Saturday, August 28, 2010

dope firearms -n- fornicating in the streets: an amphetamine reptile retrospective

this was a little something i and cara put together back in june for the chocolate bicycle experience

seeing as how the amrep bash kicks off today (well...i guess you could say that it started last night with a free lollipop/unsane show)...i feel that this is the right time to repost this business

and seeing as how i'm here typing this...i'm not in minneapolis right now...and i'll never get to swap haircare secrets with buzzo...and i won't get to tell steve austin to calm down...and i won't get to tell gay witch abortion that i can no longer name a child that because they beat me to the name...and i won't...

well...let's just say that there's plenty of what i won't be doing

but what i will be doing is throwing my own amrep bash in my backyard...just me sans clothing cranking this very mix while running around covered in vegetable oil (as for what the neighbors will be thinking..."ok look...he's doing it again...get the camera")

but i assure you...i will be there for the 50th bash...even if it is just me doing the same in grumpy's parking lot

and of're all invited

1 - halo of flies - ballad of extreme hate
2 - cows - saliva of the fittest
3 - tad - obscene hand
4 - boss hog - big fish
5 - cosmic psychos - the man who drank too much
6 - u-men - that's wild about jack
7 - gnomes of zurich - huzzah's good deed
8 - helmet - primitive*
9 - godheadsilo - lotion pocket
10 - lubricated goat - goats and the men who ride them
11 - s.w.a.t. - in the ghetto**
12 - heroine sheiks - let's fight
13 - guzzard - asleep on the go line
14 - calvin krime - fantabuloso
15 - gay witch abortion w/ halo of flies - drinking with yow
16 - janitor joe - big metal birds
17 - tar - viaduct removal
18 - chokebore - coat
19 - lowercase - palace vaccine
20 - unsane - scrape
21 - melvins - real fucking nasty
22 - silver salute - the shit
23 - haze xxl w/ david yow - infestation of buffalo
24 - mog stunt team - king of the retards
25 - surgery - breeding
26 - today is the day - come on down and get saved
27 - king snake roost - gutterbreath
28 - vertigo - like i'm already dead
29 - servotron - matrix of perfection
30 - gaunt - insangel
31 - supernova - sugar coated stucco
32 - hammerhead - moleboy
33 - casus belli - telemarketing
34 - mama tick - breathe out
35 - love 666 - ball and chain
36 - god bullies - let's go to hell
37 - helios creed - go blind
38 - the jesus lizard - pop song
39 - hedonists - deepest secret fear
40 - the thrown ups - person in my bowel (is sad)

*=killing joke cover
**=a somewhat elvis presley cover

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Fluid - Freak Magnet

Label: Glitterhouse
Year: 1988

I love this record. There, okay, now you have it.
Good night.

What? More?
Ugh. Fine. Alright, here goes. This is a seven song ep, which is a goodly enough amount of time to hit it and quit it before you hit the filler material. Secondly, this has The Fluid at their rocking-ist best, all swagger and Mudhoney-like. Difference being, while Mudhoney seems to get most of their chops from The Stooges, The Fluid get most of theirs from Grand Funk (and also, Mudhoney) giving their (for lack of a better word) grunge a more poppy, classic rock steel-o. Four of these songs ended up on Clear Black Paper, and one song ended up (as a different version) on the Colorado Krew II comp.

That seems like plenty. Good night now....for reals.

Monday, August 23, 2010

the shiny grey chocolate bicycle monotone experience III

it's that time of the month again, you should probably stay away from the elevators

