Sunday, August 20, 2017

mock duck - altars of radness ep

label: self released
released: 2011

once upon a time there was a time where folks would send SGM their musical wares.
and this was one of those times.

"waitaminute. just wait a goshfrickinminute! where have i seen that cover before?"

you have a good eye.
if that automatically took your mind's eye to any of the album's released by cannibal corpse during the chris barnes era....
but also: good job. you should always have that on your mind.

but what i was looking for was fugazi's 7 SONGS ep.

this was sent our way by a member of the band that goes by the name clay.
fun fact: there are only 2 members in this band and they're both named clay. one from los angeles and the other from tokyo. one plays the guitar and vocals. the other plays the drums.

i can't remember which one had sent this in.
so i'm just going to go ahead and put the picture of the both of them dropping the package into the mail with both of their hands on it into your head.
they both drop it in and hope that it reaches us unmolested and then they both go off for a cup of coffee and talk about what's going to happen when the package reachs us and one clay says "but i don't drink coffee. you know that. we've been friend long enough for you to know that. you never pay attention to anything i say ever." and the other looks back at him and says "no. i totally agree. i can't decide between the both of them. john bonham or bill ward. you know what? let's not get coffee. let's-". and that's the moment that one clay notices that the other clay has just left him talking to himself while walking down the sidewalk.

what you get here is some pixies and some wipers and nirvana and dinosaur jr and mudhoney and.....

and this is the part of the show where i come to the realization that you've walked away and left me talking to myself while walking down the sidewalk.


v/a - gummo: movie soundtrack

label: domino
released: 1998

you look to by the type that enjoys a good film that has a soundtrack,yeah?

"why is this here? what are these bands? i only recognize the ones that i recognize."

GUMMO is by far the most SHINY GREY MONOTONE-iest movie ever created.
and i've watched a lot of movies.
and i put in a lot of work in order to find a movie that perfectly described the SGM experience in visual form.
and it turns out that it's not SHOWGIRLS after all.
i was just as shocked.

1 - absu - the gold torques of ulaid
2 - eyehategod - serving time in the middle of nowhere
3 - electric hellfire club - d.w.s.o.b.
4 - spazz - gummo love theme
5 - bethlehem - schuld uns'res knoch'rigen faltpferd
6 - burzum - rundgang um die transzendentale saule der singularitat
7 - bathory - equimanthorn
8 - dark noerd - smokin' husks
9 - sleep - dragonaut
10 - brujeria - matando gueros '97
11 - namanax - the medicined man
12 - nephilim - hellish blasphemy
13 - mortician - skin peeler
14 - mystifier - give the human devil his due
15 - destroy all monsters - mom's and dad's pussy
16 - bethlehem - verschleierte irrelgiositat
17 - mischa maisky - suit no. 2 for solo cello in d minor-prelude
18 - sleep - some grass
19 - rose shepherd and ellen m. smith - jesus loves me


v/a - spectrum ale

label: relapse records
released: 1996

"no,bro. did it all myself. why do you think i wasn't at work all last week? well. this and that weird diarrhea thing."

and this is what you'll say when your pal asks about the music you've been listening to on the drive to ice cream place on a saturday night after you plug in the tape deck adapter for your discman in your le car.

and then you'll explain how this mix will get you chicks.

"dude. i don't know of any chicks that dig blood duster."

and then you'll explain that this is the reason why you've decided to go to the ice cream place in the next town over. well. that and their rocky road in a waffle cone.

