Wednesday, June 19, 2013

gobblehoof - freezer burn

label: new alliance records
released: 1992

this band should be called "some guys that know j mascis"

for one...he produced this album (he also played the drums on the band's first album...1989's SELF-TITLED)

you may recall the pre-dinosaur jr band deep wound....

deep wound vocalist charlie nakajima shows up here

as does one time dinosaur jr. drummer george berz

as does kurt fedora (who randomly shows up on dinosaur jr. albums)

so what you get here is a little deep wound and a little early dinosaur jr. and a little king missile and a little faith no more

and really...that can't be all that bad,yeah?

that's what i thought

DL: freezer burn

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

pissed jeans - 3.30.10 - wfmu - jersey city,nj

it's pissed jeans

it's pissed jeans on the radio

it's pissed jeans playing pissed jeans songs on the radio

1 - she is science fiction/half idiot/human upskirt/pleasure race
2 - dream smotherer/false jesii part 2
3 - L word/boring girls

DL: pissed jeans @wfmu

slabdragger - regress

label: church of fuck
released: 2012

there's a reason this band is called slabdragger (well...other than that's the name everyone had decided on)

i'd recently discovered the band by randomly hopping around from video to video on the youtubes via a little something that someone had made for the song "iron vulture"

so...the band's name is slabdragger

and they have a song called "iron vulture"

so...without ever having heard the band (i'm assuming) should already know what you're in for

and if you were to ever get tired of listening to sleep or eyehategod or iron monkey (aka: england's eyehategod)...this would be the wrong album to play

also...if you ever get tired of listening to any of the aforementioned bands...don't ever tell anyone...the consequences could be could turn into a punchline for one of those "what's grosser than gross" jokes....


DL: regress

melvins - 10.28.06 - 40 watt club - athens,ga

it's the melvins doing what they do

and then some guy named david yow stumbles on stage

he was probably looking for the bathroom

1 - the talking horse
2 - the bloated pope
3 - civilized worm
4 - oven
5 - set me straight
6 - deserted cities of the heart (1)
7 - sky pup
8 - let it all be
9 - blood witch
10 - a history of drunks
11 - rat face granny
12 - the hawk
13 - you've never been right
14 - a history of bad men
15 - revolve
16 - hooch
17 - the bit
18 - chrome (2)
19 - night goat (3)
20 - okie from muskogee (4)

1=cream cover
2=the jesus lizard cover w/david yow on vocals
3=w/david yow
4=merle haggard cover w/david yow

DL: melvins @40 watt

Monday, June 17, 2013

tyranny is tyranny - manufacturing truth

label: phratry records
released: 2013

you may remember a band called the united sons of toil

and you may remember that they'd broken up a few months back

well...this is what vocalist/guitarist russell hall and drummer jason jensen (who plays the guitar in this particular endeavor) are up to nowadays

they're joined by a fella name jonathan brown on drums and a fella named m. guy ficciotto (am i the only one to think of fugazi's guy picciotto reading that?) on bass

yes...they share a sound with the united sons of toil (obviously)

but they also share something with russell hall's previous band pound wi

this is a little taste of things to come as the band are going to be releasing their debut full length in the coming months

you get the song "manufacturing truth" along with 3 remixes of the same song (like the united sons of toil did with their FORCES OF PRODUCTION album)'d better just snag this up and get in on the ground floor...and then you can be all like "yeah...i've totally been into these guys since..." know you want to be that guy

DL: manufacturing truth

Saturday, June 15, 2013

nirvana - the curio box

label: not on label
released: 2010's one of those random live nirvana bootleg compilations...

1 - smells like teen spirit
2 - even in his youth
3 - pay to play
4 - white lace and strange
5 - love buzz
6 - immigrant song
7 - beeswax
8 - lithium
9 - big cheese
10 - mr. moustache
11 - sappy
12 - the money will roll right in
13 - drain you
14 - seasons in the sun
15 - school/demolition jam
16 - smells like teen spirit

1: 4.17.91 - ok hotel - seattle,wa

2: 10.11.89 - the garage - denver,co

3: 5.14.90 - stiff drinks - lincoln,ne

4: 4.17.87 - kaos - olympia,wa (chris bond cover)

