Saturday, October 31, 2009

tea break

we here at the SGM offices can't allow the halloween season to come and go and not post a little something bloody (the incidents that went down in the break room and bathroom don't count)

who doesn't loathe their job? (let's see a show of hands...and if you actually like your job...even a're's ok...your boss can't see or hear you right now...there you go...though you in the're gonna have to put your BK uniform back on...we don't need the smell of sadness/sweat/onion rings mixing in with everything else around here...)


you don't like your job...and all you look forward to from the time you get there is break time...and it just seems like everything goes on and on and on and on and on and on (and so on and so forth)...and then it finally can finally break away from the herd for some "you time" (be it sitting in your car by yourself "reading"...or seething at yourself in the bathroom mirror...or imbibing some liquid courage)...and then it comes to an end...and everything is still there even though you told everything to burn itself down while you were away

stare at the clock

this is a little flick about a guy that knows your pain

so from everyone here at SGM...we wish you a happy halloween(ie)

DL: tea break

Friday, October 30, 2009

chuck biscuits: 1965-2009-2009

well...apparently the internet was part of an elaborate ruse

chuck biscuits is still alive and well and living in seattle

or maybe he was given the chance to rise again (get it? rise like dough...biscuit...thanks...i'll be here all week...and don't forget to try the know...just for the halibut)

he's still shown in the above picture

Wizard Smoke - Live Rock In Hell

Label: Self Released
Year: 2009

I must preface by saying that this record was provided by the band for free download, so you can be guilt-free in your piracy.

Also, I will say, this record admittedly belongs on Colostomy Grab-Bag (or Sludge Swamp), but I think we can all equally rock out to these blasts of stoner doom. Plus, the make-up of this band was spawned from some local Atlanta/Athens, math rock types. Dudes from bands like Maserati, Cassavetes, and Dust Rabbit among others. You've probably never heard of any of those bands, because you probably don't live in the greater Atlanta metro area, so you'll just have to take my word for their pedigree.

Back to Wizard Smoke.
If you could take the wall of sound generated by Electric Wizard, some of Matt Pike's cyclic riffing, some of Sword's southern fried solos, and a little bit of the general thunder boogie of Skullfuzz, then you'll be in the right wheelhouse. Suffice it to say, this is heavy metal. If you don't like heavy metal, then you won't want to get too involved in this one. If you think heavy metal is a good time, then I would suggest getting into some of this dirge rock. 

Thursday, October 29, 2009

stnnng - dignified sissy

released 2005

this one goes out to "noisebreather"

this is the band's first album...and it's still more of same of what could be found on their second album(which can be gotten here) has the david yow-like qualities that i'd made reference to in the review of the other album...but there's some at the drive-in thrown in...and a little bit of pissed jeans (maybe that's what would happen is david yow fronted at the drive-in)...and some shorty/us maple...and maybe a little bit 'o butthole surfers

it sounds so tight that it appears to be falling apart

make any sense?

maybe i'm just rambling

and with lyrics like "we sing for panty-sniffers/and the grossly overweight/aren’t you proud to be an american?" and "i'm sick/sick/sick of all this ancient pussy" ( just need to hear the song "my golden oldie") need to have this

so get this

DL: dignified sissy

godheadsilo - 8.3.96 - fireside bowl - chicago,il

it's godheadsilo

it's live

it's in chicago

come on

1 - booby trap
2 - chuckanut overdrive
3 - elephantitus of the night
4 - just friends
5 - multiple organic

DL: godheadsilo@fireside bowl

d.o.a. - hardcore '81

released 1981 now most of you know about the passing of chuck biscuits

before he went onto play for multiple bands (if you need a list...look below...or there's always wikipedia) he sat behind the kit for these canucks

my first exposure to the man came by way of the album DANZIG II: LUCIFUGE...the man could hit a drum like a champion

now grAy not be one for tributes and whatnot...but seeing as how he was a fellow drummer...i have to (it was written into the contract when i signed on)

and now a little bit about this album/band...

i'm assuming that most of you know about d.o.a. (that's Dead On Arrival for you laymen)...they were canadia's first major punk rock export...considered the first hardcore band by many (and not just because they happened to use the word as part of the title of this album)...and everyone from jello biafra to nofx to nomeansno dig you should as well poser

so join me as i pound something onto something as tribute to mr. biscuits

or maybe you could dress up as glenn danzig and play some hockey,aye?

