Saturday, November 30, 2019

v/a - give me the cure

released: 1995
label: radiopaque recordings

we've all established the fact that we all enjoy ourselves a good cover.
this is more of that to enjoy.
it's bands from the d.c. area covering the cure.
and they did it all in the name of AIDS research.
see what they did there?
give me the cure?
i know that your head probably went right for the fugazi song.
and that's ok as they're from the d.c. area as well.
but would you really want 18 versions of that song?
so with that being said....

1 - shudder to think - shake dog shake
2 - the ropers - jumping someone else's train
3 - chisel - six different ways
4 - eggs - catch
5 - dj bootius maximus - the love cats
6 - candy machine - 10:15 saturday night
7 - glo-worm - friday i'm in love
8 - cinnamon toast - piggy in the mirror
9 - frodus - killing an arab
10 - peter hayes - a night like this
11 - tuscadero - boys don't cry
12 - edsel - plastic passion
13 - mud - the blood
14 - rollercoaster - all cats are grey
15 - my life in rain - pictures of you
16 - dismemberment plan - close to me
17 - jawbox - meathook
18 - trampoline - charlotte sometimes


mudhoney - march to fuzz

released: 2000
label: sub pop

you're already friends with the mudhoney boys.
you know what they're all about.
they like to both rock AND roll.
you've even seen the russ meyer film.
this here is a collection of some of the best of the band along with some rarities.
it's just a good time waiting to happen.
but don't let those good times suck you dry.
that was lame.
you know it.
i know it.
we'll just keep that between us.

and the track list is....


Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Zealot R.I.P - Zealot R.I.P.

Label: Three One G
Year: 2019

Another 2019 gem.

A blistering hardcore blast from some older dudes who should be getting to sleep at a reasonable hour. You guys know better!
You got Jason Hamacher from Frodus, Mancake, Battery, Combatwoundedveteran, and Decahedron, joined by former bandmate Mike Schleibaum from Battery, Mancake, Darkest Hour, and Beasts Of No Nation, who then drafted Blake Harrison of Hatebeak, Triac, and Pig Destroyer, and then the band is rounded out by Peter Tsouras from Fairweather. Point being, not amateurs, and most assuredly not slouches.
It's only three songs, but damn, they are fucking rippers. Grown and sexy style.


Glassing - Spotted Horse

Label: Brutal Panda
Year: 2019

Another 2019 gem.

This is a sprawling, dare I say, ambitious record. At its core, it's a post-hardcore monolith with a penchant for the NeurIsis-isms of the last decade. Meaning, it goes from earth moving mega riffs to spaced passages without missing a beat, and the emphasis is more on building a mood than drilling your face in. But, it still does a pretty good job of fucking up your face. It moves around enough that stays out of its own ass, which was the folly of most of the bands that aped Isis. There are some sections that you may begin to think, "oh boy, here comes the boring part", but Glassing keeps pushing past those ole chestnuts and brings the thunder. They err on the side of "fuck shit up", and I appreciate that.


DeathCAVE - Demo

Year: 2019

And another 2019'er.

This is a three song demo, from a three man band, that weighs exactly three metric tons. Big, loud riffs that threaten to rumble your fine china right out the curio from whence it is proudly displayed. Big, rumbling rhythms that boogie when needed and drag knuckles when they feel like it. Big, legendary musician Tad Doyle recorded the whole thing.
It's good shit. Looking forward to seeing what they can do on a proper full length.


Franck Racket - Screaming Skull

Label: Forbidden Place
Year: 2019

Here's another one from this year.

Two piece that makes a goodly amount of noise and manages to keep my attention across the entirety of the record. Most two pieces are going to skew to an overdriven blues approach, while those that don't usually tune down and get all sludgy. Well, Franck Racket does neither. They play a very punk-y version of grungy noise rock.
They're French, and I've never been to France. Isn't that a coincidence? No? That's not what a coincidence is? I've been using that word wrong my entire life? Interesting.


Bilge Pump - We Love You

Label: Gringo
Year: 2019

So, we're getting into the wee hours of the Year Of Our Lord 2019, and that means our annual shitshow of Best Of. The unnecessarily complex therapy session whereupon I try and justify my presence on this dank, oft-ignored corner of the internet by pontificating (and just can't see, but try and imagine) wildly on all manner of musical minutiae. It's ridiculous. Possibly sad.

