Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Arabrot / [concept.virus] - AbsoluteNegativism

Label: Norway Rat
Year: 2009

Four songs, two are long two are short. One of the long ones is real long, as in thirty minutes long.
Two bands, one you've heard of and one you haven't. Save those who are related personally to Stian Skagen.
The first track is essentially the sound of a fan running in the next room, that over thirteen minutes begins to develop minor motor fatigue, but nonetheless continues oscillating regularly.
The second track has the hallmarks of black metal mk. 1.5. Shrill vocals, buzzing waves of guitar, and pounding blasts, only to be broken into a fucked noise rock beatdown. Then back to black metal then back to fucked noise rock....aaaaaaaaaaand scene.
The third track keeps the black metal guitar washes going, but slows to a mid tempo trudge through the snow. A walk that takes a quarter hour and slowly reveals subtle changes of scenery as you make your way through the woods to find yourself standing on the precipice of a sheer, windswept cliff overlooking a yawning void of nothingness below. And so you do what comes naturally, you throw yourself into the blackness and fall into the icy arms of forever where you bathe in the glory of death and her sweet relief.
The fourth track circles back to second one, with a frosty blast of black metal that ends with a final "fuck you" of hammered thrusts.
And there you have it. The collaborative Arabrot and [concept.virus] record. Enjoy.


Monday, September 28, 2015

Year Of The Rabbit - Year Of The Rabbit

Label: Elektra
Year: 2003

Your excitement for this record will be exactly proportional to your excitement for the recent Failure reunion. Pretty much.
Or, your excitement will be based on your tolerance/love for big, alternative rock music. Straight up alternative rock music. The kind that used to rule any local radio station with an "X" in their call sign.
You remember that, right?

Well, my own personal excitement about this record when it came out was that it features Jeff Garber, formerly of Castor (and The Joy Circuit, and ON), a guy who has been sufficiently gushed over in prior entries to this very blog you hold in your (virtual) hands.
Most folks would be drawn in more so on the news that this was Ken Andrews, formerly of Failure (and ON), new band. People really liked Failure.
But then, there are those music nerds who were just as excited to see that Tim Dow, drummer for Season To Risk and Shiner (and ON) was on board.
And, I won't discount that there could be some people out there who saw that Solomon Snyder, formerly of....ummm...James Iha's solo project, and um, Cupcakes, was involved and got super pumped up. Like, probably his family and friends. And hey, he would go on to be in some version of Veruca Salt, so, there's that.

My own personal excitement (let's get back to that) was short lived when I realized that Jeff Garber's contributions were not vocal, and his song writing doesn't seem to be front in center either. This is most certainly a Ken Andrews joint, as they say.
If you liked Failure, then you're good here. If you liked that mid period Cave In (the stuff that sounds a lot like Failure), then you're good here. If you like The Life And Times, then, maybe you're good here.


Friday, September 25, 2015

The Great Unraveling - The Angel Rang Virtue

Label: Vermin Scum
Year: 1994

Ah what the hay, why not get the other Great Unraveling 7" up here while we're at it? 
Again, they still sound like Universal Order Of Armageddon, and the members were in all those bands I mentioned in the earlier post. The bass guitar on this recording is more prominent on this record than on the other, but otherwise it's more of the same. The "same" being good though in this case. 
You should sew a patch onto your backpack and go to an all day festival where they have workshops on womyns self defense and how to make tampons out of recycled newspaper. If you really want to "get into it" that's what you should do. Assuming you have the time of course.

*Originally posted 05-21-09, reposted 09-25-15


Facepuller - Anatomy Of Noise

Label: Bang On
Year: 1995

Am I mistaken in remembering that this band had a brief brush with "fame" when Drew Barrymore wore one of their tshirts on the Arsenio Hall Show (or a similar talk show)? Did I just make that up?
Well, Drew Barrymore or not, I have always been a fan of this band's metallic noise rock. It's got a Pachinko via Fudge Tunnel via Tad sound going on, and I'm not sure what about that could be bad. Unless you just really hate Drew Barrymore that much, then I guess it's possible your listening experience could be tainted.

