Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Vandal X - All Lined Up Against The Wall

Label: Vlas Vegas
Year: 2008

Sometimes shit doesn't go your way. Life can suck ass. It's just how it should expect it by now (you're over 40, right?).
Well, long running two piece Belgian noise rock fist fuckers Vandal X understand your pain. They embody it. As the years go on they seem to channel more and more and more hatred and aggression than before. Take your shittiest day, plug into a full stack, turn the volume all the way up, and proceed to hack away at a series of jarring riffs. Keep doing that until the building you are in crumbles down around you (and it will). This is what will make you feel better...for awhile anyway.
Or, go get in your car. Start it up and roll down the windows. Drive to the nearest freeway. Accelerate until the car begins shaking. Keep accelerating. Stick your head out the window. That's what this sounds like.
I love it. I doubt they love me back, but that's ok, I wouldn't want to dilute any of their vitriol anyway. Takes my mind off bad shit for a few, which is more than you can ask from an album, but what you should expect.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

V/A - Where The Wild Things Are - Carbon 14 Magazine #8

Label: Carbon 14
Year: 1996

The long running (in fanzine terms) Carbon 14 Magazine had an impressive track record releasing not only quality written content, but some ace compilations as well. Their stylistic scope ran the gamut from skuzz punk to grindcore to noise rock to straight up metal. Admittedly, to the average bro, not a super wide gamut per se, but to you and I it represents a wide swath ("oh, we got both kinds here, Country and Western").
Napalm Death - total Zeni Gevi styled face pounder. Previously unreleased, but you can find it on Noise For Music's Sake which compiled some rare tracks years after.
Limecell - a Pretenders cover that is pile driven into submission. Previously unreleased. (minor vinyl skip...sorry)
Unsane - what you expect from Unsane...except with Spanish vocal samples rather than Chris Spencer's bark. This song also shows up on a split with Copass Grinderz.
Neurosis - an edited version of "Eye", from Through Silver And Blood, which rips an insane amount of ass. Unfortunately, upon seeing Neurosis a couple weeks ago I can report they did not play this one (they did play "The Door" though, which was crushing)


Monday, August 31, 2015

Bush Pig - Bush Pig 7"

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1989

Is it possible that we never posted this long lost gem? I checked the archives and didn't see it, so before I delete it off my computer (it's coming out of rotation on the ole iPod), I figured I had better remedy this situation. Stat!
From the makers of King Snake Roost comes this little treat of deranged noise rock. And what a treat it is. Delightful! There are members of Mudhoney, Lubricated Goat, and other freak-a-zoids on board for the ride, but if you know King Snake Roost, then you kinda know what you're getting into. It's muscular, burly, unclean dirges of bass-driven hate-speak. And I mean that in a good way.

* Originally posted 11-07-09, reposted 08-31-15


Friday, August 28, 2015

Glazed Baby - The Big Smoonya 7"

Label: Sweet Fetus
Year: 1991

First, to address the elephant in the room (no, not me...fucking fat jokes), the name Sweet Fetus is just about top of the list for a record label. Hell, it's on my top ten baby names, it's just that good.

Second, this is the debut release from the somehow overlooked and rarely cited Massachusetts behemoth, Glazed Baby. A band who produced one of the bigger, nastier, uglier strains of noise rock ever. Sonically, they fit right in with what was going on in and around Boston at the time, La Gritona, Luca Brasi, Slughog, Bull Roarer...that type of overbearing, lurching, destructo-rock.
Glazed Baby got heavier over time, this record isn't as thick as they would become, but it shows their hardcore and noise rock influences as well as a healthy appreciation for straight up rocknroll music. Which, if I can be frank here, is the bedrock (pun not really intended, but not avoided either) to most shit worth a shit (music or otherwise), and you can tell that Glazed Baby have a few Black Oak Arkansas records filed away with their Black Flag and Rapeman. We all should.

P.S. - today is my birthday and I have no lunch plans as of this entry, so...come buy me lunch. Thanks in advance.


Shit And Shine - Cherry

Label: Riot Season
Year: 2008

Weirdness uber alles.
Sometimes music, sometimes noise, sometimes conceptual art(?).
Lots of circling drone patterns, flavored with unsettling sounds and "vocals" (some found and some manufactured by the band). Not for the faint of heart. More for the kind of person who would knowingly rent a house boat with a slow leak in the hull, invite a few of their friends who can't swim all that well, throw a dinner party featuring rancid shellfish and a Bulgarian polka soundtrack,  then stand back to enjoy the prolonged death spiral. Bathing in a mix of malfunctioning electronics and the pained cries for help as each guest slips below the waves, one by one as they lose their battle treading water. Not sure if you remembered to pack a life vest yourself.
That guy.
Not sure if it's fitting to say "enjoy", but...try and enjoy.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

