Thursday, October 8, 2015

Bottomless Pit - Hammer Of The Gods

Label: Comedy Minus One
Year: 2007

Band name is Bottomless Pit, and album name is 'Hammer Of The Gods', so you would be excused if your first thought is "sludgy downtuned metal". I would have thought the same thing.
But in fact, this is no burly group of bearded knuckle draggers with Eyehategod patches on their vests. Nope. This is actually a beautiful and poignant return for Andy Cohen and Tim Midgett after the untimely and shocking death of their Silkworm bandmate and friend Michael Dahlquist. It's a record that takes what has to have been a brutal time in their lives, and channels it through the distillation of rocknroll , indie rock and post hardcore heft to a crystal clear statement of intent for a new band pulling themselves out from under the shadow of tragedy and legacy.
Silkworm fans will immediately grab ahold of the familiar sonic cues and fractured earnestness that Midgett and Cohen had previously brought to that band. You will forgive them though that the mood here is more maudlin, the tone is one of yearning and introspection, but no less powerful (or possibly more so) than what they had done before.
I'm listening to this in the morning before starting a work day with deadlines looming. It's perfect for that. The song "Human Out f Me" might just be one of the prettiest and heart wrenching numbers you'll hear this week.
The rhythm section of Bottomless Pit is fleshed out by former Seam drummer Chris Manfrin and former .22 bassist Brian Orchard.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

El Buzzard - Gringa

Year: 2006
Label: The Electric Human Project

Self described as a "noise metal" band, these fuckers came out of San Jose and laid waste to shit. You'd have never guessed they spawned from mid nineties screamo spazzes, Mohinder, but lo and behold, that's just what they did. Gringa was their last will and testament before breaking up and reforming as Breasts. On this record they continue to play slash and burn, loud as shit skuzz rock with heavy Unsane and Karp leanings, but this time around there's a slight late-period Black Flag vibe creeping in. The warped stoner proto-metal riffing that Greg Ginn was experimenting with round about 1985 rears it's ugly head here, and seems to fit in just fine. This is a dirty, raw, punked out rawk trip.

*originally posted 09-05-08, reposted 10-07-15


Pissed Jeans - Hope For Men

Label: Sub Pop
Year:  2007

to be honest with you...when i'd first heard this band...i really wasn't all the impressed...someone on a messageboard has posted a link to their first full length (2005's shallow)...saying it was the best album they'd heard in awhile...blah blah blah...and being the biased kinda guy that i am...i gave it a download...gave it a quick listen...and didn't look at it again...

flash forward to a few days ago: i was listening to some random online radio station...not really paying all that much attention to it...and i got up and left the room...i was thirsty...i needed a beverage...and half way back i heard this sound coming from out of the computer's speakers...and the player wasn't telling me the name of the band...and i thought "could it be? have they gotten back together?! OH MAN! BONERS!"...the song was called "i've still got you (ice cream)" (and i'm going to remain vague on the band that i was thinking got back together...i want to see if you're up to speed on your shiny grey monotone-ness)...anyway...back to my i went to youtube to see if there was a video for said song...and there it was...pissed jeans had made their way back into my life once again...but this time around they've managed to keep their tight and shiny presence in my ears

i've heard this described as rollins era black flag...sabbath-esque...flipper-esque...the list could go on and on...and it would all be correct

but once you'll know where the band's allegiance lies

so if you like your reptile on amphetamines...this be for you

on their stained sleeves...

*originally posted 10-04-08 (by Ipecac...hence the punctuation), reposted 10-07-15


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Meatwound - Addio

Label: Magic Bullet
Year: 2015

Just what daddy needs. Overbearing, overdriven, overwhelming, and I must imagine, smelling of human feces. Total hammering . Cut the brake lines, rip off the steering wheel and let chaos drive, cause any way you slice it, this ride ends by slamming head on to a brick wall.
Members of Holy Mountain and Combatwoundveteran, two older Florida bands that played damaged hardcore back when, so you can rest assured this new version is in good (unwashed) hands.
They cite Fudge Tunnel as a reference point, but I would argue it's Fudge Tunnel as redirected by La Gritona. Which is a good thing.

I'm pretty convinced that this is a top ten record of the year. Please give it a listen and make your own rankings.


Monday, October 5, 2015

The Convocation Of... - Pyramid Technology

Label: Tiger Style
Year: 2001

Coming out from under their mid-nineties' emo cable knit sweaters to don sleeveless Van Halen t-shirts (but leaving the glasses on...let's not get too crazy here) in order to get their proverbial ya-ya's out, The Convocation Of... gets big and rocking on this, their final(?) full length record.
Tonie Joy is playing guitar here, so if you're a fan of the snaking riffs of Universal Order Of Armageddon or The Great Unraveling, then you'll no doubt find much to chew on. But, were those bands were tightly wound balls of energy, The Convocation Of... swings a bit more from left to right, and don't shy away from a explosive power chord chorus. They get down to it, is what I mean. Yes, sure, nobody is going to mistake them for Nirvana or anything it's not THAT kind of "big rock chorus", but the point is, Tonie Joy lets loose and the band pounds out a wide open groove behind him. Smart person rock music.
Sidebar (and the opposite of smart): when was the last time you shot gunned a beer (with your car keys)? Cause I did it last night at the age of 41 and found it perfectly acceptable, even though it led to a buddy falling down the back stairs and stepping on a nail (cross your fingers for no tetanus!), and the guise of the Sunday evening get together was "wine and cheese Sunday evening before dinner" (things devolved....or evolved depending on how you look at it...quickly when the wine ran out). Point being, if you haven't taken down a cool one shotgun style in a minute, I recommend it. It's a good bonding experience, just make sure your friends stay off the steps, and your kids are in the house out of view. Party hard at all times.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Distorted Pony - Work Makes Freedom

