Wednesday, November 29, 2017

sugartooth - the sounds of solid

label: DGC
released: 1997

once upon a time there was a band that had gone futon shopping. and when they went to go and bring the brand new futon back home the old futon didn't like it. it didn't like it one bit. it was always trying to get the new futon to do things that it didn't want to do. they robbed a gas station once. you probably heard about it on the news. it had gotten to the point where the new futon was scared for its life. it wasn't sleeping. it wasn't eating. it couldn't even take a shower unless someone was sitting on the toilet. so the band decided that they needed to sell the old futon. sure. they'd had alot of fun together. they'd watched their first adult movie together. they'd discovered that they all liked having maple syrup spilled on themselves. and then there were the things that are written in that diary with the lock on it that no one likes to talk about. so they sold the futon and wrote a song about it and buried the diary in an undisclosed location. the end.

what had started out as a band weaned on soundgarden went into a somewhat different direction once their drummer (joey castillo) left to go and play with danzig (even though the credit goes to agent orange drummer dusty watson he shows up on this album in some spots. as does a drum machine.)

and rumor has it that the old futon is somewhere out there. so the next time you let your futon out to run around in the yard just be sure to keep a close eye on it.


v9r9d - the boom/bip ep

label: self-released
released: 2002

this here is a band that existed once upon a time.
they were a band from minneapolis,mn.
this was a band made up 2 fellas.
one fella played the bass.
the other fella played the drums.
neither one of them sang.
the bass player went on to play in a band called the yoleus.
the drummer went on to other things as well.
i'm not really sure what.
but it more than likely probably involves pounding on things.

if'n you were to come across this here thing at a music store it would probably have a sticker on it that says "for fans of godheadsilo".
they would also play nicely with some gay witch abortion.
and a less busy hella.
and a less caustic lightning bolt.
don caballero was there.
the melvins were just kind of hanging out.
as were the dazzling killmen.
and primus.
maybe they were all there.
maybe they weren't.
maybe i'm just telling you all of this to get you into the van.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

v/a - faust: music from the original motion picture

label: roadrunner records
released: 2000

a so-so soundtrack to a so-so movie.
read the comic instead.
watch SPAWN instead.
watch THE CROW instead.
pick any other movie that involves brian yuzna and watch that instead.

"why are you even posting this then,huh? have you been hitting the nyQuil smoothies again?"

this is getting posted because there's someone out there that's still thinking "fuck,man! i knew that i should've totally picked it up at that garage sale but i only had a dollar and i needed that wig. i needed that fucking wig! you don't know me,bro!"

1 - fear factory - replica
2 - coal chamber - loco
3 - brujeria - colas de rata
4 - sepultura - old earth
5 - type o negative - everyone i love is dead
6 - machine head - take my scars
7 - vision of disorder - by the river
8 - obituary - chopped in half
9 - cradle of filth - from the cradle to enslave
10 - soulfly - bleed
11 - ill nino - nothing's clear
12 - spineshank - asthmatic
13 - sepultura - choke
14 - amen - everything is untrue
15 - glassjaw - babe
16 - nailbomb - for fuck's sake
17 - deicide - bible basher
18 - carnivore - sex and violence
19 - fear factory - timelessness


mindrot - dawning

label: relapse records
released: 1995

doomy doom death doom doom [insert ambient synths here].

would you like to hear about this evening's specials?
this would pair nicely with a nice DREAMS OF THE CARRION KIND by disincarnate and/or THROUGH SILVER IN BLOOD by neurosis.


pig destroyer - prowler in the yard

label: relapse records
released: 2001

he walked into the room and staggered backward a few steps. everything he was seeing told him to turn around and shut the door and burn the place to the ground. this place would always be haunted. the ground it was on had soaked in the memories and nothing would be able to grow there. the casual brutality of it all. his brain was struggling to comprehend it. this is something that he'd be screaming about on his death bed. he'd never be able to look another person in the face and not see the gaping maw of gore. there were multiple black shapes sitting on the floor against the wall just beyond the table. he had counted five. the room wasn't well lit and as he approached the middle of the room the hell became more apparent. a claw hammer. garden shears. bolt cutters. crushed party hats. a box cutter. a roll of duct tape. pieces of cake. once he was able to take his eyes off of the floor he noticed words scrawled on the wall underneath the "happy birthday" banner....

"this is beautiful. this is art."

and then it hit him. this is just part of the beginning. he thought back to the time when he'd come across the notebook in the woods and wishes that he'd just kept walking. everything had become a blur since then. that was the moment the link had been created. would he ever be able to stop the polaroids showing up in his mailbox? why was he standing here right now? how far off into the distance were the sirens? he brought his hands up to his face to try and block all of it out and that's when he noticed the blood on his hands. there was blood staining the sleeves of his shirt. he tried putting everything together. what was that taste in his mouth? something was stuck between his teeth. he ran his tongue over it until it was knocked loose. he spit it into the palm of his hand. it looked like a piece of chewed meat.

that was when he noticed one of the shapes that had been sitting against the wall stand up.

"hello,shape. happy birthday."


