Tuesday, August 4, 2009

piglet - lava land

released 2005

this is one of those albums that i listen to at least once a month

it makes some nice driving through the country music...just driving along...taking it all in...OHMANTHATFUCKINGDEERALMOST...as i was saying...just cruising along...breathing in the air

these chi-town boys sound like don caballero (if damon che took the ego down to about a 5)...like faraquet sans vocals...like a more cohesive hella...volta do mar...tortoise (just throwing some other names out there)

sadly...this was the band's only album

so if you like the words "math" and "rock" put next to each other....

DL: lava land


panzan said...

two minutes deep into the first track, this reminds me of ghosts and vodka. know them?

ipecac said...

i do

and i can totally back that statement

well played,sir

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