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Golden Shower Radio Hour
Episode # 009 UK Noise
Curated by Kunal
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Hello from the UK! That green and pleasant land... or so it appears but beneath the surface, noise rock is alive and well here as I hope this selection of bands shows. There are plenty of other bands that I would have liked to have included, but time restrictions apply, I wanted to keep it current(ish) and I didn't want to stray too far into other genre territories, although maybe I already did that a bit here and there. Whatever.

Full discloure: I play in some of these bands and a number of them have released things on my label (SuperFi - Hopefully I'm not coming across as too self-serving.

Art Of Burning Water - Snake State Nausea
A London trio that has been going for about a thousand years. I am the 8th person to play bass, but the other two guys have been doing it since the begining. This track opens Side B of our fifth LP. Think Voivod, Killing Joke, Keelhaul, American Heritage, but maybe a bit faster and you're in the general ballpark.

Screen Wives - Elocution Test No. 3
A pretty new band that just did a cracking six track LP of awkward, frenetic, noisy and discordant post-hardcore done in a quintessentially British manner. Melody always runs through it though. The drummer is a firecracker and consistently chucks something up from the effort of playing live. Buy the LP and check out the excellent lovelorn lyrics.

Wolfbait - Thrall
I'm cheating here as these guys are (were?) actually from Ireland, but screw the extortionate ferry prices because their debut tape is incredible. A melting pot of Swans-esque dirge, experimental noise and full-on scum-punk. Unique and upsetting.

Tide Of Iron - Bill Cosby
Hailing from Newcastle, TOI were an absolute breath of fresh air, keeping things loose and noisy, chugging or blasting away without really sounding like anyone in particular. The topically titled "Bill Cosby" has a crushing riff give way to a joyously simple chord progression, before collapsing into a near freakout, all in the space of just over a minute. Drummer Rob, like many drummers I suppose, has served time in about 1000 bands, but it's cool that he got to do the shouting in this one.

Palehorse - Don't Bitch My Shit
West London born and bred. Been going since 2000, with some lineup changes here and there, but crucially the two-bass, no-guitar setup has remained. Mark from Trencher contributes noise and more vocals now, and that's coupled with grooves a mile wide, locked down by one of the best drummers around.

Mob Rules - Worked On
One of the smartest and inventive UK bands that operate within the realm of "hardcore punk", these guys take plenty of noise rock influences in amongst the powerviolence. This track is from their album of a few years ago because I haven't got the new one yet. I'm sure it's great though.

Ghold - Elvira
This bass, drums and yelling duo's setup might remind you of Big Business, and that's no bad thing because these guys are similarly stonking live. Churning, driving, sludgy, inventive and just plain great. New album this year apparently.

Kind Eyes - Chug It Out
Unusual and inventive guitar and drums duo, harking back to the classic days of Gravity Recs styled emo, mixing things up and experimenting wildly whilst always keeping an eye on "the rock". Download their stuff now and buy the LP later.

Bastard Of The Skies - Yarn
A great, pretty long-running Manchester area band bordering on a super-heavy High On Fire-esque doom tip while keeping it negative and nasty. Evil stuff.

Cop - Hard to Swallow
Urgent, driving punk rock reminiscent of classic DC hardcore, Unwound and the like. Noel from this band played in Facel Vega, one of the best bands the UK has ever produced in my opinion.

Carer - You Hippies
Kind of got that Drunk In Hell (see later) vibe going on with the wayward filthiness that cakes this demo from a couple of years ago. Not sure if they are doing anything any more though.

Henry Blacker - Your Birthday Has Come And Gone
Crunchy, gloomy, no frills grungy stuff from a bunch of dads. Tim and Joe also play in Hey Colossus, but this band keeps things stripped down, focussed and melodic. New album soon I hope.

Skylark - Broken Feet
A bunch of young bucks who have been around the block several times already, these guys make clattering, stop-start hardcore punk that always keeps things rocking and flowing. This track is from the split 7" with goodtime stoner blasters Meadows.

Lupins - Blood Test
Prior to splitting, Lupins were a trio with a purportedly combined age of over 150! So they know a thing or two, most certainly about making churning, depressing, atmospheric noise rock. Excellent live and Will is an exceptional bassist. Much too short-lived, hopefully something comes from the ashes.