Monday, November 27, 2017

tom waits - real gone

label - anti-
released: 2004

with all of the mention that tom waits gets around these parts you'd think that there'd be more of him around these parts.
did you know that there's more to tom waits than just BONE MACHINE?
i know.
and this is one of those other things.
this is filled with more of that "let's just do it and see what happens" energy of BONE MACHINE.
i know.
BONE MACHINE isn't the be all/end all tom waits album.
there's this one.
there's the other one.
there's that other one.
but if BONE MACHINE were to have been a double album this would've been disc 2.
it's all out of the way now.
i promine.
but there's just something about BONE MA-
there's just something about that album that gets me,man.
i could just go on and on and on and on....

you either know what tom waits is all about or you don't know what tom waits is all about.
you just better know what he's all about.
tom waits for no one.
that's all i'm saying.


jack irons - attention dimension

label: breaching whale
released: 2004

the red hot chili peppers.
(the band) eleven.
pearl jam.
red kross.
joe strummer.
mark lanegan.
neil young.

all of those things have something in common.
and all of those things come in the form of jack irons.
he's a drummer.

and on this particular album (his first solo album) he has some pals stop by to lend him a hand.
pals with names like:
eddie vedder
les claypool
the other members of the band eleven that aren't jack irons
stone gossard
jeff ament

and there's a pink floyd cover.

that should just about be everything you need to know about this thing.
thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, November 25, 2017

v/a - music from chicago cab

label: loosegroove records
released: 1998

you've seen the movie TAXI DRIVER,yeah?
you've seen an episode or all of them of TAXICAB CONFESSIONS,yeah?
you've watched TAXI,yeah?
you've watched CA$H CAB,yeah?
you've taken a taxi before,yeah?
so it's safe to say that just as long as it has either the word "taxi" or "cab" in its title it's considered acceptable to you then,yeah?
and now this.
the soundtrack to the movie CHICAGO CAB.
and it more than likely has a band that you like on it.
so this is a win/win for you.

1 - sparklehorse - hammering the cramps
2 - supergrass - don't be cruel
3 - the grifters - radio city suicide
4 - joey altruda and his cocktail crew - cha cha #69
5 - pearl jam - who you are
6 - hi fi killers - pomona
7 - fu manchu - swami's last command
8 - brad - secret girl
9 - pearl jam - hard to imagine
10 - page hamilton - score (chicago cab theme)
11 - hovercraft - haloparidol


melvins - singles 1-12

label: amphetamine reptile
released: 1997

i'm just going to assume that you know the story behind this here business.

the cliff notes version:
the band released a single per month for a year back in 1996.
hence the 1-12.
you want covers?
you want alternate versions of songs?
you want this?
you want that?
you want some of the other?
this has all of that.
amphetamine reptile did all of this for you,damien.*

*=and for all of you other folks as well.

disc 1:
1 - lexicon devil (1)
2 - pigtro
3 - in the rain
4 - spread eagle
5 - leech (2)
6 - queen
7 - way of the world (3)
8 - theme (4)
9 - it's shoved
10 - forgotten principles
11 - ggiibbyy
12 - theresa screams

disc 2:
1 - poison (5)
2 - double troubled
3 - specimen
4 - all at once
5 - jacksonville
6 - dallas
7 - the bloat
8 - fast forward
9 - nasty dogs & funky kings (6)
10 - hdyf (7)
11 - how-++-harry lauders walking stick tree
12 - zodiac (8)

1=the germs cover
2=green river cover
3=flipper cover
4=clown alley cover
5=wayne kramer cover
6=zz top cover
7=ima cover
8=the band brutal truth covering the melvins


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

painkiller - buried secrets

label: earache records
released: 1992

and now your neighbors have 10 new reasons to complain about the noise.
you're welcome.


peopling - peopling

label: self-released
released: 2011

do you ever find yourself just staring at the wall while listening to radio static?
do you ever find yourself staring at your laundry in the dryer while at a laundromat?
do you ever find yourself sitting in kitchen at night with the lights off waiting for the refrigerator to kick on?
do you ever find yourself listening to my bloody valentine and thinking "that music is just getting in the way of the feedback."?


v/a - faux pas potpourri: very small records '93-'99

label: very small records
released: 2000

"it has bands? did i hear that correctly?"
it has bands.
"and it has music? there's music as well?"
one usually follows the other.
"are there any covers? i like covers."
there's hot water music covering "wild in the streets" by the circle jerks.
"the what?! what kind of place is this? i've never even...."
you're not understanding me.
it's going to be ok.
calm down.
the door is right over there.
"i'll take two."
i'm thinking that you don't really know what's going on.
everything is fine.
there's a chair over in the-
"i said that i'll take two!"