5: 10.11.90 - north shore surf club - olympia,wa (shocking blue cover/dave grohl's first show)

6: 12.21.88 - house party - hoquiam,wa (led zeppelin cover)

7: 10.30.92 - argentina

8: 3.20.90 - evergreen state college studio - olympia,wa

9: 6.23.89 - rhino records - los angeles,ca

10: 1988 - rehearsal - krist novoselic's mom's house

11: 2.16.90 - bogart's - long beach,ca

12: 8.30.92 - reading festival - reading,england (fang cover)

13: 2.4.94 - canal studio - paris,france

14: 1.93 - bmg studio - rio,brazil (terry jacks cover/kurt on drums/vocals...dave on bass...krist on guitar)

15: 9.22.90 - motor sports international garage - seattle,wa

16: 1.23.93 - rock in rio - rio,brazil (with the red hot chili peppers' flea on horn)

DL: the curio box

v/a - a means to an end: the music of joy division

label: virgin
released: 1995

do you like joy division?

do you like it when bands that aren't joy division play music by joy division?

your day just got somewhat better

1 - girls against boys - she's lost control
2 - honeymoon stitch - day of the lords
3 - moby - new dawn fades
4 - low - transmission
5 - codeine - atmosphere
6 - further - insight
7 - stanton miranda - love will tear us apart
8 - starchildren - isolation
9 - kendra smith - heart and soul
10 - versus - twenty four hours
11 - desert storm - warsaw
12 - godheadsilo - they walked in line 
13 - face to face - interzone
14 - tortoise - as you said

DL: a means to an end: the music of joy division

v/a - kill rock stars

label: kill rock stars
released: 1991

this was the first album released on kill rock stars


1 - bratmobile - girl germs
2 - some velvet sidewalk - loch ness
3 - courtney love - don't mix the colors
4 - nation of ulysses - n.o.u. cooking with gas!
5 - unwound - you speak jealousy
6 - mecca normal - narrow
7 - nirvana - beeswax
8 - heavens to betsy - my red self
9 - steve fisk - strong,warm and in command
10 - bikini kill - feels blind
11 - witchypoo - reaper song
12 - melvins - ever since my accident
13 - infamous menagerie - immediate impound zone
14 - kicking giant - make you come
15 - fitz of depression - everybody and their dog
16 - jad fair - red dress
17 - 7 year bitch - 8-ball deluxe
18 - kreviss - i.o.u.
19 - untitled

DL: kill rock stars

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hivebent - U Neutral

Label: Terra Firma
Year: 2013

Stop whatever you are currently doing, please. Whatever it is can wait, it will be there when you get back (unless you happen to be babysitting, and if that's the case, shame on you, you should be paying attention to the baby! But for reals, if you are babysitting, just turn on the television or give them something to eat, or tether them to a tree or something. That will actually increase your chances of them still being there when you get back), and you're going to want to hear this.
This band, Hivebent, you are going to love this band. They sound like something that could have been sharing bills in Boston with Slughog, Luca Brasi, Milligram, Throttle, Bull-Roarer, maybe La Gritona circa 1998, or sharing bills in Austin with Cherubs, Ed Hall, Johnboy, and Drain circa 1994. The kinds of shows that repelled women, and left your temples aching 72 hours later. Gritty, mean, nasty, sweaty, poorly ventilated shows. Shit you and your buddy would talk about years later...good ole days shit.
Hivebent are fucking killing me right now. Let them kill you, before you end up killing yourself.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

rorschach - autopsy

label: gern blandsten
released: 1995


hey,kiss it goodbye.

hey,playing enemy.

you're welcome.

DL: autopsy

thomas rusnak

thomas rusnak.

the name may or may not be familiar to some of you.

ok...well...what about things like rorschach? kiss it goodbye?

does any of that ring a bell?

this is the guy that laid down the rumble for that noise.

i somehow managed to get him to stop by the SGM orifice for a sit down to answer a few questions

SGM: thanks for stopping by...i can only assume that you had nothing better going on today and that there really wasn't all that much on the tv

TR: I have much better things to be doing with my time. You told me there would be free pizza. You lied.

SGM: i'd recently discovered something you'd done way back when you were 15...the band was called jack straw...what can you tell us about that?

