Tuesday, September 1, 2015

V/A - Where The Wild Things Are - Carbon 14 Magazine #8

Label: Carbon 14
Year: 1996

The long running (in fanzine terms) Carbon 14 Magazine had an impressive track record releasing not only quality written content, but some ace compilations as well. Their stylistic scope ran the gamut from skuzz punk to grindcore to noise rock to straight up metal. Admittedly, to the average bro, not a super wide gamut per se, but to you and I it represents a wide swath ("oh, we got both kinds here, Country and Western").
Napalm Death - total Zeni Gevi styled face pounder. Previously unreleased, but you can find it on Noise For Music's Sake which compiled some rare tracks years after.
Limecell - a Pretenders cover that is pile driven into submission. Previously unreleased. (minor vinyl skip...sorry)
Unsane - what you expect from Unsane...except with Spanish vocal samples rather than Chris Spencer's bark. This song also shows up on a split with Copass Grinderz.
Neurosis - an edited version of "Eye", from Through Silver And Blood, which rips an insane amount of ass. Unfortunately, upon seeing Neurosis a couple weeks ago I can report they did not play this one (they did play "The Door" though, which was crushing)


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