Wednesday, August 5, 2009

lost & found video night: vol.2

have you ever wondered what it would sound like to have the fat albert gang cover nwa?

ever look at frankenstein and think "hey...he would be awesome in gay porn!"

do you always seem to stop at just 9 reasons for a stronger erection?

do you love hearing william shatner give his renditions of classic rock?

ever wonder what your dad would look like rubbing himself somewhere other than the living room?

do you like christian puppet shows?

and for the piece de resistance: an old lady with a detachable flying head that eats babies out of mothers wombs

nuff said

and it seems that no one had any sort of problems with vol.1...but if any arise with vol.2...get up out of your chair...and go into the bathroom...and then stand in front of the sink...just stare at yourself in the words...just stare...and let all of your tension and nihilism bubble to the surface...just stare hard at yourself...and once you realize that you've now become the cover for the black flag album DAMAGED...just walk away and pour yourself a cold glass of milk...then return to the chair in front of your computer...and leave a comment

they hate us...we hate them....


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Mars said...

We Can't Win

ipecac said...

precisely,my friend

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