TR: That was the first band I ever played in. We did a demo and played punk shows around the area where I grew up in Pennsylvania. We recorded a demo at DAF studio that, in the context of our age and the times, was kinda cool. Mike Scalzi of Slough Feg sang in Jack Straw. And after Rorschach broke up I did a 7” and a 3 month long Europe tour with a band called Hunger, with the drummer from Jack Straw. Big tangent but that drummer (Neal Witmer) also played in a hardcore band called Pagan Rite that was obscenely good.

SGM: what got you into playing the bass?

TR: Punk rock got me into playing the bass. Bands like The Minutemen, Minor Threat, Big Black, Scratch Acid… COC… that Animosity LP really influenced me for a while.

SGM: any favorite bassists' names you'd like to throw out there?...also...cliff burton had better be one of them

TR: Burton was great, I think almost everyone agrees with that. I guess when he was alive was also when I actually listened to Metallica. I am more of a Mike Watt man I guess. Tracy Pew, Greta Brinkman, David William Sims, Kira and Les Claypool are few more players that come to mind. Oh, Sissi Schumeister is fucking awesome. Her bass lines are mighty.

SGM: the band rorschach can be best described as someone trying to ram their body through a wall and not giving up until either they become a bloody mess or they break through the wall as a bloody mess...and of course...that wall is made of brick and concrete...because you wouldn't expect rorschach to be linked to some kind of inferior wall (ie: bamboo...cardboard)...and i just wanted you to know that's how the band was more than likely percieved

TR: Someone once told me Rorschach sounded like ball bearings in a blender, but that was before many bands were experimenting with grind. I can live with your description. In fact, I like that it takes longer to say than any Rorschach song takes to play.

SGM: also...i'd like you to know that well as a few other folks... greatly appreciate the band's cover of black flag's "my war"

TR: Thanks, that’s very cool to hear. We worried about doing that live when we did this last round of shows. We didn’t want to take Rorschach into Las Vegas act territory. With that said, hands down my favorite band has been Black Flag since my early teens. Damaged is actually my favorite record of all time. My War side two.

SGM: you have any crazy rorschach tour stories that you're allowed to share?

TR: Rorschach did some shows opening for NOFX in England, back in the days when every band on a bill didn’t have to sound exactly the same. At First the NOFX camp didn’t say much to us, but during the first show they noticed we were doing pretty well with merch. So they approached us and told us we would have to give them a percentage of our merchandise sales. This kinda set the tone for the shows we played with them. They were traveling in a spacious Winnebago thingy, and we were in a cramped little van. While we didn’t have the space we could travel a lot faster so the next day after the shows we would leave later than NOFX and pass them on the highway. I guess in response to the weirdness that they were sending our way, each time our van would pass NOFX we would all moon them. Childish I know, but it was a small victory in the war against our pop-punk oppressors.

SGM: i'm going to ask this question mainly because they popped up on random in my stereo as i'm typing this out...seeing as how you both shared a state...were you aware of the band human remains?

TR: You mean Witte’s first band? Nope, never heard of them. Fucking Witte right? A drummer to be reckoned with.

SGM: and how awesome would a rorschach/human remains show/tour have been?...and would attendees be made to sign a bodily harm waiver before witnessing that business?

TR: Not as awesome as a Voivod, Neurosis, Rorschach show would have been. We were approached about doing a show with that line up but sadly it wasn’t something we could do.

SGM: what lead to the band breaking up?

TR: I’m sure there are five different, valid answers to that question. From my perspective, early on there weren’t shows of any real size being offered to us, no large labels were interested in us and there wasn’t any real opportunity for conflict regarding how the band would be handled. After the Europe tour and in the lead up to Protestant a few people were starting to take notice. We were starting to draw a little crowd of our own all over the east coast. When no one will pay more than $5 at the door to see your band it is easy to only play shows that charge $5 or less to get in. But when you get offered a spot on a bill at a large venue and they are charging $8 you suddenly have to decide how serious you are about that. And if everyone doesn’t agree you’ve got a real problem. Multiple issues came up real fast for us at that point and it destroyed the band.

