Monday, November 24, 2014


Golden Shower Radio Hour
Episode # : 003 (FINLAND NOISE)
DJ : Jukka from Throat
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We've had a pretty good response from people wanting to guest DJ on our weekly podcast.
I was super excited to get an e-mail from Jukka from the band THROAT from Finland.
So this weeks show is pretty much all from a set he emailed to me (with text to speech intro's for the whole thing already done... nice job man).

I also received a submission from a band from Spain two weeks ago, and I promised I would play one
of their songs on episode #003. The show opens up with a song from a band called "KAITEN" from Spain.
Check out their bandcamp page here.

So without further ado... here's Jukka's notes for this weeks show. - Enjoy - Slander

Playlist for 11/23/2014

00. Kaiten - Attack Without Warning (Spain)
(Remainder of show is all Finland bands and programmed by Jukka from THROAT)

01. Radiopuhelimet – Paha Puoli
02. Fun – My Little Pony
03. Deep Turtle – Tiodt
04. Hebosagil – Ei Ole Mitaan Mihin Palata
05. Throat – Soft White Walls
06. Baxter Stockman – Non-Smoker
07. Forkboy – Sure Thing
08. Fleshpress – Golden Owl
09. Sokea Piste – Sahkoiskuja
10. Viisikko – Kellari On Turvani
11. Baxter Stockman – Kar-Air
12. Hebosagil – Nurkkapoyta
13. Submerged – Strange Places
14. Throat – Tocohara (-(16)-)

The grand daddies of Finnish noise rock. They’ve done it all and they tend to do it better than anyone else.

One of the longest running bands in Finland who actually use the term ‘noise rock’. Amazing live band and the records aren’t half bad either.

Deep Turtle
Classic Finnish 90s quirkiness. Jazz core, noise rock, math core, alternative funk core. Whatever you want to call it, these guys had no limits and somehow managed to get away with it.

If you don’t know this band, now’s your chance to hear two songs by them. Then you should listen to them again. And again. “Nurkkapoyta” has been only released on a tape compilation, so it’s a rare treat. These guys rule so hard it’s not even funny.

Tooting my own horn here. “Tocohara” is a Shiny Grey Monotone exclusive, a cover version of a –(16)- song we recorded some years ago during a demo session just for the fuck of it. Maybe three people have heard it before this and once the internet implodes, no one will hear it ever again.

Baxter Stockman
Another band you need to hear two songs from. Simply among the top 5 bands in Finland at the moment. Vicious live band. The drummer has a fixation on men’s eyes.

Existed for just a couple of years (1993-1999), but managed to record a bunch of demos of their excellent AmRep meets AC/DC racket. Their complete recordings were released on CD a few years ago.

If you ask me, Fleshpress is the best band in Finland. No matter what genre you want to place them in, they deserve a spot on this playlist.

Sokea Piste
Cool post-punk chill with bits of noise rock. And they manage to make it work.

These cats are hard to figure out. Black Flag worship, Celtic Frost worship, maybe a little Eyehategod worship. No matter which altar they bow to, they always have their asses pointed at you.

Another short-lived Finnish noise rock blast from the past (90s). The Fudge Tunnel influences are obvious, but maybe there’s some Quicksand in there as well?

Let me know if you need more info on anything or whatever.

Jukka \ THROAT

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

SGM Movie of the week : BAD BRAINS "A BAND IN D.C."

This is a fantastic documentary about the greatest hardcore band of all time.
No matter what your feelings are about the Bad Brains may be, this documentary will answer pretty 
much all of your questions.

I believe this film will probably never be officially released, from what I have read online they had some issues with the final product and no compromises could be met by the band and the director of the film.
It's been pulled from You Tube and Vimeo, so grab it while you can. 

Stream / DL  

Saturday, November 22, 2014

V/A - Dixie Flatline (Repost)

Label : Radioactive Rat 
Year : 1994

  1994 Richmond, VA was a weird place musically. Richmond had a hell of a Hardcore scene in the 80's and I would dare say that they had even better bands than D.C. did. I've seen some epic shows in Richmond as well. That scene was all but dead, and hometown heroes "GWAR" had  been a band for 8 years at this time and were in a weird transitional phase of their career. Breadwinner had been broken up for almost 2 years, and sludge metal pioneers "Buzzov-en" had recently made Richmond their homebase. The metal scene that Richmond is now famous for was just starting to happen, but would be another 8-10 years before it gained the reputation that it has today. Avail was huge, Hose Got Cable also had a good following but soon broke up after this comp was released. I believe Alabama Thunder Pussy formed a year or so after this came out.  I lived in Richmond on and off over the years, and was in the band Mulch which is on this comp but I left by the time they recorded this.

 This comp is a pretty good document of what bands were happening in and around Richmond, VA at the time.  Here's what I can tell you about some of the bands...

* King Sour,  an amazing 3 piece math rock instrumental band. Their bass Player Tom Palazo (sp?) went on to play with Modest Mouse. 

*Buzzov-en, what else needs to be said, you have them and Eyehategod to thank for a lot of the heavier sludge-core bands that exist today.

 *Ladyfinger - Penn Rollins (guitarist for Honor Role & Breadwinner) plays drums in this band and it's pretty much what you would expect.. math rockish, somewhere between Butterglove and Breadwinner.

