Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Muuy Biien - This Is What Your Mind Imagines

Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

Hardcore should, by it's nature, be a bit wild, a bit unhinged, a bit noisy, and close to careening out of control at any time, right? Otherwise, what's the point, you know? Otherwise, you might as well start playing Eagles covers and wearing suede fringe. That's how I see it anyway.
Muuy Biien do their hardcore the right way: loose and fancy free. When they do hardcore, that is. Yes, they sprinkle in the odd "ambient" track in order to accentuate the jarring blitz of their day jobs (punkers, one assumes), and they avoid boring you with 30 minutes of straight 4/4 screaming, there's some trashy punk in the mix, but the lion share of the material is straight out of Los Angeles County circa 1980 (even though this originates from Athens-Clarke County, GA circa right now). And that's high praise.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ed Hall - Permission To Rock...Denied

Year: 1996

It's been far too long since we've visited Austin, Texas circa the early 90's hasn't it? And it's definitely been too long since we've checked in with Ed Hall, the band dubbed the "heirs to the Butthole Surfers weird rock crown".
This collection of songs was their last, and was never officially released, but often bootlegged and shared amongst aficionados of unhinged, acid fried, noise punk. You like that kind of shit, right? Seems like you do, you dress like someone who would. I just figured that you did.
If it helps, you can tell your "cinema" friends (and aren't they just the worst?) that Ed Hall was hte band featured in the movie Slackers. People seem to love that movie (altough I find it tedious), so that could bridge the gap between a dirtbag like you, and a class act like them (or me).


Friday, February 15, 2013

Johns - House Of Wrongheads

Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

Well shit, I really liked that The Fucking Hotlights record that came out a couple years back, and had no idea that they had already broken up, and that half of the band has this new band called Johns. I mean, where was I when this happened? Nobody can use a phone around here?
Apparently the half of the band that left, took all of the distortion pedals with them, because this new band eschews the bombastic noise-metal of The Fucking Hotlights material, and goes for a more layered and nuanced skewed indie rock sound. Of the six songs here, you can glean a few different potential influences; British Sea Power, The Kinks, Young Widows, The Walkmen, Retribution Gospel Choir, maybe Chokebore? It's mellower than 90% of what gets posted here, but never boring...I wouldn't fuck around with no boring shit.
I'm into it, and would assume you will be into it too.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

J.J. Paradise Players Club - Players Club

Label: Tee Pee
Year: 2001

Stoner rock as interpreted by New York City noise rockers. Three originals and one Big Boys cover (that had already been covered by No Escape years prior....and...Eric Cooper of J.J. Paradise Players Club used to play in Die 116 with Andrew Gormley who used to play in Kiss It Goodbye with Tim Singer who used to play in...No Escape [that's some Kevin Bacon shit]), all of which will deliver a scathing retort to any and all Dave Matthews Band type music your coworkers might try and "bridge gaps" with.
I really wish there were more bands that made music this good around the world...or around my ears, and your nerd-ass fucking co-worker's ears.


Neptune - Gong Lake

Label: Table Of The Elements
Year: 2008

When someone says "noise rock", they literally are describing this record. It's not a band from Madison, Wisconsin on Touch and Go Records who recorded with Steve Albini circa 1991, it's a Boston based assemblage of musician/sculptor/sorta-performance-artists, who build their own instruments and make droning, Teutonically precise beats of icy cold industrial sounding bleakness. The sounds are sharp and menacing, with alien undercurrents of harmony. Great for a romantic, candlelit dinner, so long as your date is into uncomfortable pauses and fascism.
Shellac, meets Oneida, meets Einsturzende Neubautan, meets Black Dice, meets Mens Recovery Project, meets you alone again on a Saturday night.