disc 1:
1 - plaid retina - the perfect puzzle
2 - the bananas - spicy jerk
3 - nar - drunk and benevolent
4 - krupted peasant farmerz - memories of death
5 - mothermayi- miss malakai
6 - sluggo - sunburn
7 - false sacrament - second hand anxiety
8 - sarabellum - 4 no 5 children
9 - buzzov*en - grit
10 - econochrist - withdrawal
11 - logical nonsense - pig blood blues
12 - grimple - system fucker
13 - schlong - rats
14 - pounded clown - got no life
15 - elmer - goin' to the store
16 - horny mormons- thadicus
17 - 3 finger spread - kitty kat
18 - bellywipe - meet my ulcer
19 - counterclock - dna
20 - sick and tired - very often
21 - baba booey - baba booey messed up
22 - primitive tribes - searchin' through the couch for change for beer
23 - the tumwater boys choir - spokane washtin
24 - blanks '77 - party train
25 - strawman - wound up
26 - pinhead gunpowder - reach for the bottle
27 - velvet pelvis - star wars generation
28 - meatjack- head

disc 2:
1 - the rizzos - she's so scary
2 - guitarded - mach five
3 - junior rodeo daredevils - i've spilt more drugs than you've ever seen
4 - cringe - police beacon
5 - motherload - mistaken meat
6 - clabberhag - friday night ritual
7 - big comb - one way stop
8 - the flies - austrian
9 - one eye open - grim grinning grindcore ghosts
10 - the royal scam - any major dude
11 - your mother heart - heart sf
12 - the kegel muscles - bow tie daddy
13 - the chili pimps - i like manure
14 - halibutt - rose
15 - gitchee gumee - pickle neck stew
16 - lopez - bilbo baggins rock opera
17 - mulligan stew - go fuck yourself
18 - boba fett youth - okay fine,i'll admit it: i hate everybody
19 - all you can eat - cartoon song
20 - j church - 30 second song
21 - yukon jackass - trouble hook
22 - beef jerky - you stink
23 - quitters inc. - detox van
24 - wretched ones - bottles and cans
25 - broken toys - this place
26 - the sissies - sick too long
27 - the sillies - does a body good
28 - melt banana - he says "drink or die,"i say "drink and puke"
29 - fatty lumpkin - flyin' across the room
30 - dwarf bitch - poison gas
31 - lizards - you bug me
32 - ding dang - i'll quit tomorrow
33 - rumbleseat - rye whiskey
34 - the dolomites - the regressing of edification
35 - hellworms - glamorous drug problem
36 - the lexingtons - bottled liquor
37 - whiskey sunday - uncle dave n' me
38 - hot water music - wild in the streets*
39 - pony stable - hangover song
40 - cropduster - the little voice
*=circle jerks cover



Tuesday, November 21, 2017

v/a - the shape of flakes to come!

label: no idea records
released: 2003

you look the type that likes songs.
am i wrong in that assumption?
this has songs.
songs by bands that you might like.
songs by bands that you might not like.
songs that you may have heard of by bands that you've heard of.
songs that you might not have heard by bands that you might not have heard of.

1 - gunmoll - less than you hoped for
2 - grabass charlestons - beer exile
3 - against me! - pints of guinness make you strong
4 - army of ponch - foil monkeys or bread monkeys
5 - astrid oto - apology
6 - billy reese paters - south on 75
7 - bitchin' - bargained
8 - combatwoundedveteran - 15 minutes on a forklift
9 - fifth hour hero - cut me dead
10 - floor - scimitar
11 - atom and his package - radon*
12 - twelve hour turn - water under bridges rise
13 - rumbleseat - california burritos
14 - small brown bike - shadow
15 - the blacktop cadence - worthwhile
16 - burnman - smacked supine on the field of prattle
17 - true north - single fin mentality
18 - the 'tone - bullshit
19 - planes mistaken for stars - earning ire
20 - radon - kibbles and bits
21 - trapdoor fucking exit - everything is winding down
22 - annalise - everyone's an idiot (except for you and me)
23 - unitas - everything i need to know i learned from my record collection
24 - asshole parade - as nails rust
25 - i hate myself - roof
26 - hot water music - turnstile
27 - clairmel - red and swollen
28 - the swarm - bleeding to death
29 - whiskey & co. - high life
30 - panthro u.k. united 13 - i'm not drunk,i hate you
31 - palatka - the state of 6pm
32 - fracture - martha (the dancing hippo)
33 - usuals - salty coffee
*=radon cover


Friday, November 17, 2017

v/a - pump up the volume: the complete soundtrack

label: mca records
released: 1990

this isn't the commercially available version of the soundtrack.

a few years back someone had went and combined the movie's score and every song played during the movie and released it.

maybe this could be called: the bigger than a baby's arm version.

don't act as if you haven't seen this movie more than a dozen times.
you were just looking for some stamps,right?
also: christian slater's hair.

there's been a time in your life where you wanted to have your very own radio station that you'd run out a small room in your parent's basement.
admit it.
but you weren't able to because it was being used for something else and the door was always locked.
and there's 3 locks on that door.
and they didn't let you go into the basement after that one time....

but i digress....

there's been a point in everyone's life where they wanted to have their own radio station so they could show off their kick-ass taste in music.
because you know chicks really dig it when you rant on and on and on about that single from that band that was only released in iceland and that after they split up members of that band went on and started this band and this band and their bassist now plays in this band....


