Friday, July 31, 2020

Trainer - Athletic Statics

Label: Fidel Bastro
Year: 2020

Full-on math rock propulsion from the Bitch Magnet / Bastro (hey look, there it is right in the record label's name!) school of Math Rock Propulsion, with some of the knottiness of Colossamite, some of the undulating drive of Tar, and some of the distant menace of Sicbay. Except, this record was not recorded in 1994 in some Rust Belt, Midwestern college town. This record was recorded two years ago in Germany by (presumably) German dudes, who, to my knowledge have not attended any Rust Belt, Midwestern universities in the United States (I'll double check though, for the sake of journalism). 

Everything hits like you would want. The drums boom, the bass rattles, the vocals calmly berate and then bark their disapproval, and the guitars slice through the rhythmic pulses in that tense, agitated way that you like. Or at least, the way I like. I like lots. 

I think you're going to want to give this one a few listens, it's a real contender for "The Archetype Sound Of Noise Rock circa 2020" award (very prestigious).

Friday, July 24, 2020

Christ On A Crutch - Kill William Bennett!

Label: Black Label
Year: 1990

Two songs of foot-on-the-floor raging hardcore out of the Pacific Northwest that featured the bass player for Brotherhood, Nate Mendel,who would go on to play in Galleon's Lap, then Sunny Day Real Estate, and then...who can keep up? Drummer Eric Akre played with Mendel later in Galleon's Lap, as well as Treepeople, Kill Sybil, and Juno...for what it's worth.

But more importantly, Christ On A Crutch were a ripping band. So ripping in fact, that my one opportunity to see them play was at the Miracle House Of Rock in Greensboro, NC when they came through with Amenity, resulted in my good buddy being compelled to lie on his back in the middle of the pit (assumingly under the cosmic influences of ripping hardcore), which, inevitably lead to his "bikini area" being so thoroughly stomped (inadvertently, I may add) that COAC stopped the show out of respect for the carnage they had unwittingly unleashed. Took a good 10 minute breather for my friends "tenders" to regain their composure, I believe there were threats of involving paramedics, and the show commenced and a good time was had by all. Christ On A Crutch were superb (as were Amenity, by the by), and I hope you all had the chance to catch them during their brief tenure. 

Also: don't ever lie down in a moving circle pit. Highly inadvisable.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Olivelawn - 4 Is Greater Than 2

Label: Nemesis
Year: 1990

I think that a couple weeks ago I posted another Olivelawn 7" and referenced that Neil Blender was in the band, but not on that recording, and that I would post a record he was on shortly. Well, being a man of my word, and assuming I actually said that, then, here we go.
Much like that other 7" from earlier, this three song affair veers pretty far north on I-5, all the way to the Puget Sound, and apparently Mudhoney's practice space. 
That's not really fair. Olivelawn are their own rocking and rolling selves, they just happen to mine some of the same proto-punk, Stooges, type of source material as Mudhoney did. It's understandable.
As promised, Neil Blender is playing bass on this one. Otis 'O' Bartolomeu(Circle One, Fluf, photographer par excellence) is on guitar, Eddie Glass (Fu Manchu, Nebula) is on drums, and Mike Olson (The Bottom Feeders) is handling vocals.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Ublisch - Gimme Somethin' I Can Blow Up...

Label: Mgmt. Records
Year: 1997

File this one under: "Who?", cause unless you resided within 80 nautical miles from the center of the greater Charlotte, NC metropolitan area in the late 1990's, then you'll be excused for not knowing who, or what, this band is.
But isn't that the point of this blog thing? To take a record like this one and say, "hey man (and that one lady...holla girl!), I think this might be up your alley. You should give it a shot."?
Ublisch were from Charlotte, which never really had a "sound", like Greensboro or Chapel Hill had in the lexicon of North Carolina rock music. But, Ublisch were contemporaries of Shiny Beast, Regraped, Buzzoven, Antiseen, and Cornelius (keeping it NC on that ass), and you can see how they fit within that esteemed company. Kinda sludgy, kinda house show hardcore, and kinda noise rock. It all adds up to a good time (assuming you're into throwing M80s into Girl Scout meetings). I think you'll like it.
Also, the band includes NC mover and shaker Steve Munsell, which means something to some people, but to those people it means a good deal.


Tuesday, July 7, 2020

One 3 Four - 2/5

Label: Spinning Mule
Year: 1992

Dare I say, One 3 Four were the best noise rock band to ever emerge from Clemson, SC? If you disagree and have reason to argue, please submit any evidence to counter this claim. I would be legitimately interested to hear.
This specific 7" has two songs (titled "2" and "5") which were recorded with Dave Barbe in Athens, GA  along with three more songs (titled "1", "3", and "4"). The other three were supposed to come out on a companion 7", but never saw the light of day until a 1996 cd release called "Automaton Organism" (which I never heard). But these two songs will give you enough of a sense of tightly wound claustrophobia that you'll understand what that cd might have sounded like. Unless of course, you have that cd. Which, in that case, congratulations I guess.
One 3 Four should appeal to those who enjoy Squirrel Bait, Brainiac (early), Inkwell, Cows (the calmer moments), and maybe Crain, and a pinch of The VSS. It's essentially noise rock, but with the influence of the 1992 house show screamo hardcore around the edges. It's good. You'll like it.


Friday, July 3, 2020

mama tick - horsedoctor/i'm ok with me

y'all like them mama tick boys,right? well looookeeee here. it's the remaster of the "horsedoctor/i'm om with me 7" and the fine folks over at SKiN GRAFT Records have chosen SGM as the vessel to deliver the news to mankind. and as you can see up yonder it comes with one of them comic books. word on the street is that if this one is a bestseller they might be lookin' at bringin' back some more of the 7" with accompanying comic book. so let's make that happen. it's mama tick y'all!


Olivelawn - Cat's Farm

Label: Nemesis
Year: 1990

A grungy artifact from the not-known-as-grungy San Diego. This type of Mudhoney rock is supposed to be born of gray fog and timber industry runoff, right? Not, sun, surf, and upper 70's.
But here it is.
My own personal interest in this band was that they were fronted by Otis Barthoulameu, who I only knew as a fantastic photographer of skateboard antics. And, I suppose I knew he was in the "Titus Skates Band" with Lance Mountain and Neil Blender, but I assumed that was just a joke from a Powell video. Turns out, Neil Blender was in Olivelawn, but not on this 7". I have the 7" he does play on, and will post it when I'm not-lazy enough to.
Eddie Glass from Nebula/Fu Manchu plays drums here.
If you like Mudhoney, you'll like this.


Thursday, July 2, 2020

Kudgel - Chicken Pump / Now

Label: Waikiki
Year: 1993

A Boston band (Amherst if you're nasty) that fit in nicely with other Boston bands of that era; bands like Slughog, Luca Brasi, Thrall, Green Magnet School (so, not "nice" a it where). But, if you are into that region's early 90's output of burly noise rock (and I can only imagine that to be the case since you are here, with me, right now [can you sense my presence? my breath on the base of your neck...slowly inching upwards...?]), then Kudgel is an absolute must.

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