Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Useless Children - Skin

Label: Criminal IQ
Year: 2010

Why would you ever turn something down when the option to turn it up is on the table? Useless Children have never meet a volume knob they didn't turn as far clockwise as possible (real question: Useless Children are from Australia which is, by all accounts, "down under" on the opposite of the world from where I am [I can't speak for your street address, nor would I dare run the risk of offending you by doing such a think], and besides being a continent stocked with every classification of man-eating animal species known to man [AND Crocodile Dundee!], from what I understand the laws of physics get all kind of topsy turvy, with toilets flushing backwards, and sticks you throw that return to your hand, and some version of football that appears to consist entirely of punting...it's wild! So the question is - do volume controls operate in the same manner as I am accustomed to in the Northern Hemisphere [of Earth...not some dumbass other rinky-dink celestial bullshit]? Does an Australian Boss HM-2 pedal require a counterclockwise motion of the wrist to achieve max overdrive sludge?), and we appreciate that about them.


Monday, August 6, 2018

Season To Risk / Glazed Baby split 7"

Label: AFFA
Year: 1995

Two songs.
Two bands originating 1400 miles apart, but somehow managing to share membership.
A record label never to be heard from again.

Noise rock as done by professional noise rock musicians. Gross, unhinged, rowdy, and relentless.


Double Boar - Wrong b/w Friction Circus 7"

Label: Bovine
Year: 1993

The year and label should be enough. Should be.
If not, try the personnel:
Bob Schaeffer - Festering Rinyanons, Virgo Snakes on bass and vocals
Tim Mescher - Tar, Blatant Dissent on bass (right...the other bass)
Todd Rittmann - U.S. Maple, Mercury Players, D. Rider on guitar
Mike Waterman - on drums (I'm sure he's done awesome other stuff...please fill me in)
Brad Wood - King Kong, Tortoise, Shrimp Boat recorded it
So, there.
Only complaint you could possible lodge with management is that this is limited to two songs. Two gloriously nasty and ugly songs.

*originally posted 04.28.15, reposted 08.06.18


Friday, August 3, 2018

The Last Crime - 2

Label: Sunken Temple
Year: 2018

Chalk this one up to eagle eyed SGM cub reporter Phil-Fay-Fock, working out of the Athens, Georgia bureau, as he hipped me to this one earlier this week. And we (royal we) thank him for his service.

From what I can gather the two songs here were recorded with J Robbins for a follow-up to their 1997 self titled 10" ep, but the band broke up, and the songs were shelved. Until now, when they have been remastered and released on cassette (ugh) in an edition of 100. Which we should all be thankful for,  as these two jams are spot-on jamming jammers. They continue and improve upon the band's post-hardcore previous output with a bigger, more fleshed out sound. Still paying homage to DC circa 1989, still picking up elements of Drive Like Jehu, June of 44,  and singer/guitarist Kevin Egan's former band 1.6 Band. Super good. And you get your money's worth, both songs are long, over 6 minutes apiece. What more do you want?

I think you will like it. Phil did. I did.


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Hoaries - Crudforms vol. 3

Label: self released
Year: 2018

Look who's back in the U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!
Survived the English capitol without being locked in (or even seeing) the London Dungeon. Did see the Tower of London though...which was pretty sick.

Hey, you know what else is sick (segue alert), this Hoaries record! The third in an apparent series of "Crudforms", whatever that means to them. What it means to you is a very familiar tightly coiled noise rock that lashes out with terse guitar stabs and shouted vocals. Lots of elements that you will undoubtedly find enjoyment in (so long as you enjoy a good challenge [physical and mental]). And you like bands like Arcwelder, Bitch Magnet, Johnboy, and maybe a Steel Pole Bath Tub. That type of thing.

Ok, I'm off to do American shit (gain weight and get a mediocre education), but we will talk soon!


Thursday, July 12, 2018

V/A - The Good The Bad And The Ugly

Label: Insolito
Year: 1998

Listen up everybody; I'm heading out on vacation starting tomorrow. Deuces, imma get my rest and relaxation on.
What does that mean to you? Probably not much. Unless you live in London and want to buy me beer/records/vegan food/party with my children. But chances are, that's not the case. Chances you are you won't even notice. And that's perfectly ok.
But, since I do feel a since (a minor sense, if we're being honest) of obligation to you, the reader, I want to leave the country (U-S-A!, U-S-A!) having posted the best music I can post (today...who knows about tomorrow, or next month, or next year).