1 - cliff martinez - opening titles
2 - leonard cohen - everybody knows
3 - cliff martinez - parental concern/signs of need
4 - richard hell & the voidoids - love comes in spurts
5 - cliff martinez - snooping in dad's office/school again/saved by the bell
6 - ice-t - girls l.g.b.n.a.f.
7 - descendents - weinerschnitzel
8 - beastie boys - the scenario
9 - cliff martinez - signed serious
10 - cowboy junkies - me and the devil blues*
11 - above the law - freedom of speech
12 - chagall guevara - tale o' the twister
13 - stan ridgway - talk hard
14 - cliff martinez - news of malcolm's suicide/checking the mail
15 - leonard cohen - if it be your will
16 - cliff martinez - harry regrets
17 - cliff martinez - go crazy
18 - bad brains w/ henry rollins - kick out the jams**
19 - cliff martinez - signed confused
20 - pixies - wave of mutilation (uk surf)
21 - sonic youth - titanium expose
22 - cliff martinez - impending meeting/police seize mailbox
23 - peter murphy - i've got a miniature secret camera
24 - cliff martinez - traced phone call
25 - ivan neville - why can't i fall in love
26 - cliff martinez - budding love
27 - cliff martinez - teacher snoops/the fcc arrives/harry goes remote
28 - soundgarden - heretic
29 - cliff martinez - harry & nora
30 - concrete blonde - everybody knows***
31 - (was) not was - hello dad,i'm in jail
32 - cliff martinez - evading fcc pt.1
33 - urban dance squad - fast lane
34 - cliff martinez - evading fcc pt.2/capture
35 - liquid jesus - stand

*=robert johnson cover
**=mc5 cover
***=leonard cohen cover

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

black sabbath - sabotage

label: warner brothers
released: 1975

"you can't trust anyone that doesn't like the first 6 black sabbath albums." -someone

i'll agree with that as this is the last album i have any sort of interest in when it comes to any of the incarnations of the band.
and yes.
that's includes any of the dio era.
just go on ahead and wipe that look off of your face.
that's right.
i said it.
accept that shit,kid.
but with all of that being said i do enjoy the song "hard road" from the NEVER SAY DIE! album.

my interest in the black sabbath arts started in the 5th grade when the PARANOID album entered my radar. all i'd really known about them was that ozzy osbourne sang for them once upon a time. i'd already been into the BLIZZARD OF OZZ/DIARY OF A MADMAN/BARK AT THE MOON/THE ULTIMATE SIN albums so i figured "why not?"....

and seeing as how we're on the subject of ozzy albums i'd like to mention that the only reason to listen to the NO REST FOR THE WICKED album is the song "fire in the sky".
it was pretty decent when i'd first started listening to it.
but the more i listened to it the more i started to lose interest.
"d-d-d-devil's daughter/i'm watching you/watching you"
"i am the demon alcohol/i'll get you (insert evil laugh here)"*
and then there's "crazy babies".
there's just something lacking in the lyrics department on this album.
and then there's all of zakk wylde's "dun dun dundundun weeeee whiddly weeee" guitars.
i know.
i'm rambling.
i could've just said "no,sir. i just don't enjoy that album." and called it a day.
but sometimes i just say things.
if you still dig the album....
good for you.
someone has to.
though you're probably the type of person that still talks about all of the parties you went to back in high school with a glazed look in your eyes.
i'm looking at you,brad.
and if you happen to be of the female persuasion and dig this album you probably still talk about all of those parties back in high school where you wished that you could've scored with brad but just watched him from across the room while becky rubbed up against him like a cat in heat.
that slut!

but i digress.....

i'd become aware of black sabbath via the PARANOID album back in grade school. my parents didn't really know what to make of my choices in music then. i was bringing slayer and metallica and the like into the house. though i do remember one time when i'd been listening to PARANOID out in the garage on my boom box while i was trying to practice some sweet skateboard moves and my dad walked by while the song "paranoid" was on and i was getting ready for him to be all like "get that shit outta my garage!" but he just walked by and looked over and gave me a look that said "yeah. i totally used to listen to this stuff when i was over there in nam."

after PARANOID i started trying to get my hands on anything black sabbath. and all of that practically happened in a day because i'd found most of their stuff on cassette at a store and somehow convinced my grandmother to get them for me because "all they cost is $3.99,gramma."

SABOTAGE is like black sabbath listening to an album by yes and being all like "hey,man. we can do that,man."

and i'm just going to assume that you've already given this album a listen at sometime during your life so i'm not going to have to say things like "at the time there wasn't another song out there like "symptom of the universe". that song was pretty much the first thrash metal song,bro." or "the fucking riffs are all over this album,bro!" or "geezer butler,bro. fucking "the writ",bro." or "yeah. SABOTAGE perfectly melds their SELF-TITLED album and the VOL. 4 album together."

and there you have it.
my ramblings on SABOTAGE.
thanks for playing along.

one last thing: the one thing that bothers me about this album is the fact that the band didn't call it SABBOTAGE. just think. someone could've smoked alot of pot the day they'd went out and bought the record and then brought it home and then put it on the turntable and dropped the needle and then "hole in the sky" hit and they would've been all like "whoa!" while staring that the album cover trying to figure it all out and then they would've stared at the album's title and then it would've hit him and he would've said something like "fuckin' black fuckin' sabbath,man. i see what you did there and fuckin' dig it! and then he would've placed the album cover on the table next to the stereo and started to play some air guitar and then there'd be a BAM! BAM! BAM! on his bedroom door and his stepdad telling him to "turn that shit down! i gotta work tonight and i need to sleep!" and then he would've been all like "fuck you,man." under his breath as he turns the volume knob on the stereo to the left and then sits on the foot of his bed just spacing out and then he thinks to himself "sleep? sleep. that would be a pretty kick-ass name for a band,man."