1 - rollins band - earache my eye*
2 - castor - dust gun
3 - pungent judy - coffee machine
4 - nine black alps - shot down
5 - yo la tengo - sugarcube
6 - house of large sizes - lightning rod salesman
7 - fiddlehead - lock end
8 - godheadsilo - you're fighting me now
9 - the eighties b-line matchbox disaster - whack fo shit
10 - primus - sinister exaggerator**
11 - - antidisestablishmentarianesque
12 - melvins - joan of arc
13 - oxes - undefeated
14 - pachinko - ez jesus
15 - new brutalism - 036
16 - tsol - code blue
17 - clockcleaner - missing dick
18 - bl'ast! - fuckin' with my head
19 - enemymine - nightmare air
20 - beck - mutherfucker
21 - schlong - it's sucks to be fucked by jesus
22 - pigface - tapeworm
23 - bigod 20 - like a prayer***
24 - killdozer - turkey shoot
25 - the catalyst - smoke crack worship satan
26 - surgery - maldia
27 - porn orchard - why can't i touch it?****
28 - ween - i don't wanna leave you on the farm
29 - dead low tide - barrel fault
30 - into another - to be free
31 - cherubs - stag party
32 - karp - bacon industry
33 - warhammer 48k - le higre
34 - boss hog - ski bunny
35 - chrissakes - charlie
36 - bloarzeyd - rocket science
37 - blacktail - five minutes of quality time with jesus
38 - pissed jeans - secret admirer
39 - kittens - cat o' nine tails
40 - fantomas - cape fear*****
41 - today is the day - mountain people
42 - whale - hobo humpin' slobo babe

*=alice bowie cover
**=the residents cover
***=madonna cover
****=buzzcocks cover
*****=movie theme cover

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2

Wrangler Brutes - Zulu

Label: Wrangler Brutes Records
Year: 2004

More Wrangler Brutes, more Born Against references, more references to general yard work!
Yes, this is the only album the band released, not including the cassette that preceded it, and would eventually be re-released after it.
Yes, with Sam McPheeters being one of the most recognizable voices in hardcore, it bears a certain Born Against-y feel to it. Musically, it's less Born Against, and more...uh....Born Against? I was going to say something else, but as I was it dawned on me that this record sounds a lot like later period Born Against (post-Javier-holocaust bass).
Yes, this record makes a fantastic soundtrack for a sweet weed eater and edging session (gotta make that shit tight...something you could set your watch by!). I can also recommend it for sweeping, although it might make you too aggro, and result in some errant dust kitties being launched into the rafters due to excessive broom air-guitaring. Gauge your own reactions and get back to me.
Bonus: this record features backing vocals by Keith Morris and Chris Thompson (Ignition, Circus Lupus, Monorchid), see if you can spot them. Also, recorded with Steve Albini, if you were perhaps on the fence or something.

Cinemechanica - The Martial Arts

Label: Hello Sir
Year: 2006

This is a band from Athens, Georgia, where I used to live, and from here I currently live about an hour and a half from, but whom I have managed to never see live. Never even close, as in, "I got to the bar late, and Cinemechanica had already played", just flat out never even been in the same building as them. Seems weird, since this record is good, and I imagine their live show would be even better, so you might gather I'd make the effort.
Alas, I didn't set out to tell you my own personal trials with Cinenmechanica's touring calendar, no, I actually posted this record because upon listening to it yesterday I came to a conclusion. Two conclusions really. One, I am getting old. Not exactly an earth-shifting deduction, but it was important because it led me to my second conclusion: there are bands that are more influenced by Dischord Record's third wave of bands than they are by the first or second. That makes me feel funny. Funny as in, how could you be more into Faraquet than Fugazi? It boils down to age, right? Meaning, if you began listening to in earnest (i.e. actively making choices about what you wanted to hear and not simply relying on a disc jockey or your big sister to select for you) in the middle 1990's, then yeah, those Dischord bands I describe as "from the lost years", would be your cup of tea, and Fugazi, or god forbid, Minor Threat, would be "old school" to you. No fault of your own, just luck of the draw as to when you were squeezed from betwixt yon mother's thigh-parts. I'm sure they appreciate Fugazi, and unconsciously it's in their musical DNA, but the sound produced by Cinemechanica owes more to Q And Not U (and maybe a little Drive Like Jehu).
I realized that.
And then I realized how fucking boring I am for thinking about this.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

agata - spike

released 2004

this is a solo album from the guitarist for the band melt banana

ever wonder what it would sound like if you were to sit inside a jet engine?

need to convince your neighbors that you're using a chainsaw while shooting off a laser?