The Good Wife - Most Girls Are Potato
Pretty much at odds with the universe let alone the UK scene, TGW are fairly un-google-able thanks to that TV show with the nurse from ER in it. The kind of sleaze you might find in the philosophy aisle of your local library, this is riffy and shouty and all kinds of great. Now defunct but their last album is up on the interweb.

Field Boss - Farm
Formerly known as Tractor but had to change our name for legal reasons. I drummed for this one and it was slow going and dysfunctional, but that kind of fits the sound. Straight up simple bass and drums locked together, while guitar noise and yelling washes around on top. Fun to play, murder to hear.

Lich - Deep Wastes
Straying a bit into metal hardcore territory here but Lich were so good and the song's short anyway. Absolutely evil, feedback drenched and downtuned to hell, I managed to see these guys a bunch of times and they just got better and better and better.

Nadir - Time Of The Wolf
Nottingham has a great scene, bolstered by a solid core of people who have been doing the band and promoting thing for years. Nadir have members who also play or played in Army of Flying Robots, Bismuth, Diet Pills, Endless Grinning Skulls, Nacht Und Nebel, Beast As God - all well worth checking out. Nadir is bordering on doom, but this shorter track of theirs has a nasty set of riffs that you deserve to hear. Also best use of theremin since... er, Good Vibrations?

Workin' Man Noise Unit - Yellow Mind
Swirling, psychedelic, psychotic garage punk influenced action from these guys. Imagine the Stooges, MC5, Stones etc mixed in with a shit-ton of effects and genuine drunken anger. More please!

Drunk In Hell - Chick Flick
Drunk In Hell have already achieved legendary status without releasing much more than a rehearsal space boombox recording (from which this is taken). It must be tricky to capture the filth, keeping it listenable without losing the grit. I think the boombox worked perfectly. Records and gigs are promised this year though (I think they said that last year too). All of them are distracted by other projects (Basic House, Bong etc) and drummer Gillham has been in loads of punk and noise bands. Anyway, this band pound it out, one riff at a time, and it's basically perfect.

Process Black - Demo 2015

Label: self released
Year: 2015

This was posted in other places, but by the power of Yahweh, the new Trim Swinger project MUST be included in these hallowed halls of the blog-o-sphere! In the canon of "great hardcore vocalists" his lyrics and delivery have got to put him in the rarified air right there with Keith Morris, Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins, Sam McPheeters, H.R., Ian MacKaye, Dwid, Glen Danzig, and the like. The big time!
So, what you got here is a new band made up of Tim Singer (No Escape, Deadguy, and Kiss It Goodbye) singing, Aaron Edge (Grip, Harkonen, Himsa, Iamthethorn, Lumbar [with Tad Doyle!], etc.) playing guitar and bass, and Brock Lowry (from Cascabel, Monarchs, Ticktockman, and probably a lot of good bands I've never heard of) on drums. And guess what? They sound like exactly what you were hoping they would sound like! Tim Singer has hardly mellowed with age. His caustic attack is still as bracing as ever, and his list of targets seems to know no bounds. Musically, it's a blend of the noise-core these dudes helped pioneer with an added heaviness and restraint. The changes punch you in the back of your head, but they aren't spastic, more of a building creep that lashes out as it lumbers forward.
So good. Heavy, and satisfying in a way that I haven't heard lately. Essential.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Killdozer - Short Eyes

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1990

Two songs from Killdozer, what more do you need? Okay, how about Tom Hazelmyer sitting in on guitar? That's pretty cool, right?
Shit man, if this doesn't do it for you, I'm not real certain I can help you out.

By the way, do you miss me yet?

*originally posted 06-29-10, reposted 09-26-12, reposted AGAIN (and for the final time) 01-22-15

Cherubs - Pink Party Dessert ep

Label: Trance Syndicate
Year: 1992

There was a time on this blog, this one right here...that you're reading, that Austin, Texas and more specifically Trance Syndicate Records were prominently featured. It was like a month straight it seemed that we were practically vomiting up Ed Hall, Johnboy, Drain, Pain Teens, Crust, and Cherubs records. That was a good time wasn't it?
Well, set your way-back machine controls for the glorious acid soaked days of baked thud rock and day-glo record sleeves. The time when every college town had a handful of bands trying to "out rock" the others by tuning down, slowing down, and being as ugly as possible. Good times. That being said, you would have been hard pressed then, and hard pressed now, to find a better band than Cherubs, they easily out-rocked, out-tuned, and out-uglied the bands in your shitty college town (or mine for that matter...although Harvey Milk were playing shows in my college town whilst I was in college, and they were v-e-r-y ugly...and smelly, and come to think of it, they tuned waaaaaay maybe not the best example of college town).
Hail Cherubs!