SGM: and this is the part of the story which brings us to the band kiss it goodbye...which in my opinion was a huge step up intensity wise...and when it came to the's like someone was listening to both rorschach and deadguy at the same time with their fingers on the records...making them play slower than they should be

TR: Rorschach 2.0

SGM: i need to clarify a few things there may be some people out there saying to themselves "what does deadguy have to do with kiss it goodbye?" see...kiss it goodbye had former members of deadguy amongst their ranks (namely vocalist tim singer and guitarist keith huckins...who had also played in rorschach) did kiss it goodbye come to be?

TR: Well there is the whole back story to Tim and Keith leaving Deadguy which I can’t really speak on with any real knowledge having not been there. But once those two decided to do a new band and move it to Seattle they began looking for a rhythm section. Andrew told me once that Keith approached about him about joining the band, with the plan being to steal the bassist from Deadguy. I think they called him “Pops” but I’m not sure what his name is. As Andrew related the story to me, he insisted on trying to get me first as a condition of him joining KIG. At that point I had been in Europe for almost three years playing in the German hardcore band Ambush. It was good timing as I was ready for a change, and the prospect of playing with Andrew and Keith was obviously very attractive.

SGM: were you aware of deadguy previously?

TR: When Andrew called me, as I said, I had been living in Berlin for a while, and I had really lost touch with what was going on in the states. I would see friends like Assuck or Avail when they came through but I had no clue about new bands from the states. I was listening to a lot of Can, Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath at that point. So no actually, I had never heard of Deadguy or Tim Singer when Andrew called me. I actually had a fellow on a chat board get pretty irate with me once, as he was absolutely convinced that we had decided to try to make a new Deadguy with KIG, and that I must have heard of Deadguy before I was asked to form KIG. That take has always surprised me because, very frankly, the rhthym section of Deadguy comes off as totally pedestrian to my ear. I really feel that what Andrew and I were doing didn’t sound at all like Deadguy.
Everyone into hardcore has their favorite bands from the era that they were introduced to punk or hardcore or metal or whatever. For me those bands are Minor Threat, McRad, Ruin, Black Flag, SSD, Beefeater, Minutemen, Butthole Surfers, Septic Death… you get the idea. I still listen to Black Flag’s Damaged and a ton of old SST, Dischord and Touch And Go records all the time. On the other hand I don’t own a single record on Revelation (unless you count my KIG records). You get the idea.

SGM: in your opinion...who was the more intimidating vocalist: charles maggio or tim singer?

TR: Apples and oranges.

SGM: with kiss it dropped 2 eps and a full length...and then you were no more...what happened?

TR: Tim wanted to pursue a proffesional carreer and KIG was not really the kind of band one could do as a hobby. I think the drain on his time and resources just wasn’t worth it for him anymore. He sat us down and told us he wasn’t breaking up the band but there would be no more touring or recording, which is kind of like saying “you can still work here, but you aren’t allowed in the building and we won’t be paying you. So I quit at that point and then I guess they decided to just end the band.

SGM: when it comes to the album SHE LOVES ME,SHE LOVES ME's one of the most pissed off things i've ever heard (right up there with today is the day's TEMPLE OF THE MORNING STAR)...i just wanted you to know that

TR: Maybe unfortunately, I think what you are hearing there is genuine.

SGM: and since it's been brought do you feel about TEMPLE OF THE MORNING STAR?

TR: Ha! On the last question I thought, “I’ll just not even address the TITD thing”. I think I have met Steve once in my life, and he seemed like a pleasant enough fellow. Today Is The Day is just not my thing at all. All of those records sound to me like they were recorded digitally, which is fine if that’s what you’re into. The songs just don’t grab me, maybe because of the production. Before I heard TITD and they were described to me, I was expecting something like Bastro.

Let’s see, that’s Burton, Deadguy and TITD I’ve offended now. I really should have at least got free pizza out of this.

SGM: most intimidating singer: charles maggio...tim singer...steve austin?

TR: Apples, oranges and some kind of digitally created virtual fruit.

SGM: after kiss it goodbye split...most of the band went onto form a band called family man...and only ever released 2 songs...what happened?...there are a lot of folks out there that were all like "awwwwman! come on!"