World's Fastest Car - Demo Recordings


Label: bootleg
Year: 1998

Lot's of Walter lately...what's going on?
Well, I'll tell you.
At the risk of revealing the proverbial "how sausage is made", or "inside baseball", or what the fuck ever phrase is correct, I'll grant you a sneak peek into the inner workings of this very blog. This one, right here. See, since this (the blog) has gone from a sweaty orgy of it's heyday (relatively speaking...the heyday, not the orgy...that part was happening on the regs) to a one man champagne jam of today (champagne of beers mainly) it can be difficult to stay motivated or productive when dealing with this (again, talking about the blog...the beers are not a problem, hence my quadruple chin). Sometimes I need a kick in the pants to stay on task and keep this ship afloat until our captain (oh captain, my captain) returns from his exile to regain control of the rudder.
Sometimes that inspiration can come from unlikely sources, as it did in this case. A short pep talk and the kernel of an idea has now blossomed into a blog related project (as nerdy as that sounds) of me compiling a list of favorite records to post. Specifically, in this case, I'm going for NYHC 7"s, since it's a particular sweet spot for me. More on that soon (I'm almost done pulling all the shit together).
Point being, I've been balls deep in a NYHC rabbit hole of late, and naturally that involves a whole heaping helping of Walter Schreifels related ephemera. Including his not so NYHC mid-late 90's post-Quicksand project, World's Fastest Car.
After a hasty break-up with Quicksand, Walter called on Arthur from Mind Over Matter/Bad Trip, Alex from Chain Of Strength/Inside Out/Against the Wall and drummer Erik Stams, and went about fleshing out a new batch of songs that broke away from the chugging staccato of Quicksand and went into a more melodic direction. It didn't last very long though, and while in retrospect Walter has said he gives this period and material much more credit than he did at the time, the band never really congealed into a working unit. Plus, a lucrative Quicksand reunion offer was offered...and taken (briefly), so World's Fastest Car came and went.
Two demo recording sessions are culled together here representing the whole of the World's Fastest Car demo repertoire (I think). A good amount of these songs were reanimated into Rival Schools numbers, but some were jettisoned and never heard from again. Which is a shame, as they are great songs. As you would expect. There is a whole album recorded that features some of these songs (different versions), but that was never released. Island and Revelation Records passed on it once the band broke up before it's release date was even set.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Castles - You, The Organ Grinder

Label: Eyeofsound
Year: 2012

Belgian/English band who take a mathcore idea (or whole lot of ideas) and run it through a Big Business meat grinder of heavy rocking (you may recall Big Brother from such posts as yesterday's). Leans more Botch than Big Business mind you, but it's important to note the influence (whether real or imagined by me) as it helps distinguish this record from a smoldering heap of old Escape Artist albums.
Tempos change and riffs fly in and out of the window, but the underlying current is one of muscular heft. I'm a sucker for big muscles. So sexy.
If you remember the band Capricorns, then this record will feel the strong embrace of a man's muscular arms around your body...pulling you close...keeping you warm and safe...


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Big Business - Tour ep III

Label: Wantage USA
Year: 2008

Three songs here, two of which would show up on the 'Mind The Drift' lp and one which is a Shocking Blue cover. I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong, that these are different recordings than what ended up on the album.
Is it possible to pull a muscle in your heart? Or, is there such thing as a three day long, extremely minor heart attack? I've had this pain in the left side of my chest since Sunday (today is Tuesday to all my Gregorian hustlas) that feels like I'm pulling on a sore muscle when I move in certain ways. Most notably when I raise my (double) chin up and to the right, or lift me left arm and pull it back. Seems like this could be death knocking on my door, so I sorta want to know if I should be expecting to live three more days, a month, twenty minutes? Somebody please call an ambulance.


Monday, August 24, 2015

Clouds - Legendary Demo

Label: Hydra Head
Year: 2007

Last week was slim in terms of posts (not in terms of my mid-section), so I would like to kick off this week with a rollicking, rocking, rolling, riffing party of a record.
Take the Motorhead/Danzig approach of Doomriders and marry that to the big swinging rock of mid-later period Cave In, and viola. Clouds. You like a tasty lick? Clouds. You like a ripping solo? Clouds. You like Sir Lord Baltimore as performed by Scissorfight? Clouds. You like skipping the last 19 minutes of a record on account of it being an aimless dub? Clouds.
The record was put together out of a Boston Frankenstein of powerhouse players. Jay Cannava of 27 and Miltown is on bass. A guy named Q who's played with Cave In, Panic, J/Q, Doomriders, Magic Circle, and King Duane Sunnapee is on drums. And you got a dueling guitar attack from Jim Carroll of The Hope Conspiracy, The Suicide File, and Pure Love, alongside Adam McGrath of Cave In, Zozobra, Kid Kilowatt, and King Duane Sunnapee. Solid personnel. No slouches.
Take off your shirt, get a sunburn, and listen up!


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Christian Fitness - Love Letters In The Age Of Steam

Label: self released
Year: 2015

Andrew Falkous, the voice of Future Of The Left and mclusky, has returned with another "one 'man' band" release under the name Christian Fitness (a great name, right?). Not solo, as there are contributions from others, just to be clear, which he is. And which you should understand now.
Listening to this record once, twice, three times a lady, I'm struck with how unique Falkous' "sound" has become, and how pleasing it is. As soon as you here it you say, "oh yeah, this guy again. I love this guy". As abrasive as he can be, as much as you feel in the crosshairs of his considerable barbs, you always feel happy to hear him again. At least I do. Sure, you will hear influences that helped craft the "sound", maybe The Fall, maybe Wire, maybe The Wedding Present, possibly Brakes, occasionally The Jesus and Mary Chain, ostensibly the Smiths, periodically Rites Of Spring...that twitchy, scratching, driving post punk sound you like. That stuff. But really, just look at mclusky and Future of The Left if you really want to know what this will sound like, because it has all that glorious buzzing bass, slashing guitars, and the wry cynicism which has come to benchmark that "sound" we've been referencing.
It's just nice to know that as we laugh at our own self-imposed demise, there will be troubadours sound tracking our doom with this kind of vigor and joy. Makes you not feel quite so bad about shuffling off into the infinite dark void of nothingness, you know?
Go forth and purchase early and often.


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