DL: hardcore '81

Chuck Biscuits - R.I.P.

1965 - 2009. Chuck Biscuits (Charles Montgomery), drummer in Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Samhain, Danzig, D.O.A., Fear, Weirdos, Subhumans, Social Distortion, Run DMC, and on and on and on, died of throat cancer on 10.24.09.

I'm not one for tributes or whatever, but this motherfucker was an animal, and easily will go down as one of the top five drummers in all of punk/hardcore. He slayed everything, all the time. Big ups.

So, there you go, a little bad news to darken your day. Sorry, but you needed to know.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Copass Grinderz - Rock 'N Roll

Label: King Records
Year: 1997

By internal request, here's the Copass Grinderz live album, "Rock 'N Roll".
I bet if your mom (assuming she's still alive, otherwise, my condolences on your loss, she was  undoubtedly a beautiful woman and in a better place now) asked what kind of music your band played, and you said "noise rock"; this is what she would envision. Legitimate rock n roll music that just so happens to be noisy. Not "noise rock" in the sense of Unsane, but "noise rock" in the sense of Dinosaur Jr. Noisy.
As I mentioned, it's live, but it's an official release, and the sound quality is perfect. The song selection takes you through the gamut of styles this band tends to hopscotch through...punk, garage, metal, noise, grunge, and straight up rock. So, when the cover of "I Wanna Be Your Dog" shows up, you're not at all surprised. Your mom might be (or might have been if that's the case), but you won't.

v/a - skin graft covers ac/dc

i wasn't able to find the individual covers for each of you get to look at that

you may recall me posting vol.1 of this series a looooooong time ago when SGM was still in it's infancy...and everyone seemed to like me doing so...and because of'll now get the rest of them

what are you in for with all of this business?...well...if you know anything about skin graft records...that is what's going to happen...and for those of you not this: take off your clothes...cover your body in maple syrup...find a electric grinder...and a piece of sheet metal...and then take all of those things to your local bingo hall and set up shop on a table in the middle of everything...and while your taking the grinder to the sheet metal...continuously step on the cats tail while yelling out ac/dc lyrics...and then after all of this is over...take the woman with the most cigarette stained skin in the joint home for the night

the bands either provide you with an actual cover of a song...or their interpretation of a song

and there you have it

and you know you want it

here we go...

sides 1-4: (released 1995)
DL: 1-4
1 - shellac - '95 jailbreak
2 - big'n - tnt
3 - brice-glace - angus dei aus licht
4 - us maple - sin city

sides 5-6: (released 1997)
DL: 5-6
1 - palace - big balls
2 - zeni geva - let there be rock

sides 7-10: (released 1998)
DL: 7-10
1 - mount shasta - whole lotta rosie
2 - denison kimball trio - back in black
3 - c zeek scheck-wowy - the love song
4 - killdozer - let me put my love into you

sides 11-14: (released 2007)
DL: 11-14
1 - yowie - dunderduck
2 - collosamite - anti-christ devil child
3 - pre - dirty deeds done dirt cheap
4 - mule - have a drink on me


Originally released on K Records back in 1994. Copass Grinderz have always been an enigma mainly due the difficulty of obtaining releases. As mentioned in a previous post CG range from noise rock to garage rock to indie rock. Here you have a 2 minute chaotic noise rock outing which doesn't seem to be released elsewhere. Also, if anyone knows how I can get my hands on a copy of their "Rock'n'Roll" CD (on King Records), please let me know.

Blood Thirsty Butchers follow in a similar vein but much more melodic.

Copass Grinderz - Ogre
Blood Thirsty Butchers - Silencer



Classic 7" from 1993. Only seemed to do one other single (prior to this release) and an album (though the album was half made up of the single releases). Akin to Glazed Baby/Am Rep stuff with a touch of Drive Like Jehu. Some review mentions that these records saw the birth of math-rock, but I'll leave you to make your own decision on that.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


After pillaging this blog for weeks it's time to give something back. With the high caliber of stuff here I've got my work cut out but I'm gonna start with some trump cards. For the more astute of you Alternative Tentacles put out a compilation 7" of this band back in 1994. 3 out of the 5 tracks on that comp feature here on these two albums. The band originate from Finland and are still going today. So if noise rock is your thing then don't even take another breath before checking out this band. Loud, fast, abrasive - adjectives which may describe a lot of bands here, but this shit is pretty relentless & fires on all cylinders from the get-go. It has to be said the Finnish language also adds something here too. Enjoy!