TR: Tim and I were trying to make something happen. I wanted to do something that was a mix between the territory we had been exploring with KIG and Birthday Party. The first line up that was sounding really good was Tim, Me, Dann Gallucci (Murder City Devils/Modest Mouse) and Coady Willis (MCD, The Business, Melvins). Dann took a gig with Modest Mouse and Tim and I were searching again. Then we got Andrew and Billy Anderson (Blessing The Hogs, Men Of Porn, Engine-ear extraordinaire). By the time we got around to recording the demo we had Aaron Blanchard (and damn I can’t remember what bands he was in). There are four more songs from that recording session that don’t have vocals on them. I’m working on doing something with those songs though.

SGM: are there any crazy kiss it goodbye tour stories that you're allowed to share?

TR: I think it is still too soon to tell the good ones.

SGM: and with both rorschach and kiss it goodbye both having done you have a favorite? there one you'd want to start recording with again?

TR: Both of those bands were incredibly fun and I am really glad we got to do some shows again. I’ve got some recording plans in the works that is somewhat tied to that last KIG run, but it’s in the baby stages right now so I’m going to wait until later to elaborate on that.

SGM: word on the street'd recently joined the band poison did that happen?

TR: A friend of mine, who happens to be a friend of Jerry A, knew I was looking for people to play with. So when Jerry told him they were looking for a bassist he played match maker and got us hooked up. So far it seems like a great fit on every level. I fucking LOVE the music, and the guys in the band are all really good people.

SGM: any possible touring?...because you know i'll eventually be asking you if there are any crazy poison idea tour stories that you're allowed to share

TR: We’re coming out to the east coast in late August, early September, and there are some other things in the pipeline too. We’re working on writing a new LP right now as well so that has me pretty focused.

SGM: some folks may not be aware of the fact that you wrote a book called BLACK FLAG,THE GRATEFUL DEAD,THE INDIAN AND THE BLUE FISH...what lead to that happening?

TR: I wanted to document what I was doing before I joined Rorschach. I’m working on documenting the Rorschach, Ambush, KIG years as well but I it’s a slow road there.

SGM: and is there a way for someone to get a copy?

TR: sells them still. I intend to start bringing copies with me when I play in the future so maybe if you hit me up at a PI show I’ll have a box of them.

SGM: as seeing as how you're an obvious black flag fan...are you a black flag or flag guy?

TR: I used to think that Black Flag was Ginn. Period. But after everything I’ve seen go down recently with all of those folks, I am now convinced that Black Flag was a group of people in a specific time. As far as what those folks are adding to the Black Flag legacy now goes… I’m not sure Flag and Black Flag are making a positive addition to the bands’ name. If I was keeping score online though, I would say Flag is winning.

SGM: well...i do believe that i've probably taken up more than enough of your time...and i'd like to thank you for doing what it is you do, sir...and if you've got any science to drop on the be the time to do so

TR: Thank you. It was fun, even without the pizza.

Monday, June 10, 2013

v/a - scumbait: vol. 1-2

label: treehouse records
released: 1989-1990

these were a pair of 7" that a label from minneapolis,mn called TREEHOUSE RECORDS put out

and seeing as how they share a city with AMPHETAMINE REPTILE...and they have some amrep bands on the compilation...that should be more than enough to make you want this

and they want you to want them

1 - bastards - shaddup (you like 'dat)
2 - cows - danny is a faggot
3 - pagans - can't explain (live)
4 - unsane nyc - burn*

1 - bastards - parade
2 - feedtime - plymouth car is a limousine 
3 - venom p. stinger - the day will come
4 - drunks with guns - drunks theme

*'s that unsane...they slapped the "nyc" onto their name in the beginning so folks wouldn't get them confused with a metal band that went by unsane as well

DL: scumbait 1-2

Sunday, June 9, 2013

helmet - random crap

this was something i came across while looking through some files on my computer

it's a collection of random stuff culled from some compilations and whatnot


1 - army of me 
2 - lord of this world 
3 - complete
4 - custard pie 
5 - street crab (live)
6 - impressionable
7 - symptom of the universe 
8 - sinatra
9 - turned out (live)
10 - rude
11 - you borrowed (live)
12 - gigantor 

1=bjork cover from the MUSIC FOR OUR MOTHER OCEAN compilation (1996)

2=black sabbath cover from the VOLUME ELEVEN: READING SPECIAL compilation (1994)

