Tuesday, June 29, 2010

regicide - you're such a disappointment

released 1996 prehaps?

this demo was brought to my attention not so subtly by SGM's own masonic dildo (in case you hadn't noticed...we all have our own nicknames around here...and yes...we wander around neighborhoods dressed in a manner such a gwar...but sexier)

you see...grAy was apparently quite the fellow about the scene in atlanta,ga back in the day (and if you're lucky enough to run into him by the water cooler (which you will..because he lives there) maybe he'll spin some tales from times past for you)

he pointed me in the direction of this article but told me to avoid listening to the demo as i didn't need to go that far into the experience (but told me in a i-hate-you-get-away-from-me-hey-where-are-you-going type of manner)...but of course...me being the curious cat i am...did the exact opposite

and if you go and read the article (which you should)...you'll notice the band has that early/mid 1990's hardcore look about them...which i'd pointed out to grAy by asking if they played something akin to something that would've been found on victory records during that time period...to which he answered by throwing a table at me (you see...when it comes to victory records...it's a sore subject that's only spoken in hushed tones around the office...most of you probably remember the grand victory fallout of '09)...but then he says "waitaminute...deadguy were on victory...so maybe we did"

so....enough with the words

if you like you some early/mid 90's hardcore (even if it wasn't on victory)...a little powerviolence edge...some black flag (of course)...

DL: you're such a dissapointment

Killdozer - Short Eyes

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1990

Two songs from Killdozer, what more do you need? Okay, how about Tom Hazelmyer sitting in on guitar? That's pretty cool, right?
Shit man, if this doesn't do it for you, I'm not real certain I can help you out.

By the way, do you miss me yet?

nomeansno - 0+2=1 1/2

released 2010

hopefully you already own the 0+2=1 album

if not...i'm going to spoil the rod and spare the child...no yelling...no sending you to my room...just remedy the situation soon

this is a collection of outtakes from the recording of the above mentioned album along with some demos

so SGM is going to turn it's back...and by the time we turn around...you'd better have that album in your hands (or at least know where one is)

DL: 0+2=1 1/2

Sunday, June 27, 2010

melvins - 3.7.04 - showbox theater - seattle,wa

as you've probably already deduced by seeing the above picture...this was part of the band's 20th anniversary tour

1 - let it all be
2 - lovely butterfly
3 - manky
4 - hooch
5 - youth of america*
6 - night goat
7 - with teeth
8 - tipping the lion
9 - queen
10 - promise me**
11 - black stooges
12 - it's shoved
13 - the fool,the meddling idiot
14 - snake appeal
15 - the ballad of dwight fry***

*=wipers cover
**=gun club cover
***=alice cooper cover

DL: melvins@showbox theater

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

National Skyline - Exit Now

Label: File 13
Year: 2001

After Hum (and much...after Poster Children), bassist Jeff Dimpsey decided to do a solo project that would be fleshed out by other musicians from the fertile Campaign-Urbana music scene. So not really a "solo" project then by any technical definition of the word "solo". More of a new band, but with the intent of a revolving cast. As is the case with most revolving cast bands, or collectives, or whatever you want to call them, the project coalesces around a couple of people, the dead weight is shed and a true band is formed. And that's just what happened here.
In this case, the band coalesced around Dimpsey, Jeff Garber of Castor, and Jim Minor of Compound Red.
Not bad.
This particular ep is four songs and the first two are sorta out of character for the band, one sounded like "modern rock", the other sounding like mellow Beck. The second two songs sound more like what most folks would associate with National Skyline, that sound being a shimmering shoegaze by way of Nineties Mid-West emo (The Cure meets Castor?). I think the first two songs are fine, and you can handle them. I have the utmost faith in you and your abilities as a listener.
Go forth.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

attn: folks that have sent sgm music

from time to time we get people sending us some of their band's music

and we've sent messages back saying that we'd listen to it...and then post it

and then nothing happens

we just want you to know that unlike your dad...we don't mean to do something and then not do it...there's just been a lot going on around the office and whatnot...and anything that's been sent this way will eventually find it's way onto the blog

so what we need you to do is get your catcher's mit...go and sit on your front porch...and continue to disappointingly toss the ball into the air

the jesus lizard - thumper

released 1996

remember these fellas?