*Originally posted 08-15-11, reposted 09-25-15


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pigs - Gaffe

Label: Solar Flare
Year: 2013

Pigs have a new record out! This ain't it though. Sorry.
Actually, not sorry. This record slays balls, so there's nothing to apologize about.
Three song 10" put out in France (freedom fries) with one original and two covers (Cheap Trick [always a good choice] and Betty Davis [supplanting her funk for lumbering ogre boogie]). If you know Pigs, then you know they are one half of the band JJ Paradise Players Club (with their third leg coming from Barbaro/Slughog) and essentially sound like a continuation of those foul sounds (which is good). Unsane stranglehold with Whores. punch. Can't go wrong.

Pregame with this jammer prior to digging into the new full length.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Alabaster Suns - Alabaster Suns

Label: Iron Pig
Year: 2009

Previous mentioned in the Capricorns post below here you have a five song , the only five songs from this band that I know of, noise rock/post hardcore/semi-metal powerhouse.
In this band you can really hear the influence of Kevin Williams' old band Fabric shining through with the disjointed staggering rhythms, and the post hardcore heft. In this band, they have added more volume and thickness to the sound which becomes the link between this project and Capricorns (which this band emerged from). You will also note that while Capricorns are roughly 60% instrumental, Alabaster Suns are about 45% so. There are vocals in every song, just not lots of them. Which is fine. It works.
So, if you fancy your noise rock loud and with a dose of metallic swing (a la American Heritage), then I recommend going with this guy(s) here.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ahkmed - Adventures Involving Nudity

Label: self released
Year: 2002

Hazy, warm fuzz that comforts like a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. Sometimes it's just what you want. To call it "stoner" is doing this record a disservice. Yes, sure, you can get a whiff of that sticky icky vibe, but there's more here. There's some big guitar mid-90s alternative rock in here. There's some spaced out long views across the horizon as well to balance out the bombast. But even the bombast is tempered in a way that I like. It's plenty meaty, but never caustic...make sense?
They are Australian too, so that's fun.
Elements of Milligram, Fu Manchu, Kyuss, and Smile if you like any of that. You should.


Monday, September 21, 2015

Eyehategod - Live - 08-29-08 - One Eyed Jacks, New Orleans, LA

Label: bootleg
Year: 2008

It's my party and I'll post Eyehategod bootlegs if I want to.
This show is the band celebrating their 20th anniversary, so it was their party...but I doubt they cried, even you had wanted them to.
They play 'Blank' and 'Dixie Whiskey' in the same set, so I mean...what the fuck? The 'Intro Jam' has bits and pieces of future classics in their gestation period. Get after it.
Very good sound quality, and very quality New Orleans hate sludge. Tell Monday to eat a fucking dick.


Beasts Of Bourbon - The Low Road

Label: Red Eye
Year: 1991

For some reason I feel like this record was just posted somewhere else...maybe on this website? Did I post it already? What day is it?
Regardless, here's a mid-career album by the Australian "swamp rock" band who went through more members than should be allowed. Through out the years they have been graced by personnel from Lubricated Goat, Hoodoo Gurus, The Church, The Scientists...shit...even the fucking Divinyls! G'day mate! (I may or may not be drunk right now)
So musically, let's see, how shall we put this? Bluesy, dirty, classic rock inspired, swamp scum. I don't really know. They cover the Rolling Stones' "Cocksuckers Blues", so does that do anything for you? Maybe you're a Creedance Clearwater Revival fan, and wanted to to hear the Birthday Party shamble through some covers? Maybe? No matter what, the opening track slays.
I need to go lay down.
Did Inter Milan beat AC Milan today? It was 2-0 early in the second half, and I decided to go for a bike ride and missed the end.