3=from the JOHNNY MNEMONIC soundtrack (1995)

4=led zeppelin cover w/david yow on vocals from the ENCOMIUM: A TRIBUTE TO LED ZEPPELIN compilation (1995)

5=from the METALLURGY compilation (1995)

6=from the DOPE-GUNS 'N FUCKING IN THE STREETS: VOL.5 compilation (1990)

7=black sabbath cover from THE JERKY BOYS soundtrack (1995)

8=from the AMPHETAMINE REPTILE PEEL SESSIONS compilation (1992)

9=from the JABBERJAW: GOOD TO THE LAST DROP compilation (1994)

10=from the AMPHETAMINE REPTILE PEEL SESSIONS compilation (1992)

11=from the IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS compilation (1993)

12=from the SATURDAY MORNING: CARTOONS' GREATEST HITS compilation (1995)

DL: random helmet crap

Saturday, June 8, 2013

isor - post mortem peep show

label: casket music uk
released: 2006

did you hear about the time godheadsilo and the dillinger escape plan hooked up?

they totally did

and one of them had the baby

we're not really all that sure as to which one had given birth

but they both considered the offspring a bastard

and they considered it an eyesore



DL: post mortem peep show

madnomad - tamper evident

label: sugarshack records
released: 2003

i had originally come by this band out of the uk via a sampler cd that had come with some magazine i'd boughtthe song was "ad nauseam"...and with lines like "we live in the age of the excuse/we live in the age of the asshole" and "why should i tolerate anything i don't care for for any length of time"...i now had a theme song (which was originally done by boyd rice under the title "mr. intolerance")

and i played my theme song for days

and sure...that was probably unfair to the other songs included on the sampler...but you know what?...i didn't care...i'm an asshole

but i digress

you can't really seem to find all that much information about the band on the interwebs

this was the band's only album

and now for the comparisons: if you dig the refused album THE SHAPE OF PUNK TO COME...and some nomeansno...and some eighties b-line disaster....

well...this is just the thing for you

DL: tamper evident

Friday, June 7, 2013

black sabbath - dying to live '75

this is one of those "unofficial release" things

what you get here is one of the first dates of sabbath's SABOTAGE tour

this went down in asbury park,nj on 8.5.75

it's black sabbath

and that's the only selling point that needs to be made

1 - killing yourself to live
2 - hole in the sky
3 - snowblind
4 - symptom of the universe
5 - war pigs
6 - intermission
7 - megalomania
8 - zabbra cadabbra (jam/guitar solo/drum solo)
9 - supernaut
10 - iron man
11 - jam ("orchid"/"rock 'n' roll doctor"/guitar solo )
12 - black sabbath
13 - spiral architect
14 - children of the grave
15 - paranoid

DL: dying to live '75

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gob + Loadstar - Split 7"

Label: Satan's Pimp
Year: 1993

There didn't seem to be a shortage of bands circa 1993-1996 who were recording and releasing shit tons of music, but who most people (and by "people" I mean those who were "into music") never got around to listening to, or just missed out, or were scared of, or whatever. Gob was most definitely one of those bands, the kind of band that were too strange for the more crusty/grindy kind of punkers, and too abrasive for the more straight ahead (pun intended of course) hardcore "kids" (why always kids?). You know, Floor was another one of those bands that you would be hard pressed to find a person who actually saw Floor play when they were active (myself not included, mind you, I have always been cool and ahead of the curve, so I actually did see Floor, a few times...I'm just sorta awesome I guess), but Floor has since had this weird renaissance, due in no small part to the success of Torche, but still, it's crazy to me that Floor are "big" now.
Could Gob be poised for a little post-mortem revival? A sold out reunion tour? A new generation of adoring fans?
Highly doubtful. But, you know, never say never I suppose. Maybe the world is ready for their throbbing mess of noise rock grinding. Maybe now's the time? If so, I'll be there, front and center, because truth be told, in all my inherent coolness, I never saw Gob play. Ever. Not even opening for Floor.
Loadstar are nothing to sneeze at either, by the way. They have two good, shouty, fractured, rockers which you should enjoy. Also of note, Gob's song is over six minutes, which has to be a record for them.


