Thursday, August 25, 2016

v/a - spectrum ale: micro-brewed musical artistry

label: relapse records
released: 1996

back in the day the relapse records mail order catalog and i were the bestest of friends.
i'm pretty sure that there were a few times that folks working in the relapse records mail room were all like "hey. it's that guy again."

and then there were times where you'd open up your package and along with your human remains USING SICKNESS AS A HERO and your the dillinger escape plan's UNDER THE RUNNING BOARD albums there'd be the added bonus of a relapse records sampler cd.

like this one right here.

also: some of the old school relapse samplers are kind of hard to come by. and if you happen to have one and would like to share it leave a message in the comments section of this here posting. it would be greatly appreciated. you can pick whatever you'd like out of the refrigerator in the SGM break room.

1 - amorphis - unborn
2 - amorphis - my kantele (acoustic)
3 - neurosis - locust star
4 - neurosis - eye
5 - pan-thy-monium - the battle of geeheeb (excerpt)
6 - mindrot - anguish (edit)
7 - blood duster - kill,kill,kill
8 - blood duster - intro/chunky bit
9 - blood duster - motherfuckin'
10 - mortician - driller killer
11 - mortician - barbaric cruelties
12 - doomed - broken
13 - embalmer - necro-philing cabinet
14 - exit-13 - gout d'belgium
15 - exit-13 - if you're a viper
16 - hybryds - alchemy
17 - tribes of neurot - fires of purification
18 - malformed earthborn - suicide lair
19 - brighter death now - little baby
20 - namanax - cascading waves of electronic turbulence (edit)
21 - merzbow - woodpecker no.2
22 - massona - inner mind mystique 4


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

dinosaur jr - i don't wanna go there

label: jagjaguwar
released: 2009

you know dinosaur jr.
you love dinosaur jr.

you get a song from the FARM album.
you get a song from the YOU'RE LIVING ALL OVER ME album.
they were both recorded live during a session for pitchfork tv.

and for all of you nerds out there....
this was a bonus 7" that was included with the limited edition double FARM lp.
wipe your mouth.


show business giants/the squirrels - blobs vol.2

label: way out! records
released: 1991

i'd never heard of the band show business giants before hearing this.
but from what i can gather they're a canadian punk band.
and they have ties nomeansno.
and that's something,yes?

the real gem here are the squirrels and their cover of both "seasons in the sun" and "the hustle".
and the magic of it is is the fact that they combine the both into one song.
i'd first heard it on the radio via OFF THE BEATEN TRACK.
you've heard me talk about that show a time or a dozen.

and in case you're wondering about the squirrels....
they're a punk band from that seattle place.
remember all that?

and now i'm sharing it with you.


vcr - self-titled

label: pop faction
released: 2003

i'll be the first to admit that maybe this isn't your usual SGM business.
but there are times that you just need to let some new stuff in.

and this is the part of the show where you'd probably think that i'd be going into some zany rant about letting new stuff in and whatnot.

but not tonight.

there's nothing wrong with letting new things in. or out. like that smell in your room. would it hurt to crack the window open or something? sure. you may think that the smell of tacos and cole slaw is something that some folks would enjoy. perhaps some sort of musk to put behind one's ear. but you'd be wrong.

but i digress.
i just couldn't let it go.
like that time i let that one thing go.
things have just never been the same since.


they're a band from out of virginia that play a sort of synthy-punky sort of thing.
it's not all bad.
they once played an entire show of nothing but misfits covers.

the one musical comparison i'll make is that if you like stuff like beat happening.
and there's a song on here that has a total old school depeche mode vibe going on.
it's called "king and queen of winter".
i just couldn't keep you in suspense on that one.
you would've been all like "you mention old school depeche mode and then nothing? what kind of a bastard are you?"


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

v/a - gummo: movie soundtrack

label: domino
released: 1998

"why is this here? what are these bands? i only recognize the ones that i recognize."

why is this here?
simply put: GUMMO is the shiny grey monotone-iest movie of all time.
enough said.

1 - absu - the gold torques of ulaid
2 - eyehategod - serving time in the middle of nowhere
3 - electric hellfire club - d.w.s.o.b.
4 - spazz - gummo love theme
5 - bethlehem - schuld uns'res knoch'rigen faltpferd
6 - burzum - rundgang um die transzendentale saule der singularitat
7 - bathory - equimanthorn
8 - dark noerd - smokin' husks
9 - sleep - dragonaut
10 - brujeria - matando gueros '97
11 - namanax - the medicined man
12 - nephilim - hellish blasphemy
13 - mortician - skin peeler
14 - mystifier - give the human devil his due
15 - destroy all monsters - mom's and dad's pussy
16 - bethlehem - verschleierte irrelgiositat
17 - mischa maisky - suit no. 2 for solo cello in d minor-prelude
18 - sleep - some grass
19 - rose shepherd and ellen m. smith - jesus loves me


v/a - kids: original motion picture soundtrack

label: london records
released: 1995

"you know what,man. you say that daniel johnston and the folk implosion were on some soundtrack to some movie together but i don't believe you. i don't. you say a lot of things. like that time you tried to convince me that black flag were on tour opening for some band called blink 182. or like the time you tried to convince me that rodney dangerfield and jeff goldblum were the same person."