But regardless, it happens. It will happen. Soon.

In the meantime, I'm going to post a handful of records that came out in 2019 that are good, and you should one hundred percent give them a listen, but they were crowded out of the Best Of list. By some metric that noone (myself included) understands.

Here's the first one; Bilge Pump, an odd trio from Leeds who take a rhythmic approach to post punk indie rock (so as not to get pregnant) that bounces around the place. There is some noise rock and kraut rock and art rock buried underneath to keep it interesting and not allow it to wander too far afield.


Monday, November 25, 2019

v/a - discharged: from home front to war front

released: 1991
label: allied recordings

first of all: we're not discussing that sort of discharge.
if'n you're wanting to do that...the meeting is down the hall.
it's best that you get there early so you'll get some of the better doughnuts.
this particular discharge is a punk band from england.
bands such as:anthrax and napalm death and metallica and nausum and sepultura have covered them.
none of that is found here.
this is what you'll find here....

1 - nausea - medley*
2 - final conflict - a look at tomorrow
3 - neurosis - hear nothing see nothing say nothing
4 - 411 - state violence state control
5 - extreme noise terror - you take part in creating the system
*=intro/hear nothing see nothing say nothing/ain't no feeble bastard


white zombie - you only die once...

released: 1994
label: hawk

this is one of those "unofficial releases" your parents warned you about.
you know who white zombie were.
you know their last good album was LA SEXORCISTO: DEVIL MUSIC VOL. 1.
you know that rob zombie is a trailer park al jourgensen.

all of this was recorded whilst they were on tour in the u.s. back in the summer of 1993.
ah,the summer of '93.
riding bikes.
hanging out.
peeping on your friend's hot mom by the pool through a hole in the fence.
getting caught by your friend.
getting punched by your friend.
losing a friend with a hot mom.
having your ex friend's parents come over to talk to your parents.
getting grounded.
simpler times.

1 - intro
2 - grindhouse a go-go
3 - thrust!
4 - black sunshine
5 - welcome to planet motherfucker/psychoholic slag
6 - soul-crusher
7 - spiderbaby (yeah-yeah-yeah)
8 - thunderkiss '65


v/a - punk 45: underground punk in the united states of america 1973-1980 vol. 1

released: 2013
label: soul jazz records


but the thing is: you don't like people telling you what to do.
this album cover isn't your real dad.
you're not going to kill the hippies.
you're not going to kill yourself.
you're going to eat your cereal with a spoon.
you're going to do your homework at the kitchen table with the lights on.

it's reverse psychology.
now you're one of them.
punk rock is a tool of the man.
welcome to reality.

1 - the urinals - i'm a bug
2 - the normals - almost ready
3 - the hollywood squares - hillside strangler
4 - electric eels - agitated
5 - pere ubu - the modern dance
6 - the randoms - let's get rid of new york
7 - the bizarros - ice age
8 - the zeros - wild weekend
9 - tuxedomoon - joeboy the electric ghost
10 - x blank x - your full of shit
11 - flamin' groovies - dog meat
12 - the deadbeats - kill the hippies
13 - theoretical girls - u.s. millie
14 - the skunks - earthquake shake
15 - knots - action
16 - crash course in science - cakes in the home
17 - the pagans - not now no way
18 - pastiche - flash of the movement
19 - the lewd - kill yourself
20 - johnny thunders & the heartbreakers - chinese rocks
21 - the controllers - neutron bomb


Monday, November 18, 2019

v/a - clusterfuck '94

released: 1994
label: amphetamine reptile records

once upon a time there were 3 bands: today is the day and guzzard and chokebore. and these 3 bands went out on tour together. just imagine the shenanigans that ensued! i'm pretty sure that it showed up on an episode of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES.

this was something to promote that tour.
the end.
are you good and tired?
now if'n you hear anything like weird noises or power tools or daddy crying out in the living's ok.
let me go and get you something to drink so you can fall asleep all peaceful-like.
i'll be right back.

1 - guzzard - steeples
2 - guzzard - go carting
3 - guzzard - glued
4 - guzzard - last
5 - today is the day - hands and knees
6 - today is the day - pipedream zero
7 - today is the day - come on down and get saved
8 - today is the day - 6 dementia satyr
9 - chokebore - 29 mile wind
10 - chokebore - now i crawl
11 - chokebore - throats
12 - chokebore - line crush


napalm death - leaders not followers

released: 1999
label: dream catcher

not only has napalm death inspired a few bands here and there but they too have been inspired by a few bands and those bands can be found on this very album. that's it. that's all.

