Friday, March 27, 2015

Greenmachine - The Archive Of Rotten Blues

Label: Diwphalanx
Year: 2004

End this week louder than we started. End this week under an avalanche of ugly riffs and corroded vocals. End this week where Greenmachine ended their careers, on this, their final album.
The Japanese Eyehategod essentially. Which means total Black Sabbath worship, as distilled through a decade of bad luck and poor life decisions. More hatred, more bile, more MORE!

And I'm aware that this one gets a little bit on he fringes of what this blog is all about, but at this point, you're just going to have to trust me. Have I ever steered you wrong? Or REALLY wrong, rather?


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Arcwelder - Entropy

Label: Touch and Go
Year: 1996

This band just gets better and better with age. Your age of course, not theirs. I mean, the songs are sorta hermetically sealed, but you on the other hand, you're hurtling ever more rapidly towards death. Better get used to it, Bub.
The Husker Du and Naked Raygun and Mission Of Burma comparisons that helped describe their other records hold true here as well, but this time around they delve ever deeper into murky melodic hooks. The noise is crisp and clean, the songs are memorable and fully realized, and the tone continues towards alienation. There was an Atlanta band called Freemasonry back in the early to mid 90s who shared a lot of the same tendencies as Arcwelder, but if you've heard of Freemasonry then you're probably already listening to Arcwelder, huh?
Produced by Bob Weston.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Carissa's Wierd - Sub Pop Singles Club 7"

Label: Sub Pop
Year: 2001

The polar opposite of yesterday's post, this band plays soft and sweet as opposed to feral and unhinged.
Carissa's Wierd (misspelling is intentional) is always going to be best known as the "band that turned into Band Of Horses", cause honestly, Band Of Horses got huge. And they're really good to boot (I don't care if you disagree...they are), so that will be the legacy to most people. But, if you really listen, you'll find a band who crafted super intelligent songs that built on subtle layers of instrumentation to make for a truly haunting listen. You could make a comparison to a less baroque Jeremy Enigk, or a more pleasant Iron and Wine. Take your pick.
The Morrissey cover on this record is really nice, which is sometimes hard to pull off. They pull it off well.
Other bands that came out of or are associated with Carissa's Wierd are: Grand Archives, S, Crictor, Small Stars, Modest Mouse, and 764-HERO.
This record was #45 in the Sub Pop Singles Club v.2


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Kilslug - A Curse

Label: Stinky Bike
Year: 1982

The origins of the gnarled noise that defined Kilslug was firmly rooted in equally gnarled noisy hardcore. A raw and primitive attack that relies on equal parts droning sludge and attacking bash. A cousin to the damaged sounds of Flipper. Just complete madness really.
I can only imagine the endless bummers of a Sunday matinee show a the Rat circa 1982 with Kilslug being paired up with The Freeze, Gang Green and SSD...oh man, the punks would have been pissed.

So fucking warped. So fucking righteous!


Nurse - Demo 2014

Label: self released
Year: 2014

Distorto-hardcore with a real nasty sheen which gives the whole record the feeling that you're viewing it through a layer of pond scum. Which is totally meant as a compliment.
Mostly it's ripping at you real fast, but there are moments of relief to set you up for the next blast, but mostly its real fast. Some D-beat elements, but pretty straight ahead hardcore. Also, a total compliment. Sort of like Flux Of Pink Indians meets Dead and Gone. More compliments.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Infested - Who They Are 7"

Label: Man's Ruin
Year: 1996

Not to be confused with power violence progenitors Infest, this was a Bay Area band who spent their brief existence bringing you that punchy alterna-post hardcore sound that only existed in 1996. Like, mix Jawbreaker with Seaweed and add in (and I can't believe I'm even saying this) a touch of old Offspring (or similar southern California power punk type band...Fluf would also work....possibly Olivelawn).
It's a nostalgia trip, and probably more valuable as a missing link in your Man's Ruin collection than anything. But, if you're over 35, you'll get a kick out of it. It's a fun throwback to a bygone era.
Oddly enough, the drummer went on to be in The Weird Lord Slough Feg, which is truly weird.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Unholy Two - Cut The Music (I'm The Nightstalker) 7"