2&1/2 (Released 1991 - Compilation of early singles/E.P.'s)
Side 1
Side 2

K.O. (Released 1990)
Side 1
Side 2

Saturday, October 24, 2009

revolutionary panic attacks

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Friday, October 23, 2009

pachinko - behind the green pachinko

released 1996

by "mega-leg" asking for their SPLENDOR IN THE ASS II: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO album over in the forum reminded me to post this album

and if you weren't around to see some of the previously posted pachinko...go here slackass

and for those that really aren't all that familiar with these me pull a quote out of my hat:

"these wisconsin-ites played something very much akin to the jesus lizard and shorty (and yes...i'm aware that's sort of redundant) mixed with some black flag and some cherubs"
-some guy

DL: behind the green pachinko

true story

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Go See This Show (unless you're me)

If you live anywhere near Atlanta, Georgia, and you're not me, you should get off your keyster and get to this show! Hawks are fucking slayers, especially live, and apparently they're recording this show, so yell extra hilarious and ironic heckles between songs (may I suggest "Freebird"...soooo funny, and works on multiple levels). Future Of The Left is ex-Mclusky, which you already knew, because we've been on their balls for some time now on this blog. Predator is the latest band to feature John Necrolust on drums. He described it to me as "the first band his girlfriend can come see him play in". Is that good?

I'll be in D.C. on business (monkey business no doubt), so I will miss out on this spectacular event, but that shouldn't stop you all from being there, and being square.

tigon - self-titled 7"

released 2009

i was sent this very 7" awhile back by the guitar player of the band that goes by the name jon...he had come across the blog by of a link on the built on a weak spot blog (which you should check out as well)...and he liked all of the melvins stuff that's been posted here

and i had fully intended to post it here...but life got in the way...things got shuffled...then there was that accident i had in the shower that i choose to not share with any of you but now you have all kinds of images going on inside your noggin...

you're welcome for the way

so what we have here are some folks out of san francisco,ca...and what they're sharing with everyone is something that sounds a little like botch and deadguy and maybe a little bit o' converge mixed in (not to worry though...none of those RAH BRAH RAAAAAH! vocals are found here)

so with all that being should all know what this has in store for you

get on it!

DL: tigon

and their space

america is waiting - in the lines

released 2005

this is a re-post

some of you may recall myself looking for this album over in the forum section awhile back

and seeing as how none of you have either not heard of this band...or you just read my request whilst holding the cd out in front of your face and mocking me through the computer screen...i ended up getting it via

and if you didn't happen to read the post...i had come across this band out of austin,tx while reading through some old issues of the magazine alternative press (believe it or not...AP used to be pretty cool back in the day...before the warped tour bought it)...and i came across a tiny review of this album...and the bands drive like jehu/fugazi/nirvana/shellac/sonic youth were thrown into the review

and it was then that i knew that i had to possess this album

after getting it in the mail...i threw it in for a listen...and about 5 seconds into the first song i wondered to myself "why was at the drive-in not mentioned in the review?"

replace cedric bixler from at the drive-in with guy picciotto of fugazi...and that's what you get here

this was the band's only album...they split up in 2006

if any of you are fans of the band mineral...just before splitting up they had drummer gabriel wiley playing for them (though not on this album)

and for all of you mineral fans out there...a compilation of all the band's recorded output was released in japan this year called THE COMPLETE COLLECTION (though a few copies made it to the states...but are going for as much as $100)

DL: in the lines

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Melvins - Live-Knitting Factory NYC - 07-29-99-Early Show

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1999

More live goodness, this time from the little ole band Melvins. A band you've probably never heard of because they hardly ever tour, they've only released a spare amount of records, their influence on modern underground music has been minimal, and critics tend to knock them. It's weird really, you'd think this band would be bigger, but I guess they just don't have that "it" factor of a Silverchair, or Candlebox, or Stone Temple Pilots. Not to mention those bands all have super-fucking-hot front men!

Anyway, if you're still reading this far down, there must be something about these guys you might like. If you asked me, their guitar tone is just too darn thick as molasses, the drums just pound too darn hard, and the songs are just too darn heavy. I wish they'd smooth their sound out a little know, like Candlebox did. Now, that, that was a great band! 