consider it done

DL: spike

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Labradford - Prazision

Label: Kranky
Year: 1993

A lot of firsts here, the first release by Labradford, the first release from Kranky, and the first time I am trying to upload a RAR file as opposed to a simple zip file. Cross your fingers.
Tonight, I was reading to my kids (because I'm the motherfucking father of the goddamn year!) and they selected the story Stellaluna, which is about a bat raised by birds, only to re-discover that she is actually a bat when she meets up with (spoiler alert!) the mother she thought was dead. It's a nice story, but probably more interesting to a 4 and 6 year old than a 35 year old. Maybe. More interesting is a couple pages at the end of the book containing factual information about bats, what they do, where they live, and other basic bat shit (not literal bat shit, guano, but more "shit about bats"). We talked about bats for awhile this evening before I tucked them in and said my goodnights. Afterwards it dawned on me, this very Labradford album had been playing the whole time we were reading and discussing bats, and it turned out to be a pretty perfect soundtrack. Bat music. Or music to accompany bat talk, or something like that.

Re-up'd as zip avoid further scorn. 08-18-10

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Bronx - Bronx II

Label: Swami
Year: 2006

This record came out on a couple different labels, on a couple different formats, but this is the superior version, the vinyl version Swami put out, 1000 pressed complete with two bonus tracks. Also of note, this is the second of three self titled lps The Bronx have released to this point. I can see how you could get confused.
Did you ever hear The Bronx? Do you like Murder City Devils, but sometimes wish they would 86 the keyboards? Then you'd probably like The Bronx. Do you like Rocket From The Crypt, but sometimes wish they would 86 the horns? Then you'd probably like The Bronx. Do you like cameo appearances from the lesser known and least important members of Guns N Roses? Then you'd probably like The Bronx. Do you like fat, balding, men with little-to-no night vision? Then you'd probably like me.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

kyuss/wool split 7"

released 1996

someone had asked if the bands wool and kyuss had ever done a split

DL: kyuss/wool 7"

the stooges - fun house

released 1970

you should already know about this album

you should already own this album

so i'm not going to say all that much about it

but i am going to say a few thing about it

say what you will about punk rock being born on the east coast...say what you will about it being born on the west coast...say what you will about being born in england (but why would you?)...punk rock very well could've been born in michigan in the form of the stooges and the mc5

"but what about the velvet underground? weren't they considered punk?"

i've heard of them referred to as so...but in my book...they weren't...i don't think there was anything punk rock about them...i mean...did lou reed ever cover himself in peanut butter?...were they backed by the black panthers?

no and no

the stooges are part of the foundation that punk rock built it's house on (yes...this includes all of those preened folks that are all like "i'm totally punk rock...i've listened to a black flag album" while making sure they have all the right tattoos and clothes)

so...enough with the words

i'm gonna wrap all of this by quoting a friend of mine: "Fun House- The trashiest, sluttiest, most rock and roll record of all time. The musical equivalent of catching the clap."

DL: fun house

Friday, August 13, 2010

america is waiting - in the lines

released 2005

this is a re-post

some of you may recall myself looking for this album over in the forum section awhile back

and seeing as how none of you have either not heard of this band...or you just read my request whilst holding the cd out in front of your face and mocking me through the computer screen...i ended up getting it via

and if you didn't happen to read the post...i had come across this band out of austin,tx while reading through some old issues of the magazine alternative press (believe it or not...AP used to be pretty cool back in the day...before the warped tour bought it)...and i came across a tiny review of this album...and the bands drive like jehu/fugazi/nirvana/shellac/sonic youth were thrown into the review

and it was then that i knew that i had to possess this album

after getting it in the mail...i threw it in for a listen...and about 5 seconds into the first song i wondered to myself "why was at the drive-in not mentioned in the review?"

replace cedric bixler from at the drive-in with guy picciotto of fugazi...and that's what you get here

this was the band's only album...they split up in 2006

if any of you are fans of the band mineral...just before splitting up they had drummer gabriel wiley playing for them (though not on this album)

and for all of you mineral fans out there...a compilation of all the band's recorded output was released in japan this year called THE COMPLETE COLLECTION (though a few copies made it to the states...but are going for as much as $100)

DL: in the lines

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Holy Mountain / Cobra Noir - Split 7"

Label: No Idea
Year: 2009

I got this record because I like Cobra Noir a lot, and admittedly, had not heard The Holy Mountain yet, but figured if they could hold up their side of the 7" it would prove to be a pretty raging record.
If you like crusty hardcore in the tradition of His Hero Is Gone, but with some cool diversions into metal and/or noise rock, then I guess they do it as well as anyone else. I like it.
Cobra Noir do what they do, which is a wrestling match between Amebix and mid-period Entombed and Infest, which would be a three-way wrestling match, which I suppose would only happen in the waning stages of a Battle Royale type situation or something. Possibly that wasn't the most well thought out descriptor. Sorry.
It's a hardcore record, so if you like hardcore, go for it.