Thursday, November 16, 2017

sausage - riddles are abound tonight

label: prawn song
released: 1994

fun fact: this band once received an "honorable mention" ribbon for their participation in a primus sound-alike contest.


moist host - moist host

label: butter flavored records
released: 2004

during my time in south dakota i became aware of a few local bands.
this being one of them.
i'd never seen them live but i was given this cd by the band's bassist/vocals guy.
he was then a member of a band called south mouth.
i'd seem them.
they were a bunch of fun guys.
they were one of those bands that were all like "what? you have a band out on tour and you'd like to make a stop in this town? in. this. town? our town? you want to do your thing in front of a group of people in our town? sure. why not. that could be fun. but we have to go on before you. it's the only way you're going to go over in this town. i don't care if you are metallica. no one has even heard of you. "what the fuck is metallica?" they're saying. you want that exposure? we're the way in,bro. get it? got it? good."
that town being sioux falls.
but we're not here to discuss south mouth.
we want to talk about moist host,yeah?
moist host.
that's right.
moist and host.
paints quite the picture,dunnit?
it paints pictures that you don't really want to see.
you're all like "that's nice,gramma." while not really even looking at it.
"i call this one "special olympic girls gone wild" she says.
"i haven't had near enough cough medicine for this." you find yourself thinking.
"this is going to be a long weekend." you're thinking.
"and i call this one "hot pandering crustaceous rectal dentistry." she says.
you just glance over at her and then notice the dish filled with candy on the table between you.
you take a handful and shove it into your mouth.
"what the fuck kind of candy is this?" you're thinking.
and then you start flipping through the channels until you happen upon an episode of FRIENDS.
"and this one is called "dick and seymore butkus."
you nod.
and then you start to feel something.
and suddenly you're inside the coffee house.
but no one is paying any attention to you.
how can they not see you?
you're sitting on that couch.
what the fuck,FRIENDS!.
why isn't anyone buying you cup of coffee?
why isn't anyone buying you a muffin?
and then chandler looks at you and says "could the hot crustaceous rectal dentistry be any more pandering?"
what is happening?
what the fuck is happening?!
why can't i wake-

so if you're down with tunes like some arab on radar or early blood brothers or come combatwoundedveteran or some men's recovery system or some nomeansno or some spazz or those sounds you'd hear coming from the stall next to you at any truck stop....


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

life sex & death - the silent majority

label: reprise records
released: 1992

how do you feel about alice in chains?
what about cheap trick?
what about early van halen?
look at me.
not the album cover.
eyes over here.
come on.
how do you feel about those bands?
take some "it ain't like that" by alice in chains and mix in some "surrender" by cheap trick and some "unchained" by van halen.
y'know what i'm getting at?
stop making eyes at the album cover.
does she look like she'd be into you at all?
she digs me.
just ask her.
i know there's something covering her mouth.
you'll just have to take my word on that.
i win.
what was that?
she only digs me because she doesn't have to look at me?
i don't have to take any of this abuse.
don't you have some homework that needs to be done?
your mom will be home soon and you know how she gets,bro.
i'm just trying to look out for you.
get on that.
you want her to have to go and have another meeting with that teacher of yours?
she'll have to take time off of work.
you know how she just loves doing that.
and now if you'll excuse us....
molly wants to watch me play the air drums along with "in the air tonight" out in the den.
her name is molly.
she she totally thinks i rock more than you.
she told me.
how can she say-
that's it.
you're spending this weekend cleaning out the garage.


v/a - corporate death: a relapse multi death compilation

label: relapse records
released: 1993

"another relapse records compilation? fuck yeah! my day just got a whole lot better! i'm not going to work tonight! someone else can drop that food into the fryer! fuck! yeah! and now i'm gonna go tell my stepdad that he can't tell me what to do! those fucking gutters can clean themselves! oh man! i've gotta call doug! there's gonna be a fucking party tonight,bro! shit! i just wet my pants! mooooooooooom!"

1 - candiru - opaque sun
2 - amorphis - exile of the sons of uisliu
3 - incantation - emaciated holy figure
4 - general surgery - crimson concerto
5 - exit-13 - societally provoked genocidal contemplation
6 - dead world - dead world
7 - convulse - crying back yesterday
8 - mortician - embalmed alive
9 - diSEMBOWELMENT - your prophetic throne of ivory
10 - candiru - angles
11 - anal cunt - radio hit
12 - deceased - robotic village
13 - disrupt - religion is a fraud
14 - macabre - embalmer
15 - repulsion - the stench of burning death
16 - exit-13 - diet for a new america
17 - incantation - unholy massacre
18 - phobia - sickening discreation (live)
19 - mortician - hacked up for barbecue
20 - disrupt - mind lock
21 - convulse - memories
22 - anal cunt - chump change
23 - mortician - abolition
24 - anal cunt - unbelieveable
25 - suffocation - human waste
26 - repulsion - maggots in your coffin
27 - macabre - serial killer
28 - disrupt - same old shit
29 - general surgery  - an orgy of flying limbs & gore