Good quality audio, a lot of "The Maggot" material, along with some other nuggets (that you've probably never heard before, because no one pays any attention to these guys).

*Re-up'd 10.22.09 - should be good now.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Unwound - Live in Olympia - 01-04-02

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2002

You really can't have enough Unwound on your blog. That's what I've always said. You can ask anyone who knows me, they'll agree, I am constantly stating, "boy, you know what that blog could use? More Unwound". And, having heard it a thousand times before, they politely nod their heads and try to steer the conversation back to something non-Unwound related. It's not that easy though, and heck, I'll give em credit for trying, but once I get talking about the Unwound/blogosphere continuum...well, let's just say you're in for a long night. A long night indeed. Anybody within earshot is fair game, it doesn't matter if you couldn't tell the difference between Unwound and Drive Like Jehu (but seriously, wouldn't that be funny if you really couldn't tell the difference between Unwound and Drive Like Jehu? I mean, go back to Russia you creep!), I'm still gonna give it to you straight. No chaser. No sugar coating it guys. Get ready for some real talk. You might not like being yelled at by a total stranger about a band (as far as you know) that you've never had any inclination to hear, but yo NEED to hear this. It's for your own good, and consider yourself lucky we crossed paths that day, cause you'll be pondering my words for years to come friend. Years.
Oh shit, dinner's ready. Gotta go.
Unwound! Great sound quality! A couple skips at the very beginning...but fuck it!

*re-up'd again...if it doesn't work this time...well...fuck it, I don't know what to do.

Bluetip - Join Us

Label: Dischord
Year: 1998

My wife thinks I'm a "pussy" for liking bands like Bluetip. To her, they're not masculine enough to be punk, but not nuanced enough to be indie rock. They exist in this sorta neither world of sensitive dude rock, or whatever. I guess her feeling is that they're watered down, and why bother with watered down? 
My wife is pretty tough, and generally doesn't tolerate a lot of weakness. Although she'll follow Guy Picciotto to his grave, and by my count, he sorta started all this "watered down" music. So what the fuck is up with her?
Back to Bluetip.
This is a mid-period release, the last to feature Dave Stern. If you know the band, then you know what to expect. If you don't know the band, you can listen to my wife, or you can take a dip into their version of emo. Clean vocals, ringing guitars, big hooks, and a punk attitude. Your basic Dischord styled D.C. music of the late 90s. I dig it, but then again, I care about lineage, and I nerd out on the fact that it's members of Swiz, Fury, Sweetbelly Freakdown, Battery, Worlds Collide, 108, Seven Gone, and Damnation AD. My lovely bride on the other hand. could give a shit about D.C. hardcore history, and her opinion does not take into account the "but it's former members of..." argument. It's no use, I've tried it. She just shakes her head and wonders why the fuck I waste so much time on this shit. 
Good point really.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pain Teens - Case Histories

Label: Anomie
Year: 1989

Although band member Scott Ayers was probably the best known Pain Teen, he wasn't the best named. That honor, by certain, has to go to Bliss Blood. B-L-I-S-S B-L-O-O-D. Jesus. 
Mother: "So Russell, who you got your eye on for the prom this year?"
Son: "Well, I was thinking about asking Bliss Blood."
(mother clutches chest and falls to the floor dead.)
Son: "Oh shit! Mom! Mom! I just meant Lisa know from down the street. I don't know why she makes me call her Bliss Blood...oh mom!"

Pain Teens play strange music that touches on noise, industrial, drone, and rock. They were from Houston, and while they weren't crossover per se, I can only assume they were pretty much best bros with D.R.I. Otherwise, what the fuck were they doing in Houston? Hanging out with the Geto Boys?

God Bullies - Join Satans Army

Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Year: 1990

I feel like every single time I went into Wuxtry Records there in ole Athens, Georgia during the five years I lived there, this very record was always staring back out of the 7" bin at me. Just eyeballin' me and shit. 
Quit lookin' at me God Bullies double 7"! Goddamn, I'm just trying to flip through these records, I ain't causin' nobody no problems. Why you startin' static like this? 
Well, the piece of shit finally wore me down, and one day I eventually bought the thing. The cover art was just ridiculous enough, the name of the band was just stupid enough, and I was frankly, sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Fine! You win God Bullies! You happy now?!