Label: 12XU
Year: 2012

This band is playing a show with the subject of our previous post, so I found it apropos to submit this record for consideration as well.
The show, by the way, is April 4th in Atlanta. Just, FYI and all.
So Unholy Two, were never in fact a two-piece, but formerly three, and now four. And hey, who knows, maybe by the time you read this they will have had a baby and expanded to five. Never know.
So, this 7" represents the band between their debut album and their most recent one, and finds the band chest deep in noisy aggression. Real nasty type stuff too. The kind of unfriendly music that a band like Twin Stumps plays, or Slices, or the earlier Clockcleaner stuff. Brutish and unwelcome at any white table cloth affair (unless the local mental hospital is having an awards banquet or something...then, maybe).
If you enjoy feedback and misanthropy, this one is going to feel great. If you suffer from epilepsy, maybe hold off on it.


Slugga - Demo

Label: No Breaks
Year: 2014

This band was referenced a few posts back, and even incorrectly spelled to boot, so we figured we should take a listen to their demo and see what all the hub-bub is about.
The verdict of all the bub is...hardcore punk.
It goes fast, and sometimes faster. There are no mosh parts within a hundred miles, just straight ahead intensity. Maybe the cover art of the one-eyed punker huffing out of a satanic beast skull does a better job in describing this one than my words. Even those ball-and-chain skull spider things are speaking to the feral howl that this demo unleashes. Blown out to the max.
Ain't pretty.
Is good though.


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Red Cross - Red Cross

Label: Posh Boy
Year: 1981

Riding that 80's nostalgia train for another post, this time veering into southern California punk (before  that descriptor was so bastardized to mean only Fat Records minted pop-punk dreck). Good time punk, to pair with what we are currently experiencing in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), good time weather. The brief window at the beginning of Spring before the oppressive Summer sun bakes our humidity soaked brains into oblivion, when the temperature is near perfect, the sun is shining and the time change means you can drink beers on the front porch until 8:00pm before it gets too dark to find your coozy.
This is a quick, six song fix of near perfection. Ideal for being outside and doing not much of anything.
The band changed from "Red Cross" to "Red Kross" later on, but this is the O.G. version. Punchy, and darkly melodic.
On this recording you're dealing with an un-fuckwithable lineup of: Jeff McDonald (married to a not bad) on vocals, Steve McDonald (OFF!, Anarchy 6) on bass, Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks, Bad Religion) on guitar, and Ron Reyes (nee Chavo Pederast of Black Flag) on drums.
Go outside!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Cure - The Head On The Door

Label: Fiction
Year: 1985

Today we show our softer side, which is, of course, a euphemism for our vaginas.
But, if you can't admit to being vulnerable enough to enjoy the occasional sullen pop majesty of The Cure, well then, you need to get in touch with your feelings Bro.
Honestly, this post comes about after reading the Touch And Go compendium over the last few weeks, especially the record reviews, whereupon Tesco Vee writes up both The Cure AND Discharge in the same issue. And he likes both! It reminded me of those glorious years when the lines between sub-sub-sub genres was less important than, "is it any good?". Underground music was united under an umbrella of "does this get played on the radio? No? Great."
Case in point, I had a cassette tape (remember) of The Cure's "Standing On The Beach" singles compilation on the A-side and GBH's "City Baby Attacked By Rats" (Sick Boy!) on the flip. Seemed perfectly normal to me. Even had to justify it once on the bus in middle school when my local skinhead buddy Monte Smith (now a poet and crusader for racial justice....look it up) was listening to my Walkman (remember those) and when the GBH side ended he flipped the tape and got all pissed that I had The Cure on there. I had to explain to him that we're all in the same gang (West Coast Rap All-Stars reference! The first of the day!), and that while yes, there are sonic differences between the glorious roar of GBH and the dark melodies of The Cure, but ultimately it's eliciting a similar response, which is the joy of music in and of itself. Two sides to a coin kind of shit.
We posted "Pornography" some years back, so I suppose the floodgates are already open, but here's a more poppy record for you and your girlfriend to bond over.

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