probably already like endpoint.
and now you can find out what endpoint likes.
don't be selfish.
endpoint probably would've liked some of what you liked.
endpoint probably would've liked the fact that you like to walk around your house/apartment wearing only a size XL THE THING t-shirt and eating ice cream sandwiches.
actually they wouldn't.
you really need to be wearing a size XXL t-shirt.
and endpoint do appreciate THE THING and all of it's non CGI magic but don't like the fact that you're prancing about in that tiny t-shirt.
that's right.
i put all of that business out there for everyone to picture.
endpoint probably would appreciate that.
see what you get for being selfish?
but if'n you were willing to share those ice cream sandwiches....

1 - building (embrace cover)
2 - attitude (misfits cover)
3 - circus of pain (malignant growth cover)
4 - persistent vision (rites of spring cover)


husker du - 8.28.85 - first avenue - minneapolis,mn

husker du had a better vocalist/drummer combo than the eagles.
true story.
RIP,grant hart.

1 - flip your wig
2 - every everything
3 - makes no sense at all
4 - the girl who lives on heaven hill
5 - i apologize
6 - if i told you
7 - folk lore
8 - don't want to know if you are lonely
9 - i don't know for sure
10 - terms of psychic warfare
11 - powerline
12 - books about ufos
13 - hardly getting over it
14 - sorry somehow
15 - (you're so square) baby i don't care/the wit and the wisdom/(you're so square) reprise
16 - green eyes
17 - divide and conquer


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

deadfood - weird feelings

label: self-released
year: 2000

this was something that i'd totally forgotten about. i'd been digging through my cds and came across it. i remember coming across an interview with the band in some random zine i'd had and they'd sounded right up my alley. so i sent off for this cd. that was back in 2000. and now it's been unearthed. found betwixt a brutal truth album (SOUNDS OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM) and a sugartooth album (THE SOUNDS OF SOLID).

"none of that makes sense. i just don't....uh...."

i'd been digging through some crap in some random boxes and found some cds that i'd thought were long gone.

and then i'd found a candy bar in between my bed and the wall that i'd thought was gone as well.

it's been a good couple of days.

but you're not here for a candy bar,are you?
it was a 3 musketeers.
and it's gone.

did you like what mr. bungle was doing on their first album?
do you like early OldLadyDrivers?*
well then.
this is all for you,consumer of such things.
*=they cover the band's "colostomy grab bag".

the candy bar is gone.
don't come over here.


v/a - punk university vol. 1

label: oglio records
released: 1994

you'll probably take a look at the track listing and find yourself wondering "hey. where are black flag? where are the dead kennedys? where are minor threat? where are the misfits? why am i thinking in alphabetical order?".

well. all i can say is that they were all scheduled to be involved in the festivities but now they're on some sort of double secret probation for whatever reason. when we contacted the dean's orifice they had a prepared statement at the ready:

"today's new batch of alternative rock bands learned from some of the most innovative artists of the modern era-punks. the school these new musicians attended was PUNK UNIVERSITY; no text books,no homework,just a drive to express themselves with guitars and passionate vocals. their teachers include 999,the buzzcocks,fear,the ramones,iggy pop and suicidal tendencies.

the next time you tune in your favorite rock radio station,remember where the bands you hear today learned their craft. PUNK UNIVERSITY."

so yeah.
punk u,maaaaaaan.

1 - suicidal tendencies - institutionalized
2 - buzzcocks - orgasm addict
3 - 999 - homicide
4 - the ramones - beat on the brat
5 - vandals - ladykiller
6 - adolescents - amoeba
7 - circle jerks - wild in the streets
8 - red kross - annette's got the hits
9 - x - los angeles
10 - fear - new york is alright if you like saxophones
11 - iggy pop - lust for life
12 - killing joke - eighties

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