Whatever, this is a double 7" with one original, and three cover songs (Terry Jacks, Hot Chocolate, and Link Wray). Don't let em wear you down like they did with me.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brainiac - Live - Concert Cafe - Green Bay WI - 10-25-96

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1996

You don't hear a lot of live Brainiac shows (unless you were standing in front of them while they were playing), so I thought it'd be nice to post one. And this particular one highlights some of their best material as the band were still progressing 4 years into their career, and unfortunately 7 months before the death of leader Tim Taylor.
The sound quality isn't top notch, this is an audience recording, and I'd give it a C+, but if you're a fan you can certainly make out all the instruments, you can recognize the songs, and you get a sense of the bands frenetic energy. Or if you never saw them play, here's your chance to live vicariously through the internet (as if you don't already). 
Also worth it, is the club promoter rattling off the upcoming show list before the band starts. Apparently the Concert Cafe has some real doozies coming up, Avail with Citizen Fish, Craw, and the real winner, Mighty Mighty Bosstones with Sensefield. Holy shit. Quick Green Bay, you still have time to jam nail files into your earholes before the Bosstones get to town and ruin your hearing the "ska way". Ugh.


yow vs. the bottle

it's been brought up a few times on the blog

david wm. sims even came around to add his two cents about the matter

did david yell a racial slur at it?
did david take advantage of it's mother?
did david use it's bath tub and not clean it afterward?

and now with this...the man himself clears it all up....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oak And Bone - Oak And Bone

Label: Hex
Year: 2009

Here's what happens when dudes weened on hardcore decide to add some gritty noise rock to their chugging, barking, roar. Kinda ends up in the same wheelhouse as Cursed, which certainly ain't a bad thing, and you can't fault a band for heading down that road.I can't tell if their inspiration is coming straight from the source or not, but if I were to guess, I would say that they are listening to bands that were in turn influenced by Unsane, Kill Van Kull, Entombed, or the like. Maybe we should ask them directly huh? But if you like your meaty hardcore served up dirty, thick, gnarled, and burly, then by all means peep these dudes. They're doing it as well as anybody else is these days.

(we were contacted by someone over at the band's record label with one of those "could you please remove the link..." messages...and seeing as how he used "please"...we did just that...buuuuut we left the album's description up for you all to take a gander at if you so wish...and by doing so maybe you'd actually want to send the boys some of that green paper you keep inside your wallet/parent's wallet/random strangers you see walking through the park go and take a peek at said label's blogspot and site)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

butthole surfers - after the astronaut

made in 1998

i used the term "made" because the album was never actually released because their then record label (capitol) and the boys were having problems with one another

once they signed to a different label (the disney owned hollywood records) they re-recorded about 90% of the songs on this album and released them on the WEIRD REVOLUTION album

now...if you're a butthole surfers fan that enjoys "moving down to florida"...but doesn't really like "who was in my room last night?" all that might not like most of this album

or maybe you will

"allah/buddah/god/zeus/gotta get me a red caboose"

that about sums it all up

DL: after the astronaut

rabies caste - let the soul out and cut the vein

released 2001

while listening to the ministry jam "you know what you are" from the THE LAND OF RAPE AND HONEY you often find yourself asking yourself "man...why does the band that only uses those sort of vocals exist only in my head?"

well,my friend...someone has answered that question for you

and that someone is me...and to that i say "perhaps you should lay off the dope and download this album"

you see....this trio from the "holy land" (aka "jerusalem") want to start a club with you

and if you just so happen to have an affinity for some early melvins...some godflesh...some early helmet...some today is the day...some unsane...

well...let the good times roll,friend

hey man!...not those good times!...i told you to leave the dope alone! give me those papers!

DL: let the soul out and cut the vein pt.1
DL: let the soul out and cut the vein pt.2

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fluf - The Classic Years

Label: Headhunter
Year: 1995

Bands that defy quick categorization tend to put out fun records, cause it's more like a good mix tape than an album by a singular band. Fluf does that. I mean, you're not gonna be fooled into thinking it's another band, you always know it's Fluf, but from song to song they bounce around from style to style. Sure, it's all rock-n-roll, but it's all kinds of rock-n-roll.
So like, if you're into the stoner pop of Fu Manchu, well, here you go.
Or maybe it's the stoner pop of Dinosaur Jr, cause that's in here too.
Hell, it might be the stoner pop of Fluid, or Seaweed, or Teenage Fanclub, or Mudhoney or Sebadoh, or Nirvana that does it for you, and guess what, you're in luck.
Possibly the stoner pop you like best is....heeeeeey...hold up a sec...I get it!