of course you do...the rash and the home movie will always be there to remind you

this was one of those maxi singles that was released in australia

there's a cover of the song "shut up" originally done by the english punk band the stranglers somewhere on this business


DL: thumper

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Crownhate Ruin - 4 Track Demos

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1996

Way back when we were doing the SGM Radio broadcast, we had a "Washington vs Washington" episode where upon we pitted Washington State against Washington D.C. in a throwdown of epic proportions. It was pretty righteous.
In digging around for the D.C. material (my dog in the fight), I stumbled upon this oddity, a 4 track recording of 8 new songs with the added bonus of Alex Dunham of Regulator Watts, Hoover, and most importantly, Wind Of Change fame, and David Titus Batista on drums. Mean anything to you? If so, then go for it, download and work it out. If those names don't mean anything to you, then I would recommend you take a pass on this one, as the sound quality is...four track...so it's for completest and super fans only. You could always go read a book instead.
Anyway, this one was about to get deleted off the old hard drive, so I thought I should post it here first in case anyone out there might be interested. Also, since drummer Vin Novara was in 1.6 band, I thought it made for a tidy connection to the previous post.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

1.6 Band - The Checkered Pasts Of All Kings Present

Label: Metastasis
Year: 2010

The band made this record available for free online, or you could order a copy of the 7" from Metastasis as a result of some reunion type shows they were playing. It's new material, but it pretty much sounds like the last stuff they put out before calling it a day back in 1993.

Quick question; was anyone reading this not alive in 1993? I'm just curious.

Back to blog post. You'll have to excuse the record's cover as it's an abomination of graphic shits and giggles at the highest level. I'm sure that's someone in the band's kid, and I mean no offense to the boy, but the composition, the faux graffiti band logo, and the font choice for the title really don't do justice to the music within. If you were a fan of mid-90s emo, then you owe this band a debt of gratitude as they helped invent that style of spazzy drumming, off-kilter guitar riffing, and hardcore attitude. As if Swiz and Bastro and Rites Of Spring had a three-way. Or something slightly less sexual. Or more sexual.

Highly recommended.

Oh, and happy father's day...to me.

Friday, June 18, 2010

drunks with guns - self-titled 7"

released 1990

as previously stated in another drunks with guns posting on this blog...if you like some early melvins mixed with some flipper and some later era black flag...this be for you

but there's a story behind this album

apparently the original drunk with guns split up and 2 of the band's members felt that they were drunks with guns (not literally)...and this version of the band has a 13 year old girl named melissa doing vocals...this incarnation released 2 7" (the other 7" is essentially this and another 3 songs)

DL: drunks with guns

corrosion of conformity - 1.5.85 - wilson center - washington,dc

the band are going back to their roots and will be touring as a 3 piece playing some of the old school punk stuff (ANIMOSITY/TECHNOCRACY)...and word of the street is...they'll be recording a new album as well

it all starts in asheville,nc on 7.30.10

and you can find more info here

1 - eye for an eye
2 - kiss of death
3 - prayer
4 - positive outlook
5 - intervention
6 - animosity
7 - indifferent
8 - tell me
9 - mad world
10 - what
11 - holier
12 - green manalishi*

*=fleetwood mac cover

DL: corrosion of conformity@wilson center

black flag - 3.15.83 - markthalle,germany

it's hank and the boys (and girl) doing what they do in germany

and yes...the tiny shorts were there as well

1 - my war
2 - revenge
3 - slip it in
4 - what can you believe
5 - american waste
6 - depression
7 - i've had it
8 - beat my head against the wall
9 - nervous breakdown
10 - jealous again
11 - damaged II
12 - scream
13 - can't decide
14 - police story
15 - no values
16 - my rules
17 - nothing left inside
18 - life of pain
19 - six pack
20 - fix me
21 - rise above
22 - (band readies for encore)
23 - thirsty and miserable
24 - wasted
25 - louie,louie

DL: black flag@markthalle,germany pt.1
DL: black flag@markthalle,germany pt.2

Thursday, June 17, 2010

destroy before reading

there's a jesus lizard book in the making

perhaps it'll be scratch and sniff

and david wm. sims needs your help

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pervis - Simple 7"

Label: Man's Ruin
Year: 1995

More Man's Ruin, this time by a female fronted rock hammer of a band. I would be remiss to not make a Babes In Toyland comparison, so there it was. Maybe a more hardcore oriented version of that band is more of an appropriate descriptor. Maybe not though.
Also of note, there is a member of Rigor Mortis/REO Speeddealer in the house on this one.