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

empires - through trial & tribulation comes triumph

label: saw her ghost records
released: 2006

i'd seen these fellas open for jucifer in sioux falls,sd back when this album came out.
when they took the stage i was sitting at a table next to jucifer's merch booth.
i was there with my then girlfriend and i was telling her of my journey through the crowd as i was making my way back from the bar with my soda and i'd run into ed livengood (aka the other person in jucifer) and we were talking and i was all like "hey,man? you want anything from the bar?" and he was all like "no,man. i'm good. you want somethin'?" and i was all like "already got somethin'." and then i was all like "how many times are you going to play yourself off of your stool tonight?" and he laughed and was all like "see ya later." and took off.
i'd seen jucifer a few times before that (the previous time was at the place we were currently in) and he'd always manage to almost fall off of whatever he'd be sitting on while he'd be playing.

but i digress....

i'd been sitting at the table when empires started.
and by the time they ended their set i was standing near the stage.
they weren't half bad.
they reminded me alot of pelican and neurosis a little bit.
i bought this album at the show.
the next day i put the cd into the stereo and i hit the play button.
and then i hit the skip button.
and then i hit it again.
and then i hit it again.
the pelican was still there.
the neurosis wasn't.
it left me a little underwhelmed.
but they were picked to open for jucifer for a reason,yeah?
maybe they're just one of those bands that need to be experienced live.
i don't know.
maybe i was a little tired.
i'd tossed and turned most of the previous night kicking myself for not taking ed up on his offer.
why the fuck did i turn that down?
what the fuck,bro.
i could've been all like "sure. a bag of chips would be pretty sweet."
i could've been all like "sure. i'll take some beef jerky."
and then i could've come back home and told all of the cats "hey,cats! guess who bought me [insert item here]. fucking ed fucking livengood. yeah. we're totally besties now. meownvy me,fuckers!"
what could've been.


Monday, November 13, 2017

v/a - contaminated 5.0

label: relapse records
released: 2003

the year was 2003 and i was right in front of the stage at the ybor city,fl stop of the relapse records NORTH AMERICAN CONTAMINATION TOUR. it was all going down at the orpheum. i'd been to a few shows there since i'd moved into the area. i'd seen cky. i'd seen atom and his package. i'd seen jucifer. but the difference is that i'd never come close to being decapitated at any of those shows.....

dysrhythmia opened it all up.
and then there was uphill battle.
and then there was mastodon.

and then came the clusterfuck that is the band cephalic carnage.

i was right up front.
right against the stage.
it had been a pretty good night.
and then cephalic carnage took the stage.
i'd been looking forward to this.
i needed to see their drummer in a live setting.
everything was fucking awesome.
and then came the song "pseudo".
everything was going fucking apeshit as expected.
and then came a lull in the action.
and then it happened.
it's as if someone wound him up again.
if you know the song then you know what i'm talking about.
if you don't know the song you're doing it wrong.
the guitar stock was turned into a weapon.
i turned my head to the left and that's when i came to notice that it had stopped about a foot away from my head before being whipped away in the other direction.
i still wake up screaming in the middle of the day.
i don't wanna talk about it anymore.
i know.
blah blah blah.
good story,grampa.
now go and fetch me my nyQuil.

the listing of the tracks



v/a - bring you to your knees: a tribute to guns n' roses

label: law of inertia
released 2004

i'm going to need you to admit something to me.
i'm going to need you to admit that you've listened to APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION and liked it.
i'm going to need you to admit that while listening to it you stood in front of a floor length mirror and did "the axl".
come on now.
you know what that is.
would it help you to know that once upon a time i borrowed a copy of it on cassette from out of a cousin's car?
and then i totally forgot to give it back.
and it's not like she even knew it was gone.
there were so many tapes in that car.
and i wasn't about to borrow anything by winger or cinderella or whatever else that was in there.
not this fella.
so yeah.
as for me ever doing "the axl"....
that may or may not have ever happened.
it all depends on which camera feed you decide to watch.
but we're not here to talk about me,man.
we're here to talk about that copy of USE YOUR ILLUSION II that i see over on that table there.
i see it.
and that just means that there's a copy of USE YOUR ILLUSION I somewhere around here and i'm just not comfortable with being in the same room as all of that business.
good day,citizen.
i'm on my way to the bandana store.