*Originally posted 02-15-09, reposted 09-21-15


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Capricorns - 1 ep

Label: Rise Above
Year: 2004

These three songs in eighteen minutes is all it should take to cave in your home (local building codes not withstanding). Huge, rolling riffs like bulldozer treads mercilessly grinding everything in their path as they plow through the speakers. With moments of relative calm interspersed between the crush (one can only assume the bulldozer driver has left his machine in idle whilst he refills his thermos full of Tullamore Dew) slowly build back to a chugging overdrive. No El Jefe to bark orders, this machine runs on instinct.
Members of Dukes Of Nothing, Iron Monkey, Orange Goblin, Alabaster Suns, Bridge & Tunnel, and Fabric (fucking-A, you remember Fabric, right? The "English Quicksand"?). They know what it is they do, and they does it well.


Shithaus - Live Crush 84-85

Label: Self released
Year: 1985

Here's an oddity to follow up the Cop Shoot Cop post from a couple days ago. This band features the talents of, Jon Spencer, Tod Ashley, Tom Fry, and Jaime Jacquin when they were students in Providence, Rhode Island, before going on to form Pussy Galore (Spencer) and Cop Shoot Cop (Ashley) among their myriad other projects. 
While not the greatest sound quality, this cassette was recorded live, and during a radio broadcast on Rhode Island station 90.1 WRIU during a show called Noise With Neville where the band had to alter their moniker to Knocked Up Teens in order to spare the wrath of the FCC. Still, you get the early industrial vibe of Cop Shoot Cop with what seems to be homemade metallic percussion instrumentation, plodding bass lines, and some nasty guitar screeches. Kinda lo-fi Foetus? Maybe? I'm not exactly sure how to categorize it, so you'll have to listen to it yourself and figure out if this is a historical footnote, or a diamond in the rough.
Also, while trying to find an image of the cover, I noticed that COD-Music beat me to posting this already. Bastards. They always win. So maybe you missed it there, now you can grab it here.

*Originally posted 02-02-09, reposted 09-17-15

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cop Shoot Cop - Live CBGB 1989

Label: Supernatural Organization
Year: 1989

More Cop Shoot Cop, and more live music, her you go. Originally this was released in Japan as a limited run of 300 cassette copies. So, unless your Japanese, a technophobe, and extremely lucky, you probably haven't had a chance to hear this. And friends, that's a shame, because for a band as raucous and noisy as Cop Shoot Cop, this recording came out phenomenally well. I mean, I doubt it sounded this good inside CBGB on the night in question, this is an A- quality recording. Plus you're getting (in my opinion anyway) the best era of the band, the oldest stuff. This was recorded just before Consumer Revolt came out, and there's even a song on here called "Dachau Hilton" which you can't get anywhere else, and later morphed into a couple different Cop Shoot Cop songs. That's a bonus right?
And we're good on "what they sound like" right? Straight? Awesome. Now go do something productive today, I sure as shit ain't gonna.

*Originally posted 02-18-09, reposted 09-15-15


Monday, September 14, 2015

Todd - Forget The Minions

Label: Southern
Year: 2007

Todd's real good, right? Limited edition tour-only 7"s are real good too, right? How's about when you dedicate one side of said funky lil platter (Spazz reference, you're welcome) to a Karp cover? Good, right?
All of these questions are easily answered on the other side of this download.
Three songs here, and I am ready to make the audacious claim (not unlike when I proclaimed UNICEF as a cabal of "shape-shifting ancient lizard people on a global hunt for human organ meat to feed their insatiable bloodlust for youthful skin and a way to deter competitors from challenging their stats as the number one international recreational corporate intermural tennis league" [jury's still out on that one, by the way]) that this is THE greatest pound-for-pound Todd release out there. Which of course, mean's it's one of THE greatest pound-for-pound noise rock experiences you'll have today, or most any day. It's that good.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Air Wolves - Life Is A Bloodsport

