Monday, September 30, 2013

Lincoln - Live on Morgantown Sound Radio Show - 1994

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1994

Here's a radio broadcast that had been circulated around a few years back that documents the latter stages of the fantastic Lincoln, during their "thrift store greaser" phase (quote attributed to Phil Dwyer) before breaking up not long after this recording.
They play the songs from the last 7" and the split with Hoover, plus 5 more that must have been some of the last material they wrote, but are unidentified by name. They continue the trajectory of the final 7"; shouty, driving, dynamic, Revolution Summer post hardcore steez with a hint of their contemporaries (Policy Of Three, Kerosene 454, Regulator Watts, that kind of stuff).


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

MTN ISL - Demo

Label: self released
Year: 2013

Well, fuck it, right? Keep the hot hand going.
On the subject of brand new Atlanta noise rock bands made up of members of previously awesome, if unheralded, Atlanta bands, let's get into some MTN ISL.
I loved the band Sunglasses, who I believe we posted some stuff by way back when, or maybe we never did...I'm not the best at remembering things, they played extra awesome warped punk noise that was fun and interesting. It was a bummer that they broke up before more folks caught on.
But alas, as the mighty phoenix rises from the ashes to the fiery dawn of a new do, so does MTN ISL! Here's your chance, quit fucking around and get on board. Dick.
If you like Big'N, or Rodan, or Crain, or Arcwelder, or what's good for you, then make haste to MTN ISL. Promise.
These songs here are the rough mixes of a full length(?...demo?) to be released on Muck Man in the near future.


Bodyfather - Bodyfather ep

Label: Money Pit Media
Year: 2013

Yes! This is the kind of shit I love finding, a great local band who know how to bring a big, swinging hammer of rocking bliss right square about my face!
There used to be a band in Atlanta called Bernard, who you're excused if you never heard of, but they did a great job of blending post hardcore urgency with catchy hooks and enough ballsy power to convince you of their intent. Well, Bodyfather resurrects the bloated corpse of Bernard and the guys push ahead with full force, this time with emphasis on propulsive noise rock. It's still catchy, it's still got power, and it will certainly appeal to your nerd friends and their Tar record collections.

I'm super stoked on this band right now, which by the transitive property of equality means you are too. Or will be soon. Or you should be.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Shotmaker - Mouse Ear (Forget Me Not)

Label: Troubleman Unlimited
Year: 1996

One of the few bands of this era and of this ilk that holds up under the cruel mistress of time. Most likely because, while there is some hardcore basis, they mined a more mathy/noise rock strain to help add heft and hooks to their middle 1990's emo stylings.
Maybe it's because they were Canadian?
Probably has more to do with the interplay between the rhythm section and the guitarist....but I'll go with "because they were Canadian".

See you at More Than Music 1995!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mercenary - Demo Tape

Label: Scavenger Of Death
Year: 2013

This weekend there was a reunion show for an old hardcore band called Regicide who hadn't played a show since the early days of 1997 (we killed it by the way...didn't miss a beat), and after that show a guy came up to me to introduce himself. He said he had seen Regicide once before when he was "nine or ten"(?!). Um, what? Where were your parents again? I HAVE a ten year old son, and lord knows, he ain't venturing into the sketchy parts of this metro unattended late at night to hang around ner'do wells and have his hearing permanently damaged by loud noise. Shit, my ten year old would be stoked to see fucking Katy Perry (full disclosure: as would I), he doesn't even know who Regicide is, and I'm in the fucking band!
So anyway...after the shock of that statement wore off, he went further to tell me he had been of late in the band Bukkake Boys. Now you're talking! I LOVE that band, and I let him know as such, to which he wholeheartedly agreed that, yes, that was a really, really good band. We chatted about them and hardcore in general for awhile, which was pleasant and upon parting he told me to check into his current band, Mercenary. A band that had a demo released by the drummer of Regicide (among a thousand other bands), the guy sitting next to me during this whole conversation. Well, alright, will do. Ex-Bukkake Boys sounds good to me!
And it will sound good to you as well. So long as you like eye-bulging, vein popping, full frontal assault, Negative Approach type hardcore. Which you should.

Highly recommended.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

V/A - In Memory Of Jason

Label: Monopoly
Year: 1996

Man, a double lp  compilation album is a tough proposition, you gotta really have some choice material to fill that thing out. I'll let you be the judge if Jason's memory has been honored or befouled.

The bands:
Rice - Chain Of Strength covering Infest and adding a horn part
Godheadsilo - A traffic jam as recorded on the CB radio of the trucker plowing through the commute
Reach Out - screaming San Diego styled blur, ex-John Henry West
Honeywell - spastic screeching that devolves into a needlessly drawn out piano based slow jam
Pottyface - lo fi core
Still Life - the very specific sound of mid-90's emo, off key singing and dynamics that lack all subtlety
Evergreen - a swirling Western-tinged relaxer
Driftwood - remember that "off-key" remark? Yeah.
Crash And Britany - jangly Dahlia Seed style girl-fronted emo that pays off in feedback drenched good times. Plus, ex-Yah Mohs. They get two songs, and the second one is noise.
Karp - live cut of I'd Rather Be Clogging...vocals come in a little hot, but you know, whatever.
The Saw - overwrought
Babyland - rocking electro junk, an underrated gem of the 1990's.
Angel Hair - they managed to do screamo style with panache and swing, one of the rare bands of that genre that have aged well (I'm looking at you T Tauri)
Jackbarber - I'm not real sure, these guys were real sure where this song was going, cause it never got there.
Clikatat Ikatowi - usually a dependable band, but this particular cut is a bit beat.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

White Wash - White Wash 7"

Label: Kill Someone You Hate
Year: 2012

You know what would would make a great name for a white power punk/oi band? White Wash! I mean, get it? To "white wash" something...makes total sense.
Wait, what? There IS a racist skinhead band called White Wash? They have a split with a band called Grinded Nig?! Jesus, that's...well..that's about what you would expect wouldn't you.
But ok, what if YOU'RE not racist, but you think the name White Wash would work for a straight ahead hardcore band playing like it's 1982 in 2013? A band that sounds like Negative Approach mixed with Antidote. Maybe a band that would have fit well on the New Breed cassette compilation of NYHC? Yeah. That works too. And guess what? Somebody else thought the same thing, and took that name and did just that. Raging hardcore, head down aggression, all killer no filler, and nary a race baiting or prejudiced lyric to boot (Doc Martin, no doubt)!

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