Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ed Hall - Albert

Label: Boner
Year: 1988

I do believe this post will punch out your Ed Hall dance card and complete the discography. I think. But then again, I'm not a fucking calculator, so do your own math.
Musically, it's the first Ed Hall full length record, and most likely their most bizarre. It's that ole' Texas styled psycho-noise-cowpunk-free form-punk that we all grew up on. The same stuff your mother gently sung into your vanilla little ears (unless your not a Cauca-zoid, in that case, insert "caramel", "chocolate", or "butterscotch" depending on the ethnic background of your choice) to soothe you to sleep. The sweet sweet music of a nurturing home. Ahhhhh...memories.
When I put this into ITunes the song titles were all "track 1" and "track 2" and shit, so if that happens to you too, here are the actual song titles.
Who's Ed
Poo Poo
Jungle Lobatany
Ball Dirt Cookie

* Link fixed - 09-06-09


1009 said...

Not related to this post but wanted to get yr attn:

Noticed an estrus comp from a few months back, which reminded me that I never picked up the Monkeywrench's 2nd full-length, *Electric Children*. I recall a few good tunes off that one. I love recalling good tunes, as you know. Any case, is that one you have & could post?

Digging that v9r9d or whatever from some time back.

ipecac said...

measures are being taken

here at SGM we aim to please

and it's usually towards the chin

peskypesky said...

wow. i can remember getting this album from my brother for Xmas. doesn't seem so long ago, but i guess it fucking was.

Mars said...

My ex is married to their drummer, Lyman!

spacemummy said...

Lyman rules. Kevin was pretty excellent too. I miss my old Ed Hall shirt. It had a bunch of words on it, bands that they were into, people they wanted to acknowledge. Ironically, the name of a skinhead who beat me up while I was tripping at a party in Austin was there on the shirt, Elbo. They thanked him on one of their albums, also ironically. I guess he often beat people up at shows.

Anonymous said...

i'm curious about that first album, unfortunately the link is invalid.Anyway thank you for all the good discoveries.

Gray said...

Try the link to the first record again, because the link worked for me. Mediafire is temperamental, and sometimes the links just don't work one day, but work the next.
Let me know if you have further issues.

Anonymous said...

I've tried several times with safari and internet Explorer, and it's still unavailable.A re-up would be very nice.
By the way, congratulations for being read by David Wm Sims.

Gray said...

I'll fix that link tonight...The "Love Poke Here" record that is. You're right, the link is gone now. Sorry bout all that.

Gray said...

I fixed it, tested it, and it works.

Vlad Tepes said...

Unfotunately the link doesn't work

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