*originally posted 12-26-10 , reposted 01-22-15

D. Rider - Mother Of All Curses

Label: Tizona Records
Year: 2009

Now after expanding to a full band as Dead Rider who have a pretty new and more than just pretty good new record (The Raw Dents) out right now as well, D. Rider is Todd Rittmann of Mercury Players and U.S. Maple guitar slingin' fame doing something that combines some of the best things about good, that is, good pop music, with the inventiveness and sense of fun that made this one of my desert island discs of the summer past. Listen to Body to Body to Body, and loudly, and then listen to it again.

Now that's a great pop song.

PS; this is a vinyl rip and has an additional song, Bye Bye Ethyl, which isn't on the compact disc version of the record. That song is good, too.

*originally posted 12-19-11, reposted 01-22-15

Cherubs - Heroin Man

Label: Trance Syndicate
Year: 1994

Good lord, did you guys realize that we had not posted this (or for that matter ALL) of Cherubs' records? What the fuck? I guess since I was a late-comer (that's what she said) to this piece of the internet, I assumed that Cherubs had already been covered, and their gospel rang from the highest peaks of this blog. Well, guess what? Apparently everyone else associated with this blog sucks turds, and didn't post this or any other of their stuff (please note that I actually posted the "Icing" album I, the author, do not in fact, "suck turds"). Way to go other members of this blog. You guys are fucking stupid...and I hate you. I can't even believe I condescend to associate with you morons. That reflects poorly on me and my entire family. I need to apologize to my family now. Great. They're gonna be so pissed when they find out that their husband and father has been slumming on some two bit Cherubs-less music blog. Can't imagine they'll be going Ivy League after this debacle. Community they come.

Goddamn it!

*originally posted 08-17-09, reposted 01-22-15

Sorry about the lack of posts here the last week, know. Slander Bob has been doing some exciting and time consuming non-blog activities, including podcasts, judging film festivals, and pursuing his quest for the World Amateur Knife Throwing Championship, but he will be back around soon enough.
I have been doing nothing nearly as exciting, simply working. Working like a rented mule, which leaves scant little time for having any desire to look at a computer after hours. But fear not, I'm still here, I'm still queer, and you still need to get used to it.

Today I am going to get to a few more reposts that folks have requested and that I have on hand. After that, we will resume normally scheduled events; the high caliber, high octane, full frontal blogging that you have come to expect, and dare I say "love", from your friends here at Shiny Grey Monotone.


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Sweet Diesel - Wrongville

Label: Velvel
Year: 1997

This record was in the hopper to be posted, and then old friend Jay Smith requested some "90s hardcore", maybe something he "hadn't heard before", and I figured this album is a good shot to met those criteria.
Calling it hardcore might be a stretch, as this album is more "rock" than "hardcore", especially in comparison to the band's earlier work, but if you liked the band Pipe out of NC in the mid 90s, or Surgery, or Seaweed, or maybe even The New Bomb Turks, then I think you can get behind this. It's good music for a Friday, which today happens to be, or if you happen to find yourself at a T.G.I.Friday's casual dining establishment.
I will get to some actual, legitimate "hardcore" soon. Stay tuned.

*originally posted 06.08.12, reposted 01.17.15

Friday, January 16, 2015


After 20 years away, Cherubs from Austin, Texas have returned to set the noise rock community ablaze with 2 Ynfynyty. The new LP, set for a March 3 release, bangs with a heavy Unsane quality on tracks like the new burner "Crashing the Ride," available to stream for the first time below. Fans of the NYC trio, as well as Helmet, The Jesus Lizard, and recent noise rock favorites Whores will dig the band's all-out punk assault set across ten tracks on the new release.

Check out "Crashing the Ride" below for the the first time and order your copy of the new LP via Brutal Panda. - (Courtesy of Noisey)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Label : Norway Rat
Year : 2010

 This is great a single from Norwegian noise makers Arabrot. This band just caught my attention over the last year. They have almost the perfect blend of noise rock and metal. The metal side of this band leans more toward the darker stuff (which is how I want my Norwegian bands). I hear they are coming back to America and Canada this summer. Don't miss them if they come to your town.

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