Label: Paradox Transmissions
Year: 2015

After yesterday's Cure listening party (in my house anyway...can't speak to what you do behind closed doors [pictures please]), this album showed up in the (digital) mail from the band at just the right time. I was already primed and ready for some good, gothy, post punk darkness. And it delivered.
Sadly, even though Air Wolves are from the exact same city in which I reside, I've never exactly resided close enough to them to see them...or...hear them for that matter. Which, to be frank, I don't see much outside the four walls of my home, and I don't hear much beyond 1986 Corrosion Of Conformity, so....you know. I'm pretty much a worldly dude. This band though, this one is worth looking into. I was caught off guard by the sound, expecting with a name like Air Wolves to be assaulted by some kind of metal something-or-other, which was not, and is still not, the case.
So what do they sound like?
Remember that scene in Grease where Frenchy is serenaded by her guardian angel (wonderfully cast as Frankie Avalon) with the rueful tune "Beauty School Dropout"? Yes? Yes, of course you do, it's a master class of cinematic triumph. Ok, well, now imagine that same scene, but instead of Frenchy, it's Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex being sung to by her guardian (arc?)angel Ian Curtis with the even more dire and foreboding "Art School Dropout". Think about what that would sound like for a minute.
But beyond English post-punk, Air Wolves also manage to weave in some bouncy Talking Heads style new wave, some skittering shimmering Durutti Column, some garage damage (especially on the aptly constructed paean to their hometown "Song For Atlanta"), some creepy death rock a la Christian Death, and some dirty dark rock not unlike Southern Death Cult.
It's a lot, but it all comes together in a glorious early 80's stew of ink black hair, leather jackets, and pancake makeup (all compliments mind you). This band could have shown up on the 'Hell Comes To Your House' compilation and fit right in. That's a tough think to pull off circa 2015 without sounding phony, but Air Wolves have done it. They have crafted a completely retro sound that straddles the line between homage to the past and looking forward into the unknown.
I'm stoked on this one. Try it out!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Cure - Three Imaginary Boys

Label: Fiction
Year: 1979

It's raining where I am, so I must assume it's also raining where you are, as I don't, and don't want to, understand the intricacies of modern meteorology, which in my mind is tantamount to black magick and parlor tricks. No thanks. Not interested David Copperfield.
Point being, if it's raining, and I'm working...well...it's go time for some mauldin post punk pop, and you can't get no better than The Cure. Straight up.
So, here's their debut album in all it's twitchy, gothy, creepy glory. Complete with what you would think would have been a super ill-advised choice to cover Jimi Hendrix's 'Foxy Lady', but turns out is a fun Bauhaus-y rave up. We should all learn to trust The Cure more. Aside from sneaker choices, has Robert Smith really lead us astray?
This version is the debut album, plus bonus tracks 'Boys Don't Cry', 'Killing An Arab', 'Jumping Someone Else's Train', 'Plastic Passion', and 'World War', which I'm not sure why they are there. Those songs aren't on the original release, and aren't on the way later re-releases that have all kinds of demos and shit, and they aren't the "Boys Don't Cry" album (which was their official North American debut that culled tracks from "Three Imaginary Boys" plus others), so I'm baffled. But, those are all certified jams, so they stay.


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

V/A - Accidental Death Through Misadventure and Mayhem

Label: Satan's Pimp
Year: 1996

From the vaunted Accidental Death series by the equally lauded Satan's Pimp label (well, in an alternate universe anyway) comes this handy collection of nastiness. Much like compatriots Bovine Records, this label was mining a specific and twisted vein of music that touched on noise rock, hardcore, sludge, and straight weirdness that few others tapped into. The entire discography is a Rosetta Stone of contorted burl.
Pachinko - go for the neck, but keep them alive long enough to realize who's hands are crushing their larynx.
Gob - Satan's Pimp house band, who seem determined to steal all the copper in said house prior to burning it to the ground. Annihilation par excellence.
Jackwacker -to say it's overdriven is an understatement. The guitar was strung up with both guitar and bass strings, eliminating the need for superfluous band membership. Genius.
Exit - a tightly wound snake of repetition and menace.
Designer - possibly my favorite Swiss entity, not counting Swatch of course. The European Hammerhead? Maybe? Should have been huge.
Bhang Dextro - noise rock from the garage...in that shitty house at the end of the street with the overgrown lawn and the two cars up on cinderblocks in the yard...and the distinct smell of meth cooking.