Crawlpappy - Temple Body 7" + 2

Label: Blackout!
Year: 1991

By popular (or singular...whatever) demand, here it is, the Crawlpappy 7"! And....AND, as an added bonus, you get their two songs from the Mentally Broken vol. 3 (yes, there were two preceding that one) Compilation. one of which was also featured on the split 7" they did with Sheer Terror that Suburban Voice fanzine put out. What a deal!
And speaking of deals, the 7" features Mike Sentkiewitz from Raw Deal. Sadly, nobody from Outburst was in the band, that would have been too much to handle I guess, but John Stanier of Helmet and later Battles played drums on it. That's good, right?
I only saw Crawlpappy once, it was when they toured opening for Quicksand and Helmet in Wilmington, NC. And talk about awkward, me and my buddy Rob (yes, "the" Rob-R-Rock if you must know) were planning on making the 3+ hour drive to see the show, but when I go to pick him up, he tells me he's not going, but in his place his girlfriend is instead. Huh? You mean the same girl that fucking hates me, and everyone else in the world? That girlfriend? Awesome, I was hoping I'd get 6-7 hours of alone time with her in a car to really bro down. Cool. Thanks.
Turns out we got along famously, and she was a lot cooler than I gave her credit for. Go figure. Also the show was fantastic and Crawlpappy held their own even against two heavyweights like Quicksand (who were about to put out their first album) and Helmet (who had just released Meantime), all three bands were arguably at the top of their game. Good fucking show.
This one's for you Phil.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

crawlpappy - self-titled 12"

released 1990

if you like you some 90's hardcore music...this be for you

if you like bands such as early helmet (their drummer john stanier was a drummer for the band at one time)...quicksand...unsane...into another...

"aren't all of those bands from new york?"

why yes...they are...thanks for noticing

singer brian childers died of kidney failure back in '07

"you guys are such wonder no one ever invites you over for anything"

hey...we'll have you know that there are plenty of other reasons no one invites us to anything...don't pigeonhole us,man

DL: crawlpappy 12"

wool - medication/little darlin' 7"

released 1992

someone had asked about this awhile back

and now you all can have it

SGM is a giver...just ask the receptionist at the free clinic

DL: medication/little darlin' 7"

v/a - why are we here?

released 1983

perhaps i'm posting this in order to get grAy to notice me

perhaps i'm posting this because i found it buried deep within a folder on my computer

maybe it's a little of both

this here compilation is made up of bands from the tar heel state (aka "north carolina")

you know what to do

1 - bloodmobile - drug-related death
2 - bloodmobile - little boy blue
3 - bloodmobile - the smiths
4 - corrosion of conformity - poison planet
5 - corrosion of conformity - indifferent
6 - corrosion of conformity - too cool
7 - stillborn christians - new right
8 - stillborn christians - fred
9 - stillborn christians - aggression
10 - no labels - changes
11 - no labels - compromises

DL: why are we here?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

debauched - self-titled

released 1984

some members of this band would later go on to form god bullies

and after listening to may find yourself thinking "someone liked flipper"

and that right there should make it good enough for you

DL: debauched

white zombie - nightcrawlers: the kmfdm remixes

released 1992

2 remixes of "thunder kiss '65"
1 remix of "black sunshine"
1 studio version of each

i'm pretty sure this is the album that made rob zombie go "hmmmmm...perhaps i need to listen to more ministry"

DL: nightcrawlers: the kmfdm remixes

British Sea Power - Krankenhaus

Label: Rough Trade
Year: 2007

The opening track off this ep is one of those "perfect songs" that bands manage to stumble upon every so often. Not that British Sea Power aren't capable of producing the goods, but that first song, "Atom", it's just so fucking fantastic.
The remaining four songs run the gamut of British Sea Power styles, from an art damaged take on pastoral Kinks, to an updated take on regal Kink-ish pop, to a noisy take on proto-punk a la the Kinks. Maybe not the average fare for this Snoop Bloggy Blog, but I love this group, and I happened to be listening to this right now, and I thought, "you know who's not going to care about this? yep, voice in my head, the internet, that's who's not going to care about this".