Schweinhund - Bastard 7"

Label: Mans Ruin
Year: 1995

Another two song dandy from the Man's Ruin stable, this one from the otherwise unheard-of Norwegian band Schweinhund. It's more metallic than most Man's Ruin releases, with nary a hint of "desert rock" to be found. It's more of a straight up overdriven rock sound that occasionally sounds like newer Metallica (which...yeah...I know), but with blown out vocals and the stray organ line to mix things up.
It's short, give it a shot.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

thomas hazelmyer

amphetamine reptile

two words that allow the imagination to run wild

and there's a man that goes by the name of thomas hazelmyer that's been helping provide the soundtrack to those visuals for the past 25 years

he's been allowing people access to things that go by names such as halo of flies...guzzard...cows...lubricated goat...hammerhead...

the list goes on and on

and i'm assuming that you...the reader...are familiar with more than a few of those things

and then there are the words...that when mentioned in certain company...brings a mischevious look to faces and a twinkle to the eyes: DOPE GUNS 'N' FUCKING IN THE STREETS

now...with my words...i don't think i could do any of this justice...so i'm just going to fire off a few questions to the man himself...and hopefully he'll have a little something to say

SGM: is haze in fact xxl?

TH: Indeed I fought hard to earn that title, pound by pound.

SGM: you started amphetamine reptile to release your own band's material...where did the name come from?

TH: To my best recollection I thought Lemmy used the phrase in a song, I found out that's not what he was saying, but stuck with it.

SGM: how exactly does one go from being a marine to the head of one (if not the best) record labels of the 1990's?

TH: The two are mutually exclusive, other than the same mental quirk that had me pick the USMC also helped form my taste in music.

SGM: you had originally started the label in seattle,wa...but then moved to minneapolis,mn...what caused the move?...did you somehow see into the future and know that the area would be overrun with pretentious coffee and flannel?

TH: Actually Seattle "acquired" it's taste in long hair & flannel from Minneapolis, look at pre grunge photo's of the Replacements, Husker Du, Soul Asylum. I left Minneapolis to escape that, only to then see all around me morph into MN style (ha-ha). The coffee was actually amazing. I was stationed there and actually loved it, and was fortunate enough to have left before the grunge shenanigans were to occur, and the whole thing soured and became a parody of itself.

SGM: does buzz osborne possess compromising photographs of you?...he always seems to be in the background somewhere...he's even been known to sling drinks at your eating/drinking establishment GRUMPY'S

TH: He's been one of my best friends for a couple decades. We share the same twisted sense of humor and sensibilities. Okay, and yes there's some pics of a drunken me, with livestock in Venezuela that I wish didn't exist. In my defense it's not my fault that that prick Buzzo doesn't drink, and that Hugo Chavez's wife is easily mistaken for a goat and vice versa, I thought I was getting one over on that dictator in the making.

SGM: what got you into the restaurant biz?...was it the peeling of potatoes in the marines?

TH: Because selling hamburgers and beer sounded like a fucking fantastic break from 15 years in the music biz.

SGM: do you agree with the saying "record collectors should never be in bands"?

TH: Nah I've actually known some that have used their vast knowledge of music through their incessant collecting for good and not evil. Granted when the opposite happens it can be horrific.

SGM: music nowadays...should be it called music or "music"?

TH: Where? DID YOU SPOT SOME!!!!! Fuck I'd kill for new music that Ibroke some new ground and wasn't content to wallow in the filth of history. Aside from a SMALL handful of bands it seems insanely dismal out there in so far as the push to progress/advance has all but died.

SGM: if you were ever forced to join forces with another record label...which of these would it be?: sub pop? dischord? touch and go?

TH: Does not play well with others. Now if you asked me "what labels would you cherry pick, and then smash under your heel", I might have had an answer...

SGM: have you and today is the day's steve austin ever gone hunting together?

TH: No, and it seems Mr. Austin's gun collection has far surpassed my own. I've always been a gun enthusiast, but at the end of the day I'm a city kid have never been hunting. Not that I have anything against it!