This a collection of early material, and it will make you feel good if you're not already, which in that case will cause you to drive your VW Rabbit real fast with the top down all the way to cheerleading practice.

The Methodists - "Cookie" 1998

The Methodists were yet another band from Seattle, and their drummer was Chad Channing. They played kinda fun pop-punk which, i'll admit, usually is not my thing at all. But this is well done and has kind of a psychedelic, hard edge which makes the pop-punk thing okay.. And if that is your thing to begin with you'll most definitly enjoy this. If it isn't, you can definitly at least take a handful of tracks from this album like I did. Highlights for me are "She Sucks" and "Dance On".

1. Max Capacity
2. Some Fun
3. Lonely Without You
4. Dance On
5. What She Said
6. Blue
7. She Sucks
8. Cookie
9. Another Day
10. Believe In
11. Drowned
12. Not The Same
13. Content

Boris / Tomsk-7 - Split 7"

Label: Bovine
Year: 1997

Can I go ahead and say that Boris has become a parody of themselves over the past few years? Can I also say that I am completely sick of the Cult of Boris? The ultra limited releases, the over hyped tours, the boring albums, the endless collaborations, and the bespecled fanbase (full disclosure: I too am ocularly challenged). Enough already Boris, I get it.
Maybe it's because they used to be so good that I am now so bummed on what they're doing, or maybe I'm too simple to "get it", maybe the world doesn't revolve around my taste, or maybe I'm a raging xenophobe with a Pearl Harbor grudge? I don't know.
I do know thought, that this particular slab of vinyl was a real favorite upon it's release. Boris were in top form, pummeling with a form of doom/sludge that set them apart from, say, Greenmachine or Corrupted, in that it was smoother, easier to close your eyes and slowly nod your head to. And then Tomsk-7, holy shit, the crazed hardcore/grind/noise rock blister that they attacked with was always welcome in my home. 
Bovine Records, who by the way, were a fucking brilliant label, was firing on all cylinders at the time of this release. Essential stuff.

Thrones - Punk In My Vitamins Demo

Label: Punk In My Vitamins
Year: 1994

I know, I know, everybody has already posted this all over the internet, but I had just moved this record into the "archive" folder in preparation of removing it from my hard drive (to make room for the new Twilight Soundtrack of course) and thought I should share it with those who might have missed it. So here it is. There it is, or whatever. It's everywhere!
This is 45 minutes long, so don't be fooled by it only having two tracks. It was a cassette release of unidentified songs, therefore you get each side of the tape as a single track. I suppose you could then break that down into individual tracks, but frankly, there is really no need to do such a thing. The music flows together on it's own, from noise collage to crushing doom dirge, it is sequenced perfectly already.
If you need a musical reference to base your decision to sample this or not, I can only say, Harvey Milk, as the two bands were pretty much soulmates at the time, exploring the same unpopular territory. Hence Joe Preston eventually joining up with Harvey Milk I suppose.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fitz Of Depression - Let's Give It A Twist

Label: K
Year: 1994

This is as close to "bar rock" as K Records is gonna get. Granted, it's a bar in the Pacific Northwest in the early 90s, so instead of Faces covers, you might hear a Wipers tune or two, but a bar nonetheless. Fitz Of Depression play straight forward grunge informed punk rock. It's as if the Melvins were playing The Fluid's songs. And somehow that ends up sounding like Zeke or something. It's weird. But good. Weird good. The Tight Bros. From Way Back did a similar type of jamming, but they're sound was heavier and relied more on 70's hard rock cues, while Fitz Of Depression take their sound as much from hardcore as from classic rock.
The band's been knocking around for a long time (1989) and over the years played host to some notable musicians in need of getting their proverbial ya-ya's out. Folks who were in Witchypoo, Moral Crux, and Unwound among others. So maybe that helps, maybe not.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Drunks With Guns - Drunks With Guns ep

Label: Cheap Beer
Year: 1985

From the band that liked the name "Drunks With Guns" so much, they released two 7"s, a double 7", and an album all emblazoned with that same simple moniker, comes about eight minutes worth of slow, twisting, churning hardcore to ruin your morning. 
This is their debut record, and it's a quick burst of three songs, which if you dig the dirtier side of hardcore, or the primitive side of noise rock, you have a good chance of getting into this. If you're older, you may use bands like Flipper, Angry Samoans, later Black Flag, older Corrosion Of Conformity, Accused, or something like that to describe the sound. If you're younger, you might use reference points like Clockcleaner, Drunkdriver, or Hawks. It's just whatever floats your boat I suppose. 