"seriously,dude. not one chick anywhere near here even knows who the fuck neurosis is. i mean...."

and this is the part where you tune everything out and start thinking about which backroad you're going to drop your pal off at. yeah. you probably should've brought melissa with you. she may be a lesbian but she was a little more on the submissive side. the kind of person that would say "no,man. it's cool. i'll listen to whatever." when you play something in the car. she was cool. liked most of what you listened to anyway. and she know who the melvins are. yeah. should've brought her. but by that time you'd already been thinking about all of the extra ice cream you'd be able to get not having to pay for another cone. yeah. you always paid when he was with you. fucking bum. and you probably would've ended up paying for mary as well had you decided to bring her along instead. why do you hang around with these people? having friends always seems like a good idea at first. but then they just start drinking all of your soda and not putting back your cds when they're done with them and having problems with your nudity all the the time. you saw a shirt once that read "the more i meet people the better i like my dog". agreed. and then you look over at your pal and just nod your head and then try to think of an excuse as to why you're driving down this gravel road.....

1 - amorphis - better unborn
2 - amorphis - my kantele (acoustic)
3 - neurosis - locust star
4 - neurosis - eye
5 - pan-thy-monium - the battle of geeheeb (excerpt)
6 - mindrot - anguish (edit)
7 - blood duster - kill,kill,kill
8 - blood duster - intro/chunky bit
9 - blood duster - motherfuckin'
10 - mortician - driller killer
11 - mortician - barbaric cruelties
12 - doomed - broken
13 - embalmer - necro-philing cabinet
14 - exit-13 - gout d'belgium
15 - exit-13 - if you're a viper
16 - hybryds - alchemy
17 - tribes of neurot - fires of purification
18 - malformed earthborn - suicide lair
19 - brighter death now - little baby
20 - namanax - cascading waves of electronic turbulence (edit)
21 - merzbow - woodpecker no.2
22 - masonna - inner mind mystique 4


Friday, August 18, 2017

v/a - best of grunge rock

label: priority records
released: 1993

you need this.
it's the best of that grunge rock stuff,bro.
make this record a priority.
it's the best of grunge rock.
come on now.
it says so right on the cover.
and the melvins are there.
weren't they the ambassadors of grunge at the '92 olympics or some shit?
and there's talk of getting high.
and there's some hate.
and there's a fucking band with the "grun" in their name.
what more do you want?
kids nowadays.
don't be the person that passed up the best of grunge rock in 2017.
just don't do it.

1 - helmet - in the meantime
2 - tin machine - baby can dance (live)
3 - nother love bone - stardog champion
4 - the smashing pumpkins - bury me
5 - melvins - annaconda
6 - chainsaw kittens - high in high school
7 - my sister's machine - i hate you
8 - gruntruck - tribe
9 - willard - fifteen
10 - spongehead - nothing


7000 dying rats - season in hell

label: hewhocorrupts inc.
released: 2006

do you like bands that cover black sabbath?
are you a fan of bands with names like: anal cunt and/or crotchduster?
do you really have anything better to do today?
or ever?
neurosis' scott kelly is somewhere on this album.
we're not going to tell you where.
that's all part of the adventure.
do bolt thrower song titles make you feel a little funny down yonder?

you've now been given all of the information that was written on a card that was found in the basket that was left with the band outside our bathroom door.

also: be sure to wash your hands before AND after handling.
thank you.
have a nice day.


dinosaur jr - i don't wanna go there

label: jagjaguwar
released: 2009

you know dinosaur jr.
you love dinosaur jr.
you'd like to share a sandwich with dinosaur jr.

you get a song from the FARM album.
you get a song from the YOU'RE LIVING ALL OVER ME album.
they were both recorded live during a session for pitchfork tv.

and for all of you collectors out there....
this was a bonus 7" that was included with the limited edition double FARM lp.
wipe your mouth.


v/a - sound: check

label: sub pop
released: 1998

what we got here is one of them fancy schmancy sampler type compilations.
you know you gotta like those,bro.
it's giving you the good on the bands you like,bro.
ain't no one else gonna do that sort of thing for you.
not even those folks you visit down at the docks on the weekends.
why do you think they give you such strange looks?
"what the fuck is a godheadsilo?"
"what the fuck is a six finger satellite?"
"what the fuck is a murder city devils?"
and so on and so forth.
and now you can stop talking to strangers.
you'll just have to get your candy at the store like normal folks.