cop shoot cop - standards of evidence: 1990-1995

released 2007

you know who cop shoot cop are/was

and you know you want this

"what is it?"

it's a compilation of some rare stuff

"what kind of stuff?"

well...some live stuff...some peel session stuff...some "previously unreleased" stuff

"but why would..."

listen...either download it or don't...but we should tell you that if you don't...there's a jar of sea monkeys setting on the back of a toilet...and every moment that you're not downloading this...well...lets just say that there's an approaching sea monkey apocalypse

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2

Cop Shoot Cop - Suck City

Label: Interscope
Year: 1992

Preceding "Ask Questions Later", and featuring one song that would be re-recorded for that album, this ep was the band's first major label output, and I suppose to subdue the inevitable mocking they would receive from indie purists, they printed "file under 90's nostalgia" on the sleeve.
The jump to major label excesses did little to stifle their filthy bludgeoning sound, nor would it stifle the continued critiques of the band as "Little Black". I'm not sure if I think they ever aped Big Black, but it's a decent burn, so it's included in this write-up. Personally, I can't get enough of this band, their twisting churn of black tar art rock does it every time. On this record there are even more Peter Murphy-isms than usual, but I'm fine with that too.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

melvins - electric flower: the scion a/v remix ep

released 2010

well...seeing as how this isn't set to be released for another couple days...we're probably running the risk of getting one of those "please remove" i'd recommend you snag this up while you can

but come's the internet...folks nowadays probably have music that hasn't even been thought of yet

this is made up of 4 remixes (along with the original) of the song "electric flowers" (which can be found on the new melvins album THE BRIDE SCREAMED MURDER...which you should already have)...and will be made available at scion sponsored events may see the words "remix" and "melvins" and automatically start thinking CHICKEN SWITCH...and i'm here to tell you that this is no CHICKEN SWITCH (and that's a good thing)

and if you've ever wondered what an 80's synthpop melvins sounds like...wonder no more (and it kind of sounds like old school ac/dc) mentioned before...snag this up while you can

oh...and i should mention the fact that it's just one long track...if you want to go ahead and break it up into 5 pieces...have at it (i've included a track listing and song lengths)

DL: electric flower: the scion a/v remix ep

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bluetip - Hot(-) Fast(+) Union

Label: Slowdime
Year: 2000

Five songs that do what Bluetip was genetically engineered to do, play super catchy, driving post-hardcore the Washington D.C. way. The way that Fugazi wrote the manual for. The good way.
The last song on this ep is a cover of The Damned which sounds better than I remember, but I'm admittedly not a big fan of The Damned, so maybe my opinion on the matter is not of any importance.

Chopper - Born To Ride...Or Die

Label: Darkwolf
Year: 2008

This was an Atlanta band that came, saw, conquered, and then vanished. They ceased to be a band in around 2009, and the members scattered to other projects, so I hope they don't mind the record being posted after the fact. If they do, I will gladly take it down.
The last band I played in shared the stage with Chopper at our first show, and honestly I was skeptical when the band was described to me as; "a dude from Deerhunter playing biker metal". Huh? those words didn't make sense in that order.
Turns out though, they were all correct. There was a dude in the band (three to be exact), more specifically, there was a specific dude in the band that had been in Deerhunter (there was also one from Blame Game). Secondly, they actually did play "biker metal", or better yet, "biker rock". As in motorcycle, not bicycle. Think Unsane meets Motorhead meets Danzig. There's the staccato throbbing of noise rock, some lurching hardcore, some bombastic rock-n-roll, and a touch of bluesy heavy metal. All great things, don't you agree?
I wanted to post this record because as a fan I don't think their music got too far outside the Atlanta city limits, and that's a shame because it's great shit. Gnarly, pounding, gritty shit (not literally of course...although I did have Mexican for lunch...). Chopper ruled really hard for a couple years and then decided to do something else, and you can't blame 'em for that. But I can blame you for not trying this record out, it's right down there. Go get it!
Check here for the record label run by Chopper drummer LaMar George which has Chopper merch for sale and new music from Wolves and Jackals, Lamar's current band.