Monday, February 11, 2013

V/A - Shiny Grey Monotone Radio - Show 9

Label: n/a
Year: 2013

This weekend I decided that I would install new rear brake pads on my car, as I successfully installed them on the front wheels earlier last year (successful meaning my car stopped when pressure is applied to the brake pedal. Unsuccessful in that in a possibly drunken oversight, I neglected to fully tighten the lug nuts on one wheel, resulting in a near catastrophic wheel-falling-off-car-at-85mph debacle [which actually ended less dramatically in the garage getting two new lug nuts installed after they sheared off {I'm alive thankfully...right?}]), and thought I could handle the rear with no problem. So, on a bright and sunny Sunday morning, I head out and purchase new brake pads, come home, jack up the car, remove the wheel, detach the caliper, remove the old brake pads (metal on metal! yeah son!), install the new ones, and get ready to put everything back in place. I am leaving out the part of the story where I had to borrow a socket set after realizing my socket set is in my attic, not a problem ordinarily, but an issue every since the attic step ladder hinge broke over Christmas with my fat ass going up and down it all the time to get decorations and presents and shit. In a fit of laziness, instead of fixing the attic steps, I instead screwed by attic shut to put that project off for another day. Oops. Whatever though, I borrowed the socket set and was cruising through wheel number one. I took a lunch break, and decided I'd finish up after my son's basketball game that I had to coach (by the way, the Grant Park Hawks are 3-2 as of this writing, and one more win guarantees us a spot in the playoffs...holla!). Get back from the game and begin the process of compressing the brake caliper in order to reassemble the whole thing, but, the damn caliper will not compress. I'm using a 500lbs hand clamp, a C-clamp, you name it. I'm loosing my mind trying to muscle this fucking thing back into place, and my daylight is burning fast, not to mention it's beginning to rain. I go inside and consult with Youtube on how to compress this thing, I'm reading the manual, and getting increasingly frustrated. I manage to yell at my wife, I manage to yell at my son...the whole deal. I finally figure out that my rear brakes are different than my front brakes, and the rear caliper is what's referred to as a self adjusting caliper, meaning you have to have a special tool to screw the piston back into position, resetting the caliper. It's raining pretty steady at this point, and getting dark. I head out to the auto parts store and rent the tool I need, which no one there can willfully explain how to operate, even though they assure me I'll have "no problems". I have problems. I have dark, wet, frustrating problems. I'm losing my mind trying to figure this fucking thing out, and it fucking thunders! In February, in Atlanta, there's lightening overhead. Great. Perfect. I call it for the evening, I can do no more. I phone my co-workers and tell them I might have to work from home as my car is currently jacked up with no brakes, which is more embarrassing than it is problematic for work.
This morning I wake up, take the car that does have stopping power, and drop off my wife at work and my kids at school, so that I can get back to ruining my car a bit more. Oh, and there's a 70% chance of rain all day here today...you know, just to keep me on my toes. But there I am, back out under the car, in the rain, with this complex tool in my hand, and...lo and behold...I engage the adjuster, the piston turns, the caliper is reset, and I'm back in business. Just like that! Took all of 5 minutes. I then bolt the caliper back on, put the wheel back on (careful to fully tighten all the lug nuts), and test the brakes. Success, it stops! Still have the other wheel to do, but...fuck that other wheel, I'll do it this weekend.
Point of the story? None. Who gives a shit. But, did you catch all of the subtle sexual references I made whilst telling it?

The Bands:
Dead And Gone
Torches To Rome
Some Soviet Station
Abe Vigoda
Reverb Motherfuckers
Season To Risk


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Live in Atlanta - Torche, Primate, Whores - 02.09.13

Ok, so maybe the Hawks, Liverhearts, Young Widows show from last week wasn't your thing. I get it. It's an acquired taste, sure.
Well, here's your second chance to lavish me with drinks in a public setting (since...there has yet to be a single drink lavished...you guys are slipping). Friday night. Do it.
Whores. - You know 'em, you love 'em. They're playing first. They will deliver the blunt end of an axe handle worth of Unsane-inspired pure thud, noise rock down upon your shoulders. The drummer will also showboat and flip you off.
Primate - who cares that it's dudes from Mastodon and Brutal Truth (and other Atlanta bands you've never heard of)? You should care that it's a 20 minute bludgeoning of grind fueled hardcore. Old man style...so it's extra nasty.
Torche - Good timing sludge? Fun metal? Hearing loss with a wink and a nod? Never disappoints? Yeah.

It's a stacked bill, it will be a packed house, you should go if you can.

Monday, February 4, 2013

one inch punch - the horse head nebula

label: collective recordings
released: 2003

this was sent our way by someone that's friends with the band warhammer 48k

as far as i know...the 2 bands aren't connected

according to the band's myspace (myspace?!...i know...right?)...if you like bands such as neurosis and godspeed you! black emperor and fugazi and hoover...you'll dig this

and i'm going to agree with that

i mean...who am i to argue with them?

but if you like warhammer 48k (obviously)...and some godheadsilo...i mean...you can like this too...we're willing to work with you

DL: the horse head nebula

cloon - self-titled ep

label: none
released: 2006

well...seeing as how the band played their final show last month on the 17th...you can now get into their long out of print debut

you can also get into this  

and why would you want to get into some of that?

you like future of the left,yeah?

and some faith no more after the ANGEL DUST album,yeah? (it's ok to admit it)

well...unless you want people to think you're weird...you'd better like everything mentioned in this post

DL: cloon

Greys - Easy Listening

Label: Indoor Shoes
Year: 2012

I will overlook the misspelling of the band's name, because I like the way they blend together lots of micro-genres to create a pleasent enough update on noise rock/post hardcore/grunge type guitar rock. It all kinda winds up a little bit like The Bronx meets Ken Mode around the corner from the Hot Snakes or something. It's not subtle, and you have to have room in your heart for shouted vocals (which I do, and I have also found subtlety to be a bit...understanded), but if you're here, then chances are you can handle it.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

v/a - 10 years of latest flame records

the label celebrated 10 years of existence the past october

and we here at the SGM being the posters of things in a timely manner present you with a compilation the label put together to celebrate

so...if you like any of the bands included here...it's suggested that you snag this up

and if you don't like any of the bands included here...do it anyway...just to fit in

1 - heavy hand - inspired by haircuts
2 -  IfIHadAHiFi - throw deep
3 - waxeater - give it a name
4 - trophy wives - (you're like a) bad song
5 - victory and associates - wildly plausible
6 - system and station - turned guns*
7 - the gunshy - i don't want to think about dying anymore*
8 - karl j. paloucek - oscillation 5*
9 - nervous curtains - cats in the dark
10 - IfIHadAHiFi/police teeth - steroid unicorn*+
11 - fuckface - blue tumor (live)
12 - animal lover - find dining

*=previously unreleased
+=mount vicious cover 

DL: 10 years of latest flame records

Friday, February 1, 2013

shoppers - silver year

label: feeble minds
released: 2011

do you like a good sonic youth freakout?

do you like some dinosaur jr. thrown into that?

what about some my bloody valentine?


do you like all of those things?

look what this band made for you...

say "thank you"

DL: silver year
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