1 - zombie apocalypse - welcome to the jungle
2 - haste - you're crazy
3 - vaux - 14 years
4 - unearth - it's so easy
5 - break the silence - nightrain
6 - death by stereo - anything goes
7 - most precious blood - sweet child o' mine
8 - time in malta - november rain
9 - the dillinger escape plan - my michelle
10 - eighteen visions - paradise city
11 - every time i die - i used to love her
12 - god forbid - out ta get me
13 - bleeding through - rocket queen
14 - the beautiful mistake - estranged


Friday, November 10, 2017

v/a - contaminated 3.0

label: relapse records
released: 2000

relapse records and i go way back.
they were the ones that exposed me to all kinds of bands.
human remains.
pig destroyer.
soilent green.
good times.
i would religiously read their catalog.
i'd mark an "x" next to what i'd want and then leave the catalog out for grindcore santa.
there is a grindcore santa.
if he doesn't exist then who was eating the cookies and drinking the beer i'd leave out?
no one else had a key to my apartment.
what's his name had a key....
that sonofabitch!
it's ok.
i knew his mother.
totally warranted.

the listing of tracks



Thursday, November 9, 2017

the jon spencer blues explosion - experimental remixes

label: matador
released: 1995

this is exactly what you think it is.
it's folks doing different things to musics by the jon spencer blues explosion.
folks with names like:
mario caldato jr.
mike diamond.
the dub narcotic sound system

i know.
fucking moby.
he was fucking everywhere back then.
he even covered a bad brains song.
fucked it up good and proper.
and not in a good way.
and then there was that whole mission of burma cover debacle.
you're the reason we can't have nice things,moby.


the smashing pumpkins - peel sessions

label: hut recordings
released: 1992

this was the smashing pumpkins being the smashing pumpkins for the BBC back in 1991.

1 - siva
2 - girls named sandoz*
3 - smiley
*=the animals cover


thee oh sees - 11.25.16 - kexp - seattle,wa

"back in my day they called themselves the thee oh sees and they'd only released 110 albums" -someone in 5 years.

john dwyer is a man of many things.
he's played in the coach whips.
he's played in pink and brown.
he runs the castle face label.
he can make his guitar sound like both early pink floyd and black sabbath.
need convincing of that?
listen to the version of "sticky hulks" found here.
that gargantuan riff will put hair on your chest even if you're not suppose to have hair there.
and then listen to "gelatinous cube".
he brings things out of his guitar that greg ginn wishes hs could.
what does greg ginn have to do with any of this?
nothing really.
i just wanted to say it.
i say alot of things.


as for the other 2 guys....
dan rincon's drumming is perfect.
tim hellman's bass playing is perfect.

the psych rock nirvana?
who knows.
that's why the "?" is there.

1 - i come for the mountain
2 - tidal wave
3 - the dream
4 - sticky hulks
5 - gelatinous cube
6 - encrypted bounce


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Flipper - Sex Bomb Baby!

Label: Subterranean
Year: 1987

Issued as a compilation of early singles and compilation tracks originally released in 1981 and 1982, this record served as a tribute to the (then) recently deceased bassist/vocalist Will Shatter, the creative impetus of Flipper.
The potency of these songs has not, and does not appear that they ever will, diminish. Flipper took hardcore and drove it into a wall, over and over. Beyond damaged. The sound they achieved was borderline maniacal, a warped dull drill bit boring into the front of your face.
If you haven't listened in's still as fucked as you remember.
Mood music for bouts of dementia.



v/a - a means to an end: the music of joy division

label: virgin
released: 1995

joy division.
people not joy division playing joy division songs.
fuck yeah!

1 - girls against boys - she's lost control
2 - honeymoon stitch - day of the lords
3 - moby - new dawn fades
4 - low - transmission
5 - codeine - atmosphere
6 - further - insight
7 - stanton-miranda - love will tear us apart
8 - starchildren - isolation
9 - kendra smith - heart and soul
10 - versus - twenty four hours
11 - desert storm - warsaw
12 - godheadsilo - they walked in line
13 - face to face - interzone
14 - tortoise - as you said


joy division - 1.18.80 - effenaar - eindhoven,the netherlands

you already know about joy division.
but listening to this version of "dead souls" and hearing a longer intro there's a reason for that....

apparently there was a wandering band of hooligans making their way through the audience causing shenanigans and it made the band nervous.

did you know about that?
feel free to share that bit of information at your next dinner party.
and by "dinner party" i mean "when you open the can of food for your cat this evening."
i've been meaning to have a talk with you about that.
i know what you've been wondering.
it doesn't taste anything like what you'd think it would taste like.
i know what the can says.
you're cat isn't eating better than you.
just stick with your sandwich.

1 - love will tear us apart
2 - digital
3 - new dawn fades
4 - colony
5 - these days
6 - ice age
7 - dead souls
8 - day of the lords
9 - autosuggestion
10 - shadowplay
11 - she's lost control
12 - transmission
13 - interzone
14 - atmosphere


Monday, November 6, 2017

judge nothing - i'm a big girl now

label: thick records
released: 1995

(the) descendents..
later husker du.
soul asylum.

if any of that sort of thing trips yr trigger consider yourself triggered.
or tripped.
it all depends on how you feel at the time.


eraserhead - original soundtrack

label: I.R.S. records
released: 1982

i'm just going to assume that some of you out there are fans of david lynch.
or maybe you're just one of those people that are all like "what the fuck am i watching?".
i am both of those things.
i'm of the age to have seen TWIN PEAKS when it was on ABC.
it was one of those "strange things" that i always seemed to be interested in.
and then one day i was introduced to the movie BLUE VELVET.
there's just no going back after that sort of thing.
and then it was WILD AT HEART.
and then it was TWIN PEAKS: FIRE WALK WITH ME.
and then it was LOST HIGHWAY.
but i'm not here to talk about my history with david lynch.

