Wednesday, August 5, 2009

chips - self-titled demo

released 2009

picture it...sicily...1935: i was all up in myspace's guts...hopping from profile to profile...when i came across this very band (a drum and bass duo from france)...and their choice of pictures for a cover caught my eye...apparently santa has a problem with too much "christmas cheer" and was busted looking for some in the bathroom of some seedy bar (again)...but i'm getting away from my point (as i've been known to do from time to time)....and then i'd seen that the band had some pretty awesome myspace "friends" (the first 2 are unsane and godheadsilo)...and that in turn made one of my nipples erect (the left one...if you're curious)...and then i took a peek over at their influences...and then it happened...righty was coaxed out of it's sheath: godheadsilo...melvins...killdozer...pachinko...dazzling killmen...karp...shorty....

it's as if they were all like "hey...i found this blog...let's tease it by saying that we like bands it likes...get them over to our apartment...steal their wallet and clothing...force them to stand amongst our lawn gnome collection...put the pictures on the internet...and then drop them off in an alley outside of a club called the blue oyster"

and there was no way i was letting that happen again

so still a little leery i went up to their myspace player and clicked on a song called "no time for a joke"...and i suddenly felt warm all over...and i was taken back in time to the year 1995...and i was sitting on my couch smoking pot and listening to music through headphones...and as i stood there looking at myself doing this i began to hope that i didn't open my eyes and see me standing there because that might freak me out a little i slowly backed towards the door...and as i passed the kitchen i'd seen that i was making pizza rolls..."oh maaaan! of course i'd be making pizza rolls" i said to myself....

there i am getting away from my point again

so yeah...all the mentioning of bands that this blog likes was justified

and i sent them a message saying " like the same stuff i about sending me a little something i can put on the blog"...and just like that...

godheadsilo is all over this...mixed with some early fudge tunnel...and you've seen all of the other bands mentioned so i don't really need to cover any more bases

and now...i'm gonna go back and see if there are any more pizza rolls left

DL: self-titled demo

and of course... the inevitable myspace


accidentallydomesticated said...

Ballz - just as I decide I'm not going to grab any more music this week you go and post a review like that.

ARXELAOS said...

Awesome as always man! Thanks for all these greta bass bands!

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