well be prepared to have egg on your face because BAM!

if you're confused by any of this go here.

but i'm not here to gloat.
i'm here to provide you with a soundtrack.
a soundtrack to that party you'll have when your parents are out of town and the morning after.
because that's what kids do,yeah?
a soundtrack to jumping the fence at the pool because it's too hot.
a soundtrack to things we can't really discuss here.
because daddy never understood that you were up to no good.

1 - daniel johnston - casper
2 - deluxx folk implosion - daddy never understood
3 - folk implosion - nothing gonna stop
4 - folk implosion - jenny's theme
5 - folk implosion - simean groove
6 - daniel johnston - casper the friendly ghost
7 - folk implosion - natural one
8 - sebadoh - spoiled
9 - folk implosion - crash
10 - folk implosion - wet stuff
11 - lo-down - mad fright night
12 - folk implosion - raise the bells
13 - slint - good morning,captain


the folk implosion - walk through this world with the folk implosion

label: drunken fish records
released: 1994

right off the bat you may find yourself thinking "why does the album cover remind me of daniel johnston?"
i found myself thinking that as well.
and it's probably because it kinda sorta resembles his "hi,how are you" drawing.
at least that's what it was for me.
the daniel johnston thing was around first though.

also: both the folk implosion and daniel johnston were both on the soundtrack to the movie KIDS.

with all of that being said....
if you like the one you'll probably like this as it has that lo-fi "we just recorded this in a bedroom" thing going on.

and if'n you're already aware of who this band is then you're already aware that dinosaur jr/sebadoh member lou barlow was a member.

and if you're not....
dinosaur jr/sebadoh member lou barlow was a member of this band.

and there are nirvana and tom petty covers to be found here as well.


Monday, August 22, 2016

crypt trip - mabon songs

label: self-released
released: 2016

you remember listening to early sabbath and thinking "you know what? this isn't too bad. yeah. i can dig this."?
black sabbath.
come on now.
kids nowadays.
these here fellas from texas feel the same way you do.
and that's all that needs to be said here.

though i feel as is i must warn you.
if you play the bassline from the opening track into the mirror in a darkened bathroom 5 times in a row....
a beard driving a van that has a franzetta mural painted on its side will show up in your driveway.


the pre new - the male eunuch

label: 3 loop music
released: 2015

i was made privy to this band via the song "psychedelic lies" the other day.
it can be found on this very album.
it's track #2.
i was brought into the fold by the first 20 seconds of the song.
with its discordant jagged guitars.
with its accompanying bassline and drums.
and i really think that it's something you kids out there would really enjoy.

of course there are other songs.
13 others to be exact.
and you'll probably like them as well.

don't let the album's title scare you.
the band's first album was titled MUSIC FOR PEOPLE WHO HATE THEMSELVES.
so it's safe to say that these blokes have a sense of humor.
i say "blokes" because they're from a place that uses that word.

so if your liking of things tends to lead towards bands like:
the fall
dinosaur jr
sonic youth
queens of the stone age
future of the left
public image ltd.

go for it,champ.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

v/a - where is my robotic boot?

label: double h noise industries/hydra head records
released: 2004

you like the math rock,yeah?
you like the noise,yeah?
you like the dooooom,yeah?
you like stuff and things and whatnot,yeah?

all of it.
conveniently here in one place.
now you'll have to use all of that spare time doing something else?
we're not here to tell you what to do....
not since all of the restraining orders.
dressing up like animals and hanging around petting zoos.
some folks just don't seem to have one of those sense of humor things.

disc 1:
1 - kid606 - the new jazz
2 - final - the end has come
3 - shifts - a shorter piece for cymbal
4 - stephen o'malley - gui-fang
5 - craig dongoski - drawing voices: shortwave 1
6 - tribes of neurot - it is beginning to take effect
7 - merzbow - requiem
8 - monotonos - thoughts about....
9 - kid606 - pillowcase (before and after part 2)
disc 2:
1 - jan michael vincent car crash - north london book of the dead
2 - orthrelm - rdd 1+2
3 - the austerity program - song 9
4 - khanate - german dental work*
5 - the abandoned hearts club - theme song from the film noire volatility perversion
6 - gezoleen - deep in the dim
7 - phantomsmasher - caught in your orbit (alt. mix)
8 - jan michael vincent car crash - me and miss mandible
*=live earth cover

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