The rest of the comp is split up by audio vignettes throughout the record. It's not the strongest compilation, and there is some crap on here, but worth checking out for the King Sour, Buzzov-en, Damn Near Rad, and Ladyfinger tracks. - Slander

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Anwar Sadat - Mutilation b/w Demarcation ep

Label: Sophomore Lounge
Year: 2012

Dudes, have you heard this band? Wait....sorry....dudes, and that one girl, have you heard this band?
They started life as many Louisville post hardcore bands do, under the influence of the Dischord Records long roster of arty, angular, and driving proto-emo and post punk bands. Which, has a particularly strong foothold in Louisville, not for good reason, but worth noting.
As they've grown into their own sounds they've seemed to pull in more of that late 90's GSL records jittery, bordering on spastic but not actually spastic, version of English post punk circa 1977 (think of Wire as distilled by The Convocation Of). Their last album has a lot of that slicing, attacking scree tempered with an underlying nod to the simple pleasures of a pop song.
But, lets hit on this particular two song release that I feel finds the band in their sweetspot, and that is taking those same elements mentioned before and putting them into a car that's driving 100mph towards a cliff. Everything about the songs is amplified and hits harder and more intensely.
If you're putting them into the Louisville music continuum then you can certainly hear the Crain and Rodan in their DNA, you will get a taste of the frantic blister of Sunspring, they don't come out of the gate quite as aggressively as Young Widows but you may recognize some of the same discordant guitar squalls, and a good bit of Metrocshifter's take on tension-and-release style hardcore shows up in the mix, and you can probably make a comparison to the latter works of Lords and Breather Resist with their chokehold (no, not Chokehold) brand of hardcore. But sadly, no Kinghorse influence here. There's always next record.

Highly recommended.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Spore - Complete Disography

Label : Taang
Year : 93-34

SPORE were one of my favorite bands to go out and see live. In the early 90's I was very active in playing music, booking bands, setting up shows, putting up bands, and touring. I got to meet and sometimes hang out afterwards with bands on tour. I would almost always put up out of town bands when they needed a place to stay. SPORE being one of many bands, but I lucked out and got to play a few shows with them and even ran into them while out on the road as well. They were always great to hook up with, and for a minute there it looked like they may have been getting signed. I remember one of them telling me about how one of their songs was going to be in a movie directed by Oliver Stone and written by Quentin Tarratino called "Natural Born Killers". I was so happy for them.. The song "Fun" made it into the film, it's in the part where Julliette Lewis is behind bars and starts beating the shit out of Tom Sizemore. Sadly it didn't make it onto the soundtrack (which it should have.. fuckers!!).. well it never happend for them, and they just went away. 

I always thought SPORE was what the band "X" (the Los Angeles one) would sound like if they decided one day they wanted to be Sonic Youth. The male / female vocals being the "X" reference ( she sounds a lot like Excene at times) and the noisey feedbacking song writing structure being the "Sonic Youth" reference.

This is both LP's plus a their version of  "The Beatles" I Wan't You (She's So Heavy) which apperared on a 12" ep they put out between records and that being the only song that wasn't on either of these lps.

Blank City - Documentary

Fantastic documentary about the New York No Wave film and music scene.
Great segment on Richard Kern.

Lechuguillas - Just Me & My Dad

Label : Bandcamp
Year : 2014

Stumbled across this while digging for new sounds on Bandcamp. It's heavy, it's noisey, and it's from Austin, Texass. You can download it from  bandcamp and name your own price as well. . any questions?


Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Golden Shower Radio Hour
Episode # : 002
DJ : Slanderbob
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Hammerhead - Swallow
Ruins - Onyx
Victims Family - I pissed On A Tree *
Noodle - House Guest From Hell
Chrome - TV As Eyes/Abstract Nympho
BOMB - I Loved You and Then I died
Division of Laura Lee - Love Sretioscope
Whores - Bloody Like The Day You Were Born ( out in December on Am Rep's DGFITS 13)
Halo Of Flies - Ritches Dog
Dickless - Sweet Teeth
Tragic Mulato - She's A Ho
Couch Slut - Carpet Farmer
Cutthroats 9 - Dissension
Baxter Stockman - Ten Rock
Honor Role - Lives of the Saints #135 (Naked Wife)
King Missile III - Marin Scorsese
El Flaco - Army Man (live)

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* I grabbed the wrong rip of the Victims Family tune..
sorry bout the quality drop. Won't happen again..or will it?

Crunt - S/T

Label : Trance Syndicate
Year : 1994

Another one off supergroup type release. One of my personal favorites as well. Stu Spasm (Lubricated Goat) and Kat Bjelland (Babes In Toyland) and powerhouse drummer Russel Simmons (John Spencer Blues Explosion) were CRUNT. This is the only thing they put out, and one of the few Trance Syndicate records featuring a band that wasn't from Texas. This slab of plastic straight up rocks! - Slanderbob

01.Theme from Crunt
05.Changing My Mind
06.Snap Out of It

DL * Repost

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Treasures of Long Gone John

Reposted by request
The Treasures of Long Gone John is a feature-length documentary film by Gregg Gibbs that chronicles the eccentric art and musical obsessions of indie record producer and self-described "anti-mogul", Long Gone John. The product of a troubled childhood, John found success through the establishment of the record label, Sympathy for the Record Industry. During the past seventeen years he has single-handedly released over 750 records by over 550 bands and helped launch the careers of Hole, The Dwarves, The White Stripes, Rocket from the Crypt, and The Willowz, among many others.

Along the way, he has compulsively amassed a vast collection of art and pop ephemera, in addition to starting the Necessaries Toy Foundation. The film explores the work of several of the artists he collects and collaborates with, including: Todd Schorr, Mark Ryden, Camille Rose Garcia and Robert Williams. The film also features a wall-to-wall soundtrack of over 40 bands with artwork by 20 artists, including original animation and time lapse photography. The Treasures of Long Gone John is an enticing trip through the independent record industry and the Los Angeles "lowbrow" art scene. 

Stream / DL
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