somewhere along the line i'd been turned onto ERASERHEAD.
i'd picked it up at the video store because i'd seen david lynch's name on the box.
i'd been fairly well versed in getting lynched by this time and i still found myself thinking "whaaaaaaaaaaaa?".
but in the best way.
i was 2 years old when it was released and i can just imagine what folks thought of it back then.
i was in a room with other people during my initial viewing and when it was over i was the only person left in the room. everyone else had left. someone had fallen asleep in a chair.
that was pretty much the last time my friends accepted my word on a movie.
sometimes having friends is overrated.
i was high most times back then.
i didn't know any better.

this isn't so much a soundtrack than it is a score.
something maybe godflesh or sunn o))) and the like would play before or during or at the end a show.
and even though you're probably already aware of the fact: the pixies covered "in heaven (lady in the radiator song)".
that's gotta mean something,yeah?
and now i'll leave you by implanting the visual of replacing the baby in ERASERHEAD with black francis and slowly backing out of the room saying "in heeeeeeeavennnn....everything is fiiiiiine....".


Friday, November 3, 2017

brutal truth - need to control

label: earache
released: 1994

i've been a fan of brutal truth ever since i'd heard their song "stench of profit" on the radio.
on the radio.
this was back in the early 90s and the station came from a college.
and it was in iowa.
so of course i'd purchase the album this song came from as soon as i came across it.
and when i did find it it was in a video store that had a music section for some reason.
i came across some pretty sweet albums there....
the above mentioned brutal truth album.
pitchshifter SUBMIT
just to name a few.
all on cassette.

moving on....

at first listen i found that things were a little different here.
they slowed it down a bit.
they gave things a little gloss soundwise.
but still sounded dirty.
there was a fucking didgeridoo.
things were both precise AND clusterfucky.
there was a sample from the movie BAD LIEUTENANT.
there's a germs cover.
they'd replaced their original drummer with a wind-up toy.
and it has become one of my favorite albums.

the tone taken on this album laid the groundwork for their following albums.
though admittedly i haven't followed them much post SOUNDS OF THE ANIMAL KINGDOM.
but i do enjoy the GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD compilation as well.

there aren't many bands that can combine napalm death AND neurosis.
maybe i'm just rambling.
maybe you should check out some of the band members other stuff as well....
total fucking destruction
venomous concept

maybe i'm just rambling.


vertigo - self-titled

label: amphetamine reptile records
released: 1990

it's been a bit since we've had an amphetamine reptile-ing around these parts.
so here it be.

you know what amphetamine reptile is all about.
you probably already know what vertigo is all about.
not the movie.
not the feeling.
though maybe if you were to play this while standing still it could give you that everything is moving around me and i just want to get off of this ride but i can't because i don't really want to oh man i'm gonna hurl....

you know what i'm talking about.
it's prom night all over again.
not the movie.
can we just get off the movie thing for a bit?
can we just move past it?

this is amphetamine reptile approved.
dirty and noisy.
not like your prom date.
let's just wrap this up.


Thursday, November 2, 2017

v/a - inspected by #6

label: imago
released: 1994

this is one of those "if you like any of the bands on this compilation you have to get the entire thing" kind of situations.
thems the rules,kid.

1 - rollins band - disconnect
2 - carnasaur - my head
3 - maggie estep - hey baby
4 - love spit love - change in the weather
5 - the figgs - wasted pretty
6 - orangutang - shiny like gold
7 - wickerman - shitkicker (demo)
8 - sha-key - soulsville
9 - basehead - brown kisses pt. too
10 - plan b - let it go
11 - giant sand - yer ropes


old wounds - terror eyes

label: self-released
released: 2011

i'm going to assume that by the black flag and botch and converge and eyehategod and melvins t-shirts that you wear that you'd probably dig this.
but wearing all of those shirts at the same time?
and in alphabetical order?
that's the kind of dedication i'm looking for.
but it's gotta be kinda hot,yeah?
let me get you a cold beverage.
have you heard of a nyQuil smoothie?
you are in for a treat.


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Appliances-SFB - SFB

Label: Rockhaus
Year: 2007 (1984)

Hey, look who has two thumbs and is posting again...this guy!
Just kidding. Everybody knows I lost my left thumb to a miter saw in high school.

Missing digits aside, I'm sure you're glad I'm back. I know I'm not.

Regardless. Here's a curiosity from the American heartland during a time when curiosities like this one were harder to come by. By 1984 punk and hardcore had made their marks on every corner of this grand nation, and bands were starting to fuck with what was "next". To varying degrees of success. Appliances-SFB ('SFB' as in "Shit Fer Brains"...or whatever else those letters mean to you), took a novel approach to the future of music, by crafting a post-punk combination that could be mistaken for Dicks playing Bauhaus songs with a Jello Biafra/Lee Ving Voltron-esque vocalist. But not exactly.
It's less "like" other bands, and more "like" how fertile music was before it was completely silo-ed into this genre or that. It was just "different". Different than the Huey Lewis or Hall and Oates you would have heard on the radio, put it that way.

Originally released by the band in 1984 (and recorded by Butch Vig), remastered and re-released in 2007.


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