Monday, August 3, 2009

Cows - The Missing Letter Is You

Label: Thick
Year: 1997

It's been a minute since we relished in the power of Cows hasn't it? Too long if you asked me. 
So, here's the second to last thing they released (of new material anyway), which was a picture disc 10" on Chicago's sometimes-awesome/sometimes-putting-out-Blue-Meanies records label Thick. Maybe this record is somehow "less gnarly" than the older records, but still, if you put "Death In The Tall Weeds" into your D.J. set this Saturday night, I guarantee the ladies will bolt off the dance floor with extreme prejudice. It's not friendly or fun. They never were, even though everything they did was done with a smile on their faces. 
You know Cows, so you either got this one or didn't. Here it is in case you missed it the first go around.

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Mars said...

Easily one of the best live acts I've ever seen - Shannon is a top notch entertainer.

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