Sunday, October 4, 2009

it's pronounced chow-day-uh....

what i'm going to do here is post some bands from new england in alphabetical order

why am i doing this?...because it's a sunday afternoon...i'm at home with nothing to do...and i can (coincidentally...clam chowder has been known to be found in a can learn here at SGM as well)

and i know what most of you are already thinking: "clutch aren't from new england. last time i checked...maryland was...well...not in new england"

and i know that some of you had to actually google that business up

but they're close enough...and i want to post the with it

so get your crackers and spoon ready....

clutch - transnational speedway league... (released 1993)
DL: transnational speedway league

before they became the "stoner rock jam band" they are nowadays...they were more of a concoction of groove metal and hardcore tendencies...and if you hadn't seen a picture of frontman neil fallon before listening to this album you'd think he was a burly mountain man that would kill you if you looked at his beard the wrong way...COME ON MUTHAFUCKAH LET'S THROW DOWN! indeed

honkeyball - self-titled (released 1994)
DL: honkeyball

right off the bat you can tell these boys from boston were fans of the above mentioned album as they mix that up an early alice in chains can't listen to the song "kemosabi" and not think of clutch's "passive restraints" (which is found on the PASSIVE RESTRAINTS EP released back in if you'll notice the dates on both'll see that may not be a coincidence)...but don't get me wrong...they were more than just clutch's little brother following them around being all like "me too! me too!"...on the band's later releases they took on a more varied sound...but the clutch is still there

non compos mentis - smile when you hate (released 1997)
DL: smile when you hate

the band's other album can be found here (and i suggest that if you don't already have it already...sop that shit up)...this band is/was something to be afraid of...there's just something very unhinged about them...and the music itself is just threatening...they could have very well given deadguy a decent run for their money (and there aren't many bands that i can say that about)...if the apocalypse were a tour...these folks would be closing the show

sam black church - boston ep (released 1992)
DL: boston ep

you can find one of the band's other albums here....this is one of those bands that as you're listening to them you find yourself thinking "man...i need to start a band"....from the buzzsaw sound of the guitar to the unhinged vocals (yes...i realize that i just used that term up there...but there's really no way to describe them as anything else) to the almost thrash-like i'd stated in the review of their SUPERCHRIST album: this is the perfect melding of early clutch and the bad brains (before the dreadlocks fully took hold)...they also supply you with a cover of the jam "disco inferno" just can't stop until your spot gets hot

tree - downsizing the american dream (released 1996)
DL: downsizing the american dream

i'd recently unearthed this album by going through some old crap on the computer...and it had been awhile since i'd listened to it...and there's good cause for what i'm about to say may ruffle a few feathers and whatnot...but honestly...this band really didn't do all that much for me...they sound like so many other bands...a not so tough guy biohazard...older rollins band...and i don't know why....but they remind me of the nu metal band reveille (they're not rappy like they were...i think it might be the vocals)...and some older life of agony....and here's a bit of trivia for you all: they cover the all american anthem "this land is your land" with some help on vocals by a one keith morris and minnie driver...that's right...she of GOOD WILL HUNTING fame...crazy but it's why am i posting this if i don't really like it all that much?....for you of i'm sure there are a few of you out there that would want this