SGM: seeing as how AmRep has been in business as long as it has...have there been any bands that you wished you would've worked with?...bands you'd never work with again?

TH: Yes!

SGM: this coming august there's an AmRep anniversary bash taking place (on the 28th to be exact)...and the question that seems to be on everyone's lips is "where are the cows?"...have you tired of being asked that question?...do you want to slap faces?

TH: Not so much slap faces, but sit on their chest punching the face until the cheek bones give way and you're just punching a red and grey mushy pulp.
Yes indeed we are completely retarded and we did ask the Cows to play. I don't know how I ever got anywhere without a bunch of folks around me - stating the obvious, repeatedly.

SGM: so...what of the cows?

TH: Ask them, I've tried several years in a row, to no avail.

SGM: and with that...i do believe i've taken up enough of your time...this is the part of the show where you tell it to the kids...so go on...do it

TH: NEVER, and I mean NEVER go out into public dressed in attire that you would not want to get into a fist fight in. That means lose the man baby flip flops, beards, and the sweat pant shorts. Jesus H., didn't your father teach you anything???

and hopefully...some of you will make your way to the parking lot of GRUMPY'S on the 28th of august...and if you happen to spot thomas hazelmyer (and his kick ass sideburns) wandering about...approach him and have him school you in the art of the dead nazi

Monday, June 14, 2010

record collectors are pretentious assholes

ebay is a record collector's best friend/worst enemy

this 7" cost me a mere $5

Friday, June 11, 2010

R.I.P. Worried Well

That was a great source for hard to find music, and will be missed.
May I suggest that the former Worried Well be absorbed by Shiny Grey Monotone? Super-blog powers...ACTIVATE!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the shiny grey chocolate bicycle monotone experience

some of you may remember SGM having a radio show

but then...it suddenly disappeared

there's been a sighting...it's best that you stay indoors with the blinds drawn...your windows/doors locked...and your pets safely tucked away somewhere

and some of you are probably asking yourself "what is this chocolate bicycle experience? and why does it remind me of summers on my uncle's farm?"

you see...after the SGM radio show went away (along with the SIR ARMADILDO VENTRILOQUEEF show...that one is still out there...somewhere...)...i'd decided to pull both shows together somehow...and once a month...SGM will drag itself out of the basement...use your bathroom/shower...eat all of your pudding pies...and then leave again like nothing ever happened (but you'll notice some socks missing)

and for all of this business...i somehow got SGM's own cara to come along...and i didn't even have to use any duct tape or bbq sauce (sadly)

1 - killdozer - hamburger martyr
2 - pissed jeans - false jesii part 2
3 - shorty - last one in my mouth is a jerk
4 - bundle of hiss - amphetamine
5 - hex machine - nurse me back to hell
6 - halo of flies - death of a fly
7 - stnnng - my golden oldie
8 - lubricated goat - beyond the grave
9 - sloy - chocolate sperm
10 - cows - life after beth
11 - flipper - way of the world
12 - dwarves - we must have blood
13 - ipecac - the self-detonating nuclear family
14 - descendents - weinerschnitzel
15 - god bullies - i want to kill you
16 - fuckemos - 80 gay sailors
17 - killing joke - the wait
18 - faith no more - we care a lot
19 - soul asylum - somebody to shove
20 - the jesus lizard - panic in cicero
21 - surgery - slap
22 - butthole surfers - i saw an x-ray of a girl passing gas (live)
23 - melvins - amazon
24 - ministry - cannibal song
25 - uspidedown cross - battalion of rats
26 - slug - sore thumb
27 - kittens - piccolo
28 - nomeansno - 0+2=1
29 - young widows - old skin
30 - ventura w/ david yow - it's raining on one of my islands
31 - tom waits - earth died screaming
32 - sonic youth - titanium exposé

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blind Idiot God - Blind Idiot God