Friday, September 4, 2015

Manhandle - The Massive Load

Label: ABC Group Documentation
Year: 2015

Two thirds of the band New Brutalism (RIP?) recorded a batch of songs three years ago in Athens, Georgia, and here they are.
If you are (were?) a fan of New Brutalism (and you fucking should be) then you'll hear similar structural motifs in the songwriting. But what's different is where New Brutalism went Tar, Manhandle goes Melvins. It's heavier and more streamlined with a sustained low end gut punch. If you like things that are sludgy and gross, but you're over hearing Sabbath riffs recycled again and again, then this record will tickle your fancy. You fancy ass little motherfucker.
Highly, highly, highly recommended.


Godflesh - Live - Schorndorf 03-31-90

Label: bootleg
Year: 1990

Over an hour of relentless crushing glory from masters of relentless crushing glory.
Songs are drawn from the self titled debut album, and follow up "Streetcleaner", including personal favorite "Dead Head". Untouchable albums. The whole thing is untouchable.
I am posting as I debate going to see Godflesh next week...will they deliver the goods in 2015? Will my hearing me further deteriorated? Will my nose bleed?

Here's the setlist:
Like Rats
Christbait Rising
Avalanche Master Song
Cold World / Veins
Tiny Tears / Dead Head
Life Is Easy
Mighty Trust Krusher / Locust Furnace
Ice Nerveshatter
Head Dirt
Love Is A Dog From Hell

Also, just noticed that I posted this same set way back when in February of 2009...oops. Well, that link is long dead, and I must be long drunk.


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Vandal X - All Lined Up Against The Wall

Label: Vlas Vegas
Year: 2008

Sometimes shit doesn't go your way. Life can suck ass. It's just how it goes...you should expect it by now (you're over 40, right?).
Well, long running two piece Belgian noise rock fist fuckers Vandal X understand your pain. They embody it. As the years go on they seem to channel more and more and more hatred and aggression than before. Take your shittiest day, plug into a full stack, turn the volume all the way up, and proceed to hack away at a series of jarring riffs. Keep doing that until the building you are in crumbles down around you (and it will). This is what will make you feel better...for awhile anyway.
Or, go get in your car. Start it up and roll down the windows. Drive to the nearest freeway. Accelerate until the car begins shaking. Keep accelerating. Stick your head out the window. That's what this sounds like.
I love it. I doubt they love me back, but that's ok, I wouldn't want to dilute any of their vitriol anyway. Takes my mind off bad shit for a few, which is more than you can ask from an album, but what you should expect.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

V/A - Where The Wild Things Are - Carbon 14 Magazine #8

Label: Carbon 14
Year: 1996

The long running (in fanzine terms) Carbon 14 Magazine had an impressive track record releasing not only quality written content, but some ace compilations as well. Their stylistic scope ran the gamut from skuzz punk to grindcore to noise rock to straight up metal. Admittedly, to the average bro, not a super wide gamut per se, but to you and I it represents a wide swath ("oh, we got both kinds here, Country and Western").
Napalm Death - total Zeni Gevi styled face pounder. Previously unreleased, but you can find it on Noise For Music's Sake which compiled some rare tracks years after.
Limecell - a Pretenders cover that is pile driven into submission. Previously unreleased. (minor vinyl skip...sorry)
Unsane - what you expect from Unsane...except with Spanish vocal samples rather than Chris Spencer's bark. This song also shows up on a split with Copass Grinderz.
Neurosis - an edited version of "Eye", from Through Silver And Blood, which rips an insane amount of ass. Unfortunately, upon seeing Neurosis a couple weeks ago I can report they did not play this one (they did play "The Door" though, which was crushing)

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