disc 1:
1 - mark lanegan - last one in the world
2 - pernice brothers - overcome by happiness
3 - the spinanes - greetings from the sugar lick
4 - les thugs - les lendmains qui chantent
5 - mike ireland & holler - house of secrets
6 - the spinanes - reach vs speed
7 - pernice brothers - clear spot
8 - elevator to hell - to breath
9 - damon & naomi - turn of the century
10 - mike ireland & hollar - learning how to live
11 - mark lanegan - bell black ocean

disc 2:

1 - the jesus and mary chain - i live rock 'n' roll
2 - les thugs - i was dreaming
3 - elevator to hell - backteeth
4 - godheadsilo - home crap home
5 - murder city devils - boom swagger boom
6 - the jesus and mary chain - degenerate
7 - six finger satellite - race against space
8 - 10 minute warning - is this the way?
9 - heroic doses - crystals
10 - murder city devils - dancin' shoes
11 - godheadsilo - you're fighting me now
12 - 10 minute warning - mezz
13 - heroic doses - ollie oxen free


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Death Stuff - Death Stuff

Label: Monofonus Press
Year: 2017

More Atlanta goodness.
And in what seems to be an Atlanta "thing" (or at least, one of the "things") Death Stuff layers their noisy punk with a lo-fi garage abandon that electrifies each song into a raucous bolt of fucked up lightening. Sort of if Germs and Laughing Hyenas and Halo Of Flies and maybe Six Finger Satellite (minus the keyboard stuff) all got together and went at it (musically, not Biblically). It follows in the footsteps of other bygone Atlanta shouty punk stompers, which in this era of controversial Confederate monuments should not be seen as re-litigating the "lost cause". It hits in a primitive, feral way. Like your mom.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thrones - Sperm Whale

Label: Kill Rock Stars
Year: 2000

Joe Preston is just one of "those guys". A name that commands respect and admiration. At least around my house it does. If your CV includes Melvins, Mens Recovery Project, The Whip, Harvey Milk, Earth, High On Fire, C Average, Witchypoo, Sunn, Get Hustle, not to mention his solo works...if your resume is that airtight, then you deserve respect. You at least deserve to never have to pay for your own burritos again. Something!
This post is the cd version of Sperm Whale that includes the Sperm Whale 12" and the White Rabbit 12" into one handy dandy package. A real time saver!
The material ranges from cracked electronic soundscapes to general fucked up electro pop, to thundering sludge, which works out to somehow "make sense" and not "induce whiplash". It's all weird though, and that's all right by me.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

human sexual response - fig. 15

label: eat records
released: 1992

once upon a time there was a band called human sexual response.
and now that's something you know.
share it around the water cooler while at work.
i'm pretty sure that no one will mind.
no one pays attention to you at work anyway.
you're only there to provide forms of sustenance to whomever has been taking your brown bag out of the refrigerator in the break room.
the one clearly mark with your name on it in big black letters written in permanent marker.
but it's not permanent.
is it?
not to you.
it doesn't matter how much work you put into making that sandwich and then sliding it into a clear plastic bag.
it doesn't matter.
but do you know what does matter?
human sexual response.
and not you know that they existed at one time.
you're welcome.
human sexual response,ladies and gentlemen.

you want to know more?
of course you do.
you seem the curious type.

they were what was considered a "new wave" band.
they were from boston.
they were together for 5 years.
drummer malcolm travis later went on to play with the band sugar.
guitarist rich gilbert played with frank black and the catholics
as for the other folks: i'm sure that they're out there accomplishing something.
apparently the band is set to reform and play at the house of blues in boston this coming november 3rd.

a suggestion: maybe before putting your lunch into the refrigerator at work perhaps you could try urinating on it. and if that doesn't seem to bring anything to a stop....

get that person's phone number and give it to me.
it's for a friend.
i'll see you around the orifice.


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