1 - politicians (raw power)
2 - incinerator (slaughter)*
3 - demonic possession (pentagram)
4 - maggots in your brain (repulsion)
5 - back from the dead (death)
6 - nazi punks fuck off (dead kennedys)
*=not that slaughter.


v/a - ham slappin' hits!

released: 1998
label: slap a ham records

hey kids! you like powerviolence,right? of course you do! and what would a powerviolece kid's life be like without a tape that has 75 songs on it? that's right! not very powerviolence-y! they'd be stuck listening to things like [name redacted] or [name redacted] or [name redacted] or even worse...the radio! gasp!

this could be the best powerviolence mixtape you've never made!
but no one needs to know that!
just make everyone believe that you put alot of time and effort into it!
everyone likes a good says so in the bible!
remember how all of your friends would get when you'd present them with one?
"fuck yeah! i love mixtapes! i don't want to go against the bible!"

but what they're really thinking is....

"another one? i haven't even listened to the other 3 they gave me! dammit! do they just think that i have all the time in the world to just sit around waiting for some tape filled with things i probably don't even like? i have things to do! i do! i mean. yeah. things to do! like make lunch and stuff. gotta think about what i want for lunch. and there's that thing on tv. and there's that book i've been thinking about picking up and flipping through. and there's that one thing. yeah! i have things to do! how dare they think my life revolves around their mixtapes! i have a pornography collection that i have to alphabetize!"

end scene.
and what was it that you took away from that experience?
friends are overrated.
and here's your graduation cactus.

[insert track listing here]*
*=does not include bonus tracks


Sunday, November 17, 2019

spazz - live at KZSU 1999

released: 2018
label: rescused from life records

no. this isn't some spazz of a radio host that's clearly coming down from all of the coffee and cocaine he'd been doing throughout his radio show. nope. none of that. this is the band spazz. you know them,yeah? what a fun crew they were. some would say that they were the "nirvana of powerviolence". yeah. i'm not sure who would actually say that. ah,spazz. most times their song titles are longer than the songs. it's always a good time with spazz. no. not that spazz. last i'd heard he just kind of disappeared after high school. the last time anyone's spotted him he was leaving a waffle house in brandon,fl a few months back.

but i digress....

this is spazz being spazz on college radio back in 1999 in stanford,ca.
and now if you'll excuse me i have to go and throw all of my belongings into garbage bags and get the hell outta here because that spazz has a google alert set up for any sort of mention of his name.
it could be about the band or someone describing their english teacher in the 1980's but i'm not willing to run that risk.
i really need to invest in some better fake mustaches.

1 - zodiak
2 - snowcone ribplate
3 - crop cirlces
4 - hardboiled
5 - old youth
6 - crocket
7 - one ghetto to the next
8 - sword of the lord
9 - wwf rematch at the cow palace (aluta continua)
10 - climate best
11 - sluta
12 - droppin' many ravers
13 - the box
14 - typical hardcore song
15 - spudboy
16 - dewey decimal stitchcore
17 - swampfoot
18 - i hate the kids*
19 - interview
*=state of alert cover


polvo - vibracobra/the drill 7"

released: 1991
label: rockville

you can dig on some unwound's REPETITION,yeah?
you can dig on some pavement's CROOKED RAIN,CROOKED RAIN,yeah?
you can dig on some superchunk's HERE'S WHERE THE STRINGS COME IN,yeah?
you can dig on some house of large sizes' MY ASS-KICKING LIFE,yeah?
you already know who polvo are?
you're already a fan?
you just wanted to see how many band names i was going to throw out there?
you already have 3 copies of this?
you were probably concieved at a polvo show?
your parents were going to come out with their own line of condoms called "today's active lifestyles"?
you've already called the police and they're on their way?
i'll just see my way out.
go back through that hole in your basement wall that i came out of?


Saturday, November 9, 2019

godflesh - live from hell

this is one of those "unofficial releases" of godflesh being godflesh in front of a crowd in england somewhere in 1989. is hell in england? that would explain the dentistry. yikes.

