Thursday, September 18, 2008

stnnng - fake fake

released in 2006

like the jesus lizard being fronted by the offspring of a david yow/page hamilton union

do you really need to ask?


Gray said...

for a minute there, i thought you were asking me to get aroused about the band, "The Offspring", and i was pulling together my resume and preparing to submit my letter of resignation. i then read a little closer and realized that i can still remain employed here with full confidence that my boss is not an Offspring fan.

if you are an Offspring fan...keep it to yourself...i don't want to know...and go get some help.

ipecac said...

no way man

you gotta keep me and the offspring separated

and it's a good thing that you didn't hand in your papers because the new temp girl won't be here until next week...and i don't even look at the desk

and besides...i don't think you'd want to miss come to work dressed like you belong here day...would you?

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