lunachicks - jerk of all trades

released 1995

i just happened to be sitting here listening to this album...and then remembered someone asking about it way back here

so here it is

i was once listening to their LUXURY PROBLEM album and was asked "is this no doubt?"

i made that person slap themselves in the face by just looking at them

does anyone out there own a copy of the XXX NAKED video the band put out back in 1999? was released on vhs (it was made up of music videos...interviews...and a short film)...i used to own it...but as with all good disappeared...and as far as i's not getting released on if someone could hook a brotha up...perhaps i can arrange a little something nice to happen

DL: jerk of all trades

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


this is going to be a double post

something just happened and now i have to share it with all of you: i was just on facebook and had seen that a "friend" (and i use parentheses because he's apparently not my friend anymore) of mine had made a post about a band called flaw playing a bar in the town he lives in (i used to live in the same town years ago)...does anyone remember flaw? either (though they were fairly "well known" by the baggy pantsed wearing kids back in the day...and have probably provided the soundtrack to trailer park kids throwing each other off of houses onto picnic tables that have been set on fire and wrapped in barbed wire..aka "backyard wrestling")...anyway...i had answered that post with "they're still a band?!"...and that must've pushed the right button because i got this message in retaliation: ‎"Do you ever post anything that's not condescending, your a fucking douche bag, deleted. Fucking emo" (and that's verbatim)...and then POOF!...he was gone

anyway...moving on...

a fella over on the SGM facebook had requested some material by this band (yes...there was a band called ipecac...sorry to say that the picture up above is not me as i'm not allowed that close to children) because he'd seen that i'd used one of their songs on the SGM radio show (found here)

so here it be...some ipecac material (a 7"...a split 7"...and a comp track)...and as far as i know...this is everything the band has released

music-wise...they're kind of sludgy...a little melvinsy...they were from richmond,va...and their singer sounds like a mocking/aggravated trent reznor

TOMATO,TOMATO 7" released 1993
SPLIT 7" W/OPPOSITION released 1994
compilation track released 1994

DL: ipecac

Monday, August 2, 2010

the jesus lizard for beginners

it's mr. yow's 50th birthday today

and what better time to post this business

you may have seen my previous (insert band here) for beginners posts here

"why don't you just post the LIAR and GOAT albums?"

well...i could've done those would be the best places to start...but i can't just neglect all of the other jesus lizards...they won't let you do that...bad things happen...things usually involving vegetable oil and jumper cables and twinkies

but i've already said too much

and now i present you all with 10 reasons as to why i think about the jesus lizard during inappropriate times (not inappropriate for me...but inappropriate for the other folks involved)

1 - then comes dudley
2 - blockbuster
3 - until it stopped to die
4 - inflicted by hounds
5 - kill mchann
6 - puss
7 - nub
8 - gladiator
9 - panic in cicero
10 - mailman

DL: the jesus lizard for beginners


the original corrosion of conformity are touring again

the amrep 25th anniversary bash

things appear to be looking up

well...unless you turn on the radio or tv

swans - filth

released 1983

seeing as how the weather is kinda crappy ( is here anyway)...what better way to celebrate than with a swans album

i remember randomly picking this up on cassette back in the early 90's at a disc jockey...i had never heard of the band before that day...maybe it was the cover that got me...maybe it was the $1.99 price tag...who knows...but i came to find out that by playing this in a room of made the population dwindle by at least track 2

this is definitely some no wave music

so if you like some killing joke...some early godflesh...some big black...some einsturzende neubauten...

you get the idea

DL: filth

Sunday, August 1, 2010

pigface - 10.25.94 - horizontal boogie bar - rochester,ny

you know who pigface is

you know you want this

and we want you to want it

1 - drum intro
2 - asphole
3 - divebomber
4 - ten ground and down
5 - think
6 - your own you own
7 - suck
8 - empathy
9 - satellite
10 - chickasaw
11 - murder inc.
12 - hips,tits,lips,power
13 - auto hag jam
14 - (martin atkins speaks)
15 - fuck it up pigface jam
16 - seven words and just one riff
17 - no more beers,steers and queers
18 - suck

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2
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