The Crows - The Crows

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1994

Noise rock cow punk, how fucking 90's is that? And what does "ex-members of the U-Men" do for you? Anything? Halo Of Flies versus Hickoids? No? Surgery versus Blood On The Saddle? Maybe?


the history of apple pie - a singles collection

this was a little thing that i happened upon whilst poking about the interwebs

the history of apple pie

they're a fairly new band

they've been around since about 2011

they're from england

they sound like the vocalist from the band lush fronting dinosaur jr.

they're something you need to know about

DL: a singles collection

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

melvins/unsane - split tour 7"

label: amphetamine reptile
released: 2012

remember when the melvins and unsane toured together?


they totally did.

you know those reports on your local news of a "huge furry presence seen in the woods behind (enter location here) that left behind a strong scent"?


melvins cover unsane.

unsane covers melvins.


DL: melvins vs unsane

future of the left - fingers become thumbs/the lord hates a coward

label: too pure
released: 2007

you know 'em

you love 'em

this is future of the left's debut single

you get 2 songs that will go on to be included on the CURSES! album

and you get a song called "the fibre provider"

DL: fingers become thumbs!

cathedral - cosmic requiem

label: earache
released: 1994

because you have room in your life for twenty-three minute psychedelic doom song

trust me

DL: cosmic requiem

totimoshi - ladron

label: crucial blast
released: 2007

i guess calling the album "burglar" just wouldn't have been cool enough...

when i first discovered the was through this album...and for a week straight i drove everyone crazy with it..."ladron" (guitar hooks a-plenty) and "gods of earth" (the bassline is killer,bro) were constantly getting played constantly (and yes...i know that sounds redundant...but i'm proving a point)'s like gum in your hair

so if you like sabbath ('70-'75) SENILE ANIMAL melvins...queens of the stone age...denim jackets...and harry caray-like vocals...

DL: ladron

dazzling killmen - medicine me 7"

label: skin graft records
released: 1993

what can be said here about the dazzling killmen that hasn't been said already?

they cover P.I.L. on this 7"

here's a fun story: i once convinced someone that the dillinger escape plan's 1997 SELF-TITLED EP was an unreleased dazzling killmen album

good times

DL: medicine me 7"

black flag - 8.3.81

it's 4 guys calling themselves black flag just playing some music,man

1 - police story
2 - i don't care
3 - revenge
4 - white minority
5 - i've heard it before
6 - depression
7 - six pack
8 - nervous breakdown
9 - jealous again
10 - spray paint
11 - damaged II
12 - padded cell
13 - my rules
14 - no values
15 - fix me
16 - wasted
17 - machine
18 - i've had it

DL: black flag: 8.3.81

the shiny grey killing joke

remember that one time we tried putting SGM on the radio?


what were we thinking?

this was a little something that i'd put together back in 2010 to fill up the allotted 2 hour space we were given

so...because i'm a giver (just ask anyone down at the free clinic)...i'm posting it up again

but don't worry...just because you snag this won't have anything mysterious popping up on your body

but still.....

1 - the wait
2 - the death & resurrection show
3 - eighties
4 - the hum
5 - let's all go (to the fire dances)
6 - inside the termite mound
7 - absolute dissent
8 - primitive
9 - pandemonium
10 - drug
11 - asteroid
12 - gratitude
13 - intravenous
14 - love like blood
15 - adorations
16 - frenzy
17 - the fall of because
18 - this world is hell
19 - total invasion
20 - goodbye to the village
21 - lanterns
22 - requiem
23 - the calling

DL: the shiny grey killing joke

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

dripping slits - short skirts & long nights

label: thinker thought records
released: 2011

"they remind me of the stooges meets kyuss meets mid-era black flag meets the dwarves meets the motor city devils"

and that's what came to mind when i'd seen these fellers throw down live

and you'll probably think the same thought

DL: short skirts & long nights

v/a - loud and ugly

label: bovine
released: 1993 & 1995

originally posted by grAy:

Bovine Records spent a couple years being completely unfuckable-with, everything that label shit out was a pure gold steamer with little diamondcorn kernels in it. Pure perfection.
So it's of no surprise that these two compilation 7"s they released were also big ole piles of hot bullion as well. Solid flaxen poo.
Volume One is a battle royale between the rock megalopolis' of Madison and DeKalb, Wisconsin, which, yeah, is pretty much Holmes and Ali ofWisconsin towns, so you know you're in for a real treat. The bands are:
Festering Rinyanyons - best described as "Midwestern noise rock", like a Sicbay or something
Mercury Players - twangy slabs of pig fuck, kinda Cows meets Surgery meets Crows
Pachinko - underrated band, Unsane by way of Johnboy, super good
Thug - the label owner's band, brutal noisy hardcore that's as ugly as it is spiteful
Volume Two doesn't let up in the least, in fact it pretty much drops the hammer. Drops it square in the middle of your face. The bands are:
Eyehategod - my personal favorite of their jams probably because it's relatively short and upbeat by their standards, I actually stole the verse riff in an old band I was in (full disclosure; I actually also stole the main riff to the song "Blank" for another song in the same band...I was pretty heavy into Eyehategod for a minute).
Floor - they have never released a bad song, and this crawling hatred is no exception
Despise You - some power violence to cleanse the Southern fried sludge out of your ears
Apartment 213 - and more power violence, this time with that serial killa lean.
Thug - I guess if you put out the records you can put your band on as many of these as you fucking want. That being said, this is the best Thug song ever, and might be the best song on this whole collection. Creeping death with added harmonics! P.S. enjoy that lock groove at the end of the song.

So there you go, the Loud And Ugly compilations, bowel movements of the most prized mintage.

DL: loud and ugly: vol. 1-2

Monday, June 3, 2013

scrid - the island of misfit toys

label: -ism recordings
year: 1997

like early clutch and the jesus lizard and killdozer and the cows

but from iowa

DL: the island of misfit toys

v/a - half-cocked ost

label: matador
released: 1994

i remember seeing this movie back in the day...and not really thinking all that much of it

it was your typical kids steal a van full of instruments and pretend to be in a band while out on the road kinda deal

but the soundtrack kinda stuck with i hunted it down...and hunted...and hunted....

until i gave up

apparently it just wasn't cool enough to be stocked in any music store within a (insert distance here) radius of where i was living at the time

and i had eventually forgotten about it

but then i was looking through an old issue of ALTERNATIVE PRESS and it was mentioned

and then i remembered that i had been looking for it make a not so long story short...i found it

and now i'm sharing it

1 - truckstop - snoopy
2 - unwound - dragnalus
3 - slant 6 - time expired
4 - truckstop - no space
5 - rodan - tron
6 - sleepyhead - cb
7 - ruby falls - dusty
8 - freakwater - drunk friend
9 - truckstop - salmon skin
10 - versus - b-9
11 - polvo - can i ride
12 - retsin - retsin
13 - big hiefer - flowers in our hair
14 - boondoggle - invertabrate
15 - truckstop - all-nighter
16 - crain - hey cops!
17 - helium - magic box
18 - dungbeetle - the man went out
19 - truckstop - truckstop theme
20 - the grifters - the want (live)

DL: half-cocked ost

v/a - in these black days: vol. 1-6

label: hydra head records
released: 1998

you know you like black sabbath

don't lie to yourself

and if you say that you're obviously trying to look cool in front of your friends

or you just like anything past the SABOTAGE album

either way

you're here now

and believe it or not...there are some bands out there that appreciate black sabbath about as much as you do...i's crazy...

but...they seem to like them more than you...i mean...are you getting put on compilations with your black sabbath covers?


because no one wants to hear your abba influenced cover of "who are you?" are some sabbath covers that folks do want to hear (yes...even your mom would rather hear these over yours)

vol 1:
anal cunt - killing yourself to live
anal cunt - it's alright/sabra cadabra
eyehategod - sabbath jam ("cornucopia"/"hand of doom"/"behind the wall of sleep")

vol 2:
brutal truth - cornucopia
converge - snowblind

vol 3:
today is the day - sabbath bloody sabbath
coalesce - supernaut

vol 4:
cavity - into the void
cable - planet caravan
jesuit - hole in the sky
overcast - national acrobat

vol 5:
cave in - n.i.b.
botch - the wizard

vol 6:
neurosis - children of the grave
soilent green - lord of the southern priest ("lord of this world"/the sign of the southern cross"/"disturbing the priest")

DL: in these black days: vol. 1-6

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