Label: SST
Year: 1987

All instrumental, but only half good I'm sorry to report. You see, this band had a good thing going, and that was a brutal strain of pounding rock. They sound not unlike Zeni Gevi or even Head Of David with an SST twist, real nasty, merciless type stuff. The type of stuff I like a lot.
But then...oh boy...then. Then they had to go and put a bunch of "dub" tracks on the second half of the record. For the love of god, why? It's the same question everybody asked the Bad Brains, "hey Bad Brains, you guys sure do rock out real good, so what's with all these super shitty reggae songs polluting your records and live sets?". Remember asking them that? Well, same thing here. Why fuck up the momentum of a scorching rock record with some watered down faux-reggae dub bullshit? Why? Are you a rastafarian? No? That's strange, cause I assumed a bunch of white guys from St. Louis would be, and that would explain your attempt to re appropriate from that culture. But you're not, and by the way, that culture is fucking retarded, so why ape it anyway?
Ugh, please don't get me on a reggae tangent. I seriously find that shit to be the most revolting of all musical styles, and the lifestyle that accompanies it even worse. Ugh.
So Blind Idiot God sorta messed up with the dub stuff. That's okay, it's not the end of the world. I mean, hell, Godflesh did it, and they're still spoken about in hushed reverence. I think Blind Idiot Gods finer qualities will also carry the day.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Unwound + Versus - Split

Label: Troubleman
Year: 2000

Before Versus, there was a band called Flower, and after Flower, there was a band called Unwound. Versus and Unwound each picked a Flower song they liked, learned it (presumably easier for Versus since, you know, they had been in Flower), recorded it, and put it out on this cute little 7". Easy.
Now, it's no secret how much I like Unwound. I believe that has been made very clear, and I see no reason to reiterate that love now. Versus was a band I never really "liked" per se. They had one record that I can't remember the title of right now, that I did have (or still have I suppose) that was good, but otherwise they were a little too tame for my tastes. Which is strange considering how tame some of my record collection is, so maybe "tame" isn't the right descriptor, but they named themselves after a Mission Of Burma song if that tells you anything.
Their track is pleasant enough indie rock though, so I'm fine with it.
I won't pretend to say I ever heard Flower, so I don't know how these stack up to the originals, but if you like Unwound, then you should peep it. Unwound is worth the price of admission, which in this case is free, so not the greatest endorsement or analogy, but the point is, they are good, I love them, and this song is neat. There.

Zeni Geva - Autofuck

Label: Skin Graft
Year: 1993

The unfuckwithable Zeni Geva, on the almost unfuckwithable Skin Graft...like peanut butter and chocolate. Two songs, recorded by Steve Albini, and knobs presumably set to "seething hatred" on one track, and "weird folksy hatred" on the other, in the studio. Good times. Get ready.
We gotta be getting close to having the full Zeni Geva discography up here by now, aren't we? What are we missing?

Doppler - Si Nihil Aliud

Label: XIII Bis
Year: 2003

I've been listening to this one a lot lately, and that's a pretty good endorsement, not because my taste is impeccable, but more because I listen to the same shit I've always listened to since, like the 5th grade, and rarely make the effort to allow something "new" into the fold. "New" being a relative term here.
Musically, this French wrecking crew get busy with an Unsane meets Sicbay, or Johnboy meets Colossamite styled attack. It's driving and raucous, but seems well planned out and deliberate in it's tempo shifting attacks. It's basically "noise rock" personified...or audio-fied, or whatever the right word for that process might be. It's fuckin' good is all. How about that? Fuckin' good.
I toast these gentlemen with a fistful of freedom fries, and a luke warm cup of Franzia! Hail!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

dave witte

CGB got the man of a thousand bands to say a few things

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the love interest - bedazzled

released 1993

this was a one off release that came out of the pigface FOOK sessions

the band is made up of chris connelly...martin atkins...david wm. simms...and some woman that goes by the name of mary lynn bowling

it's 5 remixes of this ditty:

DL: bedazzled

love battery - dayglo

released 1992

who didn't see this coming? (folks that didn't see the below posted sloy album...that's who)

this is some of that grunge music that folks seem to like...so i'm really not going to go into any sort of description

but there's definitely some early soundgarden going on here

DL; dayglo

sloy - planet of tubes

released 1996

someone is showing their appreciation for the love battery album DAYGLO

these frenchman (and woman) play something that sounds very similar to shellac

i'll bet you can't guess who produced the album

DL: planet of tubes

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

this is where the magic happens

sans fast food wrappers/toilet bucket/even more fast food wrappers/bible
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