Warhammer 48k - Ethereal Oracle

Label: Permanent
Year: 2007

Here's another "new" release that you need to track down and purchase. Much like the Hey Colossus record posted down there somewhere, this one is still in print and easy to find.
Also, like the Hey Colossus record, this band has tapped into all the things I like about music, and then add their own twist. This time around it's a slightly more metal twist than the English bands referenced as the NWOBNR (by me only of one else is that dumb). But Warhammer 48K take the ole tried and true noise rock of 1994, and swirl it in the bongwater of 1997, resulting in some truly menacing, fucked up, righteous rock. Real, real, real, good rock don't you know.
If you're into Part Chimp you will like this. But, if you're more into new bands that are aggressive like Vandal X, you'll like this too. It tickles your funny bone for the straight ahead shredding madness you crave, and the meandering art-sludge you want as well. Double threat ya'll!
If you don't have this, get it. It's essential.
I'll get more of their records up here soon, they're all really good.
Also, in unrelated news, I went and saw Sunny Day Real Estate last night, and they slayed. I haven't seen them for a lot of years, since just before the second album came out I guess, and man, they were great. Plus they seemed really grateful that people still gave a shit which was nice. And anytime you get to see ex-members of Christ On A Crutch, Resolution, Brotherhood, and Galleons Lap, you gotta take it you know?

Friday, October 2, 2009

bloarzeyd - new ep/podcast - wmua - 4.3.09

released 2007

you may recognize the NEW EP as something i'd posted many moons ago...but apparently there was a track that was plying i decided to do it all over again and move it way up to the front for those that may have not seen or given it a try the first time around

and if you didn''re missing you need to take this hand and follow it

so if you need a refresher as to what this dynamic duo sounds like...just go with godheadsilo...and that's all you really need

and as an added bonus...i've tacked on a set they played for a college radio station out of massachusetts ( be exact)

and i'm well aware that this exact podcast was posted over on the forum by "abbottoirez"...but what i've done here is sweeten the pot by adding the set list...and for those of you afraid to wander into the forum because of the things you'd heard about donkey shows and's a safe alternative (nancy boy)

DL: new ep
DL: podcast

black elk - always a six,never a nine

released 2008

now...i've been receiving reports that some of you believe that SGM has been going soft

and because of that... some of you have been calling it such things as "nancy boy"...and putting cigars out on it's arms and legs...and making it parade around in a dress in front of your poker friends...and spitting into it's mouth while it's sleeping

well...i'm here to tell you all to stop it...not because it's mean and whatnot...but because SGM considers that kind of business foreplay...and we've been finding all kinds of weird things in the carpeting around the office (we wanted shag carpet...not dreadlock carpet)...and the bagel guy is now afraid to go into the break room without an escort for fear of what SGM will be doing with the cream cheese

so unless you want these kinds of shenanigans to keep going on...please stop

usually we here at the SGM offices get down with this kind of stuff on the first night...and we'd usually be right behind you in line with a lit cigar and a mouthful of spit at the ready...we can't allow these things to happen around the office because all of the surrounding businesses in the mini-mall are complaining about having to see all of that in the window as they're passing by...and apparently it's "bad for business" if you'd like SGM to appear at your birthday party or graduation or new years eve party or spaghetti wednesdays at your house...just drop us a line at the email address provided over in the top left corner of this here blog

now that we got that out of the way...hopefully this album will make you think otherwise of SGM and make you see that even though we may have gotten temporarily "soft" was only doing so to lure you into an alley

you can find the band's first album way over yonder

by listening to'll hear the dirty drunken blues of the jesus lizard...some hammerhead...some fight amp...some mule (the band's vocalist tom glose could almost pass for mule's p.w. long in some places)...

this entire album should be played during a night of pursuing alcohol poisoning...and will also work during the hangover and realization that you've once again woke up with SGM in your bed the next day

that's what folks like to call a "win/win sitcheeashun"

DL: always a six,never a nine

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hey Colossus - Happy Birthday

Label: Riot Season
Year: 2008

We don't post too much "new" stuff here, as there are plenty of other spots on the internet (or record store) to find new releases. But every so often there is a band that is so good, yet so under the radar that we feel obligated to get the word out. It is my sincere hope that after hearing this record, if you like it, you would please go out and purchase this record. You would go see this band play your town. You will buy one of their t-shirts. You know the drill.
So without any further ado.
Hey Colossus are huge (not physically, in fact they seem to be in good shape), their riffs are mammoth footprints that resonate off the face of mountains. Their tone is thick and smothering. The vocals are blown out cries for vengeance against a treasonous civilization. 
A little light listening, you know? 
Big, punishing sludgy rock. What else do I need to say? If you are liking the NWOBNR (I just coined's the New Wave Of British Noise Rock), Part Chimp, Todd, Lords, or Shit and Shine, then this fits right in. They are from London and all.

* Re-up'd 10.02.09 - Due to reports of "funkiness"

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