Sunday, August 2, 2009

J.J. Paradise Players Club - Coextinction

Label: Arclight
Year: 2005

First, the technicalities; this is actually a "Paradise Club" release, not "J.J. Paradise Players Club", but as I have posted their earlier material under that full moniker, I thought I should stick with the expanded nom de plume. Fair? Fair.
This ep packs in the same wallop as did the preceding releases, but tempers it with some sort of Clutch-ish, backwoods stomping melody. It's like a Tad/Unsane baby. Now that's a good lookin' kid, am I right? So if that sounds appealing to you, then go ahead and listen. If you need further proof that this shit is no joke, then please notice the resume of this band; Glazed Baby, Die 116, Shiner, The Kill Van Kull, Unsane, Made Out Of Babies, and the on and on. Real life rocking bands. Bands that are nasty and unclean. Bands that make music to be unemployed to. 
What I'm getting at is, if you are into heavy music, and specifically have a soft spot for that New York City styled ugliness then please indulge here. If you haven't heard the other Paradise Players Club material, then go on a field-trip through the archives of this website and find that stuff first, then indulge yourself here. 



julius orange said...


proven hollow said...

havent heard them before. good chit.

Rusty said...

Good call. Diggin' it.

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