Label: Bomp!
Year: 1991

Originally released as a single sided 12" with the B-side being an etching of all the song lyrics. It would probably sound like shit to play side B. Kind of like when Bob and Doug Mcenzie tried to "play" the floppy disc they "horked" from the Elsinore Brewery on their turntable, only to remark that resulting high pitched squeals must be "one of those English New Wave bands". If you haven't seen Strange Brew in awhile, please do yourself the favor of arranging a screening post haste. Fucking brutal movie! I used to watch the shit out of it when I was in middle school. It was "one of our things" in my group of buddies, as queer as that might sound. We would watch ridiculous movies until they were committed to memory, then we would speak to each other in our secret language of Zucker Brothers comedy dialogue to the point that nobody could understand what in the fuck we were talking about.
Then we realized that girls had vaginae.
That was sort of the end of the movie parties.
So, Distorted Pony....uh, they are good. They sound kinda like Big Black meets Cop Shoot Cop/ Easy. Also, former Samhain-ian London May would play drums for this band later on in their career (this record has a drum machine).

*originally posted 09-30-09, reposted 10-02-15


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rapeman - Live WZRD Chicago - 08-13-88

Label: bootleg
Year: 1988

Choice sound quality recording of the choice interstitial Albini project betwixt Big Black and Shellac, playing choice cuts of biting noise rock shards on the choice Chicago radio station WZRD ("The Wizard").
And, to be fair, to call it "Albini's project" is not exactly accurate. The rhythm section of Ray Washam on drums (Scratch Acid, Big Boys, Daddy Longhead, Didjits, Lard) and David Wm. Sims on bass (Scratch Acid, The Jesus Lizard, Pigface) are nothing to sleep on. But, you knew that. You know all of everything.

P.S. - You know what I didn't know? That this was actually posted 6 years ago to this very blog by Ipecac (get home soon brother!), and I am just now noticing. Whoops. Oh well, that link had long since expired.

"Go fuck mud"
- Steve Albini


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Arabrot / [concept.virus] - AbsoluteNegativism

Label: Norway Rat
Year: 2009

Four songs, two are long two are short. One of the long ones is real long, as in thirty minutes long.
Two bands, one you've heard of and one you haven't. Save those who are related personally to Stian Skagen.
The first track is essentially the sound of a fan running in the next room, that over thirteen minutes begins to develop minor motor fatigue, but nonetheless continues oscillating regularly.
The second track has the hallmarks of black metal mk. 1.5. Shrill vocals, buzzing waves of guitar, and pounding blasts, only to be broken into a fucked noise rock beatdown. Then back to black metal then back to fucked noise rock....aaaaaaaaaaand scene.
The third track keeps the black metal guitar washes going, but slows to a mid tempo trudge through the snow. A walk that takes a quarter hour and slowly reveals subtle changes of scenery as you make your way through the woods to find yourself standing on the precipice of a sheer, windswept cliff overlooking a yawning void of nothingness below. And so you do what comes naturally, you throw yourself into the blackness and fall into the icy arms of forever where you bathe in the glory of death and her sweet relief.
The fourth track circles back to second one, with a frosty blast of black metal that ends with a final "fuck you" of hammered thrusts.
And there you have it. The collaborative Arabrot and [concept.virus] record. Enjoy.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Year Of The Rabbit - Year Of The Rabbit

Label: Elektra
Year: 2003

Your excitement for this record will be exactly proportional to your excitement for the recent Failure reunion. Pretty much.
Or, your excitement will be based on your tolerance/love for big, alternative rock music. Straight up alternative rock music. The kind that used to rule any local radio station with an "X" in their call sign.
You remember that, right?

Well, my own personal excitement about this record when it came out was that it features Jeff Garber, formerly of Castor (and The Joy Circuit, and ON), a guy who has been sufficiently gushed over in prior entries to this very blog you hold in your (virtual) hands.
Most folks would be drawn in more so on the news that this was Ken Andrews, formerly of Failure (and ON), new band. People really liked Failure.
But then, there are those music nerds who were just as excited to see that Tim Dow, drummer for Season To Risk and Shiner (and ON) was on board.
And, I won't discount that there could be some people out there who saw that Solomon Snyder, formerly of....ummm...James Iha's solo project, and um, Cupcakes, was involved and got super pumped up. Like, probably his family and friends. And hey, he would go on to be in some version of Veruca Salt, so, there's that.

My own personal excitement (let's get back to that) was short lived when I realized that Jeff Garber's contributions were not vocal, and his song writing doesn't seem to be front in center either. This is most certainly a Ken Andrews joint, as they say.
If you liked Failure, then you're good here. If you liked that mid period Cave In (the stuff that sounds a lot like Failure), then you're good here. If you like The Life And Times, then, maybe you're good here.


Friday, September 25, 2015

The Great Unraveling - The Angel Rang Virtue

Label: Vermin Scum
Year: 1994

Ah what the hay, why not get the other Great Unraveling 7" up here while we're at it? 
Again, they still sound like Universal Order Of Armageddon, and the members were in all those bands I mentioned in the earlier post. The bass guitar on this recording is more prominent on this record than on the other, but otherwise it's more of the same. The "same" being good though in this case. 
You should sew a patch onto your backpack and go to an all day festival where they have workshops on womyns self defense and how to make tampons out of recycled newspaper. If you really want to "get into it" that's what you should do. Assuming you have the time of course.

*Originally posted 05-21-09, reposted 09-25-15

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