1 - wound
2 - veins
3 - christbait rising
4 - tiny tears
5 - weak flesh
6 - avalanche master song
7 - straight to your heart*
=bonus track found on the loopflesh/fleshloop 7"


ministry - burning inside

released: 1989
label: sire/warner bros. records

it's ministry.
y'all like ministry.
y'all like remixes of ministry songs.
that is what you want.
that is what you get.
and for a limited time you'll also get ministry covering skinny puppy with skinny puppy's vocalist.
will those dreams still follow you out of dark obscurity?
that's a question i can't answer as it's above my pay grade.
you'll just have to pick this up to find that out.


Friday, November 8, 2019

radiation 4 - wonderland

released: 2003
label: abacus recordings

sure. you could give this a listen and think "yeah. mr. bungle. totally."
sure. you could give the vocals a listen and think "yeah. mike patton. totally."
you'd be right about the mr. bungle.
you'd be right on the mike patton.
but there's more to this than just that.
for one: they're not exactly as eccentric as mr. bungle (if you wanted to continue on with that comparison go with their first album).
for two: sure. the guy has that patton-esque thing going on but he never sounds like a sick cat orgy. he hits the screeches but also dips low into death metal territory.

if you're needing more band names dropped....
the dillinger escape plan (yes. the IRONY IS A DEAD SCENE ep. duh.)
mod flanders conspiracy
nuclear rabbit
sleepytime gorilla museum
that music you always seem to have going on inside your head

and come on....
who else is writing songs about joseph merrick (aka the elephant man)?
besides mastodon and the murder city devils.
damn know-it-all kids.


v/a - no idea 100: redefiling music

released: 2001
label: no idea records

do you remember that one time we were discussing things that covered other things? i don't remember all that much of the conversation as most of my insides were covered with cough syrup. but i do remember it being a lively discussion though i don't really know why we'd even started talking about all of that. you were mostly against things that covered other things (but you were for clothing for some odd reason. i almost had to rethink our entire friendship over that).

but what i have for here is something that you just might enjoy.
it's bands you may or may not like covering other bands you may or may not like.
it's not as bad as it sounds.
i'll tell you what....
you give this a go and if you hate it i'll promise to wear clothes anytime i'm over at your house.

1 - radon - interesting drug (morrissey)
2 - asshole parade - red tape (circle jerks)
3 - fay wray - dead flowers (karl hendricks trio)
4 - panthro u.k. united 13 - safe european home (the clash)
5 - small browk bike - jailbreak (thin lizzy)
6 - palatka - good intentions (gorilla biscuits)
7 - i hate myself - care (spoke)
8 - elmer - the gambler (kenny rogers)
9 - hot water music - no surrender (bruce springsteen)
10 - twelve hour turn - mophead boy (asshole parade)
11 - ankilebiter - tugboat (galaxie 500)
12 - anthem eighty eight - corners (assuck)
13 - runbleseat - jackson (johnny cash and june carter)
14 - clairmel - anyway (the lemonheads)
15 - the usuals - bring on the night (the police)
16 - the ham - theme from THE THREE STOOGES


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

yautja - songs of descent

released: 2014
label: forcefield records

[x] coliseum
[x] JANE DOE era converge
[x] old school mastodon
[x] old school melvins
[x] neurosis
[x] pallbearer

know what i mean?
do you?
i'm going to need you to nod your head.
do you?
there you go.
you're free to leave.
the door has been unlocked the entire time.


v/a - ex drummer: the movie soundtrack

released: 2007
label: play it again sam

have you ever watched the movie TRAINSPOTTING and thought "what if all of the drug usage was replaced with music and violence...."?

well this movie be for you.
the soundtrack could be for you as well.
let's find out shall we?

1 - lightning bolt - 2 morro morro land
2 - madensuyu - papa bear
3 - an pierle & white velvet - need you now
4 - the tritones - chagrin de la mer
5 - mogwai - hunted by a freak
6 - the experimental tropic blues band - mexico dream blues
7 - flip kowlier - de grotste lul van 't stad
8 - millionaire - mongoloid*
9 - isis - grinning mouths
10 - arno -
een boeke met pisseblommen
11 - agusta national golfclub - people in pairs
12 - mel dune - time hangs heavy on your hands
13 - ghinzu - blow
14 - funeral dress - hello from the underground
15 - blutch - moving ground
16 - millionaire - deep fish
*=devo cover
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