And in that spirit, please find below the criminally underrated triple 7" release, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. A convocation of some of the burliest, most fucked up bangers formerly working the darkened streets of hardcore, noise rock, grindcore....just loud music type streets. Dead end, shitty streets.

The first 7" is:
La Gritona

The second 7" is:

The third 7" is:
Ice Nine
Discordance Axis
Apartment 213
Devoid Of Faith
Enemy Soil

Right? That pretty much tells you what you need to know.

Footnote: again...I swear to Yahweh that I posted this years ago, but when I search the archives it's not there...are there ghosts and ghouls afoot in the archives?

Alright, well, I'll see you on the other side, barring any unforeseen instances or international incidents. Be well.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

White Zombie - Gods On A Voodoo Moon

Label: self released
Year: 1985

Before he was know by the Zombie surname, and before all the thunder kissing and "yeeeeaahs" that would bring White Zombie fame and fortune, they were a scrappy, noisy, underground rock band that took their cues from punk, death rock, and noise rock. And it being 1985, and the band being broke, and recording studios being in short supply, this release SOUNDS like a scrappy, noisy, underground rock band from 1985. It's raw and wobbly (this file comes form the cassette release, complete with occasional warps), but if you like your Pussy Galore mixed with Helios Creed and 45 Grave, then this one is for you.
Numero Group gave this a proper remastering and re-release in 2016, but...that shit's expensive. This version has the two extra cassette tracks not on the original 7" version.

Wonder what ever happened to these guys....(actually, one of them turned up in Dead Heavens...but the others...who knows?)


Friday, July 6, 2018

Mannequin / Transistor Transistor - Mannequin / Transistor Transistor split 7"

Label: Robotic Empire
Year: 2003

Another, "didn't we post this already?" post.
But whatevers...it's worth it.
Mannquin play a punk'd out, blown out, peddle to the metal version of Nirvana. The older version of Nirvana that was playing punk'd out, blown out, peddle to the metal versions of Wipers songs and stuff. Members of Pygmy Lush, Pg. 99, Crestfallen, Haram, Passing Phases, Big Hush, Nit-Pic, and whatnot.
Transistor Transistor (so nice they named 'em twice) also tap into a Sub Pop-y circa 1991 vein, but with a little more of the mid-90's Gravity Records sensibility...they scream more. Sort of a Dead And Gone meets grunge arrangement. Dark and lovely.Members of Trap Them, and this and that.


Monday, June 25, 2018

Non Compos Mentis - Smile When You Hate

Label: Wonderdrug
Year: 1997

I'm getting old, or dementia is setting in, or I've had one too many concussive head traumas, cause I swear we posted this record some time back. But I looked in the archives, and lo, I don't see it.
So, let's forget what we forgot and see it now. Here.
Burlington, Vermont band Non Compos Mentis came and went with little fanfare, but left a legacy of burled, sludgy noise rock that came out of the same Tortuga Records / Hydra Head family tree that brought you Scissorfight, Millgram, Quitter, Roadsaw, and Cable. A lot like Cable really. Mean and nasty and unrepentant in their actions. Seemingly uninterested in being "pleasant", or "sweet". Your basic, garden variety dirtbags essentially.
They dressed in all orange jumpsuit things to boot. For fun.
Members were/are/shall some day be in; Drowningman, 52, and The Cancer Conspiracy


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Walking Concert - Run To Be Born

Label: Some
Year: 2004

All hail Wally Biscuits!
You wanna have a "British Invasion Period"? Great. No problem here. In fact, the more Kinks-rock you want to knock out, I'm cool with it. Pop hit after pop hit of sunny, creaky, catchy blissed out fun? What's not to love?
Walter Schreifels does no wrong. I don't care if he punches my daughter square in the larynx, he does no wrong. And with Walking Concert he indulges the most Rubber Soul tendencies exhibited in Rival Schools, and let's them shine through unencumbered by distortion or two finger points. Shouldn't come as a surprise, as the through-line in his discography has been a knack for burrowing earworm melodies into hardcore, post hardcore, psych rock, or whatever else he lends his songwriting to.
Please note though (I'm talking to myself now), that Walking Concert is a true band, and not a solo project, or a collection of hired guns to back up the singer-songwriter. Drew Thomas (Youth Of Today, Bold, Crippled Youth, Dead Heavens, Into Another, etc, etc.) is on drums, Ryan Stratton (Hedge, Ouisa) is on bass, and Jeffery Johnson (of what I have no idea) is on second guitar.

Go outside for a few minutes, it'll do you some good.

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